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Nigerian sex offender who came to Canada via Roxham Road fights extradition to U.S.

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A Nigerian sex offender who crossed into Canada at Roxham Road is appealing his extradition to the U.S. on the grounds he should be considered a refugee.

Adesanya Prince is wanted in Harris County, Texas, where he pleaded guilty to a charge of “promotion of child pornography” on Feb. 23, 2018, but fled to Canada before he was sentenced.

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Prince is currently in custody in Canada, 19 months after he arrived via Roxham Road, the controversial unofficial border crossing south of Montreal. Last March, Justice Minister David Lametti ordered that Prince be returned to the U.S.

Yet in documents filed with Quebec’s Court of Appeal, Prince is fighting the extradition.

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In the appeal, Prince’s lawyer, Marie-Hélène Giroux, raises three arguments.

She says the minister’s order should be quashed because it didn’t consider that if returned to the U.S., Prince might be deported to Nigeria. Giroux also argues the minister should have considered the conditions Prince would face in Texas prisons. And finally, she says the minister didn’t have the jurisdiction to determine Prince wasn’t a refugee under the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.

The federal government has yet to file a response to Prince’s request for the appeal. The Quebec Court of Appeals has not yet set a date, but may hear the case sometime this fall or winter.

Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas slips into Canada

Nigerian sex offender wanted in Texas slips into Canada

Prince, 51, originally consented to extradition on Nov. 1, 2018. However, according to his lawyer, he later changed his mind. He remains in detention at a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) facility north of Montreal.

Prince walked across the border into Canada on March 9, 2018. He had pleaded guilty to a child pornography charge in Texas just days earlier and was out on a US$10,000 bond awaiting sentencing. Rather than show up for his sentencing hearing on May 10, 2018, Prince fled to Canada.

He faces a minimum of two years in prison.

READ MORE: Registered sex offender slipped into Canada through illegal Quebec crossing

Immediately after crossing the border, Prince was detained by RCMP officers stationed at Roxham Road. He was then turned over to CBSA agents for screening. It was during a security background check that agents found Prince was wanted in Texas on child porn charges.

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According to court documents obtained by Global News, Prince is originally from Nigeria but had been living in Houston, Texas. The documents state that in January 2017, he was working as a security guard when he sent a co-worker three videos on a cellphone app. Two of the videos involved bestiality, while the third depicted the graphic sexual assault of a young girl aged two to four.

The co-worker told police that Prince also made unsolicited sexual advances towards her including, on two occasions, trying to grab her breasts.

The court documents include a letter from Harris County assistant district attorney Thomas Waddle. In it, Waddle states that Prince presents a danger to Canada and may have been attempting to flee to Nigeria.

“The timing of Prince’s flight demonstrates that he was attempting to avoid serving a sentence for the criminal acts to which we admitted guilt,” Waddle writes.

Statistics reveal spike in asylum seeker border crossings

Statistics reveal spike in asylum seeker border crossings

Prince agreed to be extradited to the U.S., signing a “consent to committal” and forfeiting the right to a committal hearing. The last step was for the federal justice minister to sign off on the extradition, which he did in March.

However, before the extradition took place, Prince changed his mind and filed an appeal of the minister’s decision.

Despite being a flight danger and a potential threat, at one point, Prince was released from custody and spent three days living on Montreal’s West Island.

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Quebec Superior Court Justice Daniel Royer ordered Prince released on Aug. 2, 2018. The U.S. had filed an extradition request for the imposition of a prosecution, but as Prince had already pleaded guilty, the extradition request should have been for the imposition of a sentence.

Royer ruled that there was insufficient evidence presented at the hearing to hold Prince for prosecution and ordered him released.

The U.S. filed a new provisional arrest request three days later, and Prince gave himself up to police.

In registering a guilty plea in Texas last year, Prince was officially entered into the U.S. sex offender registry, a designation he will hold until the end of his life.

Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity

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Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity  
Posted on October 20, 2019
In a 30 second commercial that has been filling TV screens for a week now, Elections Canada encourages Canadians to register and vote on October 21st because, in their words, “It’s Our Vote”.
But if you look at the faces of the half dozen people featured in this ad, you might get the impression that it is not “our” vote—the vote of “old stock” Canadians—but “their” vote, the vote of the million migrants who pass through our gates or walk across our borders each and every year– courtesy of an immigration and refugee policy constructed in defiance of public opinion.
As far as I can determine, at least four of the actors in this cute story are “people of colour” (POC), and three of them New Canadians, including the one or two year old product of a biracial marriage.
Even the less discerning of us will appreciate that Elections Canada’s sales pitch is rife with stark symbolism. If it needed a title, it could be called be “Moving Day”, as it features someone whom I would dub “Mr. Token”, a young white male with golden locks cheerfully helping POC carry furniture into their new abode.
Significantly, several frames in the commercial depict the New Canadians at a Citizenship ceremony, with their right hand up and poised to swear allegiance. Particularly poignant is the image of the baby boy in his father’s arms clutching a small maple leaf flag.
All in all, it is one big happy and harmonious display of Canada-in-the-making. Aside from their racial composition, one cannot fail to notice that all of the people in this ad are young. It doesn’t take a genius to see what demographic this commercial is directed at, and which political parties or politicians they are most likely to vote for.
Let me give you a hint. It isn’t Maxime Bernier or the Peoples Party of Canada.
Of course, I wouldn’t dream of questioning the neutrality of a taxpayer funded instrument of information and integrity like Elections Canada. I am sure that Elections Canada is above reproach, like the CBC!!
Diversity cultists would no doubt claim that the racial makeup of these actors merely represents the reality of Canada today. Not quite. Visible minorities make up roughly half of Metro Vancouver and Toronto—not two-thirds, as this ad would suggest. Moreover, in no way does this ad reflect the racial profile of the nation at large, where visible minorities make up 22% of the population.
It may come as a shock to the social engineers in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, but the universe extends far beyond the urban boundaries of these bastions of so-called enlightenment, tolerance and diversity. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that a good third of Canadians are grounded in reality, something that most “progressive” big city dwellers can barely relate to. If these morally superior beings were interested in seeing what reality looks like, the protocol is clear. Turn off the CBC. Pack your bags. Get in your car. And take a trip to small town hinterland communities where ordinary people tend to dwell. But be prepared to be”interrupted” by common sense.
It must be understood that in commissioning commercials like this, it was never the intention of the immigration lobby and its executive arm in Parliament to depict Canada as it actually is, but rather, to condition viewers to accept the Canada that they hope will unfold. The message is, “This is a done deal. This is what our cities and towns will soon look like, whether you like it or not. Resistance is futile.” In other words, these kind of TV ads are not descriptive but prescriptive. And we have had a ton of them in recent years, haven’t we?
Those who care to reflect upon the rapid demographic change that this Elections Canada message illustrates will soon realize that it is not precisely about “Moving Day”, but rather, Moving “in” Day. But if someone is moving “in”, then the question becomes, “Who is moving out?”
From coast to coast, the answer is clear: Old stock Canadians, both young and old. That is why formerly “sleepy” towns and quiet havens from Camrose to Charlottetown are experiencing a population boom.
Maybe we could call it “The Californian Effect”, in deference to progressive middle class Californian Democratic Party voters who, having fouled their own nest, flee to hinterland states like Idaho or Montana yet to be despoiled by the madness of “sanctuary cities” and identity politics gone mad.
The irony is, many of these white flight (or white plight?) urban refugees are fleeing from the consequences of policies imposed by the open borders parties . Displacement looks good on them, doesn’t it? Do you think that eventually these people will connect the dots between urban decay, unaffordable housing, and traffic congestion, on the one hand, and the policy of mass immigration on the other?
Can we fix stupid?
Time will tell.

Hear the ETHNOSTATE — “Are White People too Far Right?” With William Johnson, Paul Fromm & Kenn Gividen

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Hear the ETHNOSTATE — “Are White People too Far Right?” With William Johnson, Paul Fromm & Kenn
Congressman called racist for calling out Omar’s racism
Bulgarian fans accused of racist chants; say England over-reacted
DC changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada

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I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada


On this beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon, I voted “Max” — People’s Party of Canada. It’s the only party that promises real immigration reduction and reform; protection of our much eroded freedom of speech, and a challenge to the “diversity” delusion.

Moslem, Somali Immigration Minister & His “Diversity” Team

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Moslem, Somali Immigration Minister & His “Diversity” Team


“Diversity” is a code word for fewer European Christians, especially males. Look at this foreign gang!


Paul Fromm takes a tough stand on gun violence because black lives matter. Managed non-news reporting of Negro crime

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Paul Fromm takes a tough stand on gun violence because black lives matter. Managed non-news reporting of Negro crime
CAFE Meeting in Hamilton, September 22, 2019

Brain Surgery

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Brain Surgery: A Satire  by Tim Murray 

When I inquired about my prospects of surviving open heart surgery, a credible informant assured me that surgeons would execute a cutting-edge, less invasive operation, resulting in a quicker recovery.

brain surgery pic brain surgery pic

When I asked if these surgeons were “up to scratch” and competent to perform it, I was told that they were “out of this world”. It turns out that this informant was right.

I have little recollection of the procedure, other than a vague memory of four sets of sinister eyes looming over me, examining me with intense scrutiny. One of them bore a resemblance to Barbara Lerner Spectre. The only thing I distinctly remember is being in my car, my radio and engine going dead, and seeing a bright, blinding figure walk toward me. Shortly thereafter I blacked out.  Then suddenly  I found myself in the driver’s seat in the same position. It is as if I had been dreaming.


Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe it was an hallucination.  Just like The Great Replacement, which Leftist  commentators tell me is a mirage, a figment of my conspiratorial imagination. Vancouver hasn’t changed. It is not an Asian city. And Europe is still Europe. You see, we mustn’t believe our own eyes. Best to rely on the filtered information of trusted media gatekeepers, like the CBC, who proclaim that “Canada Lives Here”.  I guess they haven’t seen the ratings lately.

So yes, maybe it didn’t happen.  But I think not. Before the operation, I felt like crap. Afterward, I suddenly felt like a million dollars.

I am as good as new now, but there is this small lump under my skin above my left temple. Sometimes it prickles. Sometimes it itches. When I pinch it, it feels a dime or a nickel. Hmm. No wonder an alarm goes off whenever I go through an airport security check.

The good news is I didn’t have to pay one red cent for the operation. That goes to show you how beneficial Canada’s socialized medical system is.  And efficient too. I was in and out before I knew it.

And that’s not all. I am not only getting timely care, but compassionate and conscientious care too.

Like old time country doctors, these surgeons make impromptu home visits to check on my progress. They drop by without notice at the oddest times, and when they leave it seems that they take me with them. Then faster that you can say Jack Robinson, here I am back in my easy chair again. But when I look at my watch, several hours have passed.  I guess that proves that time flies when you are having fun.

As far as I can determine, I have experienced no side effects from my surgery, other than that nagging sensation I mentioned. The prickling and itching above my left temple.

However, I am left with a strange feeling. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Simply put, it is a feeling that Big Brother is watching me. Then I wondered.

Does CSIS have me on their watch list? Is the Canadian Anti-Hate Network monitoring me?  Is a Toronto Star reporter trying to get the goods on me? Am I being stalked by Glenn Close? No matter where I go, I get that same feeling.

Self help guru Wayne Dyer told me that I should take charge of my life, but more than ever, that goal eludes me. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I sense that I am being guided. Controlled in fact. Whenever I watch the news—or read it—-I feel that something is missing. Like the news. The real news.

And the more I listen to progressive politicians and the identity group mouthpieces who drive them, the more my vocabulary shrinks.  I’ve noticed that more and more, I can’t find the words to conceive of alternative narratives. Sometimes the only words that come to mind are “diversity”, “inclusive”, “patriarchal”, “white privilege”, “white supremacist”, “transphobic”, and “welcoming”. And when I try to form sentences, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “love conquers hate”, “diversity is our strength”, “build bridges not fences”, “we are more alike than unalike”, “biology is a social construct”, “Canada is home to the world”, “Canada is a nation of immigrants”,  “we are all immigrants”, “we are living on stolen land”, “the only real Canadians are First Nations people”, and “a woman must always be believed.”  Stuff like that.

However, several forbidden questions managed to break these mental shackles and enter my brain.

Did I have heart surgery–or brain surgery? Was the first a cover for the latter? What if I am a victim of social engineering?  What if the social engineers are manipulated by puppeteers—an alien tribe bent on opening the floodgates and diversifying us out of existence? And if that is so, how can we determine who these puppeteers are?

Then came the epiphany: Just find out who it is illegal to criticize.


Here’s a tip. When you find that out, don’t share the information, or you’re liable to find yourself behind bars and financially ruined.  Right here in Canada, true north, strong and “free”.

Tim Murray

PS Check out Kevin MacDonald’s writings. But be warned. If you read them, you may never be the same..


Recommended:  Peter Goodchild’s interpretation of the third volume of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique trilogy:


The Culture of Critique: Some Notes and Quotes

Horkheimer and Adorno

The following is an interpretation of the third volume of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique trilogy, which comprises three volumes:


A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy, with Diaspora Peoples


Separation and Its Discontents: Towards an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism


The Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements


A reason for focusing on the third volume is that “it challenges many fundamental assumptions about our contemporary intellectual and political existence,” as is said on the first page of the “Preface to the First Paperback Edition,” and it is our contemporary existence that is most people’s immediate concern, even if the roots of the present must be found thousands of years ago.


Numbers on the left are page numbers. All quotations are MacDonald’s own words, except where indicated otherwise. Anything not in quotation marks is my own notes based on my reading of the text. Any errors of fact or interpretation, of course, are solely my own.


I am leaving the “Preface to the First Paperback Edition” until the end, since chronologically and otherwise it is basically an expansion of what is said in the main text.


Chapter 1: Jews and the Radical Critique of Gentile Culture: Introduction and Theory


8 Jews are always negative about gentile cultures.


Conceptualizing the Jewish Radical Criticism of Gentile Society


13 The goal of socialism was not social leveling, but the destruction of the gentile power structure.


The Boasian School of Anthropology and the Decline of Darwinism in the Social Sciences


20-23 The great assault on the Darwinian evolutionary approach to human societies means that now all cultures are regarded as equal. The concept of race is now said to be meaningless. We are no longer allowed to speak of three stages: savagery, barbarism, and civilization.


25 Franz Boas dominated US anthropology for 40 years. He had many influential students, all of whom were Jews except Alfred Kroeber, Ruth Benedict, and Margaret Mead.


29-30 Boas and others claimed Americans were too sexually repressed and should study romantic primitivism, as shown in Mead’sComing of Age in Samoa. H. Turner-High, J. Keegan, and L. H. Keeley, on the other hand, claimed that earlier times were not quite so idyllic, and that warfare was very common in primitive societies.


Beyond Boas: Recent Examples of Jewish Political Agendas Influencing Social Science Research


30-38 Stephen Jay Gould (Jewish) is a famous “propagandist and ethnic activist” who insists that human intelligence is environmental, not genetic.


Chapter 3: Jews and the Left


50 Judaism and Marxism are quite incompatible, mainly because Marxism is a universalist ideology, although many people have claimed loyalty to both.


Communism and Jewish Identification in Poland


66 “When the anti-Zionist-anti-Semitic movement in the Soviet Union filtered down to Poland . . . there was another crisis of identity resulting from the belief that anti-Semitism and communism were incompatible.”


67 “There was massive self-deception and rationalization” by Jewish Poles who supported communism.


Radicalism and Jewish Identification in the United States and England


74-76 Jewish-Communist espionage in the US included giving atomic-bomb secrets to the USSR.


76 Wealthy young Jews were the founders of the student protest movement.


Social Identity Processes, Perceived Jewish Group Interests, and Jewish Radicalism


80 Jews rarely have been “a light to the nations” – they mainly confine their concern “within Jewish groups.”


94 The Socialist Party and the CPUSA have gentiles displayed as their leaders – i.e. as window dressing.


Chapter 4: Jewish Involvement in the Psychoanalytic Movement


106 “A great deal of hostility to psychoanalysis centered around the perceived threat of psychoanalysis to Christian sexual ethics.”


109-18 In his private writing, Freud was very anti-gentile.


113 Adler and Jung were expelled as heretical.


117-18 In Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud said that the repression of sex (particularly in Christianity) is the source of civilization, but that the price to be paid is neurosis and unhappiness. He claimed that psychoanalysis could cure that sickness, and he advocated greater sexual freedom. Psychoanalysis is pseudoscience.


The Scientific Status of Psychoanalysis


121 Freud’s claims (theories) were always stated in ways that are scientifically untestable.


123 He always equated (or confused) sexual desire with love.


124 Responsibility (the id) is seen as pathological, repressive, something that prevents self-realization.


Psychoanalysis as a Political Movement


127 Freud’s disciples regard all of his words as absolute truth – nothing is ever questioned.


132 Psychoanalysis resembles brainwashing.


Psychoanalysis as a Tool in the Radical Criticism of Western Culture: The Wider Cultural Influence of Freud’s Theory


134 Roman and Christian monogamy meant an egalitarian system, instead of a few men having all the women, and others having none. In polygamy the women are “reduced to chattel and are typically purchased as concubines by wealthy males.”


136 Monogamy in turn led to high-investment parenting, and to pair-bonding (companionate marriage).


Psychoanalysis and the Criticism of Western Culture


141 “. . . Radical individualism among gentiles is an excellent prescription for the continuation of Judaism as a cohesive group.”


145 “Anti-Semitism is viewed as a form of gentile psychopathology.”


150 “Since 1970 the rate of single-parenting has increased from one in ten families to one in three families. . . . All the negative trends related to the family show very large increases that developed in the mid-sixties. . . .”


Chapter 5: The Frankfurt School of Social Research and the Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances


The Political Agenda of the Frankfurt School of Social Research


154 “A consistent theme of Horkheimer and Adorno’s Critical Theory was the transformation of society according to moral principles. . . . From the beginning, there was a rejection of value-free social science research (‘the fetishism of facts’). . . .”


156 Horkheimer and Adorno saw “both fascism and capitalism [as involving] domination and authoritarianism.”


157 For Horkheimer and Adorno, everything was based on an “a prioritheory of anti-Semitism.”


163 “. . . The true enemy of the Jews is gentile collectivities of any kind, and especially nationalism. . . . No mention is made of the collectivist nature of Judaism.”


165 “People in individualist cultures . . . show little emotional attachment to ingroups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and ‘finding yourself’ . . . Individualists have more positive attitudes toward strangers and outgroup members. . . .”


167 “Highly questionable [is] the basic idea that anti-Semitism is the result of disturbed parent-child relationships. . . .”


Review of The Authoritarian Personality


170 “Being high on the Anti-Semitism Scale may . . . simply mean that one has more information rather than a sign of a disturbed childhood.”


176 “. . . Authoritative parents are more successful in transmitting cultural values to their children. . . .” High scores in parental discipline are regarded in Adorno et al., The Authoritarian Personality, as “the result of extreme authoritarianism resulting in repressions and denials of parental faults.”


180 “Frenkel-Brunswick [in The Authoritarian Personality] . . . attempts to pathologize gentile concerns with social class and upward mobility.”




194 “Although it is difficult to assess the effect of works like The Authoritarian Personality on gentile culture, there can be little question that the thrust of the radical critique . . . was to pathologize high-investment parenting and upward mobility, as well as pride in family, religion, and country among gentiles.”


The Influence of the Frankfurt School


207 “Each movement promised . . . a classless society in which there would be no conflicts of interest and people would work altruistically for the good of the group. . . .”


Chapter 6: The Jewish Criticism of Gentile Culture: A Reprise


210 “Citation by other scientists is an important indication of scholarly accomplishment and is often a key measure used in tenure decisions. . . . Jews have been greatly overrated as editors, publishers, and contributors to a variety of radical and liberal periodicals. . . .”


211 “. . . In the literary world, the highly influential left-wing journal Partisan Review (PR) was a principle showcase of ‘the New York Intellectuals.’ . . . PR originated as an offshoot of the Communist Party. . . .”


220 “Aspiring intellectuals, whether Jewish or gentile, are subjected to a high level of indoctrination at the undergraduate and graduate levels. . . .”


Chapter 7: Jewish Involvement in Shaping U.S. Immigration Policy


241-42 Jews support liberal immigration because it means a pluralistic society, not a homogeneous one. Hence there is little chance of a unified opposition to Judaism.


242 “Ethnic and religious pluralism . . . serves Jewish interests because Jews become just one of many ethnic groups. . . . Jewish activism on immigration is merely one strand of a multipronged movement directed at preventing the development of a mass movement of anti-Semitism in Western societies.”


249 “In The Passing of the Great Race (1921) [Madison] Grant argued that the American colonial stock was derived from superior Nordic racial elements and that immigration of other races would lower the competence level of the society as a whole as well as threaten democratic and republican institutions.”


251 “. . . It is probable that the decline in evolutionary and biological theories of race and ethnicity facilitated the sea change in immigration policy brought about by the 1965 [Immigration and Nationality Act].”


254-55 “Jews played a very prominent role in organizing blacks beginning with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. . . . Jews organized African Americans for their own interests rather than in the best interests of African Americans.”


Jewish Anti-Restrictionist Political Activity


259 “Making the United States into a multicultural society has been a major Jewish goal beginning in the nineteenth century.”


281-82 “Restrictionists [regarding US immigration in the 1920s and 1930s] often pointed to evidence that over 90 percent of American Communists had backgrounds linking them to Eastern Europe.”


288 “Richard Avens noted, ‘One of the curious things about those who most loudly claim that the [restrictionist McCarran-Walter] act is “discriminatory” . . . is that they oppose admission of the approximately one million Arab refugees in camps where they are living in pitiful circumstances after having been driven out of . . . Israel.’”


293 “Particularly important is the provision in the Immigration Act of 1965 that expanded the number of immigrants. . . . Jewish spokespersons had been in the forefront in attempts to admit family members on a nonquota basis.”


294 “The family-based emphasis of the quota regulations . . . has resulted in a multiplier effect that ultimately subverted the quota system entirely by allowing for a “chaining” phenomenon in which endless chains of the close relations of close relations are admitted outside of the quota system . . . .”


296 “. . . The Census Bureau projects that by the year 2050, European-derived peoples will no longer be a majority of the population of the United States. . . .”


Appendix: Jewish Pro-Immigration Efforts in Other Western Countries


301 “It is remarkable that the sea change in immigration policy in the Western world occurred at approximately the same time (1962-1973), and in all countries the changes reflected the attitudes of the elites rather than the great mass of citizens. . . . In neither Australia nor Canada was there ever any popular sentiment to end the older European bias of immigration policy. . . .”


302 “Only after the 1978 [Canadian] law was in effect did the government embark on a public information campaign to inform Canadians of their new immigration policy. . . .”


Chapter 8: Whither Judaism and the West?


306 “In recent years there has been an increasing rejection among intellectuals and minority ethnic activists of the idea of creating a melting pot society based on assimilation among ethnic groups. . . .”


308 “. . . The ideal situation of absolute equality in resource control and reproductive success would require a great deal of monitoring and undoubtedly be characterized by a great deal of mutual suspicion.”


312 “I believe that in the United States we are presently heading down a volatile path – a path that leads to ethnic warfare and the development of collectivist, authoritarian, and racist enclaves. . . The effort to overcome these inclinations thus necessitates applying to Western societies a massive ‘therapeutic’ intervention in which manifestations of majoritarian ethnocentrism are combated . . . by promoting the ideology that such manifestations are an indicator of psychopathology and a cause for shame, psychiatric intervention, and counseling.”


316 “. . . [Charles] Murray [of R. J. Herrnstein and C. Murray, The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life] wants the Midwest where he grew up – a world in which the local mechanic didn’t care two cents whether he was or wasn’t brighter than the local math teacher. . . .”


“There has been a powerful Western tendency to develop such societies, beginning at least in the Middle Ages. . . . A very central feature has been the imposition of monogamy as a form of reproductive leveling that dampens the association between wealth and reproductive success.”


318 “>From the standpoint of . . . leftist critics, the Western ideal of hierarchic harmony and assimilation is perceived as an irrational, romantic, and mystical ideal. . . . It is interesting in this regard that a basic strand of sociological theory beginning with Marx has been to emphasize conflict between social classes rather than social harmony.”


“. . . The prototypical Western social organization of harmony and mutual individualism is inherently unstable. . . .”


321 “. . . It is the descendants of the WASPS who settled the West and the South. . . . Today they have the least, socioeconomically, to show for these contributions.”


325-26 “. . . As other groups became increasingly powerful . . . the European-derived peoples . . . will become increasingly unified. . . . Eventually these groups will develop a united front and a collectivist political orientation. . . .”


328 “. . . Jewish organizations . . . have ridiculed Christian religious beliefs . . . or have led the fight for lifting restrictions on pornography. . . . Psychoanalysis as a Jewish-dominated intellectual movement has been a central component of this war on gentile cultural supports for high-investment parenting.”


329 “. . . There is considerable reason to suppose that Western tendencies toward individualism are unique and based on psychological adaptations. . . . In [A People That Shall Dwell Alone] (Ch. 8) I speculated that the progenitors of Western populations evolved in isolated groups with low population density.”


329-30 “Such groups would have been common in areas characterized by harsh ecological conditions, such as those that occurred during the ice age. . . . Under ecologically adverse circumstances, adaptations are directed more at coping with the environment than at competing with other groups. . . .”


“Another critical component of the evolutionary basis of individualism is the elaboration of the human affectional system as an individualistic pair-bonding system, the system that seemed so strange that it was theorized to be a thin veneer overlapping a deep psychopathology to a generation of Jewish intellectuals emerging from the ghetto. . . .”


Preface to the First Paperback Edition


ix “[Stephen Steinlight, a Senior Fellow with the American Jewish Committee] believes that present immigration policy no longer serves Jewish interests because the new immigrants are less likely to be sympathetic to Israel and because they are more likely to view Jews as the wealthiest and most powerful group in the U.S. – and thus a potential enemy – rather than as victims of the Holocaust. He is particularly worried about the consequences of Islamic fundamentalism among Muslim immigrants, especially for Israel, and he condemns the ‘savage hatred for America and American values’ among the fundamentalists.”


The Decline of Ethnic Consciousness among European-Derived People in the United States


xi “Fundamental to the transformation of the United States as a result of massive non-European immigration was the decline of ethnic consciousness among European peoples. It is fascinating to contrast the immigration debates of the 1920s with those of the 1950s and 1960s.”


xiii “[Charles] Lindbergh’s famous speech of September 11, 1941 stated that the Jews were one of the principal forces attempting to lead the U.S. into war, along with the Russian administration and the British.”


xx “. . . Jewish intellectuals led the battle against the idea that there are differences in intelligence or cultural levels between the races that are rooted in biology.”


The Evolutionary Origins of Jewish Collectivism and Ethnocentrism


xxxiii “[There is] a long mainstream Jewish tradition which considers Jews and non-Jews as completely different species. . . .”



Jewish Involvement in Communism and the Radical Left


xli “During the period when the famine claimed a total of 6 million lives throughout [the Ukraine], the [Soviet] government exported eighteen million hundredweight of grain to obtain money for industrialization.” (On page xxxvii, MacDonald mentions Courtois et al. 1999, The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression.)


xliii “. . . Jews . . . dominated the Bolshevik governments of the Soviet Union and Hungary and . . . Jews in other countries were sympathetic to Bolshevism.”


xliv “The 20th century in Europe and the Western world . . . was a Jewish century. . . .”


xlvi “Jewish involvement in the horrors of Communism was . . . an important ingredient in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR and in the anti-Jewish actions of the German National Socialist government.”


xlvii “Peter Novick’s The Holocaust in American Life . . . notes that the Holocaust has assumed a preeminent status as a symbol of ethnic conflict. He argues that the importance of the Holocaust is not a spontaneous phenomenon but stems from highly focused, well-funded efforts of Jewish organizations and individual Jews with access to the major media. . . . “


From the Culture of Critique to the Culture of the Holocaust


l “Indeed, it is not too far fetched today to suppose that German culture as the culture of Germans has disappeared entirely, replaced by the culture of the Holocaust.”


li “[N. G.] Finkelstein [in The Holocaust Industry] argues that embracing the Holocaust allows the wealthiest and most powerful group in the U.S. to claim victim status.”


Jews and the Media: Shaping “Ways of Seeing”


lxii “. . . In a column in Newsweek International (April 3, 2002) . . . Michael Lind [said:] ‘While it is rarely noted in the American media, Israel has now occupied Palestinian lands for 35 years, denying 3 million people rights, and ruling over them with brutality.’”

Hear William Johnson, Paul Fromm, James Edwards & Kenn Gividen on THE ETHNOSTATE: What America’s 10 Most Miserable Cities Have in Common

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Hear William Johnson, Paul Fromm, James Edwards & Kenn Gividen on THE ETHNOSTATE: What America’s 10 Most Miserable Cities Have in Common
Kroger installs theft barrier at store in black neighborhood
America’s ten most miserable cities have this in common

Canada’s Goose Is Cooked

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Canada’s Goose Is Cooked


In a recently released poll, Canadians were asked if federal government immigration intakes should be reduced. 

20% answered “YES” but 80% answered

 لا طريقة سخيف  ,  没有他的方式 or ਕੋਈ ਕੁੱਟਮਾਰ ਦਾ ਤਰੀਕਾ ਨਹੀਂ

canada's goose is cooked

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