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Violent Crime Rocks Sweden Ahead of Elections: Real world results of the WEF, UN and George Soros Open Borders program to destroy Western society.

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Violent Crime Rocks Sweden Ahead of Elections: Real world results of the WEF, UN and George Soros Open Borders program to destroy Western society.

Violent Crime Rocks Sweden Ahead of Elections

Real world results of the WEF, UN and George Soros Open Borders program to destroy Western society.

2nd Smartest Guy in the WorldAug 29

by Peder Jensen

  • For the first time, crime tops the list of voters’ most important concerns in the run-up to the elections.
  • Of the more than 8,200 people the Swedish police counted as being members of criminal gangs by late 2021, almost 15% were under the age of 18.
  • Sweden has in just two generations gone from being one of the safest countries in the world to being one of the most dangerous countries in Europe. During the same time, mass immigration has dramatically altered Sweden’s population. 1.2 million of those eligible to vote in the elections in September 2022 were born outside Sweden…
  • Basem Mahmoud is an imam operating in the heavily Muslim-dominated area of Rosengård in Malmö. He has called Jews “the offspring of pigs and apes,” said he was “only quoting the Koran,” and is looking forward to “the great battle” when all non-Muslims will be forced to submit themselves to Muslims.
  • In a sermon in February 2022, Mahmoud went on the attack against Swedish schools and social services and stated that Muslims are taking over the country. “Sweden is ours,” he said. ” It is ours, whether they [Swedes] like it or not. In ten to fifteen years, it is ours.”
  • Sweden has one of the world’s worst recorded rape rates. In 2018, the state broadcaster SVT revealed that 58% of men convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the previous five years were born abroad. Some of the most brutal rape cases have involved Muslim or African immigrants.
  • Unfortunately, such problems are no longer confined only to major cities. They are spreading to smaller towns and even rural areas across Sweden. Kalmar, a relatively small medieval town of historical importance, has experienced multiple deadly gang shootings.
  • Swedes who want their families to be safe from violent crime are running out of places to move to — unless they decide to leave their homeland behind entirely, as some are doing already.

For the first time in Sweden, crime tops the list of voters’ most important concerns in the run-up to the elections. Of the more than 8,200 people the Swedish police counted as being members of criminal gangs by late 2021, almost 15 percent were under the age of 18. Pictured: Police commandos enter the Latin School in Malmö, Sweden on March 21, 2022, following an attack in which two teachers at the school were stabbed to death by a student. (Photo by Johan Nilsson/TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Images)

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Sweden will hold general elections on September 11, 2022. At the same time, the country is rocked by a wave of violent crime that is unprecedented in modern Scandinavian history.

For the first time, crime tops the list of voters’ most important concerns in the run-up to the elections. “It’s going to be a very unique type of Swedish election with a very unusual issue at the top of the agenda,” Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson, professor of political science at Gothenburg University, told newspaper Dagens Nyheter. Forty-one percent of those surveyed said that law and order are the most important issues in society, as well as the most important political issues.

Patrik Öhberg, political scientist at the SOM Institute, states that “This is the first election campaign in modern times where it’s so high up on the agenda that all parties, whether they want to or not, have to discuss the issue.” This could benefit the Moderate Party, the Christian Democrats, or the Sweden Democrats. On the other side of the political spectrum, it could be detrimental to the Left Party, the Greens, and the ruling Social Democrats.

The Social Democratic Party has headed the Swedish government since 2014. During these eight years, crime has continued growing to intolerable levels nationwide. Sweden has in recent years suffered attacks involving bombs, hand grenades or other explosive devices on a weekly basis, sometimes several times a week.

In November 2021, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven stepped down as party leader and PM, and Magdalena Andersson became Sweden’s first female prime minister. In April 2022, several Swedish cities experienced violent riots and attacks against the police by Muslims when anti-Islamic activist Rasmus Paludan tried to burn copies of the Koran. Andersson then admitted that a lack of integration had contributed to gang violence, saying that there are “strong forces that are ready to go to great lengths to harm our society.”

“Segregation has been allowed to go so far that Sweden now has parallel societies,” Andersson said according to Aftonbladet. “We live in the same country but in completely different realities… Integration has been too poor while we have had large-scale migration. Society has also been too weak.”

Others, after having allowed these problems to grow largely unchecked for decades, have belatedly come to the same conclusion. Ulf Kristersson, leader of the liberal-conservative Moderate Party, in August 2022 co-authored a column which admitted that “Sweden has lost control over crime. While the violence is getting worse, the perpetrators are getting younger.”

Unfortunately, every single party represented in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) has contributed to the current problems, with the right-wing Sweden Democrats being a partial exception.

Even mainstream media outlets such as the BBC admit that Sweden has one of the highest rates of gun killings in Europe. An official Swedish government report published in 2021 stated that each year, four in every million inhabitants in Sweden die in shootings. The European average is 1.6 people per million inhabitants. Statistics reveal that 85% of suspects involved in fatal shootings in Sweden are either born abroad or come from an immigrant background. Recently, bombings and shootings have spread outside the main cities. After a spate of shootings in the smaller city of Örebro, the local police chief said that they now not only had more gangs, but that they had also become more violent. “Where maybe 10 years ago they gave someone a beating, they then switched to shooting each other in the legs,” Mattias Forssten told Reuters. “Now they shoot each other in the head.”

On August 19, a man was killed and a woman was sent to the hospital with serious wounds after a shooting incident in Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city. The attack took place inside Emporia, a major shopping mall. According to the police, the murdered man had known ties to a criminal gang. The wounded woman, however, appears to have been an innocent bystander. The perpetrator fired many shots on a busy afternoon inside one of the country’s largest shopping malls. He could easily have wounded or killed many other people, even unintentionally.

A 15-year-old boy was arrested and admitted to the murder in Malmö. Unfortunately, he is far from unique. Of the more than 8,200 people the Swedish police counted as being members of criminal gangs by late 2021, almost 15% were under the age of 18. Some gangs recruit teenagers specifically. Under the Swedish legal system, they can expect more lenient sentences due to their young age and may even be able to avoid spending any time in jail. Prisons in Sweden are already overcrowded.

While confronted by a massive crime wave, the Swedish police force is overwhelmed and understaffed. A disturbing number of murders are never solved, while many lesser crimes go nearly unpunished.

Sweden has in just two generations gone from being one of the safest countries in the world to being one of the most dangerous countries in Europe. During the same time, mass immigration has dramatically altered Sweden’s population. 1.2 million of those eligible to vote in the elections in September 2022 were born outside Sweden — about 200,000 more foreigners than in the previous election, in 2018. Nearly one in four first-time voters aged 18-21 was either born abroad or has two parents born abroad. In central Malmö, almost every second person eligible to vote for the first time has a foreign background.

Muslim immigrants in Sweden, as in other European countries, tend overwhelmingly to vote for the Social Democrats or other socialist or left-wing parties. However, they have now become so numerous and self-confident that they also create their own political parties. Mikail Yüksel, a Turkish-born Muslim, heads Partiet Nyans, which has a following in cities such as Malmö. Yüksel has argued that an artwork by the late Swedish artist Lars Vilks should be burned because it allegedly represents Islamophobia.

Basem Mahmoud is an imam operating in the heavily Muslim-dominated area of Rosengård in Malmö. He has called Jews “the offspring of pigs and apes,” said he was “only quoting the Koran,” and is looking forward to “the great battle” when all non-Muslims will be forced to submit themselves to Muslims. He has also defended the brutal murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty in 2020, who was beheaded by a Chechen Muslim after teaching students a class on freedom of expression.

In a sermon in February 2022, Mahmoud went on the attack against Swedish schools and social services and stated that Muslims are taking over the country. “Sweden is ours,” he said. ” It is ours, whether they [Swedes] like it or not. In ten to fifteen years, it is ours.”

Sweden has both imported and exported Jihadists for years. Some Muslims after 2014 traveled from Europe to the Middle East to support the self-proclaimed Islamic State, arguably the world’s most brutal terrorist organization. While many of them died there, some of the survivors in recent years returned to Europe. They have directly or indirectly supported brutal terrorist attacks, massacres, beheadings, and slave auctions. Nevertheless, many of them have not faced any real punishment after returning to Sweden. Some local municipalities even offered them free driving licenses and housing grants in an attempt to reintegrate these hardened Jihadists into Swedish society.

In early 2022, a man was charged with threatening the police after he hung what looked like an Islamic State flag from his balcony in the Broby, a town of about 3,000 people in southern Sweden. He told the police that he would behead them, but later claimed that they had a personal vendetta against him.

Norberg, an old mining community in central Sweden, has roughly 4,500 inhabitants. In April 2022, a man in his 40s who is believed to be from Afghanistan was arrested there for raping and attempting to murder a woman by pushing her down an old mine shaft. The man had come to Sweden with the migrant wave in 2015 and been denied a residence permit, but had nevertheless remained in the country. He had apparently asked a Swedish woman to marry him. When she refused, he raped her and then pushed her about 20 meters down a mine shaft. When he returned later and discovered that the woman was still alive, he started throwing rocks at her to kill her. By some miracle, the woman survived and, after lying in the abandoned mine for two days, was rescued. The assailant may also have killed his former wife.

In July 2022, a 9-year-old Swedish girl was the victim of a brutal attempted murder at a playground in the town of Skellefteå, in northern Sweden. She was raped and then beaten into a coma. The suspect was an immigrant from Ethiopia. He initially claimed to be 13 years old, but he is probably several years older. He had been granted permanent residency in Sweden merely a week before this attempted murder, despite being described in the local community as a “walking hand grenade.”

Sweden has one of the world’s worst recorded rape rates. In 2018, the state broadcaster SVT revealed that 58% of men convicted in Sweden of rape and attempted rape over the previous five years were born abroad. Some of the most brutal rape cases have involved Muslim or African immigrants.

Black Axe is an international and extremely violent criminal organization with roots in Nigeria. They are one of the many rival criminal gangs in the process of establishing themselves in Sweden. An official police report from 2019 indicated that Stockholm alone has at least 50 different criminal gangs currently operating in the city. They are also getting more aggressive and violent. Scandinavian countries traditionally did not have strong organized crime groups comparable to the mafia found in southern Italy. Now Sweden has dozens of different groups or clans competing against one another for control over the local market of narcotics, protection money or other illegal activities. Some of them have even managed to create a criminal infrastructure, with ties to lawyers or bureaucrats. Nearly all of them have been imported to the country since the 1970s. Many of these criminals have an ethnic background from far more brutal and cynical societies in the Islamic world or Africa. Soft Scandinavian prisons do not deter them.

Unfortunately, such problems are no longer confined only to major cities. They are spreading to smaller towns and even rural areas across Sweden. Kalmar, a relatively small medieval town of historical importance, has experienced multiple deadly gang shootings.

In December 2019, when three masked men robbed a local restaurant in the town of Gislaved, a 60-year old Swedish family man was murdered with a machete .

Swedes who want their families to be safe from violent crime are running out of places to move to — unless they decide to leave their homeland behind entirely, as some are doing already.

Peder Jensen is a Norwegian author and essayist.

There are no coincidences. These things are never “inexplicable.”

Do NOT comply.

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BibiAug 29Great Article! Thank you for sharing your observations. The similarities between what you are describing and whats going on in Kosovo are astounding. The same tactics, vocabulary, scenarios…muslims are brought in via “open” borders overpopulating the native land of Serbs, terrorizing and demanding ” independence”. Soros enabled destabilization of Europe.

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JamesDuffWrites JamesDuff’s Newsletter Aug 29Speaks to Secure Borders….seems to me agenda 1. Create crisis in one country 2. Create refugees ( refugees easy to mangae desperate) send them packing to other countries 3. Create rifs with culture integration 4. Destroy any Nationalism…..Deep state simple fuckery… Build OUR damn Wall or otherwise America will have the same exact issues just adding on to the ones we have now.

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Hundreds of millions of Africans want to move abroad, and Europe remains a top destination

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[I find this utterly hilarious. I think this is so funny. It shows you how ridiculous and childish these people are. Decades ago they were striking and killing Whites and engaging in warfare to throw Whites out of Africa SO THEY COULD RULE THEMSELVES! Now these people want to flee Africa. I’m game for that. Let Whites take Africa. That would be AWESOME. Jan]
Hundreds of millions of Africans want to move abroad, and Europe remains a top destination

June 14, 2022

A migrant disembarks the Open Arms rescue boat at the port Augusta Port of Sicily of Italy, after being rescued at sea, Saturday, March 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Andoni Lubaki)

More than half of young Africans have expressed their intention to emigrate in the coming years, as attitudes shift considerably from previous polling conducted at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to an African Youth Survey of 15 African countries, 52 percent plan to move abroad in the next three years — an earlier poll from 2020 showed that more than two-thirds of young people wanted to stay in their home country.

Although the survey does not specify where most Africans want to go, Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s conservative League Party, warned that over 20 million Africans may be headed to Europe due to a looming food crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine. A Pew Research study in 2018 indicated that already a million sub-Saharan Africans moved to Europe since 2010, which does not include migration from North African nations. Those numbers are only set to accelerate over the coming years.

Salvini warns that fueling the war in Ukraine with more weapons could prolong the conflict, lead to a food crisis in Africa, and eventually a new migrant wave to Europe

Another survey from the United Nations found that 90 percent of Africans who entered Europe illegally were happy they made the journey, indicating that many have no plans to ever return to their homelands.

Factors contributing to the pessimistic views of the continent’s future include Covid-19, climate change, instability, and violence. The former optimism of a large group of young people to migrating has been dampened by a lack of access to financing and opportunities, for which they blame the elderly leadership of their countries, according to Czech news outlet IDNES.

“A lot of people, especially from the middle class, say they don’t have much to invest in here, so they want to go abroad,” said Cholud Chairova, founder of the Sudanese think tank Confluence Advisory. According to her, there is a massive outflow of young people, a process that further reduces the country’s ability to implement the necessary political and economic framework, leaving the state in a vicious cycle.

According to the survey, only 32 percent of the 4,500 young people aged 18-24 were optimistic about Africa’s prospects, down 11 percent from the previous 2020 survey.

Young people dominate Africa’s demographic profile

“For many African countries, this year will see an election or pre-election, so it makes sense that people will view instability as a problem,” said Ivor Ichikowitz, whose South African family foundation commissioned the report. Many young people have also dropped out of school due to the pandemic, and their families have lost their income because of it.

In almost all countries, at least two-thirds of young people thought their country was moving in the wrong direction. The two exceptions were Rwanda and Ghana, where 60 and 56 percent of young people were optimistic about their country’s prospects.

The news has shocked Italy, with major politicians weighing in on the reported mass sexual assault involving North Africans

Respondents from Nigeria and Zambia, on the other hand, ranked last. Opinions regarding the prospects of the continent as a whole were more divided — only in Ghana did most respondents believe that Africa was moving in the right direction.

About 60 percent of Africa’s population is under the age of 25 with more than a third between the ages of 15-34. By 2100, Africa is predicted to have the youngest population in the world, with an average age of just 35.


How Chinese Gangs Invaded Canada and How Canada’s Corrupt Politicians Helped Them by Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada –Watch Canada

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How Chinese Gangs Invaded Canada and How Canada’s Corrupt Politicians Helped Them by Dan Murray, Immigration Watch Canada – January 8, 2020

Canadian diplomat Brian McAdam was posted at Canada’s Hong Kong consulate between 1989-1993. He became Canada’s immigration control officer in Hong Kong. He soon uncovered evidence of what he believed was a major scandal. Both Canadian and Chinese consular staff were selling visas to members of Hong Kong’s and Mainland China’s mafia as well as to Communist China’s intelligence service. The price, he heard, ranged from $10,000 to $100,000 per visa.

According to Postmedia reporter Don Butler, “McAdam had evidence that members of Chinese criminal gangs, known as Triads, were applying to enter Canada as entrepreneurs under the country’s business immigration program. And many were getting visas.

“What was very, very disturbing to McAdam was that he kept seeing connections of these Triad members to Canadian politicians.

He started writing reports — ultimately 32 — documenting the names of the gangsters who were getting into Canada. His reports provided details on murderers, money launderers, smugglers and spies.

The reports caused panic in the immigration minister’s office and at headquarters in Ottawa. McAdam alleged, “I was exposing incredible negligence. I was exposing incredible corruption. And I was exposing the flaws in our whole immigration system.

“People in Ottawa didn’t want to investigate anything. They just shut their eyes to everything.”

According to an Ottawa Citizen report, McAdam received dozens of threatening calls (from the Chinese Mafia) with messages such as “Stop what you’re doing or you’re going to find yourself dead”.

What finally broke him down, he said, was “the incredible feeling of betrayal from my colleagues”. One day, a Hong Kong police officer told McAdam that a Triad member whose phone was tapped, told the Hong Kong police officer that the Triad member had complained to someone in Canada’s immigration department. The Immigration Department official reassured the Triad boss, “Don’t worry about McAdam and what he’s doing. We’ll take care of him.”

And, says Mr. McAdam, they did “take care of him”

Macadam was shocked at what the Hong Kong officer said to him. I’d worked with these people for years.” “It goes to your very soul,” he says. “It is a spiritual crisis. It is a psychological breakdown.”

Immigration Canada offered him a good new job in Ottawa, supposedly in a new organized crime unit at Foreign Affairs. But when he showed up for work in 1993, he discovered the job didn’t exist. The personnel manager urged him to take a retirement package, though he was just 51.

Days later, he went on sick leave and never returned to work. His 30-year career in Europe, the Caribbean and Asia was over.

McAdam started preparing details about his experiences. In an 850-page manuscript titled “The Dragon’s (China’s) Deception” He writes: “I was mocked, demeaned and threatened in a hostile environment while dealing with some of the world’s most ruthless criminals. Staff in both Hong Kong and in Ottawa gave copies of my confidential reports about some of the criminals to the gangsters themselves, and that greatly put my life at risk. I received death threats for a number of years but no one was ever concerned about my safety. My big question (was): Why did Canadian diplomats in Hong Kong and bureaucrats in Ottawa do whatever they could to destroy my work and myself?”

Around that time, he was formulating the idea of a formal investigation to verify and enlarge his findings in Hong Kong. By 1995, a dozen CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) and RCMP officers formally launched their first joint project. Its name was “Operation Sidewinder”.

In spite of dealing with his ill health, Mr. McAdam supplied the team with extensive documentation of China’s criminals and the Communist government’s ambitious program of acquisition, espionage and political influence in Canada and around the world.

The RCMP’s own more narrow investigation into Mr. McAdam’s discoveries — separate from “Sidewinder” — had begun in 1992. They probed incidents of corruption but limited themselves to locally engaged staff — not Canadians.

A seven-year investigation ensued. Seven RCMP investigators came and went. “As soon as one (Mountie) would (find something damning), they’d pull him off the case,” Mr. McAdam says. (That pattern continued.)

“I believe both probes (by the Sidewinder team and by the RCMP) had considerable political interference to shut them down,” says Mr. McAdam, “and it seemed to be coming from the highest levels.”

David Kilgour, then Liberal MP for Edmonton-Strathcona and secretary of state for Latin America and Africa, wrote persistent letters sympathetic to McAdam’s concerns. Mr. Kilgour sent his first letter directly to then-prime minister Jean Chrétien asking for a public inquiry — which Mr. McAdam had requested. Instead, the government ordered an RCMP probe.

Among the RCMP officers sent to Hong Kong was a 26-year veteran, Cpl. Robert Read, who, in 1996, spent months reviewing and corroborating many of Mr. McAdam’s findings. RCMP Supt. Jean Dubé pulled Read off the file in 1997 and later fired Read.

“They fired him to stop the investigation,” says Mr. McAdam.

In 2003, an RCMP external committee confirmed Cpl. Read’s findings. It found the RCMP “consistently demonstrated a reluctance to investigate” and ordered the force to rehire him. The RCMP refused. Cpl. Read sued.

Prime Minister Chretien ordered that all copies of the Sidewinder report be destroyed, supposedly to avoid alienating China and endangering trade and other relations with China. More likely, Chretien was concerned about the money the Liberal Party’s major donors (developers, speculators, banks, media corps) made from the influx of Chinese into Canada. Chretien feared that these people would not stand to have their cash cow interfered with.

One copy of the Sidewinder report survived.

According to Postmedia reporter Don Butler, documents released in 2001 (under access to information rules) state that the RCMP believed the spy agency shelved the report because it was uneasy with its message that Beijing’s spies were working with Chinese criminal gangs in Canada.

According to an updated Globe and Mail report of April 6, 2018, which focused on the testimony of Canadian agent Michel Juneau, the original Sidewinder team culled some of its information from a Mainland Chinese intelligence officer who defected in 1997.

The man, who was a member of the United Front Work Department, one of China’s five espionage arms, went public with allegations that he had been ordered to go to Hong Kong to engineer a pact between Beijing and criminal gangs known as triads.

Mr. Juneau also pointed out that at the RCMP’s request, the original Sidewinder team produced a binder, brimming with what is known in the intelligence business as facting. It provided documented evidence, culled from secret CSIS reports, other government departments and agencies and foreign intelligence agencies, that supported every single line in the original report, he said.

Mr. Juneau noted that other Western intelligence organizations and a bipartisan U.S. congressional committee have since produced reports that echoed many of Sidewinder’s conclusions. “We were ahead of our time and that’s what probably killed our report.”

According to UBC Professor David Ley, between 200,000 and 300,000 Chinese entered Canada through the Business Immigrant program. Many of them and their families still live in Canada. It is extremely probable that many continue their criminal activities.

For details, see

Biden Regime Chartering Boats For Illegals in South America | VDARE Video Bulletin & More Silicon Valley Political

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Biden Regime Chartering Boats For Illegals in South America | VDARE Video Bulletin & More Silicon Valley Political; VDAR

Biden Regime Chartering Boats For Illegals in South America | VDARE Video Bulletin

VDARE TVAugust 11, 2022, 06:39 PM A+|a-

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In case you were too distracted by the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago to notice, Biden and company are making it ever easier for illegals to get to the United States.  Many illegal aliens from all over the world fly into Panama or cross into Panama from Colombia on their journey to the U.S.  The trek apparently consists of very dangerous jungle terrain.  Now, thanks to Open Borders Biden, those illegals can take a boat around most of the gap.  It makes the journey a lot less dangerous and therefore easier.  And the easier they make it, the more aliens will arrive [Biden’s Deputies Open Route Around Panama Jungles for Migrants, by Neil Munro, Breitbart, August 6, 2022].

At the same time, they are ending the ”Migrant Protection Protocols” started by Trump.  This is the remain-in-Mexico program where asylum applicants have to wait in Mexico for their cases to be heard.  To put it lightly, there is not one single thing that the Biden Administration is doing to boost immigration enforcement, not one. 

“Biden appears to have released Mexico from an agreement to use 30k nat’l guard soldiers for blockade duty, a sea change in bilateral immigration management that has drawn no US media coverage.” ⁦@BillFOXLA⁩ ⁦@nytimes⁩ ⁦@washingtonpost

— Todd Bensman (@BensmanTodd) August 9, 2022

In fact, the Biden Regime is clearly using their powers to facilitate illegal entries and there is absolutely nothing to prevent them from doing so.

Stay up to date with our nation’s borders at by clicking the link attached to this video.

VDARE is banned on YouTube! Follow us on alternative video platforms:
Gab TV

What “Diversity’ Looks Like

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Homogeneity vs Gov’t Induced “Diversity”

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From ABBA to Allah: The Invasion & Destruction of Sweden

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The day Sweden will be Islamic

Now Sweden fears being replaced by immigration. Li ke a drunkard in the morning, Sweden wakes up to the sad reality. Op-ed.

Giulio Meotti, Italy Aug 20, 2022, 9:37 PM (GMT+3)

Sweden Islamic State Giulio Meotti

Giulio Meotti

Giulio Meotti צילום: עצמי

Swedish Prime Minister (1946-69) Tage Erlander in 1967 declared in response to the racial riots in the slums of Los Angeles that “we Swedes live in such an infinitely happier situation. The population in our country is homogeneous, not only in terms of race, but also in many other aspects ”.

In 1975 the country introduced multiculturalism with Social Democratic Prime Minister Olof Palme rejecting assimilation in favor of policies that encouraged minorities to maintain separate identities. It was part of the famous “freedom” of the Swedes, free to do and undo everything, from the family to the nation.

Now, like a drunkard in the morning, Sweden wakes up to the sad reality, but doesn’t know how to get rid of the hangover. Ghettos, crime, segregation and ethnic-religious conflicts are now the hallmarks of the “quiet laboratory of the world”. The inevitable happened. The system is collapsing and reality can no longer be ignored. Large areas of the country are more similar to the Middle East and North Africa than to Sweden.

And the main ruling party and the largest political party, the Social Democrats, also made a breakthrough in just a year. As champions of open borders, international solidarity, multiculturalism and free immigration, the Social Democrats are now the party of restrictive immigration.

Sweden is only the portal to Europe’s future.

In an interview with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish Minister for Immigration Anders Ygeman announces that Sweden has a big problem: too many areas where most of the inhabitants come from outside the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden , Iceland, Finland and Norway). “I think it’s bad to have areas where the majority have a non-Nordic origin,” Ygeman said.

Ygeman suggested a “50 percent” limit when pressed by reporters if he believed Sweden should have a similar target to that of Denmark, where the Social Democrats have set a ceiling of 30 percent of the population of non-Western origin by 2030.

Denmark had announced that it will try to limit the number of “non-Western” residents in neighborhoods with a high migration density. The Minister of the Interior, Kaare Dybvad Bek, indicates the share of 30 percent, because too many non-Western foreigners in an area “increase the risk of the birth of parallel religious and cultural societies”. According to Statistics Denmark, 11 percent of Denmark’s 5.8 million inhabitants are of foreign origin, of which 58 percent come from a country considered “non-Western”. 30 suburbs mostly inhabited by Muslim foreigners. Neighborhoods like Mjolnerparken, nicknamed “little Damascus”.

Swedish Green Party spokesperson Märta Stenevi is shocked by the proposal of her old government mate Ygeman: “I think it’s incredible that a Social Democrat minister suggests that we should conduct an ethnic-based policy.” It wasn’t just any Viktor Orbán, right? “Swedish immigrant integration policy has failed, leading to parallel societies and gang violence,”

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said in May after dozens of police were injured and cities were thrown into chaos over Islamic riots. “Segregation has been allowed to go so far that we have parallel companies in Sweden.”

In Sweden there are hundreds of suburbs and neighborhoods where Swedes are a minority. Alby, in Stockholm, is known as the “little Baghdad” (title contended with Sodertalje) for the percentage of Iraqis. There are suburbs where only one in ten inhabitants is Swedish. Or Rinkeby, the district with the highest immigration rate in Stockholm, known as “little Mogadishu” (Somalis are the majority). In Rinkeby 95 percent of the people come from abroad. It is a kaleidoscope of 60 ethnic groups and 40 languages: Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Turkey, Bosnia …

To read the international press, these looked like golden Ikea ghettos: public libraries, green gardens with playgrounds, clean streets, good schools and public transport. Areas where the word “multicultural” meant “exchange”, “workshops of coexistence” and “global villages”. The Swedish police have a list of 60 “vulnerable areas”, which translated means abandoned by the state.

Uppdrag Granskning, a television investigative journalism program, has just visited the Tjärna Ängar district in the town of Borlänge, also known as the “little Mogadiscio “, where more than half of the residents come from Somalia. Attacks and violence against journalists, SVT Nyheter reported. Ukrainian women at the Galaxen refugee center in Olofström have just been told not to dress to “provoke men from other cultures “, reports the daily Nyheter Idag.

From Abba to Allah – and one day we will read about cities in Sweden known as “little Sweden”.

Nancy Pelosi, The Chinese Dilemma and its Solution

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                                          Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Friday, August 5, 2022

Nancy Pelosi, The Chinese Dilemma and its Solution

 If you have been following the news at all for the last couple of weeks – a practice I would advise against, as “the news” consists almost entirely of brain-rotting disinformation peddled by the corrupt corporations and even more corrupt government bureaucracies that control all but a fraction of a percentage of the main media organs – you are likely aware that the travel itinerary of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker in the lower house of the congress of the American republic has generated a bit of a brouhaha.   Included in that itinerary was a trip to the Republic of China on the island of Formosa.   When the People’s Republic of China on the Asian mainland learned about this they raised a stink about it and began issuing all sorts of warnings, threats and ultimatums, telling the American republic that they would be “playing with fire” if the trip were not cancelled, and even talking about shooting her plane down.   By doing so they accomplished something that few others have been able to do, especially in the last decade or so.  They brought the Democrats and the Republicans in the American republic together and united them on an issue.   Both took the position that the Chinese government must not be allowed to bully American officials and tell them where they can and cannot go.     I had rather expected her to pull a Captain Airhead or a Joe Whatshisname and come down with a sudden case of the bat flu but on the evening of Tuesday 2 September she arrived in Taipei.

While I have nothing but loathing for Communism and Communists, I admit that I can see the point of the brutal Chinese despots on this matter.  I don’t care for the fact that for most of the year Nancy Pelosi is across the 49th Parallel from the Dominion of Canada and would prefer her to be much further away on the other side of the world.    There is little I can do about that, alas, but it makes it easier to understand what must have been going through Xi Jingping’s head when he learned that soon there would be nothing but a 110 mile strait separating him from this creature.    I assume that apart from the whole “nobody tells us what to do” attitude of the Americans, the reason for the bipartisan consensus of indignation towards the People’s Republic’s threats was that Democrats and Republicans alike did not want her trip and thus their time free of her to be cut short.

Since China and not Pelosi is my subject here, the only thing I will say about the person who looks and acts like she is auditioning for the role of a female or transgender Skeletor in a cheesy woke remake of the Masters of the Universe in which the protagonist He-Man would likely be dressed in his twin-sister She-Ra’s outfit and calling himself She-Man and who managed through trading that many see as just a tad suspicious to amass a fortune of about $120 million dollars in her career of almost forty years as a politician is to note that back in May she was excommunicated by the Church of Rome’s Archbishop in San Francisco over her using her elected position to support a special privilege for her own sex, the gruesome and unconscionable special privilege of having the legal right to murder unborn children.   I mention this only because the Archbishop in question, Salvatore Cordileone, deserves commendation for his courage, rare in this day and age, by contrast with the clownishness of the current Pretender to St. Peter’s throne in Rome who ignored the excommunication and administered the Sacrament to her anyway, if it can still be called a Sacrament coming from the hand of a man better suited to be a contortionist than a prelate judging from the performance he recently put on here in Canada, in which he bent over backwards to stick his head, pointy mitre and all, up his own rear end, by issuing a groveling “apology” for his Church’s past humanitarian and missionary educational outreach endeavours. 

This whole controversy has undoubtedly been confusing to those who are only slightly familiar – or not at all – with the situation in East Asia.   This is not like some bizarre scenario where Mexico objects to the point of threatening military action to an official from France visiting the United States.  It is not even like Russia objecting to Western politicians visiting the Ukraine at some point prior to the current war, although this is a little closer.   The island of Formosa, although it has been claimed politically, in whole or in part, by various empires over the last millennium, has ethnically and culturally long been part of China.   Ceded to the Japanese Empire late in the nineteenth century, after Japan’s defeat in World War II it returned to Chinese governance, specifically that of the Republic of China then based on the mainland.   At the same time, however, the Chinese Civil War, which had been officially on hold for World War II, restarted and in 1949 the Chinese Communists led by Mao Tse-Tung had driven the Nationalist government led by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek out of the mainland.   The Nationalists, and the Republic of China which they governed, retreated to Formosa which has been governed by the Republic ever since.   The Communists have remained in control of mainland China, governing their People’s Republic from Beijing.   Now, obviously there has been a de facto political separation of Formosa from mainland China ever since 1949.  However, unlike the situation with the Ukraine after the Soviet Union collapsed and she declared her independence from Russia in 1991, the independence has not been formally recognized by both sides.  Indeed, it has not been recognized by either.   The People’s Republic of China claims Formosa to belong to China and itself to be the sole legitimate government of all of China.   The Republic of China agrees with the People’s Republic of China that the island and the mainland are one country.   She, however, although this rhetoric has been toned down in recent decades, has insisted since 1949 that she, rather than the Communists in Beijing, is the legitimate government of all of China.    

Therefore, when the People’s Republic of China says that she does not want Nancy Pelosi going to Formosa, her objection is to the American politician going to what she regards neither as another country nor a territory in conventional secession whose independence she refuses to recognize, but to part of the country over which she claims to be the sole legitimate government.   Leaving aside for the moment the question of the truth or falsity of her claim to legitimacy, her objection to Pelosi’s visit would be simply hot air if she was the only party that regarded Formosa as part of China.   The matter is complicated greatly by the fact that the government of the Republic of China on Formosa agrees with her and so does the third party to this dispute.

That third party is the United States.   The United States has, ever since she decided in the Nixon administration to take advantage of the split in the Communist world between Moscow and Beijing by opening up diplomatic and trade relations to Red China, taken a “One China” policy in which she agrees with Beijing and Taipei where they agree – that there is only one China and Formosa is part of it – while remaining ambiguous on the rather stickier point on which they disagree.   Due to her taking this position and opening up relations with Red China, the United States dishonourably withdrew her previous recognition of the Republic of China, but she tried to make it up to the latter by promising to supply them with enough arms to deter the Communists from attacking.   Thus, her “One China” policy contradicts both that of the People’s Republic and that of the Republic of China in that her commitment is, above all else, to preserving the status quo.

This is understandable, perhaps, in that the United States bears a great deal of responsibility for creating that status quo in the first place.

The Communist takeover of mainland China began with the overthrow of the Chinese monarchy and the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911.   This led to several years of turmoil as attempts were made to fill the power vacuum left by the abolition of the legitimate government.   The second president of the Republic attempted unsuccessfully to seize the monarchical power for himself, then the country was torn apart as military factions headed by warlords took control of the various regions of the large empire.   Then Sun Yat-Sen, the leader of the 1911 Revolution who had been briefly the first president of the Republic, formed the Kuomintang, the Chinese Nationalist Party, which fought against the warlords to re-unite the country.   These efforts ultimately succeeded in 1926, by which time the Kuomintang was headed by Sun Yat-Sen’s successor, Chiang Kai-Shek.   The success war short-lived however.   Sun Yat-Sen had made a foolish and naïve decision to co-operate with the Chinese Communist Party, backed by the Bolsheviks in Russia.   As was the case with Kerensky in Russia in 1917, this provided the Communists with an opening they were able to exploit to seize power for themselves.  As a consequence his successor was soon embroiled in a Civil War against Mao’s Communists.

The Chinese Civil War began about a little over a decade before the Second World War started and had that latter conflict not broken out it might have ended differently.   World War II forced the Nationalists and the Communists in China to put their conflict on hold, for the most part, to fight against their common enemy in the Japanese Empire.   This, however, placed China in alliance with the other countries fighting against Japan and the Axis.   More specifically it placed her in alliance with the Soviet Union and the United States.   Due to this alliance, when the hostilities in the Chinese Civil War resumed after World War II, the balance had already shifted to the Communists.

That an alliance with the Soviet Union, the sponsors of Mao’s Communists, would tip the scales in the Chinese internal conflict to the latter, hardly needs explanation.   That an alliance with the United States would have the same effect will sound strange to those used to looking at the United States and the Soviet Union through the interpretive lens of the Cold War in which they are portrayed not just as hostile powers in an ordinary conflict but as polar opposites representing capitalism and communism.   It is nevertheless the case.   World War II began in the second of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four terms as American president.   FDR was so horrible that only a few years after his death the Americans passed the twenty-second amendment to their constitution limiting a president to two terms.    Had they not revolted against their legitimate Sovereign in the eighteenth century, they would have had no need to create the office of president and would never have had to impose a term limit on it to prevent another rotten politician from clinging to elected power as long as FDR did.   One of the things that made FDR so bad was his attitude towards Communism in general, and Stalin in particular.   Later, in the Cold War era, liberals talked and acted pro-Soviet for a number of reasons.  Sometimes they were actually Soviet agents.  Most often it was simply a case of their liberalism being that of the squishy sentimentality that Robert Frost so appropriately captured when he defined a liberal as “a man too open-minded to take his own side in a quarrel”, the quarrel at the time being with the Soviets.   FDR, however, was the kind of liberal who saw the Communists as fellow progressives, sharing the same ideals and working towards the same ends as American liberals, who were just a little misguided about the means.   The first year of his first term as president, he sent the first American ambassador to Stalin’s Soviet Union, right at the time the Holodomor – the artificially induced famine that killed millions in the Ukraine – was going on.   He recalled that ambassador when he sent back truthful reports of just how awful the USSR was, and in his place sent Joseph E. Davies, who arrived just in time for the Great Purge, i.e., the show trials through which Stalin eliminated his rivals, and sent back to FDR just what he wanted to hear, glowing reports about how wonderful Stalin and Communism and the USSR were, complete with an account of the Great Purge that depicted the victims as guilty and justice as having been served.   FDR would later personally request that the Warner Brothers turn Davies’ pro-Stalin memoir Mission to Moscow into a pro-Stalin propaganda film, with which request, much to the discredit of the company that gave us Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, Sylvester and Tweety, they complied.    Had this been all, FDR would merely have gone down as the biggest moron in history.   Unfortunately, however, his attitude towards Communism and Stalin also manifested itself in his World War II policies, and in his meetings with Churchill and Stalin from the first at Tehran (1943) to the last at Yalta (1945), convinced that he had some kind of power of persuasion over Stalin – see Robert Nisbet’s Roosevelt and Stalin: The Failed Courtship (1988) – he made concession after concession to the Soviet dictator that ensured that after the war about a third of the world would end up under Communist tyranny.   Unfortunately Churchill, who understood Communism much better than FDR, had been scraping to the American president since even before Pearl Harbour – see Robert Shogan’s Hard Bargain: How FDR Twisted Churchill’s Arm, Evaded the Law, and Changed the Role of the American Presidency (1995), an account of how FDR swindled Churchill with the destroyers in 1940 – and so was in no position to do anything about it.

While Eastern Europe – including Poland, to protect which from the Nazis who had agreed with the Soviets to divide her between themselves, was the original reason for the war in the first place – is the most discussed of Soviet territorial gains due to World War II, the USSR also took over several regions in Asia that had been controlled by Japan.    This included a number of regions to the north of China that had, for much of the past millennium, been part of the Chinese Empire and which were of strategic importance to the Soviets in their designs to help Mao’s Communists take over China.  Mongolia, which had declared its independence from China when the last dynasty was overthrown, had been taken over by Soviet-allied Communists in the early 1920s, and while the Soviets had refrained from recognizing Mongolian independence in this early period, at the end of World War II during which they had repelled the Japanese invasion of Mongolia and used Mongolia as a base from which to launch their own attack on Japan, which FDR had “persuaded” Stalin to do at Yalta, they convinced China to recognize the independence of the Mongolian People’s Republic.  This was part of a treaty the Soviets signed with China in August 1945, the terms of which Nationalist China abided with – recognizing Mongolian independence following a plebiscite in October that had obviously been rigged by the Communists – but which the Soviets were covertly violating before the ink was even dry on it.  Bordering Mongolia was Manchuria, the region that had been home to the last ruling dynasty of China.   This had been taken over by the Japanese Empire in 1932 and on the day the Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, the Soviets, armed with weapons provided by the United States, invaded and took it from Japan.   When the Soviets withdrew from Manchuria the following year, nominally turning it over to the Republic of China, it was actually Mao’s army that took control of the region and turned it into a base to attack the Nationalists.

By this time FDR was dead and the remainder of his fourth term as president was being filled by Harry S. Truman.   That Truman was little better than FDR when it came to Communism, he would later demonstrate in his refusal to let General MacArthur win the Korean War.   At the time in question, however, the last half of the 1940s, the problem was not so much the American president but the Communists and Communist sympathizers who had become entrenched in the American Department of State with the previous president’s blessing.   Also problematic was another American World War II general with a decidedly different attitude towards Communism than that of the Pacific commander.   General George C. Marshall, whom FDR had made Chief of Staff of the US Army, was sent to China as a special envoy late in 1945 tasked with trying to resolve the Chinese Civil War.  The only solution that he was capable of thinking of was that the Nationalists needed to accept the Communists who were actively waging revolutionary war against them into a coalition government.   This was an obvious recipe for total Communist takeover.  Marshall threatened to withhold American financial assistance to China if the Nationalists refused to cooperate.   As it happened, the Communists were not interested in such a coalition either but, when Marshall’s mission ended in failure, he returned to the United States blaming the failure on Chiang Kai-Shek.  When, soon after, he was appointed Secretary of State by Truman, he used the position to fight against American assistance to the Chinese Nationalists.   Indeed, through the entire period that he served as special envoy to China and American Secretary of State and even earlier during World War II, Marshall worked to prepare public opinion to accept a Communist takeover of China by whitewashing Mao and his forces, claiming that they were merely “agrarian reformers” rather than Soviet style Bolsheviks.   Marshall died in 1959, one year into the “Great Leap Forward”, the Maoist version of a Stalinist five-year plan that generated a famine that killed more people in China than the Holodomor had done in the Ukraine.   It would have been interesting, had he lived to the end of the “Great Leap Forward”, to see whether he would have finally admitted just how much of a fool he had been about Mao in the 1940s.   He was hardly the only one, however.   His deputy and successor as Secretary of State, Dean Acheson was just as bad or worse, writing a thousand page White Paper at the time Mao was driving the Nationalists off the mainland, justifying the Truman administration’s policies towards the Republic of China and arguing that had they done anything differently it would not have prevented the Communist takeover, a laughable obscenity considering that what they had done was insist that the Republic of China clasp the viper of revolutionary Communism to its breast.  Aiding and abetting Marshall and Acheson in this, were the dolts working for the Institute of Pacific Relations, an international think tank funded by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, that published the academically acclaimed journals Pacific Affairs and Far Eastern Survey that had become heavily infested with Communists and Communist sympathizers, a great many of whom also served in the State Department and other bureaucratic and diplomatic offices in the Roosevelt and Truman administrations.   This was the basis of the charges of Communist infiltration made against the State Department by Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin.   Although the newsmedia and academic institutions made his name synonymous with witch-hunting over this, William F. Buckley Jr. and his brother-in-law L. Brent Bozell Jr made a convincing case as early as 1954 in McCarthy and his Enemies that there were witches indeed to be found in the State Department, cackling around their cauldron as if they were acting out the first scene of the fourth Act of Macbeth.   The mid-1990s public release of the files of the Venona Project, along with the opening of the Soviet archives after the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of the Cold War, established the point beyond a reasonable doubt, although the progressive nitwits in the media and academe, including or especially all those who accepted without question the unsubstantiated claims of Hilary Clinton that her failure to win a third term in the White House in 2016 was due to interference by the current Russian government, are unlikely to acknowledge this any time soon.  For the whole sordid tale of the IPR, which shared board members, staff, and a building with Amerasia the journal caught with almost 2000 classified documents stolen from the OSS and other American and British military intelligence agencies after it had rather stupidly published one in 1945, and the FDR-Truman policies that helped the Communists take over so much of Asia, see John T. Flynn While You Slept: Our Tragedy in Asia and Who Made It (1951).

It is easier to understand how the American leadership of the 1930s and 1940s could have been so naive at best and collaborative at worst towards Communism if we grasp that in a sense FDR was right about the relationship between American liberalism and Communism.   The two are cousins of a sort.   Both are the children of the Modern Age, and the philosophical spirit of that Age which spirit can be summed up in the idea that human beings need to abandon tradition, time-proven established institutions, religion and the like and pursue maximum freedom and equality through reason and science, movement towards which goal is what is meant by the word “progress” in its political-philosophical sense.   American liberalism is the direct descendent of the earliest manifestation of this spirit in the sixteenth-seventeenth century English movement that began as Calvinist Puritanism and secularized into Whiggery.   Communism is descended, through Karl Marx as interpreted by V. I. Lenin, from the Jacobin movement responsible for the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror (the revolutionary movement with which Marx aligned himself and for which he wrote began as a faction of the Jacobins).   Jacobinism, like American liberalism, was descended from Puritanism-Whiggery, but through the intermediary of continental philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and especially Jean-Jacques Rousseau.    So FDR was right that American liberalism and Communism have the same goal – a society in which freedom and equality are both maximized – but with different ideas about the means to achieve it.   Where he was wrong was in thinking that this was a worthy goal.   It is not.     Progress is not desirable but evil.  The end of the Modern Age is based upon a contradiction.   Freedom and equality, in their purest forms, are utterly incompatible with each other.   Freedom is compatible with justice but not with equality.   Freedom and justice were considered to be goods in the pre-Modern tradition, that is to say, desirable ends that were what they were as part of the transcendent order.   Freedom and equality are considered to be values in the Modern Age.  Equality is a perversion of justice.   It is to justice what a $3 bill is to real currency.   When idealists make equality their goal rather than justice – and when modifiers such as “social”, “racial”, “sexual” are added to the word “justice” it is actually equality that is meant – they think they are working towards a better society, but are actually making it worse.   Gresham’s Law states that bad money drives out good. Similarly, equality, the counterfeit of justice, drives out justice – and freedom along with it.  The ancients understood this – it is the point, or one of the points at least, of the myth of Procrustes, the giant with the “one size fits all” policy regarding beds, whom Theseus encountered on his way to Athens.   Just as Modern thought errs in thinking that freedom and equality are compatible, so it errs in thinking of pre-Modern thought and tradition as something to be dismissed and discarded except in that it can be interpreted, ala the Whig Interpretation of History, as leading to the Modern Age and its goals.   See Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s writings, especially Liberty or Equality (1952) and The Menace of the Herd (1943) for a fuller explanation of the incompatibility of equality and freedom.  For an illustration look to the French Revolution and all the Communist Revolutions that took their inspiration from the French.   While the Jacobins who founded the first French Republic, the Bolsheviks, the Maoists, the Khmer Rouge, etc. all saw themselves as “liberators” and claimed “liberty” or “freedom” as an ideal as much as the Americans do – the motto of the French Revolution, remember, was “liberty, equality, fraternity” – the French Republic and all the People’s Republics were terror states, life within which could hardly be described as freedom.   That the American Revolution did not immediately produce a similar state is due to a number of reasons, the foremost being that while the leaders of the Revolution were liberals with the same contradictory program of freedom and equality as the Jacobins and Bolsheviks, the Revolution they led was a secession movement rather than the seizing of a central state and furthermore, a secession movement on the part of a coalition of political entities which, once secession was achieved, initially established a much weaker central government than what it eventually grew into because they wished to preserve their own powers in the new federation, and thus the liberals were not able at first to impose their agenda like a Procrustean bed on all Americans from the top down, which meant that much of the freedom of the pre-Revolution tradition was able to survive.

While nobody in their right mind wants to see the inhabitants of Formosa fall under the totalitarian rule of Beijing – the recent example of what happened to the inhabitants of Hong Kong when it was transferred to the People’s Republic should suffice to convince anyone not yet persuaded that life under Red Chinese rule is not desirable – it is a mistake to look to the United States to preserve their freedom.   It is not just that American liberalism is cousin to Communism and that the United States failed to prevent the Communist takeover of mainland China and arguably abetted it.   It is America’s self-contradictory policy with regards to China.   By agreeing with both Beijing and Taipei that there is only “One China” including both the mainland and Formosa, they take a position that keeps them from supporting Formosan independence qua independence and requires them to support one of the governments as the sole legitimate government of all of China.   They cannot support the government in Taipei as the legitimate government of all of China and retain their relations and trade with the Peoples’ Republic.   Therefore, they logically have to support the People’s Republic as the legitimate government.   So far their commitment to keep Formosa from falling into Communist hands has prevented them from doing so in an unambiguous manner.   This does not seem to be a sustainable position in the long run however.   The current incident that is the occasion of this essay demonstrates that among other things.

I will conclude by saying that in my view neither the Republic of China in Formosa nor the People’s Republic of China on the mainland is legitimate.   My views lean towards Jacobitism rather than Jacobinism, albeit Dr. Johnson’s brand of Jacobitism in which loyalty is to the current reigning house, and accordingly I regard no republic as legitimate.   I therefore take a legitimist position with regards to China.   The legitimate heir of one of the ancient dynasties – I will leave it to the Chinese to determine which one – should be found, and restored to his throne over all of China, and both the Republic and the People’s Republic ought to be dissolved into the restored Chinese monarchy.   That is the proper resolution to the situation.   Since the Americans are not likely to get on board with it any time this side of the Second Coming, when they will have to repent of their republicanism and democracy and bow the knee to the King of Kings if they don’t want to share the fate of the first Whig, the devil, the Chinese will just have to do it themselves. — Gerry T. Neal

Paul Fromm Sits Down with the Daily Rake, Part 1 – the Overview: My Early Years in Politics

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Paul Fromm Sits Down with the Daily Rake, Part 1 – the Overview: My Early Years in Politics

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I recently had an interview with none other than Monika Schaefer. She’s the wonderful woman who made a video fact-checking the lampshadocaust in 2016, only to have her life turned upside down by the usual suspects. Video of our interview is below.$/embed/POL_MonikaSchaeferInterview/8cfd113aa77409dad307f6df6258c2c777b85b7d?r=FTJ3BGxkHz9uNBeBiPCCFtPdA1DwVM19

At the bottom of the article I wrote on our interview, the first in the series, I mentioned that I had an interview set up with Paul Fromm, and in fact I finished this interview two days ago. Unfortunately, we had serious technical issues right from the very beginning. This caused us to delay the interview by forty minutes, and eventually we settled on simply having me call Paul and record the conversation with him. The video is below.$/embed/POL_PaulFrommInterview/b31283be29ff5bc40c5b880e7499ad187e1bcc03?r=FTJ3BGxkHz9uNBeBiPCCFtPdA1DwVM19

As for Paul Fromm himself, he’s been fighting for Our People for half a century now, starting out in the anti-communist days, and moving on to what we see today. One thing I did mention to him, and which he agreed with in our interview, is that it sure does seem like the communists of the day, like William “Moses” Kunstler, seem to be pushing the exact same anti-White pervert garbage as the capitalists of today.

But just as I’m doing with Monika Schaefer, I’m going to write one or more additional articles on my interview with Paul Fromm. So I won’t get too in depth as to our interview right now.

In fact, I’m not going to get too in depth as to Paul Fromm’s history either, but it certainly is interesting. Fromm has been the international director of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He founded the Edmund Burke Society with Don Andrews and Leigh Smith when he was just a teenager. He’s founded CAFE, a free speech organization, in the 80’s, 

And for those who want to do the whole “SerIoUS GuYS wOrK WiThIN thE CuckSeRVAtIvE/RepUbLiCAn PaRTy” bit, he, like many of these guys, has had the ear of some Conservative politicians since back in the late 60’s. Although now he agreed with me that the Conservative Party of Canada is a thoroughly useless and in fact actively harmful institution.

He’s been involved in multiple high profile legal cases, had serious violent confrontations, all started by antifa/commies of course, been the leader of the Ontario Social Credit Party, fought against koshervatives like Jason Kenney, and is of course denied entry to the United States of America. And I guess at one point he crossed paths with Evalion. 

Paul Fromm with Evalion. Remember her?

I told him when I began interviewing him that I would need to wrap it up as soon as possible. I had planned something like just ten minutes, and then we could reschedule a new meeting when the technical hiccups were ironed out. Of course we ended up talking for forty minutes, and I didn’t even get to ask him about some entire topics of interest, like his defamation trial, his connection to Ernst Zundel, and many other topics.

That will have to wait for a later date. For now I’ll end here, and simply thank Paul for coming onto the Daily Rake, tolerating the technical problems we had, and accepting my stilted, scatterbrained interview “technique.” I’ll have the video up shortly, and an in depth piece will be released on this interview after tomorrow’s event — THE 2022 GEORGE ORWELL FREE SPEECH AWARDS TO MONIKA AND ALFRED SCHAEFER IN VANCOUVER