The Myths of Immigration

Immigration 101 - Look through the myths of immigration and make up your own mind if immigration is the "saviour of Canada." [The Myths of Immigration]

Immigration: Canada's Silent Health Threat

The health effects of Canada's dilapidated immigration system are one of the scariest, most shocking, and disgusting parts of the immigration fiasco. These pages will sketch a picture of the effect of unchecked immigration on us; This may have been ignored by Canada's ruling Elite, but carries dire consequences for hundreds of thousands of helpless Canadians. Immigration can KILL you!  [Immigration: Silent Health Threat]

Our Heroes, Our History, Our Heritage!

Immigration is changing all portions of Canadian society, and thanks to Multiculturalism, what Canada once was is being perverted, changed and distorted. The Canada First Immigration Reform Committee has documented Canada's REAL history! We are celebrating REAL Canadian Heroes! And we are sharing our REAL Heritage! [Our Heroes, Our History, Our Heritage]

Canada is Changing

Immigration is changing Canada to what more resembles a third world country. We have documented the changes! See what Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and other areas of Canada look like. The complete pictorial look at how Canada is changing. [Canada is changing]

Immigration and Crime

Immigration and crime go hand in hand. Dope dealers in Burnaby, prostitutes on Canadian streets, Asian crime rings, murders, robberies, and rapes. Due to lax screening of immigrants and refugees our streets are no longer safe. [Immigration and crime]

What the Polls Say!

Look at what Canadians have said in past immigration polls. [What the Polls Say]