Maybe We Need More of This Cow Dung Hurling “Diversity” in North America

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 Maybe We Need More of This Cow Dung Hurling “Diversity” in North America No bull: WATCH Indians engage in massive COW DUNG fight for Gore Habba festival 31 Oct. 2019 19:28 / Updated 6 days ago  

Getting smeared in moist bovine discharge is hardly a pleasant experience for most, but revelers at the Gore Habba festival are happy to hold massive cow dung fights, believing it has a healing effect.{Now that is a H1B for you }

The fecal festival is a customary annual event that takes place at the village of Gumatapura, located in southern India. Each year after the Deepavali holiday, the villagers – and anyone willing to join them – partake in a massive excrement-throwing ordeal.


The cow dung – used in rural India for various purposes, ranging from insulating houses to serving as stove fuel – is stockpiled well before the event to ensure that the revelers do not run out of ‘ammo.’ While it might look quite unsanitary to smear your whole body in feces, the devotees believe it is not only harmless, but actually cures diseases.{H1B Truth}

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“Cow dung is very natural and has a lot of medicinal benefits. Others might say if we throw cow dung at each other we will get some infections or even some disease. But with the trust of our god Beereshwara, we are playing in the cow dung, so nothing happens to us,” one of the villagers, going only by his first name Prabhu, explained.{ Prabhi must be right}

He added that the festival was all about equality and anyone regardless of their caste or religion can participate. Still, women are barred from the excrement-throwing part, yet they are free to watch the show.


{That is Beereshwara of the Shit Throwers}


The tradition comes from the belief that remains of a saint were placed in a pit in the village, and took the shape of a Linga (an abstract phallic representation of Shiva), which became covered by cow excrements over time. The deity of the village is believed to value cow excrements too, thus the villagers dump the substance in abundance behind the local temple.


‘Toyota Cow-rolla’: Indian woman plasters her car with bovine DUNG to cool it down (PHOTOS)

An Indian woman has come up with quite unconventional tactics to keep her car and herself cool while driving in hot weather, plastering her vehicle with cow manure – invoking a storm of online jokes.

The game of car climate control was taken to a whole new level by the female driver from Ahmedabad, Sejal Shah. Her Toyota car, coated with a mix of mud and cow excrement was first spotted by a Facebook user, who shared the cooling trick online.

Temperatures throughout the state of Gujarat regularly rise to over 42 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) and keeping your engine cool is definitely a problem. The dung trick swiftly caught the eye of the online crowd, resulting in a wave of puns.


Some suspected the whole story to be – quite literally – bulls**t.

If stupidity ever had a trademark, this would be it!

On a lighter note, how can the car owner be sure it’s cow dung & not ‘bullshit’?

— Yugandhar (@yugandhar7) 24 мая 2019 г.

Others argued that such an ‘upgrade’ would actually make the car hotter.

What a low level Idea cow dung seems to be not even 1 cm width to cover the car paint…

Technically the temp will “increase” in the car, because light will be absorbed into cow dung, then heats up…

Hint: cow/buffalo dung is a good conductor of heat


Mr.Vigilante™ (@ThisIsBaluu) 22 мая 2019 г.

When contacted by local media, the owner of the car explained that the heat was too unbearable for her to drive with windows down, and the application of the bovine waste eradicated this issue. Moreover, the woman further upgraded her design, painting various ornamental designs on the vehicle – to make it not only feel, but look cool.

Cow dung is not something that one would waste in India, as the substance has a whole ton of uses in the rural parts of the country. It’s utilized as fertilizer and pesticide in the fields, as fuel in its dried form, and also as insulating coating in construction.

Cow dung hurled by rival Indian villages to mark ‘war of married gods’ (VIDEO)

8 Apr, 2019 08:48 / Updated 6 months ago


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Flying cow dung filled the skies of the Indian village of Kairuppala on Sunday as people hurled dung cakes at each other at the annual ‘Pidakala War’. The ritual is believed to bring health and prosperity.

The event takes place the day after the Ugadi festival and sees people from Kairuppala and nearby villages in Andhra Pradesh take part in a symbolic war signifying a mythological Hindu marriage dispute. One side throws cow dung cakes, or pidakala, in the name of Goddess Bhadrakali, and the other side does so in the name of Lord Veerabhadraswarmy. After a winner is called, everyone celebrates the two gods’ wedding.


It is believed that the ritual brings health, prosperity, and rain to the villages. Despite this, every year some participants are injured in the cow dung war, but locals believe the injuries will heal within three days.