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Why Don’t We Screen Immigrants for Cultural Compatibility?

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Trudeau’s “No Visas Needed for Mexicans” Policy Puts Canadians at Risk

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 Trudeau’s “No Visas Needed for Mexicans” Policy Puts Canadians at Risk
In 2009, our Conservative government introduced the Visa policy to stop the flow of increased bogus refugee claims by Mexican citizens.

But in late 2016, the Trudeau Liberals reversed that decision.

This was an early Christmas gift for Mexico’s drug cartels.

A Canada Border Serves Agency report says lifting the visa makes it easier for Mexican drug cartels to do business right here in Canada:

In the next three years, Mexican drug cartels are expected to expand their presence in Canada by sending operatives and recruiting local airport or marine port workers with ties to Mexico,” the report states.

In other words, Justin Trudeau has put the lives of all Canadians at greater risk.

With the lifting of this Visa policy, Canada has now been forced into combating an onslaught of new asylum seekers.

The Canadian Border Services Agency has already detained almost 450 Mexican migrants this year. That number is already higher than the entire total for all of last year.

And when asked about what actions the Government intends to take, Trudeau’s Immigration Minister said “it would be premature to speculate.”

>> Help us protect Canada’s borders <<

Fact: there was no formal review of the Mexican visa policy reversal.

The decision to lift the visa requirement is short sighted and poorly thought out.

And it also comes with a hefty price tag. Canadians could be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years to cover the costs of this decision.

It is clear that Justin Trudeau’s only policy goal is to undo the hard work of the Conservatives.

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Michelle Rempel
Calgary Nose Hill


The Cult of the Immigrant: Oh Canada, We Came to the Hockey Game for Thee

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Oh Canada, We Came to the Hockey Game for Thee

News item : March 18, 2017:The federal government and the Edmonton Oilers partnered to welcome 12 new Canadian citizens at Rogers Place Saturday afternoon as part of Canada 150 celebrations. Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi and Mayor Don Iveson attended the swearing-in ceremony at Rogers Place.

As an introduction to Saturday night’s NHL hockey game in Edmonton on March 18th, a dozen “New Canadians” were honoured after their swearing-in ceremony by being called out on to the  ice wearing bright orange Edmonton Oilers’ jerseys. They waved to the applause of the crowd, and then joined in on the singing of our national anthem. How stirring.

Message: We are a land of immigrants, and no matter where immigrants come from, they will become good ordinary Canadians like you and me, eager to share their ‘diversity’ by partaking in ours. I mean, what could be more Canadian than wearing the home town’s hockey jersey at a hockey game?


“This is a special one because Rogers Place is a hallowed ground for hockey,” Edmonton Mayor Iveson said. “It’s such an important part of Edmonton’s story and history, so to know that these Edmontonians and new Canadians will always associate their citizenship with this place and the heart of our city is just an exciting memory for us to all carry.”

Thus the myth of Canada as a welcoming country that needs more and more and more immigrants is firmly cemented into the mentality of all those in attendance, and the viewing audience at home as well. The fact that people from India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Somalia are so happy to settle here in this largely cold wasteland flatters us. It is as if we were the owners of a restaurant who regard the line-up of patient customers outside as a compliment to our fine cuisine.

But there is a difference. Restaurant owners know that their restaurant has a limited seating capacity, just like Rogers Place.  Neither Canadians nor their political representatives understand that there are limits to growth. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we have limited resources. Even drinkable water is in short supply, never mind arable farmland.  And as far as affordable urban land goes, well, as Mark Twain would have said, “they’ve stopped making it.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I think we are right to honour the immigrants who helped to build this country. Just as I am right to be grateful to the carpenters who built my house. But guess what. My house is built. Done. With little room or need to grow.  And while it needs ongoing maintenance, it doesn’t require that I bring in an army of carpenters every year, especially if they are going to wake me up in the wee hours by praying in the direction of Mecca.

The Cult of the Immigrant is an absurd anachronism for a mature nation that may well see robots doing half the work by mid century. The smokestack era and family farms are gone. We have no need for 300,000-450,000 extra bodies each and every year.  Unless of course it is to fill the seats of our hockey arenas.  Still, I don’t recall getting a dividend cheque from NHL hockey team owners for having to put up with rising house prices, unconscionable  rents, appalling traffic congestion, deteriorating infrastructure,  lower wages and sprawl that comes with growing the population and increasing their fan base.

potential fans

Above:  Potential Edmonton Oilers hockey fans,  just one swearing-in ceremony away from becoming full-fledged Canadian citizens.  Complimentary Liberal Party membership cards to be part of the Welcoming Package.



Tim Murray

March 19, 2017

PS We can always outfit our androids with Toronto Maple Leaf hockey sweaters and program them to watch mediocre hockey at atrocious ticket prices for 50 years without a championship in sight.

— “There’s nothing more dangerous than a shallow-thinking compassionate person.” Garrett Hardin

The Border is Open: The Coming Crisis – CANADA – Border Enforcement Report by David Greenhalgh (retired police officer)

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The Border is Open: The Coming Crisis – CANADA – Border Enforcement Report by David Greenhalgh (retired police officer)

The Essential facts
– Fundamentally there is no effective Border enforcement outside the tiny perimeter of CBSA controlled Border Crossings.  The perception there is actual border enforcement outside these crossing is unrealistic.  
– Refugees/migrants who cross the border illegally are now confidently calling 911, waiting,  being collected by RCMP, briefly detained, admitted, housed, fed, provided medical attention and a lawyer. That is an estimated $50,000 minimum cost for the first year, per migrant, on the Federal tax dollar. After 12 months they become a Provincial liability.
– Refugees that attempt to lawfully cross at a Port/ (Border Crossing) are turned back under the “Safe Third Country Agreement”. Thus Canada provides a direct financial incentive to disobey the law.
– Prime Minister Trudeau recently declared Canada ‘the world’s first post Nation State” and has publicly welcomed the world’s refugees. Trudeau is in alliance with the philosophy of George Soros “Open Border” initiative . This is planned to radically change the face and culture of Canada. IMPORTANT
– Refugee claims from persons crossing the border are up 39% from 2016. The trickle will turn into a flood by summer 2017,  at a massive social and economic cost to Canada.
– It is almost impossible to deport career criminal/refugees after they arrive (See note on Lunyamilla below) 
– Canadians are not being told the truth  about our virtually non-existent border defences, or about the potential impact on Canada of unlimited unscreened illegal  migration.
– Canada today has no defences against criminal migrants – unless they are both identifiable and there is also an  existing International or USA arrest warrant.
– Canada has no preparation for, and no effective plan to deal with,  what is about to happen. The Liberal Government is still studying the issue.
– Refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Somalia are already over represented in the drug trafficking and gang culture of Vancouver. Even after conviction, it is virtually impossible to deport them.
– The Canadian Borders Services Agency (CBSA) is today a professional organisation.    Regrettably,  unlike the US Border Patrol,  CBSA has no jurisdiction outside the tiny confines of their “Port of Entry” (Canada Customs) border crossing. Thus, illegals in Emerson Manitoba cross 100 meters from the Port,  and capable  trained CBSA Officers have no power to do anything except   stand by and watch.
– 99% of the Border in Canada is the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Border enforcement policies are set in  Ottawa.  Notwithstanding the motivation and competence of individual front line Officers, the Corporate RCMP management has never, ever taken its border responsibilities seriously in the last 40 years. In 2017, the RCMP institutionally lacks the capacity, the motivation, the leadership and the equipment to  defend our borders. It lacks the leadership and the moral courage to tell Canadians the truth about its enforcement capabilities or to tell us the direct threat to Canada from Criminal and ideological migrants.  For Border enforcement the RCMP is accountable to the Government and not to the citizens it polices. Today there is no evidence the RCMP has any plan outside “business as usual” to defend our Borders.
– Migrants are being given legal advice in the USA:  “Cross the Border away from the port then call 911”. In Manitoba, RCMP are attending these calls. Meanwhile,  a few illegal crosser have been detained briefly in recent days in South Surrey, processed and released. 
The lawbreakers are being told to expect help from the Police!
-The senior management of the RCMP has an imbedded systemic culture of “information management” (ie.  avoidance, platitudes even outright deception) with respect to its staffing, policing priorities, allocation of resources,  and,  a systemic lack of transparency about its staffing operations. This is a cultural  part of the management culture and was evident in BC from the early 1990’s from around the time the Commissioner  was made a “Deputy Minister” in the Liberal Government of the day. This politicised his position and made the RCMP a direct  instrument  ( a tool) of Cabinet and Government policy. 
– A tiny RCMP Unit called IBET is tasked with Border policing in B.C. Their priority is policing remote and inaccessible area of the Border. They are not equipped in any way to police the “longest undefended border in the world”This unit will be undoubtedly referred to by senior RCMP management when they attempt to justify grossly inadequate Border staffing levels and priorities. CBSA has had very small interior Units executing Immigration arrest warrants after they have been issued. Their status today is unclear. 
–  Border RCMP Detachments –  It will be alleged Border Policing is being carried out by Municipal/City contract policing RCMP Detachments. ie. Surrey, Langley, Chilliwack BC Detachments. Whilst this is theoretically true,  none of these Detachments are staffed or funded for this. It is an extremely low policing priority , a typical response time to a citizen initiated report  in Langley BC would be 45 minutes. There are rare occasional patrols along Zero Avenue (the Border). This is a “wave the Flag” exercise,  as time and priority calls permit.  There are zero effective preventive patrols. In any event, persons not actually seen crossing the Border, just seen running North, are under no obligation to cooperate with Police.
–  For over 40 years the United States Border Patrol has been relied upon primarily to police our Borders for us!  In that capacity there have been many years of cooperation where they called RCMP/Local Police to alert them to northbound incidents.  Recently those calls suddenly dropped off.  Under the current US administration it  is no longer in the interests of the United States to retain illegals, refugees, economic and criminal migrants when Canada will take them. The RCMP is no longer respected by professional US enforcement agencies as a Border policing force,  because  there is simply no visible evidence of their presence.
– In the USA there are near daily reports of major drug busts and other major arrests. We are not regularly hearing of these incidents on our Border. When a diligent CBSA Officer makes a big contraband bust they have to call the RCMP to take over. Later news reports often credit  the RCMP for what CBSA actually did,  thus implying there is actual policing at the Border.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, hat, outdoor and nature
Mounties help Somali illegals cross into Quebec. Enabling the invaders!
Central and South America 
– There are at least 150-million potential economic migrants from Central and South America  who are better off on lifetime welfare in Canada,  than working in their home country.
– Nations like El Salvador, Guatemala, areas of Mexico, deconstructing Nations like Venezuela, have a systemically violent criminal gang sub-culture.  Entire regions have been run by criminal gangs for a generation or more.   Criminality, lack of respect for life and physical integrity (sexual assault) are part of a dominant macho culture. An underlying expectation that   violent criminals undergo a “conversion” experience when crossing our border illegally, because Canada is so nice to them, is ludicrous
– Official estimates of  “illegals” in the USA are 11.4 Million. Other sources estimate up to 18 Million.   All of these broke American Law at least once!  Hundreds of thousands of these are career criminals currently being aggressively targeted for deportation by the Trump administration. Canada is an extremely “soft” target for these people.  The legal, cultural, and welfare mindset of the average Canadian has no concept of how economic migrants (seeking welfare/medical benefits), criminal migrants (traffickers/ gang members) , and ideological migrants (radical Islamists) will damage this Nation within a very short time
–  Information received 9th March 2017. A resident of Rosario Argentina, a seriously dysfunctional criminally oppressed city, called a friend in Canada last week. She had learned she can travel  to Mexico, buy a Mexican passport for $20, then fly to Canada to live. No visa required.  She has been robbed at gunpoint three times in her house. Two teenagers were gunned down last week outside her door. She was dissuaded by the ethical argument that falsely representing herself as a Mexican was immoral. We sympathise, but multiply her story by 50 Million or so and divide it by our tax base of about   19 Million and you get the point.
Enforcement Hypocrisy
–  A Canadian Citizen crossing the Border just outside the Port of Entry may be observed, reported to the nearest  RCMP Detachment,  and in the unlikely event they are located then arrested, the Canadian   will be charged criminally, any goods in their possession seized and/or penalties assessed. They will have a criminal record,  be unable to visit the USA and will  have to pay their own lawyer.
– A criminal migrant from  El Salvador, acting on legal advice,  avoids the Border crossing, arriving without identification, provides whatever details he/she chooses.  There is no viable way of checking their identity or criminal record outside the USA. They are detained briefly, put up in a hotel, fed, clothed, provided medical attention and a lawyer.
 Jacob Lunyamilla   a criminal migrant arrived here from Rwanda in 1996 as a refugee. Since then he racked up 95 criminal charges, 54 convictions and over 400 interactions with police. Convictions include sexual assault, carrying a weapon, randomly attacking strangers, he has 10 convictions for assault. Lunyamilla is a serial victimiser  of Canadians. He refused to cooperate with authorities efforts to deport him by failing to sign the required papers. ( acting on legal advice) . In multiple unsuccessful attempts to get Lunyamilla deported the Immigration Review Board   finally just gave up and ordered him released saying “it is unfair to hold him indefinitely”. Finally some common sense was applied by a Federal Court Judge and Lunyamilla is back in custody……. pending an appeal by his lawyers. (Credit – Kim Bolan, The Province  1st March 2017)
– Thanks to Trudeau senior, the minute a migrant sets foot on Canadian soil they are entitled to the benefits of our Charter of Rights.   That means is they get a lawyer – at your expense. Lunyamilla is just one example of hundreds in BC alone. 
Gang culture
– Just one gang story (of many) will suffice. MS13 is a gang originating in El Salvador. Extremely violent, brutal, entrenched in 46 states they are now liable to deportation under renewed efforts by the Trump administration.  An MS13 speciality is the gang rape, pimping, sex trafficking and murder of teenage girls. Some were recently indicted for offering a teenage girl as a sacrifice to Satan. 
 MS13 is here in Canada now  . Please google MS 13 gang. I just don’t want to write about their appalling  atrocities here.
– – An accredited Northwest Gang Investigator estimates around 180 gangs already operating in B.C. Are we not hearing about this from the RCMP because a great many gang members are recent migrants/visible minorities? It is just not politically correct for any police manager to tell the unvarnished truth about the ethnic nature of BC’s gang culture!
– The continuing Mexican gang war resulted in 120,000 dead, 27,000 missing by 2013. Many of these were innocent non-combatants including honest Mayors and Police Chiefs. Entire town Police Departments have quit! Police Chiefs and Mayors tortured and murdered . All this just two days drive south of our undefended Border.
– Lunyamilla cost the BC taxpayer over $1-million in legal  and enforcement  costs.  Because of Canada’s ineffective and dysfunctional legal system it is almost impossible to deport these people.
– BC’s criminal Justice/enforcement system is already incapable of handling  an existing ethnic drug gang shooting war.  The Judicial Case Law has severely  handicapped the capacity of Police to interdict guns in the hands of gang members by radically idealistic  binding decisions that render facts/evidence inadmissible on multiple technicalities (another legacy of Trudeau Senior).
– These Court decisions :-
–  Have enabled criminality by the virtually uninterrupted transport of weapons in vehicles by criminals.
–  Disabled the ability of Police to detain violent criminals facing serious outstanding charges for any longer than it takes to identify them.
–  Disabled the ability of Police to conduct interviews of suspects.
–  Have put informants/witnesses at severe risk of identification and retaliation by aggressive defense court “disclosure” tactics.This is quite intentional,  and defense lawyers are well aware that their aggressive tactics have identified witnesses and informants to murderous criminals.
The legal, cultural, and welfare mindset of the average Canadian has no concept of how economic migrants (seeking welfare/medical benefits), criminal migrants (drug traffickers, slavers, gang members) , and ideological migrants (radical Islamists) will damage this Nation within a very short time. Every economic, criminal and ideological migrant damages the interests of the legitimate law abiding properly screened migrants that Canada needs  to benefit the Nation.
 Our Borders are open and virtually undefended. Our Prime Minister has invited the world. The word is out as far as Argentina.  Without a fundamental change in attitude and response, 2 years from now Canada will be unrecognizable. We will wake up and find ourselves in the same condition as Belgium, France,  Sweden and multiple other European Nations, or worse.
Career Police Officer 36 years (retired) , 31 years on the 49th parallel, 2 years policing Port of Vancouver, multiple International secondments. Border City resident! — David Greenhalgh 
NB. The police management culture of “information management” applies  to management of many large Police Agencies, and not just in Canada. (Google Wolfgang Albers the fired Chief of the Cologne Police, for a classic example).


lllegals & Syrians — the Gift that Just Keeps on Taking

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lllegals & Syrians — the Gift that Just Keeps on Taking
Illegal Migrants Take a Toll on T.O. Shelters
by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
March 18, 2017

It seems Canada’s lax border policies toward illegal migrants are taking their toll on the city’s emergency shelter system.

Figures provided to the Toronto Sun from city shelter staff show that 810 refugees accessed the city’s shelter system in January, jumping to 882 up until March 13.

In fact, shelter, support and housing spokesman Pat Anderson says refugee clients are being referred from two non-city funded organizations that offer “temporary accommodation and services” to refugees but “are full.”

“The numbers we are providing are those who identify as refugees on intake,” she says.

Mario Calla, executive director of COSTI Immigrant Services, insists this increase is not from government-sponsored Syrian refugees but “asylum seekers.

“When they come over the border, they’re not sponsored by government or private groups and so they have nowhere to go…some of them have ended up in shelters,” he said this past week. “All government-sponsored (Syrian) refugees are in their own homes, not in city shelters.”

Sun columnist Anthony Furey recently revealed that a crisis is brewing with illegal migrants crossing the border in between official ports of entry and exploiting a loophole in our immigration laws that allows them to file a refugee claim once in Canada.

Anderson says the city has added 400 more shelter beds to meet the increased demand and they continue to look for “more motel beds for refugees.”

Although motel beds operate more cheaply per night, at a $74.81 average per diem, those 400 extra beds are costing taxpayers roughly $900,000 per month.

Asked whether any extra money has been diverted from other shelter programs to accommodate the extra beds, Anderson said: “Not so far.”

And the cost just keeps on soaring. Wading through a myriad of acronyms for various types of refugees, Sue Ann Levy of the Toronto Sun estimates that the Syrians alone will have cost the taxpayers over $1-billion. That’s federal, provincial and municipal money. The exact threadbare pocket doesn’t really matter. It’s the same taxpayer.

T.O. Struggles to Absorb Refugees
by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
March 18, 2017

The 2,200 government-sponsored Syrian refugees who have arrived on Toronto’s doorstep since last February have permanent housing and are being integrated into the community.

Community service providers — contacted this past week — also say after the big influx of fully government-subsidized refugees of last February, the plan is to resettle just 700 this year.


“The program continues but not with the same intensity as last year,” says Mario Calla, executive director of COSTI Immigrant Services, the agency charged with resettling the 2,200 government-sponsored refugees (or GARs) who have arrived in Toronto since February 2016.

That’s the good news.

Another 2,295 privately sponsored refugees (PSRs) have also come to Toronto in the past year, along with 431 known as Blended Visa Office-Referred (BOVR) refugees, part privately and part government-sponsored.

Based on the numbers posted on the Immigration and Citizenship Canada website (now three months old), Toronto has by far absorbed the most refugees in Canada, 10% of the GARs alone.

Which brings me to the less than positive news.

Untold millions of dollars have been spent and a jaw-dropping myriad of helping agencies have been involved in getting them settled since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne greeted the first planeload in mid-December of 2015 with expensive winter coats.

The actual money the feds have turned over to the GARs themselves and to COSTI and other agencies to resettle them remains a mystery. I tried for two days to get a response from Immigration Canada only to be informed late Friday they were still working on my request.

However, based on news reports of one year ago, the Liberals could end up spending far more than $1 billion when all is said and done, more than $100-million of that to settle Toronto’s 2,200 GARs alone.

It doesn’t end there.

Manuel Alas-Sevillano of Ontario’s citizenship and immigration ministry says they’ve committed $15 million in new funding to “enhance settlement and integration services” for the 17,000 refugees (both GARs and PSRs) accepted in this province.

That does not include free dental and health care provided under the Interim Federal Health program and OHIP, he confirmed.

Once their first 12 months in Canada are up, the feds no longer provide income support to the GARs and they “either have a job or they go on social assistance until their English level gets better,” says Calla.

That’s precisely what is happening. Calla says only about two out of 10 of the GARs have come here able to speak English, compared to 80% of the PSRs.

But even if a refugee is privately sponsored — and can speak English — government money has gone into easing their integration into the community with a fresh layer of bureaucrats created to do so.

At City Hall, the Toronto Newcomer Office which has grown from three staff in 2015 to six staffers this year and from a budget of $361,000 to $785,000.

City spokesman Jennifer Wing said the Newcomer office — which works “strategically” to support the resettlement of refugees but does not help refugees directly — discovered early on that PSRs needed services too.

Wing says the office itself doles out money to agencies like Lifeline Syria, Catholic Crosscultural Services and COSTI to “help refugee families directly” while managing an Interagency task force “to facilitate coordination and information sharing,” and organizing information fairs for private sponsors.

COSTI got $92,000 from the city, over and above the undisclosed federal money, to help move refugees into permanent housing. Lifeline Syria, which received $65,000 from the city of Toronto this past year, also only works with privately sponsored cases.

Spokesman Krystal Thomson says they’ve completed 384 cases involving 1,076 refugees while another 202 cases with 575 refugees are still in the pipeline waiting to be processed by the government.

In fact, Mayor John Tory, his wife and his sister have spent $27,000 to sponsor a refugee family through Lifeline Syria that has yet to arrive.

According to Tory, the family is “waiting in a refugee camp inside Turkey.” He believes that the delay is because the feds are taking a pause to allow refugees already in Canada to be absorbed.

Conquest by Breeding: Erdogan calls on Turkish families in Europe to have five children

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Conquest by Breeding: Erdogan calls on Turkish families in Europe to have five children


erdoganCREDIT: AFP

Erdogan calls on Turkish families in Europe to have five children to protect against ‘injustices’ 

17 MARCH 2017 • 6:34PM

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has called on Turkey’s citizens in Europe to step up their rates of procreation and have five children each, saying a booming Turkish population would be the best answer to the EU’s “vulgarism, antagonism, and injustice”.
Nearly a week after a diplomatic row between erupted between Holland and Turkey, Mr Erdoğan  continued what has become a daily ritual of hurling fresh antagonism towards Europe in front of cheering crowds of his conservative supporters. Erdogan, centre, poses for a photos with the members of a folklore group as he arrives to address his supporters in Sakarya, Turkey on Thursday
Erdogan, centre, poses for a photos with the members of a folklore group as he arrives to address his supporters in Sakarya, Turkey on Thursday CREDIT: AP
Speaking in the central city of Eskişehir, Turkey’s president urged “his brothers and sisters in Europe” to begin a baby boom in their new countries. “Have not just three but five children,” he told his flag-waving audience. 
“The place in which you are living and working is now your homeland and new motherland. Stake a claim to it. Open more businesses, enroll your children in better schools, make your family live in better neighborhoods, drive the best cars, live in the most beautiful houses.” 
The message was addressed to the 1.4 million Turkish voters who live in Germany, as well as the large Turkish populations in Holland, Austria, Bulgaria and the UK.
Mr Erdoğan is in the midst of a closely-fought referendum campaign in which he is asking voters to grant him sweeping new powers that would potentially let him stay in office until 2029. 
He appears to have decided that the diplomatic confrontation with Europe will help rally his base and found news ways to stoke the argument each day, from calling the Dutch government “Nazi remnants” to accusing Germany of harbouring terrorists. 
His rhetoric has been amplified by the Turkish media, which is mostly supportive of the government. The front page of Friday's edition of Turkish pro-government daily Gunes
The front page of Friday’s edition of Turkish pro-government daily Gunes CREDIT: AFP
The tabloid newspaper Güneş ran a front page cartoon of German chancellor Angela Merkel dressed in a Nazi uniform with the headline “Lady Hitler” on Friday, while Takvim republished a photograph of a Turkish man in Rotterdam being bitten by a Dutch police dog. 
There are not yet any reliable polls ahead of the April 16 referendum, making it difficult to gauge whether his strategy of amplifying the confrontation with Europe is working. 
But speaking in the snowy street of Eskişehir, his supporters said they were enraged by the treatment of Holland and other European countries which have stopped Turkish ministers from holding Yes vote rallies in their territory. 
“The EU has lost us and they have lost big time,” said Necmettin Yildirim, a manager in a construction company who turned out for Mr Erdoğan’s rally. “With their behaviour they have lost a country as developed as Turkey.” 
Turkish ministers have said several times in recent weeks they were thinking about tearing up a deal with the EU to stop migrants and refugees from Syria heading to Europe. 
Germany’s government said Friday there was no sign that Turkey was actually letting people through and that it expected the deal to hold.


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The government of Manitoba is currently experiencing a flood of refugee claimants on its border with the U.S. Well over 500 have entered and the possibility of thousands more looms. To deal with this issue, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has just announced that his government will provide financing for 14 new housing units. His announcement is naive and shows that he has been duped by the immigration lobby. Instead of catering to them, he should be pressuring back-boneless Trudeau to stop the inflow. Several months ago, Trudeau should have given orders to return these fake refugee claimants to the U.S. Instead he announced that Canada would welcome them.



Inline image 1

Financing housing units for fake refugees will divert scarce resources from the needy populations of Winnipeg and the rest of Manitoba.

According to a University of Winnipeg report, about 135,000 of the population of Winnipeg (Canada’s seventh largest city) is at risk of becoming homeless. Winnipeg itself has 7600 `hidden’ homeless, 1,915 short-term or crisis sheltered people and 350 living on the streets.

Currently, the government of Manitoba is unable to look after the homeless in its own capital.

We give the same advice to other provincial premiers (especially Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne) and to the gross hypocrites on the municipal councils of Toronto, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and other so-called “sanctuary” cities. Looking after people who call themselves refugees may give Canada’s useful “municipal idiots” some temporary noble and heroic delusions. It will definitely win them congratulations from the immigration lobby who are constantly looking for fools to support them.

But the “useful idiots” should remember that the immigration lobby (immigration lawyers, immigration consultants and ethnic advocates) consists of the foulest-smelling sludge in the immigration advocacy cesspool. Most of the lobby pretend to be protectors of the world’s persecuted, but they do what they do to maintain their jobs, increase their personal financial gain and to betray Canada. As for their clients, most of them are here to plunder Canada.


For details of the University of Winnipeg report, see


Maybe Canadian Seniors Should Claim “Refugee” Status

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Maybe Canadian Seniors Should Claim “Refugee” Status

Mr. Prime Minister, honourable Minister and the Rt. Hon. Premier,
You can rest assured Mr. Prime Minister that you and your ilk will NOT be re-elected in the next election because by that time Canada will be BROKE handing out freebies to refugees who have contributed absolutely NOTHING to our economy and are not likely to.  We seniors who have worked all our bloody lives here, paid our fair share of taxes, obeyed our own laws are now relegated to third class citizens unworthy of the respect we so justly deserve from you and your government.  You have succeeded your father alright and just like all bloody socialists you are giving away the farm to undeserving people whose only aim is to obliterate our society and impose sharia law on us.  Well, you might as well have it come from me:  WE RESPONSIBLE CANADIAN CITIZENS WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!  And as long as this inequality continues you can bet your bottom dollar that more and more WORKING CANADIANS will cease working, cease filing income tax returns and cease paying taxes.  There aren’t enough jails to house all of those who will make this happen!

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Subject: On CTV news last night.

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This is a FAIR USE of the YouTube video of Srosh Hassana addressing the House of Commons in Canada on International Women’s Day March 8, 2017.

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Misery is a Choice

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Misery is a Choice

Hijab and the New Indian Muslim Woman | by firoze shakir photographerno1

March 18, 2017
The sad truth is that so many people are in a state of love, and not together with someone, and yet so many people are together and are not in love but trudging on the age of misery. Misery is almost always a choice of the mind that has other very available options, like ‘not to be miserable’! There are legions of miserable like Don Quixotes jousting with windmills and pretending that the trivia they obsess over gives meaning to their victimhood-centered lives.

Misery makes you a victim. Nobody of any race makes you choose to have unprotected sex and get pregnant at 16. Nobody makes you choose to have three kids by three different baby daddies. Nobody makes you flunk out of school. Nobody makes you spend money on partying instead of your rent. Nobody makes you assault a police officer. Nobody makes you rob a house and get a criminal record. It’s not oppression. It’s a sub-culture that says you can make every mistake in the world, but your screwed-up life is still someone else’s fault?! 

Misery loves company! The company the misery possessed would really want in their heart of hearts are positive people who make the choice to not be miserable, but why would ‘they’ want to be around someone who ‘cries in their soup’ and brings clouds into the room. ‘’Out, out brief candle’’ is part of a quote from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth …  Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Ring a bell?

Blaming all your troubles on anything or anyone is a disingenuous inversion of the affirmative side of life. If you don’t like how something in the world is, try to changing it, but don’t whine and cry  and talk about how terrible life is for you because you were born the wrong race or sex. Hold yourself to a higher standard than that. Look for the opportunities that often get missed because they require some work. Be a better person and stop lying to yourself about oppression in the least racist, most welcoming country in the history of humankind. 

Having a PhD in misery is returnable by making a choice. Let go of negative attachment memories that you lug around everyday in your life. More love energy will rise when the negative is let go of. Love is diluted where negativity is occupying the space. If you choose misery, be happy with your choice! If this is not your choice, drop all patterns that create it and start making new patterns! Open the doors of positivity and a new bliss will flow. You have a choice – deal with it, and don’t forget to smile!
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