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Behind the Smiling Mask of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party

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Behind the Smiling Mask of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party

             Scheer and muzzies


You might recall seeing a photo months ago (above) of Andrew Scheer standing with— reportedly—some of the most dangerous Islamic leaders in the country. Of course, many of Scheer’s apologists would dismiss the embarrassing photo op by saying that he was simply unaware of the sordid connections of the people posing next to him.  But this video indicates that Mr. Scheer was not only aware of who these people are, but he has maintained close personal contact with them:






After seeing this photo and viewing the video, one is moved to ask some serious questions. Questions like:


Is this what a leader of a so called “Conservative” Party looks like?


Is this what a “Conservative” Party stands for?


In my estimation, a “conservative” should want to conserve our Western, European and Christian heritage—not the culture of Islam, a totalitarian blend of religion and politics, an ideology whose holy text prescribes “hijra”, conquest by immigration.  https://www.cspii.org/blog/immigration-islamic-doctrine-and-history


Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. Let’s not fool ourselves. A fear of this ideology is entirely rational, as 1400 years of history attests.  It should be pointed out, however, that there is a difference between attacking an ideology and maligning all of its adherents. Most adherents are ordinary law-abiding folk who, like all citizens, deserve full protection from harm or discrimination under the law. But while individuals deserve protection, ideas and ideologies don’t.  Belief systems are fair game. It took a long time for Western democracies to dispatch laws against blasphemy, but it seems that politicians and the lobbies they pander to are intent on resurrecting them. Ironically they are quick to warn us of the spectre of violent “white nationalist” extremism while simultaneously courting the votes of the apostles of violent extremism in mosques.


As an indefatigable  researcher noted several months ago, the “Conservative” Party has approved three current federal candidates with ties to Islamic extremism (and a sitting Conservative Senator as well). “The party has been well advised of the background of these individuals and yet, to date, have not taken action to remove them. The recent report of Andrew Scheer’s alignment with radical Imams is of growing concern.”




She further notes that “A Conservative Candidate, Ghada Melek, is a Coptic Christian currently being unfairly targeted by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) who are calling on Melek to drop out of the race “following reports about her past social media posts,” which the NCCM deems to be “Islamophobic.”   



The story by Christine Williams can be found here:



After reading this account one is moved to ask “What position will Andrew Scheer take?”  Now that is the $64,000 question, isn’t it?


The federal election is fast approaching and many longstanding Conservative members have been fearful of splitting the vote since Maxime Bernier decided to step away from the party a year ago, a decision that most pundits described as foolhardy and suicidal.  But as we bear witness to the shameless pandering, opportunism and corruption unfolding among the top echelons of the Conservative,  Mr. Bernier’s decision to form a party is looking more and more like a courageous demonstration of integrity and principle.  


Bernier’s conspicuous disregard for political correctness and clear articulation of what many ordinary Canadians believe has attracted supporters from across the political spectrum, but many traditional Conservative voters hesitate to make the leap because they hear the voice of the Conservative Party establishment whispering in their ears : “A vote for Bernier is  a vote for Trudeau”, or in the case of my own constituency, “A vote for the Peoples’ Party of Canada is a vote for the despicable NDP incumbent, Rachel Blainey.”


 The time-worn rationalization for strategic voting simply put is that we must not “split the vote” because dethroning (fill in the blank) is paramount. We must pinch our noses and choose the lesser of the evils.


 The problem with this conventional  view is two-fold. One is that when all is said and done, there is little to choose between the major parties. Upon closer examination, the Conservative Party looks like a Liberal Party that happens to believe in balanced budgets.  But life is not just about numbers.  It is, among other things, about the maintenance of our sovereignty, ethno-cultural heritage, family structure and most importantly, the freedom to speak our minds, including the right to criticize any religion.  In an authentic democracy, there can be no right “not to be offended.”



 Secondly, we must consider the broader moral question.  If we always choose the lesser of evils we will be guaranteeing the perpetual reign of evil. At some point, we must be prepared to say “None of the above”.  But it seems that whenever we consider voting for our principles, we are told that “this is not the time… our most urgent mission is to rid the country of Trudeau, and once that mission is accomplished, then we can do the fine tuning.”  But history suggests that the time for fine tuning never comes, because there is always a new devil on the scene that we must unite against.


We must bite the bullet. We must risk the re-election of Boy Wonder in order to establish a beach head for a party of principle that can keep building its base so that it can be in a position to form a government four years from now.  We must be patient. Growing a fledgling party takes time, and in less than a year, Maxime Bernier has made enormous strides—as have the passionately patriotic people who have made his cause their cause. Bernier leads, but he also listens. Bernier launched the People’s Party of Canada, but the  PPC is not a “top down” party, but a “bottom up” organization where members feel like participants rather simple foot soldiers.  It’s populism in action.


Meanwhile, we will continue to work tirelessly in our endeavour to do the homework and keep Canadians informed.  In return, our only request is that once apprised of the facts, each of us must find the courage to share them with all the people in our respective social networks. Our workmates, our neighbours, our friends and especially the members of our own families.   Surely that is the least we can do.


Knowledge is Power. You have it. Now share it!


Tim Murray


Additional information about Maxime Bernier






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Look, I know that you are upset. I know that you are outraged and saddened by the images of carnage that you see on your TV screen. But before we allow any sense of horror or grief about the victims of a recent Islamic terrorist attack to set in, we must swiftly foreclose any hint of an anti-Muslim backlash , That must be our first priority. We can deal with the perpetrators later.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that the Chief of the local Police be the first to get out of the starting gate and warn those who would dare link Islamic terrorism with Islam that they will charged with a hate crime. We must deflect attention from the violent incident.

To serve this objective, it would be convenient to have someone write ‘Islamophobic’ graffiti on a mosque or sidewalk on the heels of the Islamic terrorist attack so that that the MSM can make that their headline story.


Of course, I don’t mean to minimize the terrible impact that these messages have on Muslims. Why just the other day, Islamophobic graffiti lept up from a sidewalk and brutally assaulted an innocent, law abiding, peaceful, patriotic Muslim as she walked toward a corner shop. If you think that seeing your loved one shredded by a bomb, mowed down by a speeding van or knifed to death is traumatic, just imagine what that poor Muslim on the sidewalk is going through. She no longer feels ‘safe’.

If we want to put an end to these horrific attacks, what we must do is to emphasize that the perpetrators are not “real” Muslims, that their ideology is a perverse distortion of the Religion of Peace, and that those who would say otherwise are being ‘divisive’. Then trot out a half dozen Muslim clerics—with Christian clergy flanking them—to reinforce this point. If we do all of those things, Islam-inspired terrorism will go away. After all, its worked up till now, hasn’t it? Our love-not-hate/inter-faith dialogue approach has got violent jihadism on the run.

It all goes to prove that in order to defeat an enemy, you must establish who the enemy actually is. The mainstream media has done an excellent job of doing exactly that. Good work guys! As you proved in your predictions about the outcome of the Brexit and the November U.S. Presidential election, you have a firm grasp of reality. Huffington Post, the NYT, the Globe and Mail, CNN, NPR, the BBC and the CBC in particular must be cited for their reliably accurate portrayals and incisive analysis. If ever you want to know about the net costs of mass immigration or the main concepts of Islamic doctrine, you need only to refer to these oracles of wisdom.

It is a failing of human nature that we often demonize The Other or the stranger in our midst simply because we don’t know them. In a crowded world where we must live side by side with those who think or behave differently than we do, this can be a fatal flaw. Somehow we must find a way to transcend our differences, reach out and build bridges, not walls. Our peace and security depends on it. I know, it is herculean task that is easier said than done. The impediments seem insuperable.

Fortunately , however, progressives have provided us with the tools we need to accomplish this critically urgent task. They know what it takes to make multicultural, multi-ethnic societies work, as they manifestly have the world over. They know that if we do just four things, we can make it happen:

The first is to project our liberal values and good intentions on those without them. We know that once they enter our gates, they will immediately check their tribal mindset at the door, embrace and accept our core values and the European culture that gave birth to them. Such will be their gratitude with our hospitality and tolerance that they—and especially their alienated sons—will search for ways to pay us back. Examples abound.

The second is to criminalize speech that would call our multicultural strategy into question. Anyone who would sow doubt about the virtue of ethnic and religious diversity must be threatened with legal action, bankrupted by law fare, shamed, marginalized, or incarcerated. Dissidents and the odious views they promulgate must be quarantined. Ours must remain a free and open society. Inclusion must be our watchword.

The third is to accept our enemy’s definition of who they are and what their ideology is all about. Wilful ignorance about the precepts of their faith or belief system is helpful in this regard.

The last but not the least of our tools is mass immigration. If we import another million or two million Muslims, then we can show the bigots out there that most Muslims are ordinary people just like themselves. If there are enough Muslims, it will be impossible to avoid rubbing shoulders with them. We won’t need to venture into a Muslim enclave because every neighbourhood will become part of the Caliphate. If you want to know what such a utopia looks like, take a trip to the Middle East. Or put on a skirt and walk into a Muslim no-go zone without a head scarf.

Muslims are people too. Moderate, patriotic peaceful people going about their daily business as you do yours. The only difference is that according to Pew polls, a lot of them happen to favour key features of sharia law, like killing adulterers, apostates and gays. Otherwise, they’re cool.

Peace and harmony is there for the taking. All we need is love and understanding, and a little obfuscation.

Tim Murray
June 4, 2017


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This is a FAIR USE of the YouTube video of Srosh Hassana addressing the House of Commons in Canada on International Women’s Day March 8, 2017.

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Member of Parliament Iqra Khalid is an Islamist Hypocrite

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“These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.”

MP Iqra Khalid cannot advance the cause of extremist Islam on one hand and then complain about Islamophobia on the other.  Her direct connections to Islamist front groups means she must either publicly disavow extremist groups such as Jamaah e Islami and the Muslim Brotherhood, or withdraw her motion.

Iqra Khalid is the Liberal Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erindale, elected in 2015.  She recently tabled a motion in the House of Commons which would “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”

Clearly, the intent of her motion is not to address issues of discrimination, but rather to silence anyone who speaks out against Islamists in Canada.

For instance, Irqa Khalid was President of the Muslim Student Association when she was a student at York University (early 2000s).  The Muslim Student Association was founded by adherents of the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963.  The Muslim Student Association has a series of alumni who have become suicide bombers, ISIS fighters and ISIS propagandists.

The Muslim Student Association at York University handed out a book at Islam Awareness Week with the title “Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions.”  The chapter on WIFE DISCIPLINING (page 99 of the online version) makes the following observation:  Submissive or subdued women. These women may even enjoy being beaten at times as a sign of love and concern.

The Muslim Student Association at Guelph University was also handing out similar literature in 2017.


This book handed out at York University in 2015 a chapter with the title “Wife Disciplining”

Distribution of the book Women in Islam & Refutation of some Common Misconceptions at York University in 2015 at Islam Awareness Week.  Photo courtesy of blogwrath.com


Iqra Khalid joined the Liberal Party approximately seven months before she was nominated on December 13th, 2014.  Mr Shafqat Ali is/was a long time Liberal Party member in the Mississauga area and he was thought to have a front running position for the nomination. For reasons that have never been publicly made clear, he suddenly withdrew his nomination at an Islamic Society of North America  (ISNA) hosted event. He asked that his followers support Iqra Khalid.

Ms Khalid is the daughter of Dr. Hafiz Khalid, a long-time associate of the ISNA and formerly a vocal supporter of Jamaat-e-Islami.

Terrorism Funding Revocation

The ISNA ‘Development Fund’ had its charitable status revoked for funding terrorism in 2013.  The ultimate recipient of the money was the Jamaat-e-Islami, which is seen as the south Asian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Toronto Star also reported on extensive fraud inside the ISNA whereby money for the poor was squandered .

Iqra Khalid is/was a member of CAMP – Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals. She was the Communications Coordinator under (then) President and CEO Najamuddin Mohammed.  Despite claiming to be a networking organization, CAMP’s own website says it was created to:

educate and activate the community on issues of political significance at home and abroad. CAMP organizes activities and lectures, seminars and discussions on political activism to get the membership and the community involved in the political process to better ourselves and our communities at home or abroad.

CAMP has multiple ties to the North American Muslim Brotherhood. At one point, a former Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)  was listed by CAMP as an adviser and Zeba Iqbal, the Vice-Chair of CAMP International, is also on the board of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC-NY). At least one of the CAMP chapters, CAMP Toronto, has joined with other Muslim Brotherhood organizations such as the (terror listed group) Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), ISNA, and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) to issue protests at Israeli actions in Gaza and against the Niqab (full face veil) ban (a CAMP VP wears it) and in support of Omar Khadr, who was held in Guantanamo on charges of killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. As noted in one of its own announcements:

“The Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP) has announced that it second keynote speaker for its July 2010 annual dinner, held during the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) weekend, will be Obama administration faith advisor Dahlia Mogahed.”


MP Iqra Khalid, like MP Omar Alghabra, is typical of the Islamist extremists that are using political Entryism to infiltrate our political system.  She leads and supports front groups which espouse Islamist extremism, such as the Muslim Student Association, yet at the same time claims to be a victim of the (largely) fake concept of Islamophobia.

Canada and its Parliament would be best served is Member of Parliament Iqra Khadid would either directly denounce the Muslim Brotherhood, the ISNA and the Muslim Student Association or admit that she is a supporter of extremist Islamists – including those that advocate wife beating here in Canada.

Stop Motion 103 – First Step to Outlawing Criticism of Islam

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Stop Motion 103 – First Step to Outlawing Criticism of Islam


Paul Fromm speaks out against Motion 103. Paul is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee. I am Brian Ruhe. Go to my website at: http:/…

Quebec City Mosque Shooting and Elite’s Campaign Against Islamophobia

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