Conservative Leadership Candidate Erin O’Toole Pledges Reset on Red China

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I don’t want to be friends with the Communist Party of China.

But we do need a Prime Minister that they will respect.

This week a Chinese regime spokesperson told Justin Trudeau to “stop making irresponsible remarks.”

They didn’t even refer to him by name or title. They called him “the relevant Canadian leader.”

They said Canada was playing “the role of an accomplice” to the United States in their efforts to “suppress Chinese high-tech enterprises and Huawei.”

Under Justin Trudeau, Canada has lost its respect on the world’s stage.

That’s what happens when you stop standing up for your values and defending human rights.

This is what happens when you bow down to foreign dictators, hoping they’ll support you at the UN.

When I am Prime Minister, I will stand up for democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I will champion oppressed and persecuted peoples including Tibetans and Uyghurs.

And I will stand up for Canada by: Banning Huawei from our 5G network; Preventing Chinese state-owned companies from buying up our resources and businesses; Building our domestic capacity so no longer rely on supply chain stretching to China for so many essentials; and, Getting tough on Chinese manipulation of international trade.   Enough is enough.

Trudeau has shown he doesn’t have the backbone to get tough on the Chinese Regime and stand up for Canada’s interests abroad.

I will, but I need you to support me using this secure link to ensure Canadians hear this message.  
Erin O’Toole
Member of Parliament

P.S. I am the only candidate with a plan to reset Canada’s relationship with the Chinese Regime, but I need your support in order to make it happen. Please support me today by clicking here. 
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