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Some ‘refugees’ have found a way to exploit Canada’s generous immigration system

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John Ivison: Some ‘refugees’ have found a way to exploit Canada’s generous immigration system

Few people get as upset about the manipulation of the citizenship process as those who have gone through it themselves and played by the rules Get the latest from John Ivison straight to your inbox Author of the article: John Ivison Published May 17, 2023  •  Last updated 15 hours ago  •  4 minute read 276 Comments

TOPSHOT - People board a mini-bus as they evacuate southern Khartoum, on May 14, 2023. War in Sudan has created genuine refugees but some other Sudanese appear to be making false claims in an attempt to gain Canadian citizenship.
TOPSHOT – People board a mini-bus as they evacuate southern Khartoum, on May 14, 2023. War in Sudan has created genuine refugees but some other Sudanese appear to be making false claims in an attempt to gain Canadian citizenship. Photo by AFP via Getty Images

OTTAWA —  Sudanese people crossing the border from the U.S. to make fraudulent refugee claims are like “a trail of ants” who view Canada as a “the picnic table.”

That’s the view of Mariam, a Sudanese-Canadian, who is affronted that her fellow citizens would abuse this country’s generous immigration system.

Few people get as upset about the manipulation of the citizenship process as those who have gone through it themselves and played by the rules.

Mariam (not her real name: she was granted anonymity to protect her from any recrimination) contacted the Post after a story last week revealed that a number of Canadian citizens being processed after evacuation from war-torn Sudan had previously been granted refugee status in Canada, yet had returned to the country they claimed had persecuted them.

In the wake of that evacuation, Ottawa introduced measures to allow immediate family members of those who left Sudan to be fast-tracked into Canada free of charge. Processing staff were “encouraged to be flexible” and “err on the side of facilitation” when dealing with applications. Join the conversation JOIN THE CONVERSATION Have your say. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Read All 276 Comments

Mariam said the new measures went viral — “it was like a bomb going off on social media” — as Sudanese expatriates around the world were misled by unscrupulous agents to believe that Canada had flung open its doors to all Sudanese citizens.

One Facebook influencer with 11,000 followers urged them to apply for Canadian citizenship, claiming all Sudanese citizens are eligible.

Facebook posts instructing Sudanese citizens how to apply for Canadian citizenship.
Facebook posts instructing Sudanese citizens how to apply for Canadian citizenship. Photo by Yoya Ahmed/Facebook

Ottawa has not helped itself. The portal accepting applications allows applicants to reach the point where they are permitted to submit biometric information, even though the form states clearly in English that eligibility is limited to spouses and dependent children. Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada said it did not have statistics on how many new applications it has received.

But the likely upshot is that delays for legitimate applicants from Sudan have been extended.

Mariam said the war in her homeland has created genuine refugees but that many of those already in Canada claimed fraudulently that they were escaping persecution in Darfur, a region in western Sudan that has experienced ethnic conflict since 2003. In fact, she said many claimants were members of the party led by Omar al-Bashir, Sudan’s head of state between 1989 and 2019, who oversaw the war in Darfur and was accused of crimes against humanity there. He was deposed in a coup d’etat four years ago. “Many came here claiming to be opponents when they were really the oppressors,” Mariam said.

Canada has long been known as a soft target, with strong pull factors like generous benefits.

Mariam said she and her friends are ashamed at the behaviour of many Sudanese refugees. She laid out a “road-map” that typically involves living in a Gulf state, building a good travel history and then applying for a U.S. tourist visa, having already shipped treasured items to Canada. Once in the U.S., she said many head north to access Canada’s more generous welfare and child benefit regimes. One particular dodge involves applying for a special diet disability in Ontario. “The goal is to get as much free money as possible,” she said. “Once you are granted citizenship, you go back to the Gulf.”

She contrasted that with the route travelled by permanent resident applicants, who have to take a language test, save as much as possible and then “wait forever,” unable to make plans for family, school or vacations.

Once in Canada, you “live a simple life and forget about credentials or jobs held before arriving in Canada.” But above all, you work. “I would rather sell my kidney than live on social benefits,” Mariam said.

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Canada has retained support for mass immigration, largely because economic migrants remain the majority (if you include the dependents of the applicant in that category) and because it is generally considered to be fair. Canada admitted 260,000 immigrants in 2014, the last full year of the Harper government, a number that is expected to rise to 451,000 in 2024. The Conservatives kept the percentage of refugees below 10 per cent, while the Liberals have expanded that number to around 14 per cent.

Yet a broad consensus still exists, outside Quebec at least, that immigration is a good thing, as long as it is based on economics and fairness.

That integrity is undermined by stories like Mariam’s.

She said her experience of Canada’s system being milked is not limited to Sudanese nationals. As an Arabic speaker, she volunteered to help Syrian refugees settle in Canada. She said nine of the 25 families she worked with had not lived in Syria for many years and, consequently, were not genuine refugees.

But she said many Sudanese have figured out how to exploit the system, including returning to their home country by flying to Egypt or Ethiopia and crossing into Sudan over land. That information is shared on Facebook and What’s App groups.

She said such behaviour unfairly stigmatizes people like herself and her family.

“My father couldn’t find work in Canada, so he worked in the U.S., saved up and went back to school, while working as a security guard at night. My mother studied, even with five kids. When we came here, we followed the rules,” she said. “If you’re capable, contribute to your country and your community.”

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Trudeau’s 500,000 per year immigration plan should be his Waterloo

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A number of Canadians have previously had doubts about openly opposing Trudeau’s relentless immigration intake. But they should not have any doubts now. His latest words should change their minds : Trudeau has just announced an aggressive plan to bring in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025. 

Let us repeat : Trudeau plans to increase Canada’s immigration intake to 500,000 per year !! And he seems to think that he can get away with this outrageous plan.

His intake has been increasing every year for the past few years. It is already over 400,000. No logical reason has ever been given for such high numbers. The “Aging population” argument was refuted many years ago. The “Worker shortage” argument is probably the latest version of a sick cheap labour plan or an outright lie.

If Canada had journalists who had not been outrageously bought off by Trudeau, Canadians would have the detailed information to dismiss immigration industry arguments.

Trudeau’s 500,000 intake proposal is obviously the worst of all the stupid things he has done. As insane as it sounds, it is clearly more of Trudeau’s overall plan to have immigrants outnumber Canada’s current European-based population and make it a minority.

At the very beginning of Trudeau’s reign in 2015, he revealed his clear anti-Canada mindset. Trying to sound intellectual and capable of the analysis he is obviously incapable of performing, he described Canada as a “post-national state” with no clear identity”. Most Canadians concluded that he was a fool. Many concluded that he was obviously very hostile to Canada and that he intended to undermine and destroy Canada. Since then, he has taken many immigration and other measures to achieve that goal and erase completely the traditional identity of Canada.

The fact is that is that Canada’s European-descended majority population had long ago succeeded in making Canada one of the most successful countries in the world over the past 150 years. In fact, Canada was universally envied for its success.Foreigners wanted to come here to be part of the success. Now, Trudeau is importing huge numbers of immigrants who have actually announced that they are hostile to Canada and want to re-create here the politically corrupt cesspools they came from.

 It is no exaggeration to say that allowing such people into Canada is very dangerous. It is also no exaggeration to say that allowing such people in may ultimately lead to civil war and to a national breakdown.
For his actions, Trudeau at the very least would have been put on trial in most parts of the world. . There is also no doubt that he would have been sentenced to life in prison for treason. In fact, in many other parts of the world, he would have been quickly executed for treason.

For his contempt for Canada and especially its European-based population, Trudeau is already despised by a significant part of Canada’s population. His latest announcement should leave no doubt that he is a shameless and despicable traitor. He has obviously betrayed Canada’s majority population. Strong measures have to be taken to stop him from going any further . In most countries of the world, there are laws against treason. Even Canada has such a law. In fact, in the next few months, Canadian judges will have to sentence a Canadian military officer who has been convicted of treason. His crime was selling Canadian military secrets to Russia. Canadians should pay careful attention to the sentence that judges give to that man.

Why? Trudeau’s crime is infinitely worse : Trudeau is promoting the overwhelming of Canada’s majority population and the sale of Canada to groups that are openly hostile to the very existence of all Canadians.   

Trudeau has to be stopped immediately. The immigration idiocy he has already committed has to be corrected immediately. His latest idiotic announcement has to be withdrawn immediately

If Parliament were doing its job, it would have long ago reined in Trudeau at many points in the past few years. However, not a single MP has objected to any of the immigration actions that Trudeau has performed so far. (Sikh Heritage Month is one of the exceptionally stupid.) If Parliament repeats its behaviour of the past five years, it will not oppose Trudeau’s 500,000 proposal. If that happens,Canadians can justifiably conclude that Canada’s MP’s are a useless collection of deadbeats.

In Many countries, most of them would have been thrown out of the building that housed them. In a significant number of countries, the building and its occupants would have been declared useless, bombed and the wounded traitors left to rot.

Sounds appropriate for this latest mess in Canada, doesn’t it?

“Diversity” IS White

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Media Suppresses Black on White Crime Wave

Posted on by   On May 14, 2022, an unhinged white teen barged into a Buffalo, NY grocery store and opened fire. His stated goal was to kill as many blacks as possible.   18-year-old Payton S. Gendron was convicted of killing ten. Nine were black.   In the subsequent year, we documented about 450 white victims of black crime. That’s about nine white victims each week. Think of it as a slow-burn massacre or consider it a weekly replay of the Buffalo massacre. published an article titled, ‘A year after Buffalo supermarket massacre, city’s Black youth still shaken’. Attributed to Carolyn Thompson and The Associated Press, the tear-jerking prose relays the story of a 16-year-old boy who fears a stroll in the park.   What the woke media overlooks is the number of black-on-black homicides that have been committed in Buffalo.

  “In 2022, there were 70 homicides in the City of Buffalo,” according to the Buffalo police department. That is far and above the annual average of 54 homicides.   If you care to view the faces of Buffalo’s homicide victims, go to and enter the search term ‘Buffalo NY’. The results will render this heart-wrenching revelation: Nearly all homicide victims were black.  

So what is happening in Buffalo? Are there unhinged white supremacists running amok? Or is the city a typical American urban jungle where violent black crime is as common as decaying houses and street economies built almost exclusively on drug trafficking?   The national media is largely ignoring black-on-white homicides and black-on-black homicides. It appears the only lives that matter to the media are those who’s deaths can be exploited to advance a far-left agenda.

Mass Migration is Fueling the Housing Crisis in the U.K. (& Canada)

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Nobody wants to admit the truth: Mass immigration is fuelling the housing crisis Liberal immigration rules are hurting wages while house building is miles off the paceJEREMY WARNER10 May 2023 • 1:00pmJeremy WarnerIt’s the reason that dares not speak its name, the elephant in the room, as it were – burgeoning net immigration. Britain’s insanely high, and increasingly unaffordable, house prices have many causes, yet it is remarkable how little mention this particular one ever gets.If we’re adding to the population through migration at the rate of a small sized city every year, it is scarcely surprising that there should be an acute shortage of housing.House prices were off a tad last month, according to the latest Halifax survey, but perhaps rather more remarkable is quite how little they’ve fallen since the peak in August last year.Given the surge in interest rates, making housing even less affordable and mortgage servicing costs far more expensive, a significantly bigger correction might by now have been expected. That there hasn’t been one is in part about a continued dearth of supply.In the year to last June – the latest official data – net migration in the UK surged to 504,000, a new record. Yet just 252,540 new dwellings were added last calendar year, a shortfall of almost exactly 50pc, or even higher taking account of the additional impact of natural population growth. Even acknowledging that each new unit is likely to house two or more people, there is simply not enough housing to go around, a phenomenon reflected not just in very high prices but also in surging rents.These costs are absorbing near record levels of disposable income, eating deep into other forms of consumption which have already been badly damaged by the cost of living crisis.Net immigration in the UK is admittedly at exceptional levels right now, with large numbers of Ukrainians and Hong Kongers added to the usual flow. This is generally not expected to last.We’ve also seen the number of overseas students come surging back after the hiatus of the pandemic. Though students count as migrants, the great bulk of them are unlikely to settle in Britain as full time residents.Even so, the idea that Brexit would stem the flow of new arrivals, or that net migration might be reduced to the “tens of thousands”, as once promised by David Cameron, is plainly for the birds.“I don’t think that’s unrealistic; that’s the sort of figure there was in the 1990s and I think we should see that again,” the one time prime minister said in the runup to the 2010 election. He never came anywhere close.Pretend asylum seekers in small boats, though politically very high profile, have little to do with the underlying problem; most of the migration is entirely legal.True, the numbers coming in from Europe are much lower than they were now that Britain has left the EU. Many have also gone back, with little intention of returning.Yet their numbers have been more than made up for by new arrivals from elsewhere in the world, particularly the sub-Continent and Africa.I’ll come to some of the reasons for this surge later, but if you are going to have such high levels of immigration it is incumbent on the Government to ensure sufficient supply in housing, social services and basic infrastructure to meet the extra demand. It has not.On housing, there is barely enough in the way of additional development to meet even new household formation from the existing population, never mind the new arrivals.Successive housing ministers have promised that they are going to nail the shortfall with planning reform. Virtually all of them have had to admit defeat. Under Michael Gove, the Government has pretty much given up on the chase altogether.The Levelling Up Secretary has both in effect abandoned local authority housing targets, and axed the mooted Oxford Cambridge Arc development, which would supposedly have delivered a million new homes.Not that it seems to have done him any good. Last week’s Tory party drubbing in local elections can be partly attributed to over-development fears. Please don’t call it Nimbyism, but opposition to further house-building proved fertile ground for the Lib Dems and the Greens.After becoming prime minister, Boris Johnson pledged to transform the UK into a “high-wage, high-skill, high-productivity economy” partly driven by limiting the influx of cheap migrant labour. Initially, there were a few signs of success. Wages surged in road haulage because of a shortage of lorry drivers, and coming out of the pandemic there was a significant rise in real wages in general, even if this was mainly about base and compositional effects.Soaring inflation since then has put an end to that. But the Government’s new immigration policy has scarcely helped, either. It has continued to be relatively easy for employers to bring in migrant labour.The median salary for men between 22 and 29 was £26,856 in 2021, and for women £25,115. Yet under the Government’s points-based system for “skilled workers”, companies can still hire from overseas for as little as £20,480 per annum.Employers complain bitterly about labour shortages, but there are five million UK residents of working age on out-of-work benefits. Bringing in labour from outside is still preferred to the hard yards of getting the unemployed back into work.Policy is at sixes and sevens; the problem of undersupply in the housing market is made worse by still relatively liberal immigration rules, which in turn act as a brake on wages.The economically inactive then have less incentive to go back to work; employers likewise have fewer reasons to invest in training and productivity. Meanwhile, expenditure on out-of-work benefits just keeps on growing.But don’t look to Labour for better alternatives when it comes to Britain’s chronic housing problem. If a report in the Financial Times is to be believed, the party would only make a bad situation worse by significantly increasing the costs to overseas buyers and limiting all new developments to first-time buyers for the first six months.Nothing would be more guaranteed to further reduce the supply of new homes. Who is going to build in the first place if an incoming Labour government attempts to confine demand in this way?There is an old truism about immigration and welfare; you can either have free movement or high welfare, but not both, or you will soon find yourself overwhelmed.Similarly with housing. You can either have lots of immigration or highly restrictive planning laws, but not both, or you’ll break the system. It is just such a destructive combination that we have today. Safety fears over 500 migrants ‘cooped’ up on first bargeBarge that will be home for 500 asylum seekers arrives in CornwallThe Bibby Stockholm will be refitted and refurbished in Falmouth before being sent to Dorset ready to take migrants on board by JulyByCharles Hymas, HOME AFFAIRS EDITOR9 May 2023 • 12:07pmThe Bibby Stockholm

The Bibby Stockholm accommodation barge is tugged into Falmouth, Cornwall, CREDIT: Matt Keeble/PA WireA barge to house 500 asylum seekers has arrived in the UK as part of the Government’s efforts to move migrants out of hotels.The Bibby Stockholm, a barge that has been used to house oil and construction workers, is to be refitted and refurbished in Falmouth before being towed to Portland Port, near Weymouth in Dorset ready to take on board the asylum seekers in June.It currently has 222 rooms with en suite bathrooms, and leisure facilities such as pool tables and a gym and catering but it will be converted to take up to 506 asylum seekers who are expected to be required to share rooms in bunk beds with en suite washing facilities.The scheme is, however, facing opposition from local Tory MP Richard Drax, and Dorset council who are considering legal action to block the “inappropriate” plan. David Sidwick, Dorset’s police and crime commissioner, is demanding extra funding from the Home Office to pay for the additional costs of policing the site.Mr Drax told The Telegraph: “It is a barge for 220 that is going to take 506. Even if you double up the rooms that still leaves 60 without a room. Some will have to be three or four beds.“What are the conditions going to be like in a barge with 506 young men from all over the world – some possibly disturbed mentally – couped up in a quasi-prison?”Barge migrants

A communal living area inside the 222-bedroom barge CREDIT: Bibby Marine LtdeCouncillors from Portland town council and Dorset council were told last week that the barge will be fenced off within the harbour to stop migrants wandering around. Portland is a secure busy port area that hosts commercial ships and cruise liners, which are expected to bring some 130,000 passengers this year.Councillors were also told that there would be hourly bus services to take migrants out of the port and on trips to Weymouth with an 11pm voluntary curfew to return.Under current asylum rules, migrants are free to come and go but those who stay out overnight are called by phone to establish why they have not come back. Any who remain out for more than seven days, or 14 calendar days and nights within any six-month period, face removal from the site.Pete Roper, the mayor  of Portland, said that in meetings with Home Office and port officials the councils had called for additional exercise and leisure facilities on the portside because of the limits within the barge for only a small gym and entertainment such as pool. It will also have prayer rooms.“I get a sense that the personal safety of the women on the island is rising to the top of the list. There is a lot of hearsay floating around at the moment regarding the behaviour of asylum seekers at hotels in other parts of the country,” said Mr Roper.“That just appears to be hearsay. It is difficult to get any concrete confirmation that this is in fact happening. But it is now getting to be a major concern because of the fact that it’s on our doorstep down the road in Falmouth.”Dorset Council said it still had “serious reservations about the appropriateness of Portland Port in this scenario and remains opposed to the proposals”.Mr Sidwick said: “I have been and remain in regular contact with the Home Secretary and policing minister, with regard to the funding required to meet the extra policing needs that this project will entail. I am determined that the funding should not come from the current police budget or from the people of Dorset.”Bill Reeves, the chief executive of Portland Port, has sought to reassure local residents about the plans. He claimed that housing migrants at the port would create new jobs and attempted to dispel fears that asylum seekers would cause trouble to local residents, saying they would be given advice about “cultural sensitivities and behaviour”.Reeves also claimed that the migrants accommodated on the barge would have been in the UK for “some time staying at hotels, so they will have an understanding of UK culture and expectations”.The Home Office said the accommodation will be “basic” with healthcare provision, catering facilities and 24/7 security. The vessel, chartered from Bibby Marine, a company that specialises in accommodation and transportation for offshore workers, will cost around £50 a day per migrant once berthed in Portland, around a third the price of hotels.Rishi Sunak previously said the barge would save taxpayers’ money, because the Government is currently spending so much housing asylum seekers in hotels.
Migrants being housed in almost 400 hotels across UKThe government is paying millions of pounds a day to put up asylum seekers in hotels

Robert Jenrick, the Immigration minister, said: “This Government has been clear that the use of expensive hotels to house the unprecedented number of asylum seekers crossing the Channel is unacceptable and must end – there are currently more than 51,000 asylum seekers in hotels costing the UK taxpayer £6 million a day.   “This is why we will be using alternative accommodation options which are more manageable for communities, as our European neighbours are doing – including the use of barges to save the British taxpayer money.“We are continuing to work closely with the councils and key partners to manage any impact in Falmouth and Portland and that appropriate arrangements are in place.”
Safety fears over 500 migrants ‘cooped’ up on

Red Chinese Diplomat in Canada Threatens Tory MP’s Relatives in China — Trudeau Does Nothing

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Red Chinese Diplomat in Canada Threatens Tory MP’s Relatives in China — Trudeau Does Nothing

Conservative MP Michael Chong says feds did not brief him on alleged threats to his family in China China sanctioned Chong in 2021, barring him from entering the county and prohibiting Chinese citizens from conducting business with him Author of the article: The Canadian Press Published May 01, 2023  •  Last updated 1 day ago  •  1 minute read 102 Comments FILE: Conservative foreign-affairs critic Michael Chong rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 13, 2023. FILE: Conservative foreign-affairs critic Michael Chong rises during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, Feb. 13, 2023. Photo by THE CANADIAN PRESS/ Patrick Doyle

Conservative member of Parliament Michael Chong says Ottawa should have informed him about potential threats to his family made by China’s government.
Chong released a statement after the Globe and Mail reported, citing a top-secret document and an anonymous national security source, that China’s intelligence service sought to target the MP and his family. The former cabinet minister currently serves as the Tories’ foreign-affairs critic and routinely criticizes the regime in Beijing for its human-rights record and its alleged attempts to meddle in Canada’s affairs. Chong says in a statement today that like other Canadians, he has family overseas — and any attempts to threaten them in an attempt to intimidate or coerce people in Canada constitutes a national threat. Chong says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service never briefed him about any threats made against him or his family, adding he believes that is because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office did not authorize such a warning.

[ Sources told the Globe that the MP is Conservative Michael Chong and that the diplomat in Canada handling the file, Zhao Wei, is still accredited to work in this country.] (National Post, May 2, 2023)
Trudeau’s office and the security agency did not immediately respond to requests for comment and The Canadian Press has not independently verified the allegations published in the Globe and Mail. China sanctioned Chong in 2021, barring him from entering the county and prohibiting Chinese citizens from conducting business with him. — This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 1, 2