Eyewitness Account of Today’s Anti-immigration Rally in Quebec City

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Eyewitness Account of Today’s Anti-immigration Rally in Quebec City
Violent Antifa street thugs attacked immigration protesters today in Quebec City, but, in the end, the march organized by a group call La Meute proceeded.
CTV (August 18, 2017) reported: “Hundreds of members of a far-right group marched to protest illegal immigration in Quebec City on Sunday, but were delayed by several hours by far-left protesters who tried to shut them down by force.

The far-right demonstration was organized by La Meute, which translates from French to “the pack.” The group is opposed to Islam and many view it as racist.

La Meute had a permit to protest and planned to march at 2 p.m., but was confronted by hundreds of left-wing protesters, some calling themselves “anti-fascists.”

After police attempted to allow the far-right march to go ahead, left-wing protesters – some wearing face-coverings — launched fireworks, lit fires and lobbed bottles and chairs. They also attacked members of the media.

Police quickly declared the left-wing counter-protest illegal, citing “violence and vandalism,” but many protesters remained. The far-right group waited inside a government building until the standoff ended. At least one person was arrested.

La Meute proceeded to march around 6 p.m., carrying signs that said things like: “It’s not racist or xenophobic to want to preserve quality of life and the safety of the country.” Others held signs that referenced “free speech.”

La Meute claims that it does not discriminate based on race but is opposed to illegal border crossings. The RCMP intercepted 3,800 asylum seekers crossing the border between the U.S. and Quebec between Aug. 1 and 15, after intercepting nearly 3,000 in July.”

Quebec protest

A medic tends to a man injured during clashes between Quebec’s far-right and counter-protesters. The man had been carrying a Patriote flag, a symbol of Quebec nationalism. (Maxime Corneau/Radio-Canada)

A good supporter sent us this report.

“There was a political demonstration today in Quebec City by a group called “La Meute” (“Meute” is French for “pack” or “wolfpack”).  I live in the region, so I decided to try to join their anti-immigration march near the provincial legislature building despite my not being an official member or Facebook friend of La Meute.  I tried, but I couldn’t get in since the place was blocked by left-wing protesters who knew of the location of La Meute’s rally point in the basement of a parkade.
La Meute’s facebook publicly said they would meet in the basement at 2:00 pm.  I looked at the anti-fa’s facebook, and they were having a simultaneous rally at 2:00 pm around 500 meters away.  I waited outside the parkade for a good time to enter the basement to meet with La Meute, and saw about 5 La Meute members entering with their flags and paw print t-shirts.  However, my waiting for a good time was a bad idea, as a whole bunch of the impatient anti-fa protesters arrived there at around 1:50 pm.  There were so many, that the Quebec City police could not hold them back, it appears.  It looked like there were about 3 types of antifa:  1) people who weren’t afraid to show their face, 2) young anarchists whose faces were covered with bandanas (henceforth “bandanas”) and 3) communists with their red flags.  The various groups did not seem to have a central leader, but were obviously united in their ideology.  I saw banners for open immigration, and anti-capitalism.  The usual unholy alliance and sympathisers tagged along.
Faced with the likelihood of not being able to join the La Meute protest, I just sat and mingled with the anti-fa counterprotesters and watched, trying not to gather too much attention to myself, hoping for a later opportunity to join with the La Meute people, but in vain.  At one point, I asked (in French) some passing La Meute members if I could march with them, but they didn’t respond, understandably a little concerned about getting attacked by the bandana wearers who were shouting at them, just meters from me.  At that point onward, I was definitely targeted by the bandanas as a possible right-winger, although in the confusion, some of the distant anti-fa may have thought I was just a blogger, wannabe journalist, or just stupidly curious.  At one point the bandanas were ripe for violence against me and started yelling “fuck off”, but a hefty policeman with a holstered handgun protected me.  If not, I might have been in a fistfight with the antifa or worse (being far outnumbered).  Being around 50 years old, the youngsters were maybe a little hesitant to attack an old man anyway.  But it was close.  I didn’t leave though, since I had spent 2 hours getting to the location, and I wanted to see what happened when the protesters would meet the counter-protesters.  I didn’t travel all that way for nothing.  I was mostly looking at my cell-phone on a set of cement steps, almost like a middle-aged man minding his own business on a summer day, looking at the news.
I did not have a bird’s eye view of everything that went on, viewed from every street, but I gather that the La Meute gathering was very very small.  I estimate that they were around 10 people, and they were far far outnumbered by the various antifa protesters outside (I guess around 600 people).  In the media, La Meute claimed around 600 followers in the basement of the parkade, but I can not confirm that.  La Meute members never did hold their public protest outside while I was there, so I left at 3:00 pm (being bored, having waited 1 hour for their march to start).
While I was there, I saw a few events that were not reported in the media.
1) Some La Meute members were leaving the basement of the parkade, and were heckled by bandanas from a hillock above the street.  The La Meute people, 2 men, and 1 young woman, were departing from the march rally point, it seems, they had some signs for the planned La Meute march, but the signs were blank, and had no writing on them at all.  One bandana threw a wooden stake downward toward the three La Meute members.  The stake was hefty enough, around 2 inches by 2 inches, and around 4 feet long with an angled tip.  If the stake had been thrown with any more force or accuracy it could have seriously injured someone or have taken out an eye.  Fortunately the stake hit the pavement, and only skidded toward the three La Meute people.  The bandanas were yelling “fuck off” at them.  The La Meute woman shouted back at them in french that she would get her revenge someday.  Many of the bandanas had English accents, and were either from anglophone communities in Montreal, or were from outside the province or country.
2) One short bandana was a college-age woman.  She had a black satchel filled with what sounded like empty beer bottles rattling around, ready to pitch at police or La Meute members, if needed.  I didn’t ever see her throw any of the bottles, but she was there with her satchel, and nervous, with uncertain flight-or-fight eyes.  The bandana types were dressed mostly in black pants, black t-shirts and black bandanas incidentally.  The bandanas were hopping around and chanting, and very restless, almost like a troop of hooting chimpanzees spoiling for battle.  They constantly went from location to location, and hopped from guardrails down to the sidewalk that I was on.  At one point, they went around the parkade building and disappeared from my view for around 30 minutes.  I find it curious that despite the fact that the antifa vastly outnumbered La Meute, I saw fear in her eyes, perhaps a little from fear of the police, but just a little fear maybe from the fact that there could be a confrontation with La Meute?  I speculate.
3) Perhaps the most interesting event to me was a passerby by who went by the antifa at the wrong time.  I did not see them doing the act, but when the man passed by me, his face was covered with black ink.  It looked like the kind of ink that one can wash off (water soluble).  So at least they did not throw permanent dye on the man’s face.  A bunch of reporters descended on him, and asked him questions.  He was in his late forties, well groomed, white, and had a salt and pepper beard.  He had black trousers and a purple dress shirt.  He told the reporters that he was not a member of La Meute, and that he was just visiting the Quebec area.  It seems the anti-fa threw some of the ink on him from above as he passed by on the street below.  Perhaps they mistook him for a wealthy man, which is almost as bad as a racist in the communist’s eyes.  One of the anti-fa medical types (see below) gave him some kleenex or wipes so that he could start to wipe off the paint/ink from his face.  I am not sure if he was from La Meute or not, but if he wasn’t, then the anti-fa got a little carried away on that innocent guy.
4) At around 2:30pm a male sympathiser with La Meute tried to get inside of the police blockade (remember, I was viewing him from inside “enemy lines” so-to-speak), but the police pushed him back with much male force, seemingly concerned for his safety, or because he was a late arrival
5) The bandanas seem to have a designated medical staff with red tape in the form of a cross on their shoulders, a designated quasi-medical corps among the anti-fa (not a bad idea!).  One of the women had some antiseptic napkins in a fanny pack, and probably some bandages, if necessary. In the news, I saw a picture of a different woman with a similar “Red Cross” type of colored tape on her shoulders.  So there was more than one of these medical helpers.  The quasi-medical staff lends an air of legitimacy and organization to the antifa, despite their violent bent.
6) The protesters were overwhelmingly young and white (I guess around 97% white).  
7) One bandana leader was a young college-aged man with piercing blue eyes (almost like an actor’s eyes).  When he spoke  French, it was with a North American English accent.
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Canada Day on Roxham Road: protesters, supporters clash over asylum seekers at border

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Canada Day on Roxham Road: protesters, supporters clash over asylum seekers at border

Far-right, migrant advocacy groups gather at popular Quebec border crossing

Roxham Road asylum

The two groups confronted each other from across a divide created by Sûreté du Québec and RCMP officers. (CBC)


As a small group of asylum seekers headed through a wooded area at the Canada-U.S. border crossing in Hemmingford, Que. on Canada Day, two clashing groups of protesters and supporters waited nearby.

Storm Alliance and La Meute, self-described “ultranationalist” groups, organized a demonstration in time for the nation’s 150th anniversary at Roxham Road to protest would-be refugee claimants crossing the border on foot.

“We want to send a message, we want the government to send a message to anybody that wants to cross over illegally, unlawfully that there’s going to be people looking out for you,” said Dave Tregget, the national president of Storm Alliance.

As dozens donned black T-shirts and patrolled the crossing Saturday morning, they were met by a counter protest organized by a migrant advocacy group.

Holding up colourful posters welcoming refugees, Solidarity Across Borders members also gathered at the popular spot for asylum seekers.

“They are a group that’s enabling racism and hiding behind other issues,” said Montreal-based activist Jaggi Singh.

“They say they’re defending the charter of rights — well if you’re really defending the charter of rights defend the rights of refugees to cross and make their claims.”

Roxham Road Canada Day

Solidarity Across Borders members also gathered at the popular spot for asylum seekers. (CBC)

The busload of supporters clapped as a Nigerian family made their way through the ditch and into Canada, while others raised questions about asylum seekers and lax border laws.

“They’re criminals,” said Pearl Roy. “They’re coming into our country illegally and we’re welcoming this?”

The family was then taken into custody by RCMP officers and brought to their offices, said Staff Sergeant Brian Byrne.

Byrne said asylum seekers are taken into custody so officers run background checks. They then can start the process of making a refugee claim.

War of words

The two groups confronted each other from across a divide created by Sûreté du Québec and RCMP officers, who wouldn’t let protesters from either side make their way through.

It isn’t the first time far-right and migrant advocacy groups from Quebec have made their way to at the popular crossing spot in the Montérégie region.

While members of the Storm Alliance and La Meute have been routinely gathering in clusters to quietly observe asylum seekers for a few months, the situation on Canada Day quickly grew tense.

Singh turned to a woman on the other side, wearing a white-and-red shirt with a maple leaf on and with the words “old stock and proud.”

“​What do you mean old stock? Where are you from?” he said.

Roxham Road protest

Police were present at the duelling protests at Roxham Road on Canada Day. (CBC)

She took a sip from her water bottle and spit it out in his direction, smiling briefly, before giving Singh the middle finger.

“I’m not any less Canadian or Québécois than you,” Singh said.


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Helmut Oberlander translated for the Germans & killed nobody when he was 17 in World War 11.. Omar Khadr killed for al Qaeda when he was 15. Oberlander  was just ordered deported again.. Khadr the Killer collects $10.5-million. Trudeau is a German basher and a Moslem coddler.

Our Govt. has once again outdone themselves. Helmut Oberlander has lost his Canadian citizenship for the 4th time. He is now 92 yrs. old and he was a 17 year. old when he acted as interpreter for the German army when they entered the Ukraine during the WW2 . The Government, utterly manipulated by the vengeful Jewish lobby,. lastly tried to say he entered this country illegally by not revealing his Nazi past (this question was never on the application form).

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup

Oberlander became a highly successful businessman and contractor who built many houses. He was a solid contributor to Canada as an employer and taxpayer, Omar Khadr has been a non-stop drain on this country

Guess you have to be an Omar Kadar, kill someone and you will receive 10.5-million reward from our pro-Moslem Prime Minister. Then again, Khadr was Muslim and Helmut Oberlander. an ethnic German.

Moslem Thugs Beat Whites for Not Being Moslem in Liverpool

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Moslem Thugs Beat Whites for Not Being Moslem in Liverpool

Amin Mohmed, Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel were caught after a passer-by caught them attacking a man “using racist language, talking about Muslims and Christians.”

One of the gang asked the man if he was a Muslim, to which he replied that he was, before being asked by the gang “‘well, what’s the Muslim word?’”

He replied with a “well-known” Arabic phrase: “There is only one God, and Muhammad is a messenger.” He was allowed to leave.

The gang then cornered another man, asking him:“What are you?”

The victim was confused but when one of them said: “I’m a Muslim, what are you?” he answered, “I’m a Christian”.

The scumbags then assaulted the man, breaking his glasses and causing them to cut above his eye, all while shouting: “Why aren’t you a Muslim?” at him.

A Labour Councillor was also beaten by the men, who was walking through the town with his girlfriend, as was a passer-by who tried to intervene. He was taken to hospital and treated for bruising and bleeding to his eyes.

Judge Louise Brandon, said: “This was a disgraceful and sustained campaign of violence carried out on the streets of this city.”

Mohamed confessed to “targeting people because they were white and non-Muslim”.

Faruq told officers he filmed the attacks “because he thought it was funny” and described it “as a laugh”.

Mohmed cried as he was jailed for 42 weeks. Mohammed and Faruq Patel received 42 and 18 weeks respectively in a young offenders institution.

Westmonster hopes the BBC cover this vicious hate crime just like it would if it were the other way around…


Jez Turner at the JTMM – Talks of Three Essential Truths!

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Jez Turner at the JTMM – Talks of Three Essential Truths!

Jez Turner was the fifth guest speaker at the recent John Tyndall Memorial Meeting and in his speech he examines whether we have the ability or the time to awaken our people to the dangers that beset us? He goes on to develop his theme by presenting what he sees as three essential truths about which we should be aware; the truth of race; the truth of power and the truth about the agenda.



Jez ends his speech by talking about the dedication, determination and resilience exhibited by most nationalists, qualities that John Tyndall epitomised, devoting as he did, his entire life to our cause.

By Max Musson © 2017

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In response to the Boston politicos’ soft-on-crime proclamation

by Diane King




Due to the vast and immense amount of information concerning the fiscal demand and burden and consequent out-of-control criminal activity from allowing the flood and influx of illegal immigrants particularly in violation of the Immigration bill of 1996, I state and then recommend the following:
WHEREAS, the United States is NOT a nation of immigrants in that at the beginning, the original arrivals were citizens of the British empire.  The U.S. citizen then was a colonist of said empire or vetted legally from other lands and then became a citizen of the United States of America
WHEREAS, some immigrants have brought something to this land, the illegal immigrants take more than they contribute, placing the host community in dire financial straits.
* In accordance with President Trump’s new bill dealing with illegal immigrants/refugees, each needs to be vetted in accordance with present law.
* ANY AND ALL ILLEGALS be IMMEDIATELY deported at their country’s expense.
* A COMPLETE and TOTAL moratorium on ANY AND ALL immigration into this country for at least five years.
Essentially, until this situation is seriously reined in and controlled, our border signs will be:





‘The Soros Plan’: Hungary Rejects Brussels Court Demand For Forced Mass Migration

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The Soros Plan’: Hungary Rejects Brussels Court Demand For Forced Mass Migration

Hungary and Slovakia must take migrants from the third world, the Advocate General of Brussels’ top court said Wednesday, advising judges dismiss their case challenging the mandatory relocation scheme.

The Visegrad nations argue that the European Union (EU) acted beyond its powers with the binding decision to redistribute 120,000 migrants currently living in Italy and Greece across the bloc  — a move intended to take pressure off the nations most affected by floods of arrivals.

But, in his opinion published today, Advocate General of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) Yves Bot unequivocally stated that judges at the ECJ “should dismiss the actions brought by Slovakia and Hungary.”

The French official said that EU treaties allow the adoption of such measures in situations identified as emergencies, and stated that the migrant quota scheme was “appropriate for attaining the objective which it pursues”.

He also rejected the arguments by Hungary and Slovakia that the plan should have been approved unanimously by EU countries, instead of being agreed by a qualified majority.

But Hungary has angrily rejected the demand, stating in forcing mass migration on unwilling European peoples was conformity with open borders advocate and billionaire funder George Soros’ plan for the continent.

Dr Zoltán Kovács , lead spokesman for the office of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, told Breitbart London: “we consider trying to enforce a decision that clearly was trying to go around the normal way of decision-making not simply unlawful but also dangerous to the order and security of Europe”.

Major speech by Hungarian PM Orban in Romania… http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/22/orban-europe-must-regain-sovereignty-soros-empire-build-border-wall-stop-muslimized-europe/ 

Photo published for Orban: 'Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire', Build Border Wall to Stop 'Muslimi...

Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimi…

Orban: ‘Europe Must Regain Sovereignty From The Soros Empire’, Build Border Wall to Stop ‘Muslimized Europe’

He added that, in the Hungarian government’s view, “it is unacceptable and untenable that the EU continues to follow a path that has already failed”.

Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó also slammed the EU court’s advice, saying it “fully matches the process known as the Soros plan.”

He said:

Following George Soros’s reception in Brussels with the pomp and ceremony usually only reserved for heads of state, every European institution has interestingly placed even greater pressure on Hungary and the countries of Central Europe to allow in illegal immigrants. We do not want to accept illegal immigrants, we will wait for the Court’s’ decision.

We continue to interpret the decision on the mandatory resettlement quota as a decision that contravenes European law; a decision of this nature cannot be used to remove any member state’s right to decide for itself to whom it will allow entry to its territory and to whom it will not. The European treaties clearly state that this right cannot be taken away.

The decision also goes against common sense, because it only serves to further encourage illegal immigration in view of the fact that it is seen as an invitation by those who would like to set out for Europe in search of a better life, and also by people smugglers, who can use the fact to convince people that it is worthwhile setting off for Europe.

The primary task, duty and responsibility of Hungary’s Government is to protect the security of the country and of the people of Hungary, and accordingly it will continue to do everything in its power to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot come here.

The ECJ ruling is expected later this year. While the court is not obliged to follow the advice, most Luxembourg judges follow the recommendations of their Advocate General.

Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic voted against the measure in 2015 and have since been backed by Poland in their opposition to having Brussels force migrants from Africa and the Middle East on unwilling nations.

Slamming the scheme, on Tuesday Czech Secretary for EU Affairs Aleš Chmelař told EURACTIV that the EU must secure the continent’s borders before demanding nations welcome quotas of what could be an effectively endless influx of people from the third world.

Last month the European Commission launched legal proceedings against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for refusing to take part in the scheme to redistribute migrants.


I Am A Canadian And This Is My Story

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I Am A Canadian And This Is My Story

by Tim Murray

CBC's 'What's Your Story'
CBC’s ‘What’s Your Story’

In the run-up to “Canada” Day you may have come across a series of short video vignettes submitted by “Canadians” to the CBC, which had encouraged them to “tell your story.” And so they did, in droves.

But curiously it seemed that only “New” Canadians were so inclined. White home-grown, old-stock Canadians who wreaked of normality, heterosexuality or ‘privilege’ were conspicuous in their absence. I wonder why?

The truth is, the CBC is not interested in ordinary Canadians, but extraordinary Canadians. Poster boys for the first post-national state. That is, they want to showcase the Canadians who cut the politically correct mustard or pass the ideological litmus test. Only tolerant and enlightened Canadians need apply. Friends of the CBC, in other words. They do not want to “reflect” the image of present day Canada as much as to depict the image of the Canada they want to see unfold, the Canada of the future, the Canada they are trying to engineer.

Take a look at a sample of the “Canadians” who made to the CBC hit parade, and you will get a flavour of what I am talking about: “What’s Your Story.”

It is abundantly evident that the CBC was not celebrating “Canada” Day, but Immigrant Day. July 1st is all about the deification of the immigrant, coupled with constant reminders of our shameful treatment of indigenous people, just in case we forgot that we too are immigrants or descendents of immigrants, and as such have no moral authority to restrict further immigration.

The message was clear. Canada is a nation of immigrants. Immigration is what defines this country. Perpetual immigration on a grand scale therefore is necessary to validate that contention. So move over, make way, park your gripes, shut up and smile.

Thus, CBC viewers were subjected to a parade of immigrants “of colour” and an assortment of the fashionably oppressed. Members of almost every certified victim group. They told us of their heroic journey to a wonderful ‘welcoming’ country where they could be free to be themselves. They concluded their tales with the same punch line. “This is my story and this is my Canada.” Indeed it is.

But Canadians of European ancestry have stories to tell too. The CBC just doesn’t want us to hear them. So in the interest of fair play and “inclusion,” I thought I might post the submissions of the excluded, the reputedly bigoted “basket of deplorables” whom the CBC deems unworthy of notice and unfit to speak — the very ones who foot the annual $1 billion bill for the CBC. Stories like these:

Tracy Bennett

My name is Tracy Bennett and I was raped by a Somali taxi cab driver in Edmonton, the city I once knew. After being shafted by diversity, I long to return to the safety of a Canada that is long past. A past that I am told was “White and boring.” If only I could be bored again. If only I could be bored by less congested streets, less gridlock, lower rents, affordable housing, fewer ethnic gangs, unlocked doors and social cohesion. I feel unsafe, insecure and disconnected. This is my story and this is their Canada.

Mike Byers

My name is Mike Byers. I grew up in Vancouver, became a journey carpenter and through hard work and dedication, I eventually established my own home construction company. At one point there were 20 people in my crew, all paid at union rates. Then my bids were undercut by Indo-Canadian and Chinese contractors who employed untrained foreign born workers, many of them illegal, at cut-rate wages. My business folded and now I am selling cars in Kamloops. This is my story and this is now their Canada.

Shelly Peterson

My name is Shelly Peterson. I once had a dream that I could raise a family and own my own home here in Greater Vancouver, as my parents did. But even with advanced degrees and well paid professional jobs my partner Mike and I have trouble paying the rent, never mind find the money for a down payment on a small condo unit. Having kids is out of the question. Mass immigration and laundered Chinese money have sent the city’s real estate prices into the stratosphere, and many of the friends I went to school with have fled the city to find a life elsewhere. If they do, they often have to settle for work unrelated to their skills or training. It seems that I will be forced to follow their path. This is my story and this is now their Canada.

Craig Muller

My name is Craig Muller. I spent most of my life working in the woods as a logger, and I made some good money back in those days. But after I was injured, and the Workers Compensation Board turned down my claim, I couldn’t put food on table. I lost my livelihood and my marriage. Since then I’ve been living on the streets, most of the time. It’s funny that the government finds money for Syrian refugees but not enough for people like me. They say they are going to build more social housing units but it will be a drop in the bucket. I thought maybe that I could stay at the Welcoming Centre but it seems that I am not welcome. I am not an undocumented immigrant. No one seems to be able to afford housing in this city and when you look around you can see why. Too many people are coming in, and most of them are coming in from you know where. This is my story and this now their Canada.

Barbara Turnbull

My name is Barbara Turnbull. Ever since I was a girl, I dreamed of becoming a school teacher. Nothing in life seemed to be so rewarding. So when I entered university, I enrolled in the “Professional Development Program,” and completed my teacher training. I sent in applications to school boards across the province, but I could only find an opening in Vancouver. I found the job more challenging than I ever imagined. It was not that the class sizes were too high — they were — but that there were so many students who could not speak English adequately. I was overwhelmed. Instead of job satisfaction, I experienced frustration, stress and exhaustion. And I am not alone. Many other teachers have suffered the same fate. But whenever we complain to city politicians, they tell us that their hands are tied. The federal government is not providing them with the money and resources to cope with massive numbers of immigrants. They say that they are not in charge of immigration policy. But I notice that none of them lobby to cut immigration intakes. I can’t take it anymore. I am looking for another line of work. This is my story and this is their Canada.

Michael Renwick

My name is Michael Renwick. I grew up in Richmond B.C. when it was covered with the best farmland in Canada. In my youth, nature was close at hand in every corner of the Lower Mainland. It was a paradise for kids. We built forts in the woods, saw frogs on vacant lots, fished on the river and cycled on the dykes. As an adult I became a passionate bird watcher, hiker and conservationist. However, mass immigration changed everything. Fighting against development, densification, sprawl, and destruction of local habitats was a losing battle. Worst of all, the environmental movement let us down. Instead of targeting the source of the problem — mass immigration-driven population growth — they attacked symptoms. They hacked at the branches of evil rather than cut its root. The Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley I know and loved is gone, replaced by strip malls, big box stores, high rises, condos and subdivisions. Its population is three times as large as the Healey report of 1997 said was ecologically sustainable. Saddened by what transpired, I left the city to seek a quiet haven in northern BC. Another urban refugee. This is my story and this is their Canada.

My name is Tim Murray. You know my story. And I know that this is not my Canada — nor my CBC.


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Note: Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS.

Since 2005, Americans have been warned about microscopic border crossers carried in with refugees and illegal immigrants, bringing diseases previously eradicated or rarely seen here. When not simply ignored by media and health officials, physicians and others sounding the alarm have been attacked as xenophobes.

Now we’re seeing these prescient predictions come true, most prominently in Germany, since 2015 when Angela Merkel began allowing more than 2 million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to flood into her country.

U.S. and German citizens are put at significant risk by the politically correct acceptance of unscreened immigrants from countries with a high prevalence of infectious diseases, many difficult or impossible to treat. Yet authorities in both countries have failed to fully inform the public of the dangers.

According to the July 2017 Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany has seen a surge in chicken pox, cholera, dengue fever, tuberculosis, leprosy, measles, malaria, meningococcal diseases, hemorrhagic fevers, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, paratyphoid, rubella, shigellosis, syphilis, typhus, toxoplasmosis, tularemia, trichinellosis, whooping cough, and many fungal and parasitic infections. Here are a few striking examples:

Measles is up more than 450 percent. Hepatitis B is up 300 percent. Scabies escalated nearly 3,000 percent. HIV/AIDS increased 30 percent. Tuberculosis (TB) is at least 30 percent higher – but German and U.S. physicians suspect that the incidence of TB is actually far higher than reported, and is being downplayed to avoid causing public outrage over the influx of immigrants. In Germany, more than 40 percent of TB cases are multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).Dengue fever is up over 25 percent just from 2014.

A similar pattern has emerged in the U.S. since the massive increase in illegal border crossers and refugees beginning in 2010.

As in the U.S., many hundreds of thousands of migrants “disappear” into cities and towns across Germany, without a health screening. There is no way to monitor them for disease or to ensure adequate treatment. Citizens are exposed without their knowledge; risks are especially serious for children and the elderly.

In a briefing to the Arizona Senate in 2016, experts reported that the U.S. is suffering near “pandemic medical issues” due to the continuous influx of illegal aliens and refugees from countries where infectious diseases are widespread. As of 2016, two states were in the Catastrophic Phase and another 13 were in the Critical Phase of public health impact from these infectious diseases. Arizona was No. 9 of 13 states in the Critical Phase but was expected to move into the Catastrophic Phase by fall of 2016 as a result of people who are latent carriers of disease or who entered the country during the incubation period for a disease. We were unable to learn the current status from personal calls to Arizona county and state officials.

TB is one of the most serious threats. Latent TB can remain dormant for years, even decades. It is alarming that 18 percent of refugees in Arizona arrive with latent TB, while in the general Arizona population the incidence was only 4 percent. Multidrug resistant TB (MDR-TB), common in migrants, may cost more than $400,000 per patient, compared with $20,000 for the drug-responsive TB that has been predominant in U.S.-born patients. Treatment of MDR-TB has serious side effects, with no guarantee of success.

U.S. taxpayers pay this cost. In addition, all who might have been exposed to an active case must be screened, followed and possibly treated.

Even healthy immigrants burden the system with social costs, such as housing, education and food stamps – costs borne by taxpaying workers whose own wages are depressed by competition from a glut of low-paid foreigners. Illegal immigrants are estimated to cost U.S. taxpayers $17 billion per year. That $17 billion is in addition to the costs for those allowed here legally under “refugee” status, for which we do not have reliable public estimates.

Liberal and progressive politicians like to say, “America is the land of immigrants.” In the past, this meant legal immigrants who follow our screening procedures for illness and other laws and who are coming to America to be part of our culture.

Medical screening was one of the core purposes of the Ellis Island immigration center in New York. New arrivals were examined, quarantined if needed, or sent back to their country of origin if they posed a risk to Americans.

To protect the health and safety of American citizens, we must reinstate our prior customary medical screening as outlined on our own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

For national security and medical concerns, President Trump is correct to enforce our immigration laws, with careful vetting of those seeking to come to America to live and work.

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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Melbourne AUS July 08 2017

THE “poverty” from which Africans are “fleeing” during their ongoing invasion of Europe is not something which just “happens” by itself,-  but is a self-inflicted disaster caused specifically by a combination of low IQ and overpopulation—and they are bringing this devil’s brew of disaster with them to white countries. Africa is well documented for her murderous tribal wars and power hungry clan disputes even before the white man set foot in that dark continent. Today that wars between rival black tribes still continuous- long after colonialism was destroyed and blacks now have their “independence.” Nigeria , Zambia,  Airytrya , the DRC, Zimbabwe and Burundi are well documented examples of this. It was because of this ever-continuing wars that blacks migrated Southwards – and South Africa eventually populated.



Just how bad Africa really is, was recently inadvertently revealed in a Canadian CBC report on a Nigerian who had tried to invade Europe via Libya and the Mediterranean. The African, a 34-year-old named Oluwaseun Femi Ijitola, worked as a taxi driver in his native country, and decided to try his luck in invading Europe “in search of a better life.” His plans however, came to naught when he has captured by Arab thugs and held hostage. The CBC article attempts to paint Ijitola’s invasion and subsequent detention in a sympathetic light, but it is the description of what he was fleeing from which provides the dramatic insight into the self-inflicted conditions in Africa.


The article describes Ijitola’s home town as follows:

The ground is thick with mud and sewage. Wooden planks and tires scatter the slum, making a precarious pathway.
“We have to walk,” says Oluwaseun Femi Ijitola, a 34-year-old taxi driver known as Seun. “No vehicle can pass through.”
There is a look of shame in his eyes as he surveys this forgotten corner of Lagos. On the water’s edge of Nigeria’s largest city, in the neighbourhood of Oworonshoki, people live in dire poverty with no sanitation, electricity or any other facilities, in ramshackle shanties covered with dirty tarpaulin and cardboard that barely keeps out the seasonal rains.
Chickens, goats and dog scavenge on mounds of garbage. Empty plastic bottles float on the tide of the Lagos Lagoon.
This is what Ijitola risked his life to escape when he became one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants attempting to cross the Sahara desert to get to Europe and the hope of a better life. “I have a dream of schooling abroad, and that is why I went to Libya,” he says. Ijitola says the area is “very, very rough and tough” and unlocks a tiny padlock to his wooden shack. His wife and five-year-old daughter aren’t here. “I sent them to be with the mother-in-law,” he says. “I cannot feed them.”
Local “area boys” — as the criminal gangs that extort money and mete out casual violence are known — loiter outside, smoking marijuana and drinking beer.”


Oworonshoki, Lagos. 


Oworonshoki, Lagos. 


Oworonshoki, Lagos.

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The CBC article does not dare point out why so much of Africa is a degrading slum: namely the fact that the average IQ on that continent varies between 60 and 80—and that people with such low intelligence are utterly incapable of creating or maintaining a white, western-style society. Ijitola’s “home” is therefore typical what Africans are “fleeing from”—and what they will bring to Europe once they overrun it completely.

 THIS IS AFRICA…A CONTINENT THE EUROPEAN AND US LIBERAL WHITE MAN DOES NOT WANT TO UNDERSTAND..Reports and video show two UN investigators were captured, led into a field, and then shot execution style. Michael Sharp, a U.S. citizen, and Zaida Catalan, a Swedish citizen, had been commissioned by the U.N. Security Council to investigate a new rebellion in Kasaï-Central Province that had pocked the area with suspected mass graves.


Zaida Catalan, Green Party Politician and Leader of the Young Greens of Sweden . This happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo around March 2017 and the video surfaced April 2017 when their dead bodies were confirmed. Zaida Catalan was a prominent member of the Green Political Party in Sweden. Michael J. Sharp was a humanitarian missionary and collaborated as a program coordinator for the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and the United Nations. The U.N investigators were supposedly volunteers looking into reports of human rights violations in the DRC.

https://squawker.org/wp-content/uploads/refugeeswelcome-1-225x300.jpgWelcome to Sweden.

There is no doubt that as a member of the Green Party, Catalan advocated opening her nation’s borders to allow Congolese people into Sweden with promises to improve their lives. The above video is an example of what occurs when radical immigration from foreign countries occurs: refugees are not properly assimilated, people are killed, and the identity of a nation becomes subverted to the will of third-world cultures.

But what about the lives of her countrymen?


Should native Europeans be subjected to the savagery of a completely different race and culture?


Despite the best intentions, it is nearly impossible for two drastically different cultures to co-exist with each other in such close proximity. As evident by the taking of the life of two Western social liberal activists. Many third-world countries have little or no regard for the best intentions of those in the West who desire to provide aid for the less fortunate. Through the example of this execution, it is clear that providing humanitarian aid to Africa is a bad idea. Good intentions will just be taken advantage of and, if something goes wrong, everyone is quick to blame the white man. Somehow liberals does not seem to grope this bit of truth. (Link) Kenya and Uganda- Mozambique and Zimbabwe has not as yet filtered through their thick skulls. Africa is not for liberal whites used to their safe spaces. The real word is a cruel place where liberalism will get you literally killed…

SOUTH AFRICA maybe are the best example of what is happening when 3rd world-minded Africans overrun a first world country- and an example Europeans better take careful note off. Before the British Jewish so-called “ democracy” was forced upon that country- the country was counted among the top achievers of the world- with many new inventions, low inflation figures, booming economy – and a very high GDP percentage. Although blacks had no voting rights- there was very little blacks that actually was without a job. South African blacks were among the most fortunate blacks in Africa – irrespective of the British liberal media  bullsh*t propaganda – with each earning a substantial living wage. Per capita black South Africans earned more than blacks in any other African country.

Image result for soweto streets 1970


Image result for south african squatter camps


It was so lucrative to stay in South Africa during the “apartheid” years- that literally thousands of African immigrants from Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and many other black African countries flock to South Africa to work especially in the gold, coal and platinum mines- earning a decent wage they sent home. South African blacks had clinics, schools, universities , hospitals and houses built for them by the mainly white tax payer. More blacks drove cars in South Africa during “apartheid” than any of their black counterparts  in Africa. The biggest hospital in the Southern hemisphere- the Johannesburg based Baragwanath hospital-was built by white tax money for blacks. AND it was not just a “hospital“- it was a hospital with the most modern technology like ER scanning machines, X-Ray facilities and the most advanced technology available.

Even the universities built for blacks counted as the most prestigious in the world- if we can take the MEDUNSA university in the black homeland Garankuwa ,-the University of the North near Pietersburg-   and the University of Fort Hare for examples- that also was built by white tax funding. These universities delivered many black political leaders and academics who today are so much squealing about “apartheid“-but ironically  put THEM in the positions they occupy today. How much have these black ” elite” now donated to white impoverished people? How many schools, clinics, hospitals or universities have the black ANC regime so far build for whites? The answer is a resounding “NONE.” When will we hear the British pig factory whining about the white oppression going on in South Africa the same way they drove their hysterical frenzy about the “apartheid” government…or was it specifically done on instructions of their Illuminatimasters?

The reason is their hard-line racist attitude towards whites…PERIOD! They cannot even maintain the structures build during the days of the so-called “apartheid”– as many structures either were vandalized, torched- or became derelict due to poor maintenance. 64% Of white tax money went into black upliftment programs.  Not bad for a country that were supposed to have such a bad “apartheid” legacy where blacks supposedly were “oppressed” and murdered by “racist” whites. “Apartheid” surely helped just as much   blacks than it helped whites- but now we observe these same blacks complaining about “apartheid” with a bread under the one arm – and a bag of new found “anti-apartheid” royalties under the other.

Image result for fish hoek riots


Today it is a “politically correct” culture among white liberal scum and black racists to continuously blame white Afrikaners for all the woes in the country- or either blame “apartheid” for the total mess the useless ANC regime and all their racist supporters made out of the country. As we write there already is about 50 violent riots going on across the country where structures are torched and useless eaters populate streets to create chaos. One such example is Fishoek where black vagrants are busy destroying a very beautiful little coastal suburb due to their ” grievances.” 

Image result for south african squatter camps

Johannesburg South Africa

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Johannesburg South Africa

Image result for south african squatter camps

Image result for south african squatter camps

Cape Town South Africa


And today you will not hear ONE single word of appreciation or acknowledgement from the black ANC despots in control to the whites for what the whites tried to achieve with uplifting and caring for their black counterparts. Today we only hear about “white racists” and “they stole our land.” Today we only hear about the white “atrocities” of Apartheid”– but not a word about the black atrocities of the ANC against their own people like the necklace murders and Gulags such as camp Quatro–  or even one word about the white “capitol” that erected millions of structures for blacks which they again burned to ashes due to their destructive and jealous nature against “white colonialism.” Talk about ungrateful. Today not ONE single cent are spent on white upliftment- or donated to white squatter camps created by the racist BEEE laws of Rob Davis & Co– but on the contrary does the black racist ANC impose racist policies against whites such as the BEEE laws that are on the books. The racist laws also was the brainchild of Rob Davis- another British white communist-  to impoverish the local white Afrikaner of South Africa.

Today- after “apartheid”(a British creation)– fell- South Africa quickly followed the footsteps of the rest of the African countries into degradation as soon as black African communist despots took control of the country. Today more than 46% of blacks suffer poverty and are on so-called “state grants.” Today more blacks are living in squalor below the bread-line  in squatter camps – than blacks living in decent houses. Today South Africa dithers on the brink of yet another African financial disaster as she keeps on sliding towards a certain economic collapse. Millions and millions of illegal aliens from across Africa flood the country’s now dilapidated borders and populate thousands of new squatter camps that suddenly appears from no-where across the landscape. Uncontrolled and unchecked they bring in crime, illegal substances, plagues and force an immense pressure on the already ailing social economy. Under the failing ANC regime who cares less how many of their own people suffer from poverty- the powder keg already is on the verge of exploding in one of the biggest xenophobia civil retaliation exercises  against foreigners  that country ever experienced. With African despots such as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema and the new disaster on the block- Andile Mngxitama bellowing thunder and brimstone against mainly whites, promoting land invasions- and continuously challenging the opposite tribal powers- the country is set for yet another Tunisian Spring.

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Image result for south african squatter camps


Blacks keep on fingering whites and ” white capitol” as the origins of Africa’s miserable state of affairs. However it is not white companies raping Africa from her minerals- but British JEWISH(Jews are not white) corporate moguls and Africans THEMSELVES as their leaders- such as Jacob Zuma, Robert Mugabe, Julius Malema and many others turn their backs on their own race and become part of that ” white capitol.” Blacks across Africa suffer poverty due to the lack of education– education withheld from them by their OWN leaders and also the black African nature of destruction- as we now also have seen this past 20 years in South Africa.

Image result for SHARPEVILLE RIOTS


Image result for MARIKANA MASSACRE


Africans are fleeing their countries by the million. Where do they run to then to get ” a better life then?” They run to the SAME “white racists” they “despise” so much and want to push “ into the sea.” Iow..they run to WHITE COUNTRIES and squat alongside WHITE CITIES. Have you ever heard of blacks from African countries fleeing to other African countries for a better life? I don’t think so. But on the end of the day- after they settled in yet another white country and got their “better life”- they simply again became ” unhappy”- “offended”, “previous disadvantaged“-and start to riot again against the white government that gave them that “ better life”– demanding “voting /equal rights”  so-that they again can vote a black government into power to again become impoverished and flee yet again to another white country. The moment they are confronted with reality- immediately they start hissing “ racist, racist, racist” as this is their only way to defend themselves and try to shift the blame for their own incompetence on the white milking cow again.





Why is it so that we do not see thousands of white Europeans in boats “immigrating” to Africa…seeking a “better life” in Africa- flooding  African countries and start “demanding” equal rights, voting power and free services like the Africans do in Europe? Why is it always the other way round? When last did you hear about whites screaming that blacks are ” racists?” When last did you hear about whites wading into the streets of Africa- rioting, burning infrastructures and killing innocent blacks? When last did you hear about whites invading black farms? When was the last time you heard about whites sneaking onto black land- braking into black houses and murdering blacks in their sleep? When was the last time you heard about whites breaking into a black house- burning blacks with hot irons and stealing their money? When was the last time you heard about a white hi-jacking a black man’s car? Can anyone explain this mad phenomena? There MUST be something cultural going on about this whole sinister situation. 




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So – with the utmost sincerity – what precisely is the difference between a boat full of ” fleeing” Africans – and a swarm of locusts then? None of the two species are productive, none invent anything- and both- after consuming the green pastures planted by somebody else – start “migrating” the new green  pastures to repeat the destructive process again. That is the African hegemony and a sad reality that especially liberal whites Europe still battle to understand – and of course- the Jewish corporate war mongers take full advantaged off.





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