Former Diplomat Corrects NATIONAL POST Nonsense on Immigration: Another Letter The Fake News Media Will Never Publish

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Former Diplomat Corrects NATIONAL POST Nonsense on Immigration: Another Letter The Fake News Media Will Never Publish
August 28, 2019

ian macdonald
Dear Sir,
Re: “Why immigrants are good for the economy after all” (Matthew Lau) NP August 27, 2019
Quoting statistics on immigrants arriving in Canada without a clear reference to their qualifications and ethnicity, is both fruitless and misleading, as experience and logic make clear.  This common, specious practice obscures the issue since it fails to emphasize the important fact that some immigrants make an eminently positive contribution and readily adapt, while others, whether ignorant, criminal or unassimilable (IQ-bereft negroes) have a wholly negative impact. The totals do not reveal this vital factor. Therefore, to use simply numbers and averages to justify the disastrous open-door immigration policy of recent decades, is both pointless and deceptive. 
Immigration policy since 1970 could have strengthened Canada’s economy, raised living standard and international status immeasurably through attracting to our shores eager, enterprising millions of the best that Britain and other advanced countries, notably of Eastern Europe, could offer  Inexplicably, and tragically, venal politicians rejected this golden opportunity in favour of millions of far less suitable, unprocessed Third World migrants, almost all rejects from grateful, more astute original host countries. When N.Y. State cut off welfare for illegal aliens (mostly Nigerians) in the ’90’s, the offending migrants moved en masse to Quebec and Ontario where they were recklessly declared eligible for benefits and even given public housing in preference to native-born Canadians who had waited for years. When I asked the local Director of Placement why the Nigerians were so favoured he said “It was purely a matter of economics – it was much cheaper to give them the new public housing than to keep them in hotels”. When I asked how he knew the Africans were eligible (they were not), he said he had no idea since he was barred from asking pertinent questions, under “Human Rights” legislation.
Deplorably, successive Canadian governments, on secret instructions from a demanding paymaster bent on destroying our nationhood, not only shunned the epic opportunity to “Make Canada Great Again” but compounded the folly by offering open access to incompatible people especially primitive Africans who, in many cases could be seen as the “worst and the dumbest” as opposed to the “best and the brightest”  Most, not surprisingly, immediately became wards of the state, at multi-billion dollar cost to the Native-born and incalculable damage to our gene pool. Some will become independent but many, lacking superior intelligence, and their burgeoning progeny could remain on public assistance for generations, as in the U.S.A.  The problem could be solved readily by deportation and restoration of the Canada Immigration Act, with acceptance based on merit and, above all, assimilability.  Don’t expect lobby-bought politicians to lead the way, however!
As ever,
Ian V. Macdonald