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A Letter to MPs About the Bad Effects of Admitting Immigrants Who Do Not Share OUR Values

Dear Honorable Members of Parliament


Without Prejudice


I am drawing your attention to this very important video in which you will hear a presentation from Paul Weston, March 3, 2016.


If we listen carefully to the demographic figures stated in this video and given the fact that the immigrants referred to have many more children than we do as well as the fact that they are allowed four wives, it is potentially a life and death situation for us.


We also need to consider that they do not share our values, our culture; our way of life; have no intention of adapting and many have stated that their intention is to conquer the west.  These reasons should make us take notice that bringing them into our country is totally unrealistic.


If Canadians wish to help these people they should be resettled in their area of the world at which time financial help can be sent much easier and more economically than transporting thousands of people here.


Add to this the fact that Sweden which has shown great generosity to immigrants over the years is now considered a “lost” country.  Germany too, has reported many assaults and rapes of women and children and everyone appears to be afraid to address the real issues for fear of being called racist.  Is it not time that we prevent this type of situation happening in Canada by putting an immediate stop to this “refugee and asylum seeker” immigration?

What we need to address is those who are causing the problems.

I would appreciate a response from you at your earliest convenience to indicate what you are prepared to do to prevent future problems in Canada which European nations are now experiencing as a result of this immigration policy.


Yours truly,





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Preview YouTube video Paul Weston CPAC Live Stream March 3 2016

Paul Weston CPAC Live Stream March 3 2016