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Hotel costs for Justin’s “refugee rush” are in, and they’re SHOCKING

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Hotel costs for Justin’s “refugee rush” are in, and they’re SHOCKING


We’re finally getting information on some of the costs for Justin’s “refugee rush” and it’s outrageous.

We said repeatedly that this was an ill thought out plan that would end up costing Canadians even more due to the rushed nature that overwhelmed settlement services and immigration officials.

What makes this even worse is that these people weren’t living in Syria, or in refugee camps. They weren’t in harms way but now they find themselves stuck in hotels with no connections, no access to language services that could help them with employment, instead relying on food banks. No wonder some have been saying they want to go back.

It wasn’t as if he wasn’t warned but Justin had to do his refugee rush his way at all costs. And it was costly.

Here’s just a sample: $1M for the Four Points Sheraton in Victoria, $1.94M for the Travelodge in Dorval, $2.5M for the Quality Hotel at Dorval Airport and $3M for the Quality Hotel in Toronto, $1.995M for theSheraton Guildford in Vancouver.

All of this for what? It was never about helping people. It was about Justin Trudeau and his vanity – looking good for the selfie and the T.V. news that night.

Now that many of these people are left on their own, the government is just letting them remain on their own because the time for photo ops is over.

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