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A Question To Ask On Remembrance Day

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A Question To Ask On Remembrance Day

A Question To Ask On Remembrance Day

by Tim Murray

Normandy 1944: 4800 Canadians dead

Canada 2020:

Cancel Culture

Shadow Banning 

De-Monetization of Dissident Sites

Doxing Dissidents 

Public Shaming

People Getting Fired for ‘Wrong-Thing’ 

The Death of Objective Journalism 

The Criminalization of Objective Speech

The Pollicization of Science 

Reverse Discrimination and Quota Hiring 

Kangaroo Courts

Government Hush Money to Newspapers 

Unfettered Migration in Defiance of Public Opinion 

Uncontested Illegal Border Crossings

Rampant Immigrant-Marriage Fraud 

The Ideological Weaponization of the CBC 

Indoctrination of Our Youth

Denigration of Our Heritage 

Vilification of Our Ancestors  

Revisionist History to Foster White Guilt

Endless Official Apologies for Past Transgressions

The Destruction of Our Symbols

The Invocation of Victimhood and the Denial of Personal Responsibility

Uniformity of Ideas in the Guise of Diversity 

The Entrenchment of Absurdities Like “Systemic” Discrimination and “Hate” Speech

Tax Payer Grants To Witch-Hunting “Anti-Hate” Organizations

Snitch Lines

The Sexualization of Primary School Children

Transgender Ideology

Compelled Speech

Medical Fascism 

Endless Lockdowns to Fight a Boogeyman Conjured Out of Manipulated Stats

On November 11th ask yourself one question:

“Is that what they died for?”

Let’s Be Proud. Stand tall, European men and women. No More Apologies.

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Let’s Be Proud. Stand tall, European men and women. No More Apologies.





Being Hostile In One’s Own Skin: A Recent Seminar Experience

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Being Hostile In One’s Own Skin: A Recent Seminar Experience

by Christopher Dellarotta, contributing to Ocean Drive

Mid-west town
The atmosphere in this mid-west town is “aggressively White.”

If I had to think of one sentence that captures how I feel about the contemporary attitudes of multicultism in North America today, it would have to be Al Pacino’s classic line from the Third Godfather film “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” No matter how many examples one can point to the current anti-White craziness in our universities, and how the next leftist absurdity seems to outdo the one that just went viral before it, I can never get used to how bad the situation has gotten, and how much it continues to deteriorate. What better way to demonstrate this than by highlighting my own first-hand experience in academia of how even a simple recollection of a state fair is somehow seen as “discriminatory”?

In a recent writing course I am enrolled in, the entirety of the seminar was a class discussion revolving around David Foster’s Wallace’s Ticket To The Fair(PDF), an article he wrote in 1994 for Harper’s Magazine. This article is about the perceived horrors Foster experienced in a typical rural midwestern town, while temporarily leaving vibrant New York. One particular passage in this article stood out not just to myself but to the rest of the class:

There’s an atmosphere in the room — not racist, but aggressively white. It’s hard to describe — the atmosphere is the same at a lot of rural Midwest events. It is not like a black person who came in would be ill treated; it’s more like it would just never occur to a black person to come here (Wallace, p. 49).

While I was flabbergasted at how another person could not just randomly degrade, but also infer nefarious motives upon the same group of people he is a part of (while also priding himself as a respected journalist), the rest of my fellow students seemed to be pleasantly astonished at how “progressive” Mr. Foster Wallace was for his time. They also took great satisfaction in how he disavowed the White culture of the rural Midwest for even existing, as was the case from one description where he illustrated what he perceived as unfair socio-political engineering by parents at the expense of their children:

Kids remarkable for a kind of classic Rockwellian USA averageness, the products of balanced diets, vigorous daily exertion, and solid GOP upbringings (Wallace, p. 43).

According to them, without going into specifics, the words of Foster Wallace’s account of the state fair were enlightening, an intelligent reminder for all those privileged (re:White people, no matter a White person’s possible low economic status or possible abundance of problems) that racism will never be truly exercised unless diversity is instilled ubiquitously in full fashion.

Overall, this seminar showcased to me once again the trifecta of harmful contemporary cultural narratives targeting North Americans of European descent. The first theme, frequently touted by the vast majority of academics, is that even if one puts the seemingly never ending blame for the atrocities of slavery and genocide committed by Whites (because it was only White people who ever did these acts, don’t you know?) aside, European descendants still have nothing to be proud of their ancestors.

Many university curriculums today put forth the notion that despite being from the nations that saw huge technological, scientific, and educational advances in the last few centuries, all Westerners really did was exploit cultures from all over the world. This was echoed in class discussions about midwestern farmers, from statements either implied or explicitly stated, that Western farmers learned their methods from non-Europeans.

The second theme, which is familiar pretty much to every White person today and has been routinely covered on this site in other articles, is the multifaceted ideal that mass migration must be maintained — in absence of even discussing possible negative effects in order for White people to avenge themselves for the sins of their kind in earlier eras. In the US, it is the African American slave trade that is systematically used as a club to instil a feeling of guilt that is both illogical and unfair, whereas in Canada it is the displacement of Aboriginal communities, used in a similar vein to push for more amounts of foreigners to come across our shores.

However, at the same time, to try to even be inviting to other cultures, as a White person, while still holding some pride of your own roots is still a form of quasi imperialism to the far left, and their idea is that instead White people should listen to those from other cultures, encourage them to foster their own communities, no matter how large they continue to grow. This is why it is such a repeated series of talking points from most academics, most members of the media, and most Hollywood A-list acting types; they must keep confessing their original sin of racism on behalf of their kind, otherwise they lose all the benefits afforded to them of being a symbol as ‘one of the good Whites.’

The final, and in my opinion, most insidious theme that ties the other two together, is the theme that ‘racism’ will never be truly eradicated unless the entirety of contributions derived from Western societies are. This is being done by tactically combining the never ending shaming of White people and their culture with the removal of European originating figures, symbols, and speech utterances, all under the guise of being inclusive, inoffensive, and, of course, diverse. If the same people who claim to be were really concerned about the feelings of groups of people who have been harmed by exploitative historical figures, why would they be supporting people like Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin?

If they were really concerned with just making sure Canada remains a secular nation as inscribed in our constitution, why would they support Bill 103 when religious freedom is already protected by the state? It’s because it was never about removing religious practices and religious symbolism from Canada’s public squares, but rather only about removing those of a Western nature. It is why references of B.C. and A.D. from the Julian and Gregorian calendars have been removed, along with displays of crosses in certain areas. The fact that they continue to engage in erasing strategies like these, yet harp on the effects of acts our ancestors committed by citing how damaging taking away one’s culture out from under them can be without the smallest sense of irony, is demoralizing.

We students have no choice but to stand up and defend our Western heritage, otherwise we will have lost it all by the time we reach adulthood!

Paul Fromm on the Kenn Gividen Show: How Many Indians Did Whites Massacre & Other Politically Incorrect Issues With Charles Edward Lincoln

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Paul Fromm on the Kenn Gividen Show: How Many Indians Did Whites Massacre & Other Politically Incorrect Issues With Charles Edward Lincoln
How many Indians did Whites massacre?
The meaning of the Red Ensign — Canada’s rebel flag
The woes of multiculturalism

Canada Day Is Now a Day to Inflict White Guilt

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Canada Day Is Now a Day to Inflict White Guilt

by Thomas Jones

White guilt

July 1st of this year marked the 150th anniversary of the Canadian confederation as everyone is well aware at this point. The public and private spheres both put a great deal of time promoting this special occasion although quite frankly I felt rather underwhelmed by it all. It should have been something to instill great feelings of patriotism and celebration, but given all that has happened to Canada in the last 50 years, not to mention the current ‘we are the world’ style multicult propaganda being pushed, I must say I was not feeling like celebrating. Evidently I was not the only one, but others had far different reasons.

Ever since Idle No More and the largely positive coverage of that movement by the press, the Amerindian lobby has grown considerably. In the weeks and months leading up to Dominion Day there was a rise in open protesting of Canada Day by Amerindians who see it as a day of oppression as opposed to celebration. They never have and never will identify with the Canadian project because it was not one they were ever part of.

On July 1st itself there were a number of protests throughout the country, including Toronto and Regina. It would seem that in the aftermath of Idle No More a number of smaller groups have arisen, although how significant they truly are is rather suspect at this point. To what extent are they being hyped up by the media? Canada’s so-called policy of reconciliation has emboldened Amerindian groups to call for reclaiming whole cities and even Parliament Hillas their ‘unceded territory.’ Of course many of the people involved in these movements, protests et al., are at best only of partial Amerindian descent. Many Whites can be seen identifying with these ultimately anti-White groups thanks to years of indoctrination in public education, universities and the media.

Despite only being 4% of the population (and that includes Metis), ‘aboriginal’ interests have been successfully pushed in recent years with the most obvious example being the decision by the Trudeau government to accept in full the TRC narrative on the residential schools. As Lynn Beyek found out recently, to point out that these were not genocidal camps and that many prospered because of their time in such institutions, is not something you can do publicly. We are not only to believe they were a holocaust but that intergenerational suffering is the reason for the violence Amerindians inflict upon each other. And it doesn’t just stop at residential schools or land issues, to in anyway critique or make light of the Amerindian lobby is a huge moral crime in today’s Canada, even leftist Jews like Johnathan Kay are not exempt from attacks for failing to tow the line.

Given how corrupt and violent Amerindian communities are it won’t be long until residential schools 2.0 spring up out of necessity. No one seems willing to just let them live by themselves because they know that would just lead to self-destruction and sadly we feel like we owe them.

Every Occidental country now needs a genocide narrative as a founding myth in order to promote the dispossession of Whites and neoliberal globalism

Every Occidental country now needs a genocide narrative as a founding myth in order to promote the dispossession of Whites and neoliberal globalism. For Canada residential schools fit nicely, well once you tweak history a little bit. The Amerindians have now like the new left been coopted by these forces, which are more than willing to accept and promote their social concerns so long as their ultimate economic goals are achieved. Amerindians, then, are complete tools. Hatred for Whites is so strong that they are willing to openly and vociferously promote greater immigration because they are more concerned with attacking Euro-Canadians than protecting their own people. Open immigration will not and does not help Amerindians, Inuit or Metis. In fact, they may be negatively impacted by it even more than the majority population.

Of course, in reality the true history of the colonization of Canada is one of British liberalism. The British could have promoted the annihilation of Amerindians or of their being bred out of existence, as occurred elsewhere, but instead they promoted a policy of treaty signing, of trying to find a way of accommodating these people and moreover, of trying to uplift them. The residential school system was hardly perfect but its purpose was to prepare Amerindian children for a changing world and also to protect them from their own families who were mistreating them. Something which still goes on to this day, as does the mistreatment of Amerindian women by their own menfolk. Unlike in other parts of the Americas there were no Indian wars in Canada; the only conflict that comes close is the Metis revolts but these were a series of skirmishes. Though I suspect the policy in Canada would have been much the same even if there had been wars, given the liberal policy shown towards the Maori of New Zealand who did fight long, protracted conflicts with the British.

As this recent story illustrates, Amerindians show again how much they really don’t care about indigenous-hood and are really just tools of the liberal elite. Anything to stick it to the White man. Euro-Canadians have greater claim to being indigenous than recent arrivals from Syria. Funny how it’s ok for Syrians and other non-Whites to come and maintain their cultures on ‘native land’ but ours are condemned. And certainly Whites are indigenous to Europe (not only have they always been there but they formed the modern states that exist there so there can be no claims of terra nullius), but Amerindian lobby doesn’t come out against the replacement of Germans, Swedes and other Europeans in their native homes.

Many second and third generation immigrants from India and elsewhere have also bought into the anti-White narrative and many seemingly promote Amerindian interests. But, I wonder, how committed these people truly are to the Amerindians? Might be fun to see what happens if and when Canada becomes ‘majority minority’ and conflicts arise between Asiatic groups and the Amerindians, because I believe ultimately, the Chinese, Punjabis, et al. will put themselves first. Amerindians need Euro-Canadians because of their stupid White guilt complex.

Not all Euro-Canadians, however, are willing to sit back and accept the new manufactured narratives about Amerindians. Recently, in Halifax a small group peacefully counter protested an Amerindian one held in front of a statue of Edward Cornwallis, who is attacked for having called for reprisals against Mikmaq. (They leave out, of course, that Mikmaq were slaughtering Whites and his actions were a response to their cruelty.) If these incidences, as peaceful, calm and rather mundane as they are, continue then we could see end of feeling of White goodwill to Amerindians. They are working hard to indoctrinate the young as Amerindian lobby and anti-White groups more generally admit. Note how they falsely state race is simply about color and refuse to ask deeper questions as to why Amerindians may not be as successful as Whites and indeed Asians. If White privilege is real, then the question we should all ask is why is it a bad thing for Whites to be successful? Especially as it only seems to be in White countries.

Many are obviously in favour of Canada day but for how much longer? Will the current ‘we are the world’ style narrative give way to the ‘evil genocide’ one? More likely, the two will exist in tandem as the plan is not so much to be consistent but to use any and all narratives so long as they erode any sense of pride and identity in Euro-Canadians for themselves or their ancestors.

Viking Grievances

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            Viking Grievances

by Tim Murray

Viking ships
Viking grievance mongers on their way to Ottawa to publicly shame the government

News item: The Vikings travelled much farther in North America than previously thought.

On this basis I am prepared to file a land claim. I am, on my mother’s side, descended from Vikings and can trace my lineage back to the 10th century. I will demand compensation from the government of Canada for the theft of my ancestors’ land and their displacement by aboriginals. It is from the former whom I will expect a formal apology.

I will also demand federal funding so that those like me can be taught in our own schools, re-introduced to our former language. A national Viking Day would also be in order, along with a federally assisted Viking TV channel as part of every cable or satellite TV package.

Moreover, rather than base my self-esteem on actual accomplishments, I will draw vicarious pride in the accomplishments of my ancestors. Accomplishments which can be inflated by bogus history. No longer will I have to work to develop self-esteem. Nordic History Studies profs and teachers will give it to me. In fact, I will expect to get an award for just attending classes. A certificate to prove that I am worth something.

As any social worker, or mental health professional or apologist schooled in the fine art of cultural relativism and Boasian anthropology will tell you, lack of self-esteem accounts for my total lack of ambition, my substance abuse and my history of domestic assaults. And it is all down to you. I can forever attribute any of my failings to the “legacy” of my people being driven from this continent or wiped out by raiding parties of ‘First Nations’ and ‘Native Americans’. I accept no responsibility for my failure to make something of myself.

Furthermore, History and Social Studies textbooks will have to be revised to teach our school children that the Vikings built this country, that it was taken from the Vikings, and that present day Canadians and their descendants should feel eternally guilty about it. A Truth and Reconciliation Commission would be in order, plus a Royal Commission on Missing Viking Women raped, butchered or enslaved by attacking Aboriginal men.

Viking voyages to the New World
Recent archaeological findings might indicate that the Vikings have settled as far south as Point Rosee on Newfoundland

Each Canadian University will be compelled to establish a “Traditional Viking Ecological Knowledge” Department that will promote the idea that knowledge that cannot be verified by the scientific method shall receive equal status with scientific knowledge — Viking oral history shall trump any data that emanates from satellite imagery. It will furthermore be understood that Viking “ways of knowing” are just as valid as scientific methodology. In other words, there is Canadian science and Viking ‘science’. How dare any non-Viking have the arrogance to think that his world view is superior to mine. You may believe that we can expect thunder tonight on the basis of what a meteorologist told you, but I know that it will be because my god Thor is making a statement. Respect that.

Should anything more be required from government, I will dress in traditional Viking garb, chant and beat a drum outside Parliament, or at any pipeline hearing. Those who refuse to genuflect to my ethnic heritage or be struck with awe when I appear in costume will be publicly shamed and hounded from office. A Human Rights complaint will also be launched. Win or lose, you will pick up the tab for my legal costs.

I am serving you notice.

Guilty No More — NO APOLOGIES: Spend 4 Minutes to Watch This Powerful Video

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Guilty No More — NO APOLOGIES: Spend 4 Minutes to Watch This Powerful Video


No Apologies
The Anti-White narrative is collapsing in on itself. Our people are beginning awaken to the lies that the Zionists and their collaborators have for so long i…
Clip Better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K63PN2bxAXE

View Now

Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism

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Something is seriously wrong with some Germans…and Canadians

Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism



Politician raped by Muslims, lies to cops to protect them

Selin-Goren-600Selin Goren

A German politician who works as a refugee activist was raped by Arab or Farsi-speaking attackers, lied to police to protect them and then penned a fictional account to cope with her trauma, writing, “You’re not the problem.”

The London Daily Mail reported Selin Goren, 24, a spokeswoman for the left-wing youth movement Solid, said she was ambushed in a playground late at night and forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

While she reported the attack to police in Mannheim, where the attack occurred, “she did not tell them the ethnic makeup of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi,” the report said.

Instead, she told police she was robbed and “said her attackers spoke German,” the report said.

Her protection of her attackers was prompted by reports she heard of a backlash against migrants after a wave of terroristic sexual assaults against women by “marauding gangs of immigrant youths” in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve.

In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, she reported she later returned to police to tell them the truth about the attack early in 2016 and subsequently wrote about her experience as a way to cope.

“She said a friend talked her into going back to the police with the real story because another woman had been raped in the area – an accusation later retracted by the alleged victim,” the Daily Mail reported.

Selin reportedly did not want to cause “more hatred against migrants,” the report said.

In an open letter on Facebook to a fictional refugee she said, “I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.

“I’m going to scream. … I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

Selin wrote that she now thinks people must not twist the truth – even for a politically expedient reason.

Get “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” by former DHS officer Philip Haney and WND Editor Art Moore, now at the WND Superstore!

She apparently isn’t the only one working to conceal the attacks by Muslim immigrants arriving in Europe and the United States from the Middle East.

WND reported in December that German authorities ordered a cover-up of crimes committed by Muslims to avoid adding fuel to the debate over whether the country is taking in too many migrants.

The German newspaper Bild, at the time, said German drug lords are recruiting migrants as cheap drug dealers and petty thieves. The report alleges police are covering up the extent of migrant crimes in an effort to tamp down concerns among native Germans that their government has been too “welcoming” of foreigners.

The Bild report claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros delivering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.

Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden have been magnets for refugees and economic migrants due largely to their generous welfare benefits.

Last weekend, police in Sweden launched investigations of five reported rapes and nearly 40 instances of groping at two music festivals.

While Germany has taken in more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa over the last year, Sweden has taken in more than 162,000.

The latest rash of sexual assaults took place at Putte I Parken, a free festival in Karlstad, according to the Express, a British newspaper.

“Foreign young men” were blamed by police for the attacks at one of the festivals, and at least two unaccompanied migrant youths were arrested.

Police recorded five reports of rapes and 12 of sexual molestation at Bravalla, Sweden’s biggest music festival, and 35 reports of molestation at Putte I Parken, where the youngest victim was 12 years old.

Two of the seven young men accused of “aggressive groping” at the second festival were unaccompanied refugee minors, reportedly living at a nearby accommodation center, the Express reported.

WND reported earlier this year that the rape crisis in Sweden and Germany was continuing unabated.

In one case, a 26-year-old Afghan man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for raping a 20-year-old woman who had let him live in her apartment. The sentence was given by the court in Cologne, Germany, reported Kölner Rundschau.

The migrant came to Germany two years ago, the local news outlet reports, and the contact with the woman came through the group Refugees Welcome, or Flüchtlinge Wilkommen.

The attack occurred Oct. 25, 2015, when the Afghan rapist sneaked into the 20-year-old woman’s room while she was sleeping.

The story sounds eerily similar to another out of Sweden. A mother there, working with a welcoming group, decided to open her home to a male refugee from Eritrea. She made her daughter leave her room so she could offer the child’s room to the migrant. The migrant then sexually assaulted her 10-year-old daughter, the Daily Caller reported.

The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

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The Illegal Migrant Invasion of Europe: Just Another Day at the Office for the CBC

by Tim Murray

Asylum applications for Germany in 2015
CBC: “Carrying capacity? What’s that?”
Estimated asylum applications in Germany in 2015: 800,000 — and no end in sight

August 28, 2015 was just another day at the office for CBC television’s flagship news hour The National.

Since the beginning of the year, viewers have become accustomed to seeing one or two news clips or features each night that are designed to draw attention to the inherent bigotry and racism of whites — the new “blacks”. Every time you sit down to watch The National, you can always count on the CBC to present a story about the evils of Residential Schools or the high rates of violence against native women, or the lack of parity with whites in medical care, or past discrimination against Chinese, Sikhs and blacks, or the barriers that they faced in rising to athletic or military fame, or the plight of “undocumented” immigrants in Canada… the list goes on. The message: we have much to be ashamed of, much to apologize for, and many amends to make. We owe our standing to “White Privilege”, and we must proceed with haste to relinquish it.

Last night viewers saw another installment of this ongoing campaign. This time, however, the issue was the current refugee crisis in Europe. The lead story was about 71 “asylum-seekers” who were jammed in a truck and found dead by a roadside in Austria, the victims of suffocation. Then viewers bore witness to disturbing scenes of corpses washed ashore in Libya, all drowned in a failed attempt to reach Europe. Of course, this footage was provided to give a human face to the statistics that the CBC spewed out in machine gun fashion. Statistics like the number of migrants who had so far drowned in the Mediterranean (2500), the number that had arrived so far this year (340,000), and the staggering number whom Chancellor Angela Merkel and her collaborators will have processed before the year is out (800,000). This will be quadruple the number who came last year.

Stopping the flow of illegal migrants to Europe? Not even an option at the CBC. Instead talk about how Canada should follow the — suicidal — European example. How should Europe cope with this flow? Stopping it was not an option. It was not on the table. This is the CBC we are talking about, after all. No, instead we heard from people like an Austrian official who said that we must “build legal channels” for these people to get here. It is about getting EU member states to “fairly share the burden”. After all, Germany is “a big and prosperous nation”, and there is lot of room in the nations to the north (Scandinavia).

But how many will come? How many more will come when the news gets out that entry into Europe will be safer and easier? The possibility that the queue is never-ending does not factor into the Cultural Marxist equation. But why should we expect otherwise? You might get Cultural Marxist politicians to talk about immigration, but you will never get them to give you a number. Like Samuel Gompers, when asked about what trade unions wanted, they simply answer “more”. Neither Merkel nor Cameron nor Jeb Bush nor Thomas Mulcair nor Justin Trudeau will tell you how many people they ultimately want to live in their respective countries. They will only tell you that we must do “more”. Some might concede that we can’t absorb new waves of migrants indefinitely, but in the meantime, the sky is the limit. Carrying capacity? What’s that?

Ian Hanomansing, the National’s anchor this night, in referring to the fact that the Canadian government relies heavily on private sponsorship to determine refugee intakes, stated that “Canadians must step up to the plate”. But then came the good news. There is a coalition of people in Toronto who are doing just that. People of disparate faiths. One of them was a descendent of Holocaust survivors who felt it here obligation to do for Syrian and Iraqi refugees what Canada did for her relatives. Oh yes, the Holocaust card. Play it and you win the argument every time. That is why the phrase “None is Too Many” is always thrown out whenever a critic introduces a word of caution about opening the floodgates too widely and quickly. “None is Too Many” is the infamous reply that Prime Minister MacKenzie King gave to a question as to how many German Jewish refugees Canada should admit.

To cap this formulaic narrative, viewers were subsequently treated to one of those famous CBC “Panel” discussions, where veteran commentators or experts who are on the same ideological page pretend to offer a genuine debate about the issue. Their opinions typically range from the centre-Left to the far Left. This time, however, there were only two panellists, Janice Stein, Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs, and Saeed Khan, a lecturer in Near East and Asian Studies at Wayne State University — and there was a hint of division.

Khan said that Europe can expect one million, not 800,000, refugees this year, but, not to worry. Since there are 740 million Europeans, one million will be a “small percentage”. Moreover, they will be just popping over for a visit, an overnight stay if you will, as once the dust settles in the Middle East, and Syria and Iraq are sorted out, these asylum-seekers will want to go back. They will “re-migrate”.

Yeah sure they will, Dr. Khan. It seems that Khan was reading from the same script that the late Senator Ted Kennedy read from in 1965 when he assured opponents of his proposed changes to immigration policy that it would not result in a significant change to the ethnic profile of the United States or to the country’s population level.

Stein, to her credit, was not so optimistic. She pointed out that there are 4 million displaced Syrians, and there is no end in sight. Then came a shocking revelation. “Europe does not want nor is it capable of accommodating these numbers”, Stein pointed out. One wonders how the CBC faithful survived this sudden injection of reality.

CBC health warning logo
CBC health warning logo. The broadcasting station is liable for a heavy overdose of anti-European propaganda.

It is clear that the CBC has a mission: Manufactured Consent. Indoctrination by increments. Watching the CBC should come with a health warning.

As any good official State Broadcaster would do, the CBC is softening us up for the coming invasion, whose proportions would boggle our imagination. Think not of a million refugees. Think in terms of tens of millions of refugees. Think even of a billion people on the move in the next decade or two — and that may be a conservative estimate. The consequences will be lethal to our nation, and to those in Europe, America and Australia.

By the time the masses come to their senses, it may be far too late. And you can bet that as more take to the streets or protest outside migrant centres, as more so-called “far right” parties rise in strength, the propaganda campaign waged against them will grow ever more intense. “Anti-immigrant” groups will be vilified with greater vigour, and politicians like Chancellor Merkel will be praised for taking “a real leadership role” in turning a deaf ear to the people. Germany, she has declared, is a nation proud of its diversity, and “has no room for violence or intolerance”, or “those who are not willing to help where help is needed”. But one day most Germans will have no room for Angela Merkel.

We are headed toward an epic storm