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Countering the Pro-Illegal Emotionalism After Alan Kurdi’s Drowning

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Countering the Pro-Illegal Emotionalism

After Alan Kurdi’s Drowning

Dear Brittany:

I will not be accepting your request to join this cheap emotionalism because of the drowning death of Alan Kurdi. Of course, his death is sad. However, I am ANGRY. I am angry at his criminally irresponsible parents loading two small boys into an utterly untrustworthy small boat. [It’s comparable to locking your kids in a bedroom right next to the room  in which you are cooking  highly volatile and explosive crystal meth.] I am angry at the arrogance of his parents trying to invade Europe, I notice that, despite claiming to be a “refugee”, Kurdi senior is on his way BACK to Damascus to bury his children.
This Third World invasion of Europe is a demography-changing form of aggression. Should “refugees” (if that’s really what they are) be helped? Yes. We can increase contributions to refugee camps in places like Lebanon and Jordan. The answer to the desires of people around the world to escape their failed states is NOT to allow them to impose themselves and the attachment to the failed culture they bring with them on our lands. The UN, according to the Globe and Mail (September 3, 2015), says there are over 59-million displaced people in the world today. Taking them all into Europe or North America is no option. I note that, according to Professor Peter Singer of Princeton University, “it costs Jordan approximately $3,525 U.S. to support one refugee for one year; in Germany, the cost is at least $13,000.” (Globe and Mail, September 3, 2015)
I don’t agree with #RefugeesWelcome. It’s time to put Canada and Canadians first.
Paul Fromm
Frederick Fromm's photo.
Illegal parent who put his family into unseaworthy boat to sneak into Europe;

Dear Paul,

Today we cancelled our plans.

We had planned to send you an email asking for donations for the Vote Together election campaign – but then we saw the photo.

A young boy, lifeless and face-down on a beach. Horrible. Heartbreaking.

This morning, millions of people across Canada woke up and faced a profound moral question. What do we do?

Sometimes a single image can make the whole world pay attention to a tragedy that it has ignored for too long. We know the refugee crisis is growing everyday, and we know the statistics are brutal.

But refugees are not statistics. When great tragedy strikes, when millions of our fellow human beings become victimized –  first by ravages of war and then by the callousness of policy – we sometimes get lost in those horrific numbers and forget that every one is a person — with a name, a family and a story.1

So this evening, we’re asking you to start by sharing their names:  Alan Kurdi, Ghalib Kurdi, and their mother Rehanna​ Kurdi – to remember them and their humanity, in a world that sometimes feels like it’s lost it all.

If you click the image you’ll be able to share it on Facebook with a link to the different #RefugeesWelcome gatherings and rallies that are being organized across the country this weekend. We encourage everyone in the Leadnow community to participate if you can.

You can find a direct link to the events here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1703064886579884/

We also want to make sure you saw a new website: NeverHome.ca. NeverHome.ca is the best place you can go to learn more about the changes that have been made to Canada’s refugee and immigration policies over the past ten years, including the changes that contributed to these tragic deaths.

Click here to learn more about how Canada’s refugee policy has changed: http://www.neverhome.ca/refugees/

This is one of those days to ask: what kind of country is Canada becoming, and what kind of country we want it to be? There are millions of people asking that question, let’s help them remember these names, and know our history.

Please share the above image, and visit http://www.neverhome.ca/refugees/ for more information on how Canada has changed.

Thank you.

With hope and respect,

Brittany, on behalf of the Leadnow.ca team

[1] Little Alan Kurdi, washed ashore, suddenly refocuses Syrian tragedy http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/little-alan-kurdi-washed-ashore-suddenly-refocuses-syrian-tragedy-nahlah-ayed-1.3213893

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The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

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The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

by Tim Murray

Asylum applications for Germany in 2015
CBC: “Carrying capacity? What’s that?”
Estimated asylum applications in Germany in 2015: 800,000 — and no end in sight

August 28, 2015 was just another day at the office for CBC television’s flagship news hour The National.

Since the beginning of the year, viewers have become accustomed to seeing one or two news clips or features each night that are designed to draw attention to the inherent bigotry and racism of whites — the new “blacks”. Every time you sit down to watch The National, you can always count on the CBC to present a story about the evils of Residential Schools or the high rates of violence against native women, or the lack of parity with whites in medical care, or past discrimination against Chinese, Sikhs and blacks, or the barriers that they faced in rising to athletic or military fame, or the plight of “undocumented” immigrants in Canada… the list goes on. The message: we have much to be ashamed of, much to apologize for, and many amends to make. We owe our standing to “White Privilege”, and we must proceed with haste to relinquish it.

Last night viewers saw another installment of this ongoing campaign. This time, however, the issue was the current refugee crisis in Europe. The lead story was about 71 “asylum-seekers” who were jammed in a truck and found dead by a roadside in Austria, the victims of suffocation. Then viewers bore witness to disturbing scenes of corpses washed ashore in Libya, all drowned in a failed attempt to reach Europe. Of course, this footage was provided to give a human face to the statistics that the CBC spewed out in machine gun fashion. Statistics like the number of migrants who had so far drowned in the Mediterranean (2500), the number that had arrived so far this year (340,000), and the staggering number whom Chancellor Angela Merkel and her collaborators will have processed before the year is out (800,000). This will be quadruple the number who came last year.

Stopping the flow of illegal migrants to Europe? Not even an option at the CBC. Instead talk about how Canada should follow the — suicidal — European example. How should Europe cope with this flow? Stopping it was not an option. It was not on the table. This is the CBC we are talking about, after all. No, instead we heard from people like an Austrian official who said that we must “build legal channels” for these people to get here. It is about getting EU member states to “fairly share the burden”. After all, Germany is “a big and prosperous nation”, and there is lot of room in the nations to the north (Scandinavia).

But how many will come? How many more will come when the news gets out that entry into Europe will be safer and easier? The possibility that the queue is never-ending does not factor into the Cultural Marxist equation. But why should we expect otherwise? You might get Cultural Marxist politicians to talk about immigration, but you will never get them to give you a number. Like Samuel Gompers, when asked about what trade unions wanted, they simply answer “more”. Neither Merkel nor Cameron nor Jeb Bush nor Thomas Mulcair nor Justin Trudeau will tell you how many people they ultimately want to live in their respective countries. They will only tell you that we must do “more”. Some might concede that we can’t absorb new waves of migrants indefinitely, but in the meantime, the sky is the limit. Carrying capacity? What’s that?

Ian Hanomansing, the National’s anchor this night, in referring to the fact that the Canadian government relies heavily on private sponsorship to determine refugee intakes, stated that “Canadians must step up to the plate”. But then came the good news. There is a coalition of people in Toronto who are doing just that. People of disparate faiths. One of them was a descendent of Holocaust survivors who felt it here obligation to do for Syrian and Iraqi refugees what Canada did for her relatives. Oh yes, the Holocaust card. Play it and you win the argument every time. That is why the phrase “None is Too Many” is always thrown out whenever a critic introduces a word of caution about opening the floodgates too widely and quickly. “None is Too Many” is the infamous reply that Prime Minister MacKenzie King gave to a question as to how many German Jewish refugees Canada should admit.

To cap this formulaic narrative, viewers were subsequently treated to one of those famous CBC “Panel” discussions, where veteran commentators or experts who are on the same ideological page pretend to offer a genuine debate about the issue. Their opinions typically range from the centre-Left to the far Left. This time, however, there were only two panellists, Janice Stein, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, and Saeed Khan, a lecturer in Near East and Asian Studies at Wayne State University — and there was a hint of division.

Khan said that Europe can expect one million, not 800,000, refugees this year, but, not to worry. Since there are 740 million Europeans, one million will be a “small percentage”. Moreover, they will be just popping over for a visit, an overnight stay if you will, as once the dust settles in the Middle East, and Syria and Iraq are sorted out, these asylum-seekers will want to go back. They will “re-migrate”.

Yeah sure they will, Dr. Khan. It seems that Khan was reading from the same script that the late Senator Ted Kennedy read from in 1965 when he assured opponents of his proposed changes to immigration policy that it would not result in a significant change to the ethnic profile of the United States or to the country’s population level.

Stein, to her credit, was not so optimistic. She pointed out that there are 4 million displaced Syrians, and there is no end in sight. Then came a shocking revelation. “Europe does not want nor is it capable of accommodating these numbers”, Stein pointed out. One wonders how the CBC faithful survived this sudden injection of reality.

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of anti-European propaganda.

It is clear that the CBC has a mission: Manufactured Consent. Indoctrination by increments. Watching the CBC should come with a health warning.

As any good official State Broadcaster would do, the CBC is softening us up for the coming invasion, whose proportions would boggle our imagination. Think not of a million refugees. Think in terms of tens of millions of refugees. Think even of a billion people on the move in the next decade or two — and that may be a conservative estimate. The consequences will be lethal to our nation, and to those in Europe, America and Australia.

By the time the masses come to their senses, it may be far too late. And you can bet that as more take to the streets or protest outside migrant centres, as more so-called “far right” parties rise in strength, the propaganda campaign waged against them will grow ever more intense. “Anti-immigrant” groups will be vilified with greater vigour, and politicians like Chancellor Merkel will be praised for taking “a real leadership role” in turning a deaf ear to the people. Germany, she has declared, is a nation proud of its diversity, and “has no room for violence or intolerance”, or “those who are not willing to help where help is needed”. But one day most Germans will have no room for Angela Merkel.

We are headed toward an epic storm

The Surrender of Europe September 5, 2015: A Day that will Live in Infamy

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The Surrender of Europe September 5, 2015: A Day that will Live in Infamy

The walls have come tumblin’ down. The Germans and Austrians have thrown their borders wide open. Syrian migrants in their tens of thousands are pouring in. Soon there will be almost a million of them, with an endless queue forming behind them. Word will get out to Africans and Asians: “The West is weak. They have given up. Their resistance is broken. Pick up your bags and let’s  join the stream.” Jean Raspail’s nightmare has come to pass.

The Camp of the Saints

[French journalist Jean Raspail’s prophetic novel The Camp of the Saints predicted the Third World “refugee” invasion of Europe, aided by political traitors and a rotten anti-white ruling class.. Available for $25.00 postpaid from C-FAR Books, P.O. Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, CANADA.]

We will remember this day for the rest of our lives. 

This is the day we lost our civilization. The enemy is within our gates, and more and more will pour in. We are finished. This is the end. Or at the very least, the beginning of the end.  And to think that it took just one image, one photo of a three year old boy lying dead on a Turkish beach, to shatter our resolve and turn the tide. One image was the straw that broke Europe’s back. 

I can’t find any words to describe my feelings at this point.  A composite of impotent rage, despair, fatalism? It is hard to say. 

 What does one say when he bears witness to the unfolding displacement, conquest or extinction of his tribe, and the destruction of a legacy that reaches back to ancient Athens? What do say when you realize that the people in your family who gave their lives to save Europe seven decades ago evidently died in vain? And what of the heroes centuries ago  who beat back the Muslim invaders at Tours and the Battle of Vienna? It seems in retrospect, that their victories were just a holding action. Europe survived the Muslim and Mongol invasions, but it has succumbed to an incursion of an unarmed army of wretched refugees. 

It is as if, before our eyes, European-based culture in North America, Australia and Europe is being torn apart by a pack of wild dogs. One dog is Middle Eastern, one dog is African, one is Central American, another is Chinese and another is South Asian. And many of them are Muslim. 

Some of us are fighting back. Donald Trump. The Prime Minister of Hungary. The President of the Czech Republic. Populist politicians who are vilified by the mainstream media and shut out of power.  But they are the beleaguered few.  Will this be their Last Hurrah?

We could have stopped the flood. But our leaders lacked the will, and too many people were making money selling out their country. There is no conceivable punishment that could be meted out to these despicable traitors that would be commensurate with their crimes. What retribution would be fitting for Angela Merkel? What is the penalty for betraying one’s people and murdering their heritage?     

Tim Murray
September 5, 2015