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Andrew Coyne: Journalist Without Outsideness

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Andrew Coyne: Journalist Without Outsideness

by Ricardo Duchesne

Coyne: wants a Canada that is a “We” without a “Them”

No ideological dissent is allowed in Canada on the supposed blessings of diversification and that’s why the individuals working for Century Initiative (CI) include conservatives, liberals, socialists, environmentalists, feminists, Muslims, and corporate heads. Each person serving CI is the full package, for high profits and high salaries, for massive population growth and ecological beauty, for feminism and Islamization, all in one scoop. The corporate consultant Dominic Barton, the main guy at CI, has just launched ‘All In’, a ‘HeForShe’ approach to gender equality as Director of McKinsey & Co. Doug Saunders, super feminist beta male, relishes the image of a Canada and a Europe packed with hyper-patriarchal Muslim and African males working for corporations.

CI ought to be congratulated for meeting what Robert Putnam called “the central challenge for modern, diversifying societies…to create a new, broader sense of ‘we’“. Everyone at CI is a “we” without outsideness. That is the goal of diversity: to eliminate oppositions, differences, boundaries, contrasts, by including everyone inside each European-created country, every race, culture, religion. This “we” will bring an utopia of prosperity and togetherness without violence.

The diversification program is so entrenched in every Western school, political party, and business that its advocates appear to embody in themselves a polite and truly inclusive “we” in their approach to politics and interpersonal relations. Those who disturb this “we” are excluded from politics for fear that they may promote an outside that is not supposed to exist. The most radical experiment ever imposed on a people,  without democratic consent, must appear to be moderate and reasonable.

Fake Journalism

Andrew Coyne, a sometime conservative, libertarian, feminist, and a fan of Justin the small potato, has endorsed the 450,000 thousand increase in immigration numbers. I can’t remember anything Coyne has ever written or said. His views have never disturbed anyone. He does not like left and right labels.  He is a “we” writing and working for every side,  Globe and MailNational Post, Maclean’s, Wall Street Journal, National Review, Saturday Night, and CBC. Century Initiative has a most pleasant article by Coyne, “Increased Immigration is Good for Canada  and the Reasons aren’t only Economic.”

Imagining he is a man of letters, Coyne cites Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Stephen Leacock to back up his argument. Relying on quotes rather than books is common among lawyers. Advocates of diversification also like to cite seemingly supportive statements from great men to enhance their credibility. Coyne says that Laurier and Leacock expressed optimistic thoughts about the opportunities high levels of immigration would offer Canada for great nation status. There is a problem, though: neither one of these men would have endorsed the current suicidal program of diversity.

Man of the Past: Wilfrid Laurier wanted a Canada for “Us” without “Them”

Here’s the passage he cites from Laurier:

For the next 75 years, nay the next 100 years,Canada shall be the star towards which all men who love progress and freedom shall come…. There are men living in this audience … who before they die, if they live to old age, will see this country with at least 60 millions of people.

It is “not a coincidence,” says Coyne, that Laurier said this at a time of high immigration. He wittingly forgets to tell us that the years Laurier was Prime Minister, 1896 to 1911, were years when Canada was viewed by the entire establishment as an exclusive Anglo-European nation, when the Chinese head tax was increased (in 1900 and in 1903), when Laurier took a number of measures to prohibit the entrance of blacks into Canada, and when liberal Laurier insisted that Indians were “unsuited to live in the climatic conditions of British Columbia and were a serious disturbance to industrial and economic conditions.”

Man of the Past: Leacock believed that only his “Us” Anglos could build a Great Canada

What about Stephen Leacock? Coyne offers another little quote in which Leacock, apparently, envisioned a Canada with open borders “that will make us 10 millions tomorrow, 20 millions in our children’s time and a 100 millions ere the century runs out.” Again, he wittingly suppresses Leacock’s well known view that only Anglo Saxons were racially fit to build Canada. He did not mind a little dose of southern and eastern Europeans:

I am not saying that we should absolutely shut out and debar the European foreigners, as we should and do shut out the Oriental.

There are two standard reactions against these “racist” views. One is to denounce them and then go about downgrading, or even removing, Laurier and Leacock “from all kinds of honor rolls“. The other response, the preferred one in the polite circles Coyne inhabits, is to pretend they never said this by ignoring and rewriting their biographies so as to make them fit into a progressive pattern according to which these otherwise progressive men were “unfortunately” voicing the accepted views of their time, views they would have readily rejected if they had been born in our “we” times

Not just in Canada, but across the West, the history of Europeans is being falsely rewritten to create the impression that their nations were always immigrant nations, which are only now living up to their ideals of inclusiveness, by pursuing a program of diversification in which there is no outsideness. Coyne chastises the populism of Trump and of European immigration restrictionists for pursuing an “Us versus Them” politics that is incapable of making subtle distinctions between, say, ordinary Muslims and extremists. This inclusive journalist with a self-identified “disciplined mind” dislikes in particular the “contempt” populists have shown for “the whole notion of expertise”.

Fake Arguments versus Japanese Arguments

The reason ordinary Canadians mistrust your expertise, Coyne, is they are seeing through a program that is radically altering the ethnic character of Canada premised on the exclusion of Eurocanadians, and only Eurocanadians, from affirming their identity and history. They are realizing, through their astute reading of newly released scientific research, that ethnic groups are naturally inclined to pursue their collective interests, and that only Europeans tend to be more individualistic. They are seeing through your misuse of Laurier and Leacock to promote a program that these two great Canadians (without a disciplined mind?) never endorse but indeed rejected in the strongest “Us versus Them” terms. They are realizing, moreover, that the very pretenders of an inclusive politics have created a totalitarian order that excludes and denounces the majority of working and middle class whites who are feeling like strangers in their own homelands.

Finally, they are realizing that the “reasons” Coyne offers (in his CI article) on the supposed benefits of massive immigration are bogus and devoid of expertise. He says that a population of 100 would make Canada second to the United States among the G-7, since these countries are projected to have lower levels than 100 million. How can one assume so nonchalantly that the other G-7 nations, which currently have far larger populations than Canada, will simply decline demographically when their inclusive journalists and leaders are likewise telling their populations the same absurd argument that they need to keep accepting hordes of migrants to survive economically?

The same difficulties hold for Coyne’s other argument about the supposedly more “talented and ambitious people” that Canada can attract by increasing immigration from 300,000 to 450,000: the other G-7 nations, except “Us versus Them” Japan, are trying to entice talent from the Third World, which, as we have noted before, is a “brain drain” policy premised on sucking out of poorer nations their most talented individuals.

Questions for Coyne: Why are inclusive men so afraid to encourage their domestic populations to have more babies and to produce talented individuals at home the way the Japanese are openly advocating rather than lazily trying to steal talent from elsewhere and recklessly carrying a cultural Marxist experiment? Why don’t we think in the same disciplined way as the Japanese leadership which has openly stated that an aging population is “not a burden, but an incentive to boost productivity through innovations like robots, wireless sensors and artificial intelligence” without immigration?

This is why ordinary Canadians don’t trust our current elites and wannabe experts: because they don’t reason properly through the issues, but are instead deceptively trying to make Canadians feel that the only solution to an aging population is massive increases in immigration and constant harassment of Canadians about their alleged racism if they don’t agree with this preposterous idea.

Opinion: Why did Canada increase immigration targets?

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Opinion: Why did Canada increase immigration targets?


“So how do politicians get away with making immigration policies that ADVANCE THEIR OWN INTERESTS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC?”

“The Liberals just showed us how to do it: Appoint a commission of experts with a fancy name like Advisory Council on Economic Growth, staff it with people YOU KNOW TO BE IN FAVOUR of vastly more immigration, publicize the council’s recommendation, and wait for some Libertarians like Terrance Corcoran and Andrew Coyne to SUPPORT IT ENTHUSIASTICALLY in the mass media.”

Brad: This man gets it…how entirely refreshing.

“Then have the Minister of Immigration APPEAR MODERATE and wise by announcing an increase in immigration by only 15.4 per cent, from 260,000 to 300,000, rather than the 73 per cent to 450,000 recommended by the council.”

Brad: Immutably correct…Prof. Grubel truly understands the wily ways of the Liberal propaganda machine. 

“How does mass immigration serve the interests of political parties? It brings financial and electoral support from employers who profit from being able to employ low-skilled and high-skilled labour at wages that are lower than what they would have to pay for Canadian workers.”

” Electoral support also comes from the owners of real estate, developers and brokers, construction workers and mortgage brokers who gain much from the increased business immigrants bring.”

Brad: Beautifully articulated. Now, let’s ask another pertinent question…“How does mass immigration serve the interests of Canadian-born citizens?

Answer: It doesn’t.

“Parties also gain support from immigrant communities who expect to gain political and economic clout, enjoy having family members join them, and benefit from larger markets for ethnic products and media. Support also comes from the large “immigration industry” of social workers, lawyers and language teachers who are paid by the government.”

Brad: More brilliance. The Liberals have understood for decades that immigrant families tend to vote collectively for the same party, and particularly the ruling government at the time these families enter the country.

“Immigration Industry”…exactly. What began as a policy is now an industry. Ditto for Multicultural Policy. 

“These groups benefiting from mass immigration lobby the government effectively, while the general public is unorganized and does not.”

Brad: Let us add one vital point here…much of the reason the general public is unorganized is because when representative organizations such as Cultural Action Party attempt to emulate the successful organization of immigrant and multicultural communities, we are labelled as RACIST, BIGOTED AND XENOPHOBIC.

Considering the present-day demographics of our nation–largely ruled by mass immigration from the third world– this is hypocrisy at its apex— a politically correct, illogical and oppressive force denying ALL communities the right to freedom of speech, assembly, and related civil rights as outlined in Canada’s Charter of Rights And Freedoms.

“The success of this shielding was revealed on the occasion of a recent Munk debate at the University of Toronto, which pitted advocates in favour against advocates against admitting more refugee claimants.”

” In a poll taken before the debate, 75 per cent of the audience wanted more refugees. After the debate and the presentation of facts by the con-side, only 55 per cent of the audience still held that view, a figure likely to become even smaller as the audience digests the facts more fully.

Brad: A great point, which suggests what common-sense Canadians already understand: the more public awareness of the true reality of immigration and multicult, the LESS PUBLIC SUPPORT.

This is one reason why Justin and his minions LOVE LOW INFORMATION VOTERS…and a primary reasons why they promoted the legalization of marijuana. 

Information about many negative effects of mass immigration is kept from the public. For example, recent immigrants, even after many years in Canada, have lower incomes and pay lower taxes while they absorb the same government services as Canadians.”

“As result, immigrants impose a fiscal burden of $30 billion a year on taxpayers, which will grow all the time with the arrival of new immigrants.”

Canadians suffer from the effects immigrants have on the cost of housing and the levels of congestion, pollution and overcrowding in schools, universities and hospitals, the latter especially as the many parents and grandparents of immigrants near the end of their lives and add to the ever-growing wait lists for medical treatment experienced by all Canadians.

Brad: Here, the article alludes to the Family Reunification Immigration Program…the most economically unsound migration policy in the history of our nation…or perhaps, any western nation.

“Immigrants increase Canada’s cultural diversity, but the benefits from it have reached diminishing returns and the development of ethnic enclaves threatens national harmony and security.”

Brad: Firstly, the Liberals LOVE ethnic enclaves. Pourquoi? Because once again, they understand that ethnic enclaves VOTE IN BLOCKS.

Secondly, cultural diversity equates with the diminishment and erosion of traditional elements of Canadian heritage– language, religion, English/French culture, and the like.

Unlike Trudeau and his sunny gang of globalists, millions of Canadians actually VALUE THESE TRADITIONS.

“Unfortunately, governments and the beneficiaries of mass immigration have prevented these facts from reaching wide audiences and allowing political parties to continue to use mass immigration policies for their narrow self-interest.”

Brad: Again, wonderfully articulated. Prof. Grubel has written perhaps the finest article of Canadian immigration in recent history. Too bad the logic, facts and data contained within will be entirely ignored by our government, multicult organizations , immigration benefactors and all the rest.

Such is life under our pseudo-democratic, Liberal-Totalitarian regime.

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