Eurocanadians: Pioneers, Settlers, or Immigrants?

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Eurocanadians: Pioneers, Settlers, or Immigrants?

by Ricardo Duchesne

White Settlers clearing the land to prepare for planting

Leftist Newspeak

Leftists have been winning the war of words and setting the terms of political discourse for decades. Their discursive power was quite evident three years ago in the decision of the Associated Press to drop the term “illegal immigrant” from its style guide as an “offensive” term that did not accurately describe migrants who enter the United States without documentation. “Islamophobia” is another term used regularly to close down the claim that Islam is an inflexible faith that cannot adapt to Western values.

Vladimir I. Lenin (1870-1924) instructed his fellow Bolsheviks: “We can and must write in language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.” Today, the most frequently used epithets to smear opponents are “racist”, “sexist”, and “homophobic”. The Left has been so successful in projecting insidious motives on anyone disagreeing with their idiotic views that conservatives now devote considerable time playing up their “good intentions” or singing the same tune by targeting “two-faced liberals” caught making sexist or racist remarks.

Lenin also commanded his comrades: “The communists must be prepared to…resort to all sorts of cunning schemes and stratagems…to evade and conceal the truth.” Current leftists are consummate deceivers, Orwellian double-speakers and fabricators of bellyfeel words that carry a blind yet enthusiastic acceptance of an idea. They are quite apt at distorting the older meanings of words, even to the point of turning them upside down. “Discoverer” and “explorer of Canada” were once terms used in admiration; now they are used in quotation marks as untrue and laughable terms.

I will write about the replacement of the words “pioneer” and “settler” with the word “immigrant”.

Dictionary Definition

The replacement of the words “pioneers” and “settlers” to describe the founders of Canada with the word “immigrant” happened gradually without barely anyone noticing it. In the series of articles written on Canadian immigration these past weeks I have used the term “immigrants” in reference to the French, British, European men and women who arrived in Canada from the 1600s to 1914/21. I did so to show that even on its own terms the established interpretation that Canada is “a nation of diverse immigrants” is false, since most Canadians were either native born with strong ancestries in Canada or and internal migrants from within the British world of North America and the British Isles.

But it is time to question the way the word “immigrant” has been deceptively extended to include what were in truth pioneers and settlers. Almost all the men and women who came to Canada from the British Isles and elsewhere in Europe, and, if you like, from British America, before 1914, were pioneers, notimmigrants.

Immigrants started to arrive in Canada mostly after WWII. I am saying this in accordance with all the dictionary definitions I have examined. The New Oxford English Dictionary is very clear. Immigrant is “a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country”. Settler, however, is “a person who settles in an area, typically with no or few previous inhabitants”. Pioneer describes “a person who is among the first inhabitants to explore or settle a new country or area”. “Pioneering” means “to be the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity, open up a terrain as a pioneer”.

Huntington: Settlers before Immigrants

The one academic I know who has addressed this distinction is Samuel Huntington in his book, Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity (2004). He writes:

Settlers and immigrants differ fundamentally. Settlers leave an existing society, usually in a group in order to create a new community…Immigrants, in contrast, do not create a new society. They move from one society to a different society (p. 39).

What Huntington says about American settlers applies to the Canadians who came to Canada more or less before 1914/21. Huntington says that America’s “core culture” was created by the settlers who came in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This core culture consisted of the:

Christian religion, Protestant values and moralism, a work ethic, the English language, the British traditions of law, justice, and the limits of government power, and a legacy of European art, literature, philosophy and music (p. 40).

While the early settlers were responsible for this core culture, future settlers were responsible for the extension of this core culture into the “American frontier” or the “Great West”. These men and women who opened the West were not immigrants. Immigrants only began to arrive in large numbers after the 1820s into the already created towns and cities.

In Canada, it can be said that the “core culture” was created by the time of Confederation in 1867, with French and English as the major languages, Catholic and Protestant values, French civil law and British parliamentary institutions and law. The “non-French and non-British” men and women who arrived in the 1800s and early 1900s were also settlers, insomuch as many of them settled in the new prairie provinces and British Columbia, or in new areas in Upper Canada and the Maritimes.

This distinction between settlers/pioneers and immigrants, which was recognized (at least implicitly) by past historians, has been explicitly obfuscated by current historians. The two standard history textbooks I have referenced often in my series on Canadian immigration, Origins: Canadian History to Confederation (2000), and A History of the Canadian Peoples (2011), avoid the use of the words “settler” and “pioneer”, but always use the words “immigrants” or “diverse immigrants”. Consider this: “immigration” enjoys the longest entry in the index of J.M. Bumsted’s A History of the Canadian Peoples, after the words “Canada” and “Aboriginal Peoples”.

It is not that historians did not use the word “immigrants” or “immigration” in the past. George Bryce’s book, A Short History of Canada, published in 1914, a solid book of 600 pages, uses immigrants often, but he also regularly uses “settlers” and “colonizers” (without the negative connotation this term currently carries). The same is true of Donald Creighton’s Dominion of the North: A History of Canada, first published in 1944, revised in 1957, which I greatly enjoyed reading in a tiny room at summer residence, University of Toronto, this past May. Both these books portray Canada as a nation fundamentally shaped by the French in Quebec and the English, not as a “nation of immigrants”. J.M.S. Careless’s book, Canada: A Story of Challenge (1959), subtitles the first period of large scale immigration to Canada as “Immigration, Development and the Pioneer Age, 1815-1850″.

Canada’s Pioneers

If I may disagree a bit with Huntington, it is more accurate to identify the settlers who created the core culture as “pioneers”, in contrast to those who extended this culture into new areas in the West, who should be identified as “settlers” proper. The word pioneer carries two key meanings; one is very close to the meaning of settler, that is, a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region. But another meaning is uniquely about pioneering in the sense of being the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or cultural development. The French and the English were the earliest settlers and originators of Canada’s core culture and therefore the true pioneers, while the Europeans, including English, who settled the West from about 1867 to 1914/21, were setters both in the sense of extending farming to the prairies, as well as extending Canada’s political culture to this barely settled area of Canada.

The earliest settlers, say, up until Confederation, were the ones who pioneered Canada’s institutions, churches, legal system, curriculum, and basic infrastructure. Clearly, they brought with them the customs, values, and know-how of Europe, and in this sense they were not originators of what we have come to identify as British representative government, Protestant values, French civil law and Catholic doctrine. But there is no question that they adapted these values and institutions to Canadian conditions. This is most evident in the rural and urban landscapes that pioneers created in Canada. R. Cole Harris and John Warkentin explain well what was uniquely new about Canadian pioneers (and settlers) notwithstanding their European ancestries. Writing about the period from 1800 until about the 1860s, they note:

In only three generations the whole peninsula of Southern Ontario was occupied by people of European [British] descent. During this time the forest was cut; the geometry of roads, fence lines and fields was stamped across the land; and the prosperity achieved by many was reflected in ample brick farmhouses and in bustling towns. Everywhere the human landscape was new. In the most recent frontier regions settlers still lived in tiny cabins on patches of cleared land; in the older areas there were still some stumpy fields and many people alive who had known the first pioneers. Whereas the human landscape of Western Europe often reflected centuries of human toil, this landscape reflected the recent arrival, the energy, and the apparent wastefulness of its creators. That Europeans had created the landscape there could be no doubt — the architectural forms, for example, were entirely of European origin. But although components of it existed in the British Isles, the human landscape of Southern Ontario could not be found anywhere in Europe (Canada Before Confederation: A Study in Historical Geography, 1974, p. 164).

Edwin Guillet’s Pioneer Days in Upper Canada (first published in 1933, with new editions in 1963, 1966, 1968, 1970, 1973, and 1975, but now discarded), is quite good in bringing to light how the first settlers pioneered the very meaning of “Canadian living”, starting with the immediacy of clearing up heavily forested lands, lumbering against huge oaks, umbrageous elms and stately pines, to open up lands for settlement. Indeed, the clearing of land involved a new co-operative principle of work known as “bees” in which neighbours would gather together to help each other; as no one family could do the work alone in many instances. These bees were also organized for house building, barn raising, and making quilts. The log and sod houses pioneered by these settlers were adapted to local materials in order to withstand long harsh winters.

White Pioneer school, teacher and students, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario, 1887

The first settlers pioneered many types of home-made foods using local products, including buckwheat cakes, rich batter puddings, berry pies, molasses, gelatin, ciders. The diet of the settlers — wild asparagus and berries, chestnuts, ducks, partridges, cucumbers, celery and turnips, roasted pig, boiled mutton, rice pudding, fishes of several kinds — was far superior to the current overrated food of dirty Chinese restaurants with their artificial sticky sauces and rootless globalist menus. They also pioneered city halls, fire-fighter’s organisations, theatres, Temperance Societies, sports and inter club games (curling, bandyball, lacrosse, softball, hockey, horse racing), public libraries, debating societies, mechanics’ institutes, agricultural associations, literary societies, private schools and colleges, circuses, brass bands.


The goal of the globalist left and corporate right is to destroy the national identities and heritages of European peoples. They want to equate the Canadians who pioneered and settled Canada with the immigrants who came to a ready-made nation after 1921/1945. The fact is that, as we will see in a future article, the immigrants who came between 1921/45 and 1971 were mostly Europeans who came to be part of an already created Canada, worked hard and assimilated without any ulterior motives. The immigrants who have been coming since multiculturalism was announced in 1971 are very different from these European immigrants, and the reason for this is not only that they are from Third World cultures; it is that they are arriving into a Canada that is under the tutelage of an ideology that celebrates their non-European traditions and encourages them to affirm their group rights in ways that will eventually undermine the Canada created by the White pioneers, settlers and hardworking immigrants who came before.

Race Realism from Bill O’Reilly: Negro Illegitimacy, Drugs & Crime

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Race Realism from Bill O’Reilly: Negro Illegitimacy, Drugs & Crime…/nati…/oreilly-americas-race-problem

We never thought we would hear this from a national newscaster.
Obama, Wright, Jackson and Sharpton (the career race baiters) may have to change their underwear after seeing this!
Maybe O’ Reilly really is ready to retire and no longer cares about reading politically correct scripts on air.
What he says is the TRUTH and most of America already knows it! But like the “Emperor with no clothes,”no one will dare speak the truth in public. This video should go viral. Thanks to Bill, someone finally found the nerve to say it.

The mission of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The MRC is a research and education organization operating under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to the MRC are tax-deductible. Copyright © 2014, Media…
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Guilty No More — NO APOLOGIES: Spend 4 Minutes to Watch This Powerful Video

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Guilty No More — NO APOLOGIES: Spend 4 Minutes to Watch This Powerful Video


No Apologies
The Anti-White narrative is collapsing in on itself. Our people are beginning awaken to the lies that the Zionists and their collaborators have for so long i…
Clip Better

View Now

Dallas Shooting with 5 Police Killed Marred by Media Bias

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Dallas Shooting with 5 Police Killed Marred by Media Bias

Paul Fromm comments on media bias in suppressing proper coverage of Black crime. The media pushes egalitarian/immigration agenda. Helps keep folks clueless.

Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression (CAFE). Here he comments on the day of the shooting in Dallas of 12 police officers.

Dissecting Toronto’s New “Anti-Racism” Posters

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Dissecting Toronto’s New “Anti-Racism” Posters


The City of Toronto has released a new poster which is being featured on bus stops around the city.

The poster is problematic for a number of reasons:

  1.       The most obvious problem is the depiction of white people as “racist”. This message incites hatred towards European Canadians and reinforces a damaging stereotype.

  2.       By disseminating this trope of the “racist white person” Toronto is contributing to the message that “racism” is “something that white people do” and thereby pairing “racism” with “white people” in the minds of the public. This is damaging to European people everywhere because it enables others to disguise attacks on white people as attacks on “racism” and it splashes hatred for “racism” onto white people in general.

  3.        On a deeper level, the third problem is that the posters reinforce the construct of “racism” itself. The term “racism” is a rhetorical weapon which is used, primarily, to oppress and stigmatize political assertiveness on the part of white people and to moralize us into a state of political impotency. For example, in this poster the white person is depicted saying “go back to where you came from” and this is meant to be an example of “racism”. Although presented in a deliberately simplified fashion, his words convey an entirely legitimate political position. This country is a democracy, and simply by being citizens here, people are granted a share of political power over the spaces in which we Europeans live. It is a rational political practice for European Canadians to endeavour to maintain a greater portion of power over the environments where we live by making up a greater percentage of the voting demographic. It is our responsibility to ensure our own well-being as well as that of our progeny and political power is the only thing that enables us to do that. 

  4.        Another point of interest is how the messages of this poster conflict with our state policy of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a policy which says that we should maintain our ethnic and cultural identities and continue to view ourselves, and others, not simply as uniform “Canadians”, but as members of groups with unique ethnic, cultural and historical backgrounds. In this poster, the European tells the African Muslim to ‘go back where you came from” and she responds with “Where? North York?” as if she’s oblivious to what people actually mean when they use that expression. The whole project of multiculturalism is to tell people to not forget where we came from, and yet this poster seems to imply that it’s ridiculous and ignorant to suggest that our histories and identities extend beyond our relatively recent time in Canada. Not only is it entirely truthful and accurate to suggest that we are more than just “Canadians”, but that is the very perspective that our government has been encouraging for the past 30 years!

  5.       It’s interesting that, in explaining the project, campaign spokespersons say that the effort is aimed at helping “racialized communities”. The term “racialized” is Marxist rhetoric which refers to anyone who isn’t white. On top of the fact that this campaign incites hatred towards European Canadians by portraying us as “racist”, if it is also the case that it explicitly excludes certain groups from its scope, then it is guided by a special-interest agenda and shouldn’t be receiving public funding.

  6.       According to their press release, the goal of the campaign is to “create a Toronto that says ‘No’ to all forms of discrimination and racism”, and yet, in light of their anti-white themes and Marxist rhetoric, one can’t help but wonder, how would the team behind this campaign define “racism”? If it were asked of them, “isn’t this campaign ‘racist’ towards white people?”, how would they respond? If, like the Marxists in our universities, they hold that it’s not “racism” if it’s against white people and that “only white people can be racist” then we’re sure the white people who paid the taxes that helped fund this effort would be very interested to hear that.

  7.       Toronto brands itself as “the most multicultural city in the world” and its identity is rooted in the idea that diversity and multiculturalism are inherently good. The official city motto is “Diversity Our Strength”. And so isn’t it ironic to now see Toronto, the flag-ship city of Canadian multiculturalism, investing its resources in combating inter-ethnic conflict. So which is it, Toronto? Is “diversity our strength” or is it a source of tension, violence and conflict?

  8.       The final problem is the timing of the posters. Toronto says that the posters are, in part, a response to “a number of crimes committed against Muslims earlier this year”. As evidence of said crimes, CityNews links to story of a Muslim woman who was pushed and called a “terrorist”—in November 2015—by a black male! But, just three days before the campaign’s launch, a Muslim committed the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States. On the heels of this landmark massacre, why are white people the ones being condescendingly thought-policed? If Toronto is concerned about inter-ethnic conflict, then aren’t Islamic bullets a bigger problem than white words? Isn’t getting murdered a more serious concern than being told to “go back where you came from”? Muslims kill us and then Toronto tells us that we’re the problem? This poster is an insult.

  As the forces of globalization continue to create the demographic pressures which are turning European peoples into minorities in the spaces where we have lived for generations, expressions of hostility and hatred towards us will become of greater and greater significance. In this context of anti-white hostility and demographic weakness on the part of Europeans, it is important that we have institutions to study and identify our interests and advocate on our behalf. This is why Students for Western Civilisation exists, and this is why we need a #whitestudentsunion.

For sensible immigration policies for the 21st century

Canada’s Clown Prince

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Canadian Conservatives's photo.
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Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism

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Something is seriously wrong with some Germans…and Canadians

Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism!

Politician raped by Muslims, lies to cops to protect them

Selin-Goren-600Selin Goren

A German politician who works as a refugee activist was raped by Arab or Farsi-speaking attackers, lied to police to protect them and then penned a fictional account to cope with her trauma, writing, “You’re not the problem.”

The London Daily Mail reported Selin Goren, 24, a spokeswoman for the left-wing youth movement Solid, said she was ambushed in a playground late at night and forced to perform a sex act on her attackers.

While she reported the attack to police in Mannheim, where the attack occurred, “she did not tell them the ethnic makeup of the men, that they were speaking Arabic or Farsi,” the report said.

Instead, she told police she was robbed and “said her attackers spoke German,” the report said.

Her protection of her attackers was prompted by reports she heard of a backlash against migrants after a wave of terroristic sexual assaults against women by “marauding gangs of immigrant youths” in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve.

In an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, she reported she later returned to police to tell them the truth about the attack early in 2016 and subsequently wrote about her experience as a way to cope.

“She said a friend talked her into going back to the police with the real story because another woman had been raped in the area – an accusation later retracted by the alleged victim,” the Daily Mail reported.

Selin reportedly did not want to cause “more hatred against migrants,” the report said.

In an open letter on Facebook to a fictional refugee she said, “I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.

“I’m going to scream. … I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

Selin wrote that she now thinks people must not twist the truth – even for a politically expedient reason.

Get “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” by former DHS officer Philip Haney and WND Editor Art Moore, now at the WND Superstore!

She apparently isn’t the only one working to conceal the attacks by Muslim immigrants arriving in Europe and the United States from the Middle East.

WND reported in December that German authorities ordered a cover-up of crimes committed by Muslims to avoid adding fuel to the debate over whether the country is taking in too many migrants.

The German newspaper Bild, at the time, said German drug lords are recruiting migrants as cheap drug dealers and petty thieves. The report alleges police are covering up the extent of migrant crimes in an effort to tamp down concerns among native Germans that their government has been too “welcoming” of foreigners.

The Bild report claimed asylum seekers were prepared to work for a few euros delivering drugs across the country and said they were being signed up almost as soon as they had registered as asylum seekers.

Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden have been magnets for refugees and economic migrants due largely to their generous welfare benefits.

Last weekend, police in Sweden launched investigations of five reported rapes and nearly 40 instances of groping at two music festivals.

While Germany has taken in more than a million migrants from the Middle East and Africa over the last year, Sweden has taken in more than 162,000.

The latest rash of sexual assaults took place at Putte I Parken, a free festival in Karlstad, according to the Express, a British newspaper.

“Foreign young men” were blamed by police for the attacks at one of the festivals, and at least two unaccompanied migrant youths were arrested.

Police recorded five reports of rapes and 12 of sexual molestation at Bravalla, Sweden’s biggest music festival, and 35 reports of molestation at Putte I Parken, where the youngest victim was 12 years old.

Two of the seven young men accused of “aggressive groping” at the second festival were unaccompanied refugee minors, reportedly living at a nearby accommodation center, the Express reported.

WND reported earlier this year that the rape crisis in Sweden and Germany was continuing unabated.

In one case, a 26-year-old Afghan man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for raping a 20-year-old woman who had let him live in her apartment. The sentence was given by the court in Cologne, Germany, reported Kölner Rundschau.

The migrant came to Germany two years ago, the local news outlet reports, and the contact with the woman came through the group Refugees Welcome, or Flüchtlinge Wilkommen.

The attack occurred Oct. 25, 2015, when the Afghan rapist sneaked into the 20-year-old woman’s room while she was sleeping.

The story sounds eerily similar to another out of Sweden. A mother there, working with a welcoming group, decided to open her home to a male refugee from Eritrea. She made her daughter leave her room so she could offer the child’s room to the migrant. The migrant then sexually assaulted her 10-year-old daughter, the Daily Caller reported.

The Meaning & History of Dominion Day

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The Meaning & History of Dominion Day

Paul Fromm from the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee talks about why our old Canadian flag was better and more meaningful than our current flag.


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Dear Canada Firster:

Happy Dominion Day.

Isn’t it Canada Day, you might ask? Well, as part of the social re-engineering of our country, Parliament did proclaim July 1 – Canada’s national founding date – as Canada Day. This was part of Pierre Trudeau’s revolutionary mischief as his immigration and multiculturalism policies sought to remake the European country of our founding into a Third World mix-up. He set in place policies – loyally followed by Tory Brian Mulroney AND Stephen Harper and Liberals Jean Chretien and Paul Martin and now Justin Trudeau– which will bring about the replacement and gradual ethnic cleansing of the European founder-settler people of this country.

Dominion Day, first proclaimed a holiday in 1879 by Governor General Lord Monck highlighted a term in Canada’s motto “a mari usque ad mare” – a line from the Psalms 72:8: “Dominion from sea unto sea.”

The sentiment is enthusiastic and positive, suggesting the coming of age and sovereignty of a new nation. The European founder/settlers – the British, the French, the Germans, the UELs from the U.S., the Germans, the Russians, the Icelanders, the Ukrainians and others – were developing, expanding and claiming this land, taking Dominion (power and control) from sea to sea.

This is a dynamic vision of Canada, one we shall not abandon. This is OUR Canada, the real Canada.


Paul Fromm
Canada First

Canada Day: A Celebration of the Destruction of Our British Heritage

by Thomas Jones

On July 1st 1867 the Dominion of Canada was created as per the British North America Act of 1867. The holiday of Dominion Day was changed to Canada Day thanks to the machinations of anti-British Liberal politicians working without public consent. The name Canada day doesn’t need to be negative and surely we patriots could make fine use of it but sadly that is not why the name was changed. It was done so to loosen ties to our British past.

As with the national days of our kindred in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, here in Canada our national day is not looked upon so kindly by a small but vocal minority of “progressives.” All of these countries are depicted now as “colonial states” which committed genocide against peaceful aboriginal groups in the name of White supremacy and imperialism. Furthermore they then welcome Chinese well-off hustlers to flood in and usurp jobs from native White workers. Thanks to the ruling elites in the political arena, the universities and, of course, the media, this immensely negative image has taking hold over the popular imagination. I think it is fair to say that many Canadians have not fallen for this propaganda, the simple anti-national day narrative, but with every year it seems as if we have to be more and more critical of our ancestors and the countries they created.

On July 1st 2013 feminist Judy Rebick spoke out against Canada day for the exact reasons laid out above. Apparently it is somehow racist for Canadians to celebrate their ancestry and country but not racist for Idle No More to attack Canada. She sounds like an internationalist socialist who has no time for nationalism, even when left-wing, but then supports Amerindian nationalist movements?

The findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) have only added fuel to the fire. Influenced by their very political report and the views of individuals like Rebick, Killa Atencio wrote in 2015 that she wouldn’t celebrate Canada day because of what TRC’s views and because as of yet there is not inquiry into the case of missing aboriginal women . Being against Canada because of a there has been no commission on missing women is patently stupid, as that is something that the government, if anything, should be faulted with, not the very existence of Canada. Plus the commission will not find anything that we don’t know already.

According to the National Post, 70% of Canadians agree with the TRC that schools were a form of cultural genocide, and that a national inquiry is needed and more aboriginal studies in classrooms; though, as I said before, there is already way too much on this whole topic. If one looks through the comments of the National Post article one will see that already I have been proven correct; many are calling what happened genocide without the prefix cultural. This means that the Canadian nation is sympathetic to the non-White aboriginal ones; no need for anti-White hatred.

I think it is fair to say that most on the left disagree with Rebick and Atencio that Canada day should not be celebrated. However they don’t see it as a day to celebrate our European heritage and traditions. Many Canadians views are similar to those of Jessica Barrett who, the day before this last year’s Canada day, wrote about the TRC’s findings and of how terrible it was that aboriginals and Whites aren’t more connected. “Progressive” minded people like Barrett like to call themselves “allies” and do their best to connect LGBTQ and women to racial and religious minorities to form a broad grievance coalition with no love for the Western tradition or Europeans. For them Canada is not European and its European heritage is of no importance. Their “progressive” values are what are truly important. Any nationalism they are willing to promote is a civic one with no basis in ethnie or deep cultural traditions.

Canada Day: Celebrating the Future Faces of Canada!

I don’t know if Jessica celebrates Canada day or not, but no doubt her views resonate with a large number of Canadians. Liberals certainly consider themselves to be “allies” of marginalized groups and they would certainly make a big deal about this so as to signal to each other how accepting and tolerant they are. And they would certainly agree with her that the head tax and Komagata Maru incidents were terrible crimes against humanity instead of being part of a wider desire to protect workers and heritage. Andrew Woodbury does not attack Canada day but he does state that the national day “is one of discrimination, xenophobia, and a not-so-removed extension from Anglo, white-speak Great Britain.”.

Apparently it was evil and wrong of Britons to create a country almost exclusively inhabited by their kith and kin and then celebrate that fact. As with Barrett, Woodbury notes the refusal to open our borders to mass Chinese immigration in the 19th century as evidence of some horrible human rights violation. The article also has a seemingly compulsory attack on Stephen Harper despite the fact his government is very supportive of non-White immigration and multiculturalism. He is not the crusader for White rights the left imagines him to be.

The Huffington post recently released their top 13 favourite quotes about Canadafrom celebrities and other prominent figures. We can see from these quotes just how deracinated Canada has become, how it is viewed, to quote Trudeau, as a “post national” state which stands for whatever trends are in vogue. A few aren’t cringe worthy but a great many of them are. Here are but a few examples,

“This [Canada] is a place where you can be who you want to be and love who you want to love.” -Shay Mitchell
“Canada has always been there to help people who need it.” -Justin Trudeau (no doubt this is another way of saying we need more refugees and other migrants; come on don’t be a bigot this is what I say Canada is all about!)
“For over a century, people have been coming here [Ontario] from every part of the world to make a better life for themselves and their families. As they have pursued their dreams, they have enriched this province, and our country. Now, all of these diverse peoples live together in harmony.” -Michelle Jean
“Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance.” -Kim Campbell
“As a Canadian and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I know that I can use my voice to speak out against hatred, racism and homophobia, and that my voice will be heard.” – Kirk DeMatas (never heard of him but apparently he is a poet. Evidently he is really edgy and brave saying such things! What rebel; what a hero)

In previous years Huffington Post has written about “great forgotten Canadians” most of whom are former slaves, feminists, gay activists, Chinese activists and the like. For the majority of the left and much of the so-called right, Canada day is the time to celebrate anything and everything but the European founders. It is a time to celebrate whatever inane sexual causes they have taken up and the vague concept of ‘equality.’

The left’s job will never be done because they fail to note that reason people stick with their own kind is because that is what is normal and natural. Moreover multicultural societies are more likely to be segregated. Nor do they care to tackle ethnocentrism amongst non-Whites. Clearly such people hate European countries such as Canada.

“Move over Whitey: Leftists told us we are the Progressive Ones!”

The “progressive” cause is taken up by ageing boomers stuck in the past and impressionable young people who don’t know any better. In my experience women are the most likely to fall for such nonsense; sad how the left has been able to manipulate the caring nature of women.

For this growing segment of the population, Canadians and Canada are meant to be bland, plastic and whatever the liberal elite wishes them to be. Dominion Day became Canada day so as to downplay our British connections and now thanks to left-wing “progressivism” our national day is not meant to reflect our Western heritage in any way shape or form. It seems Canadians (and Australians, Americans and other Europeans) are only meant to look at the past with guilt and shame. We can’t even have one day of the year to celebrate our beginnings. That is until more people wake up and say “enough is enough!” to the narrative being imposed upon them, which recent events in Europe and America seem to suggest.

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Islamophilia in Obama’s America

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Islamophilia in Obama’s America

Obama’s America READ BELOW, INSANE



Folks, The insanity marches on. You know why I scream at the TV? This is why.
We don’t want to insult a hajib clad Muslim Woman, but it’s OK to search a nun.
Yep, makes sense to me.You cannot make this stuff up..!!

Please pass this all around the USA..!

Airport security (Detroit Metro Concourse A)… A Catholic nun being frisked by a Muslim security agent!

Excuse me? Did you say a MUSLIM security agent — in the USA – screening for suspected terrorists?



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