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Are Madam Qui & Husband, Fired Workers At Top Secret Winnipeg Biolab, Red Chinese Spies?

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Are Madam Qui & Husband, Fired Workers At Top Secret Winnipeg Biolab, Red Chinese Spies?

At least they are consistent


Xiangguo Qiu
Xiangguo Qiu’s ouster from the National Microbiology Laboratory in 2019 remained cloaked in mystery until a few days ago. Photo by MCpl Vincent Carbonneau, Rideau Hall/File

Article content

In shutting down an ethics committee probe into just how it came to pass that two Beijing-linked scientists managed to get away with dangerously compromising security at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg, at least the Trudeau government is being consistent.

Ever since coming to power in 2015, the Liberals have chosen to hide the scope and extent of Beijing’s ever-expanding influence, interference and infiltration operations in Canada. By acts of obstruction, distraction and filibuster, the pattern is by now easily predictable. There’s nothing surprising about it anymore. The pattern played out exactly as you would imagine in the Winnipeg lab case.

In their zeal to keep the public in the dark about the goings-on at the top-security national infections diseases laboratory, the Liberals went to extraordinary lengths, not least an historic defiance of the convention of Parliamentary supremacy to the point of mounting a court challenge to thwart an order from the Speaker of the House of Commons to release documents relating to the affair.

It was only because a panel of judges eventually found that contrary to the Trudeau government’s claims about the too-sensitive nature of the documents — 600 pages in all — the barricade it built was mostly to protect itself from public embarrassment.

And it was only by releasing those documents that Canadians were permitted last week to learn that four years ago, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service had determined that research scientist Xiangguo Qiu, a Public Health Canada employee at the lab, had been engaging in clandestine activity to the benefit of Xi Jinping’s regime by secretly sending scientific findings and materials to China.

As far back as 2018, Qiu’s husband Keding Cheng, also a Public Health Canada employee, was found to have allowed access to the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health by students he was supposed to be supervising. The students were observed trying to remove laboratory materials. Until they were both fired in 2021, Qiu and Cheng routinely violated security protocols and ethical conduct codes, and consistently lied about their unauthorized intimacies with sketchy Chinese state institutions and agencies.

CSIS determined that Cheng was stubbornly untruthful when subjected to questioning, and his responses to CSIS queries were “simply not credible, which reflects adversely on his personal trustworthiness and therefore his basic reliability, the primary building block of security clearance.” As for Qiu, her disregard for basic security protocols posed “a very serious and credible danger to the government of Canada as a whole,” CSIS found.

Just how these two managed to acquire security clearances in the first place is just one question that remains unanswered.

You’d think the Trudeau government would want the public to be well aware of this scandal, illustrating as it does the extreme national-security peril involved in any collaboration with the shadowy world of Chinese state agencies. These collaborations pose a threat to Canada’s national interests that Ottawa claims it wants Canadians — particularly Canadian scientists and university researchers — to better understand, and to guard against.

Instead, the Liberal government persists even now in keeping the public in the dark, by way of teaming with the New Democrats to roadblock an ethics committee probe into the Winnipeg lab affair.

It was only because of its minority position in the House of Commons back in 2019 that the Liberals failed in their efforts to block the establishment of a special standing committee to inquire into the weirdly opaque Canada-China relationship that Trudeau had cultivated and nurtured in the lead-up to Beijing’s hostage-diplomacy abduction of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.

Until then, the matter of Beijing’s vastly expanding shadow over Liberal fundraising, candidate-selection, trade policy and diplomatic priorities was held to be best left to the “experts” from Dominic Barton’s disgraced McKinsey empire and the palm-greasers at the Canada-China Business Council. The pattern seemed to break, but the Canada-China relations committee quickly found itself mired in gridlocks by Liberal members determined to turn the subject back to more parochial matters, and to make excuses based on the presumed implications for the Kovrig-Spavor kidnapping, and to level insinuations that it was “racist” merely to inquire too closely into Beijing’s proxies and their rumoured election shenanigans.

It took years of Liberal ambuscades and transparently bogus pretexts before Canada’s Five Eyes partners finally managed to arm-twist Ottawa to get with the program and at least bar China’s “national champion” telecom Huawei from the core structure of Canada’s fifth-generation (5G) internet rollout.

It took several months of explosive revelations about warnings from CSIS and other agencies to the effect that Beijing really was actively involved in monkey wrenching the 2019 and 2021 federal elections to the Liberals’ benefit before Trudeau decided for appearances’ sake to conjure something to impede calls for a public inquiry. The gambit was a “independent special rapporteur” whitewash undertaken by David Johnston, an old Trudeau family friend, and an especially solicitous and high-profile Canadian friend of China.

When that didn’t work, faced with the demands of several majority votes in the House of Commons, Team Trudeau managed to construct a public inquiry that so far shows every sign that it will extend as much in the way of protection to Beijing’s Liberal-friendly mandarin bloc proxies in Canada as to the Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, expatriate Chinese democrats and Falun Gong practitioners those same well-to-do proxies have been bullying, browbeating and intimidating all these years.

So best of luck to any Parliamentarians who would want an Ethics Committee probe or any other such open inquiry into how the hell the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg ended up a sieve of intellectual-property patents for Beijing’s benefit, and an open buffet for Beijing’s ravenous appetite for top-secret information about infectious diseases.

Any such initiative would allow Canadians to know things the Liberal government does not want any of us to know, and the pattern with these things is so predictable it’s becoming downright boring.

Plain and Simple — Trudeau Hates Christians

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If Mass Invasion is An Act of War, What Would You Call It’s Enablers and Collaborators (Biden & Trudeau)? Might the TermTraitors Fit?

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Isn’t It Racist To Restrict Hiring Of White Canadians On Campu

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Isn’t It Racist To Restrict Hiring Of White Canadians On Campus?

Is there a reason why media refuse to mention that contemporary white Canadians are not responsible for historical policies of prejudice against “racialized” communities?

Brad SalzbergFeb 13


“The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo says its Equity Committee must be at least 50% non-male and 50% non-white in order to have gender and racial parity.” [While the general population is slightly more than 50% female, the non-White proportion of Canada’s population, at this point in our planned replacement is 22%, not 50%1}

In contemporary Canada, what goes around really does come around. Thinking back to civil rights leaders for the Advancement of Coloured People in the United States, we turn to a lady named Rosa Parks:

The United States Congress honoured her as “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement.”

“On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks rejected bus driver James F. Blake’s order to vacate a row of four seats in the ‘coloured’ section in favour of a white passenger.”

Parks went on to become an international icon of resistance to racial segregation.

Today, in PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, racial segregation has returned. Only this time, the tables have been turned toward ostracization of White Canadians based on the colour of their skin.

“The faculty association also says it gives preferential treatment to Black and Indigenous peoples in the selection process whenever possible.” 

Unabashed, egregious racism it is. None of it a problem for University of Waterloo’s woke crew of inverted bigots.

“In the late 1870s, Southern state legislatures passed laws requiring the separation of whites from ‘persons of colour’ in public transportation and schools.”

Several thoughts bubble to the surface. Firstly, an anachronistic move by Canadian academia to re-institute a reversal of civil rights that people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King worked for, and in the latter case, died for.

Secondly, the idea that as with all elements of DEI(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), an unspoken goal of racial revenge lies at the core of the agenda. Indeed, University of Waterloo’s decree exists as a microcosm for the “social equity” movement in its entirety.

With woke political correctness as its support-system, an entire school-of-thought is cast aside. Mainstream media won’t breathe a word about it, even though at this stage of the game, 80-90% of leading journalists in Canada derive from an Anglophone or Francophone background.

Multiculturalism as conceived and institutionalized by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau contains no legal limit, or “ceiling” as to when social equity is achieved. No barometer of “success” exists to verify that its original purpose– racial equality within a pluralist society– has been accomplished.

The result? It can, and will, “go on forever.” Meaning that the steamrolling of Whites out of employment potential could transition from 50% to 100%, while no legal mechanism exists to prevent such a thing.

Paying for the sins of our forefathers? Upon which we turn to a critical, yet unspoken, observation. Government, media, academia– notice how none of them point to the fact that those who initiated “racist” policies in Canadian society are all dead?

CBC, Globe & Mail, CTV, Toronto Star— which one has ever referenced the fact that contemporary white Canadians are in no respect responsible for historical policies of prejudice against “racialized” communities.

In the case of racism perpetrated by University of Waterloo’sEquity Committee,this equates with the idea that these people are punishing the innocent. As in, an act of revenge. Bitter, angry woke warriors taking out their collective frustration on Canada’s Anglo-European communities.

In truth, that’s not the worst of it. The worst is that this travesty goes on without being challenged by any controlling institution in the country. PM Justin Trudeau is all for it, as is under-the-radar Anglophone-basher, New Democratic party leader Jagmeet Singh, who says:“The reality is, this is our Canada. We can’t deny it. We can’t reject that, because it does no one any help. The reality is: our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide. [Yet, no one calls this defamation of Whites for what it is — BULLSHIT! ‘Genocide’, Jagmeet? Are you and your turbanned confreres being genocided? No, you and they are thriving. Indeed, Sikhs, less than one per cent  of Canada’s population, comprised 16% of Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet. The only people being genocided on the instalment plan are Canada’s European founding/settler people being replaced by immigration policy!]

Love you to, Jagmeet. Establishment media has not a problem with racism against White Canadians. Ditto for our Marxist-infused university system, which over the decades silently converted to bastions of anti-Canadian hatred.

An injection of irony springs forth as we reference a recent article published by True North News:

“Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Programmes Lead To More Bigotry, New Research Shows”

“Drawing from a wide array of research published in leading social scientific journals, including contributions from prestigious institutions like Harvard  and Princeton,  findings challenge the prevailing narrative that DEI instruction leads to lasting positive behavioural changes.”

Well, what do you know? It could well be that academic social equity programs are exacerbating the level of racism in society.

A couple thoughts here: for one thing, it will make not a shred of difference to Canada’s woke academic warriors. Secondly, the idea that, on a deeper level, forces exist in our society who want social chaos to ramp up ad infinitum.

As mentioned, Canada’s academic world contains an unspoken-of-foundation of Marxist-oriented political orientation.

“Marx wrote extensively on race and class in the American Civil War. These writings argue that capitalism was grounded in slavery and that racism attenuated class-consciousness among workers from dominant racial groups.”

“These Marxist writings, which have been discussed only sporadically over the past century, are especially timely today.”

You’re+ darn right they are, because academia is utilizing race to divide citizen from citizen, and community from community. In other words, beneath all the “equity” talk, exists a tacit form of socialist-oriented “revolution.”

We begin to see why the haters are the way they are. What is really in the works is a social inversion of profound proportions:

Whitey to the back of the bus, the “racialized” in the driver’s seat. Can this be the silent, overarching agenda as perpetrated by the Canadian government, media and academia?

Liberals Inject Systemic Self-Hatred Into The Canadian Military

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Government, Media, Education. Now, the Canadian military falls to the purveyors of systemic self-hatred. All of it one giant coincidence, eh?

Consistent among revolutionary leaders of the 20th century, cultural transition existed as a core element. No finer example can be offered up than the “Cultural Revolution” as conceived by Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China.
Frank Dikötter, author of a book on the period, wrote that “Mao hoped his movement would make China the pinnacle of the socialist universe and turn him into the man who leads planet Earth into communism.”

Obfuscated by Canadian media is the idea that PM Justin Trudeau is indulging in a similar tactic, albeit in “post-modern” form.

Revolutionary success relies on penetration of a nation’s key social institutions. Government, naturally, as well as media, education, armed forces and other core elements are targeted for transformation away from their previous incarnations.

On this basis, let us consider Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution.”

Slow-and-steady she goes as Canada’s controlling institutions are re-imagined in post-modern fashion.  Over the course of Trudeau’s eight-year reign, legacy media has been re-configured into a composite of government-funded propaganda outlets.

Canadian academia were converted well before Trudeau’s tenure, as exemplified by neo-Marxist application of anti-colonialism, critical race theory, in addition anti-Anglophone animus.

On this basis, it was only a matter to time before the globalist propaganda machine began to penetrate the Canadian military:
“Veterans 4 Freedom president Drew MacGillivray and member Tom Marazzo reacted to an exclusive report by True North News revealing that a vast majority of the latest issue of the Canadian Military Journal was devoted to disparaging whiteness and claiming that the Canadian Armed Forces was founded on racism.”

Patriots stand witness as Liberal government targeting of white Canadians is forcefully injected into our military. In reality, it was only a matter of time.

“Both Marazzo and MacGillivray have a history of service in the military, holding the ranks of captain and lieutenant (Navy), respectively.”

“I find it completely offensive, to be perfectly honest,” said Marazzo.

What a shock this is. Since its founding, Anglo-Europeans have dominated the demography of the CAF.  Now, here comes Justin Trudeau and his socialist gang of assassins to degrade its denizens.

“The latest summer edition of the journal featured articles with titles such as ‘I’m Not Your Typical White Soldier’– Interrogating Whiteness and Power in the Canadian Armed Forces” and “Supporting Military Families: Challenging or Reinforcing Patriarchy?”

See how the Canada-haters roll? Government, Academia, Media, Corporations, Military– roughly in that order. We recognize parallels to the application of revolutionary socialism in the previous century.
Chief among them is China, a country lauded not just by Justin Trudeau, but by Pierre Trudeau before him, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau.
“Most of the issue’s authors were academics who argued that the solution to perceived problems of racism and ‘whiteness’ in the military was a program of re-education based on woke principles and ideas.”
The surprise of the century this is– not. Enter reverse-racism into the ranks of our military. As rancid as it is, in truth, it’s only half the story.

The other element comes in the form of LGBT indoctrination. Communist governments cannot keep their hands off any major societal institution, and the Liberals are the same.

“October is recognized internationally as LGBT History Month. We encourage the entire Defence Team, from recruits and new hires to senior leadership, to take some time this month to reflect on the contributions of past and present 2SLGBTQI+ Defence Team.”

“This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the settlement of Michelle Douglas’ historic lawsuit against the Department of National Defence (DND), marking the official end to the ban on 2SLGBTQI+ members in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).”

One of the most successful tactics utilized by socialist revolutionaries is the de-contextualizing of history. Rhetorical messaging from the Liberal government spins “homophobia” accordingly. Canada, both as a nation and from a military perspective, is in no respect unique in this capacity.

Homosexuality was considered a crime from the colonial period in Canada until 1969. In Britain, decriminalization of homosexuality occurred in 1967. In 1961, the United States began to decriminalize same-sex sexual activity.

Not that you will be hearing about this from Canada’s uber-powerful pride pushers. They want what government want– a verdict of culpability in its most egregious form. The same is to be applied to accusations of racism.

So now, the Canadian military is racist, and well as homophobic. After which Cultural Action Party offer a pertinent question:
Why are you people running down our military? Aren’t these the folks that our citizenship relies on to defend our country? Is this situation not an example of government attacking their own?”

Of course it is, because it’s what occurs within a country whose strings are being pulled toward societal dissolution, to be followed by a re-configuration of nation identity in totality.

Just as Mao Tse Tung perpetrated in China. As Joseph Stalin did during the period of the Russian Revolution. Our media say nothing— just as the press did in China, and the USSR.

“Although we can never undo the pain caused by the LGBT Purge, the Canada Pride Citation is an opportunity to recognize the harm experienced by current and former Canadian Armed Forces members,” said General (Gen) Wayne Eyre, Chief of the Defence Staff. “

We come to recognize the hi-jacking of Canadian society. Systemically, Trudeau and the Liberals are poisoning Canada’s controlling institutions by way of anti-Canadian animus.

“The Canada Pride Citation is one way the Government of Canada has taken action to address the historical injustices experienced by LGBT military members, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and federal public servants.”
Government, Media, Education. Now, the Canadian military falls to the purveyors of systemic self-hatred.

All of it one giant coincidence, eh?

Trudeau’s Refugees May Force a 6% Increase in Property Taxes for This Sanctuary City

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Trudeau’s Refugees May Force a 6% Increase in Property Taxes for This Sanctuary City

[Justin Trudeau has flooded Canada with refugees. A sometime drama teacher, he loves virtue signalling, the dramatic gesture. So, having welcomed the flood, he has failed to back it up with sufficient funding. Is this just incompetence or is he using the “refugees” most of whom are non-White to further replace Canada’s founding/settler people? Woke Toronto some years ago declared itself a sanctuary city, eager to welcome “refugees”, legal or illegal. Not the cost of housing thousands is coming home to roost. Bewildered refugees, often fresh from the airport, find themselves on the streets, the city shelters full to bursting. Often poor native born Canadians cannot find a bed. Toronto City Council is now facing a 6 per cent tax increase to shelter Trudeau’s folly, on top of an already crippling planned 10 per cent property tax hike. — Paul Fromm]

We have to fix things that are broken’: Toronto budget proposes current tax pain for future gain

Toronto residents could see a property tax hike of as much as 16 per cent if Ottawa doesn’t fund shelter for refugee claimants. By Alyshah HashamCity Hall BureauBen SpurrCity Hall BureauDavid RiderCity Hall Bureau Chief Wednesday, January 10, 2024 5 min to read Article was updated 36 mins ago

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Olivia Chow, Shelley Carroll budget
Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow with budget chief Shelley Carroll and city manager Paul Johnson after council’s budget committee approved a proposed spending plan that includes a double-digit tax hike. Andrew Francis Wallace

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This will be a painful year for Toronto taxpayers but one that will leave the city in better shape after years of neglect.

That’s the pitch behind a historic 10.5 per cent property tax increase proposed by city staff on Wednesday, requiring the average homeowner to pay close to $400 more a year, in the midst of an affordability crisis.

But this year’s $17 billion operating budget rollout also comes with a threat from the city’s budget chief aimed squarely at the Trudeau government. If the city doesn’t receive $250 million in funding from Ottawa to house the growing number of vulnerable refugee claimants arriving in the city, budget chief Shelley Carroll said she’d be proposing an additional six per cent “federal impacts levy” that would bring the total tax hike to 16.5 per cent, about $600 on average. ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW https://imasdk.googleapis.com/js/core/bridge3.609.1_en.html#goog_1855862712 

“That is the potential crisis we face,” Carroll said, ahead of the spending plan being presented to council’s budget committee. 

After budget committee approved the plan, Mayor Olivia Chow would not endorse or reject the 10.5 per cent property tax hike, or say whether she thought the increase was unaffordable. Instead, she said she would be listening closely to what Toronto residents have to say in public consultations before releasing her version of the budget on Feb 1.

“We have to fix the things that are broken and the financial mess,” she said, noting the city faced a $1.8-billion deficit driven largely by transit and shelter costs, which have skyrocketed during the pandemic. 

The operating budget proposed Wednesday, which increased by $900 million from last year, freezes TTC fares for 2024, slightly increases the police funding (though not as much as requested by the Toronto Police Services Board) and invests in expanding a mental health crisis response service. It increases spending by $152 million for shelter, transit, emergency services and long-term care as well as increasing hours at some public libraries. 

Christmas, Easter Declared “Colonial Oppression” In Trudeau’s Canada

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Christmas, Easter Declared “Colonial Oppression” In Trudeau’s Canada

“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

Brad SalzbergNov 24


“Despite the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s assertion that a day off on Christmas constitutes religious intolerance, polls show that non-Christian Canadians almost universally have no problem with the holiday.”

Against the will of the majority. If establishment media had not been bought-off by our Liberal government, Canadians from coast-to-coast might come to understand a vital truth.

“A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.”

As a society, Canada is being systemically transitioned away from its core identity as a western democratic nation. CBC won’t speak of it, and Globe & Mail won’t publish it, but in a largely covert manner, our federal government are in the process of stripping away Canadian cultural identity.

Two fundamentals of its fundamentals are found in the Christian holidays of Easter and Christmas. Recognizing as much, we witness a headline featured in this week’s  Toronto Sun.

“Christmas, Easter Part Of Canada’s Colonial Bias: Report”

So states the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Canada’s self-proclaimed “human rights” watchdog.

“We are responsible for representing the public interest and holding the Government of Canada to account on matters related to human rights.”

Holy Cow– that’s a laugh. The CHRC has just gone and disrespected Christian Canadians, in addition to millions of Anglophone and European-derived citizens. Their hypocrisy is obvious, blatant and punitive.

But, you see, it’s all okay. Pourquoi? Because unbeknownst to the general public, “institutional” Canada has transitioned our country to an anti-Christian, anti-Anglophone society.

Our country’s “Bermuda Triangle” of neo-communism– government, media, academia– all promote a program of inverted racism against “Old Stock” Canadians. Within the process, the fundamentals of traditional identity are being destroyed. Truth be told, it’s always this way when international socialism gains hold of a formerly free and democratic society.

At the top of the transitional heap stand two partners-in-crime: PM Justin Trudeau, and current political partner, New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

With something called a “confidence and supply” agreement, Canada’s dynamic duo of democratic erosion established a two-year lock on federal governance. This way,  tax-payer funded “multicultural” branch-plants can further erode what it means to be Canadian.

Sneaky, eh? But don’t look to CTV or Toronto Star to spill the neo-communist beans. They work for the Liberals, so it’s no-can-do on this one.

“The Commission protects the core principle of equal opportunity and promotes a vision of an inclusive society free from discrimination. The Canadian Human Rights Commission is akin to an Agent of Parliament.”

The Canadian Human Rights Commission state that they are support “an inclusive society where everyone is valued and respected.”

Bollocks to that. One must understand the nature of wokeness in post-modern Canada. Respect has its limits, as manifest in the following question:

How can ubiquitous respect for human rights exist when one identifiable Canadian community is omitted from inclusion? An erasure of Christmas  and Easter generates disrespect towards millions of Canadians of European heritage.

We pick up on a related dynamic. Multiculturalism is rooted in a similar form of hypocrisy. Cultural Action Party has pointed to the rub on multiple occasions.

How can multiculturalism, diversity and “social equity” truly exist when Anglo-European citizens and their heritage are fully excluded from the pluralist banquet feast?

What it all boils down to can be solidified in a certain premise. Liberalism, wokism, anti-colonialism, critical race theory, systemic racism. All these weapons of woke warfare remain devoid of logic.

In tandem with historical predecessors– communism in China, Soviet Union, Cuba and others. It’s emotion that drives the revolutionary bandwagon. These forces don’t need facts—their succeed being based on coordinated propaganda implementation.

Government, media, academia— united in ideology, a comprehensive re-orientation of society is their ultimate solution.

“Many societies … have been constructed in a way that places value on certain traits or identities to the exclusion of others.”

Logic thrives not. So, in order to arrive at true social equality, we will disempower, insult and denigrate Anglophones, Christians, and their historical traditions. It’s a farce, to be sure. But a dangerous one at that. Now, the bad news:

The “Trudeau-Singh Socialist Revolutionary” train is likely to steamroll over Canada’s democratic tracks until October, 2025, when the Liberals will be forced to call an election.

As visionary author George Orwell stated in his paean to communism, “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

As applied to “no core identity” Canada, it doesn’t take Albert Einstein to deduce which Canadian communities fall into which categories.

Does Canada Have An Anti-Anglophone Federal Government?

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Does Canada Have An Anti-Anglophone Federal Government?

Is Justin Trudeau fulfilling a covert agenda instigated by so-called father Pierre Trudeau? Brad Salzberg Jul 27   Share   Share For nearly eight years in office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has prided himself on a so-called “progressive” form of governance.
While Canadian media echo the sentiment, an ominous undertone of what “progress” really means falls outside the scope of media narrative. One form of progress is currently eluding millions of citizens of our country who qualify as “Old Stock” Canadians. The offspring of generations of European immigrants, most of these citizens derive from a secular or religious Christian background. To say these communities are getting the “short end of the federal government stick” is the understatement of the decade.

Devoid of community solidarity, white Canadians today exist as a quintessential “silent majority.” It isn’t difficult to see why. Simply put, no one speaks of them. Nearly eight years in office, and PM Trudeau has yet to make verbal reference to English Canada, as well as any form of reference toward our Anglophone communities.

To be sure, Mr. Trudeau doesn’t like our type. He much prefers French-Canadians. Canadians of 3rd World origin are a close second. For verification, we turn to the plight of Anglophones within Canada’s social and political arena. As a result of this week’s Federal Cabinet shuffle, the new Liberal MPs entering cabinet are Jenna Sudds, Rechie Valdez, Ya’ara Saks, Arif Virani, Gary Anandasangaree, Soraya Martinez Ferrada and Terry Beech. Seven new members, one of which is an Anglophone male.

Broadening the scope beyond a federal level reveals what CBC and corporate media never speak of: The “running of the Anglophone” from political office in Canada. Those who believe it to be limited to federal politics take head. At every level of government, white Canadians are being hustled out and replaced with those favoured by Trudeau: Quebecers, 3rd World migrants, homosexuals.

According to Statistics Canada, our country has five cities with a population exceeding one million residents: Out of the five– Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton— just one has an Anglophone mayor. We absolutely cannot understand how an ex-Liberal Cabinet member from the Trudeau government, Amarjeet Sohi, was elected Mayor of Edmonton. In the most recent federal election, the Liberals didn’t win a single seat in Alberta. A total washout, all seats save one(NDP) were taken by the Conservative Party.

What happened? Suddenly every Edmontonian worth their winter boots voted for ex-Liberal MP Amarjeet Sohi? One has to wonder about the forces controlling Canadian politics at present. Whoever they are, they do not like “our kind.”

Why not? Because Anglophones exist as a thorn-in-the-side to Justin Trudeau’s pseudo-communist assault on society. Toss aside the white snowflakes, and what remains are ten million Old Stock Canadians with an ability to see through the veneer of Justin Trudeau’s “woke socialist revolution.” Looking back, we consider the methods that nascent totalitarian governments used to disempower unwanted segments of society.

Fundamental to the endeavor is coordinated government-media propaganda. Trudeau’s Liberals accomplished this through a tacit purchasing of establishment media. Once accomplished, the PM went about insulting and degrading our communities, branding us racist, homophobic and genocidal. Covid from China brought another neo-communist tactic to the mix: the “running of the Christian,” manifest in a plethora of arrests of Canadian pastors. After 50 Christian churches were burned down in arson attacks, PM Trudeau responded with a shrug of his shoulders, stating that the attacks “were understandable.” Make no mistake– this Trudeau fellow has it in for us, big time.

His LGBT advocacy delivers another angle to the agenda. It’s a funny thing– as much as LGBT, Pride and Transgender propaganda have permeated society, media never speak of a specific downside: LGBT results in fewer children being born. Do tell, fellow patriots: why, in a country with a rapidly shrinking population, does our prime minister promote the hell out of non-birthing LGBT advocacy? Trudeau maintains the same vehemence toward promoting Abortion and Euthanasia. All of which maintain a commonality. They result in an impediment of children being born in Canada. It’s a weird phenomenon– until we begin to think about which communities most indulge in these practices.

Every way you look at it, Anglophones in Canada are down on their luck. Media never speak of us in a communal sense. Muslims, Sikhs, Chinese, Quebecois, Tamil Tigers. Your name them, and Justin Trudeau has pandered to them in a giant way. But when it comes to Anglophone Canadians, silence is golden. And here we are sitting back and taking it. If we had to pick a question most often asked of CAP by our readers, it would be something along the lines of “why do we put up with it?” A fair question it is– why do Anglo-European Canadians sit back and take the abuse Team Trudeau has been throwing in our faces for the past seven-plus years? The answer comes in recognition of a 50-history of pre-meditated socio-political seduction.

With Canada’s colonial founding as ammunition, a Quebecois communist by the name of Pierre Trudeau set our people up for the fall. The first major sign was an introduction of Multiculturalism in the early 1970’s. Forced upon an unsuspecting general public, it was only a matter of time before “diversity” steamrolled right over our communities. Wanna know the problem with so-called diversity? It has no ceiling. No point of demarcation exists as to when multiculturalism will be declared a success. Canada’s multicultural pushers are insatiable. Nothing is good enough, and nothing ever will be.

That is, until whitey is pushed to the side, his position usurped by PM Trudeau’s preferred form of citizen: Those willing to accept every draconian, freedom-stripping piece of neo-communism he is throwing at our society. Back in the world of high-level politics, we point to the reality of the Anglophone-Canadian predicament. Out of 39 Liberal Cabinet Members, just seven are male Anglophones. In what seems like ancient history, ex-Conservative PM Stephen Harper’s Cabinet had 18 out of 38. A microcosm for society it is. Justin Trudeau is gunning for disempowerment of one identifiable Canadian community. Like so-called father Pierre, he is at heart a Quebecois communist. Caught off-guard through a half-century of seduction, the destiny of English Canada and its Anglophone communities stands on shaky ground.

Canada Tests the Limits of Its Liberal Immigration Strategy

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American Renaissance

Posted on August 18, 2023

Canada Tests the Limits of Its Liberal Immigration Strategy

Paul Vieira, Wall Street Journal, August 14, 2023

High levels of immigration made Canada the second-fastest growing developed-world economy in recent years, trailing only the U.S., as it competed to attract high-skilled workers from around the world.

Now, the newcomers are starting to strain the country’s ability to absorb them, putting at risk an important engine of the country’s growth.

The country of 40 million people last year welcomed more than one million permanent and temporary immigrants, Statistics Canada said. That influx generated a population growth of 2.7%; the increase of 1.05 million people was nearly equivalent to last year’s increase in the U.S., a country with more than eight times Canada’s population.

In the next two years, Canadian officials say they will boost the number of permanent newcomers by almost a third, with most being skilled migrants such as carpenters, computer scientists and healthcare workers who qualify under a merit-based points system.

The system, touted by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government but first developed in the 1960s, has helped drive economic growth, attract entrepreneurs and fill vacancies for skilled positions. It has been broadly supported across the Canadian political spectrum, with the goal of attracting the world’s best and brightest to Canada.

But the intake of newcomers is increasing so rapidly that analysts and newly arrived immigrants say it is adding fuel to an overheated housing market, straining a stressed healthcare system and clogging up roads in cities unaccustomed to traffic jams.

The country’s housing prices remain among the highest in the world even after a rapid and hefty rise in interest rates, according to data compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. The price of a Canadian home sits 36% above 2020 levels because residential construction can’t keep up with population growth, analysts say.

TD Bank economists, in a report last month, forecast that based on current demographic trends, the shortfall in housing units that are needed to keep up with projected demand could roughly double to a half-million units within just two years.

Historically, newcomers flocked to major cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, but they are now also settling in smaller urban and suburban areas.

The total population of Canada’s capital region, around Ottawa, grew by 8.5% between 2016 to 2021, according to the national census, and house prices there surged 84% in the same period, based on data from the Canadian Real Estate Association. In the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge region, a technology and manufacturing hub 70 miles west of Toronto, the population grew 10% to 575,000. In the 2016-21 period, house prices more than doubled.

As immigration has surged, Canada’s gross domestic product per capita—widely used by economists to measure a country’s standard of living—has declined. National Bank Financial said last month that Canada’s per-capita output is on track to fall 1.7% in the second quarter from a year ago, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts Canada’s GDP-per-capita growth could be one of the lowest among developed-world economies over the next four decades.

Canada’s aggressive immigration “camouflaged the real underlying problem in this country, which is a lack of business investment and productivity,” said David Rosenberg, former chief North American economist at Merrill Lynch and now head of Rosenberg Research. This is showing up in everything from stressed public-transportation, roads, healthcare and housing, he said.


INSANITY! — We Build Fewer Homes Today Than in 1974, When We Had Half the Population and One-Tenth the Immigration

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FIRST READING: Ottawa could fix housing if it felt like it. They did it before

In the 1970s, Canada decisively tamed a housing shortage via low immigration and an explosion in home-building Author of the article: Tristin Hopper Published Aug 14, 2023  •  Last updated 4 days ago  •  9 minute read 370 Comments Newly minted housing minister Sean Fraser, who recently said he will be increasing housing affordability without bringing down real estate prices. The sentences are mutually exclusive. Newly minted housing minister Sean Fraser, who recently said he will be increasing housing affordability without bringing down real estate prices. The sentences are mutually exclusive. Photo by Justin Tang/The Canadian Press


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This may be the month that the Trudeau government officially dropped all pretence of caring about fixing the housing crisis.

The Liberals strode into office in 2015 with promises of unlocking home ownership for the middle class. Instead, housing prices under their tenure have nearly doubled, and even in Canada’s mid-sized cities, home ownership is increasingly out of reach for anyone on a median salary.

And just this week, newly minted housing minister Sean Fraser effectively told Canadians to accept these numbers as the new normal. Whatever tack Ottawa is going to take on housing, they will be ensuring that prices stay high. “Our goal is not to decrease the value of their home,” Fraser told Bloomberg News.

But there was a time when Ottawa could look upon a country critically short of homes, and respond not with finger-pointing, but with an all-out construction boom the likes of which Canada had never seen. Affordability surged, rents dropped and analysts soon began to boast that Canadians were “now among the best housed people in the world.”

The prime minister during this long-lost golden age in affordable housing also happened to be named Trudeau. Tragically for the two-thirds of young Canadians who have now officially given up on owning a home like their parents, there’s no real reason Trudeau’s son couldn’t have done much the same thing.

In 1974 — the same year that Pierre Trudeau won a shattering re-election victory — the number of new homes built across Canada reached a level that they’ve never since exceeded. In that year, builders put the finishing touches on 257,243 new Canadian homes.

By comparison, over the last 10 years Canada has averaged just 197,000 annual housing completions — 76 per cent of the 1974 peak.

The contrast is all the more remarkable given that there were only 22.8 million people living in Canada in the mid-1970s. In 1974, one in every 100 Canadians could have purchased a brand-new home, and there still would been several thousand to spare.

And this rate of feverish home-building kept up for quite some time. For the entire 1970s, an average of 229,113 homes were built every single year. In the 43 years since, the 200,000 mark has been cracked only a handful of times.

What’s more, the 1970s were also relatively low-immigration years for Canada. There wasn’t a single year of Pierre Trudeau’s 15-year premiership in which the number of new immigrants was higher than the number of new homes. In 1978, Canada completed 246,533 homes and welcomed just 86,300 new immigrants.

None of the 1970s property boom was by accident. The sheer volume of new homes hitting the market was the end result of a federal government that openly vowed to put its middle and working classes into respectable accommodation — and actually meant it.

“We must … not only improve the operation of private markets in order to accelerate the total output of housing but we must also stimulate the provision of modest accommodation for low-income people,” Liberal MP Robert Andras — a perennial Pierre Trudeau cabinet member — declared in 1969.

Poverty had been on the upswing throughout the 1960s, and the solution pitched by the Liberal government was to throw up whole cities of new homes practically overnight, so that these growing ranks of Canadian poor would at least have a place to live.

In the 1970s, the housing-assistance activities of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation “exploded,” according to one history of the era.

A latticework of loan guarantees, tax credits and direct subsidies emerged to put millions of Canadians within reach of home ownership, and the construction market roared into high gear to meet the new demand.

Meanwhile, the Canada Rental Supply Program extended interest-free loans to developers who built social housing, and a firehose of federal monies was directed at subsidized housing projects.

“In the heyday of Canadian social housing from 1965 to 1990, 10 percent of total housing production was non-profit, public or co-operative,” wrote housing analyst Greg Suttor in a 2017 profile of this period.

That was enough affordable homes to “house half the lowest-income segment of the roughly 170,000 households added in Canada each year,” noted Suttor.

And rather than city cores increasingly becoming conclaves of the rich, the 1970s saw a flourishing of low-income options opening up “in the same neighbourhoods as middle-class Canadians lived in.”

When the Canadian government spoke of housing policy in the 1980s, it was framed as an unvarnished national triumph that stood as an example to the world.

“We have tripled our housing stock and rehabilitated the best of our older dwellings. Canadians are now among the best housed people in the world,” read a 1987 report issued by then housing minister Stewart McInnes.

It was basically the polar opposite of the situation now. The yearly output of new Canadian homes has now been stagnant for at least 20 years. In 2002, housing completions stood at 185,626. In 2019, the last full year before the COVID-19 pandemic, they stood at a near-identical 187,177.

At the same time, the number of Canadians needing homes is reaching meteoric highs. In 2022 alone, Canada registered one million new immigrants against 219,942 new home completions.

It’s now been a full 24 years since Canada has come close to marking a year that, like the 1970s, saw the number of new homes outpace the number of new immigrants.

A recent TD report forecast that if these trends continue, Canada’s housing shortfall will grow by another 500,000 units in just two years. “Greater thought and estimation needs to occur on what’s a true absorption rate for population growth,” cautioned the writers.

The cause of the Canadian housing affordability crisis has always been pretty simple: There are too few homes.

There are ways to tweak this by banning foreign investment or raising interest rates. But if immigration is going to stay at historic highs (and the Trudeau government has indicated that it might climb even higher); home prices aren’t going to be returning anywhere near normalcy until Canada can start building way more homes, way faster.

Even before recent immigration spikes, Canada already had the greatest structural housing deficit in the G7. According to a Scotiabank estimate from 2021, it would require an extra 1.8 million homes just to reach an affordability rate on par with the rest of the G7.

At current home building rates, even if the Canadian population stayed put it would take nine years just to make up the gap.

There’s no real reason that Canada couldn’t pull out all the stops to re-enact the 1970s building boom — although there are a few major barriers in the way.

For one, much of the low-hanging fruit is gone.

Nowadays, any significant expansion of the Canadian housing stock would likely require a fair bit of “intensification”: Turning single-family homes into four-plexes, building apartment buildings in the suburbs and remaking infrastructure to handle denser cityscapes. But in the 1970s, even in Canada’s largest cities, expanding the housing supply was usually just a matter of greenlighting some more subdivisions.

In 1977 Vancouver, single-family homes were so plentiful that it was still possible to buy one for the modern equivalent of only $375,000. In Toronto, when the 56-storey TD Bank Tower first opened in the middle of the city’s financial district in 1967, the city’s density was so low that its next-door neighbour was a surface-level parking lot.

“We can’t easily sprawl our way out of this,” said Steve Lafleur, a public policy analyst who writes often on the subject of housing affordability. Fifty years ago, builders could still “plop down a subdivision a 20-minute drive from the heart of the national economy,” said Lafleur.

But if there’s one glaring roadblock preventing Canada from pursuing a second all-out building boom, it’s the fact that today’s municipalities are way more obstinate than their 1970s predecessors. Restrictive zoning laws and other thickets of municipal red tape have largely kneecapped any ability of developers to build with the feverish intensity of the 1970s.

In the 1970s, said Lafleur, “the feds were serious about expanding affordable rental options and the municipalities didn’t really get in the way.”

Cities didn’t get in the way of any new development, really. “The image of rapid growth in … major urban centres was widely accepted in the late 1960s and early 1970s,” read a 1975 report by the Science Council of Canada. Vancouver in the late 1960s and early 1970s was so uncompromisingly pro-development that there exist images of its mayor riding a wrecking ball.

The federal government of 2023 is again willing to drop billions on affordable housing, albeit at much lower rates than the Pierre Trudeau government. But even that “won’t move the needle because municipalities aren’t willing to accommodate enough growth,” said Lafleur.

Nowadays, whenever the feds greenlight a new package of demand-side measures to put more money into the housing market, it doesn’t spur construction — it mostly just bids up prices even worse.

The easiest way out of this impasse is simply to steamroll municipal power, and there have indeed been recent moves in that direction. B.C. and Ontario have both introduced legislation that would essentially ban cities from restricting lots to single-family homes.

And Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is now pitching a housing program that would shut off federal money to cities that doesn’t meet federal homebuilding targets: In essence, defunding any city council with overly NIMBYist tendencies.

In 1974, Canada built an average of 704 new homes every single day. Notably, that’s almost exactly the same number by which the current housing shortage is getting worse. If TD’s estimates of a 500,000-unit shortfall over the next two years hold true, that’s another 685 units added to the shortfall each day.

Whatever’s going to fix this, it will need to be big. As for the measures now being pitched to increase densification: “It’s too little, too late,” said Lafleur.