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Sample:     The Canadian Immigration Hotline    ---    Number 276, February, 2014

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    I've been an activist for nearly 50 years! And, no, I am not retiring. I have no intention of retiring to bird watching or stamp collecting any time soon. I know you've all heard the news that national postal rates will cost 85 cents, $1.00, if you buy a single stamp. Home delivery will be phased out. Now, there's a winning strategy: increased the price 33% and reduce service AND, for added insult to your customers, explain to seniors they need exercise so that making them walk to insecure postal boxes is GOOD for them. Let's thank the over-stuffed head of Canada Post for this insight.
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    Let's not kid ourselves: We European Canadians who founded and settled this country are being replaced by policy! It is not accidental, it is not inevitable, but it is the policy ALL major Canadian political parties are dedicated to. Let's not forget that, by 2050, given present low White birthrates - just over 1.5 children per woman of childbearing age and present immigration levels, we the European founding/settler people will be a minority. This has been done to us, not by an organized foreign invasion or rampaging army, but by our own political leadership, that, regardless of party label, has succumbed to the mindless immigration mantra: *We need more immigration.* I have dedicated my life to trying to reverse this trend.

    Politicians' comments on this issue are a compendium of foolishness. Some years ago Stephen Harper told a UN Conference in Vancouver: "Diversity is Canada's greatest strength" - a slogan created by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith almost 20 years ago and given much traction by then President Bill Clinton. Harper has also said that we need immigration to grow our economy, just as an alcoholic needs a stiff double to cure his addiction.

    More Bad News! This year, more than 1.5-million Canadians will remain unemployed. Meanwhile, many hundreds of thousands more will remain underemployed or staggering between several part-time, minimum wage McJobs. Oh, yes, and another 800,000 fellow Canadians just like you and me will be using food banks. Many of those folks will be our own working poor. Meanwhile, our heartless elite will be falling over themselves to welcome over 700,000 more newcomers - 265,000 plus immigrants, and over 450,000 people on "Temporary Workers Permits" or students visas, both of which offer easy entry into permanent status into Canada. With over 7% official unemployment (actually, closer to 12%) our vile political class will continue to abuse Canadians. Importation of "cheap labour" will make it harder for our poorest and most vulnerable to find work; it will blight the opportunities for our young; it will keep wages low. That means it makes it harder for our own young people to find a secure economic footing from which to start a family and reproduce OUR people. And it's not just any immigration, Canada is permitting overwhelmingly from the Third World (85%) who lack language and employment skills.

    Many lack any desire or capacity for cultural; adaptation. (Under the laws of "diversity", we the put-upon recipients must adapt to the dress, demands, accents of this invasion. These poorly screened newcomers use more social services or taxpayers' money than they contribute. The deficit, according to Herb Grubel of the Fraser Institute, is $25 billion every year!

    *Up Against Secular Religious Fanaticism* So, why isn't the case against our destructive immigration policies clear to other Canadians? Actually, many polls show a majority of Canadians agree with us. The economic argument against immigration - any immigration – in times of high unemployment is unassailable. However, we are facing a form of secular religious fanaticism on the part of our elite! Some actually wish for and work for the demise of European Man - a pure act of hate. Others are the victims of an evil faith. "We need more immigration"' "immigration grows our economy." They believe and repeat these mantras in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Here is why we need your help:


   1. *We need your support to continue our research and our lobbying.*

   2. *We need to expand our readership. To do that we need money to

   advertise. We need to activate more people who think like us.*

   3. *We badly need to produce more Internet radio shows and DVDs.*

    *What Can We Do?* You and I are revolutionaries. The present political elite must go. They are discredited and they are diametrically opposed to our interests and future – the interests of the European founding/settler people of this country! We must produce credible, factual material to inform intelligent caring people and to undermine belief in the present anti-White political order. Communism didn't fall because of armed revolt but because more and more people ceased to BELIEVE. CFIRC helps win people to our views by informing them through our newsletters, meetings and publications. More and more, we work over the Internet. We put out a constant stream of hard-hitting factual analyses. We are doing more work with Internet radio and You Tubes. One of our best productions of the past year was demographer Jerry Vila's *Demography is Destiny*. It's a dynamic DVD available from us for $20.00. It is also up on the Internet and was a talk presented by us in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver.

    Again thanking you for your support for preserving the European founding/settler people of Canada.

Paul Fromm,