Korea’s Immigration Policy Backlash- April 15, 2015 Article

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Korea’s Immigration Policy Backlash- April 15, 2015 Article
“Professor Kim Hyun-mi said that in the process of viewing the multicultural families as a vulnerable social group, the South Korean government’s welfare programs have led to reverse discrimination and xenophobia due to what many South Koreans perceive as preferential treatment and disruption in the monoethnic social fabric.” 
Brad: “preferential treatment and disruption in the monoethnic social fabric”-  similiar situation to Canada.
“The event revealed a gap between mainstream civil society’s attitudes and government policy on how to treat foreigners, including multicultural families—and reflects a larger debate on the changing ethnic makeup and South Korea’s national identity as a whole.”
Brad: Same for Canada, except we do not have a larger debate on the topic. Although immigration and multiculturalism are transforming our country in an historically unprecedented manner, our government continues their unilateral enforcement of  these non-democratic policies.
“Foreign-owned small and mid-sized business owners contributed to immigrant power on the local level.”
Brad: Same in Canada, as well as Australia, the only nations in the world with constitutional multiculturalism. For Canada, the business component is found mainly in our real estate industry, and the insatiable drive of foreign entities to buy up our prime residentisl and commercial properties. Add to this Canadian banks- BMO, CIBC(majority shareholder Hong Kong billionaire Li Kai Sheng, whose son is a “Canadian citizen.”
TD joins BMO and CIBC in their culture-melting agendas. No English, no respect:
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“South Korea certainly is not the only nation-state dealing with this choice.”
Brad: damn straight
“Many anti-immigrant political parties across Europe in countries with traditionally supportive multicultural policies and high rates of immigration, such as SwedenFrance, Germany, and the Netherlands, are speaking out and gaining influence in attempts to protect what they see as their own unique national identities.
Brad: Yes, and it is about time. UKIP, National Party et al are letting Europeans know that they do not have to passively sit by while globalist forces detroy their cultural identity. In Canada, not-so-much, for the present…
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“According to the First Basic Plan for Immigration Policy [pdf] (2008–2012), the ROK government sought to create a “social integration policy that helps immigrants become responsible and self-reliant members of the society rather than beneficiaries of support.”
Meanwhile…in the world of Canadian Refugee Policy…
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“In some instances, the wider debate may miss the nuance of multiculturalism as a policy that declares recognition of rights of members of minority ethnic, religious, or cultural communities.”
Brad: In Canada, the entire nation misses the “nuance” that we-the-people are paying for the erosion of our cultural identity, through the hundreds of millions given to Multicultural groups such as Asia Pacific Foundation,  SUCCESS Immigrant Services and Canada China Business Council
Why are Canadians funding organizations whose goal is to divest our country of its English and French identity?
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“The Second Basic Plan also noted the role of criminal and “antisocial behavior by foreigners,” widely reported on by the media in South Korea.”
Brad: You mean like this? Richmond, BC (Canada):
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“According to the sixth recent iteration of the World Values Survey for South Korea (from 2010), a survey of 1,200 Koreans revealed that 34 percent of respodents felt negatively about multi-ethnic residents living next door and 44 percent of respondents felt negatively about migrant workers living next door.”

Brad: Yet in Canada, if a person so much as makes a public statement questioning government- enforced immigration, they are condemned by our media as xenophobic, or worse:

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Moreover, twenty percent of respondents to the survey think foreigners “destabilize” South Korean society.

Impossible!  Vancouver 2015:

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“Citing a JTBC news report on South Korean public opinion toward multiculturalism and foreigners, he writes that not only is the demographic change spurring discussion over Korea’s national identity, but also a social hierarchy that incorporates the wariness and confusion on the roles Koreans have with their new diverse neighbors.”

Brad: Meanwhile back in Canada, there is no discussion, no debate, no public input, no media coverage of the most transformative social policy since the founding of our nation in 1867.  Government-inforced policy…just like the way they do things in China.

“The phenomenon of reevaluating the terms of national identity is not new nor is it unique to South Korea.”

Brad: Well, it sounds like a very different style of government in Korea. Perhaps, unlike the Canadian government, their leaders actually understand the social dynamics, public concerns, and have a long-term vision for what may transpire if immigration and socially-engineered multicult continue to thrive.

Contrast this with the behaviour of Vancouver’s political leaders: Malcolm Brodie, Raymond Louie, Teresa Wat, Alice Wong, Jenny Kwan: using our tax dollars to the liking of those who voted them into office?

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“South Korean democracy now faces a test instigated by the increasing number (and awareness) of foreign-born residents and multiethnic citizens as well as North Korean–born defectors living on South Korean soil. “

Brad: More common sense from Korea’s  leaders. How unusual to have a government that actually cares about its citizens. Of course, Canada once had this as well. Then came the Multicult Act of lucky 1988…

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“With the number of foreign-born residents projected to reach 10 percent of the total population by 2030, the iterative process of social integration and government policy will certainly lead to major changes in Korea’s national identity in the coming years.”

Brad” Only at 10%?  Man, these guys have it easy!

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