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“We Need to Make Immigration the Ballot Box Question at the Next Election” — Maxime Bernier

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[Demographer Jerry comments on Maxime’s call: “The Liberal Party’s immigration policy is GENOCIDE for White Canadians. The Liberal Party is hell bent on the extermination of True Canadians. The woke genocidal policy of the rulers of Canada plan this underhanded genocide of Canadians by abortion and alien immigration, while inventing new laws to prosecute all Canadian Patriots who dare to fight back.]

Trudeau’s mass immigration policy is completely out of control!

Statistics Canada announced this week that our country’s population has gone up by another million – after only nine months!

And no, it’s not because Canadian woman have suddenly started having babies.

Almost all of this growth is due to the arrival of permanent and temporary residents.

When the Liberals took power in 2015, Canada’s population was only 35 million.

How can we possibly integrate into our society, our economy, our housing market, our culture, the equivalent of Nova Scotia’s, or Saskatchewan’s population every few months?!?

It’s a planned invasion. It’s a total disaster in the making.

I started talking about the perils of mass immigration years ago.

The whole political and media establishment denounced me, smeared me, said I was a racist, a xenophobe, anti-Canadian.

But I kept telling the truth, because I care more about the future of our nation than about what these corrupt elites think of me.

More and more people now realize that I was right.

We need to make mass immigration the ballot box question at the coming election.

The only one party you can trust to keep on raising this issue, come hell or high water, is the PPC.

There’s only 36 hours left to reach our goal of raising $250,000 during the first quarter.

Please donate $25 today to help us save Canada from this mass immigration disaster.

I wish you and your family a happy Easter weekend. — Maxime Bernier