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Man Made New York Migrant Crisis. We cannot take care of our own poor but we can take care of illegals.   For some reason the word ‘treason’ comes to mind.  

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Man Made New York Migrant Crisis. We cannot take care of our own poor but we can take care of illegals.   For some reason the word ‘treason’ comes to mind.  



New York City is paying $385 a night per migrant family while some of them are making $3,000 a month working illegally as delivery drivers. 

Migrants are costing the city $10 million each day, according to Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, the Daily Mail reported. Migrants staying at the Roosevelt are being fed and their rooms are being cleaned. With all of their expenses met, some migrants and asylum seekers have taken up part-time work as delivery drivers for Uber, which is illegal for them to do. 

A 24-year-old Venezuelan man has made $1,500 every two weeks just from delivering food. 

The Daily Mail reports that the migrants do not have driver’s licenses, and many of them are driving scooters without license plates.

Others found work at Home Depot.

But on Wednesday, the Biden Administration granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to nearly half a million Venezuelans waiting for asylum. With this move, they will now be able to legally work in the United States. 

Since spring 2022, 110,000 migrants have flooded New York city, which is a “sanctuary city.” 

This is leading officials to reevaluate the “right to shelter.” 

“We’re back in court next week to really say, ‘I don’t think that the right to shelter as it was originally written should be applied to this humanitarian crisis in its present form,’”  Anne Williams-Isom, the deputy mayor for health and human services said.

Mayor Adams has pleaded for state and federal aid, with the migrant crisis estimated to cost the city $12 billion over the next three years. 

Last week, 10 protesters were arrested after migrants were prevented for several hours from exiting the bus on which they had just arrived.

This Should Be America’s Biggest Export

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This Should Be America’s Biggest Export

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It’s A Government-Engineered Invasion: Massachusetts calls up national guard to cope with migrants as protests rage

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Massachusetts calls up national guard to cope with migrants as protests rage

By Ronny Reyes Published Sep. 3, 2023 Updated Sep. 3, 2023, 10:25 p.m. ET

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Massachusetts officials overwhelmed by arriving migrants have activated the national guard as they scramble for more housing, while aid groups say they have been pushed to the limit and protests abound.

Gov. Maura Healey mobilized 250 members of the Massachusetts National Guard on Thursday to help transport the latest wave of asylum seekers to shelters across the state.

But much like the crisis overtaking the Big Apple, Massachusetts has nowhere near enough housing or resources currently available to accommodate the influx.

“Right now, the non-profits that are in Massachusetts are stretched and so thin they cannot provide anymore staff,” state Sen. Jamie Eldridge told CBS News.

While the National Guard can help with the lack of manpower, the state can do little to address the shortage of housing outside of creating new shelters, which local residents vehemently oppose.

Dozens of protesters came out Saturday to the Yarmouth Resort motel, where the state hopes to set aside 100 units for migrant families, many of whom include Haitian immigrants displaced by natural disasters.

People gathered outside the Yarmouth Resort motel to protest plans for the latest migrant shelter in Massachusetts.
People gather outside the Yarmouth Resort motel to protest plans for the latest migrant shelter there in Massachusetts.
The state's National Guard has been deployed to help transport the incoming migrants.
The state’s National Guard has been deployed to help transport the incoming migrants.

The protesters claimed that the state has prioritized the need of the migrants over the need of its own homeless residents, including veterans, with many at the rally flashing signs that read, “Vets and Cape Homeless First!!”

The hotel in Yarmouth is just one of more than 1,500 temporary hotels and new shelters set up across the state since 2022.

The state’s Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities said in a statement, “The administration is exploring all options to expand family shelter capacity to meet rising demand.”

Over 250 National Guard troops were mobilized to help as local volunteer groups have been utterly overwhelmed.
More than 250 National Guard troops were mobilized to help as local volunteer groups have been utterly overwhelmed.

All together, there are about 6,000 families, or more than 20,000 people, currently residing in state shelters, officials estimate.

The situation in Massachusetts is mirroring the year-long struggle in New York City to house the tens of thousands of migrants that have arrived there.

Last week, at least 400 people gathered in Staten Island to protest the transformation of a shuttered Catholic school into a 300-bed makeshift shelter.

The state plans to use 100 units at the Yarmouth Resort  to house migrant families.
The state plans to use 100 units at the Yarmouth Resort to house migrant families.

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Over the past year, more than 104,000 migrants from the US border have been shipped to the five boroughs, and nearly 56,000 are now being housed by the city.

The unprecedented influx spilled out onto the streets of Manhattan last month as scores of migrants were forced to sleep outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown, which was set up as a processing center.

Homeless Out, Illegals In, As Feds Dump 4,313 Illegals in Local Hotels — Mayor Sworn to Silence

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Homeless Out, Illegals In, As Feds Dump 4,313 Illegals in Local Hotels — Mayor Sworn to Silence

On CBC today, Mayor Jim Diodati of Niagara Falls revealed there are 4,313 illegals in NF hotels. In winter, the city houses some of its homeless there. He said: “I’m receiving calls from homeless people being evicted to make room” for illegals. Our scumbag federal Liberals put illegals first.

On Thursday, on CBC, Mayor Diodati explained that, back in the summer, Immigration approached him to house 87 illegals in local hotels. Very interestingly, he was told to keep the issue quiet

Campaign to Legalize Illegals

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Seen in downtown Hamilton today. Living “without equality?” You mean they’re illegals. They have no right to “equality” with Canadian citizens. If our Globalist rulers weren’t so eager to replace Europeans, the illegals wouldn’t even be here — mooching off Canadian taxpayers who get no say in the matter

Pathetic?: Quebec Premier Has to Beg New York City Mayor to Stop Giving Bus Tickets to Illegals to Come to Canada

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Quebec tells Eric Adams to stop buying NY migrants bus tickets


Jack Morphet,

The government of Canada’s second-most populated province is demanding that Mayor Eric Adams “immediately” stop helping migrants illegally enter the Great White North, as recently revealed by The Post.

“Any form of assistance to migrants crossing the border where it is strictly forbidden to do so should stop immediately,” a spokesperson for Quebec Premier Francois Legault said.

“We understand that the situation of migrants in New York poses major challenges, but the situation in Quebec and particularly in Montreal is even worse and constitutes an important humanitarian issue.”

Earlier this month, The Post exclusively reported that Adams was using taxpayer funds to get bus tickets for migrants in the Big Apple to travel upstate to Plattsburgh.


From there, migrants take taxis and vans to a cul-de-sac at the end of Roxham Road in Champlain, where they walk across the border and surrender to Canadian Mounties to seek asylum, as The Post documented on Feb. 5.

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Migrants abandon NYC for Canada with taxpayer-funded bus tickets

As many as 250 migrants use the Roxham Road crossing to illegally enter Canada each day, with nearly all of them settling in Montreal, Quebec’s biggest city, Legault spokesperson Ewan Sauves said.

The situation has overwhelmed Montreal’s ability to provide housing and other public services, with the flood of new students alone equivalent to the opening of 13 new schools, he said.

Last year, 39,161 people used Roxham Road to illegally enter Canada, comprising 99.1% of all such border crossings, Sauves said.

By comparison, the latest figures released by City Hall on Monday showed that officials have processed more than 45,600 migrants since the spring, with about 29,100 housed in 91 emergency shelters as of Sunday.

Mayor Eric Adams has defended funding nonprofits to “reticket” migrants who want to leave the city and go to Canada.Paul Martinka

Those figures likely represent an undercount, however, because they don’t include migrants who stay with relatives, friends and other people in their networks after arriving in New York, according to City Hall.

But while the Big Apple’s population is nearly 8.5 million, Montreal’s is just 1.7 million.

Adams’ office didn’t immediately return a request for comment, but the mayor last week defended funding various nonprofits, including Catholic Charities, to “reticket” migrants who want to leave the city and go to Canada.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said all aiding of migrants crossing the border “should stop immediately.”Getty Images

“We are not encouraging anyone to go to another country,” Adams said during a Wednesday appearance on CNN. “If we speak with a migrant, interview them, [we] find out their desires and make sure that we are assisting them like we’ve done.”

The surge in border crossings at Roxham Road has sparked controversy in Quebec, with the separatist Parti Québécois recently calling for police intervention and the creation of an “enclave” to block the Roxham Road path between the US and Canada.

Another separatist political party, Bloc Québécois, tweeted Friday that Quebec was not an “all-inclusive,” sparking outrage from the democratic socialist party Québec solidaire, the Canadian Press reported Sunday.

1 of 3

“An all-inclusive is a place where we go to crash on the beach drinking margaritas,” Québec solidaire spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois said while attending the party’s national council in Montreal.

“The people who enter Quebec to apply for asylum are people who are fleeing violence, exploitation, persecution. They are not people who want to take it easy.”

Nadeau-Dubois added: “These comparisons have no place.” (New York Post, February 13, 2023)

Jewish activists who defied Trump respond to Biden’s new caution on asylum

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Jewish activists who defied Trump respond to Biden’s new caution on asylum

Arno RosenfeldDecember 23, 2020Photo by Getty Images

After President-elect Joe Biden backed off his promise to quickly end the Trump administration’s border policies, saying current restrictions are necessary to deter large numbers of asylum seekers, Jewish groups who came together to fight those restrictions are re-emphasizing the importance of their mission.

“Biden needs to address the human rights abuses created by Trump policies with the same urgency with which Trump unleashed them,” said Alyssa Rubin, campaign director for Never Again Action, an activist group that came to prominence with a series of protests against Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the summer of 2019.

Biden’s Tuesday comments contrasted with his campaign trail promise to end the so-called “Remain in Mexico” program that currently requires asylum seekers to await their U.S. court hearings in Mexico, often under dangerous conditions.

“The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately, the access to asylum, the way it’s being run now, and then end up with 2 million people on our border,” he said.

Two top Biden advisors likewise told a Spanish newswire this week that American immigration policy would not change immediately under Biden.

“Migrants and asylum seekers absolutely should not believe those in the region peddling the idea that the border will suddenly be fully open to process everyone on Day 1,” Susan Rice, who will oversee domestic policy for Biden, told EFE.

Biden, Rice and Jake Sullivan, whom Biden has named as his national security advisor, said that the new administration was committed to restoring the asylum process but that doing so will likely take several months.

Still, the early calls for patience regarding the callous treatment of migrants, a central issue for many Jews who opposed President Donald Trump, provoked frustration among some.

In an email, Rubin wrote that Trump signed three executive orders cracking down on immigration in his first week in office, and that repealing the current administration’s policies was “the bare minimum of what the Biden administration needs to do in order to transform our broken immigration system.”

The Jewish refugee aid organization HIAS was more measured in its response to Biden’s comments, but also called for swift action. Melanie Nezer, senior vice president for public affairs, said that Biden’s announcement “had us both breathing a sigh of relief and steeling ourselves for the challenges ahead.”

“Rebuilding a fair and humane asylum system from the wreckage of the Trump years will take time and a lot of hard work, but some significant changes must be made immediately to alleviate people’s suffering at our border,” Nezer said.

Many liberal Jewish Americans opposed Trump’s anti-immigrant policies after he took office. After Biden’s election, advocates expressed concern that they might struggle to exert similar levels of grassroots pressure on the new administration.

Biden and his team said they are still committed to some immediate actions after taking office. Rice said that Biden will send a bill to Congress on his first day as president proposing the creation of a legal path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. And Sullivan said the administration will seek to end agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua that allowed the U.S. to force migrants who had passed through those countries to return there.

“We will be able to take some steps to change policies right away,” Rice said. “Others will take time to put in place, and the situation at the border will not transform overnight due in large part to the damage done over the last four years.”

Obama immigration protest by the Forward

Jews rallied behind immigrants under Trump. Will they stop once Biden is president?Arno RosenfeldNovember 30, 2020

Debate | Is Biden's Obama-era cabinet good or bad for millennial Jews? by the Forward

Debate | Is Biden’s Obama throwback cabinet good or bad for millennial Jews?Ari Hoffman and Joel SwansonDecember 2, 2020


Biden’s asylum caution poses obstacle for activists

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Arno Rosenfeld


“Refugee” Claimants Must Apply at Hungarian Embassies Abroad– A Sensible Model for Canada: Hungary Closed the Transit Zones in Response to ECJ Ruling Transit Zones Illegal Under EU law

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The Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s top court, has ruled that Hungary violated EU law when it prevented illegal immigrants from seeking asylum. The ruling paves the way for the European Commission, the EU’s powerful administrative arm, to impose financial penalties over Hungary’s restrictive immigration policies. The Hungarian government has vowed that it will not bow to pressure to jump aboard the EU’s multicultural bandwagon.

Inline image

In its December 17 ruling, the court, informally known as European Court of Justice (ECJ) accused the Hungarian government of corralling migrants into so-called transit zones and of limiting their ability to apply for asylum. The court also found that Hungary did not allow asylum seekers to leave detention while their cases were being considered and offered no special protection to children and the vulnerable.

The case stems from a lawsuit filed by the European Commission over a 2015 decision by Hungary to establish two transit zones on its southern border with Serbia to stop a mass influx of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The action prevented migrants from entering Hungary or transiting the country to reach other parts of the EU.In May 2020, the ECJ ruled that the transit zones were illegal under EU law. In order to comply with the ruling, Hungary has since closed the transit zones. Asylum seekers wanting to enter Hungary now have to apply for asylum at Hungarian embassies or consulates in neighboring non-EU countries. “External border protection is an issue that Hungary cannot, does not want to, and will not concede,”said Gergely Gulyás, from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Hungary to Close Transit Zones After European Court RulingFollowing an ECJ ruling, Hungary has pledged to close the much

Putting Canadians Last: Homeless Shelters for Illegals, Not Canadians

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True North

Breaking Canadian News and Opinion


GORDON: Homeless Toronto men not offered hotel rooms like illegal border crossers

Refugee claimants are staying in four hotels and an undisclosed number of motels for upwards of six months

by True North Wire

Three men staying at a 24-hour homeless shelter in downtown Toronto told True North they were not offered hotel or motel rooms to live in like the many refugee claimants who illegally entered Canada have been provided by the City.

“There were [some] Nigerians. And they got hooked up with housing pretty quickly,” says a 28-year-old man from Whitby who has been in the shelter system for the last 12 months. The past couple months he has been staying at Fred Victor, a temporary homeless shelter located at 545 Lake Shore Blvd West and known for the majority of its occupants being drug addicts.

“The showers are dirty, the washrooms are dirty. There are needles everywhere,” says the 28-year-old man.

He also said if he had a few months to live in a hotel room he believes he would be able to get his life together, but is finding it difficult living surrounded by drug addicts (he is not one himself).

True North has previously reported that refugee claimants are staying in four hotels and an undisclosed number of motels for upwards of six months at a time.

The amenities at some of these hotels include WiFi, personal TVs, cleaning services, food allowance, etc, far better than the one TV and telephone, as well as extremely slow WiFi, available to those staying at Fred Victor.  

“Every other night there’s a fight going on at three in the morning or there’s an OD or something like that. … A guy died here the other night, people die here. It’s traumatic, for sure,” says the young man from Whitby.

In contrast, a Syrian man illegally entering Canada recently and staying at hotel in downtown Toronto the past months said it was “five star” accommodations compared to living in America the past four years.

The Whitby man says the social workers in charge of helping them find permanent housing “aren’t as engaged” in actively finding places for homeless people at certain facilities compared to others.   

Last week, City of Toronto chief communications officer Brad Ross told True North there is no preferential treatment given to certain homeless people within the system.

“Hotel, respite or shelter all provide different services — they are not positioned along a continuum from ‘better’ to ‘worse’. The City works with each individual client to identify and respond to their specific needs — including the right facility, e.g. hotels work much better for families who can all live together on the same room, while respite tend to accommodate people with more dynamic schedules, as the curfew requirements are unique to that program.”       

A Canadian man originally from Tanzania living in the shelter system the last five months and staying at Fred Victor also says the majority of his fellow occupants are drug addicts openly using inside the facility despite the rules forbidding it.

“Damn right, damn right,” he says laughingly when asked if he would rather live in hotel room. “Have you ever been here at all? It’s just an open area [with beds].”

“I think the [City’s] rationale is that somebody who is new doesn’t know where to go, doesn’t have any way to know anything… They tend to get better facilities than Canadians.”  

With the influx of thousands of asylum seekers into the Toronto shelter system over the past two years, the city has spent tens of millions of dollars in additional funding to add thousands of additional beds.

However, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration general manager Paul Raftis still warned City officials the shelter system is in “immediate danger of being overwhelmed.”

A 26-year-old man, addicted to crystal meth and fentanyl, was turned away from Fred Victor on Saturday night.

“Oh yeah, sometimes I’m out in the cold… All night man.”

On the same street as Fred Victor, but on the east end a couple blocks away from the Distillery District, up to 100 homeless people are staying in one of three tented structures costing $2.5 million each.

Two of the prefabricated structures opened at the end of January, including the one next to the Gardiner which is an empty lot of land closed off to the public by a locked gate and barbed-wire fencing.

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Ungrateful Afghani Illegals Destroy Over 5,000 Olive Trees on Lesbos in Attack on Greek Culture

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‘An Attack On Greek Heritage’: Migrants ‘Chop Down Thousands Of Olive Trees’ On Greek Island

Chris Menahan
Apr. 09, 2020

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Is this what they call “cultural enrichment?”

From Greek City Times:

It has been a wild few days on the Greek island of Lesvos. The past few days has seen two gangs of Afghani immigrants battle each other and African immigrants ridicule and cough on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by Greek City Times.

However, if these incidences were not enough, 5,000 olives trees were cut from their roots by illegal immigrants from the infamous Moria migrant camp, to the north of Lesvos’ capital city of Mytilene.

Olive trees take approximately 65-80 years to reach stable yields, meaning that the destroyed trees are a major blow to the local economy. Olive exports amount to about US$700 million every year to the Greek economy.

The fruit is also an integral part of Greek history, culture, heritage and identity. Greece since the Bronze Age have been producing and exporting olives and olive oil, effectively meaning that olives have been a critical part of the Greek economy for at least 4,000 years.