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Jewish activists who defied Trump respond to Biden’s new caution on asylum

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Jewish activists who defied Trump respond to Biden’s new caution on asylum

Arno RosenfeldDecember 23, 2020Photo by Getty Images

After President-elect Joe Biden backed off his promise to quickly end the Trump administration’s border policies, saying current restrictions are necessary to deter large numbers of asylum seekers, Jewish groups who came together to fight those restrictions are re-emphasizing the importance of their mission.

“Biden needs to address the human rights abuses created by Trump policies with the same urgency with which Trump unleashed them,” said Alyssa Rubin, campaign director for Never Again Action, an activist group that came to prominence with a series of protests against Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the summer of 2019.

Biden’s Tuesday comments contrasted with his campaign trail promise to end the so-called “Remain in Mexico” program that currently requires asylum seekers to await their U.S. court hearings in Mexico, often under dangerous conditions.

“The last thing we need is to say we’re going to stop immediately, the access to asylum, the way it’s being run now, and then end up with 2 million people on our border,” he said.

Two top Biden advisors likewise told a Spanish newswire this week that American immigration policy would not change immediately under Biden.

“Migrants and asylum seekers absolutely should not believe those in the region peddling the idea that the border will suddenly be fully open to process everyone on Day 1,” Susan Rice, who will oversee domestic policy for Biden, told EFE.

Biden, Rice and Jake Sullivan, whom Biden has named as his national security advisor, said that the new administration was committed to restoring the asylum process but that doing so will likely take several months.

Still, the early calls for patience regarding the callous treatment of migrants, a central issue for many Jews who opposed President Donald Trump, provoked frustration among some.

In an email, Rubin wrote that Trump signed three executive orders cracking down on immigration in his first week in office, and that repealing the current administration’s policies was “the bare minimum of what the Biden administration needs to do in order to transform our broken immigration system.”

The Jewish refugee aid organization HIAS was more measured in its response to Biden’s comments, but also called for swift action. Melanie Nezer, senior vice president for public affairs, said that Biden’s announcement “had us both breathing a sigh of relief and steeling ourselves for the challenges ahead.”

“Rebuilding a fair and humane asylum system from the wreckage of the Trump years will take time and a lot of hard work, but some significant changes must be made immediately to alleviate people’s suffering at our border,” Nezer said.

Many liberal Jewish Americans opposed Trump’s anti-immigrant policies after he took office. After Biden’s election, advocates expressed concern that they might struggle to exert similar levels of grassroots pressure on the new administration.

Biden and his team said they are still committed to some immediate actions after taking office. Rice said that Biden will send a bill to Congress on his first day as president proposing the creation of a legal path to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States. And Sullivan said the administration will seek to end agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua that allowed the U.S. to force migrants who had passed through those countries to return there.

“We will be able to take some steps to change policies right away,” Rice said. “Others will take time to put in place, and the situation at the border will not transform overnight due in large part to the damage done over the last four years.”

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Biden’s asylum caution poses obstacle for activists

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Bizarre BMO incident involving First Nations shows result of preferential hiring

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Bizarre BMO incident involving First Nations shows result of preferential hiring

Bizarre BMO treatment of Native family

The bizarre incident happened at the B.C. Head Office of the Bank of Montreal in downtown Vancouver. The fact that the incident happened at the B.C. BMO Head Office, not an office in a small town, indicates that the incident involved the highest level of the BMO organization.

The fact that the BMO Manager at that BMO Head Office was unaware of some crucial basics in Canada’s history indicates that, at the very least, the BMO has to provide very basic Canadian History training for its managers and other potential high level BMO employees.

The same could probably be said about Canada’s other big banks and large corporations. Equally important, the BMO, Canada’s other big banks and large corporations should be made aware of the lack of any justification for Canada’s Preferential Hiring policy.

The behavior of the BMO Manager leads to these inevitable questions :

(1) How did the BMO Manager happen to get the job of “Manager” ? Supposedly, the manager had basic Bank Manager education in Accounting and banking, but were the other important “qualifications” the fact that The BMO Manager was (A) a visible minority of East Indian origin and (B) that BMO was probably blindly following Canada’s “Preferential Hiring for Visible Minorities policy”?

According to a CBC article that was published in late 2019/early 2020, the First Nations grandfather (Maxwell Johnson) presented his “Indian Status Card” to the BMO manager as proof of his identity. The grandfather already had a BMO account and was trying to open another bank account for his grand-daughter (Torianne) who was with him at the time of the incident. However, the BMO Manager apparently did not know what an “Indian Status Card” was. In fact, as wild as this sounds, the BMO manager thought that the grandfather was from India and described the grandfather and grand-daughter as “South Asians” !!

Furthermore, the manager made a phone call to a government office in a city in India to ask for advice because the manager had concluded that the grandfather was trying to commit fraud. To say the least, this action is bizarre.

(2) How could the BMO Manager have lived in Canada for even a short time and not have absorbed some basics of Canadian history?

(3) How often have those who have benefited from Canada’s unjustified Preferential Hiring policy (supposedly the BMO Manager in this incident) committed bizarre actions like this? The number is probably very high because the number of recent Visible Minorities who have been placed in positions of authority is also very high. Also how many Visible Minority “managers” have engaged in perpetuating the practice of giving preference to Visible Minorities when hiring? It is common in many businesses to see that employees come from one ethnic group such as Chinese, Sikhs, Muslims. Is there someone in the Ottawa Swamp who is willing to start a thorough investigation into this matter?

(4) Finally and typically, the CBC and other Mainstream Media have seized on this incident to call it another example of “Systemic Racism”. According to the quisling CBC, “Systemic Racism” is rampant in Canada and Whites are the ones perpetrating it. Also according to the CBC, one of the regular victim groups of “systemic racism” here is Canada’s First Nations population. The problem with such thinking in this case is that the person who might be accused of racism is the BMO Bank Manager who is not a White person. In fact, if the manager’s name is “Sukhjinder”, the manager is probably a brown-skinned or black-skinned Sikh !!

In spite of some inconsistencies in the story of the incident, the grandfather recently launched a Human Rights complaint against the Bank of Montreal. It would seem that corporations like the Bank of Montreal, other big banks/ large corporations and Canada’s politicians need to be significantly embarrassed in order for bizarre incidents like this to stop. These people don’t seem to learn in any other way. After the bizarre incident was publicized, about 15 BMO representatives flew into the Bella Bella Reserve where the First Nations Grandfather and his granddaughter lived.

the reserve, all 15 participated in a “cleansing” ceremony. How about a type of cleansing ceremony that would help even more? How about Canada’s politicians cleansing Canada of its policy of Preferential Hiring for Visible Minorities?

After all, according to Dr. Martin Loney’s extensive research on preferential hiring, there never was any evidence for implementing that policy.
If the Liberals really believe in evidence-based legislation, how has such a sloppily-based policy introduced by a sloppy judge (Rosalie Abella) continued to exist?
For details, see
The CBC Reporter who first wrote about this incident is Angela Sterritt. Ironically, she comes from a First Nations group called the Gitksan whose traditional territory is in Central and north-western B.C.
For details about the Gitskan, see
For details on Preferential Hiring, see Dr. Martin Loney’s “The Pursuit of Division : Race, Gender and Preferential Hiring in Canada”
Dan Murray,

“Refugee” Claimants Must Apply at Hungarian Embassies Abroad– A Sensible Model for Canada: Hungary Closed the Transit Zones in Response to ECJ Ruling Transit Zones Illegal Under EU law

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The Court of Justice of the European Union, the EU’s top court, has ruled that Hungary violated EU law when it prevented illegal immigrants from seeking asylum. The ruling paves the way for the European Commission, the EU’s powerful administrative arm, to impose financial penalties over Hungary’s restrictive immigration policies. The Hungarian government has vowed that it will not bow to pressure to jump aboard the EU’s multicultural bandwagon.

Inline image

In its December 17 ruling, the court, informally known as European Court of Justice (ECJ) accused the Hungarian government of corralling migrants into so-called transit zones and of limiting their ability to apply for asylum. The court also found that Hungary did not allow asylum seekers to leave detention while their cases were being considered and offered no special protection to children and the vulnerable.

The case stems from a lawsuit filed by the European Commission over a 2015 decision by Hungary to establish two transit zones on its southern border with Serbia to stop a mass influx of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The action prevented migrants from entering Hungary or transiting the country to reach other parts of the EU.In May 2020, the ECJ ruled that the transit zones were illegal under EU law. In order to comply with the ruling, Hungary has since closed the transit zones. Asylum seekers wanting to enter Hungary now have to apply for asylum at Hungarian embassies or consulates in neighboring non-EU countries. “External border protection is an issue that Hungary cannot, does not want to, and will not concede,”said Gergely Gulyás, from the Prime Minister’s Office.
Hungary to Close Transit Zones After European Court RulingFollowing an ECJ ruling, Hungary has pledged to close the much

White Privilege — One Man’s Account — “NOT “privilege” but hard work and using my brains made it all possible”

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White Race Privilege?

White Privilege — One Man’s Account — “NOT “privilege” but hard work and using my brains made it all possible”

The only White Privilege I ever had was having the SKILLS to qualify for the job.Almost 13 Years of school didn`t give me any pivilege. Skills either.
 I learned welding by taking private lessons at a shop. Paid for it with an acetylene outfit I didn`t know how to use. But I learned. Then I went to work for the Caterpillar Tractor factory. Became an exellent welder.

Inline image
Inline image

While there, I studied Economics – Commodity Futures; NOT taught in any school. Self-taught in technical analysis.Which allowed me to BE self-employed. Became Successful, I went to work at Paine Webber managing accounts. Age 28.Inline imageInline image

Then moved and started my own trucking company. Successful for 10 years.Practically self-taught and fully self-financed.Inline image
Wanted to become a machinist. Studied the books and BOUGHT the tools to learn – very expensive! Practice – practice! Inline imageInline image
Built two custom homes; my designs, self-taught. All these skills led to more jobs;

Inline image

My boss had me restore and get running an antique 1941 Hyster forklift! I had to make parts for it; Handy little machine!

Inline image

Machined a new reciever and other parts for the 1928; A challenge and victory for me.
Inline imageInline image
NOT “privilege” but hard work and using my brains made it all possible.

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