Why Canada must lower immigration levels

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I’ve told you before about my ideas for a more sensible approach to immigration in Canada.

My plan is to reduce target immigration from 350,000 people a year to 150,000 per year, which would put us near the average for developed countries.

Why is this a more sensible approach than the one currently being pursued by Justin Trudeau’s government, which aims to increase Canada’s target annual immigration level well above 350,000?

One area we should look at is the housing market.

The number of immigrants currently setting in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Vancouver Area is far higher than can be housed there.

Last year, roughly 150,000 immigrants settled in Toronto, but only 35,000 new housing units were created. That many housing units could accommodate 90,000 people, but nowhere near 150,000.

The demand is much greater than the supply, and that has been driving up housing prices in the GTA unnaturally for the past decade.

Toronto families and young people simply can’t afford to buy a house, and the same phenomenon is also occurring in Vancouver and other urban centers for the same reason.

When housing isn’t affordable, a good quality of life is unattainable for far too many Canadians, both immigrant and native-born alike. 

Lowering our target immigration numbers to 150,000, which is the average for developed nations, would prevent this inflation of housing prices. It would make home ownership possible for more people and raise the quality of life for everyone, including new Canadians.

My vision for Canada is one where every Canadian can afford to own a home.

To help make this vision a reality for Canada, please chip in $25 today to support my campaign. Your donation will help our team “get out the vote” in this crucial final stage of the campaign.

There will be powerful opposition to any attempt to lower target immigration numbers. Corporate interests always lobby hard against reducing these numbers or even just keeping them the same. That’s because high numbers of immigrants keep wages lower.

I will put the interests of ordinary Canadians ahead of corporate interests by putting Canada’s target immigration numbers on par with the average for developed nations because it’s best for the country.

My leadership rivals are vague when it comes to immigration policies, but none have pledged to deliver the crucial policy of reducing target immigration levels.

And, of course, all you’ll see from the Liberal Party is an annual increase in target numbers. These increases will be unsustainable and will only serve to make present problems even worse.

My immigration policy is just one of many examples that illustrate how I offer a real, clear difference from the policies of Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Being truly different from Trudeau makes me the only candidate who can beat Trudeau, and it’s the reason I’m asking you to make me your #1 choice on the leadership ballot.


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