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Setting the record straight on the benefits, and heavy costs, of immigration to Canada Opinion: The average recent immigrant in Canada imposes a fiscal burden of $5,300 annually

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Setting the record straight on the benefits, and heavy costs, of immigration to Canada

Opinion: The average recent immigrant in Canada imposes a fiscal burden of $5,300 annually 

A lot of roads, affordable housing and cleaner environment could be purchased with the money spent on poorly selected new immigrants who don’t carry their share of the fiscal load.Peter J. Thompson/National Post files

By Herbert Grubel and Patrick Grady

In a recent campaign speech, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, cited the results of one of our studies, which showed that recent immigrants are imposing a heavy fiscal burden on Canadians. He used this information to justify his plan to reduce future levels of immigration.

The CBC had journalist Jonathon Gatehouse do a “fact check” of Bernier’s claim about the fiscal burden. In a publication sponsored by the CBC, he concludes that this claim is “false.” Since this verdict implies that our study also reached false conclusions, we feel compelled to do our own fact check of the analysis produced by Gatehouse.

The author makes much of the well-known fact that immigrants have a positive effect on aggregate national income (GDP), which says nothing about the fiscal burden. He also fails to note that recent immigrants have lowered Canada’s per capita income since, according to official statistics, they have lower average incomes than other Canadians.

He also cites a number of published studies and data he considers relevant. They involve well-known facts and again tell us nothing about the fiscal burden. For example, he notes that the gap in the unemployment rate between recent immigrants and native-born Canadian males has narrowed, but neglects to mention that this always happens when an economic boom creates increased demand for labour and leads to the hiring of previously unemployable workers.

Another statistic Gatehouse cited is that the wages received by immigrants who entered the labour market in 2017 were the highest ever. These wages have indeed been increasing every year, along with the wages of all new labour force entrants. The fact that the average incomes of immigrants who arrived in 2006 increased consistently over the following 10 years simply reflects the normal increase in incomes of all workers through time due to increased skills and work experience. As working immigrants go through this cycle, their average income rises relative to the average income of Canadians of all ages.

Estimating the fiscal burden immigrants impose on Canadians requires data on the average taxes paid and government benefits received by immigrants. Data from the 2016 Census also cited by Gatehouse shows that the average income of recent immigrants aged 25-54 continues to fall short of that of non-immigrants, which means they continue to pay less in taxes on average.

In our most recent study we used basic statistics from the previous census and the National Household Survey to estimate that because of Canada’s progressive income tax system, recent immigrants paid much lower income taxes than non-immigrants. We added to this amount other taxes related to income and wealth, such as the GST and capital gains taxes, and concluded that in 2008-09, recent immigrants on average paid $13,100 in tax compared with $18,000 paid by other Canadians, yielding a shortfall of $4,900 per year.HERB GRUBEL 2


The government publishes statistics on how much it spends to provide different types of benefits. In the absence of all the required information, we assumed that immigrants received the same benefits on average as did other Canadians. This assumption seems reasonable since nearly all spending was on universal health care, social insurance, education, security and conservation of the environment.

In response to criticism, we estimated that with their lower incomes immigrants benefit less from government spending on protection but, because they have more children on average, benefit more from spending on education. The net effect of these adjustments is that immigrants on average receive $414 more than non-immigrants in benefits.

Gatehouse noted that in our study we had not taken account of welfare and other social benefits received by immigrants, which some believe to be excessive and others believe to be less than what non-immigrants receive. We deliberately avoided this controversial issue and assumed simply that both groups received the same average amount of such benefits. The greatest differences between recent immigrants and others is on the tax, not the spending side of the government accounts.

When we combined our estimates of taxes paid and benefits received we found that the average recent immigrant in Canada imposes a fiscal burden of $5,300 annually.

According to government statistics, in 2010 the number of recent immigrants (since 1985) was about 3.7 million. Multiplying this number by $5,300 brings the estimated fiscal burden that year to $20 billion. Since then the stock of immigrants has increased by 250,000 a year and raised the annual fiscal burden in 2018 to over $30 billion.

Canada needs a full discussion of its immigration policy that considers both its benefits, which are discussed by politicians and the media all the time, but also its very real costs, which involve not just the fiscal burden but also traffic congestion, overcrowding of hospitals, schools and recreational facilities, deteriorating environment and lack of affordable housing, which governments cannot address in part because of the fiscal burden. A lot of roads, affordable housing and cleaner environment could be purchased with that $30 billion.

Herbert Grubel is professor emeritus of economics at Simon Fraser University. Patrick Grady is with

Former Diplomat Corrects NATIONAL POST Nonsense on Immigration: Another Letter The Fake News Media Will Never Publish

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Former Diplomat Corrects NATIONAL POST Nonsense on Immigration: Another Letter The Fake News Media Will Never Publish
August 28, 2019

ian macdonald
Dear Sir,
Re: “Why immigrants are good for the economy after all” (Matthew Lau) NP August 27, 2019
Quoting statistics on immigrants arriving in Canada without a clear reference to their qualifications and ethnicity, is both fruitless and misleading, as experience and logic make clear.  This common, specious practice obscures the issue since it fails to emphasize the important fact that some immigrants make an eminently positive contribution and readily adapt, while others, whether ignorant, criminal or unassimilable (IQ-bereft negroes) have a wholly negative impact. The totals do not reveal this vital factor. Therefore, to use simply numbers and averages to justify the disastrous open-door immigration policy of recent decades, is both pointless and deceptive. 
Immigration policy since 1970 could have strengthened Canada’s economy, raised living standard and international status immeasurably through attracting to our shores eager, enterprising millions of the best that Britain and other advanced countries, notably of Eastern Europe, could offer  Inexplicably, and tragically, venal politicians rejected this golden opportunity in favour of millions of far less suitable, unprocessed Third World migrants, almost all rejects from grateful, more astute original host countries. When N.Y. State cut off welfare for illegal aliens (mostly Nigerians) in the ’90’s, the offending migrants moved en masse to Quebec and Ontario where they were recklessly declared eligible for benefits and even given public housing in preference to native-born Canadians who had waited for years. When I asked the local Director of Placement why the Nigerians were so favoured he said “It was purely a matter of economics – it was much cheaper to give them the new public housing than to keep them in hotels”. When I asked how he knew the Africans were eligible (they were not), he said he had no idea since he was barred from asking pertinent questions, under “Human Rights” legislation.
Deplorably, successive Canadian governments, on secret instructions from a demanding paymaster bent on destroying our nationhood, not only shunned the epic opportunity to “Make Canada Great Again” but compounded the folly by offering open access to incompatible people especially primitive Africans who, in many cases could be seen as the “worst and the dumbest” as opposed to the “best and the brightest”  Most, not surprisingly, immediately became wards of the state, at multi-billion dollar cost to the Native-born and incalculable damage to our gene pool. Some will become independent but many, lacking superior intelligence, and their burgeoning progeny could remain on public assistance for generations, as in the U.S.A.  The problem could be solved readily by deportation and restoration of the Canada Immigration Act, with acceptance based on merit and, above all, assimilability.  Don’t expect lobby-bought politicians to lead the way, however!
As ever,
Ian V. Macdonald

All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin

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All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin

Image: All white people are being removed from history as revisionists rewrite science, medicine and technology to eliminate pioneers based on the color of their skin

(Natural News) In case you haven’t noticed, anti-white racism is rapidly becoming an accepted cultural norm throughout the United States and much of the Western world.

Mainstream entertainment, news, education, and even science and medicine, have all but completely been infiltrated and subverted by nefarious entities that are hellbent on pushing endless, white-hating propaganda and revisionist, anti-white history on the masses – their goal being, well, you can probably figure it out.

It’s suddenly no longer okay to be white in countries where white people are the majority, as the subverters that now control the narrative have successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated a sizable segment of their populations into believing that being white automatically means that you’re evil, and being black or brown automatically means that you’re good.

Using lies and deception as their catalysts for change, these wicked subverters have successfully poisoned the well. They’ve convinced a disturbing number of useful idiots, many of whom are white themselves, that all white people are inherently racist against black and brown people, and have systematically taken advantage of these people groups all throughout history in order to build thriving civilizations.

All of it is a complete lie, of course. But this is what’s being taught to the next generation of “open” minds through movies, television, and in the classroom, with little resistance from guilt-complexed whites, many of whom seem to be accepting the lie that they’re evil because of the color of their skin.

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“The Western presstitutes and politicians have demonized Putin, Maduro, Iran, and Trump to the same extent as the patriotic propagandistic Western court historians have demonized Adolf Hitler,” writes Paul Craig Roberts from the Institute for Political Economy.

“But no one is as demonized as white people, and the curious thing is that it is self-demonization – whites demonizing whites.”

In Scandinavia, white people can’t even report crimes committed against them by third-world migrant invaders for fear of being dubbed “racists”

As horrific as the situation has become for white people living in the U.S. who don’t hate themselves for having white skin, it’s in many ways even worse for white people living in Western Europe – and especially in Scandinavia, which is being completely taken over by white-hating, brown “migrants.”

As Roberts explains, native white people living in places like Scandinavia are becoming increasingly fearful about reporting crimes committed against themselves by brown migrants because they don’t want to be falsely accused of committing a “hate crime.”

That’s right: If you’re victimized as a white person by a brown or black person while existing in Sweden, you could be accused of “racism” for reporting it and seeking justice.

We can expect this same type of anti-white racism to eventually reach the U.S., should things continue on as they’ve been going without organized pushback.

Schoolchildren are already being taught lies about American history that paint white people as the sole racist aggressors responsible for black slavery, when in fact it was actually other blacks, Jews, and various other non-whites who were, in many cases, the real perpetrators.

“Black studies avoids the fact that the British sea captains who brought African slaves to the British colonies that later became the United States purchased the black slaves from the black king of Dahomey, who captured his fellow blacks in slave wars against other black tribes,” Roberts explains.

“The United States has raised entire generations on the fake history that white people hated blacks and decided to capture them in Africa and make slaves of them in order to beat and abuse them.”

Be sure to read Roberts’ full article, “White Peoples and Their Achievements Are Headed for the Trash Bin of History,” at this link.

You can also read more stories about the systemic, anti-white racism that’s taking over America at

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Canadian Politics Controlled By Ethnic Hustlers: Jagmeet Singh And Jenny Kwan   BY DAN MURRAY NDP Jagmeet Singh and Jenny Kwan:

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Canadian Politics Controlled By Ethnic Hustlers: Jagmeet Singh And Jenny Kwan


by Dan Murray

NDP Jagmeet Singh and Jenny Kwan: ‘White Racists Need to understand that we Asians are the Future of Canada!’

As Canada approaches a fall Federal Election, politicians’ misunderstanding of immigration’s role in Canada becomes more and more ominous. Traditionally, Canada’s politicians believed that immigration had to serve the needs and interests of its majority population. After all, if Canada’s politicians did not look after the needs and interests of its majority population, who would?

However, as Canadians have observed over the past 30 years, Prime Ministers such as Chretien, Martin, Harper and Trudeau have refused to end Canada’s high and unnecessary immigration intake. As a result, the interests of recently-arrived immigrants such as Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese and others have taken priority over the needs and interests of Canada’s majority population. In other words, the question that most recent PM’s have dealt with is not “Should we bootlick?”, but “Can we get down to bootlick faster than our opponents?”
 All those PM’s have degraded the PM’s office and the entire country with their boot-licking. With only four years in office, Justin Trudeau has out-done all of his boot-licking predecessors. And, contrary to what Trudeau thinks, boot-licking is not something to be proud of.

As for MP’s, most people who aspire to become one have abandoned the traditional idea that immigration should serve the interests of Canada and its majority population. For example, the contrast between the nationalist immigration views of the NDP’s founder (J.S. Woodsworth) and the NDP’s recently-elected leader, Jagmeet Singh and other NDP MP’s such as Jenny Kwan is one of many examples of how disgraceful politicians’ behaviour has become.

Singh is an ethnic Sikh and Kwan is an ethnic Chinese. Their primary loyalties are to their ethnic groups, not to Canada. Their primary goal is to increase the numbers of their groups through high immigration. Kwan demonstrated that several months ago in her role as the NDP’s immigration critic when she led a charge to remove health restrictions on immigrants.

Essentially, Kwan argued that if a potential immigrant is sick, Canada should not prevent that person from entering Canada. In her view, such a practice would discriminate against sick people!! That view is one that NDP founder Woodsworth and traditional NDP’ers would have vehemently opposed.

Kwan went even further. She spoke in favour of a new law that establishes every April as Sikh Heritage Month. To most Canadians, the biggest “heritage’ that Sikhs have in Canada is the bombing of Air India, an incident that killed 329 Canadians. Why is this group, whose members are responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history, to be honoured? If anything, they should rot in Canada’s “Hall of Shame” forever.

Kwan may have heard Woodsworth’s name, but she definitely knows little about the traditions bequeathed by Woodsworth and the early NDP to her political party and to Canada. Woodsworth was a Canadian patriot who was very proud of Canada’s founding French and UK settlers. Woodsworth revealed his nationalist outlook about immigration in his 1909 book titled “Strangers Within Out Gates”.

‘White Supremacists have no right to complain about Chinese millionaires controlling the real estate market: get used to it, Vancouver now belongs to the Chinese!’

Like the current NDP leader and many NDP MP’s, Kwan has probably never even heard of Woodsworth’s book, let alone read it. In her most notorious statement as an elected politician , she defended Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneur tax evaders when she stated : “The Chinese are very private about their money.” When some legislators discussed a law to make Chinese millionaire immigrants pay their share of income taxes, Kwan objected :”This law (against Chinese tax evasion) goes against our culture.”

As for Singh, in his acceptance speech as the new NDP leader, he virtually declared that Canada’s two founding groups had no right to be in Canada. In his contempt for Canada’s majority population, Singh has obviously alienated NDP donors and probably tens of thousands of traditional NDP voters. In fact, Jagmeet and his clawing and grasping Sikh supporters, in their crude grab for power, may well turn the NDP into dog meat in the Fall election. Jagmeet himself could well become dog meat.

‘Nothing gives me more pride than my Sikh heritage in my country Canada…There is no place in Canada for EuroCanadian Pride!’

In his 1909 book,  Woodsworth foresees that immigrants are becoming a political force and that their interest in getting the franchise and in voting will make them a stronger force in future. He quotes American researcher Preston F. Hall on immigrants impact on the U.S. :

The heterogeneity of these races tends to promote passion, localism, and despotism, and to make impossible free co-operation for the public welfare. (P.208)

Trudeau and other politician boot-lickers should take special note of Woodsworth’s support of Preston. What Preston and Woodsworth are saying is that Diversity is not the strength of immigrant-receiving countries. In fact, it is a significant societal weakness which leads to passion (= violence), localism (= the triumph of local tribal concerns over national ones) and despotism (= an overall lack of social cohesion).

In addition, Woodsworth is saying that the lack of social cohesion can lead to the break-up of countries who currently allow extremely foolish and naive high immigration intakes.

BREAKING VIDEO: Mexican Police Battle African Illegals Fighting to Reach the U.S.

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BREAKING VIDEO: Mexican Police Battle African Illegals Fighting to Reach the U.S.

Aug 27, 2019


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The mainstream American media ignores the story of the African men who have been coming through South America to Mexico to try and reach the U.S. This is not immigration. This is an invasion because it’s all single men without women and children. The surge has been going on for longer than this latest increase in illegal immigration, and it’s fuelled by the message that our border is wide open.

The unbelievable video below of the Mexican military police literally fighting African migrants outside an immigration detention center in Tapachula, Mexico was released by Voice of America:

Military police officers clash with migrants from Africa, Haiti, and other countries during a protest in front of an immigration center in Tapachula, Mexico, demanding free transit through the country to reach the United States, Tuesday, August 27 H/T Conservative Treehouse

How did they get to Mexico?

Our previous report:

“Everyone’s goal is to come to the US” – Charlotte Cuthbertson

It’s amazing that our mainstream media doesn’t report on the real invasion from third world countries.

It has been reporters like Sydney Hernandez and Charlotte Cuthbertson (see video below) who are on the ground taking video and interviewing the illegals.

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The illegals know they will get a pass into the U.S. if they claim asylum and especially if they have a child in tow.

Most of these people are coming for the generous freebies they’ve heard about from others who’ve crossed into the U.S. They appear to mostly be economic migrants, but being an economic migrant is not an accepted reason for asylum, so they lie. There are plenty of immigration lawyers who coach the illegals on what to say and what not to say to make it into the U.S. “Credible fear” of something in their home country is the accepted cause for asylum. The reason this whole thing is a sham is that they cross through several countries before they reach our border. Why haven’t they asked for asylum in Guatemala or Mexico?

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

Just watched 2 groups of Africans from Congo and Angola cross illegally into Mexico from Guatemala across the Suchiate River on tube rafts. 8 men, 4 woman, 6 kids.

Embedded video

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

One guy from Angola said he took a boat to Colombia (10 days), walked through jungle for 10 days, and has spent 2 months getting this far (to Mexico).

Angolan woman said she flew to Panama first. She has a 2yo with her.

Embedded video

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Where are the Mexican troops promised by their president?

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

Mexico’s Foreign Minister said the 6k troop deployment was complete for the Mexico-Guatamala border, but none have shown up at this busy crossing in southeast Mexico. 

At Busy Southern Mexico Border, No Troops to Be Found

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala—One of the busiest border crossings between Mexico and Guatemala has yet to see Mexican National …

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

Related info from the other day in Tapachula, Mexico:

Embedded video

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Illegals having no problem crossing into Mexico:

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

This morning, a group of Haitians illegally crossed the Suchiate River from Guatemala to Mexico.

8 men, 1 woman, 1 child.

One man said he travelled via Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico. Others via Brazil.

Embedded video

Charlotte Cuthbertson@charlottecuthbo

Hwy checkpoint just south of Tapachula Mex. 25 mile drive from Suchiate river border with Guat.

We’re told a lot of Central Americans were stopped here this morning. They will likely get deported.

If African or Haitian, they’re taken to main detention center for transit card.

Embedded video

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This is a crisis that Democrats refuse to address. They are only using these people as political pawns.


Pew Research Center Confirms the Great Replacement Is Happening: Since 2000, 109 U.S. Counties Have Gone from Majority White to Majority Nonwhite \

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The Pew Research Center isn’t some isolated, far-right web site peddling conspiracy theories. Instead, this prestigious organization has all but confirmed The Great Replacement is remaking the United States of America. [Reflecting a demographic shift, 109 U.S. counties have become majority nonwhite since 2000, Pew Research Center, August 21, 2019]:

In the United States, the white share of the population is declining as Hispanic, Asian and black populations grow. But the shift to a more diverse nation is happening more quickly in some places than in others.

From 2000 to 2018, 109 counties in 22 states, from California to Kansas to North Carolina, went from majority white to majority nonwhite – that is, counties where non-Hispanic whites are no longer the majority, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data. (Our analysis includes only counties with a minimum population of 10,000 in 2018. These counties represent 77% of the nation’s 3,142 counties and include 99% of the U.S. population.)

Overall, 293 U.S. counties were majority nonwhite in 2018. Most of these counties are concentrated in California, the South and on the East Coast, with few in the country’s middle section. In addition, several majority white counties with large populations may flip in coming years. Fairfax County, Virginia (total of 1.2 million), Pima County, Arizona (1 million), Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (948,000) and Cobb County, Georgia (757,000) all had populations that were less than 52% white.

In 21 of the 25 biggest U.S. counties by population, nonwhite groups together make up more than half of residents. Eight of these counties were majority white in 2000 but are no longer: San Diego, Orange, Riverside and Sacramento (all in California), plus Clark (Nevada), Broward (Florida), Tarrant (Texas) and Wayne (Michigan). Hispanics were the largest nonwhite population in all of these eight counties except Wayne – which contains Detroit – where the black population was the largest nonwhite group. (In Broward County, Hispanic and black residents made up similar shares of the population at 30% and 28%, respectively.)

As the nation’s racial and ethnic diversity grows, whites remain the single largest racial or ethnic group in the U.S. when looking at the country as a whole, accounting for 60% of all Americans. The four largest U.S. counties that had majority white populations in 2018 were Maricopa (Arizona), King (Washington), Middlesex (Massachusetts) and Palm Beach (Florida).

nother way to highlight the nation’s changing demographics is to look at how many counties shifted the opposite way. From 2000 to 2018, just two counties went from minoritywhite to majority white: Calhoun County in South Carolina and West Feliciana Parish in Louisiana, each with relatively small populations of about 15,000.

Among the 109 counties that between 2000 and 2018 shifted from majority white to majority nonwhite, 26 were at least 60% white in 2000. Counties in Georgia stand out for having five of the 10 biggest percentage point swings in their white population share. (These 10 counties also had the largest percentage point drop among all U.S. counties on this measure.)

In less than 20 years, 109 counties across the United States felt the startling impact of The Great Replacement.

Imagine what we’ll see in five years… demography is destiny.


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 dites nondites non

This is the first chance for real immigration reform since the early days of the Reform Party and my friend the late journalist & war hero Doug Collins. Preston Manning neutered immigration reform as his father had true Social Crediters in the Socred Party after Aberhart.

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This is the first chance for real immigration reform since the early days of the Reform Party and my friend the late journalist & war hero Doug Collins. Preston Manning neutered immigration reform as his father had true Social Crediters in the Socred Party after Aberhart.

Immigration Reformers Mass on Quebec-U.S. Border to Protest Invasion by Illegals

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Immigration Reformers Mass on Quebec-U.S. Border to Protest Invasion by Illegals  

Immigration reformers from Ontario and Quebec gathered at the unprotected (after 34 months of invasion) Canada-U.S. border at Lacolle, Quebec to protest the influx of Trudeau-enabled illegals. Many groups, including associates of the Yellow Vests, la Muete, the Canadian Nationalist Party, the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee and the Canadian Nationalist Front attended. Several Mohawks joined the protest. There was a sea of Red Ensigns and Quebec fleur de lys blue flags.


The protest was peaceful because the masked violent antifa failed to show up.

Kevin Goudreau of the Canadian Nationalist Front  reports: “I attended protest at Lacolle Quebec border crossing yesterday, police closed off a lane from the border for us and we literally slowed down immigration for a few hours with about 100 protesters from Ontario and Quebec.”







Let’s Be Proud. Stand tall, European men and women. No More Apologies.

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Let’s Be Proud. Stand tall, European men and women. No More Apologies.