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Anti-White Discrimination is Now Endemic in Canada

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Restricting Whites From Employment Becomes “Systemic” In Canada
Restricting Whites From Employment Becomes “Systemic” In Canada

“The federal government also suggested discriminatory race-and gender-based hiring practices could continue regardless of targets.” Brad SalzbergMay 28 READ IN APP ShareAway from the mainstream media spotlight, a critical social issue is festering within the world of Canadian academia:Will Race & Gender-Based Hiring In Universities Continue After Quotas Are Met?As published by independent media outlet True North News, the question strikes at the heart of Canada’s oh-so-sensitive symposium on race-relations.

Based on the observation, one can be certain that the nature of the discussion will be held back from public awareness by media.“Universities are continuing to push race- and gender-based hiring practices for jobs associated with a federal government program despite “diversity, equity and inclusion” targets already being met.”“The federal government also suggested discriminatory race-and gender-based hiring practices could continue regardless of targets.” The consequences of continuation should elicit discussion regarding an ominous and potentially dangerous precedent:If(more likely when) DEI employment levels become commensurate with ethnic-religious representation in Canadian academia, and still continue to be maintained, what message is delivered to society?It would be wise to place the circumstances in the context of historical examples of racial priorities promoted by government. In this regard, we speak of the concept of white Canadians being refused employment based on the immutable fact that they are white.

“The Canadian Human Rights Act, created in 1977, is designed to ensure equality of opportunity. It prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, age, sex and a variety of other categories.”But when candidates of Anglo-European heritage are excluded based on race, suddenly it’s permissible? This is the set-up at hand, but not to worry, woke warriors, PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government will permit it regardless. Heck, they’re even willing pay for “reverse racism” against our communities.“In the United States, it is illegal discrimination if a person or a company intentionally treats you differently based on your race, ethnicity, or national origin. For example, a landlord violates the law if you apply to rent an apartment and are told that the landlord doesn’t rent to black people.”It’s bad enough that the Feds have put to bed the concept of the “most qualified individual gets the job,” thereby transitioning Canada’s employment standards to a neo-Marxist model.

It’s another thing when equilibrium has been accomplished, and race-based hiring continues to proliferate.The Liberals aren’t this far-along yet in terms of “post-modern” government policies, but in the arena of “woke” politics, Canadians should by now have learned to “never say never.” What we speak of strikes at the heart of society. When governments elevate race, ethnicity, religion to the top of a nation’s socio-political totem pole, trouble eventually comes a’calling.“It has since transformed into a program that promotes DEI ideology through the allure of federal funding. The aim is to have chairs be 50.9% women, 22% visible minorities, 7.5% persons with disabilities, and 4.9% Indigenous by December 2029.

CAP zero-in on the set-up. After which we do what establishment media are being paid to eschew:In 30 years time, when the Canadian demographic shifts white Canadians to a minority community, what shall transpire? CBC have yet to mention it(they never will), but Anglo-European demography is at present dropping like a bomb.We imagine a future scenario, applying the “percentage of ethnic community relative to employment quotas” imperative to the situation. As whites deplete in population, they are effectively barred from  employment– even when  constituting a minority community. This is racism, straight-up.

This is the social dynamic PM Trudeau and his Liberals are institutionalizing in our country. In this is intimated the true meaning of Trudeau’s “post-modern society” declaration– a euphemism for transition to a socialist society.We challenge the ambiguity of his proclamation. By “post-modern,” our PM envisions a complete socio-political inversion of Canadian society. “Racialized” in the driver’s seat, whitey to the back of the bus. Only in this case– as a result of long-term pre-conceived planning– there shall be no “Rosa Parks” to rescue Anglophones from their fate.In our opinion, Trudeau loves this, and so too New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh.

It’s one  of plethora of nefarious future scenarios that our quasi-communist leaders have in store for the future of our country.“After Reconstruction, state and local governments doubled down on these efforts by enacting Jim Crow laws, which codified the role of Black people in the Southern economy and society.” “States such as South Carolina enacted strict ‘Black Codes’ that fined Black people if they worked in any occupation other than farming or domestic servitude.”Perhaps we shouldn’t give the Feds any big ideas. In terms of systemic racial prejudice, there’s many ways to skin-a-cat. Wrapping the prejudice in a coat-of-many-colours doth not change the bottom line.As conservative writer Spencer Fernando commented in a recent article on DEI initiatives, “Racial hiring preferences are discriminatory, because instead of judging someone by their skills and actions, people are judged by their race.”Only this time out the tables have been turned toward white Canadians.Based on the hubris employed by the Liberals, NDP, multicultural industry and academic zealots, the future for Anglophones in Canada looks as shaky a maple leaf in a windstorm.

Given The Choice Between Maintaining The Healthcare System Or Punishing ‘Disobedience,’ BC Has Shamefully Chosen The Latter

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Spencer Fernando

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Given The Choice Between Maintaining The Healthcare System Or Punishing ‘Disobedience,’ BC Has Shamefully Chosen The Latter

OpinionSpencerFernandoOctober 29, 2021

As many have been saying for a long time, it’s all about control.

About two weeks ago, I wrote the following:

“Across the country, provinces are requiring doctors and nurses to be double-vaccinated.

Even though many of those individuals have already had covid & recovered, and even though they have access to PPE & rapid testing, governments are pushing for vaccine mandates.

And they aren’t just asking nicely.

They are imposing those mandates by threatening to fire healthcare workers who don’t comply.

That’s right.

The same people who have been endlessly prattling on about how their restriction of freedom is justified so we can save the healthcare system are planning to strip that healthcare system of potentially thousands of needed workers.

It boggles the mind.”

And now, guess what’s happening?

BC has crippled their healthcare system:

“Surgeries are being postponed and access to diagnostic tests at hospitals and clinics in B.C. is being reduced because of the loss of health-care workers who have not been vaccinated.

More than 4,000 health-care workers in B.C. who have not received at least one dose of vaccine were placed on unpaid leave on Tuesday. They have until Nov. 15 to get their first dose or they will be fired. In the meantime, the minister of health said health authorities have been working on plans to fill those vacancies.”

Make no mistake, while the BC government acts as if this is outside their control, they made a deliberate decision to weaken their own healthcare system by imposing vaccine mandates.

Obviously, the healthcare system needed those workers, otherwise they wouldn’t be having to postpone surgeries and tests.

Additionally, if unvaccinated workers had been causing massive spread of the virus, surely we would have heard about it by now and governments would have imposed mandates far sooner.

Of course, we know that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread the virus, so that’s not the issue here.

The real issue is the demand for control and obedience.

The BC government was given a choice:

Maintaining their healthcare system, or punishing people for ‘disobeying’ the dictates of politicians.

Clearly, they chose the latter.

It’s a deeply shameful move, and wildly hypocritical.

In ‘justifying’ all the restrictions placed on our rights and freedoms, politicians said it was all about ‘protecting the healthcare system.’

But if that was truly the case, then removing 4,000 healthcare workers from the system would never even be considered as an option.

Instead, the ability for people to show natural immunity and/or rapid testing would suffice, with mandatory vaccination not required.

That would be the evidence-based, ‘following the science’ approach.

Yet, that again assumes those in power are acting in good faith, which they clearly are not.

Addicted to power

Over the past year-and-a-half, politicians and public officials have dramatically expanded their power.

Unfortunately, power is addictive.

“Power, especially absolute and unchecked power, is intoxicating. Its effects occur at the cellular and neurochemical level. They are manifested behaviourally in a variety of ways, ranging from heightened cognitive functions to lack of inhibition, poor judgement, extreme narcissism, perverted behaviour, and gruesome cruelty.

The primary neurochemical involved in the reward of power that is known today is dopamine, the same chemical transmitter responsible for producing a sense of pleasure. Power activates the very same reward circuitry in the brain and creates an addictive “high” in much the same way as drug addiction. Like addicts, most people in positions of power will seek to maintain the high they get from power, sometimes at all costs. When withheld, power – like any highly addictive agent – produces cravings at the cellular level that generate strong behavioural opposition to giving it up.”

This means we must acknowledge that the brains of those in power are almost certainly different than they were a year-and-a-half ago, different in such a way as to want more and more power.

Much of this enjoyment of exercising power comes from the coercion-punishment relationship.

Politicians have been able to coerce people into following their orders, and then punish those who refuse.

That’s already how political parties are structured, but now our entire society is increasingly structured in a similar manner.

Politicians can shut down businesses – targeting small businesses without lobbying power of course – can impose curfews, can decide who can gather – even in homes – can shut down religious gatherings, and can tell others not to go on vacation while they and their colleagues do so. Further, they can impose rules that others are severely punished for violating, while exempting themselves from punishment.

All of that has generated a huge rush of power, power which politicians don’t want to give up.

Politicians also realize that their expanded level of power hinges on the populace being afraid of a ‘crisis,’ hence why they are attempting to transition from covid to climate change as the ‘crisis’ that demands expanded state power and restricted individual freedoms.

Return to normal?

As we’ve seen above, the minds of many of our leaders are now addicted to power in a way they likely weren’t before, and thus they will not want to ‘return to normal,’ since a return to normal would mean a lower level of power.

This helps illuminate the foolishness of the COP26 Conference, where politicians will go and make pledges to weaken their own economies and expand state power, even as China’s continued increase in coal production renders it all meaningless.

The ‘crisis’ is only the excuse for doing what those in power want to do anyway: Expand their power even more.

Much of the public still hasn’t grasped this, as they still believe their governments have their best interests at heart.

For those who are aware of it, the pattern of events become more and more clear.

Whether it’s the weakening of our healthcare system to perpetuate a feeling of crisis and punish those who ‘disobey,’ the weakening of our energy sector and forced dependence on foreign countries, restrictions on free speech, or a huge increase in the money supply, the trend is toward less freedom, and more government control.

As people who can see this reality, it’s essential that we try to wake up as many people as we can and help others see the pattern behind the actions of those who seek to infringe expand their power at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

HYPOCRITES: Why Didn’t The Politicians Comment On Man Accused Of Randomly Shooting 7 People In

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HYPOCRITES: Why Didn’t The Politicians Comment On Man Accused Of Randomly Shooting 7 People In Toronto?


Among those allegedly shot at by Adam Abdi was a 4 year-old girl, yet those in power didn’t have much to say.

As we all saw after the hijab hoax, those in power were quick to use the incident to condemn Canadians as ‘Islamophobic’ and push their own political agendas.

And yet, even had that incident occurred, it was far less serious than something that has been clearly confirmed by the police – a man going on a random shooting spree in Toronto.

Hypocritically however, most of those same politicians who couldn’t wait to talk about the false hijab attack have been silent about the crimes allegedly perpetrated by Adam Abdi, which include the shooting of a 4-year-old girl.

Between January 9th and January 21st, five people in Toronto were randomly shot.

According to Global News, “None of the shootings were fatal, but at least one of the victims had serious injuries. In one instance, the suspect allegedly shot at a 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl standing in a hallway of a building in the area of Rahtburn Road and The West Mall. The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the girl was unharmed. In another incident, he allegedly fired at a 35-year-old man and his four-year-old girl who were sitting in a parked vehicle in the Finch Avenue West and Islington Avenue area. Both occupants were unharmed.”

Many have questioned why the public wasn’t informed about this ongoing spree of shootings. And many are now wondering why the politicians have nothing to say about it.

It should have been a huge story, with our so-called ‘leaders’ condemning such brazen acts of violence. Random shootings are among the most terrifying things a population can be subjected to.

Also, what about the suspect’s possible motivations?

Did he have any link to a terrorist group, or did he just decide to go and shoot people for no reason?

After all, Abdi has been charged with 48 offences, including 7 counts of attempted murder. This certainly sounds like it should have been a far bigger news story than it was.

He has been described as a Somali-Canadian, and Canadians could have legitimate questions about the immigration and refugee system if it was determined that he came to Canada that way, or about the security of our nation if he was born here and potentially radicalized in Canada?

Where is Trudeau’s statement about random shootings not representing what Canada really is?

Whatever happened, Canadians deserve answers.

The fact that the politicians had so much to say about a false allegation of a hijab being cut, yet are silent about a shooting spree in our nation’s largest city makes it clear that a dangerous and deceptive agenda is operating behind the scenes, and those in the halls of power are attempting to impose their way of thinking upon us, rather than tell us the truth or represent our real interests as Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Spencer Fernando




While the political elites promote large immigration increases as being about “inclusion” or “openness,”the true agenda is about serving global corporations who want larger supplies of labour – making it easier to pay each worker less money and making it tougher for Canadian citizens to afford having more children.

The Trudeau Liberals have announced plans to bring in 1 million new immigrants in the next three years.

While immigration numbers were around 260,000 under the Conservative government, Trudeau is planning to raise the yearly number to 340,000 per year.

Trudeau’s planned increase is a massive influx.

Politicians – even the most Conservative ones – are generally worried about the consequences of criticizing this huge planned increase in immigration.

After all, the elites regularly condemn anyone who questions immigration policy as a “racist,” which scares many politicians away from asking questions.

Another factor that causes people to be unwilling to criticize immigration policy is the oft-repeated phrase that “we need large immigration increases because Canadians aren’t having enough children.”

Of course, the elites want to make sure that nobody ever asks, “why aren’t Canadians having more children?”

And here’s where the elitist orthodoxy around immigration breaks down.

A key factor in the lower birthrate among Canadians is the massive increases to the cost of living. As many have pointed out, it now takes two incomes – and huge amounts of debt – to afford what was once possible on one income.

When people are constantly working and falling further into debt just to barely keep their heads above water financially, it’s incredibly difficult for families to afford having more children – even when they want to.

While the government pretends to do something about this growing unaffordability problem, they don’t do the one thing that would really help fix it: Increase the leverage of Canadian workers.

It’s a simple supply-and demand problem.

The more potential workers Canada brings in every year through immigration, the more each worker in the country has reduced bargaining power. Since there is an expanding pool of workers, workers are competing for companies, rather than companies competing for workers.

This makes it easier for companies to pay workers less, and forces people to work longer hours and give up more of their life to their job – meaning less money and less time for family.

This helps big companies – particularly global corporations – the most.

This then becomes a self-reinforcing cycle: It makes it tougher for Canadian workers to afford more children, which leads to a lower birthrate, which then is used as justification for even larger immigration increases.

Additionally, minimum wage hikes don’t help this problem, since many companies will just lay people off instead of paying them an artificially set wage. Those laid off often go on social assistance, which leads to increased taxes on taxpayers – which again hurts the affordability issue.

So, the key issue is the leverage of each individual worker.

Lower wages, more hours, and more desperation = reduced ability for families to have more children.

By increasing immigration rates even further, Justin Trudeau’s immigration policy will reduce the leverage of Canadian workers, which will make the affordability issue even worse, and will make it tougher for Canadian citizens to afford larger families.

However, if the immigration rate was kept between 200,000 and 260,000 – the level that it was at under Harper – combined with massive tax cuts to make life more affordable – we would begin to reverse this situation.

Canada’s aging population creates a growing demand for workers, meaning that maintaining immigration levels at a modest level (rather than Trudeau’s massive increases) will begin to strengthen the power of Canadian workers.

Over time, companies would begin competing for Canadian workers, meaning they would need to pay higher wages (without needing an artificially mandated wage increase by government).

These higher wages would reduce the debt burden on households, give workers more leverage to negotiate favourable hours and family-friendly policies, and would make it easier to afford having more children.

This would begin to destroy belief in the elitist orthodoxy that justifies massive immigration increases, and this is why the elites are so afraid of it.

While they hide their policies behind virtue-signalling concepts lines such as “diversity is our strength,” their real agenda is to serve global corporate interests.

Global corporations want a massive pool of desperate, underpaid workers. They don’t want a country where workers have influence and leverage. So, they need to bring in more and more people every year to destroy that leverage, and they need a way to demonize anyone who notices what’s actually happening. So, they claim to support “openness” and “diversity,” and call any critic a “racist.”

While Canada should remain a country that welcomes immigration, that welcome should be on terms that benefits Canadian workers. Many immigrants bring great ideas and great skills to our country, and we benefit from welcoming people into the Canadian family.

That said, we must always be watchful for politicians who try to use our immigration system to serve elite corporate interests that hurt Canadian workers.

The job of the Canadian government is not to fix the world or open our doors up to an unlimited amount of people. The job of the government is to serve Canadians, and a big part of that is making it more affordable for our own citizens to afford larger families.

That’s why we must be willing to push back against the broken and failed elitist orthodoxy on immigration, and have a real discussion in this country about helping our families and our workers.

Spencer Fernando