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More Anti-White Racism by Canadian Big Business

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B.C. construction companies offered cash incentive for hiring non-white males

By Quinn Patrick – September 28, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

A cash incentive available to British Columbia construction companies for hiring new workers doubles if a worker “self-identifies” as anything other than an able-bodied, heterosexual, white male.

On Wednesday, the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) announced a new $10 million Apprenticeship Services Program that will give cash incentives to small and medium scale construction companies that hire and register first year apprentices for 39 Red Seal Trades. 

The per-employee incentive is $5,000, but if an applicant self-identifies as a person of colour, woman, sexual minority, or person with a disability, it doubles to $10,000, according to the Western Investor. https://www.youtube.com/embed/4g_g7k3-6-E?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1

According to the BCCA, over half of the apprentices already hired have self-identified as a member of one of the “equity deserving groups.”

Funding for the BCCA’s new program will come from the federal government’s Canadian Apprenticeship Strategy, launched by the federal government in September 2022.

The BBCA is calling the new program the ”most far-reaching construction trade apprenticeship drive ever undertaken in British Columbia.”  https://www.youtube.com/embed/vhA1GymcHYs?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1

“The Apprenticeship Services project has become one of the most successful workforce development programs the BCCA has ever launched,” said Chris Atchison, president of the BCCA. “The timing of this initiative couldn’t be better. Our industry is hungry for skilled workers.”

Each employer is allowed to register two first-year apprentices before March 31, 2024. 

The BCCA noted that while 35 different Real Seal trades have now hired new apprentices, the majority are registered as first-year carpenters, plumbers and construction electricians. 

Canada’s construction industry will need to recruit 299,200 new employees by 2032 in order to replace those expected to retire by the end of the decade, according to predictions made by BuildForce Canada. They estimate 245,100 construction workers, about 20% of the current labour force, will retire in that timeframe. 

Is Russia Trying to Win Over White Americans?

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Is Russia Trying to Win Over White Americans?


Sergey Lavrov » International Affairs

Robert Hampton

June 4, 2021

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov apparently shows more concern for ordinary white Americans than the average Republican lawmaker. In April, Lavrov called out America’s aggressive anti-white racism. While insisting Russians were “the pioneers of the movement for equal rights of people of any skin color,” he stated Black Lives Matter pushes “aggression displayed against  white people, white US citizens.”

Lavrov also mocked the political correctness of American culture. “Hollywood changes its rules now, too, so that everything reflects the diversity of modern society, which is likewise a form of censorship, which stifles art and imposes various artificial restrictions and demands,” he argued. I saw black people playing in Shakespeare’s comedies. I don’t know when we will have a white Othello. You see, that’s absurdity. Political correctness pushed to such absurdity won’t end well.” How many western politicians would dare question blacks playing white characters?

Lavrov’s purpose was to skewer the United Nations dedicating a day to acknowledging the horrible threat posed by “white supremacy.” The Russian diplomat said that the decision reflects the UN operating as the “the Organization Promoting American concepts, or American trends.”

This position contrasts sharply with that of our own diplomats. Joe Biden’s UN Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, went before the international body twice this Spring to denounce white Americans and the Founding Fathers.

Four-hundred-and-two years ago, African slaves were forced onto the shores of the colony of Virginia. Two years ago, the 1619 Project brought attention to this anniversary, and put the consequences of slavery, and the contributions of Black Americans, back at the center of our history and of our national narrative. As the project detailed, slavery is the original sin of America. It’s weaved white supremacy and black inferiority into our founding documents and principles.

She repeated those remarks again a month later. American media outlets praised her comments as a “powerful” rebuttal against racism.

America is fond of calling out Russia’s alleged human rights abuses and disregard for democratic norms. Lavrov responded to these claims with a reminder of America’s own record, particularly its persecution of Trump supporters involved in the Capitol protests.

“We are following with interest the persecution of those persons who are accused of the riots on January 6 this year,” Lavrov said last week, stressing that Vladimir Putin will press Biden on this issue when the two meet this summer. “A lot of really interesting things are happening from the point of view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights,” the Russian diplomat added.

It is rich for America to attack other countries that suppress protesters and dissidents when our regime does the same thing. We attack China for denying bail to non-violent election protesters while we deny bail to non-violent election protesters here. We criticize Belarus for diverting a flight to arrest a dissident while we don’t even allow dissidents to fly here. We denounce Russia for firing government workers for their political beliefs while every corporation and institution does the same thing here. This isn’t the Land of the Free anymore.

It’s good that Russia is taking this line in favor of Trump supporters and conservative whites. China and Iran prefer to celebrate Black Lives Matter and condemn America as the Great Racist Satan. China usually botches its attempts at wokeness, but it still sticks to that line. China doesn’t care about anti-white racism or the persecution of Trump supporters. The Red Dragon tries to appeal to the Left, even though the ChiComs do a poor job of it. The Iranians appear to be better at this, and it’s probably impossible for them to ever appeal to ordinary American conservatives. Russia seems to be the only world power to make this play.

Back in the Obama and early Trump years, many right-wingers idolized Putin’s Russia. Too often, they fell for the media’s depiction of Russia. Western outlets shrieked that Putin was a white nationalist, a fascist, and a threat to democracy everywhere. Some right-wingers believed these claims and decided that made Putin based. They liked how Russia seemed to oppose western degeneracy and foreign interventions. Russia was one of the few countries to stand with Bashar al-Assad against the “moderate” jihadis backed by the West. Right-wingers also liked Putin’s swagger and his status as a serious statesman.

Some of these views were more accurate than others. It is true that Putin’s Russia serves as a counterweight to America’s Empire of Nothing on the world stage and stands up for worthy states like Assad’s Syria. Putin also pursues some sensible policies in his home country, such as banning homosexual propaganda to children. (Meanwhile, American children’s cartoons teach kids to march in gay pride parades with their two daddies.) Russia also doesn’t tolerate national hatred or guilt, for better and for worse, and cracks down on traitorous billionaires. Putin also is a serious statesman, an extinct species among our pathetic political elites.

But Putin’s Russia is also far away from the fantasy ethnostate or Orthodox kingdom of right-wing fantasies. It locks up nationalists for hate speech and other dubious charges. Its immigration policy still lets in many foreigners and the regime preaches a form of multiculturalism (albeit, one less insufferable than ours). Very few Russians go to church and the nation is plagued with all types of social ills, from addiction to widespread corruption.

Russia also threatens the sovereignty of many of its neighbors. This, of course, is not a major concern for American nationalists, but it does explain why Eastern European nationalists don’t like Putin. Ukrainians, Balts, and Poles all have memories of what life was like under the bootheel of Russia. It makes sense why they would oppose Russia and their stance does deserve a bit of understanding.

That does not mean we, as American nationalists, should see Russia as the great enemy. Nor does that mean we should fawn over Russia as the SUPER BASED AND REDPILLED EMPIRE. We simply need to recognize it as a necessary counterweight to America’s BLM imperialism. No other nation will denounce anti-white racism or confront Biden about the persecution of ordinary Trump supporters. It’s good for a world player to defend our people and force the American regime to answer for its anti-white racism. Every other foreign power prefers to denounce America for the same reasons leftists do here. Russia is the only one to speak for us.

We shouldn’t turn ourselves into unwitting tools for Russian designs or into some kind of pro-Kremlin fifth column. We merely need to acknowledge that Russian propaganda is more sympathetic to our side than ever before. RT and Sputnik read more like Breitbart, minus the boomerism and zealous Zionism. They seem to no longer care about appealing to the “anti-establishment Left.” In America, there is no more anti-establishment Left. Antifa is sympatico with the FBI and major corporations. Liberals and leftists both want a more authoritarian government that locks up their political enemies. They also hate Russia and want the state to spread our “democratic values” to every part of the globe. Russians may finally realize the Left is hopeless. It makes more sense for the Russians to side with the nationalist Right.

What this realignment will look like is anyone’s guess. But as long as Russia calls out the system’s anti-white racism and abuses, it’s good for us.

TD Bank Anti-White Virtue Signalling

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TD Bank Anti-White Virtue Signalling

I was at the TD Bank today and after the usual mask harassment, I waited in line and watched the screens above the tellers. Posters plugging Black History Month & pukesome virtue signalling: “We are committed to fighting anti-Black racism, this month and every month.” What about fighting anti-White “employment equity”? What about recognizing and supporting European History Month, celebrating the overwhelming contributions to Canada of the European founding/settler people?

Another Canadian standing up for our rights in regard to FB discrimination against Whites

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Another Canadian standing up for our rights in regard to FB discrimination against Whites
What is White Nationalism?/ We’re Suing Facebook!
George Hutchsion

This is what CIBC thinks of Canadians!

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This is what CIBC thinks of Canadians!

Picture taken Oct. 28th 2011

CIBC Bank corner of 41st & Victoria in Vancouver B.C……….….

We (as Canadians) are not privileged or worthy of any freebies like this.
We have to make sure the funds are available to all the foreigners, but lets not take care of our own.
Pass this on to everyone you know and make sure we don’t encourage this kind of discrimination.

A call to the bank is answered in English and then Chinese. Shows whom the bank thinks is more important.



Nairobi-born Black hates Canada, won’t quit complaining

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Nairobi-born Black hates Canada, won’t quit complaining

To be a black Muslim woman in Toronto is to feel deep isolation, the result of omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination… forces that torment me and members of my community… and so two months ago I tweeted, “Plz Allah give me strength not to cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today… Our lives are plagued by institutional and individual anti-black racism that compromises our access to safety, economic freedom, proper health care, food, housing, employment, education and culturally restorative support services. To be black in this city is to fight to survive.” – (emphasis added) – Yusra Khogali, co-founder of “Black Lives Matter Toronto” (1).

That was very kind of Yusra, backing off from killing us and all that, and I must admit that I sometimes feel rather like killing something myself after spending a few minutes reading rabid, anti-White garbage like this in the Toronto “Red” Star. But read it I must, if I am to stay fully aware of the dangers we face, and as White Europeans throughout the world are vilified and prepared for multicultural genocide by the likes of Ms. Khogali.

It is also worth noting that while such language as Ms. Khogali used in her Tweet would carry a very real risk of investigation and the possible laying of “hate” charges if uttered by a White person, members of privileged minorities can apparently say such things and walk away completely unscathed by our massive, publically-funded “human rights” industries.

Perhaps a clue to her astonishing viewpoint of bemused White readers as “racist” and “privileged” can be found in the background information at the foot of her column – “Yusra Khogali, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, is a community organizer, anti-racism educator and black feminist poet. She is also a graduate student at the University of Toronto pursuing a master’s in Social Justice Education.”

Inline image 1

Her Facebook page (2) tells us that “She is a daughter of the sudanese diaspora by ancestry, born in nairobi, but a toronto bred and based black feminist…”, (lack of capitalization in original), and that “Yusra believes in the self determination of black peoples lives globally and all her artistic resistance and activism, education and community organizing is dedicated to die fighting for this.

“For Inquiries about performance requests, you may contact me via email: yusra.ali.k@gmail.com.”

Oh my! Is her being “dedicated to die fighting” conditional upon how many “performance requests” she receives, and how remunerative they are? I can’t help finding the juxtaposition of these two statements rather bizarre…

Her commercial professionalism could perhaps account for her fine turns of phrase, such as “omnipresent systemic anti-black, patriarchal and Islamophobic discrimination”, which certainly leaves very little to the imagination. And in the hands of the police, ordinary firearms suddenly become “violent weaponry”, perhaps a stereotypical insinuation about the police themselves, and of the remarkable ability of firearms to acquire, perhaps through some form of ideological osmosis, the deplorable racial attitudes of those to whom they have been issued.

It would seem that at least one person is not appreciative of Ms. Khogali’s gratuitous representation (FB copy-and-paste today): One Yoruba Kiniun had this to say at 10:19am this morning – “If you are going to speak on our behalf then make sure you’re not retarded. Otherwise you are just making it harder for the people you claim to be an advocate for, while at the same time empowering the devils of this world. And if you’re going to spit some retarded shit, then at least own it instead resorting to Whataboutery 101. Been trying to stave off the glad bigoted hordes since your likkle tweet came out to the light of day. Thanks heffa.” I have no idea what “heffa” means, but the overall message seems clear enough.

Another co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto is one Sandra “Sandy” Hudson, who has very recently achieved fame and glory by finding herself and two alleged accomplices sued by the University of Toronto Students’ Union, regarding the circumstances under which she received no less than $277,508.00 as a severance deal after being employed by them for only 2 1/2 years (3).

Note: The news story describes her as a member of Black Lives Matter Toronto, not as a co-founder, but she is introduced as a co-founder in an interview written by Carolyn Turgeon of Daily Brew posted on April 8th this year (4), and in other places on the internet.

Although this matter is before the courts, and nothing has been proven or disproven as yet, the news item does tell us that despite her managerial position, she claimed 1,975 hours of overtime on April 1, 2015, having never recorded or claimed any overtime up to that point.

According to the claim by the Student’s Union, as reported by the Toronto Sun, “She filed for all the overtime the day after an election was held to choose the next executive committee… The deal was reached on April 16, 2015, and the two defendants who allegedly signed off were both leaving their posts at the end of the month.”

It will be interesting to see how that works out…

Getting back to my own opinions, I have never approved of mixing the races together, as the inborn cultural, religious and biological differences between the races inevitably cause stress and strife, and there can be no winners. This doesn’t do people like me any good, and has at least once driven Ms. Khogali to the point that she needed to appeal to her deity for the strength to not go out and start killing White people.

And as a White European Christian, I find it offensive and unacceptable that “traditional Canadians”, (you know, the people who built this country), are greatly discriminated against, particularly when it comes to government employment. In my post “Ottawa will not move on racist, anti-White hiring practices” (5) posted on August 10th, 2012, I had this to say:

“Legalised anti-White racial discrimination is solidly built into our national fabric, so if Prime Minister Harper thinks he can solve the problem simply by ordering that there be no more race-specific postings for federal job openings, then he mistakes re-arranging the deck chairs for avoiding the iceberg.

“In addition to the legal and constitutional barriers to equality for all, is the leftist, ‘politically correct’ mindset adopted by liberals, unions, religious denominations, and all of the other usual suspects, plus an astonishing culture of ‘entitlement’ which gives unrealistically high expectations to aboriginals and minorities, and can result in violence and property damage if these bloated expectations remain unfulfilled.

“In the meantime, a white person from Newfoundland, whose family history in the New World goes back 400 years or more, must take second place to a recently-arrived third-worlder, whose ancestors have contributed precisely nothing to this country.

“‘Human rights industry’ activists are so deeply entrenched in government personnel departments that the only way to bring a halt to this all-pervasive and viciously anti-White racist discrimination is to pass legislation expressly forbidding it… Anything less than that is a complete waste of time.”

And in “Canada’s racial and cultural problems” (6) posted on Jan. 26th, 2011, I had this to say:

“Minorities are given preference in hiring regardless of qualifications, and are provided with free legal services by ‘human rights’ commissions to whom intent is meaningless and the truth irrelevant. As a union officer, I often saw ‘human rights’ complaints being filed simply as a backup to the grievance procedure.”

As I see it, this can all come together in creating an all-consuming culture of entitlement, accompanied by greed, inefficiency, and juvenile power-tripping on the part of the delighted recipients.

This is a thoroughly unnatural situation, and must be attended to before White anger and resentment spills over into a “market correction” which may well be accompanied by violence and the beginnings of very real “hatred” which could take generations to subside.

Let’s hope our multi-cultural, politically correct politicians back off and “get real” before things become any worse than they are right now…

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “I was vilified for telling the truth about racism in Toronto” here.

(2) – See Yusra Khogali’s Facebook page here.

(3) – Read “Black Lives Matter member sued for severance deal” here.

(4) – Read “Q&A with Sandy Hudson, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto” here.

(5) – Read “Ottawa will not move on racist, anti-White hiring practices” here.

(6) – Read “Canada’s racial and cultural problems” here.

And, see the University of Toronto Students’ Union ‘Statement of Claim’ against Sandra Hudson and two others on the studentunion.ca website here.

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