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This is what CIBC thinks of Canadians!

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This is what CIBC thinks of Canadians!

Picture taken Oct. 28th 2011

CIBC Bank corner of 41st & Victoria in Vancouver B.C……….….

We (as Canadians) are not privileged or worthy of any freebies like this.
We have to make sure the funds are available to all the foreigners, but lets not take care of our own.
Pass this on to everyone you know and make sure we don’t encourage this kind of discrimination.

A call to the bank is answered in English and then Chinese. Shows whom the bank thinks is more important.



The Immigration Lobby — A Bold Vision of Hope?

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The Immigration Lobby — A Bold Vision of Hope?
Inline image 1

By calling for an immigration intake increase to 450,000 per year in what has been, over 25 years, the world’s highest rate of immigration, Ottawa’s  Advisory Council on Economic Growth is but scraping the surface on what Canada can achieve in growth and influence. Their recommendation would free this country from its economic doldrums and project Canadian enlightenment and hope around the world.

Establishing an annual immigration rate of 1 ½% of the Canadian population creates a cycle of compound growth. Our population will double every 50 years elevating it to 36 billion (1000 times the current paltry level of 36 million) by the year 2500  vs waiting until  the year 2700 with the current rate of 1% (320,000 this year) !

Think of the dynamics of the economy created by adding 1000 Torontos, Vancouvers, Calgarys, and Montreals to Canada’s empty and lonely landscape !!   To maintain the Canadian connection with the great outdoors every family would have a cottage. This means 14 billion personal retreats spread over the limitless Canadian beauty. We would truly be the nation of nature !!

The use of cold fusion sea water reactors would allow never-ending power to be produced. Meanwhile, the vast oil sands could be counted on to provide liquid fuels for the 175 billion vehicle fleet of our multi car and recreation vehicle families forever.

The latest generation of perpetual motion machines would enable this infinite energy to be used for infinite uses.   Canada would become the leading consumer nation, eclipsing China and India combined many times over.

Yet Immigration Minister John McCallum appears to have backpedaled on this brilliant proposal saying it might be too ambitious.   What bold initiative ever lacked ambition? For the nation of hope, “too ambitious” is an oxymoron. Ambition and hope are the twin pillars of progress and enlightenment.

This bold and hopeful economy would guarantee unlimited market potential with housing prices soaring to the millions of dollars per sq foot and higher.   Several million people can earn immense wealth in trading properties and millions more could have their mega yacht come in with just a few years of stock derivatives investing.

Those who were income challenged (one should no longer use the word “poor” or “lazy”) like doctors, engineers and those engaged in the tawdry trades of producing food and real goods and services, could be given courses in financial management to allow them to participate in this galaxy of money making opportunities. Keyboards truly are the wealth producers of mans’ dreams.

Of course, there are practical limitations. 36 billion people is 5 times the current population of Earth which means that not only must the planets population have to grow but everyone has to move to Canada.


There would have to be a few. But paving over farmland is a natural process for an informed growth economy since agricultural produce accounts for a very small amount of the economy compared to land development. Once all of our farmland has been upgraded into money producing investment plays, the concept of agriculture will be just a quaint memory.

Problems? Yes. But these have been foreseen by the enlightened Advisory Council. They predict a skills shortage for 2500 due to indolent Canadian youth who live in their parents closets inside their grandparents bedrooms in their great grandparents basements. The shortage will be alleviated by that year’s intake of 540 million (1.5% of 36 billion) 24/7 working, low wage craving, compliant immigrants.

Other countries, misguided by pessimists and naysayers pushing their quality of life and social cohesiveness agenda, will be left in the dust of their own global warming paranoia by our economic growth.

In just several short centuries of compound 1 ½% immigration, Canada will stand astride the globe like a colossus with our vision on the stars above us. A mere 1000 years after the first Europeans landed in this deserted cornucopia of unending natural resources, Canada will have achieved endless progress. There are no limits once the politics of growth-forever are embraced and applied !!

Think of it! Hope never ending, the solution to all of mans’ problems.

Too ambitious?? Humbug!

Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe Discuss The Trump Phenomenon

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Paul Fromm & Brian Ruhe Discuss The Trump Phenomenon

Richard Spencer gave a speech inspiring the Alt-right in the US in November 2016 at the annual confernce of the Nationnal Policy Institute in Washington, DC,…

Richard Spencer gave a speech inspiring the Alt-right in the US in November 2016 at the annual confernce of the Nationnal Policy Institute in Washington, DC, at the Ronald reagan Hotel. That video:

In this video Canadian Alt-right figures Paul Fromm and Brian Ruhe celebrate the Trump victory and look forward to the future. Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee at:

I am Brian Ruhe, a channeler blessing President-Elect Donald Trump and his movement. I host “The Brian Ruhe Show” here on YouTube but my closest associates are devas. I taught meditation for 20 years until the Jews at B’nai Brith got fired me from my jobs. I am the author of two books available at Amazon.

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In February 2016, I made the video “CANADIANS for TRUMP!”

Keeping Donald Trump Alive – 1 of 2 was released in March 2016

Donald Trump versus the New World Order – 1 of 4, in October 2016

Join Ruhe on Twitter at .

His most recent book is “A SHORT WALK ON AN ANCIENT PATH – A Buddhist Exploration of Meditation, Karma and Rebirth”, available in book or ebook form at at:

The End Game: What the Immigration Lobby Has in Store for Us

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The End Game:

What the Immigration Lobby Has in Store for Us 



It has been an ongoing story that never lets up.  Ordinary working metro-Vancouverites, including double-income families, are being displaced by big foreign money and in-migration.  Not only can they not afford a down payment or qualify for a mortgage, in a growing number of cases they can’t even  pay the rent, assuming they find an apartment or basement suite.


This housing crisis has provided ample fodder for local news media.  In fact, rare is the night when it doesn’t  pop up  as a news item. Or so it seems.  Case in  point:


Yesterday evening, November 21, 2016,  a BC Global TV news reporter asked real estate magnate Bob Rennie about how he would address Vancouver’s lack of affordable housing. His answer: increase supply (surprise, surprise).  How do you do that? By changing zoning laws so that houses could be converted to multi-family suites.  Another form of densification.

The following night, November 22nd, BC Global TV news made Premier Christy Clark’s announcement to create affordable housing its top news story. Her plan?  Spend $855 million to create 5,000 social housing units involving 68 new projects.

5,000 units. That sounds like a lot. Except when you consider that in addition to the number of foreign-born migrants coming in from other provinces, 30,000 freshly minted New Canadians are settling in the city every year via the airport express.  Repeat.  While 5,000 units are being built, 30,000 extra people are inserted into the housing market each year.  This conjures up the image of Charlie Chaplin in the factory scene in “Modern Times”  . No matter how hard Charlie tries to keep up with the flow,  he can’t move fast enough to deal with the stuff that it is coming at him down the conveyor belt.


Let’s do the math.


Let’s err on the conservative side and assume that each unit will be occupied by 4 people.  That would  mean that those 30,000 extra people would require 7,500 units,  or 625 units every month for a year.  In other words, just 8 months of business-as-usual immigration would wipe out the benefit of 5,000 social housing units.  This is not to say that these immigrants will dwell in the new units, but that they will increase the pool of city residents looking for housing, thereby bidding up real estate prices and pushing more Vancouverites out of the market.  Premier Clark might as well use the $855 million to pay for their moving vans.

Bottom line: Increasing the supply of housing in the context of continuing large-scale immigration is FUTILE. It is the Labour of Sisyphus. Like bailing water out of a leaky boat. Even a cretin should understand that, but apparently politicians and realtors have failed to reach even that modest mental bench mark.  Or could it be that the rewards of not understanding it are too great to resist?

Obviously the solution is to reduce demand. How do you do that? Simple. You lower the federal government’s immigration and refugee intake. “But wait”, they will say, “immigration policy is not in our jurisdiction”.  True. But do you ever hear a Vancouver Mayor or a city councillor call for a halt to immigration? Or at least a moratorium to allow Canada’s urban centres to catch their breath? A pause that would buy some time so all levels of government can repair infrastructure or improve social services or expand medical services or train more doctors or build more residential care facilities?

The answer is “No”.  Not now. Not ever. Immigration is the Elephant-in-the-Room .  The love of mindless  growth that dare not speak its name. The very idea of reducing demand is outside the box.

Instead, what we have heard from city politicians across the land is a perennial demand  that Ottawa cough up federal funding to cope with the growing demands that immigration-driven population growth inflicts upon their property taxpayers.  Taxpayers who are not only expected to fork over the money for infrastructure,  transit and social service costs and  ESL  training——but move over and squeeze tighter  and tighter for an endless queue of migrants whom the self-serving immigration lobby insists we need.


In essence, the Conference Board of Canada, the federal cabinet, the Mayor, the city council and the Bob Rennies of this world are issuing city residents an ultimatum:  Either submit to ever increasing density and live in a shoebox—-or leave.  Make Vancouver a “Sanctuary City” for illegal migrants, but offer no sanctuary for Canadian Vancouverites who cannot afford shelter.

Growth mongers need to answer several questions.


What is your end game?


What is your population target?  How many people do you want to live in this country?” 40 million? 50 million? Or is it John McCallum’s wet dream of 100 million citizens?


If so, where do you intend to fit them in?  The wetlands that comprise 14% of Canada? Or the lakes that make up 7.6%? Or the permafrost tundra, or the boreal forest upon which global climate stability depends, or the mountains which together account for another 73% of this “big” country of ours?   The Canadian Shield alone occupies 48% of the land. Think of undulating hills of spongy swamps, decaying peat,  and thick taiga forest on top of rock dotted with thousands of lakes—not an ideal site for the town home accommodation of ten million refugees and 50 million immigrants,  wouldn’t you say?


And then there is that one little detail, that provision in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees freedom of movement.  How do you intend to command so many millions of newcomers to make these God-forsaken regions their home? Answer: You can’t.  And if you can’t command them or direct them, how would you entice them? And if enticed, how would you make them stay?  There is a reason so few Canadians live there. Other than the sub-zero temperatures and the black flies, that is.  They need a viable economy.


Economics compels 80% of us to live in cities. The trouble is, only 5.2% of Canada is arable, and of that , only .5% is classified as “Class 1”, half of which is found in Ontario. And wouldn’t ya know it, most of it is close to that  beacon of mass immigration, the GTA.  B.C.’s Fraser Valley is also in the cross-hairs.  Canadians have already lost one fifth of this priceless Class 1 farmland to development. Do you propose that that continue? No?


OK then.  We’ve ruled out the uninhabitable 94%, and we don’t want to lose any more of our prime arable  land.  And mass immigration is off the table.  So that leaves us with but one option.  Pack’em into urban sardine cans.


That’s it, isn’t it? The end game.


Tim  Murray

November 22, 2016

Alt-Right Flyers Invade Multicultural Canada

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Alt-Right Flyers Invade Multicultural Canada

by Fan Jun

Flyer in Toronto
Flyer in Toronto

Flyers in Toronto

Asequence of flyers posted in Toronto and inside mailboxes in Richmond, BC, over the last weeks have occasioned a sequence of paroxysms of rage, totalitarian self-righteousness, and hate crimes investigations across the second largest country of the world.

It all began on a quiet morning when a young White male cuck saw a poster on a tree with the words “Hey, WHITE PERSON, wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’?” and “figured out that diversity only means ‘less white people’?” This man, an exemplary law abiding member of the most diverse and most harmonious city ever created in history, was “shocked and disgusted” by these words, and immediately pulled down the flyers, and then notified the police about a potential invasion of Canada by an Alt-Right army.

City councillor Jane Davis, who brags in her Twitter she is “working with you to build our community” backed by a picture consisting of sixteen children of which only two are White, immediately tweeted:

This hate is unacceptable in our City. Staff are removing the posters immediately and investigating who is responsible.

She then called for more immigration to stop the possibility of any White male in the future posting such “very disturbing, very worrisome” ideas.

And so it went for a few days, article after article, TV news after TV news, with Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong assuring the most harmonious community in human history that the Police had “launched an investigation after speaking to several complainants about the posters.”

The investigation would also involve “taking samples” of the bacterial flyers “for analysis” in laboratories.

Even a “spokesman for Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation,” Matthew Cutler, was “made aware” of the flyers in case they were found across the forests and parks of Canada. He agreed that they would carry a thorough examination of as many trees as possible, and that all the forestry agents were instructed to “immediately remove them” if they saw them.

Rinaldo Walcott

CBC news announced a police investigation “after posters went up directing people to ‘pro-European’ news sources” They consulted an expert on pro-European hatred, Rinaldo Walcott, director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto. After much thinking, he came up with a brilliant analytical conclusion:

Of course the American election has emboldened white nationalist groups in Toronto. Only time will tell how far out of the shadows they will emerge.

You see, Walcott is an exemplary member of our harmonious multicultural nation; all his writings have been about Black Like Who: Writing Black Canada, Contemporary Black Canadian Cultural Criticism, etc. etc. You don’t believe me, check his university page, it says with pride that:

in all of Rinaldo’s research and publication he focuses on Black cultural politics; histories of colonialism in the Americas, multiculturalism, citizenship, and diaspora; gender and sexuality; and social, cultural and public policy.

And why not, how else are you are going to create a harmonious Canada if not by eliminating pro-European ideas and establishing pro-Black ideas?

Nate Erskine-Smith, the member of parliament for Beaches-East York, announced with solemn words and self-righteous indignation:

We are better than this. Ignorant, unacceptable and #NotMyCanada.

Even Marilyn Mayo, Research Fellow in ADL’s Center on Extremism, was asked to comment about this major course of events in Canada. She had no doubt these flyers were “in favour of a politics that embraces either implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy,” and that an Alt-Right movement was now threatening the entire fabric of Canada’s exemplary multicultural harmony.

The Huffington Post, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, and countless others would go on ad nauseum with similar stories, similar reactions, and similar experts.

Flyers in Richmond, BC

Then, a few days later, another massive shock hit the other side of the country: Alt-Right Pamphlets Come to Richmond Targeting Chinese People. How could this be, how did White men manage to penetrate this stronghold of harmonious multiculturalism, a city that is now majority Chinese, with Chinese commercial signs everywhere, and barely any audible English on the streets?

Flyer in Richmond
Flyer in Richmond, BC

One resident, “who feared possible retribution” by White soldiers if named by the Richmond News said:

I was horrified, absolutely horrified. I thought, is this real? Oh my gosh, this is what’s happening in the United States right now. I just couldn’t believe this was happening.

Don’t worry, Cpl. Dennis Hwang assured residents that

the Richmond RCMP will take all matters that may be hate or bias motivated very seriously. We are currently investigating this incident.

“I’m pissed that someone thought this was acceptable,” said another resident. What the establishment found most unacceptable indeed was the way this poster “alludes to ethnic Chinese people refusing to speak English and making housing prices unaffordable,” and suggesting that “white people are being marginalized” in such a successful example of multicultural diversity as Richmond.

Don’t these White supremacists know that Richmond is “the centre of a global demographic explosion virtually unprecedented in human history”? Can’t they understand that multiculturalism has worked in this city, “no other city in Canada has a population in which 62 per cent of permanent residents are foreign born?”

Are they not aware that University of Victoria urban geographer David Chenyuan Lai has counted more than “50 bustling Asian-themed malls and outlets”? Can’t they see that giant houses called “McMansions” are “steadily replacing” the boring “small bungalows” of White families?

How could they possibly target the Chinese when Richmond, six years ago, as of 2011, finally became 54.6 percent Chinese, and only 26.1 percent White? Is this not a major success signalling ever growing harmony?

Well, if pro-European men can’t see that this is a success, the establishment will ensure that it is, and so CEO Queenie Choo has announced that S.U.C.C.E.S.S. will hold a massive forum in the new year “over anti-immigrant sentiment.” S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is especially designed “to assist new immigrants with settlement; provide counselling and support to families and individuals with personal issues” and re-educating the White population into accepting without any racist complaints their demographic replacement in Canada as the most successful thing that could ever happen for the sake of multicultural harmony.

How dare you Whites put posters disrupting the incredible success of multicultural Canada! How dare you wonder why only White countries are being forced to become racially diverse? How dare you question your marginalization? Tired of being called a racist if you question this success? You bet we will call you a racist if you express “pro-European” views rather than our pro-Chinese and pro-Black views.

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Trump Victory: What Now for Europa?

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Trump Victory: What Now for Europa?

celticcorssSo a battle has been won but victory is still far from reach –especially for Europa.

Greg Johnson over at Counter-Currents Publishing has outlined in a post-victory article four suggestions for the re-election of Trump and, further, the possible election of Donald Trump Junior in 2024. These four suggestions are:

1) Non-citizens cannot be allowed to vote. Trump should refuse to seat the California congressional delegation because the state allowed non-citizens to vote. All of California is a rotten borough, and until it cleans up its voter rolls, we might as well extend the wall around it. This goes for any other state or electoral district that allows non-citizens to vote.

2) Create new, reliably Republican states: Northern California should become Jefferson. Upstate New York should break away from NYC and Long Island. Southern Illinois should break away from Chicago’s orbit. That alone would mean six more Republican senators, as well as additional Republican Representatives and Electoral College votes.

3) Purge the voter rolls of dead people, duplicate voters, and felons — and vigorously prosecute and jail those who commit voter fraud.

4) Decrease opportunities for electoral fraud by eliminating mail-in ballots and early voting, requiring valid ID that proves citizenship, installing facial recognition technology to prevent the same people from voting multiple times with different IDs, and making voting machine software and hardware completely transparent and open source.

But what now for Europa? We have all joined our American kinsmen in basking in the Liberal butthurt of infantile adults breaking down with something approximating Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.). We have rejoiced in the System’s paid political stooges and Presstitutes with egg on their face, now having to work with and report upon the most powerful man in the world who rejects their sentiments and to a significant extent shares our Nationalist platform. We have all laughed at the £3.5 million Paddy Power have to shell out after jumping the gun with the below image and paying out early to those who backed a loser who might soon be facing a fresh investigation and possible imprisonment by the Trump Administration.

cropped_mainpaddypoweruselectionBut now it is time to get serious. We now have a strong wind in our collective sails blowing in from across the Pond. We need to utilise this energy and take advantage of the tacit permission this political earthquake, this Trump victory, has granted us.

Apart from assisting our American brethren in the possible necessity of holding Trump’s ‘feet to the fire’ should he, for whatever reason, fail to deliver on his promises, we should not become engrossed in what is happening in the States and remember our collective war –not wanted yet declared upon us– here in the Motherland.

This latest video from Identitarian View espouses a lot of Nationalist sentiment generally, and a lot of Western Spring’s in particular. In addition to the following synopsis of the video, the concepts of metapolitics and extra-parliamentary struggle supplant a development of our Fourth and Fifth Prerequisites :

Trump has won, but the liberal left are already planning their counter-strike. Together with the media they will try everything to paralyze and block his precidency, with their protest on the streets.

What Trump needs now to achieve his plans to stop mass immigration and start the remigration is a metapolitical activist movement, that serves as a “ground force” for alternative media.

Hail Victory!

By Rick Lee © 2016

Honouring Both Sides on Remembrance Day

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Honouring Both Sides on Remembrance Day 

11 Nov 2016 4:33

Honouring Both Sides on Remembrance Day

Paul Fromm discusses the meaning of Remembrance Day. He honours ALL brave Europeans who fought for ideals. He notes that these wicked wars, WW I and WWII, were a genetic catastrophe for European man. 

Inline image 1

November 11 is also the 51st anniversary of UDI, Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence. [In 1979, they were betrayed and backstabbed by the U.S. (arch-conspirator Henry Kissinger), Britain, South Africa and Canada.

Inline image 2

The Triumph of the Donald

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The Canadian Red Ensign


The Triumph of the Donald

Eight years ago, Dr. Thomas Fleming, then editor of Chronicles Magazine, wrote that no matter who won that year’s presidential election the outcome was known – the victor would be the worst president in American history. This was an understandable prediction. The candidates that year were John McCain for the Republicans and Barack Obama for the Democrats. The former was a warmongering hawk who was likely to have started a World War. The latter was a man who had an agenda of racial division and strife that he tried to hide behind a façade of substance-free, positive sounding tripe about hope and change.

This year the Democratic Party put forward as their candidate someone who was a combination of the worst elements of both John McCain and Barack Obama – Hillary Rodham Clinton. Mercifully, it is Donald John Trump and not her, who has just been elected the next president of the United States.

The media, which has treated Trump’s campaign as a joke from day one, and has predicted his failure every step of the way up until this last evening when it became evident that he would win the required number of electoral college votes is now trying to figure out how they could have been so wrong and how to explain Trump’s victory.

They need look no further than the writings of a late colleague of the aforementioned Dr. Fleming, Dr. Samuel T. Francis, one-time award winning editorial columnist with the Washington Times and political editor of Chronicles. A traditional Southern conservative and a sworn foe of political correctness, Sam Francis was also a brilliant student of Realpolitik and the Machiavellian elite theory of power politics as articulated by ex-Trotskyist-turned-Cold Warrior James Burnham. Accepting Burnham’s thesis in The Managerial Revolution, that the paths of socialism and capitalism had converged and a new type of society that was neither and both had emerged led by a new elite of technocratic managers and bureaucrats, Francis attributed the problems he saw in late twentieth century America to this new elite. He brilliantly diagnosed the combination of the breakdown of law and order and border security with the tyranny of political correctness, bureaucratic overregulation, and the surveillance state as anarcho-tyranny – a synthesis of anarchism and tyranny. In the theories of liberal sociologists Donald Warren about MARs – Middle American Radicals – Francis believed he had found the solution to the problem. The exportation of their jobs through free trade, the importation of their replacements through mass immigration, and their being heavily taxed to pay for a welfare state while being targeted by anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action, and political correctness in general, had potentially radicalized middle class white Americans. A populist nationalist could tap into this potential to fight against the new order. Francis’ friend Patrick J. Buchanan, columnist and former speech writer for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, attempted to do this three times in 1993, 1996 and as a third party candidate in 2000.

Buchanan, unfortunately, came nowhere near the White House and so Sam Francis, who passed away eleven years ago, did not live to see his arguments bear fruit.

The reason why the same populist, nativist, platform that failed to produce a Buchanan presidency has carried the Trump train all the way to the White House is evident in this year’s presidential race. To win, Trump had to first fight off all the other contenders – each preferred by the Republican Party’s own establishment over himself – for the Republican nomination. Then in the general election he had to fight the Democratic Party, a united mass media, the powerful financial interests behind Clinton, and more often than not the establishment of his own party. To do this required a particular combination of credentials which only Donald Trump possessed.

First, as a very successful businessman he was extremely wealthy – enough so that he did not have to rely upon the financiers to whom he would otherwise be indentured and no different from any other politician. The same could be said of Ross Perot – but Perot chose to run as an independent and third party candidate, paths that lead to nowhere.

Second, as the host of the popular reality/game show The Apprentice, Trump was a world famous celebrity and therefore not someone who could simply be silenced or ignored.

Finally, Trump had the combination of sincere patriotism, sheer egotism, and unrelenting determination sufficient to weather everything that his powerful enemies threw at him.

It was only someone with this particular combination who could capitalize on Francis’s MARs strategy and carry it through to victory.

I cannot recall a time when the outcome of an election pleased me more than this one. That may seem odd, coming from someone who is neither an American nor a republican, but is rather a Canadian Tory who can only tolerate popular democracy when it is mixed, as it is in our parliamentary system, with hereditary monarchy. For that matter I have long been of Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn’s opinion that the ideology which is nationalism is a dangerous substitute for the virtuous sentiment that is true patriotism. Donald Trump does not strike me as being an ideologue, however – it was amusing to hear a representative of the Democratic Party interviewed on CBC after the third presidential debate talk about Trump’s ideology, as if he had one – and on practical matters such as immigration and free trade the difference between patriotism and nationalism is somewhat moot. There is a certain amount of schadenfreude in this, I confess – I have long loathed Hillary Clinton, everything she stands for, and the type of people who have been backing her. It is very satisfying, however, to see someone who has his country’s good at heart, on matters like trade and immigration, win out over the forces of globalism and political correctness that have seemed undefeatable for decades.

On November 8th, 2016 the American voting public sent a very clear message – to both Hillary Clinton and the politically correct, corporate globalist elites. That message, put simply, was “you’re fired!”

Now that Donald Trump has been elected president the question will be whether he will do all the things he has promised to do. There are many that say that he won’t – but they also said through this entire race that he would never be able to win this primary or that one, that he would never be able to secure the Republican nomination, that he would never be able to defeat Hillary Clinton – and he proved them wrong at every turn. Hillary Clinton, with her combination of all the bad traits of John McCain and Barack Obama combined, had she won, would have been the worst American president in all of history. Donald Trump, if he accomplishes even a fraction of what he has set out to do, may very well go down in history as their greatest and best president ever.

Are Canadian Workers Silenced Slaves? Are Canadian Workers Silenced Slaves? Paul Fromm in the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression at . The host, Brian Ruhe is part of the Alt-right and Can… YOUTUBE.COM Brian Ruhe interviews Paul Fromm about employers’ control of workers’ off-job views and behaviour.

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Are Canadian Workers Silenced Slaves?

Paul Fromm in the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression at . The host, Brian Ruhe is part of the Alt-right and Can…
Brian Ruhe interviews Paul Fromm about employers’ control of workers’ off-job views and behaviour.