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We Need A TOTAL Immigrant Shut Down

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We Need A TOTAL Immigrant Shut Down


By Patricia Doyle PhD

  Hello Jeff  – Until we can put either Ellis Island back in service or an Ellis Island type facility, we MUST STOP ALL IMMIGRATION into the US.  We MUST be able to vet ALL immigrants for diseases and for ties to terror.  We could now be seeing ISIS terrorists coming in from Germany, France, Sweden or Asian Countries like Indonesia, India and Pakistan

WE also are seeing Trump return businesses to America…and that means jobs for AMERICANS.  These jobs should go to AMERICANS first, immigrants second.

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We are also seeing diseases like Leprosy, TB of all types (especially the resistant ones), Chagas, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Malaria, and many more being brought to the US and the West via muslims and illegals.   The ONLY way to cut down on these diseases is to stop immigration and to set up a means and facility to check immigrants for diseases.   We also need to stop all immigration and especially from countries where rape is ‘normal’ and ‘legal’ such as Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan and other countries in Africa and the Middle East.    Muslim countries in general where rape is the norm must be clamped down on.  Many of the immigrants coming to the West from these countries have AIDS and other STDs many resistant pathogens.  Immigrants coming from countries with high crime rates also need advanced vetting.

Until we can assure that the immigrants we allow into the US are NOT carrying diseases and do not have criminal backgrounds all immigration must STOP.  I do not think we can put a time limit on safety.  TB, Malaria, Leprosy and so many diseases are now resistant and therefore Americans could be facing death should they contract a foreign illness or HIV and other STDs.