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The Wrecking Crew At Work: TheBank of Canada is Complicit in Erasing Canadian History WE NEED TO STOP THIS

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The Wrecking Crew At Work: The Bank of Canada is Complicit in Erasing Canadian History


Beginning in the year 2018, there were two concurrent versions of the C$ 10 produced, one version of the note hosts an image of Canadian civil rights activist, Voila Desmond, while another version of the note has a revised image of John A. Macdonald, looking rather old, tired and ugly. Around the same time, the version of Wilfred Laurier on the $5 bill was replaced with an image of him looking old and clapped out. It rather appears that there was a plan in place to remove Macdonald and Laurier from the $10 and $5 bills permanently. Perhaps the plotters had the idea that the generaltHE public would be more accepting of their removal if they were both made to look as ugly as possible first.

The current plan of the Bank of Canada is to remove Macdonald and Laurier, from the $10 and the $5 and to put them on $50 and $100 notes, while removing Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King off of these higher value notes for good.  This has the effect of erasing Canadian history.

A contest is currently underway to replace Laurier on the $5 bill, with a winner to be announced.

Canadian ten dollar bill traditional.jpg

Perhaps individuals such as Viola Desmond are worthy of recognition, however she is simply nowhere near Macdonald or Laurier in her importance of her contribution to Canadian history. For that reason, it is important that these two Canadian Prime Ministers retain their positions on the high circulation $10 and $5 bills.

In addition, Robert Borden and William Lyon Mackenzie King should not be tampered with either.

Robert Borden was Prime Minister during the First World War.  His government passed the War Measures Act, created the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and eventually introduced compulsory military service, which sparked the 1917 conscription crisis. The Borden government dealt with the consequences of the Halifax Explosion, introduced women’s suffrage for federal elections, and used the North-West Mounted Police to break up the 1919 Winnipeg general strike.

MacKenzie King was the dominant Canadian political leader from the 1920s through the 1940s. He served as the tenth prime minister of Canada in 1921–1926, 1926–1930 and 1935–1948. He is best known for his leadership of Canada throughout the Second World War (1939–1945) when he mobilized Canadian money, supplies and volunteers to support Britain while boosting the economy and maintaining morale on the home front. He was the longest-serving prime minister in Canadian history. A survey of scholars in 1997 ranked MacKenzie King as the first in importance among all Canada’s prime ministers, ahead of Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Patriots should voice their displeasure to the Bank Of Canada, by calling 1-800-303-1282



Tiff Macklem, Governor
Bank of Canada,
234 Wellington Street
K1A 0G9

White Men Responsible For Almost All The Greatest Human Accomplishments

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Thursday, 16 July 2020

White Men Responsible For Almost All The Greatest Human Accomplishments

by Dr. Ricardo Duchesne

The biggest reason why Whites are believed to be racist is that they are far the greatest achievers in human history and they created the nations non-whites crave to inhabit. The very existence of White Men goes against the principle of equality since they are responsible for almost 100% of the greatest achievements in all the fields of human endeavor since ancient historical times. This is a big reason why White nations are earmarked for total race mixing, and why White Males are the most resented group.

The following lists come directly from tweets I wrote over the last few months. These tweets are based on careful documentation and extensive research. One of the reasons I was suspended from twitter is that hundreds of complaints were regularly sent against me for speaking about the unique greatness of White men. 
These lists will show that White men are responsible for almost everything that is noble, beautiful, and excellent in history, far surpassing the achievements of all the other races combined. The sheer fact that White men came up with all the disciplinary fields taught in our universities speaks volumes: archaeology, botany, economics, sociology, anthropology, history, biology, chemistry, genetics, physics, medicine, literature, theology, architecture…all of them. 
The greatest painters, novelists, historians, biologists, physicists, classical composers, poets, car designers, mathematicians, architects are White men. White men were the greatest nation builders in history. They discovered and mapped the entire earth, every river, mountain, sea, desert — including every territory inhabited  by non-whites.

100% of the Greatest Modern Inventions 

Printing press  Electricity  Television  Vaccination  Computer  Photography  Airplane  Nuclear Energy  Steam Engine  Telephone  Radio  Rocketry  Mechanized Clock  Oil Drilling  Refrigeration  Pasteurization  Automobile  Internet  Anesthesia Optical Lenses Telegraph  Semiconductor Electronics  Turbine Engine  Plant Breeding  Air-Conditioning  Assembly Line

White Men invented ALL the Scientific Instruments 

Ammeter  Barometer  Sextant  Voltmeter  Thermometer  Galvanometer  Hydrometer  Radar  Hygrometer  Electroscope  Microscope 

Electron Microscope

Accelerometer,  Magnetograph  Telescope  Periscope  Calorimeter  Nanoscale  Telemeter  Seismograph  Cardiograph

The Greatest Books in Philosophy (J = Jew)

The Republic – Plato  Nicomachean Ethics – Aristotle  Meditations – Marcus Aurelius  Sic et Non – Abelard Proslogion – Saint Anselm
Ordinatio – Scotus
Summa Theologica – Aquinas  Novum Organum – Bacon An Essay Concerning Human Understanding – Locke
Human Nature – Hume
Meditations – Descartes
Monadology – Leibniz
Ethics – Spinoza (J)
Critique of Pure Reason – Kant
The World as Will and Representation – Schopenhauer
Course on Positive Philosophy – Comte
On the Genealogy of Morality – Nietzsche
Phenomenology Of Spirit – Hegel
Logical Investigations – Husserl (J)
Being and Time – Heidegger

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus – Wittgenstein (half J) Human Knowledge – Russell  The Logical Structure of the World – Carnap  Being and Nothingness – Sartre  Truth and Method – Gadamer

The 5 Greatest Ideas in Science 

1. The Atomic Structure of Matter (Physics)  2. The Periodic Law (Chemistry)  3. The Big Bang theory (Astronomy)  4. The Plate Tectonics Theory (Geology)  5. The Theory of Evolution (Biology)

All the Greatest Astronauts in History 

Yuri Gagarin  Alan Shepard  John Glenn  Gus Grissom  Armstrong  Nikolayev  James Lovell  John Young  Alexei Leonov  Buzz Aldrin
Gordon Cooper  Wally Schirra  V. Komarov  Chris Hatfield 
E. Mitchell  T. Stafford  G. Cernan  Ed White  M. Collins

All the Greatest Sculptors

Phidias 480BC  Praxiteles 364BC  Donatello 1386  Riemenschneider 1460  Michelangelo 1475  Cellini 1500  Giambologna 1529  Bernini 1598  Algardi 1598  Girardon 1628 Coysevox 1640  Houdon 1741  Canova 1757  Thorvaldsen 1770  Rodin 1840  Brancusi 1876

Close to 100% of Greatest Mathematicians were European Men

Pierre de Fermat
Évariste Galois
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Erdős (J)

Cantor (J)
Gödel (J)
Daniel Bernoulli
Ramanujan (India)
John von Neumann (J)

Almost all the Greatest Skyscraper Architects 

Frank Lloyd Wright  Louis Sullivan  Daniel Burnham  Raymond Hood  Cass Gilbert Hugh Ferriss  Le Corbusier  William Van Alen  John Mead

Howells  Renzo Piano  Adrian D. Smith  John Burgee  John C. Portman  William Le Baron Jenney

Greatest Physicists of the 19th century were 100% White Men 

1. Faraday  2. Carnot  3. Mayer  4. Jame Joule  5. Lord Kelvin  6. Helmholtz 


7. Maxwell  8. Boltzmann   10. Young  11. Brown  12. Euler  13. Lagrange  14. Fresnel  15. Michelson

Almost all the Greatest Historians are European 

Herodotus  Thucydides  Polybius  Livy  Tacitus  Bede  Gibbon  Machiavelli  Guizot  Macaulay  Carlyle  Ranke  Trevelyan  Burckhardt

Lefebvre  Mommsen  Toynbee  Rostovtzeff  Duby  Braudel  AJP Taylor

All the Greatest Explorers in History

Erikson b.970  Columbus 1451  Magellan 1480  Dias 1451  Da Gama 1460  Balboa 1474  Cortez  Cabot 1450  Vespucci  Champlain 1567

Cartier 1491  Cook 1728  Stanley 1841  Livingston  Lewis and Clark  Amundsen 1928  Peary  Shackleton 1874 Scott

Russia alone produced more Great Novelists than non-Western nations combined

Turgenev  Chekhov  Tolstoy  Pushkin  Gogol  Nabokov

Dostoevsky  Solzhenitsyn  Gorky  Goncharov  Lermontov  Bulgakov

Almost All Geniuses in History were White Men 

Dante  Shakespeare  Plato  Aristotle  Bach  Mozart  Michelangelo  Galileo  Newton  Napoleon  Julius Caesar  Raphael  Pericles  Tolstoy  0 African, 0 Amerindian, 0 Indian, 0 Moslem

Whites are responsible for almost 100% of Literary Devices in history

Aporia  Alliteration  Appositive  Anti-Climax  Catharsis  Comedy  Catalog  Diatribe  Dialogue  Digression  Drama  Denouement  Dilemma  Didacticism  Elegy  Epigram  Epistolary  Essay  Epic  Euphemism  Fairy Tale  Fantasy  Foil
Foreshadowing  Folklore  Flashback  Fallacy  Frame Story  Figurative Language  Hypotaxis  Hyperbole  Hubris  Hamartia  Hook  Induction  Inversion  Intertextuality  Inference  Lyric  Logos  Meiosis  Memoir  Non Sequitur
Motif  Novella  Nemesis  Neologism  Narrative  Octave  Ode  Omniscient  Onomatopoeia  Parallelism  Paronomasia  Parody  Parrhesia

Parrhesia: To say everything boldly or freely

Plot  Prosody  Realism  Reductio ad Absurdum  Refutation  Romanticism  Rhetoric
Rising Action  Sarcasm  Soliloquy  Satire  Semantic  Sonnet  Surrealism  Symbolism  Synesis  Suspense  Syllogism  Synesthesia  Stream of Consciousness  Tragedy  Trope  Utopia  Vernacular  Vignette

35 oldest universities in the world are in Europe 

University of Bologna  Oxford  Salamanca  Paris 


Cambridge  Padua  Naples  Siena  Coimbra

Best Romance Novels 

Flaubert, Madame Bovary  Bronte, Wuthering Heights (woman) Tolstoy, Anna Karenina  Hawthorne, Scarlet Letter  Austen, Pride and Prejudice (woman)  D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover  Goethe, Sorrows of Young Werther  Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Only the European Mind generates Paradoxes 

Zeno’s Racetrack Paradox  Paradox of the Heap Newcomb’s Trolley Paradox  Prisoner’s Dilemma

Paradox of the Ravens  Russell’s Paradox  Leonard Euler’s Paradox
The Liar  Achilles and the Tortoise  The Arrow  Sorites Paradox  Forrester’s Paradox  Class Paradoxes

Greatest Political Theorists are White Men

Plato  Aristotle  Cicero  Machiavelli  Montesquieu  Bodin  Grotius  Rousseau 

Hobbes  Locke  Burke  Tocqueville  Hegel  Bentham  Mill  Strauss (J)  Schmitt  Rawls

The founders of Psychology were Western 

Wundt (founder)  Titchener  Brentano  Kulpe  Ebbinghaus  William James  Hall  Pavlov  Thorndike  Lewin (J)  Watson  Tolman  Freud (J)  Adler (J)  Jung

ALL the Top “groundbreaking” Medical advances in History

Stethoscope  X-Rays  Germ Theory  Blood Transfusion  Ophthalmoscope  Anaesthesia

On November 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) becomes the first person to observe X-rays

Organ transplants  Antiseptic surgical methods  Vaccines  Catheter  Antiviral drugs  Microscopy  CT Scans  Penicillin

Engineering and Design of Best Airplanes in History 

Cessna 172  Lockheed P-80  Learjet 23  B-29  Bell X-1  Lockheed C-130  Douglas DC-3
Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Boeing 747 F-35 MQ-1  Predator RV-3  F-16
Wright Flyer  Blériot XI  Focke-Wulf  FW-190  British Spitfire  P-51 Mustang  Messerschmitt Bf-109  Messerschmitt 262  Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Jap)  Shturmovik Dreamliner  Lockheed SR-71  Cirrus SR22  Lockheed Constellation

Scientists involved in discovery of DNA double helix, the Genetic Code, were All White except for one 

Mendel (father of genetics)  Weismann Morgan  Miescher  Griffith  Chargaff (J)  Arrhenius  Pauling  Bragg  Franklin (woman)  Watson  Crick  Wilkins

More great thinkers between 1890 and 1930 than Rest of the world in history 

Pareto  Croce  Spengler  Sorel  Bergson (J)  Jung  Dilthey  Husserl (J)  Schumpeter  Durkheim (J)  Meinecke  William James  Mach  Whitehead  Russell  Carl Schmitt  Weber  Mosca  Gramsci

White men, 100%, were behind Theory of Continental Drift, possibly the most difficult theory in science to demonstrate 

Alfred Wegener (1880-1930)  Arthur Holmes  Harry Hess  Edward Bullard

Jean Charpentier  Louis Rodolphe  James Croll  Milutin Milankovitch

All the greatest Theater writers are White men

Molière  Shakespeare  Aeschylus  Sophocles  Euripides  Ibsen  Jonson  Chekhov  Racine  Corneille  Plautus  Shaw  Ionesco  Pirandello  O’Neill  Brecht  Beckett

Whites (along with 2.5 Jews) were greatest in early 20C Atomic Physics (electron, radioactivity, X-rays, neutron, quantum) 

Thomson  Rontgen  Rutherford  Chadwick  Becquerel  Planck  Einstein – J   Bohr – 50% J  Broglie  Schrödinger  Waals  Millikan  Curie  Heisenberg  Dirac  Lorentz  Fermi  Pauli -J

White Men invented all the home appliances Blacks love to use

Refrigerator  Stereo  Stove  Washing machine  Toaster  Microwave  Coffee maker

Food processor  Blender  Air conditioning  Water heater  Vacuum cleaner  Dishwasher

ALL the Greatest-Original Children Stories

The Tale of Peter Rabbit  Where the Red Fern Grows  Aesop’s Fables  The Wind in the Willows  Through the Looking-Glass  Stuart Little  The Jungle Book A Wrinkle in Time   Snow White
Peter Pan
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Little Prince
Anne of Green Gables
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Charlotte’s Web
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
White Fang  Black Beauty  Old Yeller
The Secret Garden

Big Bang theory is White

Lord Kelvin
Edwin Hubble
Georges Lematrie
Alexander Friedmann (half Jewish)
Arno Penzias
Robert Woodrow Wilson
Fred Hoyle
Robert Dickie

White Men wrote All 20 Greatest Books on Science 

1. Origin of Species – Darwin 1859  2. Principia Mathematica – Newton 1687  3. Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems – Galileo 1632  4. On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres – Copernicus 1543  5. Physics – Aristotle 6. On the Fabric of the Human Body – Vesalius 1543  7. Micrographia – Hooke 1665  8. De Re Metallica – Agricola 1556.  9. Novum Organum – Bacon 1620  10. Harmony of the World – Kepler 1619

11. Discourse on the Method – Descartes 1637 12. An Anatomical Exercise on the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Living Beings – Harvey 1628  13. The Sceptical Chymist – Boyle 1661  14. Treatise on Light – Huygens 1690  15. Theory of the Earth – Hutton 1788 16. Systema Naturae – Linnaeus 1735  17. Elements of Chemistry – Lavoisier 1789  18. Notable Commentaries on the History of Plants -Fuchs 1542.  19. Opticks – Newton 1704.  20. On the Magnet Gilbert 1600

All the Classical Musical Instruments

French horn

Pipe organ

Almost all furniture types in history and original designs 

Tables  Chairs  Beds  Desks  Dressers  Benches  Commodes  Cabinets  Chests  Drawers  Sofas  Cupboards  Sideboards

ALL the Greatest Adventure Novels written by White males

Gulliver’s Travels  The Three Musketeers  Moby-Dick  Treasure Island  King Solomon’s Mines  Robinson Crusoe  Captain Blood  Tarzan of the Apes  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea  Lord of the Flies
The Call of the Wild  Odyssey
Swiss Family Robinson  Around the World in Eighty Days  The Long Ships  The Worst Journey in the World  Don Quixote  Kidnapped  The Last of the Mohicans

The Road  Captain Blood  Prisoner of Zenda  The Sea-Wolf  Ivanhoe
The Count of Monte Cristo  Master and Commander  The Lost World  The Thirty-Nine Steps  The Cruel Sea  Captains Courageous  The Beach Beau Geste  The Mysterious Island  Roughing It

ALL the most profound words in history 

Atom  Natural Law  Transcendental Ego  Will To Power  Thing-In-Itself  Being-In-The-World  Free Will  Cosmos
Pure I 

Mass  Gravitation  Evolution  Energy  Infinitesimal  Deontology  Syllogism  A Priori
Transcendental Unity of Apperception

More “Golden Ages” in Europe than in other civilizations combined

Classical Greece 600-300 BC  Pax Romana 27 BC to 180 AD  12C Renaissance  Italian Renaissance  Spanish 1580-1680.  Elizabethan 1558-1603  Dutch 17C  Belle Époque, 1870-1914  German Genius, 1750-1960

White Males responsible for 100% of Inventions between mid-1700s and 1840

Flying shuttle Spinning Jenny  Steam Engine  Cotton Gin  Telegraph  Portland Cement  Bessemer process  Battery  Locomotives  Power Loom  Arkwright’s Water Frame  Spinning Mule

Camera Obscura

Henry Cort’s puddling Gaslighting Arc Lamp  Tin Can  Spectrometer Camera Obscura  Electromagnet  Mackintosh Raincoat  Matches  Typewriter  Blueprints  Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Close to 100% of most Decisive and Tactical Battles in History were fought by White Men: 35 out of 39! (* = non whites) 

Battle of Marathon, 490BC  Thermopylae 480BC  Salamis 480BC  *Maling 342BC  Gaugamela 331BC  Lake Trasimene, 217BC  Cannae 216 BC  Ilipa, 206 BC Battle of Zama 202 BC Pydna 168 BC  Carrhae 53 BC  Pharsalus 48 BC  Teutoburg Forest 9 AD  Chalons 451 AD  *Walaja 633 * Yarmouk 636  Tours 732  Hastings 1066  Crécy 1346 Battle of Agincourt: 1415  *Panipat 1526  Cajamarca 1532  Leipzig, 1631  Rocroi 1643  Vienna 1683  Poltava, 1709  Rossbach 1757  Valmy 1792  Ulm 1805 

Leipzig 1813  Waterloo 1815 Gettysburg: 1863  Battle of Sedan 1870  Omdurman 1898  Cambrai 1917  First Battle of Kiev 1941  Operation ‘Barbarossa’, June–July 1941  Midway Island, 1942  Stalingrad: 1942–1943

Rome produced the greatest number of Military Generals in history

Scipio Africanus 236BC  Sulla 138BC  Pompeius 106BC  Caesar 100BC  Gaius Marius 157BC  Sulla 138BC  Marcus Antonius 83BC  Marcus Agrippa 63BC  Germanicus 15 BC  Gnaeus Agricola 40AD  Lucius Lucullus 118 BC  Flavius Belisarius 505AD

Only Whites write Utopias 

Utopia 1516  The City of the Sun 1623  New Atlantis 1627  The Man in the Moone 1638
The Isle of Pines 1668  The Blazing World 1666

Looking Backward 1888  News from Nowhere 1892  The Islands of Wisdom 1922  Walden Two 1948

100% of the greatest Classical Composers in history are Western

Bach  Handel  Mozart  Beethoven  Schubert  Verdi
Mendelssohn (J)  Brahms  Haydn

Chopin Schumann
Mahler (J)

The greatest Formula 1 car drivers of all time are 29.5 white out of 30

Ayrton Senna
Michael Schumacher
Lewis Hamilton (half white)
Sebastian Vettel
Juan Manuel Fangio
Alain Prost
Mika Hakkinen
Niki Lauda
Damon Hill
David Coulthard
Nico Rosberg

The Best Aesthetic Designers of Cars are all White Men

Giorgetto Giugiaro
Ian Callum
Chris Bangle
Walter de Silva
Gordon Buehrig
Marcello Gandini
Harley Earl

Frank Stephenson
Virgil Exner
Ferdinand Porsche
Paul Bracq
Patrick Le Quément
Henrik Fisker

All the Greatest Visual Artists are White Men

El Greco
Vermeer van Delft


Van Gogh

Almost 100% of Philosophies 

Atomism  Cynicism  Empiricism  Existentialism Idealism  Historicism  Materialism  Naturalism  Nihilism  Analytic philosophy
Nominalism  Phenomenology  Positivism  Pragmatism  Rationalism  Realism  Skepticism  Structuralism

They Are Simply Not Serious About Protecting Our Border — Auditor General Reports that the Gov’t Has Lost Track of 34,000 People Ordered Deported, Including Thousands of Criminals

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[If the government really was serious about deporting illegals or others deemed inadmissible, those persons would be incarcerated until they could be removed. Actually, the endgame is to replace the European founding/settler people of Canada — Old Stock Canadians/ les Quebecois de souche — with a new Third World majority as soon as possible. Thus, deporting even those few found inadmissible, is just not a high priority.]

The feds don’t know the whereabouts of 34,000 foreigners ordered deported: Auditor General

Author of the article:Christopher NardiPublishing date:Jul 08, 2020  •  Last Updated 3 days ago  •  3 minute read

A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) sign is seen in Calgary, Alta., Thursday, Aug. 1, 2019. Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

Article Sidebar


  1. ‘Do not impose a stop pay’: Federal workers ordered to ignore cheating in CERB and EI claims

with Video‘Disaster follows him around’: Montreal lawyer named in lawsuit over mysterious scannerOntario MP Marwan Tabbara ‘stepping back’ from Liberal caucus after assault, criminal harassment chargesRead the full list of ‘military-style’ guns now banned in Canada

  1. with Video
  2. Saskatchewan says new COVID-19 outbreak in two Hutterite colonies

Article content

OTTAWA – The federal government does not know the whereabouts of over 34,000 foreigners who were ordered to be removed from the country, including nearly 3,000 criminal cases, according to findings by Canada’s Auditor General.

“The timely removal of foreign nationals who are found inadmissible protects the integrity and fairness of Canada’s immigration system. It is also one of the most effective ways to deter those who might otherwise seek to abuse the system. In the case of criminals, timely removal protects the safety and security of Canadians,” reads the report published on Wednesday.

COVID-19: How much social distance do we need?

In Canada, if a foreign tourist overstays their visa or an asylum claimant’s request is denied and they’ve exhausted all their legal recourses to appeal, the federal government can emit an enforceable removal order towards that person to ensure they don’t remain in the country. From that point on, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is responsible to enforce their removal.


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Article content continued

Failed asylum cases constitute the largest portion of foreigners ordered to leave the country each year, according to the report.

But the number of asylum claims increased significantly in the last three years, jumping from 50,000 in 2017 to 64,000 in 2019. Thus, the CBSA considers that the number of removals it must execute will also continue to increase in the future.

And yet, the department struggles to expel those foreigners, the auditor general concluded. In 2018-2019, CBSA only managed to remove 6,700 cases from its removal backlog.

“The Canada Border Services Agency removed few of the foreign nationals in Canada who were subject to enforceable removal orders. Despite a recent increase in removals, the level of enforceable removal orders remained largely unchanged, even for priority cases… Most orders had been enforceable for several years,” the auditor general writes.


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Article content continued

That issue may be related to the fact that CBSA has in fact lost track of 34,700 individuals ordered to be removed and who now have a warrant in their name. Of that number, nearly 3,000 are considered to be top priorities because they are criminal cases, i.e. they may pose a safety or security risk.

Canadian law demands that CBSA and police forces investigate once every year or three years (depending on the case) for new information on their whereabouts.

But the audit found that they rarely do that either.

“We determined that at least 70 per cent of all criminal cases were not reviewed annually, and 75% of all failed asylum cases were not reviewed every 3 years as required. Agency officials confirmed that cases in its wanted inventory are generally considered a low risk to public safety and are not an agency priority,” reads the report.


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Article content continued

The federal government watchdog also found significant issues with the government’s data quality, case management protocols and information sharing between CBSA and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which led to “avoidable delays” in thousands of cases.

More On This Topic

Now is the time to bring a basic income program to Canada, says B.C. senator. But the pilot project could cost $100 billionTwo parliamentary committees expected to dig into Trudeau government’s handling of WE Charity deal

For example, roughly 1,500 cases had simply not been worked on for at least two years, including 150 involving serious criminals. In another 3,400 files, CBSA simply lacked the travel documents needed to remove the foreigners and, in half the cases, hadn’t even tried to obtain them.


Story continues below

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Article content continued

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, the cabinet member responsible for the border agency, said the government accepts the auditor’s recommendations.

In addition to improving its removals strategy, the border agency will enhance the way it tracks and triages cases to ensure priority ones are addressed promptly, Blair said in a statement.

But Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said it was another example of the Liberal government being unable to ensure a fair, orderly and compassionate immigration system. “We need a government that takes this kind of thing seriously.”

Another audit published Wednesday on military equipment procurement found that poor supply chain management” often prevented the Canadian Armed Forces from receiving necessary material when needed.

“The military received materiel such as spare parts, uniforms, and rations later than the requested date half the time. Delays were frequently due to stock shortages. When stock is unavailable, materiel needs to be located elsewhere and transported to the right location, requiring additional steps in the supply chain and delaying deliveries. We found that a third of some 1 million requests were rerouted,” the audit explains.

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No More White Guilt: Whites Were Slaves, Both in America & For A Millenium As European Captives of Moslem Raiders Against Europe

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No More White Guilt: Whites Were Slaves, Both in America & For A Millenium As European Captives of Moslem Raiders Against Europe

Dana Ashlie exposes the scandal of White slavery — millions of Europeans captured by Moslem raiders, castrated, enslaved or, if women or young boys, sold into prostitution. Whites sold into slavery in the Caribbean and North America

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Dominion Day Dolour

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Throne, Altar, Liberty

Gerry T. Neal

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Dominion Day Dolour

It has been my custom for Dominion Day over the last few years, to write either sketches about specific individuals who exemplified the Canada of Confederation and her traditions or jeremiads lamenting the present state of the Dominion. I had not realized, until I checked the last six years, that this has followed an alternating pattern, in which this would be a year for a jeremiad. This suits me as the next individual I had on deck for a sketch was the great Canadian historian Donald Creighton, and while I read Donald Wright’s biography of him as recently as last year – I much prefer the chapter on him in Charles Taylor’s Radical Tories, since Wright’s political correctness infuriates me as much as it would have his subject – I would need more time than I had available to re-read Creighton’s own books in order to do him justice. So a jeremiad it is.

There is plenty for someone from my point of view to lament. There have been two traditions of thought that have borne the rather inaccurate label “conservative” in Canada. There is the old Tory tradition of Loyalism and royalism, which is monarchist rather than republican, holds the Westminster system of Parliament to be the best form of government ever to evolve on the face of the earth, dissents from the narrative of the rebellion of 1776 and is suspicious of the United States, utterly rejects socialism without fully embracing capitalism, and is socially, morally, and culturally traditionalist. Then there is neo-conservatism, which is very pro-American, holds to the basic political and economic views of nineteenth century liberalism, and regards anything from outside eighteenth to nineteenth century liberalism which has been traditionally associated with conservatism as dispensable. While the extent to which the official Conservative Party has ever really stood for either of these traditions is questionable, it was associated with the first until 1967 and the latter from about 1983 on, especially after the merger with what began as the Reform Party. I have belonged to the first tradition from the moment political thoughts first formed in my head, and am very much a representative of its right wing. Most other surviving members – David Warren is a very notable exception –speak for its left wing. In other words, I speak for a point of view, which the Liberal Party, egged on by the further left parties, and aided and abetted by the Conservatives, has striven to make as unwelcome as possible in Canada.

Earlier this year, our provincial governments, with the full backing and support of Ottawa, essentially eliminated what was left of our most basic freedoms. These freedoms are part of the Common Law tradition which we inherited when we became the Dominion of Canada on this date in 1867. They are not something which Pierre Trudeau gave us in 1982, despite the fact that our lying schoolteachers and our lying newsmedia commentators, most of whom sold their souls to the Liberal Party and its true leader in hell at the beginning of their careers, have been instilling that impression among the younger generations ever since that year. Although the Charter did not give us those freedoms, it does name four of them in its second section. The freedom of conscience and religion is the first named. The third and fourth named are freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association. There is no freedom of conscience and religion when the provincial government forbids us from going to Church for four months. There is no freedom of peaceful assembly when the same government tells us we cannot gather in groups larger than five or ten or whatever number. There is no freedom of association if the government tells us we must be six feet apart from each other in public at all times. The provincial governments got away with this totalitarian power grab with the help of a media-generated panic over the spread of a virus with a low fatality rate that produces mild to no symptoms in the vast majority of those who contract it, information which has been available all along to anybody willing to check out the facts.

In the meantime, the Liberal Party which was reduced to a minority government in last year’s Dominion election, took full advantage of this situation to seek, in an underhanded attack on the Magna Carta and the foundational principles of Parliament, unlimited tax and spend powers, and to prevent Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition from doing their job of holding the government accountable in Parliament.

Then, about a month ago, when Marxist organizations in the United States found a pretext for launching a race war against white people, the Prime Minister, despite his own hands being far from clean when it comes to matters concerning race as we discovered in the election campaign last year, jumped on board the bandwagon. Even though the public health restrictions at whatever stage of easing they were at from province to province remained in effect for everybody else, they were lifted completely for the anti-white hate rallies that were organized in Canada’s major cities. The Prime Minister, who has never given the slightest indication of sincere contrition over his many personal failings, but who is always ready to give an apology on behalf of the entire country to whatever designated victim group happens to feel the most offended at any given moment, showed up for a photo op of himself “taking the knee” in a gesture of false humility at the rally in Ottawa. A few days later on his syndicated morning television show he berated our country over its supposed “systemic racism.” This was the cue for everyone else to ritually acknowledge this systemic racism, whether they understood the concept or, more likely, did not, and for the “woke” to start “cancelling” anybody who failed to participate in this now mandatory ritual.

This requirement that everybody accept this ridiculous narrative, taken from the neo-Marxist Critical Theory, is, of course, an assault on yet another of our basic freedoms. As with the others, this too is a freedom from the Common Law tradition which is named in the second section of the Charter, where it is called the “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” If all Canadians are now required to confess the neo-Marxist narrative that our country is systemically racist, upon threat of being cancelled if we dissent, then it is a joke to say that we have freedom of thought, belief, opinion or expression. If the Crown broadcaster and all of the other news stations and newspapers that have been subsidized by this government are pushing this same narrative, while the government has been applying pressure to big tech social media companies to censor dissent, then there is no “freedom of the press and other media of communication.” The assault on this basic freedom has been going on since the premiership of the first Trudeau. It has been carried out in the name of combatting prejudice and promoting diversity, even though the most essential kind of diversity for a free country is the diversity of thought that is under attack.

All of Western Civilization is now threatened by these neo-Maoists who wish to raze history to the ground and bring us to Year Zero. They have the support of most of the mainstream media, the corporate world, academia, celebrities and a wide assortment of elected officials, civil servants and even the police forces they wish to see “defunded”. In Canada, they have demanded that the prestigious McGill University disown its founder and namesake. Worse, they are demanding that our country disavow the leading Father of Confederation and our first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Hilariously, they managed to get a newspaper or two to put trigger-warning labels on the flag. The reason this is so funny is because the flag in question is not the traditional, historical, flag of Canada, the Red Ensign, but rather the bland Maple Leaf which the Communist traitor, Lester Pearson chose to replace it with in 1965 precisely because it said nothing about Canada’s history, heritage, and legacy. Indeed, the Liberal Party’s assault on the traditional symbols of the Canada of Confederation during the premierships of Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, starting with the old flag and ending with Dominion Day, could pretty much be said to have been the first wave to which the present wave of neo-Maoist, Year Zeroism is the second.

The Liberal Party rejected our country’s traditional symbols and was determined to replace them with ones bearing its own stamp. Today’s neo-Maoists demand a wholesale repudiation of our country’s founding and history. Symbols and history are important. Almost a century ago, the Mackenzie King Liberals attacked the Crown’s legitimate and necessary right to refuse an improper dissolution request (see Eugene Forsey, The Royal Power of Dissolution of Parliament, 1943). This undermined Parliament’s right to hold the Prime Minister accountable and set the stage for Prime Ministerial dictatorship (see John Farthing, Freedom Wears a Crown, 1957). This year, we have seen the largest assault on Parliamentary prerogative since then, and on the part of a minority Liberal government to boot, while all the provincial governments ran roughshod over our most basic Common Law rights and freedoms. If we had valued our traditional symbols and our history more, we would not have so willingly acquiesced in this.

While I weep for my country, I wish you all a Happy Dominion Day!

God Save the Queen!
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