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Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada, but a celebration of rootless cosmopolitanism and the destruction of our heritage

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red ensign
 Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada, but a celebration of rootless cosmopolitanism and the destruction of our heritage
It is a scene duplicated across Canada. The weather is sunny and hot, and the expansive field is dense with people clapping, cheering and singing to the performers on stage.   Giant speakers broadcast music at ear-splitting decibels. The music originally emanated from other continents and other nations : Reggae, rap, Andean, rock and roll—you name it.
red ensign.jpg
The Red Ensign, the flag of the real Canada,
and it’s DOMINION DAY, not Canada Day, July 1
Actually, Canada Day is a misnomer . It’s more like Dis-United Nations Day. We are encouraged to celebrate every culture but our own because, well, we don’t have a culture, do we? Or so we are told by Trudeau. Yet at the same time we are told that diversity is our culture. That is, if we have a culture, it is just a mosaic of imported cultures. Apart from artistic aboriginal presentations, Canada Day is largely the expression of differences not of our own making. Differences which allegedly unite us. Right?
Not so fast ! The official narrative that there is ‘unity in diversity’ has been contradicted by a myriad of studies kick-started by Harvard’s Robert Putnam whose foundational study appeared nearly two decades ago. The consensus of the studies is that “diversity” diminishes civic trust and participation, a consequence that among other things, makes electors less willing to vote for redistributive policies. People are hesitant to share their wealth with people who are very much unlike themselves. The welfare state was originally constructed by ethnically homogeneous societies, but in a multi-ethnic environment, this project is rendered more difficult. The late Nobel Peace Prize winning economist Milton Friedman once maintained that a nation can have mass immigration or a welfare state, but not both. By the same token, a good case can also be made that, ultimately, multi-ethnic fragmentation and the welfare state are mutually exclusive.
Moreover, there is a clear trend among large cities in Europe and North American of voluntary re-segregation. Ethnic minorities are voluntarily clustering in urban pockets– a conspicuous corroboration of Putnam’s observation that people of all ethnicities prefer to, in his words, “bowl alone” and “hunker down”. Determined efforts to “integrate” fail because they run counter to human nature. As moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt noted, we evolved as a species of tribes, “… tribalism allowed us to create large societies and to come together in order to compete with others. That brought us out of the jungle and out of small groups.” At some level, then, tribalism is baked into most people’s mental wiring . According to Haidt, “This is just a basic aspect of human social cognition.” 
Successful integration is conditional on modest immigration levels. But in a nation with the highest or second highest per capita immigration intake in the world, integration seems less likely, particularly when 90% of immigrants are drawn from “non traditional sources”, and half of the population of the cites that receive them are themselves foreign-born residents. At this rate of demographic change, mass immigration and multiculturalism become a combustible mix. The notion that “e pluribus unum” will be the end result of this transformation is both fanciful and intellectually dishonest.
The irony is that while the core culture of host countries is being eviscerated in the name of diversity, global mass migration on an epic scale has done much to homogenize global culture. The diversity of sovereign nations is giving way to a borderless world of sameness. For some this is a blessing, but for others it is a nightmare, and the gap between them is widening. It is a schism that has overshadowed the traditional Left/Right polarity—-the “Great Divide” as Australian academic Katherine Betts termed it twenty years ago– is no longer about Left vs. Right but about globalists vs. nationalists. For Betts the battle was between the “New Class”, a coalition of the intelligentsia, mainstream media and the growth lobby, and the subordinate class of ordinary people who have little say in the construction of immigration policy.
Other analysts have tendered similar characterizations. Psychologist Jonathan Haidt describes the division as one between those who feel ‘rooted’ in their town, community and nation and those, on the other hand, who are less parochial and more averse to nation states and borders. I prefer British writer David Goodhart’s labels. As he portrays it, the new civil war pits the “Somewheres” against the “Anywheres”. The former are rooted, nationalist and traditional, and understandably resentful of being on the receiving end of an immigration policy designed to displace them and imposed without their input or consent. The latter¸ the Anywheres, are more ‘educated’, progressive and mobile, and are apt to look upon Somewheres as ignorant, stupid and nostalgic for a past that never was nor can be again. It is a kind of condescension which ordinary working people in the West have come to expect from those who claim to ‘know better’.
Sadly, the “Anywheres”, these pretentious self-proclaimed sophisticates who consider themselves ‘citizens of the world’, have commandeered the classrooms, editorial rooms, boardrooms and cabinet rooms of the nation. It is their vision of Canada, not ours, which has been thrust upon us. It is a vision that finds full expression in the manner in which “Canada” Day is celebrated and embraced by an entire generation of indoctrinated college graduates amply represented in the festivities. These ‘ Millenials’ know little of what Canada once was, or how it came to be, or that it was shaped by our two French and English founding peoples, their religion and values. They do not understand that a citizen of “anywhere” is a citizen of “no where”. The “anywheres” are really gypsies cut loose from the heritage and moral moorings of their ancestors who settled and built this exemplary nation.
Canada Day is not a celebration of Canada, but a celebration of rootless cosmopolitanism and the destruction of our heritage.
Tim Murray   
June 29, 2019

Immigration Is Killing Ontario’s Small Towns

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Immigration Is Killing Ontario’s Small Towns

by Maggie McDougal

Elora, Ontario
Historic town: Elora, Ont. is one of many towns targeted for a massive influx of immigrants looking for “quieter” places to “raise their children” as the children of Canadian residents are forced out due to rising housing prices and businesses committed to hiring foreign immigrants only.

Iwas on my way to work one morning around the beginning of March, when I decided to stop at MacDonald’s for a morning coffee, one of the few luxuries I can afford, despite having trained for four different fields of work throughout my life in Ontario, Canada. At my current job, I am by far the highest educated worker, with vast training, including a graduate degree in the chief public service that the organization provides: human services. Yet, I am employed on contract at the lowliest clerical job, with the poorest status, and wages and without benefit, not even vacation time (only money in lieu of vacation). That in it-self should raise the eyebrows of the handful of critical thinkers that still exist in this nation.

Immigration is a working class issue, make no mistake about it. If you were waiting for the wealthy to intervene and to try and stop immigration, that isn’t going to happen — ever!

At this point, the immigration tap doesn’t need to only be turned off, we actually need restoration efforts to make up for the losses sustained by Canadians proper — restorative justice.

I waited for my coffee, which was being poured by a long-time Canadian such as myself. Likely he was forced to take any job in order to continue to live in this town, like citizens in so many other small Ontario towns, which have suffered for decades as the jobs left for nations where products could be manufactured at a lower cost to create a product of poor quality to sell back to people like us.

I reached for the newspaper rack, and ended up with a newspaper in my hand, which I have learned through the application of my critical thinking skills to distrust and despise. Yet, it was in my hand, so I read the headline, “The Future Of Ontario’s Small Towns Is Immigration.”1

I was served my coffee and I gulped it down, not paying attention to it, but rather the headline and burning my mouth and throat in the process. The pain was no comparison to the raw feeling of acid burning in my gut as I continued to read the front page newspaper story, which the low wage workers serving me would likely never even get a chance to glance at throughout their stress-full day at work.

Imagine having watched your entire community being fed a steady diet of raw potatoes and turnips for thirty years, and in order to survive you’ve swallowed it, but not because you liked it, but because you had been led to believe it was the only way to survive. And then one day you discovered that you could have been eating steak and lobster, and it was all a grand farce, because the joke was on you and the rest of the folks in your towns and communities all across the nation.

Reading that Toronto Star article, on that freezing cold morning in March, I recognized that “we” the working class had all been made complete fools, not once but again and again and again, as lie after lie was unveiled for us by grinning political shysters.

Immigrants resent me for being Canadian

I am an environmental refugee, having twice fled the shameless and unnecessary destruction of the green spaces in and around central Ontario, in the name of atrocious and unnecessary development projects which include row after endless row of cookie cutter housing for immigrants. At forty-five years of age, I have watched the replacement of Canada’s host population with nothing but wall to wall immigrants. I have experienced deep hate and racism from immigrants in the workplace and in the communities I have lived in. The hate they direct at me is called “internalized oppression.” They resent me for being Canadian. It has been vicious abuse from them and nobody is interested in hearing my story, and seems like nobody ever will.

I came to live in the community my husband spent much of his youth in, and which is a two and half hour drive from Toronto. One would think that I had travelled far enough to escape, but not so. In the decade since coming here, we have watched the community emptied out of working class Canadians, many of whom were in tears at having to return to urban centres such as Toronto and surrounding communities. Like all of us, they had to go where they could find work. As if that wasn’t enough, to further aid the destruction of the community the provincial government has mandated the closure of small hospitals in all small Ontario communities, as they move to a centralized model for healthcare. They have also closed high schools and junior schools to ensure real estate opportunities for the new, wealthy immigrants.

There is one common theme for people who live in Central Ontario, north of Toronto, “Good luck finding a job, eh!”

Most of those who are able to live here and find work have to accept that their children will have to leave and come home only when they have a long weekend. Most of these children would love to work and live in the communities they were raised in, and have deep roots in, but they can’t.

With no jobs for us, where are the jobs coming from for the immigrants?

Apparently, while this exodus continues all around us, the Toronto Star, for some reason is assured that the future of our small towns across this province is immigration. The logical question, which media outlets such as the Toronto Star, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) will never pose is: How can the future of Ontario’s small towns be immigrants, when there is no future here for Canadians?

I want to jump to the heart of the matter: Where are the jobs coming from for the immigrants when there are no jobs here for Canadian citizens and their children?

One has to accept that assertions such as this one, made by mainstream media are steeped in knowledge of a strategy at-work, one which includes many sectors of society working together to ensure high employment rates amongst immigrants and not citizens, no matter how educated. Such a duplicitous strategy is often referred to as a conspiracy or elites breathing together for their own gain.

Immigration portal of Leeds & Grenville

As a human services professional I have become aware over the past decade of the agencies that are funded by the government to find immigrants jobs, and which provide incentives to their staff to do so. The Local Immigration Partnerships which exist in every single community in Ontario and which are working with private enterprises and local social service agencies, to ensure new immigrants find jobs, but not us. We are not the future, we are ghosts walking around remembering amongst ourselves about what was, but which we cannot celebrate any longer, for fear of being labelled and losing what few options for employment we still have.

There is a vast network of immigration lobbyists that have lined their pockets with gold, as they lead Canadians to believe that we must remove the shirts from our backs, and leave our home communities, in order to make way for the immigrants, lest we be accused of our lack of humanity.

Last week, CBC Radio aired a live phone in program called Disappearing Life Lines and it exposed some of the different stories not being heard from small town Ontario. It basically spelled out for us the death of Ontario’s small towns. The guests on the program cited the unnecessary closure of high schools and hospitals in towns such as the one I live in, as a final death knell and guarantee of population decline. Yet, the pro-immigrant CBC Presenter made no connection between this and the Toronto Star‘s assertion that the future of Ontario’s small towns is immigrants. If these towns are brimming with so much opportunity, then how come Canadian citizens have been so hard pressed to find any? Why would they leave if there are opportunities?

First they let our jobs disappear by allowing industry to flee to the Third World, causing a dramatic decline in the population of Ontario’s small towns. They could have simply applied protectionist policies to protect Canadians from greedy corporations — of course they couldn’t do that because protectionism is a taboo word in globalist circles. Then they over-populated central Ontario through immigration, and now they are going to re-populate our beloved small towns with wealthy immigrants, when the Canadians who long to live in these towns can’t afford to stick around!

One immigrant is quoted in the Toronto Star article as stating, “A smaller community makes the transition easier. There is no hustle and bustle, and people … It would have taken me much longer to settle down in a big city like Toronto,” said the 35-year-old from Bangalore, a metropolitan city in India with a population of nine million.

“There are more opportunities and less competition here. The salaries are not as high as in the big cities, but the cost of living is lower,” said Joseph, who works as an operation and planning co-ordinator at an area trucking company.

Joseph states exactly what we Canadians like about our small towns, and the way we would like to keep them, but there is no opportunity in these communities for most Canadians, so exactly how does he come to find it?

The article goes on to state: According to the latest census, populations fell between 2011 and 2016 in one in four of Canada’s 723 municipalities with 5,000 people or above, with those further from urban centres more likely to show a decline in population than those close to a larger city.

Neither the Toronto Star nor the CBC haven’t wasted their time interviewing Canadian Citizens who have been forced to leave small towns for the urban centres, because we don’t ever want to get near the heart of the matter, lest some truth be revealed to the general public.

Finally, the new measures instituted by Ontario politicians to bring the price of houses down in Toronto, brought UP the price of houses in small communities across the rest of the province, which in my mind is more evidence of a larger strategy at work, not to control an out of control market, but rather to spread the “out of control” aspect of it to the impoverished working poor who are clinging to life in small town Ontario.

Employment agencies do not advocate for Canadians and place them into jobs

In the town I live in, a Syrian refugee family was given a handsome house to live in, while a homeless guy spent the last two winters in a cardboard hovel tucked into a corner of the local cemetery. He is a nice man, whom I am sure could be placed in to do a good job, but that’s not ever going to happen, is it? Government funded employment agencies are not in the business advocating for Canadians and placing them into jobs. They are only good at collecting government money and engaging in nonsense such as the resume critique.

One million wealthy immigrants are on the way and will be enjoying the good life here in Canada by 2020. Millions of Canadians will most definitely be displaced by them including in the area of jobs, housing, business opportunities, political opportunities … the list goes on and on. The best part is that the Trudeau government has made it clear that the one million are not headed to Canada’s major cities. Oh no, these immigrants are going to be provided with INCENTIVES to settle in our small towns. The same small towns the host population can only dream of living in and which most Canadians have to wait until they retire to live in.

I have lost everything, at this point, I don’t feel there is a future for me and what is left of my family. I missed the chance to have children because I wasn’t able to afford to and now there is nothing but hollowness inside of me. I don’t know what I will do with the rest of my life, but it is very sad to think of the future. I don’t know what I risk by writing this letter, or what they will do to me, but I just had to write it.

There is an alarm belling ringing, and it is warning us about the future, and it is time to listen to it.

[1] The article I read on the front page of the Toronto Star was titled, “The Future Of Ontario’s Small Towns Is Immigration,” but the version I found online is titled: “For Small Towns On The Bay Of Quinte, The Future Is Immigration.” Maybe there was a virulent reaction to the original title, or at least we can hope.

The Tale of Omar and Helmut — A Call to Action!

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The Tale of Omar and Helmut — A Call to Action!

Several decades ago, there was boy named Omar, Omar Khadr to be exact. Omar Khadr was one of the offspring of the Khadr family, Canada’s first family of terrorism — the much married, niqab wearing and mouthy sister Zaynab has featured frequently in this newsletter. Father Ahmed, an Egyptian, was a jihadist and major fundraiser for Osama bin Ladin. He hated Canada as a corrupt society, except as a source of welfare and medicare. At one point, having Canadian citizenship safely in his back pocket, he moved the family to a more congenial religious tyranny in Afghanistan, but not for long. He and several sons, including the then 15-year old Omar went actively jihading — a nice term for committing terrorism — and, in 2002,  got into a firefight with some American soldiers. Papa Ahmed was killed. Young Omar tossed some grenades, killing one U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Christopher Speer and a blinding a second U.S. soldier in one eye. Omar was captured and shipped off to Guantanamo. Years passed and he eventually pled guilty to the charges of killing and wounding. The Harper government reluctantly interceded. Omar was cut some slack as a young offender with a vile father. He received eight years and returned to Canada to serve the rest of his sentence. He got early release and, with the ingratitude that is a family tradition, promptly sued the Canadian government. The Islamo-friendly Trudeau regime offered him a secret $10.5-million payment, secret so that the widow of the wounded U.S. soldier could not pre-emptively sue for damages. So, at 32, Omar whose family has been nothing but a drain on this land, swaggers around a free man and multi-millionaire and a great favourite of the fawning CBC.

omar khadr


Now, back in 1941, as World War II raged around him, there was a 17-year old boy named Helmut, Helmut Oberlander. Helmut Oberlander lived in the Ukraine when German forces invaded. He was Volksdeutche, that is, part of a German minority who had settled there in the 18th century. Young Helmut spoke Russian, Ukrainian and German and, thus, was useful to the German army as a translator. He was seconded to a SD Einheit (Security Unit) of the German Army.  After the war, he went to Germany and trained as a bricklayer and construction engineer. In 1954, he emigrated to Canada and worked for the next few years in the construction trade. In 1958, he formed his own construction company Oberlander Construction and was instrumental in the building explosion in the Kitchener-Waterloo region over the next four decades. Mr. Oberlander was an exemplary and contributing  citizen, paying handsome taxes and employing many people.



His legal torment began in 1994, when, in response to persistent Jewish lobbying to refight World War II, the government of the day sought to strip Mr. Oberlander of his citizenship on the basis that he must have lied to obtain entry to Canada as membership in units like the SD Einheit made him ineligible since they were implicated in killing some civilians. However, it was not as simple. It quickly became clear that Mr. Oberlander had committed no war crimes. He was a youthful translator. Potential immigrants were supposed to be asked about their wartime service. So, it is assumed that Mr. Oberlander lied. However, numerous people who immigrated at the time recall that, shortly after the war, RCMP interrogators no longer asked about wartime service but only about membership in the communist party. Could Mr. Oberlander be held responsible for not volunteering information he was not asked for? There is no longer any paper record. The notes from the interviews of the time have long since been destroyed. Indeed, there is no evidence of any wrongdoing on Mr. Oberlander’s part. In contrast, there are the 61 years of Mr. Oberlander’s entrepreneurship and contribution to Canada — in other words, evidence of a solid, exemplary, contributing citizen!


Why the singleminded obsession with the deportation of this 96 year old man? It’s hard not to draw a parallel with the treatment of ex-terrorist Omar Khadr. Like Mr. Oberlander his wartime actions started when he was what we would now call a “young offender”. But Mr. Oberlander committed no crime; while Mr. Khadr killed an American soldier and partially blinded another. Yet, Canada has bent over backwards for Mr. Khadr, citing his youthful status at the time, and rewarding him with what was to be a secret $10.5-million settlement. Mr. Khadr had contributed nothing to Canada. In contrast, Mr. Oberlander who never committed a crime has made an outstanding contribution to Canada as a model immigrant.

After a 24 year legal battle, German immigrant and highly successful businessman Helmut Oberlander faces deportation from Canada. He has been stripped of his Canadian citizenship and faces removal. His case, with numerous appeals, has wended its way through the courts for almost a quarter of a century, at obscene costs to the Canadian taxpayer, to say nothing of the costs to Mr. Oberlander. While Omar has been the beneficiary of the Islamophilia of the Trudeau government, Helmut has been the victim of the relentless and powerful Jewish lobby that has targetted him for decades in their mania to refight WW II. With disproportionate influence in the media, business and politics, the Jewish lobby, though representing less than one per cent of the population, is powerful while the far more numerous German community is passive, seeking only to work hard and fit in. German bashing, and Helmut certainly is a victim of that, pays political dividends and wins the applause of much of the poodle press.

A crucial moment in the Oberlander ordeal occurred in July, 2001 when then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Elinor Caplan,makes her recommendation to the Governor in Council to revoke Mr. Oberlander’s Canadian Citizenship, which was done. Mrs. Caplan was an outspoken Zionist and had been awarded the Yad Vashem Woman of the year award. In 1999, she had announced that she her role was not to be  “a gatekeeper” as six rusty boatloads of Chinese illegals landed in British Columbia. She invoked the memory of the St. Louis, a ship carrying Jews from Germany in the spring of 1939, which both Canada and the U.S., mired in the huge unemployment of the Great Depression, refused to allow to land. Caplan clearly let her group loyalties cloud her judgement as she was only too glad to try to get rid of one old kraut. Mr. Oberlander appealed to the courts and the battle continued.

A recent article in the Israeli National News (March 6, 2019) reveals the relentless fanaticism of this group’s obsession to deport a productive, contributing citizen whose only crime is having fought on the wrong side in a war nearly three quarters of a century ago! “Last November, after [Helmut Oberlander] lost his fourth appeal against the government’s decision to strip him of his Canadian citizenship, B’nai Brith Canada launched a petition urging Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale to imme



You might have heard that Helmut Oberlander was not allowed to appeal the decision to take away his
citizenship for the fourth time. Previously, when he appealed, he always won. Now the Canadian
Government changed the rules
, and he was turned away from the Appeals Court. (he would have been
allowed to go to the Appeals Court if the Government wouldn’t have blocked it)
This means that the Canadian Government can basically start proceedings to deport him. The whole
thing is a miscarriage of justice, if there is any. This is not a war crimes issue, because Mr. Oberlander
was cleared of that many years ago. it is a basic human rights issue.
In order to stop the Government from deporting him we must act by writing letters to the different
ministers. Can you please help Mr. Oberlander by doing that as soon as possible, because time is
running out. A template of a letter is attached to this email. Please change it slightly so not all letters
look the same. You can find the whole history of the case at


The best would be if you send your letters by email and follow up with a hard copy by mail.

Below are the addresses of the different ministers the letter should go to.



Mailing addresses:

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,
c/o Office of the Prime Minister,
Prime Minister`s Office; 80 Wellington St.,
Ottawa, ON.,

K1A 0A2

Honourable Minister Ahmed Hussen,

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship,

House of Commons,

Ottawa, ON.,

 K1A 0A6


Honourable Bardish Chagger,

House Leader,

Room 107, Confederation Building,

Ottawa, On.,

K1A 0A6


Raj Saini, MP,

House of Commons,

Ottawa, Ontario,

K1A 0A6


Hear William Johnson, Paul Fromm, Tom Kawcynski & Kenn Gividen on THE ETHNOSTATE.

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Hear William Johnson, Paul Fromm, Tom Kawcynski & Kenn Gividen on THE ETHNOSTATE.

* Trump vows to remove ‘millions of illegal aliens’ starting next week

* Aliens are turning London into Detroit

* Four shot at Raptors’ victory parade in gun-restricted Canada


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Hear Paul Fromm With Schalk van der Merwe on Radio Free South Africa

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Hear Paul Fromm With Schalk van der Merwe on Radio Free South Africa

On Tuesday 14th May our guests will be Paul Fromm and Sonny Thomas, the owner of this network.  We had internet and bad weather problems last week, so had to re schedule Sonny.

Paul Fromm grew up in central Etobicoke. He attended High Power High School and served a term as a school trustee. With a B.A., M.A., and B.Ed., Mr. Fromm was an English instructor for 25 years. Since 1997, he has been the director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Canada’s foremost free speech advocacy group.

Last Fall, he lobbied the Ontario Legislature opposing an anti-Christian piece of legislation which would criminalize expressions of opposition to abortion near abortion clinics or abortion providers.

He has lectured on free speech issues across Canada and the U.S. and in Australia, the U.K., Italy and Germany. Mr. Fromm has a nightly radio show devoted to politics entitled “The Fighting Side of Me” on and is co-host of “THE ETHNOSTATE