There Is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren’t Fighting

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There Is a Race War in France (Even If Whites Aren’t Fighting)Andrew Anglin • June 30, 2023 • 1,500 Words • 539 CommentsReplyTweetRedditShareShare9EmailPrintMore9 Shares RSS

At some point, the chickens come home to roost. That is an eternal truth.

All of these immigrants that white people have agreed to flood their countries with are going to roost mercilessly. The brown folk, the refuse of the world who we wanted to play daddy to, are harrowing and apocalyptic chickens.

In France, the reckoning has come.

A collection of clips from Thursday night. Just to give you a general idea of what is going down.

Earlier this week, the cops killed some Arab “youth” who was “fleeing the scene of a traffic stop.” His mother filmed it, and demanded a revolution, and the collective brown population obliged her.

A revolution they have now.

Though the riots center around the suburb of Nanterre, the entire city is on fire, in what can no longer be called “riots.” The immigrants are killing cops and seizing their weapons. This is now a war.

Of course, this is the age of total censorship, so we can’t really confirm what is happening on the group, beyond what we see on video. (And even with the video, I highly expect fake video to be put out – video from another event – and then debunked, so as to make people believe that all the real video is also fake.)

The global Jewish media is largely refusing to comment, showing only pre-approved clips, and pushing the narrative that this is France’s George Floyd. It is very similar to George Floyd, in that it is a dumb race hoax drummed up by the media to push hatred and violence against whites.

But the Moslems in France are not like American blacks. They are, instead, capable of a high level of organization. The blacks will just do violence because it is personally fun, they will loot for personal profit. They do not have a collective agenda, and even if they did, they couldn’t organize it.

The Arabs in France have the clear goal of conquering France and forcing whites to submit to them. What’s more, there are quite a few blacks in France, and even if the Arabs can’t really organize their violence, they can control the chaos that the blacks create.

From what we are seeing, this is by far the single worst “race riot” ever in all of history, and as I say, because the Arabs are organizing directly against the cops, and because they have a clear military goal, it is much closer to the first battle in a war.

It visibly looks like a war. The videos are more intense than what you see out of the Ukraine.

More importantly: there are two clear sides. Whites are being targeted by nonwhites. It’s not only the cops they are fighting. They are wearing all black – a uniform – and attacking their racial enemies: you.

Here’s a crane on fire.

Everything is on fire.

The buses are a prize for vandals, because they’re all (or mostly) electric, and it’s virtually impossible to put the fire out with water. (You pretty much just have to let them burn, if you don’t have heavy equipment with that foam stuff.)

The buses are the main thing that the Arabs appear to be telling blacks to target, because that creates an endless distraction while the Arabs get the guns and other equipment from the cops.

They have police vehicles.

Africans and Muslims have been burning burn and looting in Paris. Now they are rolling through the streets in armored police vehicles. Mass immigration turned the City of Lights into the city of violent savages.

They are looting police guns.

They also have a lot of fireworks.

Although some of the blacks are no doubt engaged in the violence, many are doing the other thing.

But even the looting feeds the chaos that the Arabs are promoting.

Some of this more organized looting probably isn’t blacks. I’ve never seen blacks use a semi-truck to steal an ATM.

(You’ll note that they are also in uniform in that clip.)

It appears to be blacks using the buzzsaw on the ATM.

Probably blacks in the Apple store too.

They are lynching white truckers.

White truck drivers are now being lynched in France. Black and Arab gangs are totally in control of the streets. The savages have defeated the West.

— Trump Defense Force (@trump_reich) June 30, 2023

Fittingly – they released the gorillas from the zoo.

The lions as well – for good measure.

They also just burned down the largest public library in Marseille.

The mall is also on fire – it looks like a big mall.

People on Twitter are framing some of the race attacks as “uncovering undercover cops.” This is an obvious lie that should just be disregarded.

They are very obviously just attacking white people.

Right now, the cops are fleeing the brown people. That is to say: they’ve already completely fled. They fled on their faggot little scooters to leave the city to burn.

I’m sure some of that is not wanting to be accused of racism for using deadly force – which is the only force they could possibly use here. But they also simply do not have the resources to engage in urban warfare with an army of thousands of men, armed with their own weapons.

The other thing about the Arabs – they’re not going to get bored and go home like the blacks in America do.

Because there are no cops and no journalists left in the part of the city that the war is taking place, no one knows how many fatalities there have been. There must have been several at this point, just by looking at the videos.

This guy looks like he’s probably dead.

That’s not a serious government target, but it’s getting close.

Macron is probably going to have a problem. He was cheering them on earlier in the week, talking about the “injustice” of the “teen” at the traffic stop. But who knows – he’s such a weirdo, he might switch it up and start racially insulting them.

Wednesday night, when the riots were heating up, he went to see Elton John with his granny wife.

Today, he called some kind of emergency meeting. Then he blamed the internet and demanded more extreme censorship.

The most amazing thing about this is the media narrative. A race war is not at all amazing. Anyone with any common sense would have expected that – you can’t just force-integrate two totally different populations and expect them to coexist; everyone knows this is just idiotic nonsense.

But who would have thought the media would be capable of covering up something this massive, of making the international population sympathetic to the murderous mob of vicious criminal gangs?

Personally, I’m glad this is happening. It was going to have to happen some time. It’s better it’s happening now.

My hope is that whites will see this, and they will remember it. My hope is that moving forward – at least in France – there is clarity about this relationship that Europeans have with the Moslems and the blacks.

Thus far, I’ve only seen one video of a Frenchman fighting back – driving through the smoke, smoking a cigarette, and plowing the bastards with his car.Subscribe to New Columns

These people are going to Europe to conquer. That is the goal. They have done this before, throughout history. For 1,500 years, these people have been trying to conquer us. This is in no way new, and it is unfortunate that it could possibly be a surprise. But this is the situation we live in: our morals and values are determined by the whims of women, and men have been beaten into submission, to the point where they actually believe this gibberish that women spout about “vibrant diversity.”

We need to remember that it was women who wanted this. Of course the Jews came up with the idea, but this was enforced by women.

The first thing we need to do is stop listening to women. Then, we need to find a solution to the immigrant problem. After women, the biggest obstacle is the government, which is controlled by the Jews. But that is a minor obstacle, after we stop listening to women.

One way or the other, this is going to end. Either we win or we lose, but it will end.

Good luck and Godspeed, brothers.

Remember who you are.