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Peel Cops Lean on Immigration Critics

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Peel Cops Lean on Immigration Critics
One of the sad results of political correctness in Canada is the increasingly political role of many police forces.
Shawn is a dedicated researcher in his ’30s. The Toronto-based activist has spent much of the past few years sequestered in major libraries looking over immigration reports going back 100 years and studying the numbers of foreigners let in and the number of jobs available. At one time, patriotic governments tried to adjust immigration levels when unemployment rose.
No longer. Since 1990, regardless of unemployment levels, governments Conservative and Liberals, but especially the Conservatives in 1990 and 2008, continued the demographic changing flood regardless of unemployment levels.
In September and October, Shawn and friends distributed thousands of snappy and colourful leaflets questioning mass Third World immigration and the new religion of “diversity.”
One distributed in Brampton, Ontario featured local Mayor Linda Jeffrey and asked: “Why do the mayors of major Canadian cities constantly visit failed 3rd World states?” Shawn is an honest straight-forward man who puts his phone number and e-mail on the leaflets.
On October 21, Shawn received a call from a Const. Sullivan from the Peel Regional Police. “Did you design a flyer featuring the Mayor of Brampton and distribute it?” Shawn said he was not a designer.
“And,” he shot back, “I receive a lot of offensive advertising in the email but don’t complain to the police.
As soon as Shawn asked for the cop’s badge number, he was told and Const. Sullivan said: “Thank you for your time and ended the conversation.”
What possible concern is a non-violent political leaflet to the under-employed Peel Regional Police?
Two weeks later Shawn received a more aggressive call from a female Const. named Singh, badge number 2515, with the Diversity Relations Unit — do such politically correct enforcement units actually exist? — of the Peel Regional Police. She chastised him for distributing leaflets “that might get children upset.” [The leaflets were adult in approach and not aimed at youngsters.]
The leaflets showed some of the backward nature of Indian society. Indians are a major immigrant component of Brampton. In the discussion, Shawn ventured the honest opinion: “Our culture is better than theirs.”
“You can’t say that !” Const. Singh scolded.
Since when did cops become arbiters of political thought and opinion?
At least one other person who helped distribute the leaflets received a call from the Peel police.