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Criminals Betraying Canada by Dan Murray

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Criminals Betraying Canada
by Dan Murray – December 20, 2019

Every year, Canada’s population gives its national broadcaster, the CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) at least $1 Billion. Justifiably, Canadians expect the CBC to provide unbiased coverage of important national issues. But what Canadians get is biased and unquestioning reporting on all issues, especially senseless immigration. This amounts to criminal action against Canadians. It also amounts to denial of such a basic human need as affordable shelter to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Canadians. As a result, to many Canadians, the abbreviation “CBC” now means “Criminals Betraying Canada”.

The public has long thought of real estate developers and much of the rest of that industry as a collection of society’s low life who deserve to be spurned. Most Canadians would say that this low life should be the last to be considered to rule the country. Yet in the midst of the Metro Vancouver and Toronto housing chaos which saw Vancouver housing costs soar to the second highest in the world, the CBC has virtually married the real estate industry. It has colluded with that industry in promoting and formulating national policy. In the view of a senior Canadian diplomat, that coalition has virtually raped hundreds of thousands of Canadians. The CBC has accomplished that by repeatedly broadcasting the real estate industry’s fraudulent claim that the easiest solution to housing unaffordability is to increase “SUPPLY”. That means increasing the number of housing units. Simultaneously, the CBC has repeatedly suppressed a much more reliable and honest analysis of Metro Vancouver’s housing unaffordability that was done by UBC’s David Ley. Dr. Ley concluded that relentless high immigration is the cause of Metro Vancouver’s stratospheric housing prices. From Dr. David Ley’s analysis, the obvious solution to the housing unaffordability crisis is a dramatic reduction in immigration. After all, the big question is this: How can Metro Vancouver and other areas of Canada such as Metro Toronto ever return to affordability as long as a relentless yearly inflow of hundreds of thousands of immigrants continues? Common sense tells Canadians that these places cannot. Common sense also tells Canadians that senseless high immigration will continue to cause enormous collateral economic, cultural and environmental damage.


To make this point clearer, let’s imagine a janitor trying to mop up a floor where a nearby tap has been damaged and water is spraying out uncontrollably onto the floor. Unless the janitor locates a water shut-off valve and shuts off the water that goes to the broken tap, his efforts at mopping the floor will be overwhelmed. To translate simply: The broken tap is Canada’s immigration intake, now over 1 million per year, almost all of which is unjustified!! The water on the floor is the damage being done to Canada by unnecessary immigration. The janitor is the Canadian infrastructure which has been overwhelmed.

The corrupt real estate industry knows that its claim about increasing “SUPPLY” is a lie. But it also knows that if it says its lie often enough, many people will actually believe its lie.

Very serious and widespread unrestrained criminal acts depend on the support of many people. Those include the CBC and the private media which disseminate information that is vital to decision-making . If the CBC and other media decide to with-hold or omit information which severely harms or destroys the lives of Canadians, they are guilty of criminal acts. There is absolutely no doubt that the CBC and other media are guilty of that. Every day, the CBC damns itself and arrogantly thinks it can continue to get away with its actions.

The CBC’s collusion with the real estate industry has been very clear in subsequent events :

(1) Ottawa’s announced housing strategy for the country and

(2) The City of Vancouver’s announced 10-year housing strategy

Neither strategy even mentions the word “immigration”. Why? The country is run by a substitute drama teacher (Trudeau) who has committed Canada to a mindless pursuit of so-called “Diversity” and thereby proved himself to be a complete fool. The rest of the country’s rulers (Other MP’s, Provincial and municipal governments) are quislings and cowards. Even the “DIVERSE” hordes of low-quality immigrants (that our three levels of government have allowed in) laugh at them behind their backs. For example, as huge areas of Metro Vancouver are demolished and densified, to add to the insanity, Vancouver continues to claim it will become the World’s Greenest City!!!

If the CBC had been doing its job, it would have challenged Vancouver and other cities on these disgraceful “strategies”. But it has said nothing. What greater sin is there than betraying one’s country and the Canadian family in it?

What but the lowest Circle of Hell would be suitable for Trudeau and the xenophilic horde of criminals in Parliament, other political positions, the real estate industry, the CBC and elsewhere?

At the beginning of December every year, the CBC devotes one day to collecting money for food banks across the country. Again this year, the CBC has hypocritically implied that it deserves to be commended for raising money for such a basic need as food. However, the damage the CBC has done to such a basic need as affordable shelter on the other 364 days of the year negates any good the CBC does on its Christmas Food Bank Day. There is absolutely no question that in Metro Vancouver and in many other parts of Canada, the CBC has demonstrated itself to be a criminal organization and is a criminal accomplice to the corrupt real estate industry.

Where are our rocket launchers?

Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity

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Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity  
Posted on October 20, 2019
In a 30 second commercial that has been filling TV screens for a week now, Elections Canada encourages Canadians to register and vote on October 21st because, in their words, “It’s Our Vote”.
But if you look at the faces of the half dozen people featured in this ad, you might get the impression that it is not “our” vote—the vote of “old stock” Canadians—but “their” vote, the vote of the million migrants who pass through our gates or walk across our borders each and every year– courtesy of an immigration and refugee policy constructed in defiance of public opinion. https://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2019/08/05/canada-is-now-taking-over-1-million-unnecessary-immigrants-per-year
As far as I can determine, at least four of the actors in this cute story are “people of colour” (POC), and three of them New Canadians, including the one or two year old product of a biracial marriage.
Even the less discerning of us will appreciate that Elections Canada’s sales pitch is rife with stark symbolism. If it needed a title, it could be called be “Moving Day”, as it features someone whom I would dub “Mr. Token”, a young white male with golden locks cheerfully helping POC carry furniture into their new abode.
Significantly, several frames in the commercial depict the New Canadians at a Citizenship ceremony, with their right hand up and poised to swear allegiance. Particularly poignant is the image of the baby boy in his father’s arms clutching a small maple leaf flag.
All in all, it is one big happy and harmonious display of Canada-in-the-making. Aside from their racial composition, one cannot fail to notice that all of the people in this ad are young. It doesn’t take a genius to see what demographic this commercial is directed at, and which political parties or politicians they are most likely to vote for.
Let me give you a hint. It isn’t Maxime Bernier or the Peoples Party of Canada.
Of course, I wouldn’t dream of questioning the neutrality of a taxpayer funded instrument of information and integrity like Elections Canada. I am sure that Elections Canada is above reproach, like the CBC!!
Diversity cultists would no doubt claim that the racial makeup of these actors merely represents the reality of Canada today. Not quite. Visible minorities make up roughly half of Metro Vancouver and Toronto—not two-thirds, as this ad would suggest. Moreover, in no way does this ad reflect the racial profile of the nation at large, where visible minorities make up 22% of the population.
It may come as a shock to the social engineers in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, but the universe extends far beyond the urban boundaries of these bastions of so-called enlightenment, tolerance and diversity. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that a good third of Canadians are grounded in reality, something that most “progressive” big city dwellers can barely relate to. If these morally superior beings were interested in seeing what reality looks like, the protocol is clear. Turn off the CBC. Pack your bags. Get in your car. And take a trip to small town hinterland communities where ordinary people tend to dwell. But be prepared to be”interrupted” by common sense.
It must be understood that in commissioning commercials like this, it was never the intention of the immigration lobby and its executive arm in Parliament to depict Canada as it actually is, but rather, to condition viewers to accept the Canada that they hope will unfold. The message is, “This is a done deal. This is what our cities and towns will soon look like, whether you like it or not. Resistance is futile.” In other words, these kind of TV ads are not descriptive but prescriptive. And we have had a ton of them in recent years, haven’t we?
Those who care to reflect upon the rapid demographic change that this Elections Canada message illustrates will soon realize that it is not precisely about “Moving Day”, but rather, Moving “in” Day. But if someone is moving “in”, then the question becomes, “Who is moving out?”
From coast to coast, the answer is clear: Old stock Canadians, both young and old. That is why formerly “sleepy” towns and quiet havens from Camrose to Charlottetown are experiencing a population boom.
Maybe we could call it “The Californian Effect”, in deference to progressive middle class Californian Democratic Party voters who, having fouled their own nest, flee to hinterland states like Idaho or Montana yet to be despoiled by the madness of “sanctuary cities” and identity politics gone mad.
The irony is, many of these white flight (or white plight?) urban refugees are fleeing from the consequences of policies imposed by the open borders parties . Displacement looks good on them, doesn’t it? Do you think that eventually these people will connect the dots between urban decay, unaffordable housing, and traffic congestion, on the one hand, and the policy of mass immigration on the other?
Can we fix stupid?
Time will tell.

Brain Surgery

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Brain Surgery: A Satire  by Tim Murray 

When I inquired about my prospects of surviving open heart surgery, a credible informant assured me that surgeons would execute a cutting-edge, less invasive operation, resulting in a quicker recovery.

brain surgery pic brain surgery pic

When I asked if these surgeons were “up to scratch” and competent to perform it, I was told that they were “out of this world”. It turns out that this informant was right.

I have little recollection of the procedure, other than a vague memory of four sets of sinister eyes looming over me, examining me with intense scrutiny. One of them bore a resemblance to Barbara Lerner Spectre. The only thing I distinctly remember is being in my car, my radio and engine going dead, and seeing a bright, blinding figure walk toward me. Shortly thereafter I blacked out.  Then suddenly  I found myself in the driver’s seat in the same position. It is as if I had been dreaming.


Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe it was an hallucination.  Just like The Great Replacement, which Leftist  commentators tell me is a mirage, a figment of my conspiratorial imagination. Vancouver hasn’t changed. It is not an Asian city. And Europe is still Europe. You see, we mustn’t believe our own eyes. Best to rely on the filtered information of trusted media gatekeepers, like the CBC, who proclaim that “Canada Lives Here”.  I guess they haven’t seen the ratings lately.

So yes, maybe it didn’t happen.  But I think not. Before the operation, I felt like crap. Afterward, I suddenly felt like a million dollars.

I am as good as new now, but there is this small lump under my skin above my left temple. Sometimes it prickles. Sometimes it itches. When I pinch it, it feels a dime or a nickel. Hmm. No wonder an alarm goes off whenever I go through an airport security check.

The good news is I didn’t have to pay one red cent for the operation. That goes to show you how beneficial Canada’s socialized medical system is.  And efficient too. I was in and out before I knew it.

And that’s not all. I am not only getting timely care, but compassionate and conscientious care too.

Like old time country doctors, these surgeons make impromptu home visits to check on my progress. They drop by without notice at the oddest times, and when they leave it seems that they take me with them. Then faster that you can say Jack Robinson, here I am back in my easy chair again. But when I look at my watch, several hours have passed.  I guess that proves that time flies when you are having fun.

As far as I can determine, I have experienced no side effects from my surgery, other than that nagging sensation I mentioned. The prickling and itching above my left temple.

However, I am left with a strange feeling. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Simply put, it is a feeling that Big Brother is watching me. Then I wondered.

Does CSIS have me on their watch list? Is the Canadian Anti-Hate Network monitoring me?  Is a Toronto Star reporter trying to get the goods on me? Am I being stalked by Glenn Close? No matter where I go, I get that same feeling.

Self help guru Wayne Dyer told me that I should take charge of my life, but more than ever, that goal eludes me. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I sense that I am being guided. Controlled in fact. Whenever I watch the news—or read it—-I feel that something is missing. Like the news. The real news.

And the more I listen to progressive politicians and the identity group mouthpieces who drive them, the more my vocabulary shrinks.  I’ve noticed that more and more, I can’t find the words to conceive of alternative narratives. Sometimes the only words that come to mind are “diversity”, “inclusive”, “patriarchal”, “white privilege”, “white supremacist”, “transphobic”, and “welcoming”. And when I try to form sentences, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “love conquers hate”, “diversity is our strength”, “build bridges not fences”, “we are more alike than unalike”, “biology is a social construct”, “Canada is home to the world”, “Canada is a nation of immigrants”,  “we are all immigrants”, “we are living on stolen land”, “the only real Canadians are First Nations people”, and “a woman must always be believed.”  Stuff like that.

However, several forbidden questions managed to break these mental shackles and enter my brain.

Did I have heart surgery–or brain surgery? Was the first a cover for the latter? What if I am a victim of social engineering?  What if the social engineers are manipulated by puppeteers—an alien tribe bent on opening the floodgates and diversifying us out of existence? And if that is so, how can we determine who these puppeteers are?

Then came the epiphany: Just find out who it is illegal to criticize.


Here’s a tip. When you find that out, don’t share the information, or you’re liable to find yourself behind bars and financially ruined.  Right here in Canada, true north, strong and “free”.

Tim Murray

PS Check out Kevin MacDonald’s writings. But be warned. If you read them, you may never be the same..







Recommended:  Peter Goodchild’s interpretation of the third volume of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique trilogy:


The Culture of Critique: Some Notes and Quotes

Horkheimer and Adorno

The following is an interpretation of the third volume of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique trilogy, which comprises three volumes:


A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples


Separation and Its Discontents: Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism


The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements


A reason for focusing on the third volume is that “it challenges many fundamental assumptions about our contemporary intellectual and political existence,” as is said on the first page of the “Preface to the First Paperback Edition,” and it is our contemporary existence that is most people’s immediate concern, even if the roots of the present must be found thousands of years ago.


Numbers on the left are page numbers. All quotations are MacDonald’s own words, except where indicated otherwise. Anything not in quotation marks is my own notes based on my reading of the text. Any errors of fact or interpretation, of course, are solely my own.


I am leaving the “Preface to the First Paperback Edition” until the end, since chronologically and otherwise it is basically an expansion of what is said in the main text.


Chapter 1: Jews and the Radical Critique of Gentile Culture: Introduction and Theory


8 Jews are always negative about gentile cultures.


Conceptualizing the Jewish Radical Criticism of Gentile Society


13 The goal of socialism was not social leveling, but the destruction of the gentile power structure.


The Boasian School of Anthropology and the Decline of Darwinism in the Social Sciences


20-23 The great assault on the Darwinian evolutionary approach to human societies means that now all cultures are regarded as equal. The concept of race is now said to be meaningless. We are no longer allowed to speak of three stages: savagery, barbarism, and civilization.


25 Franz Boas dominated US anthropology for 40 years. He had many influential students, all of whom were Jews except Alfred Kroeber, Ruth Benedict, and Margaret Mead.


29-30 Boas and others claimed Americans were too sexually repressed and should study romantic primitivism, as shown in Mead’sComing of Age in Samoa. H. Turner-High, J. Keegan, and L. H. Keeley, on the other hand, claimed that earlier times were not quite so idyllic, and that warfare was very common in primitive societies.


Beyond Boas: Recent Examples of Jewish Political Agendas Influencing Social Science Research


30-38 Stephen Jay Gould (Jewish) is a famous “propagandist and ethnic activist” who insists that human intelligence is environmental, not genetic.


Chapter 3: Jews and the Left


50 Judaism and Marxism are quite incompatible, mainly because Marxism is a universalist ideology, although many people have claimed loyalty to both.


Communism and Jewish Identification in Poland


66 “When the anti-Zionist-anti-Semitic movement in the Soviet Union filtered down to Poland . . . there was another crisis of identity resulting from the belief that anti-Semitism and communism were incompatible.”


67 “There was massive self-deception and rationalization” by Jewish Poles who supported communism.


Radicalism and Jewish Identification in the United States and England


74-76 Jewish-Communist espionage in the US included giving atomic-bomb secrets to the USSR.


76 Wealthy young Jews were the founders of the student protest movement.


Social Identity Processes, Perceived Jewish Group Interests, and Jewish Radicalism


80 Jews rarely have been “a light to the nations” – they mainly confine their concern “within Jewish groups.”


94 The Socialist Party and the CPUSA have gentiles displayed as their leaders – i.e. as window dressing.


Chapter 4: Jewish Involvement in the Psychoanalytic Movement


106 “A great deal of hostility to psychoanalysis centered around the perceived threat of psychoanalysis to Christian sexual ethics.”


109-18 In his private writing, Freud was very anti-gentile.


113 Adler and Jung were expelled as heretical.


117-18 In Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud said that the repression of sex (particularly in Christianity) is the source of civilization, but that the price to be paid is neurosis and unhappiness. He claimed that psychoanalysis could cure that sickness, and he advocated greater sexual freedom. Psychoanalysis is pseudoscience.


The Scientific Status of Psychoanalysis


121 Freud’s claims (theories) were always stated in ways that are scientifically untestable.


123 He always equated (or confused) sexual desire with love.


124 Responsibility (the id) is seen as pathological, repressive, something that prevents self-realization.


Psychoanalysis as a Political Movement


127 Freud’s disciples regard all of his words as absolute truth – nothing is ever questioned.


132 Psychoanalysis resembles brainwashing.


Psychoanalysis as a Tool in the Radical Criticism of Western Culture: The Wider Cultural Influence of Freud’s Theory


134 Roman and Christian monogamy meant an egalitarian system, instead of a few men having all the women, and others having none. In polygamy the women are “reduced to chattel and are typically purchased as concubines by wealthy males.”


136 Monogamy in turn led to high-investment parenting, and to pair-bonding (companionate marriage).


Psychoanalysis and the Criticism of Western Culture


141 “. . . Radical individualism among gentiles is an excellent prescription for the continuation of Judaism as a cohesive group.”


145 “Anti-Semitism is viewed as a form of gentile psychopathology.”


150 “Since 1970 the rate of single-parenting has increased from one in ten families to one in three families. . . . All the negative trends related to the family show very large increases that developed in the mid-sixties. . . .”


Chapter 5: The Frankfurt School of Social Research and the Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances


The Political Agenda of the Frankfurt School of Social Research


154 “A consistent theme of Horkheimer and Adorno’s Critical Theory was the transformation of society according to moral principles. . . . From the beginning, there was a rejection of value-free social science research (‘the fetishism of facts’). . . .”


156 Horkheimer and Adorno saw “both fascism and capitalism [as involving] domination and authoritarianism.”


157 For Horkheimer and Adorno, everything was based on an “a prioritheory of anti-Semitism.”


163 “. . . The true enemy of the Jews is gentile collectivities of any kind, and especially nationalism. . . . No mention is made of the collectivist nature of Judaism.”


165 “People in individualist cultures . . . show little emotional attachment to ingroups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and ‘finding yourself’ . . . Individualists have more positive attitudes toward strangers and outgroup members. . . .”


167 “Highly questionable [is] the basic idea that anti-Semitism is the result of disturbed parent-child relationships. . . .”


Review of The Authoritarian Personality


170 “Being high on the Anti-Semitism Scale may . . . simply mean that one has more information rather than a sign of a disturbed childhood.”


176 “. . . Authoritative parents are more successful in transmitting cultural values to their children. . . .” High scores in parental discipline are regarded in Adorno et al., The Authoritarian Personality, as “the result of extreme authoritarianism resulting in repressions and denials of parental faults.”


180 “Frenkel-Brunswick [in The Authoritarian Personality] . . . attempts to pathologize gentile concerns with social class and upward mobility.”




194 “Although it is difficult to assess the effect of works like The Authoritarian Personality on gentile culture, there can be little question that the thrust of the radical critique . . . was to pathologize high-investment parenting and upward mobility, as well as pride in family, religion, and country among gentiles.”


The Influence of the Frankfurt School


207 “Each movement promised . . . a classless society in which there would be no conflicts of interest and people would work altruistically for the good of the group. . . .”


Chapter 6: The Jewish Criticism of Gentile Culture: A Reprise


210 “Citation by other scientists is an important indication of scholarly accomplishment and is often a key measure used in tenure decisions. . . . Jews have been greatly overrated as editors, publishers, and contributors to a variety of radical and liberal periodicals. . . .”


211 “. . . In the literary world, the highly influential left-wing journal Partisan Review (PR) was a principle showcase of ‘the New York Intellectuals.’ . . . PR originated as an offshoot of the Communist Party. . . .”


220 “Aspiring intellectuals, whether Jewish or gentile, are subjected to a high level of indoctrination at the undergraduate and graduate levels. . . .”


Chapter 7: Jewish Involvement in Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy


241-42 Jews support liberal immigration because it means a pluralistic society, not a homogeneous one. Hence there is little chance of a unified opposition to Judaism.


242 “Ethnic and religious pluralism . . . serves Jewish interests because Jews become just one of many ethnic groups. . . . Jewish activism on immigration is merely one strand of a multipronged movement directed at preventing the development of a mass movement of anti-Semitism in Western societies.”


249 “In The Passing of the Great Race (1921) [Madison] Grant argued that the American colonial stock was derived from superior Nordic racial elements and that immigration of other races would lower the competence level of the society as a whole as well as threaten democratic and republican institutions.”


251 “. . . It is probable that the decline in evolutionary and biological theories of race and ethnicity facilitated the sea change in immigration policy brought about by the 1965 [Immigration and Nationality Act].”


254-55 “Jews played a very prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. . . . Jews organized African Americans for their own interests rather than in the best interests of African Americans.”


Jewish Anti-Restrictionist Political Activity


259 “Making the United States into a multicultural society has been a major Jewish goal beginning in the nineteenth century.”


281-82 “Restrictionists [regarding US immigration in the 1920s and 1930s] often pointed to evidence that over 90 percent of American Communists had backgrounds linking them to Eastern Europe.”


288 “Richard Avens noted, ‘One of the curious things about those who most loudly claim that the [restrictionist McCarran-Walter] act is “discriminatory” . . . is that they oppose admission of the approximately one million Arab refugees in camps where they are living in pitiful circumstances after having been driven out of . . . Israel.’”


293 “Particularly important is the provision in the Immigration Act of 1965 that expanded the number of immigrants. . . . Jewish spokespersons had been in the forefront in attempts to admit family members on a nonquota basis.”


294 “The family-based emphasis of the quota regulations . . . has resulted in a multiplier effect that ultimately subverted the quota system entirely by allowing for a “chaining” phenomenon in which endless chains of the close relations of close relations are admitted outside of the quota system . . . .”


296 “. . . The Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of the United States. . . .”


Appendix: Jewish Pro-Immigration Efforts in Other Western Countries


301 “It is remarkable that the sea change in immigration policy in the Western world occurred at approximately the same time (1962-1973), and in all countries the changes reflected the attitudes of the elites rather than the great mass of citizens. . . . In neither Australia nor Canada was there ever any popular sentiment to end the older European bias of immigration policy. . . .”


302 “Only after the 1978 [Canadian] law was in effect did the government embark on a public information campaign to inform Canadians of their new immigration policy. . . .”


Chapter 8: Whither Judaism and the West?


306 “In recent years there has been an increasing rejection among intellectuals and minority ethnic activists of the idea of creating a melting pot society based on assimilation among ethnic groups. . . .”


308 “. . . The ideal situation of absolute equality in resource control and reproductive success would require a great deal of monitoring and undoubtedly be characterized by a great deal of mutual suspicion.”


312 “I believe that in the United States we are presently heading down a volatile path – a path that leads to ethnic warfare and the development of collectivist, authoritarian, and racist enclaves. . . The effort to overcome these inclinations thus necessitates applying to Western societies a massive ‘therapeutic’ intervention in which manifestations of majoritarian ethnocentrism are combated . . . by promoting the ideology that such manifestations are an indicator of psychopathology and a cause for shame, psychiatric intervention, and counseling.”


316 “. . . [Charles] Murray [of R. J. Herrnstein and C. Murray, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life] wants the Midwest where he grew up – a world in which the local mechanic didn’t care two cents whether he was or wasn’t brighter than the local math teacher. . . .”


“There has been a powerful Western tendency to develop such societies, beginning at least in the Middle Ages. . . . A very central feature has been the imposition of monogamy as a form of reproductive leveling that dampens the association between wealth and reproductive success.”


318 “>From the standpoint of . . . leftist critics, the Western ideal of hierarchic harmony and assimilation is perceived as an irrational, romantic, and mystical ideal. . . . It is interesting in this regard that a basic strand of sociological theory beginning with Marx has been to emphasize conflict between social classes rather than social harmony.”


“. . . The prototypical Western social organization of harmony and mutual individualism is inherently unstable. . . .”


321 “. . . It is the descendants of the WASPS who settled the West and the South. . . . Today they have the least, socioeconomically, to show for these contributions.”


325-26 “. . . As other groups became increasingly powerful . . . the European-derived peoples . . . will become increasingly unified. . . . Eventually these groups will develop a united front and a collectivist political orientation. . . .”


328 “. . . Jewish organizations . . . have ridiculed Christian religious beliefs . . . or have led the fight for lifting restrictions on pornography. . . . Psychoanalysis as a Jewish-dominated intellectual movement has been a central component of this war on gentile cultural supports for high-investment parenting.”


329 “. . . There is considerable reason to suppose that Western tendencies toward individualism are unique and based on psychological adaptations. . . . In [A People That Shall Dwell Alone] (Ch. 8) I speculated that the progenitors of Western populations evolved in isolated groups with low population density.”


329-30 “Such groups would have been common in areas characterized by harsh ecological conditions, such as those that occurred during the ice age. . . . Under ecologically adverse circumstances, adaptations are directed more at coping with the environment than at competing with other groups. . . .”


“Another critical component of the evolutionary basis of individualism is the elaboration of the human affectional system as an individualistic pair-bonding system, the system that seemed so strange that it was theorized to be a thin veneer overlapping a deep psychopathology to a generation of Jewish intellectuals emerging from the ghetto. . . .”


Preface to the First Paperback Edition


ix “[Stephen Steinlight, a Senior Fellow with the American Jewish Committee] believes that present immigration policy no longer serves Jewish interests because the new immigrants are less likely to be sympathetic to Israel and because they are more likely to view Jews as the wealthiest and most powerful group in the U.S. – and thus a potential enemy – rather than as victims of the Holocaust. He is particularly worried about the consequences of Islamic fundamentalism among Muslim immigrants, especially for Israel, and he condemns the ‘savage hatred for America and American values’ among the fundamentalists.”


The Decline of Ethnic Consciousness among European-Derived People in the United States


xi “Fundamental to the transformation of the United States as a result of massive non-European immigration was the decline of ethnic consciousness among European peoples. It is fascinating to contrast the immigration debates of the 1920s with those of the 1950s and 1960s.”


xiii “[Charles] Lindbergh’s famous speech of September 11, 1941 stated that the Jews were one of the principal forces attempting to lead the U.S. into war, along with the Russian administration and the British.”


xx “. . . Jewish intellectuals led the battle against the idea that there are differences in intelligence or cultural levels between the races that are rooted in biology.”


The Evolutionary Origins of Jewish Collectivism and Ethnocentrism


xxxiii “[There is] a long mainstream Jewish tradition which considers Jews and non-Jews as completely different species. . . .”



Jewish Involvement in Communism and the Radical Left


xli “During the period when the famine claimed a total of 6 million lives throughout [the Ukraine], the [Soviet] government exported eighteen million hundredweight of grain to obtain money for industrialization.” (On page xxxvii, MacDonald mentions Courtois et al. 1999, The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.)


xliii “. . . Jews . . . dominated the Bolshevik governments of the Soviet Union and Hungary and . . . Jews in other countries were sympathetic to Bolshevism.”


xliv “The 20th century in Europe and the Western world . . . was a Jewish century. . . .”


xlvi “Jewish involvement in the horrors of Communism was . . . an important ingredient in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR and in the anti-Jewish actions of the German National Socialist government.”


xlvii “Peter Novick’s The Holocaust in American Life . . . notes that the Holocaust has assumed a preeminent status as a symbol of ethnic conflict. He argues that the importance of the Holocaust is not a spontaneous phenomenon but stems from highly focused, well-funded efforts of Jewish organizations and individual Jews with access to the major media. . . . “


From the Culture of Critique to the Culture of the Holocaust


l “Indeed, it is not too far fetched today to suppose that German culture as the culture of Germans has disappeared entirely, replaced by the culture of the Holocaust.”


li “[N. G.] Finkelstein [in The Holocaust Industry] argues that embracing the Holocaust allows the wealthiest and most powerful group in the U.S. to claim victim status.”


Jews and the Media: Shaping “Ways of Seeing”


lxii “. . . In a column in Newsweek International (April 3, 2002) . . . Michael Lind [said:] ‘While it is rarely noted in the American media, Israel has now occupied Palestinian lands for 35 years, denying 3 million people rights, and ruling over them with brutality.’”

Suggestions For Free Speech University Groups To Achieve

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Suggestions For Free Speech University Groups To Achieve

by Dan MurrayImmigration Watch Canada

There are signs that university students are getting fed up with the anti-White brainwashing promoted by university administrators and professors on a daily basis. May I make some suggestions about what actions students should take to fight back against the malicious deceivers handing Canada over to hordes of foreign immigrants?

  1. In whatever ways possible, confront and shame our national broadcaster into doing its duty to Canada. Our CBC was started for nationalist reasons to counteract the cultural domination of Canada by the U.S., but it has been turned into an anti-white mouthpiece for Canada’s immigration lobby, (immigration lawyers, immigration advocates, realtors, developers and ethnic groups (such as the Chinese, Sikhs, Muslims and others). The CBC regularly portrays Canadian history as an unending assault on different groups such as First Nations and allegedly “superior” non-whites. It advocates indirectly that the only way that Canada can atone for its so-called shameful past is to allow an unending flow of unnecessary immigrants into Canada. We need to recruit high profile supporters who will join us in potential meetings with the CRTC and any relevant authorities in demonstrations against the CBC in order to put the CBC put back into the hands of Canada’s majority population. If it requires that CBC broadcast licences be revoked, the sooner that happens the better.
  2. Hire Angus Reid or another polling firm to conduct a full or combined poll about the immigration issue in Canada. A major aim of the poll would be to determine the level of awareness that Canadians have of the immigration issue. (very basic matters such as the number of immigrants Canada takes per year, the cost of immigration, the number of TFW’s it takes, the number of foreign students it takes, etc. We have long suspected that most Canadians know very little about the immigration issue. We need some empirical evidence to determine whether our suspicion is correct. We also need to demand that governments at all levels and our educational institutions at all levels release information which reveals a true picture of what is happening to Canada, We suspect that the information that will be released will demonstrate that Canada’s mass immigration policy has caused a large number of very negative consequences. Among those consequences are such serious matters as unaffordable housing in both B.C. and Southern Ontario, displacement of Canadian-born in our universities, and an anti-White hiring policy throughout Canadian society. We believe that a lack of information is at least partially responsible for the marginalization of Canadian-born of European ancestry. It has also led to a lack of corrective measures to end the marginalization.
  3. Start a campaign to obtain the truth about mass immigration’s impact on Canada’s education system (elementary schools to universities). Ridiculous statements by the President of the University of Manitoba about a flyer distributed there in the past few weeks and similar statements made by others who manage our education system indicate that those who are supposed to be leading Canada’s future leaders are mere propagandists who want to use the education system to perpetuate their narrow treasonous views. We have to file freedom of Information requests at many universities to determine what has been done to subvert Canada’s long-term interests. We need to challenge administrative biases throughout the education system.Examples of information to demand : a) numbers of international students attending our universities; b) number of International students who are transferring from Student Visa Status to Permanent Resident Status and thus avoiding higher tuition fees; c) the number of young people of European descent who have been displaced by International students and college/university student acceptance policies; d) hiring policy for faculty and school staff. We should be advocating an end to preferential hiring for visible minorities and the beginning of a hiring policy that gives preference to Canadian-born, particularly those of European ancestry; e) the extent of pro-high immigration bias and historical factual errors in text books at all levels. Arrange meetings with textbook publishers and confront them. (See: “Our School Textbooks Have Distorted Our Immigration History” AND “Textbook Teaches National Suicide OK” AND “Our School Textbooks Burn The Truth“)
  4. Start a campaign to obtain the truth about what our Federal Department of Immigration, Citizen, and refugees is doing to create a race mixed Canada without whites. For example, we need to know the TRUE COST OF IMMIGRATION to Canada, the cost of bringing International students to Canada, the total of remittances sent from Canada to other countries by Temporary Foreign Workers, the number of Temporary Foreign Workers here and the extent of their competition with Canadians for scarce employment opportunities. We also need to end support programmes for ethnic groups and to end the funding of the hundreds of organizations who operate job programmes and promote multiculturalism . Canada’s immigration policies and these programmes have resulted in a surge of ethnic enclaves (from less than 10 in the 1980’s to around 300 now. (See: “Exploiting Canada all the way to the bank“)
  5. Start a campaign to determine the amount of immigration fraud (Marriage fraud, Document fraud especially ) that has been committed. Subsequently, pressure out politicians to create a legal framework to facilitate the quick removal of those who have committed fraud.
  6. Determine the demographic effects of mass immigration on Canada’s majority population and founding people’s and take immediate steps to end the marginalization of Whites. (See:  “In 2011, Visible Minorities Were the Majority In 31+ Canadian Ridings“).
Finally, if you don’t have time, just put flyers around your campus with the words “It’s OK to be White“. Really test whether free speech is really possible on our campuses.


I Am A Canadian And This Is My Story

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I Am A Canadian And This Is My Story

by Tim Murray

CBC's 'What's Your Story'
CBC’s ‘What’s Your Story’

In the run-up to “Canada” Day you may have come across a series of short video vignettes submitted by “Canadians” to the CBC, which had encouraged them to “tell your story.” And so they did, in droves.

But curiously it seemed that only “New” Canadians were so inclined. White home-grown, old-stock Canadians who wreaked of normality, heterosexuality or ‘privilege’ were conspicuous in their absence. I wonder why?

The truth is, the CBC is not interested in ordinary Canadians, but extraordinary Canadians. Poster boys for the first post-national state. That is, they want to showcase the Canadians who cut the politically correct mustard or pass the ideological litmus test. Only tolerant and enlightened Canadians need apply. Friends of the CBC, in other words. They do not want to “reflect” the image of present day Canada as much as to depict the image of the Canada they want to see unfold, the Canada of the future, the Canada they are trying to engineer.

Take a look at a sample of the “Canadians” who made to the CBC hit parade, and you will get a flavour of what I am talking about: “What’s Your Story.”

It is abundantly evident that the CBC was not celebrating “Canada” Day, but Immigrant Day. July 1st is all about the deification of the immigrant, coupled with constant reminders of our shameful treatment of indigenous people, just in case we forgot that we too are immigrants or descendents of immigrants, and as such have no moral authority to restrict further immigration.

The message was clear. Canada is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is what defines this country. Perpetual immigration on a grand scale therefore is necessary to validate that contention. So move over, make way, park your gripes, shut up and smile.

Thus, CBC viewers were subjected to a parade of immigrants “of colour” and an assortment of the fashionably oppressed. Members of almost every certified victim group. They told us of their heroic journey to a wonderful ‘welcoming’ country where they could be free to be themselves. They concluded their tales with the same punch line. “This is my story and this is my Canada.” Indeed it is.

But Canadians of European ancestry have stories to tell too. The CBC just doesn’t want us to hear them. So in the interest of fair play and “inclusion,” I thought I might post the submissions of the excluded, the reputedly bigoted “basket of deplorables” whom the CBC deems unworthy of notice and unfit to speak — the very ones who foot the annual $1 billion bill for the CBC. Stories like these:

Tracy Bennett

My name is Tracy Bennett and I was raped by a Somali taxi cab driver in Edmonton, the city I once knew. After being shafted by diversity, I long to return to the safety of a Canada that is long past. A past that I am told was “White and boring.” If only I could be bored again. If only I could be bored by less congested streets, less gridlock, lower rents, affordable housing, fewer ethnic gangs, unlocked doors and social cohesion. I feel unsafe, insecure and disconnected. This is my story and this is their Canada.

Mike Byers

My name is Mike Byers. I grew up in Vancouver, became a journey carpenter and through hard work and dedication, I eventually established my own home construction company. At one point there were 20 people in my crew, all paid at union rates. Then my bids were undercut by Indo-Canadian and Chinese contractors who employed untrained foreign born workers, many of them illegal, at cut-rate wages. My business folded and now I am selling cars in Kamloops. This is my story and this is now their Canada.

Shelly Peterson

My name is Shelly Peterson. I once had a dream that I could raise a family and own my own home here in Greater Vancouver, as my parents did. But even with advanced degrees and well paid professional jobs my partner Mike and I have trouble paying the rent, never mind find the money for a down payment on a small condo unit. Having kids is out of the question. Mass immigration and laundered Chinese money have sent the city’s real estate prices into the stratosphere, and many of the friends I went to school with have fled the city to find a life elsewhere. If they do, they often have to settle for work unrelated to their skills or training. It seems that I will be forced to follow their path. This is my story and this is now their Canada.

Craig Muller

My name is Craig Muller. I spent most of my life working in the woods as a logger, and I made some good money back in those days. But after I was injured, and the Workers Compensation Board turned down my claim, I couldn’t put food on table. I lost my livelihood and my marriage. Since then I’ve been living on the streets, most of the time. It’s funny that the government finds money for Syrian refugees but not enough for people like me. They say they are going to build more social housing units but it will be a drop in the bucket. I thought maybe that I could stay at the Welcoming Centre but it seems that I am not welcome. I am not an undocumented immigrant. No one seems to be able to afford housing in this city and when you look around you can see why. Too many people are coming in, and most of them are coming in from you know where. This is my story and this now their Canada.

Barbara Turnbull

My name is Barbara Turnbull. Ever since I was a girl, I dreamed of becoming a school teacher. Nothing in life seemed to be so rewarding. So when I entered university, I enrolled in the “Professional Development Program,” and completed my teacher training. I sent in applications to school boards across the province, but I could only find an opening in Vancouver. I found the job more challenging than I ever imagined. It was not that the class sizes were too high — they were — but that there were so many students who could not speak English adequately. I was overwhelmed. Instead of job satisfaction, I experienced frustration, stress and exhaustion. And I am not alone. Many other teachers have suffered the same fate. But whenever we complain to city politicians, they tell us that their hands are tied. The federal government is not providing them with the money and resources to cope with massive numbers of immigrants. They say that they are not in charge of immigration policy. But I notice that none of them lobby to cut immigration intakes. I can’t take it anymore. I am looking for another line of work. This is my story and this is their Canada.

Michael Renwick

My name is Michael Renwick. I grew up in Richmond B.C. when it was covered with the best farmland in Canada. In my youth, nature was close at hand in every corner of the Lower Mainland. It was a paradise for kids. We built forts in the woods, saw frogs on vacant lots, fished on the river and cycled on the dykes. As an adult I became a passionate bird watcher, hiker and conservationist. However, mass immigration changed everything. Fighting against development, densification, sprawl, and destruction of local habitats was a losing battle. Worst of all, the environmental movement let us down. Instead of targeting the source of the problem — mass immigration-driven population growth — they attacked symptoms. They hacked at the branches of evil rather than cut its root. The Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley I know and loved is gone, replaced by strip malls, big box stores, high rises, condos and subdivisions. Its population is three times as large as the Healey report of 1997 said was ecologically sustainable. Saddened by what transpired, I left the city to seek a quiet haven in northern BC. Another urban refugee. This is my story and this is their Canada.

My name is Tim Murray. You know my story. And I know that this is not my Canada — nor my CBC.

Uniformity in the Guise of Diversity: The Sham Debates on CBC Discussion Panels

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Uniformity in the Guise of Diversity: The Sham Debates on CBC Discussion Panels

by Tim Murray

CBC = Canadian Blue-Piller Corporation
CBC = Canadian Blue-Piller Corporation

“Gaps Press”: The Omission of Inconvenient Facts

Leftist John Grierson, the first Commissioner of the National Film Board of Canada — later dismissed for his communist sympathies — once said something to the effect that successful manipulation of public opinion largely consists not in slanting the news, but choosing it. The real power of a news outlet lies in its ability to determine what is and what is not newsworthy. Thus, the public is not so much victimized by the “lying press” as by what patriotic Germans have recently dubbed the “Lückenpresse” — the “gaps” press. Leaving out crucially relevant information is as effective as misrepresenting it. The silent lie is as potent — and morally reprehensible — as the uttered lie.

Of course, this technique is not confined to the print media, but to television and radio as well. None employ it better than CBC Pravda, Canada’s state broadcaster, which may be described as the conversion of conscripted taxpayer money into thinly veiled ideologically partisan bullshit. Its apparent mandate is to manufacture consent by using journalism as a mechanism of social engineering. For the “Friends of the CBC,” the CBC is the appointed gatekeeper of information that can be trusted not to let inconvenient truths to slip by and red-pill the public. The objective is not to just keep disturbing ideas out, but to keep the masses in. Inside the CBC matrix. Canadians must not be let out of their sheep pen, or radical campus feminists would put it, their ‘safe zone’.

As I have long said, the CBC is an infallible guide as to what is not happening in the world. Perhaps then CBC “Pravda” is not an appropriate appellation, for “Pravda” is the Russian word for “truth.” A more apt description of the CBC and its mission would be “The Omission of Truth.”

There are several ways that Mother Corp pulls this off. One, the standard way, is to simply neglect to mention inconvenient facts and events — or acknowledge them only after competing media have forced their hand. If, for example, a TV viewer wanted to know anything about the Rotherham scandal, or the sexual harassment and assault of women in Cologne by swarms of largely male Muslim migrants, he wouldn’t turn to CBC National News. Not unless he wanted to wait until the story was cold.

Therein lies the irony. The broadcaster that is blatantly aligned to political forces whose clarion call is “inclusion” is noteworthy for its exclusion. When the CBC says that it has an “exclusive,” one’s instinctive reaction might be, “This is news?” The CBC is consistently exclusive of ‘hate’ facts, that is, facts that the political class and its flock hate to hear.

Discussion Panels: Narcissism of Small Differences

The other classic CBC technique of news omission is the presentation of a discussion panel which implies that a full range of perspectives will be brought to bear on the topic in question. Typically, there is a panellist who is thought to be on the Left, and one thought to be on the Right — as the CBC defines it — and another with his or her feet planted on both sides of the issue. In truth however, all three are more or less on the same page. All are mired in the muck of the centre-left moral consensus. If you lie outside that consensus, you are not of the Right, but the “far Right,” a moral leper beyond the pale of acceptable discourse.

The funny thing is that this “far Right” upon closer scrutiny looks a lot like the Old Left looked like. A cause that favours job protection for indigenous workers, opposes unfettered free trade, globalism, and austerity and upholds the welfare state by defending it from the crippling claims made upon it by cheap imported labour and an endless stream of refugees. Oh, and like the Old Left, the new Right, the “alt-Right, or the “far” Right as they are variously called are dedicated to the preservation of freedom of expression. How quaint.

CBC panel discussions go essentially like this, “Hands up. Which panellist here believes that the official policy of Multiculturalism has been a disaster for this country? No hands? Then are there any panellists here who believe that the federal government should substantially reduce immigration intakes? No one? Then I thereby declare mass immigration and multiculturalism is the winner by acclamation and good for the country.”

The tag team of Mesley and Mansbridge cannot be likened to referees trying to break up two adversaries locked in mortal verbal combat, but to moderators of a pantomime, a mock duel between puppets who argue over various nuances of a common world view. The debates may be spirited, but they are not markedly polarized. In fact, when voices become strident, it is usually a reflection of trivial differences. It’s what Freud called the narcissism of small differences. People who resent each others’ similarity go to great pains to seize on trivial points of departure and inflate them so as to stake out what they believe is their distinctive identity.

That is what characterizes campaign rhetoric in Canada. Political parties do their best to magnify their differences in order to foster the illusion that they offer starkly different pathways, an illusion dispelled when the opposition forms the government. They campaign on the Left and govern from the Right — or vice versa. Eventually some voters get wise. They come to understand that there is no Left or Right, but merely the “ins” and the “outs.” Most however, never learn. They can be persuaded to run lemming-like over the cliff on cue in pursuit of the ‘leftwing’ or ‘rightwing’ boogeyman of the day. Meanwhile, the CBC wants to sell tickets to a fight, a real “horse race” with everything allegedly on the line. Everything, that is, except the policies that matter. The bipartisan policies that guide the nation, the policies of mindless immigration-driven population growth and continued cultural fragmentation, dressed up in the trendy jargon of economic development, sustainability and diversity.

The Objective: Simulate Debate to Uphold the Status Quo

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of establishment propaganda.

But that is all as it should be for a state broadcaster whose mission is to manage dissent by limiting it to its handpicked ‘dissenters’. As the maestro of media propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, observed,

A media system wants ostensible diversity that conceals an actual uniformity.

Noam Chomsky said much the same thing in his book, The Common Good:

The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. This gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of debate.


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The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

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The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

by Tim Murray

Asylum applications for Germany in 2015
CBC: “Carrying capacity? What’s that?”
Estimated asylum applications in Germany in 2015: 800,000 — and no end in sight

August 28, 2015 was just another day at the office for CBC television’s flagship news hour The National.

Since the beginning of the year, viewers have become accustomed to seeing one or two news clips or features each night that are designed to draw attention to the inherent bigotry and racism of whites — the new “blacks”. Every time you sit down to watch The National, you can always count on the CBC to present a story about the evils of Residential Schools or the high rates of violence against native women, or the lack of parity with whites in medical care, or past discrimination against Chinese, Sikhs and blacks, or the barriers that they faced in rising to athletic or military fame, or the plight of “undocumented” immigrants in Canada… the list goes on. The message: we have much to be ashamed of, much to apologize for, and many amends to make. We owe our standing to “White Privilege”, and we must proceed with haste to relinquish it.

Last night viewers saw another installment of this ongoing campaign. This time, however, the issue was the current refugee crisis in Europe. The lead story was about 71 “asylum-seekers” who were jammed in a truck and found dead by a roadside in Austria, the victims of suffocation. Then viewers bore witness to disturbing scenes of corpses washed ashore in Libya, all drowned in a failed attempt to reach Europe. Of course, this footage was provided to give a human face to the statistics that the CBC spewed out in machine gun fashion. Statistics like the number of migrants who had so far drowned in the Mediterranean (2500), the number that had arrived so far this year (340,000), and the staggering number whom Chancellor Angela Merkel and her collaborators will have processed before the year is out (800,000). This will be quadruple the number who came last year.

Stopping the flow of illegal migrants to Europe? Not even an option at the CBC. Instead talk about how Canada should follow the — suicidal — European example. How should Europe cope with this flow? Stopping it was not an option. It was not on the table. This is the CBC we are talking about, after all. No, instead we heard from people like an Austrian official who said that we must “build legal channels” for these people to get here. It is about getting EU member states to “fairly share the burden”. After all, Germany is “a big and prosperous nation”, and there is lot of room in the nations to the north (Scandinavia).

But how many will come? How many more will come when the news gets out that entry into Europe will be safer and easier? The possibility that the queue is never-ending does not factor into the Cultural Marxist equation. But why should we expect otherwise? You might get Cultural Marxist politicians to talk about immigration, but you will never get them to give you a number. Like Samuel Gompers, when asked about what trade unions wanted, they simply answer “more”. Neither Merkel nor Cameron nor Jeb Bush nor Thomas Mulcair nor Justin Trudeau will tell you how many people they ultimately want to live in their respective countries. They will only tell you that we must do “more”. Some might concede that we can’t absorb new waves of migrants indefinitely, but in the meantime, the sky is the limit. Carrying capacity? What’s that?

Ian Hanomansing, the National’s anchor this night, in referring to the fact that the Canadian government relies heavily on private sponsorship to determine refugee intakes, stated that “Canadians must step up to the plate”. But then came the good news. There is a coalition of people in Toronto who are doing just that. People of disparate faiths. One of them was a descendent of Holocaust survivors who felt it here obligation to do for Syrian and Iraqi refugees what Canada did for her relatives. Oh yes, the Holocaust card. Play it and you win the argument every time. That is why the phrase “None is Too Many” is always thrown out whenever a critic introduces a word of caution about opening the floodgates too widely and quickly. “None is Too Many” is the infamous reply that Prime Minister MacKenzie King gave to a question as to how many German Jewish refugees Canada should admit.

To cap this formulaic narrative, viewers were subsequently treated to one of those famous CBC “Panel” discussions, where veteran commentators or experts who are on the same ideological page pretend to offer a genuine debate about the issue. Their opinions typically range from the centre-Left to the far Left. This time, however, there were only two panellists, Janice Stein, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, and Saeed Khan, a lecturer in Near East and Asian Studies at Wayne State University — and there was a hint of division.

Khan said that Europe can expect one million, not 800,000, refugees this year, but, not to worry. Since there are 740 million Europeans, one million will be a “small percentage”. Moreover, they will be just popping over for a visit, an overnight stay if you will, as once the dust settles in the Middle East, and Syria and Iraq are sorted out, these asylum-seekers will want to go back. They will “re-migrate”.

Yeah sure they will, Dr. Khan. It seems that Khan was reading from the same script that the late Senator Ted Kennedy read from in 1965 when he assured opponents of his proposed changes to immigration policy that it would not result in a significant change to the ethnic profile of the United States or to the country’s population level.

Stein, to her credit, was not so optimistic. She pointed out that there are 4 million displaced Syrians, and there is no end in sight. Then came a shocking revelation. “Europe does not want nor is it capable of accommodating these numbers”, Stein pointed out. One wonders how the CBC faithful survived this sudden injection of reality.

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of anti-European propaganda.

It is clear that the CBC has a mission: Manufactured Consent. Indoctrination by increments. Watching the CBC should come with a health warning.

As any good official State Broadcaster would do, the CBC is softening us up for the coming invasion, whose proportions would boggle our imagination. Think not of a million refugees. Think in terms of tens of millions of refugees. Think even of a billion people on the move in the next decade or two — and that may be a conservative estimate. The consequences will be lethal to our nation, and to those in Europe, America and Australia.

By the time the masses come to their senses, it may be far too late. And you can bet that as more take to the streets or protest outside migrant centres, as more so-called “far right” parties rise in strength, the propaganda campaign waged against them will grow ever more intense. “Anti-immigrant” groups will be vilified with greater vigour, and politicians like Chancellor Merkel will be praised for taking “a real leadership role” in turning a deaf ear to the people. Germany, she has declared, is a nation proud of its diversity, and “has no room for violence or intolerance”, or “those who are not willing to help where help is needed”. But one day most Germans will have no room for Angela Merkel.

We are headed toward an epic storm