The Real Impact of Immigration “Diversity” On Ottawa

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The Real Impact of Immigration “Diversity” On Ottawa

Although the illegal invasion of Canada is frightening enough, looking at the new(er) legal migrants, life in a city like Ottawa becomes more frustrating by the day. Whatever happened to ‘being able to speak in one of the official languages’, at least reasonably well? – In my corner store, immigrant employees change every week. The ‘newest’ one is a little Latino who was not able to put a sentence together in English; he could not express himself at all. After two minutes with him, gave up and left the store. And most of the dozen or so Third-World immigrants who have worked in that store since January, are unfriendly and have no idea how to deal with customers.

Ottawa is already turning into a Second-to-Third-world city. The roads are in such terrible conditions everywhere, it has become dangerous to drive around. It’s impossible to dotch around those thousands of holes and cracks in the roads. This week I heard an interview with a road-construction worker who quit his job in Ottawa because, as he put it, “the working conditions were that of a third-world country”! Last year, downtown, a huge sink-hole caused enormous problems, and this young man originally worked on the site when repairs of the sink-hole begun.

Well, the future for Ottawa and Canada does not look bright at all. When I and my family arrived here in 1977 (after years of poverty in England; my ex-husband is a hard-working engineer!), Canada was a beautiful, well-run, rich country, and we fell in love with Ottawa! Those times are over!

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Fortunately, my condo is ‘almost’ sold now (conditional offer) and I am happy to return to my home-country. Of course, we know of all the rape/refugees, terrorism, and other immigrant-problems in Germany, but slowly Germans are waking up and will – hopefully – boot out this present neo-Marxist government in September. — Irmgard, a German immigrant and contributor to Canada