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Watch Dan Lyman’s speech, “We Were Never Asked,” from the 2023 VDARE Conference.

Lyman is a correspondent for InfoWars Europe and president/editor-in-chief of, an immigration news aggregator.

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“Don’t create a Sikh hell in Canada.”

Inderjit Singh (left) and Talwinder Singh Parmar – Two Sikhs involved in the bombing

Debris of the Air India Plane that Was bombed
1. Canadians are fed up with Ethnic Group demands such as the one the Sikhs have recently made to Vancouver City Council. On the surface, Sikhs are demanding that Vancouver City Council apologize to them because the Vancouver City Council of 1914 allegedly discriminated against them by not allowing Sikh passengers on a ship called the Komagata Maru to enter Canada.
However, the probable very concerning effect of the motion will be to further handcuff any efforts to deal with unaffordable housing, a current extremely serious problem in the City of Vancouver as well as in the rest of Canada.
2. According to extensive research done by UBC Statistics Professor David Ley, relentless immigration (including very high Sikh and other East Indian immigration) is the cause of unaffordable housing in Canada. In fact, Sikh immigration has been very high and has thus been a major contributor to causing unaffordable housing. In fact, it is so high that it is no exaggeration to say that the Sikhs are on a mission to colonize parts of Canada. As many Canadians know, aggressive, treasonous Sikhs have repeatedly used the Komagata Maru incident to guilt Canadians and achieve their goal of colonization. Trudeau has disgracefully cheered them on. He is clearly guilty of gross, shameless treason. Unbelievably, Trudeau and a host of other politicians and Trudeau’s “bought-off” media seem to have never heard of Professor Ley’s research. In fact, many politicians at all three levels of government continue to say that Canada has to identify the cause of unaffordable housing! How can they be so unaware?
3. Undoubtedly, there are some British Columbia Sikhs who oppose those Sikhs who are currently demanding an apology from Vancouver City Council. Undoubtedly also, there are some Sikhs who are aware that the City of Vancouver and Canada had solid reasons for refusing to allow the passengers on the Komagata Maru to enter Canada in 1914. Let’s briefly review some of the reasons the Sikhs give for claiming they were victims of discrimination. For instance, Sikhs had been a violent separatist thorn in India’s side for many years prior to 1914. Before the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver, UK agents in Canada would probably have alerted Canadian authorities about violent Sikh political activity in India. The obvious question is this: Why would Canada want to import members of a group that was culturally addicted to using extreme violence to settle disputes. Ironically, government suspicions about Sikh violence became a reality in 1985, when Sikhs loaded a bomb on an Air India plane in Vancouver and murdered 329 people in retaliation against India which had put down a Sikh rebellion in India . That incident was the largest mass murder in Canadian history and will probably remain the largest mass murder until another group of so-called “peace-loving” immigrants commits a similar crime. That may be coming sooner than most Canadians think. For example, the Muslim Brotherhood (whom only an incompetent like Trudeau could love) has promised to destroy Canada!!). What has Trudeau done about that group and its threats against Canada? The answer is “Absolutely Nothing”.  A few of the Sikh perpetrators of the Air India bombing have been jailed, but most of them have completely evaded punishment. Relatives of the 329 murdered in the Sikh bomb explosion have demanded justice, but Trudeau has been too busy catering to Sikhs to listen to the survivors. In fact, Jagmeet Singh, the current NDP leader, was probably connected in some way with the Sikh bombing group. What is the proof? Up to today, India will not give Jagmeet Singh a visa to visit India because Indian authorities seem to suspect that Jagmeet Singh was connected with the bombers.
Considering all of this, many Canadians would ask why Canada would want any Sikhs. Furthermore, the leader of the Komagata Maru expedition (Gurdit Singh) threatened that if he succeeded in getting the 300+ Sikhs and others into Canada in 1914, he would bring another 25,000 immigrants to Canada!! The Sikhs also argued that the Sikh passengers were British and since Canada was a former British colony, therefore the Komagata Maru Sikhs should have been allowed into Canada. However, that is nonsense. The point is that in 1914, Canada was a sovereign country. It had the right to determine whomever it wanted to allow into Canada. The problem was that in 1914, China and Japan were sending large numbers of illegal workers to Canada. This caused bad feeling towards Asian workers. Unions Pressured Ottawa to protect Canadian workers. Like immigration advocates who today cheer the overwhelming of Canada by Asian immigration, Gurdit Singh would have profited substantially from getting a large group of East Indians into Canada. To prevent this, Ottawa would have ordered immigration authorities to protect the future of Canada, not surrender to the greed of an immigration advocate. To put the matter bluntly, (Gurdit Singh) seemed to think that Canada had no right to defend itself. Worse still, Singh seemed to think that he and his passengers had a right to enter Canada. Many Canadians will note again that Gurdit Singh sounds much like treasonous Trudeau who has repeatedly allowed illegals to enter Canada at Roxham Road.
4. In 1914, when the Komagata Maru arrived in Vancouver, Vancouver and the rest of Canada were on a relatively monocultural path to establishing one of the most successful countries on the planet. The point is that foolish and unnecessary high immigration policy of the past 40+ years will probably result in Canada losing many of its achievements and becoming like the failed countries (India and China especially) from which it now takes immigrants. Remember this fact : Neither Trudeau nor any other politicians have had the courage to consult Canadians to see if Canadians wanted mass immigration. In fact, politicians like Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and others of their ilk have unwittingly encouraged many Canadians to conclude that capital punishment such as hanging should be re-instated in Canada. Moreover, many Canadians have concluded that the first recipients of capital punishment should be Trudeau, Singh and a large number of other quisling trash. All of them are shameless traitors to Canada and should have long ago faced charges of treason.
5. As far as the Sikhs and Vancouver City Council are concerned, it should be clear now that if Vancouver City Council had wanted to champion a cause, it would have made much more sense for it to champion the cause of the relatives of the Air India victims than the cause of the Sikhs manipulators who have led the petition for an apology. Let’s be frank : Like the collection of MP’s currently in Canada’s Parliament and in many provincial legislatures, Vancouver’s City Council is a collection of boot-lickers looking for another boot to lick. They are weak cowards and will betray Canada.
The wisest thing that Vancouver City Council could do now would be to tell all the Sikh apology-promoters to go straight to Hell. That hell could be either the Hell of Christian Scripture or it could be the environmental and political Hell called The Punjab which the Sikhs have disastrously created in India. Who in his right mind would want to create a duplicate of Punjabi Hell in Canada?
For more information, please consult the following sources:
A timeline of the Air India case, from the bombings to the death of an old suspectA Review and Short summary of SFU Professor H. Johnston’s book “The Voyage of the Komagata Maru”, Apr 2014In 2021, Vancouver’s Mayor and City Council Apologized for the Komagata Maru Incident


Five Reasons Not to Move to Canada

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Five Reasons Not to Move to Canada

Attached is a video slamming Canadian immigration propaganda. Of course, Trudeau plans to replace Canadians with the Third Worlders It is his idea of the future.

He is a tyrant who hates all Whites, especially English. Now he is a dynastic ruler of Canada surrounded by “yes” politicians to his liking. What do we have? Taxation slavery, housing out of reach for young Canadians, unless they go begging to the bank, below replacement fertility for Canadians, high crime rates and imported terrorism, out of control government regulations, etc.

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Toronto Residents Are Fleeing Diversity in Record Numbers While Mass Immigration Floods the City

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Toronto Residents Are Fleeing Diversity in Record Numbers While Mass Immigration Floods the City

Toronto prides itself as being a “world class city” and loudly proclaims the joys of diversity. In fact many residents in record numbers, disagree. Many longtime residents know better. Last year, a record 78,100 people left the city (up from 73,500 the year before). A quarter of these are leaving the country. People are fed up with beggars, homeless encampments, impossible traffic gridlock, lunatics stabbing complete strangers on the subway and the confusion and disorientation of “diversity.”

Those leaving are being replacement with hordes of Trudeau’s immigrants almost all from the Third World — the politics of replacement at work.

As a personal example, on Tuesday, it took me two and a half hours in mid afternoon to drive less than a mile from Church and Queen St. to the Gardiner Expressway. There was no snow or ice or accidents, Road construction, lanes blocked off with cones but no work being done, University Avenue, a four lane road in each direction, reduced in some places to one lane by construction, and other blockages.

Toronto Residents Are Leaving At A Record Pace, Immigration Takes Over Growth

Greater Toronto experienced a massive population boom, but that may be peaking soon. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows Toronto CMA’s population was booming in 2022. Drilling down into the numbers reveals the growth was just immigration. The artificial growth trend obfuscates the record outflow of residents from the region. The headline data looks great, but people might be seeing more opportunity elsewhere. 

Greater Toronto’s Population Added Over 138,000 People In 2022

Much like the rest of Canada, Greater Toronto’s population has been surging in growth. The latest estimate puts Toronto CMA at 6.69 million people in 2022, up 2.1% (+138,240) from last year. About half (49.5%) of that growth was in the City of Toronto, which would have been an impressive number itself.  

Immigration Is The Primary Driver of Toronto’s Population

Immigration is the primary driver of this trend, as Canada catches up on a backlog. Greater Toronto welcomed 159,679 immigrants in 2022, up 103% (+80,830) from the year before. Depending on how you look at it, two things stand out—the growth rate and the number of people. 

Greater Toronto Has Seen A Record Immigrant Inflow

The annual number of immigrants that arrived in Canada and settled in the Greater Toronto region.


Source: Statistics Canada; Better Dwelling.

Doubling the volume of immigrants in the region seems like an odd trend, and it was. As mentioned earlier, a backlog left the prior year’s number of immigrants at a multi-year low. The growth is a bit of a base effect, though it’s still a huge number. 

The second thing you might have noticed—there were more immigrants than total growth. No, it’s not due to deaths—Toronto residents are picking up and moving at a record pace. 

Over 78,000 Greater Toronto Residents Fled To Another Part of Ontario

Net intraprovincial migration is the balance of people that left Toronto CMA for another part of Ontario. The net outflow was 78,100 people in 2022, following a 73,500 person outflow the year before. An outflow means more people left for other parts of Ontario than arrived. In this case, by the tens of thousands—the most in at least a generation. 

Greater Toronto Residents Are Leaving In Record Volumes

The net flow of Greater Toronto residents to other parts of Ontario (intraprovincial migration), and other parts of Canada interprovincial migration). Negative numbers mean more people left than arrived in Toronto CMA. InterprovincialIntraprovincial200220062010201420182022-80,000-70,000-60,000-50,000-40,000-30,000-20,000-10,000010,000People


Source: Statistics Canada; Better Dwelling.

Toronto Is No Longer A Place Where Other Canadians Seek Opportunity

Remember when Toronto was a hub for people from other provinces across Canada? Those days are long gone as net interprovincial migration turned deeply negative. INTER is the net flow of people between Toronto CMA and other provinces. The net was an outflow of 21,400 people in 2022, more than double the previous year. The region had a positive flow as recently as 2019, only turning negative as the low rate bubble took off. 

Over 1 In 4 Canadians That Left Canada Were Toronto Residents

Emigration, the act of permanently leaving Canada, takes serious commitment. However, thousands of people from Greater Toronto were up to the task. Toronto CMA saw 12,625 people emigrate to another country, up 38.1% from the previous year. Greater Toronto represented roughly 1 in 4 people leaving Canada.

Greater Toronto’s emigrants hit the highest level since 2017. Though it’s worth remembering other countries also have application backlogs. Don’t be too surprised if emigration volumes continue to rise over the next few years. 

What does this all mean? Like we mention when discussing provincial migration, this is mostly a sentiment indicator. Toronto’s population is growing and that means a boost to the economy, at least at the aggregate level. However, aggregate boosts can hide a drop in quality of life by just adding more economic units. Sorry, we mean human capital stock, the accepted political term.

Residents leaving in large numbers is a big concern that usually slips under the radar. Immigrants tend to land in hubs based on lagging data showing opportunity. Residents can spot an erosion in opportunity or decline in quality of life as it occurs. As they start seeing a better opportunity elsewhere, so do their peers. It’s only a matter of time before immigrants begin to see it elsewhere too.

Myth or the Great Hoax: The Origins of Modern Demonology

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Myth or the Great Hoax: The Origins of Modern Demonology


Myth or the Great Hoax: The Origins of Modern Demonology

June 17, 2023/0 Comments/in ChristianityFeatured Articles/by Tom Sunic, Ph.D.

We all use mythical language, although we seldom admit it. In contrast to concepts which are the hallmarks of modern discourse, myths are based on images and symbolic forms of speech. In the mythmaking narrative images change and vary over historical time and place although their driving force remains constant in the identity building process of peoples, tribes, nations, including political movements. Many Christians, along with many atheists and agnostics, who deride as surreal ancient Greek myths, resort to their own self-made myths, adorning them with their own pack of metaphors and imagery. In a sharp contrast to the historically recorded end-of-time, single-God revelation religions, such as Judaism, Islam and Christianity, European myths surfacing in epics, folk tales, legends or sagas have the advantage of overstepping the historical timeframe. They fuse the past present and future in one whole, offering the hope of gods’ return and announcing the rebirth of a vanished or destroyed political order.

The man of the myth discovers his freedom not in the possibility of building up his own history, but in the fact of being free vis-à-vis history.  It is in the abolition, relativization and reinterpretation of history that he finds his freedom.[i]

Ancient Europeans who believed in myths had a profound historical consciousness. Yet—unlike Christians, Jews or Muslims, let alone unlike modern political true believers—they could neither grasp nor embrace a linear historical and “unique” narrative announcing the beginning of time and the end of time. To a traditional man, of the myth, history, with its incessant flow of time, is always open. The belief in a plurality of gods means also the ability of accepting the plurality of ideas, the plurality of different truths and consequently rejecting a single religious or political dogma.

The tragic side of life is a cornerstone of ancient myths, as depicted in ancient Greek epics and dramas. However, one never spots in ancient mythical prose or poems signs of religious and political nihilism. The man of the myth is essentially a historical optimist: he believes in the return of historical cycles that will also bring about the return of the hero and witness the rebirth of gods, even if the sky is doomed to fall with the entire cosmos swept in chaos. One of the sharpest American scholars of the twentieth century, Joseph Campbell, understood well the subconscious human desire for the world of the myth, myths being “like dreams, revelations of the deepest hopes, desires and fears, potentialities and conflicts, of the human will.” [ii]  The mythical world is anchored in all of us, as can be witnessed by an ever-growing interest in the mythical characters inhabiting J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels or George Lucas’ movie Star Wars, as well as in the proliferation of hundreds of science fiction movies.

Despite his insight into various faces of mythmaking Campbell was not spared from demonization by new mythmakers who labeled him with their own mythicist vocabulary an “antisemite and racist.” [iii]

Vice, or better yet, virtue signaling squads of the modern morality police, such as the SPLC or the ADL, were quick to shove Campbell into the realm of underground demons.

Resorting to a mythical language is also a prime goal of modern political demagoguery. The word ‘myth’ is often used incorrectly in defaming a political adversary. This word, when used in political discourse carries a derogatory meaning, bearing no resemblance to the ancient belief in mythos. Today its verbal derivatives are widely used to delegitimize the beliefs of a political opponent, often having the goal of ruining his reputation in the public eye by painting him as some kind of a conspiracy theorist. The problem with conspiracy theorists, regardless whether they come from the Left or the rightwing political spectrum is that they can never be refuted with any empirical, forensic and contradictory argument.

To a very extent that conspiracy theories claim to “explain” everything, rejecting out of hand any contradiction and any argument put forward against them is seen either as a proof of their opponents’ “naivete”, or a simple plot by conspiracy theorists aiming to prevent them from being exposed. Any contradiction any denial only becomes an additional proof of the existence of conspiracy.”[iv]

Many conservative and nationalist authors in their own description of leftwing opponents have popularized expressions such as the “myth of progress,” the “myth of Marxism,” “the myth of multiculturism.” On their part, left-leaning authors accuse nationalists and conservatives of believing in the myth of race and the myth of Jewish world conspiracy. Many Jewish and liberal authors, however, seldom tire from resurrecting their own conspiracy-laden language depicting and evoking the mythical and ever lurking “white supremacist,” anti-Semite, or Neo-Nazi bent on destroying the liberal democratic order. Even if White anti-Semites and Neo-Nazis were to disappear, the Liberal System would need to reinvent them over and over again – similar to the ex-Soviet Union and its former client states who, in order to justify their repressive nature, constantly kept resurrecting the myth of the Fascist Evil.

Without using over and over again the modern myth of the Absolute Cosmic Evil, allegedly incorporated today in the eternal Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist, the Liberal System would fall part.

To the word of the myth, one could substitute more hyperbolic verbal constructs such as the “big lie,” the “grand hoax,” or “political theology,” or even “fake news,”—expressions which are quite trendy among conservative and nationalist authors. While the Left likes to denounce the “myth of the White race” as a sign of pseudoscientific and retarded mindset, the Right, by contrast, denounces the liberal and communist myth of egalitarianism as a belief contrary to the laws of evolutionary biology.

Credo quia absurdum, or the belief in the Big Lie.

The line between a belief in the big lie and a belief in some kind of a myth is often blurred. It is wrong to assume that only a few bad people impose their political lies on a credulous or stupid populace. Very often it is savants and allegedly great minds who are believers and instigators of surreal political myths, strange beliefs, bizarre victimhood stories which they usually discard after some time and replace them with new trendy myths or hoaxes. Often masses deliberately accept new political myths because it is all too human to take wishful thinking for granted. In the study of crowd hysteria, Gustave Le Bon observes how masses accept political myths without ever reflecting upon their disastrous consequences:

Crowds being only capable of thinking in images are only to be impressed by images. It is only images that terrify or attract them and become motives of action.[v]

It can be the mythic imagery of the shining communist future, or the myth of the end of the world caused by the Covid pandemic that can whip up masses into political frenzy or justify the most severe forms of political repression.  Religions, as well as modern beliefs and ideologies are also heavily interwoven with mythical scenes. Often those who ridicule beliefs in the mythical nature of the scenes from the Bible or from Homer’s Iliad are receptive to modern myths of a Marxist classless paradise on earth or the nature of permanent economic growth in Liberalism. One may recall intellectual enchantment with the Freudian-Marxist mystique by hundreds of thousands of US and European college professors in the first half of the twentieth century and extending even after psychoanalysis had lost all scientific credibility and communism had resulted only in political repression and economic stagnation. By the end of the century, these professors had no qualms in replacing their former ideologies with new myths of the free market and the myth of the invisible hand.  The capitalist myth aptly called “monotheism of the market” by the French philosopher Roger Garaudy, suggests the belief in permanent economic growth as the only salutary objective of human existence.[vi]

But one must be careful when reading Garaudy’s texts, as well as those of hundreds of other popular academics and authors preaching formulas of religious or political salvation. Garaudy was a reputable World War II antifascist resistant fighter, later a high-ranking French communist party member and a renowned intellectual—before he turned into a devout Muslim toward the end of his life. For his revisionist and anti-Israeli writings, he was also charged and convicted by the French courts with anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, claiming it to be a “Jewish myth.”[vii] Regardless of what one may think of Garaudy’s  many astute observations about Israel, Jews, and American decadence, recanting his once upon-a-time mythical persona and accepting the other mythical opposite is not a sign of integrity of character.

Many revisionist scholars critical of Jews and their social status depict the Jewish World War II victimhood as a new secular religion containing its own legions of saints, sacraments, salvagers and survivors. What strikes one is the following: while one may openly downplay, deride and minimize the number of victims of communist killing fields during the Ukrainian Holodomor, the Croat Bleiburg, the Gulag sewage system in the ex-Soviet Union, or the millions of killed German civilians, during and after World War II without facing legal troubles, critical debates on the Jewish Holocaust story must stay off limits—an excellent marker of the power of the Jewish community.

But even authors complaining about legal duplicity regarding the narrative of Jewish victimhood are seldom consistent. Many of them believe in good faith in the immaculate conception of Virgin Mary and various surreal miracles performed by Jesus and his early Jewish disciples. They would never consider their faith in Jesus a myth, let alone, a hoax, a fraud, or a conspiracy theory.  They reject the claims by anti-Christian authors “that Jesus was a deliberately constructed myth, by a specific group of people with a specific end in mind,”[viii] as David Skrbina wrote recently.

Neither do the faithful ones who believe in the Jesus story want to hear the arguments purporting that the history of Christianity is replete with serial killings of infidels as well as lengthy inter-Christian religious wars. It remains difficult for them to admit that Christianity emerged in Judaism and that until the end of the Second Temple and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, all the way till the end of the second century, Christianity was just one of the several infighting Jewish sects in the Roman empire.

Christianity remained Jewish Christianity. As we move into the second century not only certain Christian sects can be described as ‘Jewish-Christian’, but Christianity as a whole can still properly be described as ‘Jewish Christianity’ in a justifiable sense.[ix]

The prominent Christian theologian Adolf Harnack also traces the roots of Christianity to Judaism, claiming that “it was the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple which seems to have provoked the final crisis, and led to complete breach between the two parties.”[x]

The debate on mythical Jewish-inspired origins of Christianity is largely avoided by modern White Christian conservatives and White Christian nationalists. It must be noted though that the most critical analyses of Christianity over the last century and half have not come from the Left, but primarily from conservative and nationalist authors, especially in Germany and France. Particularly in Germany during the National-Socialist regime, from 1933 to 1945, there was a flurry of well-researched books and scholarly pieces by hundreds of academics dealing with the interrelationship between race and religion. Most of those authors contend that there is a causal link between Judaism-Christianity and their modern secular offshoots in the modern myth of Communism and Liberalism

We cannot expect that Christian religion, which originated from Jewish racial heritage, and which today still feels constrained by a baptism commandment issued 2000 years ago in the Jewish land, will atone for the guilt of the German soul.[xi]

It is a great setback that the works by German religious scholars, regardless of the demonic, or rather demonized nature of the National-Socialist epoch when their works were published, have not yet received a proper scholarly evaluation. Nor are the books on the racial makeup of a man, tribe or a people and how it affects the choice of his religion easily accessible. This raises the question of genetic and racial proclivity of any racial ingroup toward accepting or rejecting a foreign religious or political myth. Wilhelm Hauer a prominent religious scholar in National-Socialist Germany, noted:

For one thing, there is no longer any doubt today that race means not only body forms, but also forms of the soul and the spirit. And secondly, religion is not just a matter of the absolute truth, but also of various forms of truth by the bearers of religion.[xii]

Each racial group has its own vision of afterlife including its own notion of truth, or for that matter its acceptance of the big lie. Accordingly, to a large extent it is racial heritage of each man that shapes his world view. Between the German notion of “reality (Wirklichkeit) and “truth” (Wahrheit) there is a sharp distinction that needs to be made.

In addition, it is with great modesty of which Indo-European man is aware: we possess reality while being also possessed by it, but we are eternally on the way to truth, if by this we mean the knowledge of finitude. The absolute truth in the sense of final possession of the deepest mysteries is nonexistent. Such possession would mean the death of the living spirit. [xiii]

Why did early Europeans in the ancient Roman Empire out of hundreds of different cults and sects, each with its own myth, metaphor or allegory, embrace a small Middle Eastern Judaic cult will remain a riddle. Starting with the second century, many Oriental cults had already spread like wildfire in the Roman Empire, cults such as the Persian Mithra cult among Roman soldiers and the Egyptian Isis and Serapis cult, very popular in the high echelons of the Roman imperial court.[xiv] But they did not last long.

Wilhelm Nestle, a German philologist and expert on the mindset of early Greeks and Romans, writes in one of his essays published in the quarterly Archiv für Religionswissenschaft that late Greco-Roman pagan thinkers were hostile to the idea of the messiah insofar as they recognized in messianic prophesies a presumptuous claim by the Jews to future world domination.”[xv]

Nestle, along with many other German scholars in the first half of the twentieth century  voices amazement at how prominent and large European tribes and peoples had fallen prey to a strange Oriental cult preached by a small and insignificant tribe in Judea.

It seems incomprehensible that God did not send the messenger of his revelation to a large and famous people, but to the Jews in a small corner of the Earth, and that despite being omniscient he left his “son” to be shamefully punished by bad people. [xvi]

It does not make much sense to criticize inordinate Jewish political, social, and intellectual influence and popularity, which among other things can still be observed in the writings of a Jewish-born Karl Marx and his modern followers, or modern Jewish neocons dominating the U.S. foreign policy establishment, while at the same time accepting Christian scripts and screeds  which were originally written by Jewish prophets. This is a clearcut case of spiritual and political neurosis that the entire West has been victim of over the last 2000 years.

Seen from the secular perspective, the strong an unwavering support of Israel today by the United States is part of the predictable political theology based on the myth of self-chosenness borrowed from the Jewish Old Testament.[xvii]  It has served over the last one hundred years as a legal justification for its messianic do-good diplomatic efforts, but also its military engagements all over the world. The mythical “city on the hill,” the “manifest destiny” and the recent launching of “diversity” programs are essentially mythical derivatives from the Bible cloaked in modern languages.

It would be false to ascribe the mythical mindset or the religious mindset to one race or to one group of people only.  The myths of the nation and nationalism have  plunged European peoples into incessant and bloody civil wars, from Troy to the Thirty Years War, from the American Civil War to World War II and likely to the upcoming Third World War.

Myth, be it bad or good, is not a privilege of any people or race. Some of the sharpest Western minds who detected best the myth of the communist and liberal   myths were devout Catholics. We owe much to the early Catholic author Joseph de Maistre who criticized the French Revolution of 1789 and who was among the first to debunk the abstract globalist myth of “human rights.” Also, there are legions of Catholic writers who are critical of liberal modernity, such as J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton, Thomas Molnar and many, many others.

One must also mention a Catholic conservative expert in the international law and a noted political scientist Carl Schmitt, who was very popular in Weimar Germany, National-Socialist Germany and post-World War Germany, and who is now a household name of the New Right and the Alt-Right both in the U.S. and E.U. To him we owe the statement that “all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts.”[xviii]


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Was the Kamloops Mass Graves Claim a Hoax to Engender White Guilt?

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Second anniversary of the Kamloops grave claim

Residential school memorialization
Memorialization next to the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, of allegedly secretly-buried children.

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Today, May 27th, 2023, marks the second anniversary of one of the most shocking announcements in modern Canadian history.

On that date, the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc (Kamloops Indian Band) issued a press release claiming that the “remains” of 215 students who had attended the reserve’s Indian Residential School (IRS) between 1890 and 1978 were discovered using ground-penetrating radar (GPR).

This gruesome finding grounded in “a knowing in our community that we were able to verify” of the cemetery’s existence instantly became sensational headline news bordering on moral panic, worldwide. The press release also claimed “At this time we have more questions than answers.” This admission did not stop most media and indigenous activists from proposing more “case closed” answers than questions.

Across Canada, the meagre preliminary information given was more than enough to provoke mournful vigils, solidarity speeches, emotional testimonials from former IRS students, self-flagellation by politicians, flags on government buildings lowered to half-mast for six months, statues of former Canadian heroes defaced, destroyed, toppled, or removed, demands for the renaming of streets and public schools, calls for yet another papal apology, and the destruction, vandalism or desecration of some 70 mainly Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches on and off indigenous reserves.

But two years later, there are even more questions than answers. Why was this presumptive cemetery considered to be different from hundreds of non-indigenous burying grounds like it all across the land — missing, neglected, or unknown for generations — but subject to little or no reporting? Why was so much emphasis given to the results of the inconclusive technique called GPR? Why are new GPR searches planned for the same reserve when the details of the previous one are still a closely guarded secret? Why was the analysis headed by Sarah Beaulieu, a lowly sessional instructor at the University of the Fraser Valley, an institution nobody has ever heard of, given top priority when there were other better sources of information available? Why has the site still not been excavated to uncover the physical remains? Why did no journalist except one from Rebel News bother to visit the site to carry out an independent investigation? And why was the potentially fallible oral history “knowings” of indigenous knowledge keepers privileged over historical records located in school, church, and public archives?

Close to the eve of the first anniversary of this discovery, the Kamloops media-savvy leadership organized a 14-hour commemoration ceremony. Tellingly, no observance seems planned for the second anniversary, at least according to the Band’s media site. Why not?

None of these questions has even been asked, let alone answered, by the Kamloops band. Yes, it was confirmed four days after the press release that the band was “engaging with the coroner,” but this has gone nowhere. Yes, there was also early talk about exhuming the graves, but this has never happened. As for the site being treated as a crime scene, the RCMP said it opened a file on the case. Still, there is no ongoing investigation, suggesting that no murders are believed to have occurred at the school despite decades of rumours suggesting otherwise.

The lack of progress on exhumation is said to reflect the assertion since indigenous burying grounds are sacred places, only indigenous people should be involved in reserve mortuary issues despite all funding for such efforts coming from Canada’s taxpayers.

But sacredness also applies to the cemeteries of other ethnic and racial groups along with the need to account for public spending, so this assertion smacks of special privilege.

Its lack of credibility is also challenged by the fact that pre-contact west coast burials involved placing the remains in garbage middens, earthen mounds, stone cairns, or above ground on platforms or in trees. Given the mobile nature of West Coast foraging groups, many of these locales were soon forgotten.

Only after accepting Christianity following close contact with the European missionaries did aboriginal peoples adopt all Western funerary practices save careful maintenance and regular visits to graveyards, as can be seen from the many neglected and unmarked band cemeteries across Canada, occasionally resulting in the desecration and destruction of old burials when new ones are attempted. Moreover, given that allegations of murder, even genocide, occurring at the Kamloops IRS have been bandied about for decades, it is passing strange why the band would resist a forensic examination of the alleged graves.

Conversely, if these were fresh burials based on firsthand witness accounts, is there any doubt that the band would have immediately demanded the RCMP carry out a thorough examination, the alleged sacredness of the area be damned?

Precisely this demand is now occurring in Winnipeg with indigenous family members, leaders, activists, and media loudly demanding for months that a detailed search of the four-acre Winnipeg Prairie Green private landfill where the bodies of Morgan Harris, 39, and Marcedes Myran, 26, two missing indigenous women, are suspected of having been recently buried. Both are presumed to be victims of the same attacker. The search demanded would take three years and could cost perhaps as much as $184 million. (The effort would also present substantial risks for potential searchers given the hazardous materials buried in that location.)

By way of contrast, why have Kamloops band officials and residents not demanded even a minimally invasive investigation technique like “core sampling” at the presumptive burial site to quickly, safely, respectfully, and conclusively determine the contents of a single inconclusive radar hit?

Could the answer be that Kamloops officials fear that these GPR-detected soil disturbances don’t represent the presence of any human remains?

Of all the unknowns and dubious excuses for them at Kamloops, perhaps the paramount one is hardly mentioned: the relationship between the unnamed children said to be buried in these graves and the named students claimed to be missing. These two issues have been conflated, deliberately or not, by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) charged with documenting the history, operation, and legacy of the Indian Residential Schools and its successor, the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR).

The TRC opined early on that many indigenous children sent to residential schools never returned to their home communities. Some children ran away, and others died at the schools. The students who did not return are called the Missing Children. The Missing Children Project documented the deaths and burial places of children who died while attending the schools by placing their names in a Memorial Register. To date, 4,115 mainly named children who died while attending a residential school — but not necessarily at the school itself — have been identified. It is unclear whether the NCTR considers the unnamed children said to be buried in GPR-located graves part of this number. They should not, if only because they are undocumented and unidentified.

Elementary logic supports this assertion: how can the soil anomalies, the only sign of burials detected by GPR, be called “the remains of missing children” when there are no proven human remains. And unnamed and unknown children cannot be called missing when they are known to be dead, and dead people buried in graves are not missing but simply dead.

Logic also suggests that it is reasonable to hypothesize that Kamloops band officials are reluctant to dig up the abandoned apple orchard beside the long-shuttered school where these children are said to be buried because they fear no bodies — “missing” or not — will be found. The three excavations already undertaken — the Shubenacadie IRS, the Battleford Industrial School, and the Camsell Hospital site — have either produced negative results, confirmed that the bodies found were properly buried IRS students, or predated the IRS system.

Seen from the perspective of the Kamloops band, it might be far more prudent to keep this an enduring mystery rather than risk being exposed as supporting what some have called the great Canadian burial hoax.

To address the link between the putative gravesites and Memorial Register requires the transfer of attention from official mainstream-sanctioned unknowns to the growing body of unofficial but thoroughly documented evidence gathered since June 2021. None of this contrarian data, carefully collected, compiled, and published by impartial investigators with no financial or other stake in keeping the story of thousands of “missing children” alive supports the legacy media and political narratives.

Data for the dozens of IRSs with students listed as missing was painstakingly collected by intrepid researcher Nina Green. They prove that most of the 51 students missing from the Kamloops IRS were buried in named cemeteries on their home reserves. Accordingly, few could have been buried in some “secret cemetery” in a former apple orchard, leaving the identity and fate of the others a mystery.

Green communicated all these data months ago to the relevant parties: the media, provincial and federal politicians, indigenous leaders and activists, and academics focusing on aboriginal issues. Only a couple bothered to acknowledge receipt of this critical material.

So, who or what is buried in the apple orchard?

“Who” could be people who died before the school opened in 1890 since no missing children were listed for the following period. It is surely conceivable that some of these pre-1890 corpses may have been murder victims, but there is no authenticated case of a homicide at the IRS during its entire 88-year history. Not one.

As for the accusation that murdered children were buried in the apple orchard in the dead of night, elementary logic — as opposed to indigenous folktales — again says that this was inconceivable. The school is not in some remote part of the province; it has always employed band members; the apple orchard is located within eyesight just across the river from the city of Kamloops; and the school always saw a daily stream of visiting parents and dignitaries, tradespeople, school inspectors, and other parties. How could 215 children have been secretly buried with the whole of Kamloops and the entire Kamloops Band turning a blind eye?

“What” is undoubtedly the likely determiner. It suggests that the remains of dead animals, neatly-spaced apple tree stumps, and debris from various construction projects, including the laying of sewage tiles in the late 1930s in the exact place that newly-placed burial markers now appear, are what was revealed by the GPR probe.

There is other indirect evidence as well. No named indigenous relatives on the Kamloops reserve or elsewhere in Canada are frantically looking for a named but missing IRS child. This is because all students required signed applications to attend the IRS schools and were minutely followed in Quarterly Reports from entry to exit. Without such records, the schools could not receive operating funds from the Department of Indian Affairs.

Thousands more “missing children” could easily be found where their final resting place is bureaucratically buried, namely in carefully preserved school, church, and government records. This would only happen if the relevant parties —indigenous activists, band leaders, and family members — showed interest in them.

So far, these parties prefer to support fruitless GPR studies that have not turned up a single “missing” body, evidence they are pursuing a far different agenda, one rooted in the mantra “At this time we have more questions than answers.”

Guest columnist Hymie Rubenstein is editor of The REAL Indigenous Issues Newsletter and a retired professor of anthropology, University of Manitoba.

A Canadian Veteran Warns:The North American immigrant invasion is much worse than a Disease

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: The North American immigrant invasion is much worse than a Disease Invasion         

  Hello Alberta, Canada (and the World) The photo below illustrates clearly an illegal immigrant invasion of North America! This will become much more that a “disease invasion” when these illegal immigrants become embedded in North American cities and towns, encouraged to become members of the criminal BLM and Antifa savages, part of the cultural revolution promoted by the leftist Biden and Trudeau governments! (Many of these illegals carry weapons and the majority of the men are of fighting age, suggesting this could become much more than a disease invasion).   

The world will recall that violence began during the onslaught of immigrants into the European Union several years ago when murders, robberies and rapes began and continue to this day. North Americans thought this could not happen here, but crime has increased dramatically all across North American cities as a direct result of the push to defund police by leftist governments. This is increasing in cities like Calgary, that has a woke Communist Mayor and violence has only increased. Examples include the early prison release of Al Qaeda terrorist Hiva Alizadeh because he “promised to abandon terrorism”?

Since September 2022, 10 Canadian police officers have been killed, 9 of them murdered! This cultural change has been in progress for years with the insidious infiltration of Marxist thought in North Americas institutions, educational systems, law firms, labour unions and political parties. This immorality is even occurring in conservative Alberta as  the NDP are only one step away from becoming part of what will eventually become Trudeau’s Communist Canada.  

Beyond Communism, JFK warned us of what could become a one world globalist government that if successful, will include Communist China, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations with it’s International Organization for Migration (IMO), offices open all over the world today. It should come as no surprise that JFK was assassinated. President Kennedy warned us that a Globalist World Order was upon us and has been growing since the 1970’s.

Canada was introduced to Communism after Justin’s father was elected in ’68 and dined with Mao in ‘73. The proof is in the way Justin is continuing the Trudeau “publicly spoken” reverence for the Chinese Communist style of government.  

He told us his plans during the 2015 election campaign; that he was going to make Canada “a post-national country” implying quite correctly if anyone had been listening; that white men need not apply. He is proving his point with his treasonous actions encouraging anyone and everyone who wishes to cross north American borders almost uncontested. (This is the direct use of migration as a politicized weapon of cultural change)!   Canadians should remember Trudeau sarcastically saying, “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock white Canadians are an unpleasant relic and quite frankly replaceable, and we will replace them”.   What’s left of Canada (and America), have become colonies of Communist China with Trudeau (and Biden’s) open border’s, with these new “bought and paid for Communist voters” coming in droves. Get ready North America! See attached.                           L. Leugner CD, Warrant Officer (Ret’d), Member, Veterans4Freedom, Cochrane Alberta.

“Mass immigration is largest contributor to Canada’s population growth and GHG emissions ”

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Attention Real Environmentalist Fellow Canadian :
For your information, Immigration Watch Canada sends you our latest bulletin : “Mass immigration is largest contributor to Canada’s population growth and GHG emissions “. If we ignore the dramatic and very negative environmental impact of mass immigration,all our efforts to deal with climate change will fail.”
Mass Immigration
Refining Oil

Mass immigration is largest contributor to Canada’s population growth and GHG emissions

By John Meyer, Canadians for a sustainable society

Did you know that Canadians are among the highest per capita producers of climate changing carbon emissions in the world?! 
Per person, we release more than 3 times the world average!
Our high consumption of fossil fuels is because of:
–         The large vehicles we drive and the distance we drive them
–         Poor public transit
–         Large houses
–         High material consumption
–         Travel
–         Cold climate
–         Our resource intensive economy
The Kyoto Accord covered greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 to 2012. Of the 58 signatories, Canada posted the second worst record, with emissions actually increasing by 21% instead of being reduced by 6%.

The fact that Canada came in 27% over its target speaks to the complete lack of science and clear national policy to guide GHG (green house gas) reduction in this country.  The common consensus of what caused this massive overshoot is that the oil sands are to blame. Oil sands emissions have increased dramatically and perfectly fit the profile of a well-rounded environmental disaster so it is easy to understand why people have looked no further for any other source.

But oil sands emissions only account for 70 mega tons of the 156 megatonnes that Canada’s emissions went up from 1990 to 2012. Additionally, Ontario saw a reduction of 30 megatonnes by replacing coal-fired electrical generators with natural gas generators.

So, in effect, the combined increases in GHG emissions totaled 186 megatonnes. Subtracting the oil sands contributions leaves 116 megatonnes unaccounted for.

So what are these ‘Mystery Emissions’?? Governments don’t mention them or account for them in their forecasts. Media corporations won’t mention them by name.

Here’s the thing. Each year every Canadian emits over 20 tons of GHG’s. From 1990 to 2012, Canada’s population increased by over 6 million people, the vast majority of which was caused by mass immigration. The increase of 6 million people multiplied by their 20 ton emissions equals 120 megatonnes and accounts very well for the 116 megatonnes of ‘Mystery emissions”.

The main source of Canada’s dismal carbon emissions record is clear. The “Mystery emissions” result from population growth due to immigration and childbirth.   The carbon footprint of immigrants into Canada increases by a factor of over 4 when they arrive here. And for some source countries it is over 15.

Canada simply can’t meet its emission reduction responsibilities with mass immigration still taking place.

Mass immigration is the largest contributor to our growth and GHG emissions. The real mystery is why no government agency or media is talking about it.

Canada cannot continue to miss its GHG emissions targets and remain in the dark as to why. We must have a full accounting of all sources if we are to have a realistic chance of meeting our responsibilities to the international community and to future generations.

Our institutions must stop stonewalling on the impacts of population growth whether it stems from mass immigration or domestic birth rates.

If we don’t have the full picture, how can we deliver lasting solutions?
Below is a link to a youtube video by “Canadians for a Sustainable Society” on the “mystery” emissions generated by immigration. To view, click on the link and then on the arrow.
For sensible immigration policies for the 21st century