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Inclusive Hiring in Trudeau’s “Post Modern” State

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Inclusive Hiring in Trudeau’s “Post Modern” State

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Diversity Quotas Set Up Systemic Prejudice Against White Canadian

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Diversity Quotas Set Up Systemic Prejudice Against White Canadians

“There is no plan to end discriminatory hiring requirements for quota-bound research program — even as targets are met, Commons hears.”

Brad SalzbergMay 13


“Canada’s budget 2024: Canada never needed hundreds of hyper-targeted anti-oppression-themed grants to function, but we’re getting it.”

You can say that again, in spades. Beneath the surface of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(DEI) ideology lies a bug in the system no one ever speaks of. Not government, nor media, or Canada’s vengeful, hyper-woke academic world.

“Canadian universities, at the direction of the federal Liberal government and the research granting agencies for which it’s responsible, have made race- and sex- based discrimination a matter of everyday business. And they don’t seem to have a plan to pare it back.”

. Instituted by Canada’s Liberal government, moves such as this continue to push a poorly understood agenda of systemic social inversion.

“The current opening for a Canada Research Chair in physics (specifically, quantum sensing) at the University of New Brunswick, which has been vacant for one whole year, will not accept applications from white men. Similarly, white people can’t apply to Dalhousie’s opening for a chair in industrial engineering.

There is no plan to end discriminatory hiring requirements for quota-bound research program — even as targets are met, Commons hears.”

Serving as a microcosm for general society, critical questions should be emanating from these developments. That none of them are being addressed by Canadian media is serious cause for concern.

The fundamental question evaded, CAP lay it on the line:

Where does it stop? Applying the query in a broader context elicits further speculation. Will there ever come a time at which the Liberals and their woke special interest financial recipients arrive at a point of satiation?

“Okay, Ms. He/She/They, reasonable DEI quota achievement has been met, time to scale-back the agendas.”

Or will they go on indefinitely– as in,  forever. For Cultural Action Party [est.2016] this may take the cake as the most relevant socio-political question of our times. On this basis, readers can count on Canadian media remaining entirely mum on the subject.

By now, we know the way they roll. In the present, during the time period in which social issues reach a critical apex, CBC, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail say nothing. Years beyond, once the damage is completed, Canadians begin to comprehend how they have been screwed over.

“We pursue policies that were established in law by the Federal Court and subject to a mediation that was overseen by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Those policies are contained in an addendum to the program and are set to ensure that by the year 2030, the Canada Research Chairs Program will ‘look’ more like Canada…”

Let us drill down on the “look more like” dynamic. Projecting into the future, at a time when Anglophones comprise 30% of our population, will diversity quotas be put in place to protect Canada’s latest iteration of a “minority” community?

Never is our nihilistic response. Certainly not with a Liberal Party government in place, and likely, not at all. In this is to be discovered what PM Justin Trudeau meant when he declared Canada a “post-modern” society.

In time, Canada will become an inverted society. Whites to the bottom of the social ladder, “racialized” in the driver’s seat.  One major reason being that when it comes to DEI, multiculturalism, immigration, LGBT et al, no ceiling exists to demarcate the success of these social policy initiatives.

“The strict enforcement of diversity rules has indeed changed the demographics of the Canada Research Chairs program. As of last September, it surpassed its 2029 racial minority quota of 22 per cent [now up to 29 percent], but the racially exclusionary job ads persist.”

Bingo. And what, pray-tell, what will occur at a point when the representation reaches 51%?

“A job well done, go soak your feet in warm water.”

It will never happen. As for legacy media, they publish what those who provide their income stream want them to publish. Just as important, the press omit what the Liberals want them to omit.

For example, a “little thing” called the fate of English Canada, and its Anglo-European communities. The composite can fit on the head of a pin– they write nothing at all.

[Conservative MP Michelle]Rempel Garner: Has the Tri-Council undertaken any work to articulate what conditions would have to be established for those hiring practices to be eliminated? And has that work been communicated to the federal government?

Hewitt: So, right now we operate under the terms and conditions that were set by the Federal Court and the Canadian Human Rights Commission, so —

Rempel Garner: But I’m asking you, has any work been done by the Tri-Council to either set the conditions by which race-based hiring targets, or practices, would be eliminated?

Hewitt: I think we want to get to the targets first and then have the conversation about whether we would need them —

Rempel Garner: But we’re close! We’re there, right?

Hewitt: Well, we’re not quite there —

Rempel Garner: We’re really close.

Hewitt: We’re not quite there and a lot can happen in the next few years.

Spoken like a true woke academic tot funded by the Liberal government of Canada. Now, imagine questions of this nature being posited to PM Trudeau:

“Based on socio-economic conditions, will there be a point at which your government scales back immigration quotas?”

Um…I’m really not sure, try asking your mother.

Based on demographic balance achieved by way of immigration, will there come a time when funding for multicultural initiatives get scaled back?

Ah…um…diversity is our strength. Interview’s over.

Returning to the tangible, we offer up the following affirmations drawn from the National Post:

“On affirmative action, the budget heralded the expansion of the Employment Equity Act, which currently sets employment ‘targets’ for women, visible minorities, Indigenous people and the disabled in the federal public sector.”

“Labour Minister Seamus O’Regan announced that Black people and LGBT people will each get their own target (quota).”

A race-obsessed national government. That’s what Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada has delivered to our country. Political science buffs may want to consider historical examples of this dynamic, and how it played out in the long-run.

“As far as job funding goes, the budget set aside $351.2 million to be used in 2025-26 to fund 90,000 jobs for youth. More than half of this money will go to the Canada Summer Jobs Program, which prioritizes applicants who provide work opportunities for disabled, non-white and LGBT youth.

Down the road, at a time when whites comprise 20% of our national demographic, will the same structure exist?

At the core of this structure exists a spectacular irony. Currently, white Canadians comprise the majority of major journalists in our country. For how long will the woke tolerate this piece of “racism”?

Like all other sectors, the structure will be thrashed to pieces until an inversion occurs. Based on the “colour and quota” theory espoused by the Liberals, white Canadians will eventually transition to a bona-fide minority community. And not only a minority– but even more tantalizing for the woke brigade– a persecuted minority.

In other words, Anglophone citizens could transition to what the DEI crowd claim is the condition of racialized and gay communities at present. This isn’t equality– it’s vengeance. At the heart of the woke movement lies bitterness and hatred, not equitability.

Consultations for the Changing Narratives Fund recommended the money subsidize newsroom positions for non-white journalists and students, support training and leadership initiatives for non-white journalists and even back a potential BIPOC+ wire service.”

“Those consulted  believed that Canadian news, film and television need to normalize BIPOC/non-cis gatekeepers and decision-makers at every level of the media and the arts, from assignment editors to granting authorities.”

By way of government, media and academia, “Old Stock” Canadians are set-up for a silent fall.

Maxime Bernier & People’s Party of Canada Pledge to Rid Us of Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Insanity

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Maxime Bernier & People’s Party of Canada Pledge to Rid Us of Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Insanity

Today I was in Bowmanville (ON) for a press conference with our amazing Durham by-election candidate, Patricia Conlin.

This press conference was an opportunity to introduce Patricia to the local and national media.

We also announced a new PPC policy on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

DEI is a fundamentally racist, sexist, and discriminatory ideology that divides Canadians, creates blatant injustices, and undermines social cohesion.

Under the pretext of promoting nice-sounding goals, it does the exact opposite: it imposes a uniform far-left perspective, and unfairly gives more rights to some, while excluding others who don’t fit in official categories of victims.

This hateful ideology holds that our culture and Western society is irredeemably racist, colonialist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and whatever new phobia or -ism they come up with next week!

We hear about new absurd examples of these programs almost every day.

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that the University of Waterloo wanted to hire two Research Chair positions in the Computer Science department.

The first position was only open to applicants “who self-identify as women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit”.

The second position was only open to applicants “who self-identify as a member of a racialized minority”.

If you’re straight or white, tough luck! The University of Waterloo doesn’t want you.

Our woke leaders do not believe in merit anymore. They undermine one of the key foundations of western civilization.

They tell us that “diversity” is more important than competence.

We see this everywhere in Canada and the West today.

The longer that this twisted agenda is in place, the more things will fall apart and cease to function.

Because decline is the only outcome when you prevent and penalize the most capable and meritorious.

You can watch the full announcement by clicking here!

And read the full text of the policy here.

A PPC government will take the following steps to expunge this toxic ideology from our society and country:

  • Abolish all federal DEI programs and policies in the public service and in federal institutions such as the Armed Forces, as well as those that apply to federally regulated industries.
  • Prohibit DEI training sessions in all federal institutions.
  • Remove all DEI clauses imposed on institutions, organisations, associations and businesses as a condition to obtain federal subsidies, grants, loans, scholarships, services, or contracts.
  • Stop funding groups that promote the DEI ideology.
  • In all legal proceedings, narrowly interpret section 15(2) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a manner that proscribes reverse discrimination.
  • Support Canadians who are being discriminated against, harassed, vilified, or harmed in any way by organisations that impose DEI programs and policies.

Help support our campaign to eliminate DEI in Canada with an $18 donation today! M

Isn’t It Racist To Restrict Hiring Of White Canadians On Campu

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Isn’t It Racist To Restrict Hiring Of White Canadians On Campus?

Is there a reason why media refuse to mention that contemporary white Canadians are not responsible for historical policies of prejudice against “racialized” communities?

Brad SalzbergFeb 13


“The Faculty Association of the University of Waterloo says its Equity Committee must be at least 50% non-male and 50% non-white in order to have gender and racial parity.” [While the general population is slightly more than 50% female, the non-White proportion of Canada’s population, at this point in our planned replacement is 22%, not 50%1}

In contemporary Canada, what goes around really does come around. Thinking back to civil rights leaders for the Advancement of Coloured People in the United States, we turn to a lady named Rosa Parks:

The United States Congress honoured her as “the first lady of civil rights” and “the mother of the freedom movement.”

“On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Parks rejected bus driver James F. Blake’s order to vacate a row of four seats in the ‘coloured’ section in favour of a white passenger.”

Parks went on to become an international icon of resistance to racial segregation.

Today, in PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, racial segregation has returned. Only this time, the tables have been turned toward ostracization of White Canadians based on the colour of their skin.

“The faculty association also says it gives preferential treatment to Black and Indigenous peoples in the selection process whenever possible.” 

Unabashed, egregious racism it is. None of it a problem for University of Waterloo’s woke crew of inverted bigots.

“In the late 1870s, Southern state legislatures passed laws requiring the separation of whites from ‘persons of colour’ in public transportation and schools.”

Several thoughts bubble to the surface. Firstly, an anachronistic move by Canadian academia to re-institute a reversal of civil rights that people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King worked for, and in the latter case, died for.

Secondly, the idea that as with all elements of DEI(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), an unspoken goal of racial revenge lies at the core of the agenda. Indeed, University of Waterloo’s decree exists as a microcosm for the “social equity” movement in its entirety.

With woke political correctness as its support-system, an entire school-of-thought is cast aside. Mainstream media won’t breathe a word about it, even though at this stage of the game, 80-90% of leading journalists in Canada derive from an Anglophone or Francophone background.

Multiculturalism as conceived and institutionalized by ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau contains no legal limit, or “ceiling” as to when social equity is achieved. No barometer of “success” exists to verify that its original purpose– racial equality within a pluralist society– has been accomplished.

The result? It can, and will, “go on forever.” Meaning that the steamrolling of Whites out of employment potential could transition from 50% to 100%, while no legal mechanism exists to prevent such a thing.

Paying for the sins of our forefathers? Upon which we turn to a critical, yet unspoken, observation. Government, media, academia– notice how none of them point to the fact that those who initiated “racist” policies in Canadian society are all dead?

CBC, Globe & Mail, CTV, Toronto Star— which one has ever referenced the fact that contemporary white Canadians are in no respect responsible for historical policies of prejudice against “racialized” communities.

In the case of racism perpetrated by University of Waterloo’sEquity Committee,this equates with the idea that these people are punishing the innocent. As in, an act of revenge. Bitter, angry woke warriors taking out their collective frustration on Canada’s Anglo-European communities.

In truth, that’s not the worst of it. The worst is that this travesty goes on without being challenged by any controlling institution in the country. PM Justin Trudeau is all for it, as is under-the-radar Anglophone-basher, New Democratic party leader Jagmeet Singh, who says:“The reality is, this is our Canada. We can’t deny it. We can’t reject that, because it does no one any help. The reality is: our Canada is a place of racism, of violence, of genocide. [Yet, no one calls this defamation of Whites for what it is — BULLSHIT! ‘Genocide’, Jagmeet? Are you and your turbanned confreres being genocided? No, you and they are thriving. Indeed, Sikhs, less than one per cent  of Canada’s population, comprised 16% of Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet. The only people being genocided on the instalment plan are Canada’s European founding/settler people being replaced by immigration policy!]

Love you to, Jagmeet. Establishment media has not a problem with racism against White Canadians. Ditto for our Marxist-infused university system, which over the decades silently converted to bastions of anti-Canadian hatred.

An injection of irony springs forth as we reference a recent article published by True North News:

“Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Programmes Lead To More Bigotry, New Research Shows”

“Drawing from a wide array of research published in leading social scientific journals, including contributions from prestigious institutions like Harvard  and Princeton,  findings challenge the prevailing narrative that DEI instruction leads to lasting positive behavioural changes.”

Well, what do you know? It could well be that academic social equity programs are exacerbating the level of racism in society.

A couple thoughts here: for one thing, it will make not a shred of difference to Canada’s woke academic warriors. Secondly, the idea that, on a deeper level, forces exist in our society who want social chaos to ramp up ad infinitum.

As mentioned, Canada’s academic world contains an unspoken-of-foundation of Marxist-oriented political orientation.

“Marx wrote extensively on race and class in the American Civil War. These writings argue that capitalism was grounded in slavery and that racism attenuated class-consciousness among workers from dominant racial groups.”

“These Marxist writings, which have been discussed only sporadically over the past century, are especially timely today.”

You’re+ darn right they are, because academia is utilizing race to divide citizen from citizen, and community from community. In other words, beneath all the “equity” talk, exists a tacit form of socialist-oriented “revolution.”

We begin to see why the haters are the way they are. What is really in the works is a social inversion of profound proportions:

Whitey to the back of the bus, the “racialized” in the driver’s seat. Can this be the silent, overarching agenda as perpetrated by the Canadian government, media and academia?

A Small Step Towards Sanity at Johns Hopkins

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Johns Hopkins rescinds DEI memo calling white, Christian, English-speaking people privileged College Fix Staff •January 11, 2024 Share this article: The College Fix on Facebook The College Fix on Twitter The College Fix on Reddit Share on Email

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine on Wednesday rescinded an e-mail sent recently from its diversity, equity and inclusion chief that called white, Christian, English-speaking people privileged, among several other “social identity groups,” according to screenshots of the memo posted on X.

Others listed on the privileged list included: able-bodied people, heterosexuals, cisgender people, middle or owning class people, and middle-aged people.

The January 2024 memo was sent Dr. Sherita Golden, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s chief diversity officer and a professor of medicine, who listed “privilege” as the “diversity word of the month.” It was sent to employees, according to End Wokeness, the X account that posted the screenshots.

The DEI memo stated in part that “privileges are unearned and are granted to people in the dominant groups whether they want that privilege or not, and regardless of their stated intent.”