On Beauty and Positive Propaganda, plus a European Aesthetics collection (download) with 700+ files of inspiring photography, paintings, illustrations, architecture and more.

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On Beauty and Positive Propaganda, plus a European Aesthetics collection (download) with 700+ files of inspiring photography, paintings, illustrations, architecture and more.

Date: July 29, 2019Author: thuletide1 Comment

DOWNLOAD LINK (Folder browser view):

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of inspiring imagery from various sources, and I thought it was about time that I shared the wealth. Due to my own beliefs and heritage, everything I’ve saved is generally North-West-European-centric and pagan-orientated, but I’m sure everyone will find something inspiring contained within the folder.

“Why share these images, and how is a folder of 730~ .jpgs going to help us?”

I’m not foolish enough to believe that simply posting a few images online is going to inspire any great revolution of the spirit and of folk consciousness, however, even as much as looking at a few inspiring and intrinsically European images can help individuals reawaken some semblance of folkish soul buried within them. My hope is that anyone who sees these sorts of images may be inspired to act or create, to get out, explore, or perhaps take up a new hobby. What’s the point of social media if not to use it in a way that can effect change in real life?

“You’re just posting cool pictures blah blah.”

Absolutely true, but what are the majority of people posting? Gossip? Trash television? Nihilistic memes about xanax and suicide?

Our current situation has led to an almost complete decentralization of our “movement” (if you can even call it that), unlike movements of yore, we do not have the luxury of a centralized propaganda department to do all of our work for us – everything is reliant upon the efforts of individuals who take time out of their own lives to work towards a goal. The efforts of individual anons doing even something as simple as posting inspiring imagery should not be downplayed.To use my own Twitter as an example: in the last 28 days I’ve posted around 800 tweets (quite a lot, but I make long threads), collectively those 800 Tweets have been seen 2.3 million times in 28 days. The number of people you can reach with only a few thousand followers always astounds me.

Anti-Blackpill Action

Modernity is hideous and detestable; genuine beauty, especially that which was crafted by European hands, is rapidly and intentionally being erased from existence – primarily by our enemies, but also by our own brainwashed kin. It’s very easy for an individual to get blackpilled and despair when they see this happening in real time before their own eyes. Travelling to once majestic cities in Europe and seeing the unique and ancient architectural expressions being consumed by rancid, cookie-cutter, modernist obelisks is certainly soul-destroying (I’ve travelled enough of the world to confirm that almost no white lands are safe from this plague).

The fact that our own culture and history is being intentionally erased* should be reason enough to collect and share these amazing artworks among ourselves.

* See for example, the “Nordic” Minister of Culture ‘Alice Bah Kuhnke’ ordering Viking artefacts to be melted down and recycled.

This being the case, it is all the more vital to remind people that there still exists much genuine beauty in the world, and that it should, and must, be maintained and contributed to at all costs.

Positive Propaganda

Many others, such as the illustrious Bronze Age Pervert, have criticized those who continually post blackpilling media as being subversive demoralizers, propagating despair and reinforcing the stereotype of white weakness. See for example, the recently busted-as-feds account ‘Voice of Europe’ that would constantly post videos of white males being beaten up. Who does this benefit? Not us. Even more telling is that this 24/7 demoralization stream came directly from an account controlled by federal agents.

If you regularly use social media, you should aim to offset any depressing or blackpilling content with positive (for want of a better word) “propaganda” materials. Fill the timeline with imagery and posts that encourage health, vitality, beauty, strength, connection to nature, and so on.

Sharing inspiring imagery shouldn’t be regarded as escapism or flaccid nostalgia, but an ideal to strive for.

A selection of images I like from the European Aesthetics folder.

DOWNLOAD LINK (Folder browser view):

I would have included more in the folder, but it takes a while to upload so many files. I’ll make another folder when I get time. Apologies in advance, none of the files are accurately labeled/named because 1) I’m lazy and 2) I wasn’t planning on sharing them with anyone.

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