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MICHAEL WALSH: Toronto Discovers the Joys of ‘Diversity.’ Rising violence, increasing fear — so naturally Canadian officials blame guns.

Rattled by string of violent attacks, Toronto wonders if city is unraveling

As residents grapple with the latest attack to hit the city in recent months, some are asking whether it was becoming less safe

Detectives in Canada are still seeking a motive for a mass shooting which left three dead – including the gunman – and injured more than a dozen others, as residents of Toronto grapple with the latest in a string of violent incidents to hit Canada’s biggest city in recent months.

Federal officials said on Tuesday that there was no terror link to Sunday’s attack in which the lone gunman opened fire along a bustling avenue in the city, seemingly shooting at random at pedestrians and into shops and restaurants. “At this time, there is no national security nexus to the investigation,” said a spokesperson for the ministry of public safety. The attack killed two people, a recent high school graduate Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis. The 13 injured include six women and girls, as well as seven men.

Authorities have not yet publicly speculated on the motive of the gunman, Faisal Hussain, or explained how he obtained the handgun used in the attack. In a statement, his family cited his lifelong struggle with depression and psychosis, noting that professional help, medication and therapy had failed to help him.

I would say his name alone is a pretty good clue as to the gunman’s motivation. Note the usual “no connection to terrorism” bromide about an incident that is obviously terrorism, committed by a “known wolf” Pakistani Muslim exercising his religious freedom to kill the infidel wherever he may find us. But as long as the authorities and the media continue to pretend that only provable-in-courts-of-law conspiracy cases are “terror links,” the public will continue to be ill-served about the scope of the problem.


Deranged Toronto Woman Crazed By Anti-Racism & Cultural Marxism

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Deranged Toronto Woman Crazed By Anti-Racism & Cultural Marxism


In this cringeworthy video a high school teacher tries to infringe on a reporter’s free speech

While interviewing attendees of the memorial for Toronto’s Danforth shooting victims, The Rebel’s David Menzies encountered a woman who regurgitated every liberal talking point in the book.

When Menzies asked a couple about a CBS report claiming the shooter visited ISIS websites, the woman interrupted the interview by asking that “we not descend into racism,” apparently unaware that affiliation with the terrorist group has nothing to do with race.

“What did I say that was racist?” Menzies asked, but the woman just attacked The Rebel and said they aren’t welcome in “our community.”

From there, the woman called The Rebel “fake news,” endorsed socialism over capitalism, admitted she doesn’t care about ISIS, said a majority of Ontario citizens are “demented” and called Trump a fascist.

The woman, who said she’s a high school teacher who educates her students about the racist agenda of the right, then threatened to call the cops over the “racist hate speech.”

The Fourth Turning and a New Homeland for Euro-Canadians

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The Fourth Turning and a New Homeland for Euro-Canadians
by  Brian Wiggins – July 23, 2018
Imagine a Pristine Homeland for Euro-Canadians
In “The Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in Canada,” I argued that a defined territory is crucial for our survival. According to Dr. Frank Slater, “the special quality of a defended territory is that it insulates a population from the vicissitudes of demographic disturbances . . .” Acquisition and defense of territory, notes Slater, are an integral part of the tribal strategy of humans. The passionate relationship between a people and its homeland has been constant throughout history. A people can suffer many setbacks, but as long as it retains its own territorial space, it can recover. [i] In the long run, only territory ensures survival, and human history is largely a record of groups expanding and contracting, conquering or being conquered, migrating or being displaced by migrants. The loss of territory, whether by military defeat or displacement by aliens, brings ethnocide.
In the United States, the Trump Administration cannot deliver on their signature campaign promise: to build a wall on their southern border. It’s hard for me to understand how the Americans have put up without a wall for so long but if the Republicans can’t get their wall built, and Brexit can’t Brexit how do we, in Canada, expect to establish an immigration moratorium and repeal our Multiculturalism Act? Not very likely. I propose that we make contingency plans for a new homeland(s) inside Canada.
Canadians from the founding cultures, need to look beyond a conventional political solution. If Catalonia, Khalistan, Israel, Wakanda, “Farrakhanland,” Scotland, Kurdistan, Quebec, and “New” California, why not a homeland for European-Canadians in South-Western Ontario; the Maritimes; the Prairies, around Quebec City or the interior of beautiful British Columbia? It’s British Columbia, after-all.

We can’t be accused of discriminating against people we don’t live with. The massive transfer of wealth and the $35B-$40B fiscal costs of immigration will disappear. Infrastructure savings would be enormous. We’ll never have to worry about being branded racists or xenophobes again. Taxes will decline. Hospitals, currently operating at 135% of capacity in both the Fraser River Valley and the GTA, largely as a result of chain migration, will gradually decline to their intended 85% cap, and we’ll be able to move on our highways again. The Canadian environment could heal. Employment equity plans will vanish, and organizations can get thousands of our kids out of their parent’s basements and into the workforce.

A new homeland for the founding cultures might seem fantastic or a pipe dream to some but consider that we are now, as of the credit crisis of 2008-09, at a significant historical inflection point. In their bestselling book, The Fourth Turning: What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with History, authors William Strauss and Neil Howe describe the seasonal nature of history and foresee an inevitable period of decay that will destroy existing social and political institutions.

Imagine a Pristine Homeland for Euro-Canadians
Steven K. Bannon, former advisor to President Donald Trump (and many others), agrees that a Fourth Turning began in 2008 with the global financial credit crisis and has argued that the administrative state must be dismantled in advance of the final climax. Canadians, too, should tear down everything that is no longer functional, including our pathological immigration policies and official multiculturalism. In order to renew, forests need fires and rivers need floods.

The Anglo-American Saeculum

Strauss and Howe theorize that the history of a people moves in 80-to-100 year cycles called “saecula.” The concept goes back to ancient Greece, where it was believed that at a given saeculum’s end, there would come “ekpyrosis,” a cataclysmic event that destroys the old order and ushers in a new one in a trial of fire. We owe much to the cradle of Western civilization.

Strauss and Howe define a social generation as the aggregate of all people born over a span of roughly twenty years or about the length of one phase of life: childhood, young adulthood, midlife, and old age.[ii]

An average life is 80 years, and consists of four periods of ~20 years

  • Childhood → Young adult → Midlife → Elderhood

A generation is an aggregate of people born every ~20 years

  • Baby Boomers → Gen X → Millennials → Homelanders

Each generation experiences “four turnings” every ~80 years

  • High → Awakening → Unraveling → Crisis

Fourth Turning Chronology

The Late Medieval Saeculum (1485) Wars of the Roses (1459-1487)

The Reformation Saeculum begins with the Protestant Reformation and ends with the Armada crisis 1588 – a period of 103 years from one crisis climax to the next crisis climax

The New World Saeculum  begins with the Puritan Awakening and ends with the Glorious Revolution in 1688 – a period of 100 years from crisis climax to crisis climax

The Revolutionary Saeculum or the “Great Awakening” ends in 1781 with the American Revolution – a period of 92 years between climax of the Glorious Revolution and the climax of the American Revolution

The Civil War Saeculum ends in 1863 (1860-1885) – a period of 82 years between the Revolutionary War climax and the American Civil War climax

The Great Power Saeculum ends in 1944 and coincides with the Great Depression and World War II- a period of 81 years from the Climax of the American Civil War

The Millenial Saeculum begins with “Consciousness Revolution.” The global Financial Crisis of 2008, indicates the start of the Fourth Turning, climaxing in 2025? – A period of 81 years from the previous climax of World War II? [iii] 

All Fourth Turnings are marked by periods of dread and decay in which the American (or English) people were forced to unite to rebuild a new future, but only after a significant conflict in which many lives were lost. It typically starts with a catalyst event, followed by a period of regeneracy. Following that there is a defining climax in which a “war” (the coming war might take many forms) for the old order is fought. Finally, there is a resolution in which a new world order is created out of the ashes.

Bad News Sells

To be fair, sweeping theories of history are not as well received in academia. The Fourth Turning is non-falsifiable and has been a tough sell to professional historians who have now been co-opted into re-writing and revising history to allow for the occupation of formerly Western ancestral homelands by alien out-groups. William McLoughlin, a former history prof at Brown, believes that it is fantasy to think that “if you put enough data together and have enough charts and graphs, you’ve made history into a science.” Fair enough. Those sophisticated enough to lose money in the capital markets at any time, will confirm that the future is unknowable by definition. Nevertheless, the Turnings are much more than mere happenstance or data mining.

Readers who have stock market experience can find support in Elliot’s 5th and final wave of his grand super-cycle and with Nikolai Kondratieff’s wave theory. The cycle of crises also corresponds with cycles of war identified by Arnold Toynbee and geopolitical cycles identified by William R. Thompson. Keep in mind Vladimir Lenin’s comment that “In some decades, nothing happens; in some weeks, decades happen.”

There’s a lot to be concerned about. North Korea and Iran; the staggering mountain of immoral public debt in the United States and Canada and throughout the West; the crouching, racist and hyper-nationalist tiger dreaming of global domination and increasingly militarizing, with weapons stolen from the West, the South China Sea, or what I prefer to call the North Philippine Sea, are all potential sparks. The world’s greatest threat according to Bill Gates, is an influenza pandemic. The Institute of Disease Modelling predicts that a severe flu pandemic could kill more than 33 million people in just 250 days. Several concerning strains are already circulating.[iv]

Finally, in my view, there is a growing threat of a second civil war exploding out of the incredible divisiveness in the United States. Either of these four “sparks;” debt, China, a flu pandemic, or the outbreak of a second American Civil War or a combination of these threats could ignite the final Fourth Turning “climax” sometime between now and 2025, give or take, according to the theory.

The generational cycle cannot explain the role or timing of these individual threats. Nor can it account for the great events of history, like the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, President Kennedy’s assassination, 9/11 or the Lehman insolvency. What the generational cycle can do, according to Strauss and Howe, is explain how society is likely to respond to these events in different eras. It is the response, not the initial event, which defines an era according to the theory. [v] According to Strauss and Howe, the crisis period lasts for approximately 20 years.

A financial collapse driven by a debt implosion is certainly plausible. Total debt in the U.S., for example, including Federal, State, Municipal and contingent liabilities in Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare is roughly $207 Trillion. In Canada, the Province of Ontario is a financial train wreck. The province will need to increase borrowing to finance another spending shortfall, adding to an existing mountain of debt, borrowed on our grandchildren’s credit cards, and is forecast to rise to $325 Billion, or more than $22,500 for every man, woman and child in the Province.[vi]

Newly elected Premier, Doug Ford, will find his hands to be tied but at least he has the right mindset and there is some hope that his populist surge will spill over Federally next year. To make matters worse, Moody’s has joined the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and S&P Global is warning that Canada’s banking system, yes Canada’s, is facing a growing threat of souring consumer loans amid rising interest rates. Canada’s ratio of household debt to disposable income reached a new astonishing record of 171% in the 3rd Q of 2017 and the proportion of uninsured mortgages has increased to 60% from 50% five years ago.[vii]

It is my view, however, that the final spark for the Fourth Turning will be ignited by a Second American Civil War. Either way, the day of reckoning is coming. The chickens will come home to roost.

The Fourth Turning, whatever the final cause(s), has the potential to trigger a political upheaval beyond what we can possibly ever imagine. Strauss and Howe see a return to a more traditional and conservative social order as one of the outcomes. If history is a guide, the probability of retribution for former “collaborators” and for those who resist the new expectations for conformity will be high. There will be no assumption of compassion for the traitors and complacency will not be an option.

On the bright side, fertility rates will rise again, quality of life and prosperity will climb and public investment in infrastructure will surge. We will enter into a period of Peace, Order and Good Government but many nations are likely to be fractured and geographically divided by ethnicity as a consequence.

Yes, there is hope for a new homeland for the founding cultures. This may be our opportunity to take our nation back and hold those responsible for giving it away, without our consent, as traitors. Gird your loins for our next rendezvous with destiny.

Canada is over 400 years old. Our people have a DNA all our own. We belong to a unique and storied nation with its own official languages, religion, history, heroes, mannerisms, culture and identity. We don’t want open borders. We don’t want mass migrations to change Canada into something new. We don’t want to become a minority in our own land. We want our country back.

Imagine a Pristine Homeland for Euro-Canadians
Canadian “elites” babble about “diversity,” about how much better a country we will be in 2036 when white Europeans are just another minority and we have become a “gorgeous mosaic” of every race, tribe, creed and culture on earth. To many Canadians, such a future entails the death of our nation. To Canadians, millions of African, Chinese, Indian, Arab and Islamic peoples settling in our lands means the annihilation of the historic nation we love, the nation that came into being to preserve us. We will never forgive politicians, whether by accident, or design, if they change our country completely and forever.

Many of these aliens who occupy Canada today have no “cosanguity” with either of the two founding cultures or the larger white European family. From the growing expressions of resentment, contempt and even hostility towards us, it’s clear they we’re not compatible.[viii] Canada is increasingly being filled with people who have absolutely no connection to the great historic Dominion of Canada. They can’t be faulted. Canada was never really created for them but as anti-white sentiment goes mainstream and all of Canada’s non-whites increasingly assert their own racial and ethnic heritage, what will keep Canada together when we lose our white majority? If Euro-Canadians had the same group loyalty as Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese and Indians we would never have permitted these aliens into our land to begin with.

Our ancestors did not create the heroic and adventurous Hudson Bay Company, fight on the Plains of Abraham, Beaver Dam, Stoney Creek, Lundy’s Lane, Michilimackinac Island, Queenston Heights, Paardeberg andLeliefontein, Ypres, Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele, The North Atlantic, in Defence of Hong Kong, The Battle of Britain, Dieppe, D-Day, The Liri Valley, Normandy, the Scheldt, Kapyong and Kandahar, and endure the enormous hardships and sacrifice of the Great Depression, in order for baby boomers to turn the country over to alien out-groups and foreigners who have nothing in common with us and who don’t share our values.

Canada is much more than an idea; it’s much more than a shopping mall. The Fathers of Confederation did not frame the British North America Act to celebrate diversity. It’s the “British” North America Act, after all. Canadians did not spill their blood and treasure around the world for multiculturalism and to become a marginalized, despised but “privileged” minority in the land bequeathed to us by their ancestors; our home and native land. Did we?

If we don’t stop this madness, and establish our own lands, Euro-Canadians will learn soon enough that the non-whites our hyper-altruistic elites usher into 24 Sussex Drive will not fritter away their demographic, political and economic gains in fruitless displays of moral superiority the way we have. A Canada run by non-white aliens and foreigners will be a shockingly different place. Competitive racial and ethnic altruism is not a game non-whites play.[ix] Canadians must force our traitorous elites to abandon policies that will, before long, destroy us all and everything that was bequeathed to us.

I should be careful what I wish for, but as far as I am concerned, the Fourth Turning can’t come soon enough. We are a people. We can create great things if left free to be ourselves and only we can be ourselves. If Canada ceases to be majority white country, it won’t be a country at all. Euro-Canadians should never give up on the idea that this country belongs, first and foremost, to us. We will fight back and the fight has, in fact, already begun. A cold wind is blowing. Winter is coming…


Pamphlets distributed on windshields claiming immigration is ‘white genocide’

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Pamphlets distributed on windshields claiming immigration is ‘white genocide’

[This is was passes for news at the Medicine Hat News. Let’s examine the smear job.  of the lugen presse or lying press at work.]
1. The leaflets calling Canada’s immigration policy a form of White genocide, were not written by the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee. The leaflets apparently direct people to our website.
2. The non-news story does not identify the Ontario group — CFIRC — so that readers might check it out for themselves.
3. The group is “headed by a well-known neo-nazi” — presumably me. The paper didn’t call me for information for this story or to inquire whether I was a “neo-Nazi”. I have frequently said that I am not a “Nazi” , neo or otherwise. I am a populist and a White Nationalist.
4. All too often Canadian police act as thought cops or political police: ” “We’d like to know who’s doing it,” said Staff Sgt. Brian Christman, saying the material could be construed as hate literature. ‘This goes beyond free speech. Somebody is treading in territory that could get themselves into serious trouble.’” Since when did a cop become a judge? Why are the police investigating at all? Where’s the crime? Someone is expressing a point of view.
5. While not seeking out comments from the person the writer maligns, he did seek comments from two wildly pro-immigration and anti-free speech groups — B’nai Brith and the U.S. Southern Poverty Law Centre,.
6. White genocide or replacement is not a conspiracy theory. It is an objective conclusion of the effects of massive Third World immigration which is the policy of all major Canadian political parties. The European founding/settler people were about 95 per cent of Canada when our immigration policy was changed by stealth in the early 1960s. According to the last census, that number is down to 78 per cent. Projecting ahead, Europeans will become a minority by 2050 or before. We are already a minority in Vancouver and Toronto, the two largest cities in English Canada.]
7. Actually, I joined the federal Conservatives and voted, despite the efforts of the operative for one candidate to stop me.]
Paul Fromm

By City Desk on July 18, 2018.

Some residents of the Flats woke up to find pamphlets decrying immigration as “White Genocide” on their vehicles’ windshields on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 a few days after posters with similar slogans were posted at a Church on the Southeast Hill in Medicine Hat.

Medicine Hat News

Days after posters that stated “immigration = white genocide” appeared on a church in Medicine Hat, pamphlets proclaiming much the same were tucked under windshield wipers in another community on Tuesday morning.

The paper slips are titled “Stop Immigation (sic)… Stop White Genocide” and include phrases “White self-hate” and “Jewish supremacy,” directing the reader to a website of an Ontario-based anti-immigration group headed by a well-known “Neo Nazi.”

Medicine Hat police were investigating both matters on Tuesday, and officials believe the two episodes are likely connected.

Police are asking that people come forward with complaints or tips about who might be responsible, and to report when they see materials being distributed.

A national director of B’Nai B’rith called the material “extremely concerning and disgusting, in fact” after viewing it on Tuesday.

“The point is trying to convince people that Jews in general are intending to carry out genocide,” said Aidan Fishman, with the Toronto-based League for Human Rights for B’Nai B’rith Canada.

“I haven’t seen this exact flyer before, but unfortunately it’s a fairly common conspiracy theory among Neo-Nazis and those on the far right that there’s some sort of Jewish directed plot to get rid of European people. It’s obviously ridiculous, but unfortunately there are people out there who think that.

“We’ve see similar acts of vandalism or graffiti trying to spread that message.”

“White genocide” is a popular theory among hate groups that posits that the ulterior motive of immigration is to overwhelm mostly Caucasian populations in European and North American countries.

The flyers found Tuesday in Medicine Hat direct the reader to a website run by Paul Fromm, an Ontario man identified by the U.S.-based anti-hate group Southern Poverty Law Centre as a leader in white supremacist activities.

It documents several high-profile appearances at rallies, his support for Ernst Zundel and his attendance in an Aryan Guard march in Calgary in 2009.

In 2011, Fromm ran against then immigration minister Jason Kenney in the Federal election on the issue of instituting a complete immigration freeze. In 2017, he was denied membership in the federal Conservative party prior to its leadership vote due to his extreme views.

It’s not clear whether Fromm or his group is behind the local incidents, or whether a reader of the website, which rails against the immigration system in Canada, took it upon themselves.

A different website that is equally critical of immigration appeared on posters found at Westminster United Church on Sunday. A pastor there complained that posters targeting homosexuals and visible minorities were offensive.


From Canada Day To Diversity Day

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From Canada Day To Diversity Day

by Marc Archambault

Canada Day Parade in Montreal 2018: “It is Mambo time!”
I went to the Canada Day parade from Fort Street to Dominion Square, Montreal, where there were thousands of pieces of free birthday cake dished out by a crew of mostly Latinos and Caribbeans with security team of Haitians. The clients evident were Chinese, Filipino, Muslims with hijabs and American tourists with cameras.

The parade was a quarter or more Chinese complete with dragons, representing communist order and ethnic regions. The rest was from dozens of countries around the world each waving their flag and proudly sporting their costumes, music and dances. Here are some videos by Chinese/Asians proudly showcasing their Culture.

The image below is taken from the “The Official Website of Jimmy Chan” where he basically brags (in 2016) about how “Canada Day” is now “Chinese Day”.
 Chinese Day Parade, July 1, 2016, Montreal
There were even Turks waving the Turkish flag wearing Ottoman fezzes, pretending to be Shriners..?! There were Iranians sporting their flag with lion of imperial Persian empire. There was one small authentic French Canadian band with Kiwanis and real quad-4-wheeler Shriners giving Canadian participation of less than 10% of the show. I did notice most of the Montreal police were Canadian, many stayed in their car, police cadets were on some street corners.
Indians were really proud to showcase their own culture rather than Canada’s:
The parade should have been called United Nations Day or Mass Migration Day — nothing to do with Canada.
Here are some video clips of the Montreal parade this year 2018 taken by foreigners implicitly claiming they now own Canada and that July 1st is their Day, for the benefit of their race and culture against “racist” Canadians.
                                                 Part 3, check Part 1 one and 2
Thirty years ago when the Canada Day parade was for Canadians it would have had school, college bands representing education and military groups; army, air, marine bands representing security; hospital/ health care facilities; church; larger iconic national businesses such as hydro, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport: rail, automotive, aerospace; mining/ smelting, banking; athletic/ sports; culture such as Cirque du soleil, Montreal symphony, country and folk; indigenous peoples. The true essence of national pride.
Today Canada has none of these to celebrate. Only third world multiculturalism.

For the founding European culture: pioneers, nation builders and defenders of the “true north strong and free” — it must be a sad day.

The government vision and plan for the rapid and dramatic transformation of Canada from an English/ French bi-cultural country to a multicultural post nation has taken place. It’s a gamble Canada will loose. It already feels now to be a country lost.

What I see is a bunch of foreign powers vying for control in the vacuum of what was once a country.

Here are some videos of past Canada Day parades before the imposition of Diversity. These videos are now extremely rare in the internet. It looks like the diversity commissars are deleting them from the historical record.

Reality is Now Racist

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Reality is Now Racist


We live in a strange time.

The truth has become relative.

Reality is now something to deny and criticize.

Or, more accurately, reality is now racist, according to some people.

Earlier this week, the Conservative Party of Canada tweeted this image:


The image is of an actual illegal border crosser walking into Canada, placed overtop of Justin Trudeau’s infamous #WelcomeToCanada tweet.

The usual suspects on Twitter accused this ad of being “racist” because it included a picture of a border crosser. If you look closely, the man is African. (We didn’t even notice at first).

Like the overwhelming majority of border crossers, the man depicted — tastefully, without showing his face — is African.

This makes sense, since the top two source countries of asylum seekers entering Canada are Nigeria and Haiti.

What would these critics — including well-known and respected journalists — have preferred to see? That the skin colour of a migrant gets altered, so as not to offend politically correct sensibilities?

The allegation that this post is somehow racist is bewildering enough on its own.

But what happened next makes it worse.

After the slightest bit of pressure, the Conservative Party of Canada caved and took down the ad — tacitly admitting there was something wrong with it.


So now I ask: why do identity politics, political correctness, and the hyper-sensitive and out-of-touch liberal media get to dictate the Conservative playbook?

Re-take Control of the Border: Build A Wall or Declare the Entire Border A Port of Entry & Turn Back the Illegals

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Re-take Control of the Border: Build A Wall or Declare the Entire Border A Port of Entry & Turn Back the Illegals

Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 289-674-4455; FAX: 289-674-4820


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


To All Members of Parliament:

No picture has so incensed Canadians or demonstrated the utter impotence, or worse,  of our gatekeepers than pictures of Mounties acting as glorified bellhops, carrying posh looking suitcases for illegals crossing over the New York State-Quebec border, having avoided the normal check point. Instead of pushing these illegals back or blocking their way, the RCMP were assisting them to enter Canada.  Some thought this was a little like finding out that police had driven the getaway car after a bank holdup.

The present government has lost control of our border with the U.S. In 2017, 18,149 people crossed illegally into Canada most from New York State to Quebec at Roxham Road and a much smaller number across the Manitoba border from North Dakota. As soon as these illegals are accepted as “refugee” claimants, they qualify for welfare, housing, medical and legal aid and schooling. Homeless shelters in Montreal and Toronto are full.

The searing injustice is, despite their first act is Canada is to disrespect our laws by the illegal entry, they immediately impose severe financial burdens on Canadian taxpayers. Wher else can you break into someone’s home and be guaranteed to be fed and sheltered and medicated?

The Safe Third Country Agreement was a reasonable attempt to handle some of the unreasonable burdens imposed on Canada by the disastrous 1985 Singh Decision which granted people showing up  and claiming “refugee” status all the rights of Canadians, except the right to vote. All they needed to do was touch Canadian soil and say were the magic words “I’m a refugee” and they were guaranteed a hearing and an appeal and welfare, legal aid, government housing, medicare and dental care better than many Canadian-born welfare recipients receive! The Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S. required a person wishing to make a refugee claim in the first country (Canada or the U.S.) he entered. He could not shop around. A person from the U.S. presenting at a “port of entry” cannot make a refugee claim and, if he wished to do so, would be turned back.

The spirit of the agreement is clear. Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel makes a perfectly reasonable point — declare the entire border a “port of entry.” Second best would be to build a fence or wall along the area in Quebec where the illegals are crossing and back it up with troops or police to push intruders back. Hungary has effectively secured its southern border that way.

The duty of an army is to secure its country’s borders. Rather than meddling in a civil war in Mali, our army should be protecting the border.

Finally, to free ourselves from the ivory tower restrictions of the Singh Decision, Parliament should use the “notwithstanding” clause and stipulate that ALL would-be immigrants or refugees should apply and be vetted abroad.

As long as the Canadian government fails to take border security seriously, why should foreign opportunists? Large numbers of Nigerians are flying to the U.S. on tourist visas and making their way to the Canadian  border to sneak avoid the border crossing station, sneak across the border and claim “refugee” status. It little matters that Nigeria is a democratic country. The current wait time for the backlog is 30 months. That’s 30 months living off the Canadian taxpayer. Not a bad deal!

The time to act is now!

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm


Douglas Todd: Trudeau government goes silent on Canada’s 50,000 Syrian refugees

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Douglas Todd: Trudeau government goes silent on Canada’s 50,000 Syrian refugees

How have things gone for Syrian refugees in Canada in the almost two years since the lone departmental report in December 2016? No one really knows

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election promise to welcome ­25,000 refugees from Syria was aimed at showing voters his compassion. The followup photo opportunities he arranged in 2015 with smiling Syrian refugees, such as doctors, drew international headlines.

Once in power, Trudeau’s Liberals switched the name of the Immigration Department to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, to highlight their concern for those forced to leave chaotic home countries, especially Syria.

Given the grand gestures, you would be forgiven for believing the federal Liberals and the department responsible for refugees would be tracking the fate of the tens of the thousands of struggling Syrians that Canada has recently taken in.

But, after more than two weeks of inquiries by Postmedia, a media relations officer acknowledged the department has not produced any report in almost two years on the about 50,000 Syrian refugees now in Canada.

Canada’s auditor general is among the unamused. The Liberals had a plan to monitor whether the mostly Arabic-speaking refugees were learning English or French, working, receiving social assistance and going to school, but the government has failed to follow through, said auditor general Michael Ferguson. It is Ottawa’s responsibility, he said, to make sure Syrians refugees “integrate into Canadian society.”

The federal Liberals are not following the more transparent approach of Sweden and Germany, which took in the largest numbers of the 2.6 million mostly-Syrian asylum seekers who arrived in Europe in 2015 and 2016. The governments of those countries are providing extensive data on refugee outcomes, in addition to launching waves of job-training programs.


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada did, to be fair, release a one-year-after report on Syrian refugees in December, 2016. It was moderately helpful, since it showed half the privately sponsored refugees had jobs in Canada. But employment fell to 10 per cent among the larger cohort of “government-assisted” refugees, who are typically less educated and often illiterate.

The early Ottawa report also touched on how, after refugees’ first year in Canada, they are cut off from direct stipends from the federal government.

How have things gone for Syrian refugees in Canada in the almost two years since that lone departmental report? No one really knows. That’s unlike in Sweden and Germany, where refugee programs are increasingly thorny electoral issues.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greets refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war, at Pearson airport. Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS

Sweden has discovered, for instance, that, despite creating hundreds of “fast-track” job-training programs for recent refugees, only one third of those who completed a two-year full-time integration program in 2017 were working or studying three months later.

Refugees in Germany have done a bit better, but three-quarters are working in jobs needing few skills and with poor prospects. Unemployment is exceedingly high.

How is integration going in Canada?

When Postmedia sought answers from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, a media official provided the website of another public-relations official at another department, who recommended contacting Canadian academics, who either didn’t respond, had nothing to say or suggested contacting yet other academics. It’s known as “getting the runaround.” It may eventually bear fruit, but who knows?

One non-governmental source in B.C., however, did have some helpful informal insights about what’s happening in this  province, the destination of about one in 10 Syrian refugees.

Maggie Hosgood, who has helped coordinate more than 100 B.C. United Church congregations that have privately sponsored 65 Syrian families, said most refugees “are doing all right,” with good outcomes for children, especially girls, who attend public schools.

But most refugees, many of whom end up in Burnaby, are struggling to afford housing in hyper-costly Metro Vancouver. In addition, Hosgood estimated roughly one in four Syrian adults are on welfare.

Unlike the highly educated refugees who Trudeau mingles with for photo opportunities, most Syrian refugees have jobs that require few skills, such as cleaners or jobs in shops where they don’t have to speak English.

Many Syrians are struggling to learn English in the classroom, Hosgood said, regretting that the former federal Conservative government did away with a program in which refugees could, at the same time, learn both English or French and a trade.

There are positive exceptions. Some male refugees are bakers, candy makers or mechanics. One carpenter, Hosgood said, has developed a thriving business, learning English while he works. “He’s got plans.”

As German and Swedish government officials are discovering, Hosgood also confirmed many Middle Eastern “husbands don’t want their wives to work.” They think, she said, the woman should stay at home and the husband should provide for the family.

“The Canada Child Benefit has been a godsend for most families,” Hosgood said, echoing a study suggesting most Syrian parents come with three to four children, sometimes eight or 10. “Big families would be doing very well.”

Syrian mothers and fathers with four children can get about $50,000 a year in various taxpayer-funded social-service benefits. The Canada Child Benefit provides $6,400 a year for each child under six and $5,400 for children between six and 17, while provincial welfare programs can provide $7,000 to $12,000 a year to each adult.

Hosgood said many of the grateful Syrian refugees, who know how to stretch their money,  are now starting to sponsor relatives to come to Canada.

Integrating refugees into the well-off West requires playing the long game. European countries have found that refugees’ full entry into the taxpaying workforce often doesn’t approach the national average for a couple of decades.

Instead of posturing in photo opportunities, Canada’s governing politicians need to follow Europe and track what is happening on the difficult ground. It’s impossible to create effective integration programs if no one knows what’s working and what’s not.

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Phony Argument to Sway Christians

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News item:  Isqra Khalid announces that 23 million dollars of our money will go to support “diverse communities” to promote “anti-racism” education and fight “systemic” racism and “religious discrimination.”


Bosom buddies. Justin Trudeau and Isqra Khalid.

 Who is channeling whom?

So  Isqra Khalid, the Liberal MP who put forward Motion 103 , proudly announced the dispensation of  $23 million or money to anointed grievance groups. Repeat. $23 million. Chump change, right? Wrong.

Let’s put that $23 million in context.

As many of us will recall, when candidate Justin Trudeau promised that a Liberal government under his leadership would spend $13 billion of borrowed money on infrastructure projects, he was reminded of the huge scale of our federal debt, and asked if instead he should not endeavour to balance the budget. He dismissed those concerns with one pat answer. “Budgets balance themselves”.  Really? What a relief. I guess I shouldn’t worry about my negative cash flow or my growing line of credit debt. It will all work out in the end. Interest rates will remain at historic lows and my income steady. Sure my debt levels are worrisome but, as Mr. Micawber in said in Dickens’  David Copperfield, “something will turn up.”  Especially in Canada where, as Justin said in his victory speech, “Anything is possible.”

Let’s get real.

Trudeau needs to know that it is Canadian taxpayers —ordinary working Canadians and small business entrepreneurs——who service the debt.  The debt does not service itself. Even if the government’s optimistic projections prove true, these servicing charges will increase 35% by 2022, or $33 billion. This is $9 billion more than taxpayers already pay. Trudeau assures us that the size of the debt doesn’t matter. It the size of the debt in relation to the size of the economy that we should focus on. The “debt to GDP ratio”. So relax and go back to sleep.

But this contention is premised on continuing economic growth, fairly robust growth at that, considering the circumstances. Trudeau’s flip answer assumes that the economy will grow as he expects it will. Trudeau has not factored in the spectre of rising interest rates (which are creeping up) and the very real possibility  of losing American customers thanks to the collapse or unfavourable renegotiation of NAFTA.  We have a 2 trillion dollar economy, but American customers are responsible for 20% of our business ($400 billion). Moreover, as interest rates on American government bonds go up, Canada must raise its interest rates to match it, or the bond buyers who pay for our debt won’t buy our bonds. It’s called market competition, or shopping around. Simple stuff.

One question though.  Who buys are bonds? Not the poor. Not the working poor. Not ordinary working Canadians or small businessmen.  For the most part, it is the relatively WEALTHY who buy bonds. In fact, big banks and financiers encourage their clients to buy bonds, and are very happy that governments like Trudeau’s continue to borrow and issue T-bills as if they are going out of style. Quite ironic, when you think about.  A Leftist government grows the debt, which is serviced by working and small business class Canadians so that rich people can reap the dividends from government treasury bills.  In effect, the champions of wealth and income redistribution pursue a fiscal policy that amounts to a massive transfer of wealth from the people they claim to represent to the people they vow to heavily tax. Go figure.

Social democrats who claim to be the advocates of the downtrodden should think about that.  Runaway deficit financing is a rich man’s dream and a working man’s long term nightmare.  Wanton over-spending now will result in savage cut-backs down the line, with reduced incomes, higher classroom sizes, longer surgical wait lists, high government fees, higher public transportation fares—-you name it. One wonders how many socialist governments have to fall before that lesson sinks in. How many Leftist administrations, elected on the promise of more social services and public works projects, have to bite the bullet of austerity after the hangover of irresponsible spending wears off? It’s 2018 Justin, but you still cling to an obsolete 80 year old failed paradigm that usually fails politicians like you choose to ignore the other half of the Keynesian formula.  Yes, it might be advisable to borrow and spend your way out of a recession, but in good times, a government needs to CUT back spending to pay off the debt. Somehow, that seldom happens. I wonder why. Could it be anything to do with the fact you need the revenue to pay back friends, reward apparatchiks and expand an already bloated bureaucracy? After all, the burgeoning immigration and multi-cult propaganda industry needs its grants.

The Liberals (NDP and Greens) believe in a government-directed economy.  They believe that government is more competent to spend our money than we taxpayers are. So instead of leaving us with enough disposable income to hire the local mechanic to fix our car, or the local gutter cleaner to clean our gutters, or the local electrician to wire our house, for example, a Leftist government takes the money we would otherwise use to pay local businesses to do these things or provide services that we actually value and instead gives it to political and cultural groups who spread their ideology and reward them at the ballot box. (Consider the mutual back scratching arrangement that Liberal governments have had with the CBC).  While businesses in a market economy make money by making products or providing services that we want, business (and organizations) in a government-directed economy  they get their money by lobbying politicians.  And since businesses go where the money is, more and more businesses are hiring and funding lobbyists. Just what our economy needs, right?   Jusk ask Bombardier.

Thomas Jefferson once remarked that “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical”.  By that measure then, there is nothing more morally repugnant than the Trudeau government.  Thanks to extortion, ordinary taxpayers are forced to pay for the propagation of other people’s ideologies. In Canada we are forced to pay for CBC Pravda, Indoctrination University, the inquisitors of Canada’s kangaroo courts, political parties, partisan environmental groups,  ethno-cultural organizations, pro-immigration lobbyists dozens and dozens of “anti-racism” and pro ‘diversity’ projects, and grievance mongers who feed off the white guilt inculcated by propagandists in the guise of high school and college teachers….for an endless parade of parasites.  Together they constitute a vastly expensive stratum of uselessness that weighs down on hard working Canadians who struggle to pay the rent or service their mortgage and simply put food on the table.

The most galling thing about this caste system is that the beneficiaries fancy themselves as moral paragons, as warriors in a noble cause, the cause of treason. The agents of an ongoing agenda of downgrading the contribution of “old stock” Canadians and their ancestors to this once great nation, and characterizing their legacy as one of racism, oppression and ‘privilege’.  When you think about it, these hypocrites owe their station in life not to what they know, but who they know in Ottawa or countless other epicentres of cronyism across the land.  The city councils and provincial governments who use our money to float the careers and hobbies of people we wouldn’t hire to mow our lawn. Their only job skill is their ability to sing the government’s tune. You know the lyrics. “Diversity is our strength.” Say that a thousand times and you might believe it.  That is, if you are blind man with the IQ of a grasshopper.

Our country is in trouble. Never mind  the government debt to GDP ratio. The household income to debt ratio is worse. Put together with the federal debt—which all of us are responsible for —our debt represents 300% of our entire economy. The worst in OECD. Worse than Greece!  Then along comes Isqra Khalid and her $23 million of political funding.  Think about $23 million could have done. Think about how many extra beds it would provide for a seniors care facility? Think about how many visual imaging machines it could provide for your local hospital. Think about how what ordinary taxpayers could do with even a fraction of that $23 million. Think of how far they could make it go.  It almost makes you cry.

I am crying all right, but my tears are tears of rage.

Tim Murray
July 5, 2018

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