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White America: Disappeared and Replaced

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White America: Disappeared and Replaced
By Paul Craig Roberts

July 28, 2023

In the United States the majority of the population remains white despite 58 years of mass immigration of non-whites.  Despite remaining a large majority, white Americans are not only being replaced but are being disappeared along with their history.

You no longer see white families in corporate ads.  If a family is shown, it is a black man, white woman and mixed race children, or it is an Asian woman, white man and mixed race children. A white family has been given negative meaning as a statement against “diversity.”  Diversity has trumped the basis of a nation state, which is a homogeneous population.  A diverse, multicultural population is a Tower of Babel, not a nation. Without a common culture, there is not a common interest.  Without a common interest, there is no nation, only a geographical boundary.

Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission created racial quotas in defiance of the statutory prohibition in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, white Americans, especially heterosexual males, have been second class citizens in law.  It has been legal for 59 years to discriminate against white heterosexual males in university admissions, employment, promotion, and protection by law.

Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that race-based university admissions are impermissible and inconsistent with the 14th Amendment.  The ruling is a half century too late.  Discrimination against white Americans is now institutionalized.  Blacks are a small percentage of the population, but they are over-represented in positions of power.  For example, the Secretary of Defense is black. The incoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is black. The Superintendent of the US Air Force Academy is black, and all three agree that there are too many white officers in the US military. They have announced an official policy of discriminating against white military personnel by denying whites promotions in military rank.  This is a fact, not a “conspiracy theory.”  It could not be more clear that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, discrimination against white Americans will continue unabated.

White people are being demonized out of existence, and they are helpless, despite being a majority in an alleged democracy, to do anything about it. To protest demonization is to defend whiteness which is regarded as proof of white supremacy. It is regarded as racist for a white to deny his guilt.

Museum curators, themselves white, present the works of white art in their collections as “racist works.”  The artistic value and achievement of white culture has been turned into expressions of racism.  Heather Mac Donald has documented examples of this in her articles in City Journal. 

White Americans are helpless to stand up for themselves, because half of them–the blue state half–have succumbed to the brainwashing and indoctrination that white people–only white people–are “aversive racists” by birth and skin color, and as such are threats to people of color.  This argument justifies restraints on white people, such as second class legal status in order to ameliorate  “white privilege.”

The statue of Robert E. Lee, a work of art by famous sculptors Henry Shrady and Leo Lantelli, stood in Charlottesville, Virginia, in memory of Lee’s leadership of the Army of Northern Virginia for a century. It was taken down in 2021 and has been given to a black organization that has announced that it will melt down the statue and cast the metal into something else, perhaps another statue of George Floyd who killed himself by overdosing on fentanyl.

Why does black self-expression and celebration of black heritage require the elimination of white heritage?  Robert E. Lee was highly regarded by the US military in the service of which Lee gave his youth and middle age.  Offered command of the Union Army he said he could not invade his own state and declined the command.  A former superintendent of West Point, Lee fought honorably and morally, and West Point barracks were named after him. Now his memory is erased and his presence in history destroyed by lies.

This is America today for white people, few of whom have the courage and awareness to protest. Essentially American white people are being erased. Try to find white Anglo-Saxons in the Biden regime.

You can see white replacement in California.  In 1970 the population of California was 76% white. The state was solidly Republican through the 1980s. Today the white percentage is 32%.  Whites have been replaced in California by Asian immigrants and illegal immigrant-invaders who walked in, unopposed, across the border with Mexico.  Today the largest percentage of California’s population is Hispanic.

Let’s hope Hispanics quickly take over the state from the crazed white liberals whose anti-white policies are causing white flight from California at the rate of 300,000 per year. California, Reagan territory in the 1980s, is today a state where the Republican political presence is minuscule.

The current white liberal governor of California, Gavin Newsom is the most anti-white, anti-American governor in US history.  His policies have proven to be devastating for California. Yet they are tolerated by the Hispanic and Asian majority.  Recall efforts were defeated despite the shrinking quality of life in California.  The colonization of America by immigrant-invaders proceeds.

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The Elite’s Failed Racial Experiment — Costly, Divisive & Futile

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For almost 150 years the United States has been conducting an experiment. The subjects of the experiment: black people and working-class whites. The hypothesis to be tested: Can a people taken from the jungles of Africa and forced into slavery be fully integrated as citizens in a majority white population?

The whites were descendants of Europeans who had created a majestic civilization. The former slaves had been tribal peoples with no written language and virtually no intellectual achievements. Acting on a policy that was not fair to either group, the government released newly freed black people into a white society that saw them as inferiors. America has struggled with racial discord ever since. Decade after decade the problems persisted but the experimenters never gave up. They insisted that if they could find the right formula the experiment would work, and concocted program after program to get the result they wanted. They created the Freedman’s Bureau, passed civil rights laws, tried to build the Great Society, declared War on Poverty, ordered race preferences, built housing projects, and tried midnight basketball. Their new laws intruded into people’s lives in ways that would have been otherwise unthinkable. They called in National Guard troops to enforce school integration. They outlawed freedom of association. Over the protests of parents, they put white children on buses and sent them to black schools and vice versa. They tried with money, special programs, relaxed standards, and endless handwringing to close the “achievement gap.” To keep white backlash in check they began punishing public and even private statements on race. They hung up Orwellian public banners that commanded whites to “Celebrate Diversity!” and “Say No To Racism.” Nothing was off limits if it might salvage the experiment.Some thought that what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth would lead the way for black people. A group of elite, educated blacks would knock down doors of opportunity and show the world what blacks were capable of. There is a Talented Tenth. They are the black Americans who have become entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors and scientists. But ten percent is not enough. For the experiment to work, the ten percent has to be followed by a critical mass of people who can hold middle-class jobs and promote social stability. That is what is missing. Through the years, too many black people continue to show an inability to function and prosper in a culture unsuited to them.

Detroit is bankrupt, the south side of Chicago is a war zone, and majority-black cities all over America are beset by degeneracy and violence. And blacks never take responsibility for their failures. Instead, they lash out in anger and resentment. Across the generations and across the country, as we have seen in Detroit, Watts, Newark, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, and now Ferguson, rioting and looting are just one racial incident away.The white elite would tell us that this doesn’t mean the experiment has failed. We just have to try harder. We need more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, more opportunities. But nothing changes no matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president.

Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.” But since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India–people who are not white, not rich, and not “connected”–have quietly succeeded. While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime–crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street for the thrill of it, that has nothing to do with poverty.

The experiment has failed. Not because of culture, or white privilege, or racism. The fundamental problem is that white people and black people are different. They differ intellectually and temperamentally. These differences result in permanent social incompatibility. Our rulers don’t seem to understand just how tired their white subjects are with this experiment. They don’t understand that white people aren’t out to get black people; they are just exhausted with them. They are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity, the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, the reflexive animosity. The elites explain everything with “racism,” and refuse to believe that white frustration could soon reach the boiling point.hey will be the only ones who are surprised when real revolution comes to the United States, and that it is white people who lead the revolt.

The Red Guards of Anti-Racism Claim Another Victim – Gentle Liberal Principal Denounced As “White Supremacist”, Shunned by Colleagues & Commits Suicide

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The Red Guards of Anti-Racism Claim Another Victim – Gentle Liberal Principal Denounced As “White Supremacist”, Shunned by Colleagues & Commits Suicide

Let’s be quite clear “anti-racism’ is a code word for anti-White. Almost all groups feel somewhat superior to their neighbours, regardless of race or ethnicity. But Koreans despising Japanese or Hutus hating Tutsis are not the targets of the anti-racists. Racism is an accusation levelled only at Whites, Whites expressing pride in White achievements or people saying anything positive against their race. — Paul Fromm}

LEVY: Principal pays ultimate price for taking on woke school board

By Sue-Ann Levy – July 23, 2023 FacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsAppLinkedin

Long-time Toronto District School Board principal Richard Bilkszto took on the aggressive anti-black racism bullies at the board and paid the ultimate price for doing so.

Humiliated by a race “expert” hired by the board to preach anti-black racism dogma, left hung to dry by his peers and cancelled by his TDSB superiors, the celebrated principal took his own life last week.

“There is no question that these events and the lack of support from the TDSB caused him intense stress and mental suffering,” said his lawyer Lisa Bildy, who called him a “highly accomplished leader in the field of adult education” over a 24-year career.

Bilkszto just filed a $750k lawsuit against the board alleging beach of contract, defamation of character and reprisal by the board’s senior administrators after he was repeatedly labelled a “white supremacist,” shamed and humiliated at two anti-racism indoctrination sessions run by Kike Ojo Thompson and her KOJO Institute.

The lawsuit has yet to be served on the board, says Bildy, adding that it’s up to his family to decide whether to continue.

His crime: He challenged, politely, Ojo-Thompson when she contended at one of her indoctrination sessions that Canada is far more racist than our neighbours south of the border.

The sessions during which Bilkszto became her target occurred on April 26 and May 3, 2021.

As I reported in a 2021 story, Ojo-Thompson has repeatedly been the contractor of choice for TDSB education director Colleen Russell-Rawlins both when she was the Peel District School board and when she transferred to the TDSB. 

According to Bilkszto’s claim, after retiring from full-time teaching in early 2019, he became a sought-after casual principal.

He received accolades for his work from both the board brass and the trustee for the area.

That was until Ojo-Thompson got into the act.

At the April 26, 2021 session, the contractor issued a torrent of nonsensical oppression-speak about Canada and residents with white privilege: “We are stepping on necks we are kneeling on necks, we are Derek Chauvin-ing a whole group of people,” she said.  (Derek was the police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd.)

“Patriarchy is killing you, capitalism is killing you and white supremacy is taking your soul,” she continued.

(She, of course, ignored the irony of being a capitalist herself who has collected tens of thousands of dollars of public money from her ridiculous sessions.)

According to the statement of claim, when Bilkszto politely challenged the contractor about her contentions – based on his experience teaching at an inner-city school in Buffalo, Ojo-Thompson tried to slice and dice him in front of some 200 administrators with the board.

“We are here to talk about anti-black racism but you in your whiteness think that you can tell me what’s really going on for black people?” she lectured him.

I listened to the tape of this and other interchanges and her tone was aggressive, bordering on cruel and patronizing, implying how dare she be questioned.

The lawsuit claims says she ended that session by contending she got out the “weed whacker” to cut down a weed (Bilkszto).

“I was hot today,” she is quoted as saying, rather malevolently. “It was good. It was really good.”

No one stood up for Bilkszto at that session or the subsequent one a week later, at which Ojo-Thompson allegedly continued to harass him, repeatedly calling his response a week before “resistance in support of white supremacy.”

Ojo-Thompson, seemingly out for blood, subsequently suggested that the TDSB take action against Bilkszto for allegedly choosing not to “unlearn” his white supremacism.

His reputation in tatters and suffering from emotional distress, a WSIB claim ruled in his favour and he was granted loss of earnings until July 1 of 2021.

The adjudicator said in the WSIB ruling that the speaker’s conduct was “abusive, egregious and vexatious” and can be considered “workplace harassment and bullying.”

But instead of acknowledging that fact, the TDSB doubled down and reneged on the contract to hire Bilkszto at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate when he returned from sick leave. He had other contracts revoked and failed to get other internal positions as well, the claim alleges.

He was bullied, cancelled and treated with disdain bordering on malevolence for speaking up about the anti-racism bafflegab spoon-fed by empowered black activists at the behest of an education director who has divided the board into oppressors (white students/teachers) and the oppressed (black students/teachers and her cabal of like-minded superintendents).

It is sickening to think how much they’ve abused their power.

Efforts to reach Ojo-Thompson were unsuccessful. In fact she blocked me on Twitter after I sent her a request for a comment.

She also blocked others for commenting on her abusive behaviour.

The TDSB issued a statement through spokesperson Ryan Bird saying: “Our hearts go out to Richard’s family and loved ones. He was a strong advocate – particularly to those in adult and alternative education – and worked tirelessly to create an environment that fostered students success for students of all ages.”

Social media has been abuzz for the past two days about this tragic end to the life of a wonderful educator.

The consensus is that there needs to be a more concerted effort to expose these DEI-for-hire bullies.

I knew Richard. He was one of the good guys.

He didn’t deserve what he was handed. He was the furthest thing from being racist.

Woke Politics Push Canadian School Principal To Commit Suicide

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Woke Politics Push Canadian School Principal To Commit Suicide

“Ideological enforcers work closely with local race activists and media allies to harass or censor educators and parents accused of wrongthink.”

Brad SalzbergJul 24



Toronto School Principal Richard Bilkszto’s career as an educator spanned 24 years, in which time he was an advocate for anti-discrimination and public education. Last Thursday, at the age of 60, he took his own life.

“His stellar career took on a sour note after he was bullied in a diversity, equity and inclusion training session for Toronto District School Board (TDSB) administrators in 2021.”

“His sin, in the eyes of facilitators, was his questioning of their claim that Canada was a more racist place than the United States.”

Stop the press. Mr. Bilkszto committed no crime. In no manner did he breach Canada’s “hate laws” found in our Criminal Code. His actions were devoid of racism toward an identifiable community, nor did his actions constitute a verbal attack on any one of Canada’s “racialized” communities.

Now, after taking his own life as a result of vitriolic hatred directed toward him via political correctness, the man is dead.

What has Canada become? More specifically, what has become of Canada’s public education system? Seems to CAP as if the entire federal government-funded system has morphed into a neo-Marxist entity.

To the point that they can drive someone to the brink of madness, resulting in the taking of one’s own life to escape the pain of being humiliated and dragged through the politically correct mud by woke warriors in our public schools.

Historians may recognize the phenomenon from”days of old.”Suicide of conscious objectors to totalitarian rule was a common occurrence in 20th century fascist Europe. Pressured by ruling authorities, some were given a choice:

Rescind and retract your anti-government statements, or die by firing squad.

Canada’s neo-totalitarian educators haven’t progressed quite this far, but who knows what the future portends? At the very least, public school system educators have taken on quite the authoritarian slant over the past 10 years.

It comes as no surprise that Canadian education’s transition to neo-Marxist status exploded upon Justin Trudeau’s ascension to the political pulpit of Canada.

Trudeau is the western world’s “high priestess of woke,” and from the day of his coronation, public education in Canada has systemically slipped into a condition that would be unrecognizable among students of a previous generation.

The present structure is– no surprise here– reminiscent of propaganda tactics employed within the education system in China. The goal being to pump out tens of millions of young Chinese brainwashed into adhering to the communist ideology forced on society by government.

Has public school education in Canada been transitioned to a reasonable facsimile of communist-style of education found in PM Trudeau’s hero-nation of the Far East?

“Throughout a follow-up training session the week after, facilitators repeatedly referred to Bilkszto’s comments as examples of white supremacy.

Let readers stand witness to a leftist lie which may well have pushed the principal’s mental health to the brink of madness.

“The experience was humiliating — particularly because Bilkszto placed a great emphasis on equality and anti-discrimination during his career.”

By all accounts, Mr. Bilkszto was a good man. Now, he is dead after being driven to despair by the purveyors of woke educational propaganda. It’s a sad commentary on what is surely a hi-jacked society, or at the very least, a hi-jacked public education system.

Sadder still is government’s reaction to the suicide. Simply put, there has been none. One might expect(CAP doesn’t) some form of commentary from one or more government representatives.

CAP tally up the results:

Mayors, City Councillors, MLA’s, MP’s. Throw the lot of them together, and one cannot find one word of condemnation of the suicide.

“In some school boards, moreover, professional advancement is limited to those who explicitly embrace anti-racist, high anti-oppressive leadership principles.”

“In some cases, these ideological enforcers work closely with local race activists and their media allies, so as to harass or censor educators and parents accused of wrongthink.”

In other words, educational policy was driven by strict adherence to ideology advanced by the state. And woke education in Trudeau’s Canada differs from this in what capacity?

Yes– tenets of the teachings have been swapped-out, yet educational goals are remarkably similar. In contemporary Canada, it’s come down to a situation of “do or die.”

Push back against the woke propaganda machine, and your teaching career is over. It’s happened to dozens of teachers working for the TDSB and elsewhere in Canada.

At some point within our country’s historical trajectory, Canada’s public education system transitioned to a post-modern form of Marxism.

Of course, PM Justin Trudeau has no public statement regarding the passing of Richard Blitszko. This behaviour he saves for Muslim school girls who have had their Hijabs pulled off their heads by “white supremacists.”

Besides, if he did comment, it might point to the fact that among 40 million Canadian citizens, Justin Trudeau is the authority most responsible for the transition of public education in Canada to neo-Marxist status.

Media’s Cover-Up Of China’s Influence On Canadian Politics Exposed

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Media’s Cover-Up Of China’s Influence On Canadian Politics Exposed

Justin Trudeau empowers China, damages democracy in Canada, and due to media, gets away with it.


Brian Lee Crowley, founder the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, a public policy think tank focused on Canadian national issues, has unpleasant things to say about China’s presence in Canada. Crowley pulls no punches in an article published this month by The Telegraph in the U.K.

‘Canada’s Secret Service Is Fighting A Hidden Civil War’ 

“The leaks reveal a China hell-bent on suborning Canadian institutions. The allegations include: charges of Chinese interference in elections at every level (federal, provincial and municipal), the existence of Chinese police stations operating with impunity on Canadian soil, the intimidation of Canadians and permanent residents of Chinese origin, and threats to the families of prominent Canadian politicians.”

A motherload of condemnation it is– from the foreign press. It’s Justin Trudeau’s good fortune that he has been successful in taking the anti-China wind out of media sails in Canada.

Stalling, excuses, futile appointments(David Johnson), obfuscation and delays. Government understand the methodology. Each time a piece of damnation bubbles to the political surface, drawing out conclusions for as long as possible is the remedy. Part of which is preventing articles like Crowley’s from penetrating the consciousness of Canadian society.

This man is no conspiracy theory-pushing flake. He holds degrees from McGill and the London School of Economics, including a doctorate in political economy from the latter. His doctoral thesis focused on F.A. Hayek’s social and political philosophy and was published by the Oxford University Press.

“This civil war doesn’t pit Quebec nationalists against English Canada, but centres instead on China.”

“For decades Canada’s national security establishment has sounded the alarm about foreign authoritarian interference. Their dire warnings were ignored.”

By the Liberal Party of Canada, that is. And why not? It’s a reciprocal relationship. The government of China prop-up Justin Trudeau, and in return receive open doors for communist infiltration of Canadian society.

Think this to be a paranoid delusion? Is it not a fact that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau was a communist enthusiast who opened the doors for China to waltz into Canada, impacting everything from mineral resources to public education.

Sam Cooper is a Canadian investigative journalist and best-selling author, best known for his coverage of Canada-China relations. In a recent article, Cooper writes:

“Based on recent information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), those efforts allegedly involve payments through intermediaries to candidates affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“Placing agents into the offices of MPs in order to influence policy, seeking to co-opt and corrupt former Canadian officials to gain leverage in Ottawa, and mounting aggressive campaigns to punish Canadian politicians whom the People’s Republic of China (PRC) views as threats to its interests.”

And still we wait in silence. In an authentic democratic society, inclusive of media independence, these developments would bring down the ruling government.

The fact that it isn’t happening tells us that Canada is no longer an authentic democracy. Adding to the absurdity is the fact that Trudeau’s Liberals are more concerned about uncovering and punishing those who leaked the information than preventing China’s infiltration of our federal political arena.

It’s a surreal experience not once alluded to by mainstream media. Their job has transitioned away from objective news reporting. As financed by the Feds, the role is monolithic in intent: to preserve Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorship indefinitely. If and when a replacement is appointed, CBC and corporate media will back that candidate.

On the opposite side of the political spectrum is the Conservative Party. Media’s goal here is equally one-dimensional. No matter who leads the party, depict that individual as “right-wing,” racist and homophobic. Crush their potential for victory at all costs.

All of which fits into the pro-China bag that government, media and academia currently work out of. It should come as no surprise that our government is today chock full of China-apologists.

One of them is Senator Yuen Pau Woo, arguably Canada’s greatest China-pusher, appointed to the Senate by PM Trudeau in 2016. Another goes back to the days of Conservative PM Stephen Harper.

Senator Victor Oh, Vice-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association, thinks that our China-detractors are serious meanies.

In a video posted to WeChat, Senator Oh spoke about the “need to raise money to cover costs for [people affected] by all of these unreasonable reporters who try to smear Chinese and discredit Chinese.”

Commonly known as the “race card,” we witness how the China-lovers conflate the issues to arrive at a favourite hobby indulged in by Justin Trudeau and his motley crew of neo-communists.

It’s “racism”– end of story. Senators Victor Oh and Yuen Pau Woo wish it was. Likely, they will get all they ask for. The Chinese interference will eventually blow over. Until this is achieved, no federal election will be called.

Upon which we leap to the Mount Everest of foreign infiltration in Canadian society:

Did the government of China win the past federal election for Justin Trudeau?

According to a series of reports in the Globe and Mail newspaper and by Global News, CSIS intelligence sources, China provided secret funding through its Toronto consulate to 11 candidates who ran in the 2019 federal election.”

The popular vote was won by the Conservative Party, meaning that 11 ridings may have been enough to seal the deal for Trudeau’s Liberals. Media breathe not a word about the possibility.

Is China in charge, or what? It’s the $8,888,888 million dollar question which, more than likely, won’t be answered for decades, if ever.

Justin Trudeau empowers China, damages democracy, and because of media, gets away with it. Isn’t post-modern Canada just the greatest thing?


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Scarborough–Guildwood by-election

On July 27, 2023 ELECT
The FREEDOM CANDIDATE!  Paul’s qualifications B.A., B.Ed., M.A. Director or the Canadian Association for Free Expression Winner of the “George Orwell Free Speech Award” (1995) Former Educator & Former School Trustee Longtime supporter of the Canadian Wildlife Federation & Ducks

It is time to boot the bootlickers out of Queen’s Park.

Don’t like “the gang of three”?
There are other alternatives!
Scarborough–Guildwood Meet Your Candidate Paul Fromm PaulFromm@

Scarborough–Guildwood (CANADA)
Polling Day: July 27, 2023
How to Vote

Electoral District Number: 095
Elections Ontario Info.   Paul Fromm grew up in central Etobicoke. He attended High Power High School and served a term as a school trustee. With a B.A., M.A., and B.Ed., Mr. Fromm was an English instructor for25 years. Since 1997, he has been the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Canada’s foremost free speech advocacy group. Last Fall, he lobbied the Ontario Legislature opposing an anti-Christian piece of legislation which would criminalize expressions of opposition to abortion near abortion clinics or abortion providers.    He has lectured on free speech issues across Canada and the U.S. and in Australia, the U.K., Italy and Germany. Mr. Fromm has a nightly radio show devoted to politics and is co-host of “the Trump Phenomenon” on    Our federal and provincial politics are entirely top-down. Leaders make policy and MPPs have to fall into line. We need more independents who owe their allegiance to their constituents whom they regularly consult than to their party leaders. A vital issue for all of Toronto is the costly, debilitating traffic gridlock which is slowly choking traffic. MPPs should be demanding that Ottawa halt the immigration influx which is making traffic grind to a halt in Toronto and Vancouver and which is making housing all but unaffordable for young Canadian families.    Leadership and courage are needed on the part of MPPs to demand that the federal government fund the massive transportation costs to accommodate the people we already have here or stop the influx.      Thanks for voting.
Voters Echo – Paul Fromm’s take on freedom of speech and the Charter of Rights! 09 February 2016

There Is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren’t Fighting

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There Is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren’t Fighting)Andrew Anglin • June 30, 2023 • 1,500 Words • 539 CommentsReplyTweetRedditShareShare9EmailPrintMore9 Shares RSS

At some point, the chickens come home to roost. That is an eternal truth.

All of these immigrants that white people have agreed to flood their countries with are going to roost mercilessly. The brown folk, the refuse of the world who we wanted to play daddy to, are harrowing and apocalyptic chickens.

In France, the reckoning has come.

A collection of clips from Thursday night. Just to give you a general idea of what is going down.

Earlier this week, the cops killed some Arab “youth” who was “fleeing the scene of a traffic stop.” His mother filmed it, and demanded a revolution, and the collective brown population obliged her.

A revolution they have now.

Though the riots center around the suburb of Nanterre, the entire city is on fire, in what can no longer be called “riots.” The immigrants are killing cops and seizing their weapons. This is now a war.

Of course, this is the age of total censorship, so we can’t really confirm what is happening on the group, beyond what we see on video. (And even with the video, I highly expect fake video to be put out – video from another event – and then debunked, so as to make people believe that all the real video is also fake.)

The global Jewish media is largely refusing to comment, showing only pre-approved clips, and pushing the narrative that this is France’s George Floyd. It is very similar to George Floyd, in that it is a dumb race hoax drummed up by the media to push hatred and violence against whites.

But the Moslems in France are not like American blacks. They are, instead, capable of a high level of organization. The blacks will just do violence because it is personally fun, they will loot for personal profit. They do not have a collective agenda, and even if they did, they couldn’t organize it.

The Arabs in France have the clear goal of conquering France and forcing whites to submit to them. What’s more, there are quite a few blacks in France, and even if the Arabs can’t really organize their violence, they can control the chaos that the blacks create.

From what we are seeing, this is by far the single worst “race riot” ever in all of history, and as I say, because the Arabs are organizing directly against the cops, and because they have a clear military goal, it is much closer to the first battle in a war.

It visibly looks like a war. The videos are more intense than what you see out of the Ukraine.

More importantly: there are two clear sides. Whites are being targeted by nonwhites. It’s not only the cops they are fighting. They are wearing all black – a uniform – and attacking their racial enemies: you.

Here’s a crane on fire.

Everything is on fire.

The buses are a prize for vandals, because they’re all (or mostly) electric, and it’s virtually impossible to put the fire out with water. (You pretty much just have to let them burn, if you don’t have heavy equipment with that foam stuff.)

The buses are the main thing that the Arabs appear to be telling blacks to target, because that creates an endless distraction while the Arabs get the guns and other equipment from the cops.

They have police vehicles.

Africans and Muslims have been burning burn and looting in Paris. Now they are rolling through the streets in armored police vehicles. Mass immigration turned the City of Lights into the city of violent savages.

They are looting police guns.

They also have a lot of fireworks.

Although some of the blacks are no doubt engaged in the violence, many are doing the other thing.

But even the looting feeds the chaos that the Arabs are promoting.

Some of this more organized looting probably isn’t blacks. I’ve never seen blacks use a semi-truck to steal an ATM.

(You’ll note that they are also in uniform in that clip.)

It appears to be blacks using the buzzsaw on the ATM.

Probably blacks in the Apple store too.

They are lynching white truckers.

White truck drivers are now being lynched in France. Black and Arab gangs are totally in control of the streets. The savages have defeated the West.

— Trump Defense Force (@trump_reich) June 30, 2023

Fittingly – they released the gorillas from the zoo.

The lions as well – for good measure.

They also just burned down the largest public library in Marseille.

The mall is also on fire – it looks like a big mall.

People on Twitter are framing some of the race attacks as “uncovering undercover cops.” This is an obvious lie that should just be disregarded.

They are very obviously just attacking white people.

Right now, the cops are fleeing the brown people. That is to say: they’ve already completely fled. They fled on their faggot little scooters to leave the city to burn.

I’m sure some of that is not wanting to be accused of racism for using deadly force – which is the only force they could possibly use here. But they also simply do not have the resources to engage in urban warfare with an army of thousands of men, armed with their own weapons.

The other thing about the Arabs – they’re not going to get bored and go home like the blacks in America do.

Because there are no cops and no journalists left in the part of the city that the war is taking place, no one knows how many fatalities there have been. There must have been several at this point, just by looking at the videos.

This guy looks like he’s probably dead.

That’s not a serious government target, but it’s getting close.

Macron is probably going to have a problem. He was cheering them on earlier in the week, talking about the “injustice” of the “teen” at the traffic stop. But who knows – he’s such a weirdo, he might switch it up and start racially insulting them.

Wednesday night, when the riots were heating up, he went to see Elton John with his granny wife.

Today, he called some kind of emergency meeting. Then he blamed the internet and demanded more extreme censorship.

The most amazing thing about this is the media narrative. A race war is not at all amazing. Anyone with any common sense would have expected that – you can’t just force-integrate two totally different populations and expect them to coexist; everyone knows this is just idiotic nonsense.

But who would have thought the media would be capable of covering up something this massive, of making the international population sympathetic to the murderous mob of vicious criminal gangs?

Personally, I’m glad this is happening. It was going to have to happen some time. It’s better it’s happening now.

My hope is that whites will see this, and they will remember it. My hope is that moving forward – at least in France – there is clarity about this relationship that Europeans have with the Moslems and the blacks.

Thus far, I’ve only seen one video of a Frenchman fighting back – driving through the smoke, smoking a cigarette, and plowing the bastards with his car.Subscribe to New Columns

These people are going to Europe to conquer. That is the goal. They have done this before, throughout history. For 1,500 years, these people have been trying to conquer us. This is in no way new, and it is unfortunate that it could possibly be a surprise. But this is the situation we live in: our morals and values are determined by the whims of women, and men have been beaten into submission, to the point where they actually believe this gibberish that women spout about “vibrant diversity.”

We need to remember that it was women who wanted this. Of course the Jews came up with the idea, but this was enforced by women.

The first thing we need to do is stop listening to women. Then, we need to find a solution to the immigrant problem. After women, the biggest obstacle is the government, which is controlled by the Jews. But that is a minor obstacle, after we stop listening to women.

One way or the other, this is going to end. Either we win or we lose, but it will end.

Good luck and Godspeed, brothers.

Remember who you are.