Soul Of A Nation: Multiculturalism And The Demise Of Christian Tradition

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Soul Of A Nation: Multiculturalism And The Demise Of Christian Tradition

“What does it profit a man to gain the world and loose his soul” 

While it is difficult to confirm the loss of one’s soul, it is somewhat easier to verify the loss of one’s nation— or rather, to verify the demise of a nation’s defining characteristics. Like all countries, Canada was built upon a foundation of political principles—for example, democratic process, civil rights, and our judicial system.

A commonality among these nation-building principles is that they are rooted in western political ideology—for example, our democratic process has its roots in Britain’s parliamentary system, and going much further back, in Greek and Roman political philosophy.

The same can be said for Canada’s religious traditions. From an historical perspective, Christianity has been our country’s primary religious institution, as well as the religious faith which has most influenced Canadian society.

In 1988, Multicultural policy was entrenched in the Canadian constitution. Since that time, it is reasonable to state that Christian tradition has been on a downward trajectory. To be even more forthright, it is arguable that official multiculturalism has been used as a tool for the marginalization of  Christian religion in Canada. Indeed, the proponents of this development may not have “gained the world,” but they are well on their way to gaining the “soul of our nation.”

Take the curious topic of religion within our public school system. Recently, the Supreme Court of Canada passed a motion to ban the Lord’s Prayer— a cornerstone of Christianity— from our public schools. Presumably, this was not implemented for punitive reasons, but rather to create a scholastic environment devoid of any form of religious influence. In light of Canada’s adherence to the separation of “church and state,” this appears reasonable— yet what is not reasonable is that at present, dozens of Canadian schools are accommodating the wishes of Muslim parents by offering Islamic religious services on school premises.

What conclusion can we draw from this? One thought is that the situation reveals an incredible double-standard—one which is rationalized by way of Canada’s official policy of multiculturalism. 

Nothing exemplifies Canada’s religious celebrations more than the holiday of Christmas. Here again, we find an example of an impediment toward the Christian faith. In politically correct fashion, Canadians have been instructed that wishing someone a “Merry Christmas” is no longer in fashion— “Happy Holidays” only, please. 

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These developments are all the more questionable when considering that Canada is presently experiencing exponential growth in the area of “non-traditional” religion. The Islamic festival of Ramadan is making headway throughout our society, so much so that our Prime Minister recently held Ramadan celebrations at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. New mosques, some of which receive government funding, are appearing at a rapid pace throughout our urban centres, as well as in smaller rural communities.

Presently, Canada’s Muslim community comprises 3.2% of our overall population. Canadians of Christian heritage comprise approximately 82% of our population. One does not have to be Stephen Hawking to recognize that something is not adding up here—namely, that the religious affiliation of the majority of Canadians is becoming marginalized, while the religious rights of a small fragment of Canadian society are being upheld as a symbol of multicultural righteousness. Interestingly, it is not Muslim community leaders who are necessarily the most influential parties in these developments.

Rather, it is a loose affiliation of organizations— non-profit multicultural groups, “identity” politicians, as well as university professors and civil rights lawyers, who are leading the charge. Collectively known as “Multicult Canada”— these forces are every bit as influential as the Muslim communities themselves. In fact, their influence is so profound they are transforming our society in a manner unprecedented in the history of our nation.

Armed with the Multicultural Act of Canada(1988), as well as the Pierre Trudeau-penned Charter of Rights and Freedoms(1982), “Multicult” Canada are influencing—  perhaps one should say eroding— traditional Canadian identity right before our eyes. To make matters worse, Canadians thus far have been unaware of what is actually occurring.

As usual, it is money—or funding— which is playing a vital role. Multicultural policy mandates that our tax payer dollars be given to so-called “minority” communities for the promotion of their culture, language and holidays. This funding, estimated to be over a billion dollars within the past two decades, enables these communities to fund their religious institutions— Islamic mosques, Sikh temples, as well as related religious holidays and events.

An interesting example is the $50 million dollar mosque currently being built in Fort MacMurray, Alberta. Just how many of our tax payer dollars are being provided for grooming the mosque’s expansive lawns and gardens, we do not know. What we do know is that according to the mosque’s own public messaging, the project is also being funded by the Kuwaiti government.

Let’s get this straight. If Canadian tax payer dollars are being provided for the project, this means that Canadians, together with the government of Kuwait, are funding the Fort MacMurray mosque. Naturally, Fort MacMurray City Council deny that tax payer dollars are involved. In this particular instance, maybe yes, and maybe no, however this does not circumvent the fact that Canadian tax payers are footing the bill for many projects of this nature. 

Up to this point, the funding has been justified by the idea that Canada’s “minority communities” deserve this money to gain a measure of equality with Canada’s dominant community- the white community. Frankly, this is one of the biggest fallacies in the history of ethnic relations in Canada.

If a Moslem community in a northern Canadian town can afford to build a $50 million dollar mosque, complete with lavish landscaping funded by oil-rich Kuwait, why on earth are Canadians providing additional funding through our tax dollars? Furthermore, when taking into account Canada’s history of immigration over the past four decades, these so-called “minorities” are no longer minorities at all. Yet, they continue to receive millions our tax dollars for their cultural and religious promotions. 

Meanwhile, a condemnation of Christian religious symbols continues— for example, the removal of crosses from a number of our government institutions. Fair? Equitable? Not on your life. Our courts, legal industry, civil libertarians and other Charter of Rights activists continue to call for the impediment of Christian traditions within our society, while at the same time fighting for the rights of religious fundamentalists who want to hide their identity during their citizenship oath.

Indeed, this is where multiculturalism has brought our society since its inception a mere twenty-six years ago. These hypocrisies and double-standards— justified by way of a multicultural policy never endorsed or approved of by the Canadian public—are contributing to the erosion our national identity, culture, and religious traditions. Clearly, the time has come to level the playing field, and repeal the Multicultural Act of Canada.  —  Brad Salzberg, June 2015

Vancouver Voters Turn Down Tax Grab to Pay for Feds Immigration Follies

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Vancouver Voters Turn Down Tax Grab to Pay for Feds Immigration Follies
Without a halt to immigration, there can be little Improvement in traffic gridlock. Results announced July 2 showed that voters in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia said a resounding “No” to a proposed  .5% sales tax increase to pay for a planned $7.5-billion improvement of the region’s wretched transportation infrastructure. It would have “included a major east-west subway line across Vancouver, a light rail network  for Surrey extending to Langley, a replacement bridge across the Fraser River, 11 new rapid bus lines in the suburbs, and a third harbour ferry.” (Globe and Mail, July 2, 2015) The 700,000 voters who sent in their ballots voted 62% against this planned cash grab.
Almost unmentioned in the debate was the key cause of the worsening traffic gridlock — mass immigration. Forty years of failure to improve transportation infrastructure and 25 years of mass immigration have crowded Vancouver and Toronto to the bursting point. There is no point spending more local money in a futile attempt to catch up if the federal government insists on importing masses of immigrants, mostly from the Third World, in these times of high unemployment.
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If the Federal Government wants to import 265,000 plus immigrants a year, they must bear the cost — in the tens of billions of dollars — to improve the infrastructure stressed by the decisions they’ve imposed.


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Vancouver Voters Right to Reject Tax Grab to Cover Gov’t’s Failed Immigration Policies

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Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-566-4455; FAX: 905-566-4820


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


July  5, 2015


The Editor,

The National Post,

365 Bloor St. East, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4W 3L4


By FAX: Fax: 416-383-2305


Re: Editorial “The People have a right to say no”


Dear Sir:


Re: “The People have a right to say no” (National Post, July 4 , 2015), the strong no voice – 62 per cent – of people in the Lower Mainland of B.C. to a sales tax increase proposal to fund transit improvement was the right choice. A tax increase would have helped fund successive government’s failed immigration policies.


Almost absent from the debate was any discussion of the major cause of chronic gridlock in Vancouver and the GTA – massive immigration enabled by the federal government. Immigration is surrounded with feel good slogans – “diversity” “growing the economy.” Seldom addressed are the costs – among them strain on infrastructure.


Yes, municipal and provincial governments have failed to maintain the infrastructure to accommodate the huge flood of immigrants. However, if the feds insist on massive immigration 265,000 yearly in times of high unemployment, most of it heading for Vancouver or Toronto,  they should pay the costs of upgrading the infrastructure to accommodate these people.


Vancouverites rightly rejected being further taxed to help correct the gridlock mess the feds have caused. Even had all the improvements planned over the next decade come to pass, gridlock would remain as all parties seem addicted to massive immigration. Any gains would soon be erased by the constant immigrant flood.


Paul Fromm



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Is Saskatchewan Liquor Board Ignoring Unemployed Canadians and Trying to Recruit Immigrants?

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Is Saskatchewan Liquor Board Ignoring Unemployed Canadians and Trying to Recruit Immigrants?

The Open Door Society is a government funded immigrant services organization. The job fair is in their building and NOT generally advertised to the job seeking public. We don’t think it right that SLGA is having a job fair that is essentially targeted Only to immigrants.There will be few Canadian job seekers there because nobody knows about it! 

These liquor store jobs are much sought after bec

ause they are unionized government jobs with quite decent pay at least $15 an hour or more, and it’s not right to only offer them to foreigners, when lots of Canadians actually want these jobs! The especially valuable part of this job fair to job seekers as you know is the ON SITE interviews, which are a rarity and not usually available to the regular applicant in the normal process. There was a big controversy a few years back when this same SLGA hired at least one Temporary Foreign Worker for a job where there was no shortage of local people. Exclusion of Canadians is outrageous and a betrayal!

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Immigrant underclass in GTA fuels simmering frustrations:

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Immigrant underclass in GTA fuels simmering frustrations:

“By 2017, the GTA is forecast to become home to a predominantly non-European population.”

Brad: Canadians of European Origin are headed for minority status in Toronto and this Multicult Practitioner is playing the immigrant guilt card.

Warning…you are about the read a lie:

“While immigrants and immigration is the heart and soul of the country, if you look at the main basis of inequality in Canada, along with gender, it’s based on race and immigrant status,” said Yogendra Shakya, senior research scientist at Access Alliance.

Brad: The heart and soul of this country?? Perhaps according to the prime movers in Multicult Canada’s attempt to destroy Canadian culture, but for the majority of Canadians– ie Canadians of European Origin(CEO)– this is yet another attempt to elevate immigrant groups by playing the sympathy card.

The heart and soul of this country was built by Canadians of European Origin:

- Governance 

- Parliamentary system

- Legal and Judiciary system

- Capitalist Free Enterprise system

- Democratic Process

- Legislative system

- Educational system

- Taxation 

- Social Services

and every other foundation of Canadian society.

NONE of these fundamentals are rooted in the nation’s from which our modern immigrants come from:

- China, India, Iran, Philippines, Pakistan Korea et al.

For how much longer are the Canadian public going to tolerate the Multicultural propaganda perpetrated by people like Y. Shakya?

OFFICIAL MULTICULTURAL POLICY: a mandate for Canadian taxpayers to fund the destruction of their own culture

Brad Salzberg

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Canada takes a step back on immigration policy:

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Canada takes a step back on immigration policy:


“We found that, especially on the issues of family reunification and access to citizenship, Canada is moving backwards.”

Brad: And well we should be. Family Reunification policy has been  the most economically damaging of all methods of immigration to Canada- so much so that a 2011 study entitled “Canada and the Welfare State”(Grady & Grubel) shows that the net fiscal loss from this program is in the billions. Without a doubt, it is an economic loser.

However, this is just one component of Family Reunification’s negative societal impact. The policy’s lax requirements verge on the absurd: parents, grandparents, the elderly in general, non- english/french speaking, non-employable immigrants have come to our country under this plan by the millions. 

These facts make  Multicult Canada champion Ratna Omidvar’s opinions on the program so very questionable. Ignoring all economic ramafications,  Omidvar continues to push a personal agenda of wanting to bring as many foreigners into Canada as possible. Not only this, she wants to remove white Canadians from their jobs and replace them with these new arrivals, many of whom are deficient in qualifications and our official languages. 

“Becoming a Canadian is harder now than it was just a few years ago.”

Brad: It darn well should be. The system has been exploited for decades, particularly by so-called “economic migrants.”  Show us an immgration program to Canada, and we will show you a program which has been exploited by shady characters, immigration “consultants”, lawyers, criminals, and the like.

“For the first time, Ottawa is now able to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens if they are deemed to have committed certain crimes against the state.”

Brad: Multicult Canada, a loose affiliation of individuals and organizations intent on eroding traditional Canadian culture, identity and language, as well as their civil liberties backers, continue to show their incredible lack of concern for general Canadian well-being by opposing sound and rational laws intended to eliminate the entry of criminals into our country.

“Although Canada has traditionally scored highly on family reunification, its scores are declining there too. Of particular concern, the score measuring eligibility for sponsoring family members dropped from 79 in 2010 to 64 in 2015. It is now more difficult for immigrants to sponsor their loved ones. “

Brad: Let’s do the prudent thing and drop the “bleeding heart’ component of the situation for a moment. The issue of importing “loves ones” is all but meaningless in comparison to the needs of the Canadian people: a strong economy, personal safety, home affordability, environmental protection, urban traffic congestion, protection of criminals and immigration exploitation, and on and on…

“Ottawa has made numerous recent changes to family reunification policies. These measures include raising the sponsorship commitment from 10 to 20 years, increasing the income requirement for sponsoring parents and grandparents by 30 per cent, and instituting a longer period during which a sponsor must meet this requirement.”

Brad: Very wise of them, although this has arrived well after the damage has been done. In truth, it was an immigrant vote-grabbing Liberal government which implemented the insanity back in the 1980’s, in a desperate attempt to elevate a party which had tanked in popularity. Today, the Liberal Party has become little more than a vehicle for immigrant and multiculturalists, and has reached the point of not giving a damn about the rights and wants of Canadian-born citizens.

“Ottawa has failed in our eyes to provide a convincing justification for these changes.”

Brad: Yes, in YOUR EYES, however your eyes are tainted by a multicult bias which is not necessarily shared by the majority of Canadians. Of course, we don’t know this for certain, because immigration, multiculturalism have never been subject to the democratic process: no vote, no referendum, no public opinion on whether Canadians share the Multicult’s desire to transform Canadian society from its traditional English & French European culture to….what would we call it…a globalist/ communist/ foreign-dominated mess of a nation, devoid of sovereignty, democracy, and true freedom of expression.

 “The new data signals a shift and encourages us to reflect on the most alarming trends and redirect where necessary.”

Brad: The most alarming trend in the HISTORY OF OUR COUNTRY is the undermining of our society by the likes of Multicult assassins such as Ryerson’s Ratna Omidvar, queen of the Canadian Multicult.

Inline image 2

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This Land is OUR LAND: Euro-Canadians Will Not Surrender Canada

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This Land is OUR LAND: Euro-Canadians Will Not Surrender Canada

By Tim Murray

It has often been argued by the talking heads of the Multicultural and Immigration lobby that Canadians of European descent have no well-founded historical or moral case to assert that their culture should enjoy a predominate place or special status in our nation.

Many go even farther than that. Many argue that Europeans and their Canadian descendants invaded and brutally colonized this country, forcibly appropriating aboriginal land. We are what some radical native activists scathingly call “settlers”, occupiers who have no legitimate right to be here—even though many of us are third or fourth generation Canadians. We are told that Europeans did not “discover” or create or build Canada. The land was here before Europeans even conceived of it.

Frederick Fromm's photo.

These arguments are fraught with a logical inconsistency and a confusion of terms.

Firstly, it is illogical to argue, on the one hand, that European colonizers and their descendants have no right to live here because they are occupying “stolen” land, and then to argue on the other hand that newcomers fresh from the airport should share that “stolen” land as full-fledged Canadian citizens with equal rights and opportunities. If Euro-Canadians have no legitimate right to remain here, why then should the latest batch of foreign migrants be exempt from this same judgement? Why should they be given a pass? If Euro-Canadians can be told, in effect, to “go back where you came from”, why shouldn’t “New Canadians” be told to do the same thing?

There is another contradiction in this line of reasoning.  Multiculturalists accord Aboriginals a special status. They are “First Nations”. After all, they were here first—even though a great many tribes came to occupy land by the “ethnic cleansing” and displacement of other tribes. But if Aboriginal Canadians have “seniority” rights over Canadians of European origin, why then should not the latter have “seniority” rights over “New Canadians”, the great majority of whom hail from “non-traditional”, that is, “non-European” countries? Either there should be a hierarchy of citizenship—or cultures—or there should not.  But the Multicultural lobby is having it both ways, and Euro-Canadians are not “having it” at all. They are not acknowledged to be a founding culture, nor are they accorded the right to compete for job placements based on merit—recently arrived  “visible minorities” are able to leap-frog into coveted positions in the name of employment “equity”.  In other words, Euro-Canadians have neither seniority rights nor equal opportunity. They are the “ham” in the ham sandwich of “diversity”.

The Multicultural “Party Line” needs to be de-constructed.

Yes, the ‘land’ was here before Europeans arrived. In fact, it was here before aboriginals first crossed the Bering Strait. But the “land” is not the nation. The “land” is not “Canada”.  And one can’t credibly deny that the British and French were the primary founders of the nation called “Canada”.  It should also be noted that the newcomers from “non-traditional” sources who arrived in the wake of the pivotal shift to Official Multiculturalism more than four decades ago most probably did so because they found this “nation” of Canada superior to the countries they left.  That is to say, it appears that those accursed “White settlers” and their descendants didn’t do such a bad job of building this nation after all.

Yet it is the Multicultural project to transform this nation, the nation that immigrants have found so attractive, into something resembling the nations that those immigrants have fled. And it looks like they are half way there. In 1981, there were 6 ethnic enclaves in Canada. By 2010 there were 260.  Obviously Canada is in the midst of a vast experiment in social engineering. The question we need to ask, as lab rats, is, “Is this really a good thing?” “Diversity”, we are constantly told, is a strength. In a masterpiece of Orwellian double-speak, the Multicultural lobby assures us that there is “unity in diversity”. A look at the rest of the world, however, would not confirm this belief.

You don’t believe me? Then ask the people of what used to be Yugoslavia. Ask the people of Syria or Iraq. Ask Ukrainians. Ask Ruandans. Ask Sri Lankans. Ask just about every people in the world. You don’t even have to look far.  Take a look at America’s experiment with “integration” right now. Look how it is descending into tribalism. Look beyond soap operas and movies and the make-belief world that the American media presents. Look at America at the ground level. Look at cities, towns, neighbourhoods and college campuses. You will see clusters of African-Americans over here, clusters of Hispanics over there, and clusters of “whites” sitting or standing alone in the corner. This is not a function of mandated “apartheid”, but voluntary segregation.  For many parts of America Martin Luther King’s dream has not come to pass. In fact, America is growing further apart, and “Coming Apart”, as Charles Murray’s book of that title suggests. In the words of Coloradan writer Mike Folkerth, “The United States is the most fractured society on earth—the most fractured culture.”

The make-believe world that the media presents and the unrelenting torrent of state propaganda will not long conceal these facts. The spin-machine will not ultimately succeed in perpetuating the “Diversity Illusion”, as British author Ed West calls it, no more than the Communist state of Yugoslavia succeeded in convincing its citizens and the world at large that its ethnic blocs were living in blissful harmony.

Multiculturalists, of course, insist that Canada is unique. That Canada can make multiculturalism work : That so far it is a roaring success, and is a model for the world to follow. That those who say otherwise are a delusional fringe without credibility, people who need to be excluded from public forums, ostracized or even punished for spreading “hateful” messages. Rather than acknowledge the inherent division that exists between incompatible ethnic groups, they accuse those who point out this division as divisive!

The Communist establishment in the Soviet bloc said similar things about dissidents: That they were insane. That they should be detained in prison or confined to mental asylums. They were tiny anti-social elements who disputed what was obvious:  That the socialist state was a Workers’ Paradise where all ethnic groups got along.

But suddenly in the late 80s and early 90s the truth came out. The command economy had been a failure, socialism wasn’t working and ethnic nationalism was alive and well.

The silenced majority never did buy into the state myth. Seventy years of trying to change human nature proved futile. “In-group” favouritism, a manifestation of which is “ethnic nepotism”, is built right into our brains. As Australian sociologist, and author of “Genetic Interests”, Frank Salter, might say, we are “hard-wired” to bond with people very much like ourselves, to identify with them, and to join with them in pursuing our collective interests.

One would think that Canadian politicians would have taken notice. No Canadian government ever had a mandate to change the ethnic profile of the nation. What Prime Minister Mackenzie King said in 1947 is still true today: “…the people of Canada do not wish, as a result of mass immigration, to make a fundamental alteration in the character of our population.” Unfortunately, Pierre Elliot Trudeau and the Prime Ministers who followed him paid no heed to public opinion in this area, or affected any interest in what the majority of Canadian wished. Once Trudeau instituted Official Multiculturalism in 1971, it soon became a bipartisan policy, a state religion that could not be questioned. And for good measure, it was even entrenched in the Constitution and in the mandates of federal public sector institutions, including, most crucially, the CBC.

Objective observers of recent Canadian history could be forgiven if they concluded that Multicultural lobbyists are intent on denying that Canada’s European heritage has any significance, or that Euro-Canadians have any claim to represent the foundational core of the country. The aim is to marginalize them. That’s why many of these Multicultural propagandists  are conditioned to think of Europeans as interlopers, a bunch of land-robbers—nothing more, nothing less.

It’s time that Canadians knew the truth. Europeans founded this nation. And their descendants have no intention of surrendering it.

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Clown Harper

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Clown Harper

When will he do something to preserve OUR People and OUR Culture?

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Paul Fromm on Two Betrayals: Bill C-51 and Stephen Harper “We’re A Pro-Immigration Gov’t”

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Paul Fromm on Two Betrayals: Bill C-51 and Stephen Harper “We’re A Pro-Immigration Gov’t”


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