The Future for Whites In a Post-Trump America: Consider an Ethnostate by Arthur Kemp

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The Future for Whites In a Post-Trump America: Consider an Ethnostate

TWO PATHS There are therefore essentially two paths open to White Americans.The first is to do nothing, and just let things slide so that Whites become a minority in the country their ancestors founded. This will inevitably lead to America becoming a larger version of present-day South Africa, which contains a shrinking White minority, hated and despised because they still are the only ones who can create wealth and progress—blamed for all non-White failures to achieve, and subjected to ever increasing violent criminality as the have-nots seize what little the Whites have left.

The second option is for European political activists to finally understand that the only manner in which they can assure their survival is through a radical re-understanding of the relationship between race, political power and demographics. Whites will not survive as a minority. Survival can only be achieved by being a majority in your own geo-graphically defined region. And here is the good news—at last. Despite the grim-sounding demographic projections outlined earlier, Whites are only shrinking when expressed as a percentage of the entire population, and not in real numbers. In fact, there are possibly more Americans of European descent than ever before, and this fact must never be forgotten. Astute political activists must therefore take heart from this fact, learn the relationship between race and demographics, and bring this principle to practical application. This means not relying on “Trumpism” to save them—it will not—but instead to start actively working towards geographic consolidation. Politically conscious European-Americans will have to start actively congregating in certain areas, with the aim of being a majority and, eventually, edging towards secession as the rest of the U.S. declines into Third World status.This is the ultimate law of nature: Those who form the majority population in a territory determine the nature of the civilization in that region.There are, of course, huge stumbling blocks on this path. An aggressive far-left administration, inherently hostile mass media and other factors will make this task difficult. But, before the naysayers dismiss it as impossible, they would do well to answer the question: What else do they propose? What other choices are there? The road to European-American survival will not be easy. But it is a path which must be trod, because the alternative is endless night. [Extract from an article by Arthur Kemp in THE BARNES REVIEWS, Jan/Feb., 2021)