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Heredity and US

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European Accomplishments — Are They Teaching These to Your Kids in School?

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European Accomplishments — Are They Teaching These to Your Kids in School?

True North Wonders Why Pierre Poilievre Won’t Talk About Mass Immigration When He Discusses Canada’s Housing Crisis

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Pierre Poilievre won’t say this about Canada’s housing crisis

By Harrison Faulkner – December 4, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

A video produced by Pierre Poilievre about Canada’s housing crisis is going viral on social media, amassing millions of views. But many Canadians noticed something was missing from his 15-minute analysis – any mention of Trudeau’s open borders mass immigration agenda. Last week, Abacus Research published a poll indicating that 69% of Canadians think immigration is negatively impacting the housing crisis and 62% of immigrants think Trudeau’s immigration levels are too high.

So why are the Conservatives refusing to talk about mass immigration?

Are they afraid of being called racist by their opposition? Are they afraid of alienating new immigrant voters? The data, year after year, has proven that Canadians want a serious conversation about immigration.

Nationalist Immigration Reform Party Scores Historical Win for Mayor in Saxony

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Right-wing German party secures ‘historic’ win

An AfD candidate has been elected as town mayor for the first time

Right-wing German party secures ‘historic’ win

Tim Lochner. ©  Matthias Rietschel/Getty Images

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has won a mayoral election for the first time, making history in the Saxon town of Pirna. The victory comes less than two weeks after regional authorities designated the AfD as “extremist.

The AfD has enjoyed rising support among German voters in recent months, at a time when the approval ratings of all three parties in the country’s ruling ‘traffic light’ coalition have hit record lows.

Tim Lochner, who represented the AfD, garnered 38.5% of the vote in the second round of voting on Sunday, ahead of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) contender Kathrin Dollinger-Knuth on 31.4%.

The AfD candidate had won 33% of the vote in the first round of polling on November 26, although none of the five candidates secured the absolute majority necessary to win outright, sending the vote to a second stage. READ MORE: 74% of Germans think Scholz failing at his job – YouGov poll 

Two of the original contenders exited the race before the second round and urged their supporters to vote for Dollinger-Knuth. The Green and Left parties also backed her in the December vote, although their support proved insufficient to propel the CDU into first place.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), AfD co-leader Alice Weidel described Lochner’s victory as “historic.

Free Voters party candidate Ralf Thiele, who came in third with 30.1%, said there is a “countrywide trend” that shows the AfD is “becoming stronger.

The Green party branch in Saxony said it was “dismayed” by the election outcome in Pirna, while the Left party called on “all democratic parties” to unite against the AfD.

Earlier this month, the president of the Saxon branch of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Dirk-Martin Christian, announced that the AfD had officially been deemed extremist over its “anti-constitutional agenda.

The new legal status allows the BfV to deploy surveillance and intelligence means to gather information about the right-wing party’s activities without restriction.

Saxony became the third German region to take action against the AfD, after Thuringia and Sachsen-Anhalt.

The party previously garnered 27.5% of the vote in the last regional election in Saxony in 2019.

In October, the AfD recorded its best-ever performance in a western German state, receiving 18.4% of the vote in the Hesse regional election

The Fall of Minnesota

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Anyone who wants to judge how far into corruption our present U.S. regime has sunk needs to view the documentary “The Fall of Minneapolis” which covers the George Floyd case and the official reaction to it.

Before the evidence was even finalised, the President of the United States, the Vice-President of the United States, the then Speaker of the U.S. House, the current (Republican) Speaker of the House, the mayor, governor, and state attorney general declared that George Floyd had been murdered by the police. The FBI showed up immediately to join a local fatality case.

The trial of Officer Dereck Chauvin is shown to have been a travesty of justice in every respect. Even while jurors were being chosen, the City of Minneapolis declared a large settlement to the Floyd “family”  which he himself  had never supported. The judge allowed known BLM members  to be considered as jurors and excluded much exculpatory evidence.  He ruled against moving the trial to a less dangerous venue, although the  proceedings were held behind barbed wire and the jurors had every reason to be fearful. The honest findings of the original autopsy were disregarded.

There is no question that Floyd, now regarded around the world as a saint,  was a career felon and thoroughly disreputable thug who resisted arrest because he was high on several drugs in amounts that could be fatal. The police were endeavouring to keep him quiet, waiting for the ambulance they had called  because he complained of breathing problems.

Officer Chauvin was a 19-year veteran known for his steadiness in bad situations.  The knee position that was claimed to be responsible for Floyd’s death was fully authorized in the manual familiar to all Minneapolis police.  Several city officials lied under oath that was not so.

The leftist media in other countries, always eager to run down Americans, now declare as truth that American police have a vicious policy against black people, although the five policemen who had to cope with Floyd included a black and an Asian. And the fact that more policemen are killed by black criminals than the other way around.  And that the Floyd matter was a routine thing that big city police deal with almost daily.

Most importantly, what this event shows is  the disconnect between the state and the society it is supposed to represent. Those who manage to scramble themselves into positions of power have no interest in the welfare of ordinary folk or in understanding the daily reality around them. Their primary interest is in maintaining their place by a phony narrative that makes them feel virtuous. This government disregard for society is not a good thing for the great numbers of us “deplorables.”

Those of us old enough to remember the Civil Rights revolution can recall how the representatives of Minnesota were at the forefront in demanding that the feds come down hard on evil Southerners. At that time the black population of Minnesota was minuscule. It has since grown greatly, which is attributed to generous welfare benefits. While we sympathise with peace officers whose lives are being ruined by a corrupt government, we can’t help but feel a bit of satisfaction at seeing that State endure some Reconstruction of its own. Reconstruction was imposed on the South by armed force, but the Minnesotans have done it to themselves.

Trudeau — VOTE FOR ME!

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Canada: You Won’t Recognize It When the Globalist Wrecking Crew Is Done

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Extinction is Forever

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