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HYPOCRITES: Why Didn’t The Politicians Comment On Man Accused Of Randomly Shooting 7 People In

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HYPOCRITES: Why Didn’t The Politicians Comment On Man Accused Of Randomly Shooting 7 People In Toronto?


Among those allegedly shot at by Adam Abdi was a 4 year-old girl, yet those in power didn’t have much to say.

As we all saw after the hijab hoax, those in power were quick to use the incident to condemn Canadians as ‘Islamophobic’ and push their own political agendas.

And yet, even had that incident occurred, it was far less serious than something that has been clearly confirmed by the police – a man going on a random shooting spree in Toronto.

Hypocritically however, most of those same politicians who couldn’t wait to talk about the false hijab attack have been silent about the crimes allegedly perpetrated by Adam Abdi, which include the shooting of a 4-year-old girl.

Between January 9th and January 21st, five people in Toronto were randomly shot.

According to Global News, “None of the shootings were fatal, but at least one of the victims had serious injuries. In one instance, the suspect allegedly shot at a 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old girl standing in a hallway of a building in the area of Rahtburn Road and The West Mall. The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the girl was unharmed. In another incident, he allegedly fired at a 35-year-old man and his four-year-old girl who were sitting in a parked vehicle in the Finch Avenue West and Islington Avenue area. Both occupants were unharmed.”

Many have questioned why the public wasn’t informed about this ongoing spree of shootings. And many are now wondering why the politicians have nothing to say about it.

It should have been a huge story, with our so-called ‘leaders’ condemning such brazen acts of violence. Random shootings are among the most terrifying things a population can be subjected to.

Also, what about the suspect’s possible motivations?

Did he have any link to a terrorist group, or did he just decide to go and shoot people for no reason?

After all, Abdi has been charged with 48 offences, including 7 counts of attempted murder. This certainly sounds like it should have been a far bigger news story than it was.

He has been described as a Somali-Canadian, and Canadians could have legitimate questions about the immigration and refugee system if it was determined that he came to Canada that way, or about the security of our nation if he was born here and potentially radicalized in Canada?

Where is Trudeau’s statement about random shootings not representing what Canada really is?

Whatever happened, Canadians deserve answers.

The fact that the politicians had so much to say about a false allegation of a hijab being cut, yet are silent about a shooting spree in our nation’s largest city makes it clear that a dangerous and deceptive agenda is operating behind the scenes, and those in the halls of power are attempting to impose their way of thinking upon us, rather than tell us the truth or represent our real interests as Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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