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This is What Passes for a Discussion On Immigration: Lies, Folly & Nonsense

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This is What Passes for a Discussion On Immigration: Lies, Folly & Nonsense

Kirsty Duncan is the Member of Parliament for Etobicoke North (where we collect our mail). In her December householder, she reported on an immigration town hall meeting she’d held in the summer featuring Immigration Minister John McCallum and others. Duncan who is also Minister of Science and should know about provable reality peddles the most preposterous nonsense in her report.

“We heard your views on the issues that matters most to you, especially shortening processing times and focusing on family reunification,” she reports.  Pictures accompanying the article show scarcely a White face in the audience. She continues: “Our government is committed to bringing a greater number of immigrants and refugees to reunite families, diversify the economy and create sustainable growth.” The former medical geography professor could hardly have packed more folly into a single sentence.

The almost entirely Third World audience selfishly, of course, stressed what would benefit them. Duncan’s conclusion shows neither she nor the Liberals have a clue as to what would benefit Canada. The government is committed to bringing in more immigrants and refugees, she says. The promise may be true but it is ludicrous.

With intractable unemployment hovering around 7 per cent, what are these newcomers going to do? Either  they find a job and a Canadian remains unemployed (Canada loses) or they don’t find a job and the taxpayers support them on welfare (Canada loses). Family reunification, after acceptance of poorly screened refugees, is almost the worst way to import immigrants. “Family class” applicants do not have to prove any language or skill qualifications (to say nothing of cultural compatibility).

Duncan suggests more immigration will “diversify the economy”. Unless she means curry houses or roti huts, she’s talking twaddle. Only new resources or new manufacturing techniques will “diversify” the economy.

Prof. Herb Grubel, Fellow at the Fraser Institute and former Reform Member of Parliament

Finally, she dreams, immigration will “create sustainable growth.” Economist Herb Grubel, a former Reform MP and a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, recently revealed that Canada’s failed immigration policy costs the taxpayer $30-billion a year,. That is calculated by measuring what the mostly Third World immigrants who came here since the early 1980s contribute to the tax pot each year, minus what they take out. There is a $30-billion deficit. They take out more than they contribute. This NOT sustainable!

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