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Ottawa Mayor, Police Force, Islamic Groups Attacking “Racist” Old Stock Canadians

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Ottawa Mayor, Police Force, Islamic Groups Attacking “Racist” Old Stock Canadians

Led by the City of Ottawa, United Way East Ontario, Ottawa Police Service, and joined by many other organizations, the group will coordinate local efforts to overcome hate and violence in our city.

“We know members of our communities face Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, and other forms of hate,” said Yasir Naqvi, Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Canadian Citizenship.” We’re here today to show that we are taking a unified approach to help address these issues.”

Yes- it is a unified approach– unite all Anglophones into a monolithic community stepped in racism and bigotry. Always the way–forever and a day. Witch-hunting organizations such as Muslimlink, National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Anti-Hate Network love to slam Old Stock Canadians as racists and bigots–without ever coming out and explicitly stating who the perpetrators are.

Yet, any informed Canadians(step aside Snowflakes) understands the message implicit in the program– the racists and bigots are all White Canadians. Why so cowardly? It is perfectly logical that if such comprehensive racism exists in the fashion described, some group of Canadians must be responsible.

Still, the witch-hunt brigade prefer a more tacit approach–we will brand white Canada racist without actually coming out and “naming names.”

From the Old Stock Canadian perspective–the one currently being suppressed by way of Canadian media– what difference is there between an implicit and explicit approach?

Is the end game not the very same? The Liberal-Globalist assault upon English Canada always is–these agendas are written-in-stone, and immutable– just like the so-called “multicultural” organizations driving this anti-Anglophone agenda.

Please do tell, Ms. Amira Elghawby— how much energy will be placed upon IMAM’s preaching hate in Ottawa mosques? How much of your resources will focus upon fundamentalist/militant Islam’s attack upon Christians?

Let CAP guess– “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”  In other words, this “anti-racism” initiative is an anti-white agenda disguised as an advance of “human rights” issues.

My oh my–how incredibly “Justin Trudeau” this is. And of course this is the case. Globalism is naturally a globalist phenomenon–meaning the patterns repeat over and over in a pre-conceived manner.

Government. Media. Academia. Third World non-profit organizations.  Tax-payer funded immigration, refugee and multicultural organizations. All united in form and content–and all of it anti- Anglophone in essence.

But you know what really get CAP’s goat? When Canadian mayors support a set-up for the demonization of those who  come from the same heritage as they do. What a common phenomenon this is– it is practically ubiquitous among Canadian mayors.

In fact, after Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, MP Ahmed Hussen, academia and media, CAP will state Canadian mayors collectively support the vilification of their own people.

John Tory of Toronto. Jim Watson of Ottawa. Lisa Helps of Victoria. Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga. Each one is fully on-board with shaping the collective character of 25- odd million Old Stock Canadians into a rabid gang of uneducated racist meatheads.

All in a day’s work, eh? What a state-of-affairs. Justin Trudeau spent four years demonizing Anglo-Canada by way his vote-pandering, grovelling apologies to every non-Anglo community he could find: Sikhs, Chinese, Jews, Muslims, First Nations.

What did this do for our people? Branded them racists, bigots and xenophobes. Who agreed with him? Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen, MP Iqra Khalid, and other members of PM Trudeau’s “globalist” inner circle.

READ MORE: Death of Democracy– Canada Becomes WORLD LEADER In Refugee Intake, Majority Of Citizens Are OPPOSED

On a provincial level, the government of British Columbia has also delivered apologies for the historical–as well as present-day– behaviour of Old Stock Canada. After both Justin Trudeau and former PM Stephen Harper apologized for the Chinese Head Tax of 1905, ex-Liberal Premier Christy Clark’s government also issued an apology.

Then, the following year, Raymond Louie of the Vancouver city municipal government issued a third apology for the Chinese Head Tax. Good enough? Of course not–we are talking about insatiable multicult-pushers here– being dissatisfied is woven into the DNA of these forces.

Okay, so we have all three levels of government grovelling to Third World Canada based upon their collective surge in political power in a post-Pierre Trudeau Canada.

Rule #1 — Old Stock Canada must feel sorry for these people. Rule #2-– Old Stock Canada are responsible for the suffering of all non-Anglophone communities in Canada.

Mayor Jim Watson of Ottawa agrees. Mayor Jim Watson raises Pride flag at Ottawa City hall. See Watson establish “Iran Day” at Ottawa City Hall.   Witness as Watson supports “Islamic Heritage Month” in Ontario.

Boy, are these Canadians all over the place regarding the joys and sorrows of Third World Canada. One of the most tell-tale signs of the entire sordid affair lies with this Islamic Heritage Month propaganda piece–Canada, in truth, has no Islamic heritage.

Consider this thought– to what extent has Islamic philosophy or ideology impacted the formation of Canadian society. Quick answer– to no extent at all.

Now, let’s turn to Anglophone Canada. Fact is, every fundamental of Canadian society is rooted in British and European-style governance. Rule of Law, Constitution, Parliamentary structure, habeas corpus, hidden ballots, justice system,court system, and related jurisprudence.

Trudeau-family created liberal-globalist outcome? Anglophones are bigoted bastards, and rabid racists. Fair and equitable? You be the judge. Then, what happens next?

White Canada is accused of having “white privilege.”  Muslimlink of Canada— kindly point out the so-called “white privilege” implicit in the contents of this article.

Stone-cold silence. It’s always the way with these people and their nefarious political agendas. So Bonnie Crombie, John Tory and Jim Watson have fully bought into the “whitey as menace” theory–regardless of the fact they themselves are Canadians of this variety.

How “Liberal-Globalist” this is. Imagine how happy Anglo-bashers like Senator Ratna Omidvar are. Third World-centric journalists Shree Paradkar and Sheema Khan are over-the-moon about it. Jasmine Zine, academic white-basher from Wilfred Laurier is also well pleased.

But millions of Old Stock Canadians are not impressed in the least– and with every day that passes, more and more are awakening to the “snow-job” Trudeau and Gerald Butts have planted into the garden of Canadian society– the concept that white Canada are nothing more than spiteful, hateful racists and bigots.




Green party prepared to accept tens of thousands of new climate refugees

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Green party prepared to accept tens of thousands of new climate refugees
[The Green Party are phoney environmentalists. It’s obvious that increased population means more stress on the environment. More people mean fewer green spaces, more traffic gridlock, etc., Yet, the Greens was to accept tens of thousands of “climate refugees” all from the Third World. The Greens may want to save an obscure endangered bird or fish but have no interest in saving Canada’s European founding/settler people from replacement. — Paul Fromm]

OTTAWA – Green party Leader Elizabeth May says if elected, her party would welcome the arrival of tens of thousands of new refugees to Canada who may soon be forced to leave their homeland because of climate change.

In an interview with CTV’s Question Period on Sunday, May said her party would work to ensure communities in Canada are prepared for the influx of newcomers.

“We have right now, depopulated areas across the country. We can build up infrastructure by 2030 and 2040 to accept far more people in regions, for instance in the Prairies, where there are depopulated places, in Atlantic Canada, and northern Quebec.”

May based her “tens of thousands” estimate on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s assessment that by 2050, the world could expect to see approximately 200 million more refugees displaced by environmental crises should the planet continue to warm at the rate it is now.

This would be the result of changes to things like shoreline disruption, coastal flooding, and agricultural disruption.

“One of the points Greens make is we have to prepare,” May said. “By geography, we’re one of the biggest countries in the world, by population one of the smaller. We have an obligation; we’ve been one of the biggest polluters.”

May started “climate week” in Calgary marching with local residents and moved east to Montreal by Friday, joining hundreds of thousands of protesters advocating for increased climate action.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh also marched in Montreal and Victoria respectively, while Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier opted out.

The full interview airs on CTV’s Question Period on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.

Noel Ignatiev, The Jewish Scholar Who Called For Abolishing Whiteness, Is Dead

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Noel Ignatiev, The Jewish Scholar Who Called For Abolishing Whiteness, Is Dead

Could this day get any better?

Charlie Kirk booed off the stage.

VOX surges in the Spanish election.

Tens of thousands of Based Poles march in Poland.

Now, the best news of all is that Noel Ignatiev is dead!

Los Angeles Times:

“Noel Ignatiev, a former steelworker who became a historian known for his work on race and class and his call to abolish “whiteness,” died at Banner-University Medical Center Tucson on Saturday. He was 78. The cause was an intestinal infarction, according to Kingsley Clarke, a longtime friend.

Ignatiev’s best-known book, “How the Irish Became White,” was immediately influential and controversial upon its publication in 1995. It touched off a firestorm of debate at the time at academic conferences and in the pages of newspapers. In time his view that whiteness is a social and political construction — and not a phenomenon with a biological basis — has become mainstream. The resurgence of white identity politics and white nationalism in recent years made Ignatiev’s arguments relevant to a new generation of readers who argued the notion that race is more about power and privilege rather than about ancestry, or even identity. …

Ignatiev urged white people: “Be reverse Oreos. Defy the rules of whiteness — flagrantly, publicly. When someone makes a racial slur in your presence, say, ‘You probably think I’m white because I look white.’ Challenge behaviors that reproduce race distinctions.”

The interviewer continued: “You’d do this in a bar full of rednecks?”
Ignatiev replied: “That depends a lot on the situation. Challenging people on their whiteness can lead to harsh confrontations, even blows. Sometimes that can’t be helped. But since we don’t accept labeling people, I’d ask you: What’s a redneck?” “

If you are not familiar with Noel Ignatiev, he is the Jew who started the abolish whiteness stuff which has become all the rage with the woke crowd.

Jared Taylor Explains THE GREAT REPLACEMENT to Italian TV

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Jared Taylor Explains THE GREAT REPLACEMENT to Italian TV

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 6, 2019…/jared-taylor-explains-white-advoca…/

On August 28, 2019, journalist Giorgio Mottola interviewed Jared Taylor for Report, which is Italy’s most popular investigative news television program. Report has been broadcast in prime time since 1997 on Rai 3, the Italian national broadcaster. Mr. Mottola wanted to know about “nationalist and identitarian ideas spreading in Europe and the US.” It was a subject about which he was not well informed. This is the full, uncut conversation.

Maybe We Need More of This Cow Dung Hurling “Diversity” in North America

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 Maybe We Need More of This Cow Dung Hurling “Diversity” in North America No bull: WATCH Indians engage in massive COW DUNG fight for Gore Habba festival 31 Oct. 2019 19:28 / Updated 6 days ago  

Getting smeared in moist bovine discharge is hardly a pleasant experience for most, but revelers at the Gore Habba festival are happy to hold massive cow dung fights, believing it has a healing effect.{Now that is a H1B for you }

The fecal festival is a customary annual event that takes place at the village of Gumatapura, located in southern India. Each year after the Deepavali holiday, the villagers – and anyone willing to join them – partake in a massive excrement-throwing ordeal.


The cow dung – used in rural India for various purposes, ranging from insulating houses to serving as stove fuel – is stockpiled well before the event to ensure that the revelers do not run out of ‘ammo.’ While it might look quite unsanitary to smear your whole body in feces, the devotees believe it is not only harmless, but actually cures diseases.{H1B Truth}

READ MORE: Cow dung hurled by rival Indian villages to mark ‘war of married gods’ (VIDEO)

“Cow dung is very natural and has a lot of medicinal benefits. Others might say if we throw cow dung at each other we will get some infections or even some disease. But with the trust of our god Beereshwara, we are playing in the cow dung, so nothing happens to us,” one of the villagers, going only by his first name Prabhu, explained.{ Prabhi must be right}

He added that the festival was all about equality and anyone regardless of their caste or religion can participate. Still, women are barred from the excrement-throwing part, yet they are free to watch the show.


{That is Beereshwara of the Shit Throwers}


The tradition comes from the belief that remains of a saint were placed in a pit in the village, and took the shape of a Linga (an abstract phallic representation of Shiva), which became covered by cow excrements over time. The deity of the village is believed to value cow excrements too, thus the villagers dump the substance in abundance behind the local temple.


‘Toyota Cow-rolla’: Indian woman plasters her car with bovine DUNG to cool it down (PHOTOS)

An Indian woman has come up with quite unconventional tactics to keep her car and herself cool while driving in hot weather, plastering her vehicle with cow manure – invoking a storm of online jokes.

The game of car climate control was taken to a whole new level by the female driver from Ahmedabad, Sejal Shah. Her Toyota car, coated with a mix of mud and cow excrement was first spotted by a Facebook user, who shared the cooling trick online.

Temperatures throughout the state of Gujarat regularly rise to over 42 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) and keeping your engine cool is definitely a problem. The dung trick swiftly caught the eye of the online crowd, resulting in a wave of puns.


Some suspected the whole story to be – quite literally – bulls**t.

If stupidity ever had a trademark, this would be it!

On a lighter note, how can the car owner be sure it’s cow dung & not ‘bullshit’?

— Yugandhar (@yugandhar7) 24 мая 2019 г.

Others argued that such an ‘upgrade’ would actually make the car hotter.

What a low level Idea cow dung seems to be not even 1 cm width to cover the car paint…

Technically the temp will “increase” in the car, because light will be absorbed into cow dung, then heats up…

Hint: cow/buffalo dung is a good conductor of heat


Mr.Vigilante™ (@ThisIsBaluu) 22 мая 2019 г.

When contacted by local media, the owner of the car explained that the heat was too unbearable for her to drive with windows down, and the application of the bovine waste eradicated this issue. Moreover, the woman further upgraded her design, painting various ornamental designs on the vehicle – to make it not only feel, but look cool.

Cow dung is not something that one would waste in India, as the substance has a whole ton of uses in the rural parts of the country. It’s utilized as fertilizer and pesticide in the fields, as fuel in its dried form, and also as insulating coating in construction.

Cow dung hurled by rival Indian villages to mark ‘war of married gods’ (VIDEO)

8 Apr, 2019 08:48 / Updated 6 months ago


© Ruptly

Flying cow dung filled the skies of the Indian village of Kairuppala on Sunday as people hurled dung cakes at each other at the annual ‘Pidakala War’. The ritual is believed to bring health and prosperity.

The event takes place the day after the Ugadi festival and sees people from Kairuppala and nearby villages in Andhra Pradesh take part in a symbolic war signifying a mythological Hindu marriage dispute. One side throws cow dung cakes, or pidakala, in the name of Goddess Bhadrakali, and the other side does so in the name of Lord Veerabhadraswarmy. After a winner is called, everyone celebrates the two gods’ wedding.


It is believed that the ritual brings health, prosperity, and rain to the villages. Despite this, every year some participants are injured in the cow dung war, but locals believe the injuries will heal within three days.



LISTEN TO “THE ETHNOSTATE” With William Johnson, Paul Fromm & Kenn Gividen: How White Nationalists Support Each Other

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LISTEN TO “THE ETHNOSTATE” With William Johnson, Paul Fromm & Kenn Gividen: How White Nationalists Support Each Other
White male terrorism is the USA’s most pressing issue. However…

Blacks and Democrats help cram Trump rally in Tupelo

Wasserman Schultz: Public charge policies are racist

Listen to THE ETHNOSTATE, With William Johnson, Paul Fromm, Kenn Gividen, and Karin Smith: Found in a Trunk & Other Stories of Racial Craziness

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Listen to THE ETHNOSTATE, With William Johnson, Paul Fromm, Kenn Gividen, and Karin Smith: Found in a Trunk & Other Stories of Racial Craziness



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