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Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-566-4455; FAX: 905-566-4820

Website: http://cafe.nfshost.com

Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


September 9, 2017


For Immediate Release


The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee is protesting today  at 2:00 p.m. outside the constituency office of Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen (99 Ingram Drive) in Toronto.


We are here to protest the utter failure of this Moslem, Somali refugee, immigration lawyer to protect our borders from a stream of illegals pouring into Canada, mostly through Quebec. Over 7,000 have entered since early July putting a huge strain on housing and social welfare. When he was appointed minister earlier this year, we had our doubts but wished him well. Sadly, he has proved himself a captive of his pro-invader background and totally unable to STAND ON GUARD FOR CANADA!


Canadians have been sickened by pictures of highly paid Mounties carrying suitcases for many well dressed Haitian illegals. They should have shoved them back across the border.


Canadians have been further sickened by pictures of Canadian soldiers who should be building a fence or wall, instead erecting tents to house the invaders. Meanwhile Gen. JonathanVance, the Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Army prances in the Ottawa gay pride parade with Justin Trudeau while his country is invaded.


The Trudeau government has shown no will to resist the invasion. A safe country treaty with the U.S. requires a would-be refugee applicant to apply in the first safe country he arrives in. For these Haitians and others streaming across the Quebec border, that would be the U.S. If they cross at a proper border crossing, they should be turned back. However, should they cross 100 yards away from a border crossing, against all logic, we pretend we don’t know where they come from and let them make a “refugee” claim. They are criminal illegals. They should be turned around and sent back.


Ahmed Hussen, Justin Trudeau, the RCMP and the Canadian Army have utterly failed to do their duty to STAND ON GUARD for Canada and for the Canadian taxpayer.


The illegals will cost the Canadian taxpayer hundreds of millions in welfare, legal aid, medicare, dental care (better than for Canadians on welfare), language and skills training and, of course, processing. Appeals can stretch their stay, even if rejected, to more than 5 years in Canada.


It’s time to retake control of the borders. Deport all illegals. Build a fence or wall and turn any intruder back to the U.S.


CONTACT: Paul Fromm, Director — 416-428-5308



Illegals as Cuckoos

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In response to the Boston politicos’ soft-on-crime proclamation

by Diane King




Due to the vast and immense amount of information concerning the fiscal demand and burden and consequent out-of-control criminal activity from allowing the flood and influx of illegal immigrants particularly in violation of the Immigration bill of 1996, I state and then recommend the following:
WHEREAS, the United States is NOT a nation of immigrants in that at the beginning, the original arrivals were citizens of the British empire.  The U.S. citizen then was a colonist of said empire or vetted legally from other lands and then became a citizen of the United States of America
WHEREAS, some immigrants have brought something to this land, the illegal immigrants take more than they contribute, placing the host community in dire financial straits.
* In accordance with President Trump’s new bill dealing with illegal immigrants/refugees, each needs to be vetted in accordance with present law.
* ANY AND ALL ILLEGALS be IMMEDIATELY deported at their country’s expense.
* A COMPLETE and TOTAL moratorium on ANY AND ALL immigration into this country for at least five years.
Essentially, until this situation is seriously reined in and controlled, our border signs will be:





If You Can’t Name the Problem, You Can’t Solve It — Deconstructing NATIONAL POST Story on Illegals

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If You Can’t Name the Problem, You Can’t Solve It — Deconstructing NATIONAL POST Story on Illegals



Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst…

Blasting Cover-up Language Obscuring Actions of Illegals Invading Canada

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Blasting Cover-up Language Obscuring Actions of Illegals Invading Canada
P.O. Box 332,
Rexdale, ON.,
M9W 5L3
April 20, 2017
re: Saskatchewan woman charged with human smuggling after nine Africans stopped at border” (NATIONAL POST, April 20, 2017)
Dear Sir:
Over 2,000 people have illegally entered Canada since January, avoiding border check points. News photos show members of the RCMP helpfully assisting them by carrying their luggage. It’s like a Mountie driving the getaway car after a bank robbery.
Much of the Ottawa political elite and the media aren’t taking this invasion seriously.
In your story about the Regina woman arrested for smuggling in 9 African illegals, the diction tends to mask the crimes committed. The illegals are referred to by such obfuscatory terms as  “nine foreign nationals from West Africa”, “asylum seekerss”, “irregular border crossers”. Nothing “irregular” — they are illegals. 
And my favourite from the office of the federal public safety  minister who is supposed to protect our border, “spontaneous asylum seekers.” Are we supposed to believe that these West Africans were casually touring a shopping mall in North Dakota and, on a whim, decided to cross the snowy fields to Saskatchewan to “spontaneously” make a refugee claim, much as one might, on passing a coffee shop, on a whim order a latte?
And more incomplete reporting obscuring what’s being done to Canadians: The nine illegals “filed refugee claims with CBSA and were released from custody pending the outcome of their refugee hearings.”
True, but incomplete. So, people who have already shown their contempt for Canadian law are free to roam among us and free to be supported by the Canadian taxpayer. While they go through a process that could take years, considering appeals.l they receive Canadian welfare, medicare, legal and dental care and housing. Some punishment for hopping the border Who says crime doesn’t pay?
Paul Fromm

Human smuggling charges for woman discovered driving nine refugee claimants near U.S border

Douglas Quan | April 19, 2017 | Last Updated: Apr 19 8:38 PM ET
More from Douglas Quan | @dougquan

Michelle Omoruyi, who is charged with attempting to smuggle nine asylum seekers across the Saskatchewan-U.S. border.

FacebookMichelle Omoruyi, who is charged with attempting to smuggle nine asylum seekers across the Saskatchewan-U.S. border.

A Saskatchewan woman is facing rare human smuggling charges and others are under investigation after Mounties intercepted nine foreign nationals from West Africa who had bypassed formal channels to get into the country.

The case raises the possibility that organized networks of people on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are being paid to help asylum seekers cross the border illegally.

At a press conference on Wednesday in Regina, authorities said the charges — which come at a time when Canada has witnessed an influx of irregular border crossers — stemmed from a four-month investigation.

“Throughout the course of the investigation, the (Canada Border Services Agency) uncovered evidence to suggest suspected smugglers were allegedly bringing foreign nationals into Canada from the United States by facilitating their illegal crossing between designated ports of entry,” said Jason Evert, a CBSA assistant director.

According to new federal data, the number of asylum seekers caught crossing the border irregularly during the first three months of this year climbed nationwide from 315 in January, to 658 in February, to 887 in March. Most cases occurred in Quebec, Manitoba and B.C. Only five were recorded in Saskatchewan.

The federal public safety minister’s office said in a statement Wednesday that the flow of “spontaneous asylum seekers” represented only a fraction of all newcomers into Canada and that authorities were managing to deal with the increase just fine.

A majority of irregular migrants are U.S. visa holders, meaning they’ve passed American security checks, the statement said. Once in Canada, they undergo further screening.

“To be clear — trying to slip across the border in an irregular manner is not a ‘free’ ticket to Canada.”

But Jean-Pierre Fortin, the head of the union representing Canada’s border officers, has previously complained that the unmanned parts of the vast Canada-U.S. frontier are like “Swiss cheese” and has called for the creation of a dedicated mobile force to patrol the border. Fortin said he didn’t have enough information about the smuggling allegations Wednesday to comment further.

Authorities say their human smuggling investigation started in late December after border officers at the North Portal, Sask., port of entry questioned a man who was returning to Canada from the U.S.

Then last Friday evening, a suspect in that investigation was stopped by U.S. border officers as he attempted to enter North Dakota. They immediately notified their Canadian counterparts.

CBSA, in turn, alerted the RCMP that a “smuggling attempt may be imminent,” Evert said.

About 9 p.m., RCMP stopped a woman driving near the border. Her passengers, nine foreign nationals from West Africa, had entered Canada somewhere between the North Portal and Northgate ports of entry.

They subsequently filed refugee claims with CBSA and were released from custody pending the outcome of their refugee hearings. Authorities would not provide reporters with a breakdown of their ages, gender or nationalities.

On Saturday, police searched a home in Regina and found a significant amount of cash — some in foreign currency, said RCMP Insp. Donovan Fisher.

“We have enlisted the services of our proceeds of crime experts to analyze the money, analyze the situation around which the money was found, and any supporting documents that were included with that, including potentially looking at bank records,” he told reporters.

The woman, Michelle Omoruyi, 43, was charged with one count of human smuggling, in violation of federal immigration laws, and one count of conspiracy to commit human smuggling, in violation of the Criminal Code.

To be clear — trying to slip across the border in an irregular manner is not a ‘free’ ticket to Canada

Linda MacLeod, Omoruyi’s mother, said she first learned of the charges when the news was announced by RCMP. “I know nothing,” she said.

The charges have not been proven. Omoruyi is due in court May 15.

Richard Tessier, reeve of the rural municipality of Coalfields, Sask., near the border, said he was not surprised to hear that migrants were entering Canada in between the North Portal and Northgate ports of entry.

“It’s just a ditch with grass, there’s nothing else there,” he said.

Meanwhile, several more people were arrested by U.S. border officers in North Dakota as part of the same investigation. But details of their arrests were not available Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities would not say how many people might be connected to the suspected smuggling operation.

Lorne Waldman, a Toronto immigration lawyer, told Global News that smuggling charges related to asylum seekers are rare. To obtain a conviction, prosecutors must show that the motivation was money and not humanitarian reasons.

When hundreds of asylum seekers from Sri Lanka showed up on the B.C. coast in 2010 aboard a cargo vessel, RCMP charged several individuals with being part of a smuggling operation.

However, three were found not guilty earlier this year and a mistrial was declared for a fourth person.

Some of those who have recently sought asylum in Canada in such places as Emerson, Man., have told authorities they were motivated to leave the U.S. because of the new Trump administration, fearful their asylum claims wouldn’t be treated fairly or that general anti-immigrant sentiment was rising.

The Border is Open: The Coming Crisis – CANADA – Border Enforcement Report by David Greenhalgh (retired police officer)

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The Border is Open: The Coming Crisis – CANADA – Border Enforcement Report by David Greenhalgh (retired police officer)

The Essential facts
- Fundamentally there is no effective Border enforcement outside the tiny perimeter of CBSA controlled Border Crossings.  The perception there is actual border enforcement outside these crossing is unrealistic.  
- Refugees/migrants who cross the border illegally are now confidently calling 911, waiting,  being collected by RCMP, briefly detained, admitted, housed, fed, provided medical attention and a lawyer. That is an estimated $50,000 minimum cost for the first year, per migrant, on the Federal tax dollar. After 12 months they become a Provincial liability.
- Refugees that attempt to lawfully cross at a Port/ (Border Crossing) are turned back under the “Safe Third Country Agreement”. Thus Canada provides a direct financial incentive to disobey the law.
- Prime Minister Trudeau recently declared Canada ‘the world’s first post Nation State” and has publicly welcomed the world’s refugees. Trudeau is in alliance with the philosophy of George Soros “Open Border” initiative . This is planned to radically change the face and culture of Canada. IMPORTANT  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/20/hillary-clinton-embraces-george-soros-radical-visi/
- Refugee claims from persons crossing the border are up 39% from 2016. The trickle will turn into a flood by summer 2017,  at a massive social and economic cost to Canada.
- It is almost impossible to deport career criminal/refugees after they arrive (See note on Lunyamilla below) 
- Canadians are not being told the truth  about our virtually non-existent border defences, or about the potential impact on Canada of unlimited unscreened illegal  migration.
- Canada today has no defences against criminal migrants – unless they are both identifiable and there is also an  existing International or USA arrest warrant.
- Canada has no preparation for, and no effective plan to deal with,  what is about to happen. The Liberal Government is still studying the issue.
- Refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Somalia are already over represented in the drug trafficking and gang culture of Vancouver. Even after conviction, it is virtually impossible to deport them.
The Canadian Borders Services Agency (CBSA) is today a professional organisation.    Regrettably,  unlike the US Border Patrol,  CBSA has no jurisdiction outside the tiny confines of their “Port of Entry” (Canada Customs) border crossing. Thus, illegals in Emerson Manitoba cross 100 meters from the Port,  and capable  trained CBSA Officers have no power to do anything except   stand by and watch.
- 99% of the Border in Canada is the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Border enforcement policies are set in  Ottawa.  Notwithstanding the motivation and competence of individual front line Officers, the Corporate RCMP management has never, ever taken its border responsibilities seriously in the last 40 years. In 2017, the RCMP institutionally lacks the capacity, the motivation, the leadership and the equipment to  defend our borders. It lacks the leadership and the moral courage to tell Canadians the truth about its enforcement capabilities or to tell us the direct threat to Canada from Criminal and ideological migrants.  For Border enforcement the RCMP is accountable to the Government and not to the citizens it polices. Today there is no evidence the RCMP has any plan outside “business as usual” to defend our Borders.
Migrants are being given legal advice in the USA:  “Cross the Border away from the port then call 911″. In Manitoba, RCMP are attending these calls. Meanwhile,  a few illegal crosser have been detained briefly in recent days in South Surrey, processed and released. 
The lawbreakers are being told to expect help from the Police!
-The senior management of the RCMP has an imbedded systemic culture of “information management” (ie.  avoidance, platitudes even outright deception) with respect to its staffing, policing priorities, allocation of resources,  and,  a systemic lack of transparency about its staffing operations. This is a cultural  part of the management culture and was evident in BC from the early 1990’s from around the time the Commissioner  was made a “Deputy Minister” in the Liberal Government of the day. This politicised his position and made the RCMP a direct  instrument  ( a tool) of Cabinet and Government policy. 
A tiny RCMP Unit called IBET is tasked with Border policing in B.C. Their priority is policing remote and inaccessible area of the Border. They are not equipped in any way to police the “longest undefended border in the world”This unit will be undoubtedly referred to by senior RCMP management when they attempt to justify grossly inadequate Border staffing levels and priorities. CBSA has had very small interior Units executing Immigration arrest warrants after they have been issued. Their status today is unclear. 
-  Border RCMP Detachments –  It will be alleged Border Policing is being carried out by Municipal/City contract policing RCMP Detachments. ie. Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack BC Detachments. Whilst this is theoretically true,  none of these Detachments are staffed or funded for this. It is an extremely low policing priority , a typical response time to a citizen initiated report  in Langley BC would be 45 minutes. There are rare occasional patrols along Zero Avenue (the Border). This is a “wave the Flag” exercise,  as time and priority calls permit.  There are zero effective preventive patrols. In any event, persons not actually seen crossing the Border, just seen running North, are under no obligation to cooperate with Police.
-  For over 40 years the United States Border Patrol has been relied upon primarily to police our Borders for us!  In that capacity there have been many years of cooperation where they called RCMP/Local Police to alert them to northbound incidents.  Recently those calls suddenly dropped off.  Under the current US administration it  is no longer in the interests of the United States to retain illegals, refugees, economic and criminal migrants when Canada will take them. The RCMP is no longer respected by professional US enforcement agencies as a Border policing force,  because  there is simply no visible evidence of their presence.
- In the USA there are near daily reports of major drug busts and other major arrests. We are not regularly hearing of these incidents on our Border. When a diligent CBSA Officer makes a big contraband bust they have to call the RCMP to take over. Later news reports often credit  the RCMP for what CBSA actually did,  thus implying there is actual policing at the Border.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, hat, outdoor and nature
Mounties help Somali illegals cross into Quebec. Enabling the invaders!
Central and South America 
- There are at least 150-million potential economic migrants from Central and South America  who are better off on lifetime welfare in Canada,  than working in their home country.
- Nations like El Salvador, Guatemala, areas of Mexico, deconstructing Nations like Venezuela, have a systemically violent criminal gang sub-culture.  Entire regions have been run by criminal gangs for a generation or more.   Criminality, lack of respect for life and physical integrity (sexual assault) are part of a dominant macho culture. An underlying expectation that   violent criminals undergo a “conversion” experience when crossing our border illegally, because Canada is so nice to them, is ludicrous
- Official estimates of  “illegals” in the USA are 11.4 Million. Other sources estimate up to 18 Million.   All of these broke American Law at least once!  Hundreds of thousands of these are career criminals currently being aggressively targeted for deportation by the Trump administration. Canada is an extremely “soft” target for these people.  The legal, cultural, and welfare mindset of the average Canadian has no concept of how economic migrants (seeking welfare/medical benefits), criminal migrants (traffickers/ gang members) , and ideological migrants (radical Islamists) will damage this Nation within a very short time
-  Information received 9th March 2017. A resident of Rosario Argentina, a seriously dysfunctional criminally oppressed city, called a friend in Canada last week. She had learned she can travel  to Mexico, buy a Mexican passport for $20, then fly to Canada to live. No visa required.  She has been robbed at gunpoint three times in her house. Two teenagers were gunned down last week outside her door. She was dissuaded by the ethical argument that falsely representing herself as a Mexican was immoral. We sympathise, but multiply her story by 50 Million or so and divide it by our tax base of about   19 Million and you get the point.
Enforcement Hypocrisy
-  A Canadian Citizen crossing the Border just outside the Port of Entry may be observed, reported to the nearest  RCMP Detachment,  and in the unlikely event they are located then arrested, the Canadian   will be charged criminally, any goods in their possession seized and/or penalties assessed. They will have a criminal record,  be unable to visit the USA and will  have to pay their own lawyer.
- A criminal migrant from  El Salvador, acting on legal advice,  avoids the Border crossing, arriving without identification, provides whatever details he/she chooses.  There is no viable way of checking their identity or criminal record outside the USA. They are detained briefly, put up in a hotel, fed, clothed, provided medical attention and a lawyer.
 Jacob Lunyamilla   a criminal migrant arrived here from Rwanda in 1996 as a refugee. Since then he racked up 95 criminal charges, 54 convictions and over 400 interactions with police. Convictions include sexual assault, carrying a weapon, randomly attacking strangers, he has 10 convictions for assault. Lunyamilla is a serial victimiser  of Canadians. He refused to cooperate with authorities efforts to deport him by failing to sign the required papers. ( acting on legal advice) . In multiple unsuccessful attempts to get Lunyamilla deported the Immigration Review Board   finally just gave up and ordered him released saying “it is unfair to hold him indefinitely”. Finally some common sense was applied by a Federal Court Judge and Lunyamilla is back in custody……. pending an appeal by his lawyers. (Credit – Kim Bolan, The Province  1st March 2017)
- Thanks to Trudeau senior, the minute a migrant sets foot on Canadian soil they are entitled to the benefits of our Charter of Rights.   That means is they get a lawyer – at your expense. Lunyamilla is just one example of hundreds in BC alone. 
Gang culture
- Just one gang story (of many) will suffice. MS13 is a gang originating in El Salvador. Extremely violent, brutal, entrenched in 46 states they are now liable to deportation under renewed efforts by the Trump administration.  An MS13 speciality is the gang rape, pimping, sex trafficking and murder of teenage girls. Some were recently indicted for offering a teenage girl as a sacrifice to Satan. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/03/08/ms-13-satanic-murder-victim-is-missing-teen 
- MS13 is here in Canada now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Thrvidqsb5Q  . Please google MS 13 gang. I just don’t want to write about their appalling  atrocities here.
- An accredited Northwest Gang Investigator estimates around 180 gangs already operating in B.C. Are we not hearing about this from the RCMP because a great many gang members are recent migrants/visible minorities? It is just not politically correct for any police manager to tell the unvarnished truth about the ethnic nature of BC’s gang culture!
- The continuing Mexican gang war resulted in 120,000 dead, 27,000 missing by 2013. Many of these were innocent non-combatants including honest Mayors and Police Chiefs. Entire town Police Departments have quit! Police Chiefs and Mayors tortured and murdered . All this just two days drive south of our undefended Border.
- Lunyamilla cost the BC taxpayer over $1-million in legal  and enforcement  costs.  Because of Canada’s ineffective and dysfunctional legal system it is almost impossible to deport these people.
- BC’s criminal Justice/enforcement system is already incapable of handling  an existing ethnic drug gang shooting war.  The Judicial Case Law has severely  handicapped the capacity of Police to interdict guns in the hands of gang members by radically idealistic  binding decisions that render facts/evidence inadmissible on multiple technicalities (another legacy of Trudeau Senior).
- These Court decisions :-
-  Have enabled criminality by the virtually uninterrupted transport of weapons in vehicles by criminals.
-  Disabled the ability of Police to detain violent criminals facing serious outstanding charges for any longer than it takes to identify them.
-  Disabled the ability of Police to conduct interviews of suspects.
-  Have put informants/witnesses at severe risk of identification and retaliation by aggressive defense court “disclosure” tactics.This is quite intentional,  and defense lawyers are well aware that their aggressive tactics have identified witnesses and informants to murderous criminals.
The legal, cultural, and welfare mindset of the average Canadian has no concept of how economic migrants (seeking welfare/medical benefits), criminal migrants (drug traffickers, slavers, gang members) , and ideological migrants (radical Islamists) will damage this Nation within a very short time. Every economic, criminal and ideological migrant damages the interests of the legitimate law abiding properly screened migrants that Canada needs  to benefit the Nation.
 Our Borders are open and virtually undefended. Our Prime Minister has invited the world. The word is out as far as Argentina.  Without a fundamental change in attitude and response, 2 years from now Canada will be unrecognizable. We will wake up and find ourselves in the same condition as Belgium, France,  Sweden and multiple other European Nations, or worse.
Career Police Officer 36 years (retired) , 31 years on the 49th parallel, 2 years policing Port of Vancouver, multiple International secondments. Border City resident! — David Greenhalgh 
NB. The police management culture of “information management” applies  to management of many large Police Agencies, and not just in Canada. (Google Wolfgang Albers the fired Chief of the Cologne Police, for a classic example).http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/cologne-sexual-assaults-police-chief-wolfgang-albers-sacked-as-anger-mounts-over-new-years-eve-chaos-a6802736.html



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The government of Manitoba is currently experiencing a flood of refugee claimants on its border with the U.S. Well over 500 have entered and the possibility of thousands more looms. To deal with this issue, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has just announced that his government will provide financing for 14 new housing units. His announcement is naive and shows that he has been duped by the immigration lobby. Instead of catering to them, he should be pressuring back-boneless Trudeau to stop the inflow. Several months ago, Trudeau should have given orders to return these fake refugee claimants to the U.S. Instead he announced that Canada would welcome them.



Inline image 1

Financing housing units for fake refugees will divert scarce resources from the needy populations of Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba.

According to a University of Winnipeg report, about 135,000 of the population of Winnipeg (Canada’s seventh largest city) is at risk of becoming homeless. Winnipeg itself has 7600 `hidden’ homeless, 1,915 short-term or crisis sheltered people and 350 living on the streets.

Currently, the government of Manitoba is unable to look after the homeless in its own capital.

We give the same advice to other provincial premiers (especially Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne) and to the gross hypocrites on the municipal councils of Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and other so-called “sanctuary” cities. Looking after people who call themselves refugees may give Canada’s useful “municipal idiots” some temporary noble and heroic delusions. It will definitely win them congratulations from the immigration lobby who are constantly looking for fools to support them.

But the “useful idiots” should remember that the immigration lobby (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and ethnic advocates) consists of the foulest-smelling sludge in the immigration advocacy cesspool. Most of the lobby pretend to be protectors of the world’s persecuted, but they do what they do to maintain their jobs, increase their personal financial gain and to betray Canada. As for their clients, most of them are here to plunder Canada.


For details of the University of Winnipeg report, see https://www.uwinnipeg.ca/index/news-homeless-facts


They Are Not “Migrants” or “Undocumented Aliens”; They Are Criminals, Justin!

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sneaking into a country

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Trump is Right About Illegals, Crime & Lax Enforcement

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Trump is Right About Illegals, Crime & Lax Enforcement

You may find this hard to believe… This is (was) the Obama administration. This is why Trump’s platform about illegal immigration is resonating with so many Americans. Watch this and pass it on, only 3½ minutes. It’s dated 4/28/2016 This is staggering. Absolutely unbelievable. And it gets NO press. Chairman Chaffetz Opener – Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security 4/28/2016.

Illegals Swarm in: Police Betrayal — No Asylum Seekers Charged for Illegal Entry

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Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nf…
Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at: http://canadafirst.nfshost.com/

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994.

You can join Paul’s email list by contacting him at paul@paulfromm.com . His playlist of videos is: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…