Do Your Part: Sign the Petition Against the Illegals!

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Do Your Part:  Sign the Petition Against the Illegals!
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The massive arrival of illegal immigrants every day has become a major concern for all the peoples of Europe.

The first measure to enforce is to restore and to close our borders – at the European and national levels – to any new illegal immigrant.

This wave of immigration is a bane for Europe :

– It causes serious health hazards.

– It generates insecurity, new forms of criminality and jihadist infiltration.

– It diverts all social aid (housing, food and medical aid, …) from the poorest Europeans that legitimately need it to illegal immigrants.

There is nothing racist in retaining and defending the Graeco-Latin and Christian nature of our European nations and to refuse the substitution of the European population by non-Europeans.

Immigration is a scourge for the countries left by the immigrants. It deprives them of people in their prime that should serve the common good of their own countries.

Immigration is a plague for most immigrants themselves who will not find the Eldorado they look for in Europe.

To accept immigration is not charitable but irresponsible.

This wave of immigration is not an exodus caused by war.

Europe has experienced periods of war and seen the exodus of refugees. When refugees fled war zones, they found shelter in the nearest village in peace or a neighbor country at peace, but they did not leave a continent for another. Why don’t immigrants go to rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates or Oman, that are closer to their countries of origin?

Moreover, in the European exodus of the past, women, children and the elderly fled, not men of fighting age. This wave of immigration is exactly the opposite: no old men, very few women and children but mostly men of fighting age.

Demand commonsense measures from our political leaders, starting with the closure of our borders.

I sign the petition and I say ‘stop to immigration!’

This petition was not launched by a political party but initiated by responsible citizens.

Dites stop à l’immigration !