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“We Need to Make Immigration the Ballot Box Question at the Next Election” — Maxime Bernier

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[Demographer Jerry comments on Maxime’s call: “The Liberal Party’s immigration policy is GENOCIDE for White Canadians. The Liberal Party is hell bent on the extermination of True Canadians. The woke genocidal policy of the rulers of Canada plan this underhanded genocide of Canadians by abortion and alien immigration, while inventing new laws to prosecute all Canadian Patriots who dare to fight back.]

Trudeau’s mass immigration policy is completely out of control!

Statistics Canada announced this week that our country’s population has gone up by another million – after only nine months!

And no, it’s not because Canadian woman have suddenly started having babies.

Almost all of this growth is due to the arrival of permanent and temporary residents.

When the Liberals took power in 2015, Canada’s population was only 35 million.

How can we possibly integrate into our society, our economy, our housing market, our culture, the equivalent of Nova Scotia’s, or Saskatchewan’s population every few months?!?

It’s a planned invasion. It’s a total disaster in the making.

I started talking about the perils of mass immigration years ago.

The whole political and media establishment denounced me, smeared me, said I was a racist, a xenophobe, anti-Canadian.

But I kept telling the truth, because I care more about the future of our nation than about what these corrupt elites think of me.

More and more people now realize that I was right.

We need to make mass immigration the ballot box question at the coming election.

The only one party you can trust to keep on raising this issue, come hell or high water, is the PPC.

There’s only 36 hours left to reach our goal of raising $250,000 during the first quarter.

Please donate $25 today to help us save Canada from this mass immigration disaster.

I wish you and your family a happy Easter weekend. — Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier Calls for Massive Immigration Cut to Help Save Canada’s Economy

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Maxime Bernier Calls for Massive Immigration Cut to Help Save Canada’s Economy

Finance minister Chrystia Freeland is set to announce more irresponsible spending in her spring budget next month.

The Liberals will once again claim they’re doing this to help the middle class, and they will brag about being generous with our money.

But of course, they won’t be telling us how much more debt and future taxes this will bring.

And yet, we all know there’s a cheap, quick, and easy way to fix our most important economic problems:

Drastically cut the number of people entering Canada.

-It would lower demand for housing and allow construction to catch up and prices to go down.

-It would reduce pressure on healthcare, education, and other social services.

-It would lower business reliance on cheap foreign labour and force employers to hike wages to attract local workers.

-And it would encourage businesses to invest more in productivity improvements, which is the key to long-term growth.

-In short, it would undoubtedly benefit Canadians — actual Canadians living here and to whom this government is accountable, not the millions of new instant Canadians that it keeps bringing in.

So should we expect Chrystia Freeland to ask her colleague, the Immigration minister, to help her fix our economy?

Of course she won’t.

All the establishment politicians in Ottawa prefer to pander to immigrants rather than advocate for an easy solution that would cost nothing to improve the lives of Canadians.

Jerry, the People’s Party is the only party with the right solutions to fix our economy and put money back in your pockets.

The stronger the PPC becomes, the more pressure we can put on these out-of-touch politicians to face reality.

The end of March is fast arriving, and our goal is to raise $100,000 in the next three weeks to wrap up the first quarter.

Jerry, can I count on your support?

Donating to the PPC is also a cheap and easy way to promote the right solutions to fix our economy!

Please pitch in $10 today to help us reach our end-of-quarter goal!

Thank you,


Maxime Bernier & People’s Party of Canada Pledge to Rid Us of Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Insanity

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Maxime Bernier & People’s Party of Canada Pledge to Rid Us of Diversity, Equity & Inclusions Insanity

Today I was in Bowmanville (ON) for a press conference with our amazing Durham by-election candidate, Patricia Conlin.

This press conference was an opportunity to introduce Patricia to the local and national media.

We also announced a new PPC policy on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

DEI is a fundamentally racist, sexist, and discriminatory ideology that divides Canadians, creates blatant injustices, and undermines social cohesion.

Under the pretext of promoting nice-sounding goals, it does the exact opposite: it imposes a uniform far-left perspective, and unfairly gives more rights to some, while excluding others who don’t fit in official categories of victims.

This hateful ideology holds that our culture and Western society is irredeemably racist, colonialist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and whatever new phobia or -ism they come up with next week!

We hear about new absurd examples of these programs almost every day.

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that the University of Waterloo wanted to hire two Research Chair positions in the Computer Science department.

The first position was only open to applicants “who self-identify as women, transgender, gender-fluid, non-binary, or Two-spirit”.

The second position was only open to applicants “who self-identify as a member of a racialized minority”.

If you’re straight or white, tough luck! The University of Waterloo doesn’t want you.

Our woke leaders do not believe in merit anymore. They undermine one of the key foundations of western civilization.

They tell us that “diversity” is more important than competence.

We see this everywhere in Canada and the West today.

The longer that this twisted agenda is in place, the more things will fall apart and cease to function.

Because decline is the only outcome when you prevent and penalize the most capable and meritorious.

You can watch the full announcement by clicking here!

And read the full text of the policy here.

A PPC government will take the following steps to expunge this toxic ideology from our society and country:

  • Abolish all federal DEI programs and policies in the public service and in federal institutions such as the Armed Forces, as well as those that apply to federally regulated industries.
  • Prohibit DEI training sessions in all federal institutions.
  • Remove all DEI clauses imposed on institutions, organisations, associations and businesses as a condition to obtain federal subsidies, grants, loans, scholarships, services, or contracts.
  • Stop funding groups that promote the DEI ideology.
  • In all legal proceedings, narrowly interpret section 15(2) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in a manner that proscribes reverse discrimination.
  • Support Canadians who are being discriminated against, harassed, vilified, or harmed in any way by organisations that impose DEI programs and policies.

Help support our campaign to eliminate DEI in Canada with an $18 donation today! M

CANADA’S REAL OPPOSITION: Maxime Bernier “Moving the Overton Window” — Expanding What Can Be Discussed in Politics

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CANADA’S REAL OPPOSITION: Maxime Bernier “Moving the Overton Window” — Expanding What Can Be Discussed in Politics

There can be no change in politics unless more Canadians want it.

More Canadians need to be aware of the threats to our freedoms and way of life from the Liberals and their woke allies.

More Canadians must see through the lies and propaganda in our mainstream media.

That’s why what we do at the People’s Party is so important.

Since the party was founded almost four years ago, we’ve been informing Canadians and raising issues that others are too afraid to raise, such as reducing immigration numbers, opposing the radical trans ideology, or reforming the equalization program.

We’ve been protesting, alone, when others were supporting authoritarian covid measures. Without us, there would have been NO OPPOSITION WHATSOEVER during two years at the federal level.

We’ve been moving the “Overton Window” – the window of what is considered acceptable public discourse – in the right direction so that we can finally have meaningful debates in Canada despite the political correctness and the censorship.

The fact that we have as yet no seat in Parliament is irrelevant.

We’re changing minds and preparing the ground to have seats and more influence in the future, and be able to bring about meaningful reforms.

Reforms that the establishment parties will never be able to implement, because they’re too afraid to oppose the fake elite consensus.

Frederick, if you agree that what we do at the PPC is crucially important for Canada’s future, please donate $5 today to help our work!

Thank you,

PS: I thank you if you recently donated or if you’ve already donated the maximum amount for this year. You can still help us by following the PPC on social media (see links below) and by sharing our content with your friends. Or by inviting them to subscribe to our free newsletter.


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Opinion: Immigration may make global net-zero carbon harder

How can the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, Greens and Bloc Québécois claim to believe in man-caused climate change – much less support remedies for it – when they ALL continue to support mass immigration? 

If the Conservative Party of Canada supports the classical liberal notion of free trade along with mass immigration and official multiculturalism – then what exactly are they“conserving”? This question is now even more timely and relevant as Erin O’Toole apparently opposes social conservatism in all of its forms.How can they claim to be “conservative”when they support liberalized trade, immigration and social policies?

The People’s Party of Canada at least offers a home for social conservatives, supporters of free speech and those who wish to preserve Canada’s current ethnocultural character by way of immigration reductionism as well as an end to official multiculturalism.

However, the PPC still supports free trade,deregulation, outsourcing, offshoring and supply side economics.

A true Conservative political party in the historic High Tory MacDonald to Diefenbaker tradition would support a highly restrictive and reductionist citizenship & immigration policy,assimilation over multiculturalism, economic nationalism and trade protectionism. It would also not demonize social conservatives nor restrict freedom of expression. It would seek to unapologetically preserve the Monarchy,appointed Senate, and our Christian European heritage. 

In my opinion, O’Toole AND Bernier are completely divorced from the Canadian High Tory tradition a la MacDonald to Diefenbaker. BOTH offer half bakedversions of the real thing.
Thatcherism and Reaganism – which most aspiring Canadian Conservative leaders (including O’Toole & Bernier) have sought to emulate – in whole or part – over the past 40 years – are in reality repackaged 19th century British Liberalism (Gladstonian liberalism)

Canada needs to rediscover an unapologetic MacDonald/Disraeli High Toryism. 
Opinion: Immigration may make global net-zero harder

Gila Kibner 

People’s Party Vows to End Trudeau’s Divisive Race Policies & Anti-White Quarter-Billion Dollars for Black Businesses

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People’s Party Vows to End Trudeau’s Divisive Race Policies & Anti-White Quarter-Billion Dollars for Black Businesses

The Trudeau government announced last week a $221M business loan program for Black entrepreneurs.

What is this if not systemic racism?!

Systemic, or institutional racism is a form of racism that is embedded as normal practice within society or an organization.

That’s exactly what this kind of program does.

It explicitly favours people belonging to one group and discriminates against others.

How will this program be administered?

Many Canadians have a mixed racial background. Will applicants have to be tested for the darkness of their skin or the percentage of black genes they have?

Will the government also create loan programs for every other racial minority.

It’s completely absurd to divide us along racial lines.

We are all Canadian.

Positive discrimination is discrimination.

Reverse racism is racism.

You cannot redress injustices for minorities that were discriminated in the past by creating new forms of discrimination that will further divide us.

The only way to prevent racism and discrimination is to ensure equal rights and freedoms for all.

A People’s Party government will abolish all these programs that divide Canadians.

The Liberal cult of diversity has to end.

We must emphasize what unites us, not what divides us.

If you oppose these racial and racist policies of the Trudeau government, please help us fight them with a $2 donation today.

Many thanks,

PS: I thank you if you recently donated. You can still help us by following the PPC on social media (see links below) and by sharing our content with your friends. Or by inviting them to subscribe to our free newsletter.


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Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity

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Elections Canada Ads tell Old Stock Canadians to change identity  
Posted on October 20, 2019
In a 30 second commercial that has been filling TV screens for a week now, Elections Canada encourages Canadians to register and vote on October 21st because, in their words, “It’s Our Vote”.
But if you look at the faces of the half dozen people featured in this ad, you might get the impression that it is not “our” vote—the vote of “old stock” Canadians—but “their” vote, the vote of the million migrants who pass through our gates or walk across our borders each and every year– courtesy of an immigration and refugee policy constructed in defiance of public opinion. https://immigrationwatchcanada.org/2019/08/05/canada-is-now-taking-over-1-million-unnecessary-immigrants-per-year
As far as I can determine, at least four of the actors in this cute story are “people of colour” (POC), and three of them New Canadians, including the one or two year old product of a biracial marriage.
Even the less discerning of us will appreciate that Elections Canada’s sales pitch is rife with stark symbolism. If it needed a title, it could be called be “Moving Day”, as it features someone whom I would dub “Mr. Token”, a young white male with golden locks cheerfully helping POC carry furniture into their new abode.
Significantly, several frames in the commercial depict the New Canadians at a Citizenship ceremony, with their right hand up and poised to swear allegiance. Particularly poignant is the image of the baby boy in his father’s arms clutching a small maple leaf flag.
All in all, it is one big happy and harmonious display of Canada-in-the-making. Aside from their racial composition, one cannot fail to notice that all of the people in this ad are young. It doesn’t take a genius to see what demographic this commercial is directed at, and which political parties or politicians they are most likely to vote for.
Let me give you a hint. It isn’t Maxime Bernier or the Peoples Party of Canada.
Of course, I wouldn’t dream of questioning the neutrality of a taxpayer funded instrument of information and integrity like Elections Canada. I am sure that Elections Canada is above reproach, like the CBC!!
Diversity cultists would no doubt claim that the racial makeup of these actors merely represents the reality of Canada today. Not quite. Visible minorities make up roughly half of Metro Vancouver and Toronto—not two-thirds, as this ad would suggest. Moreover, in no way does this ad reflect the racial profile of the nation at large, where visible minorities make up 22% of the population.
It may come as a shock to the social engineers in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, but the universe extends far beyond the urban boundaries of these bastions of so-called enlightenment, tolerance and diversity. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that a good third of Canadians are grounded in reality, something that most “progressive” big city dwellers can barely relate to. If these morally superior beings were interested in seeing what reality looks like, the protocol is clear. Turn off the CBC. Pack your bags. Get in your car. And take a trip to small town hinterland communities where ordinary people tend to dwell. But be prepared to be”interrupted” by common sense.
It must be understood that in commissioning commercials like this, it was never the intention of the immigration lobby and its executive arm in Parliament to depict Canada as it actually is, but rather, to condition viewers to accept the Canada that they hope will unfold. The message is, “This is a done deal. This is what our cities and towns will soon look like, whether you like it or not. Resistance is futile.” In other words, these kind of TV ads are not descriptive but prescriptive. And we have had a ton of them in recent years, haven’t we?
Those who care to reflect upon the rapid demographic change that this Elections Canada message illustrates will soon realize that it is not precisely about “Moving Day”, but rather, Moving “in” Day. But if someone is moving “in”, then the question becomes, “Who is moving out?”
From coast to coast, the answer is clear: Old stock Canadians, both young and old. That is why formerly “sleepy” towns and quiet havens from Camrose to Charlottetown are experiencing a population boom.
Maybe we could call it “The Californian Effect”, in deference to progressive middle class Californian Democratic Party voters who, having fouled their own nest, flee to hinterland states like Idaho or Montana yet to be despoiled by the madness of “sanctuary cities” and identity politics gone mad.
The irony is, many of these white flight (or white plight?) urban refugees are fleeing from the consequences of policies imposed by the open borders parties . Displacement looks good on them, doesn’t it? Do you think that eventually these people will connect the dots between urban decay, unaffordable housing, and traffic congestion, on the one hand, and the policy of mass immigration on the other?
Can we fix stupid?
Time will tell.

I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada

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I Voted “Max” & the People’s Party of Canada


On this beautiful Thanksgiving afternoon, I voted “Max” — People’s Party of Canada. It’s the only party that promises real immigration reduction and reform; protection of our much eroded freedom of speech, and a challenge to the “diversity” delusion.

Catch Paul Fromm on James Edwards’ “The Political Cesspool”

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Catch Paul Fromm on James Edwards’ “The Political Cesspool”
— Report from Canada. The People’s Party of Canada — populist hope for real immigration reform & free speech,

Behind the Smiling Mask of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party

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Behind the Smiling Mask of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party

             Scheer and muzzies


You might recall seeing a photo months ago (above) of Andrew Scheer standing with— reportedly—some of the most dangerous Islamic leaders in the country. Of course, many of Scheer’s apologists would dismiss the embarrassing photo op by saying that he was simply unaware of the sordid connections of the people posing next to him.  But this video indicates that Mr. Scheer was not only aware of who these people are, but he has maintained close personal contact with them:






After seeing this photo and viewing the video, one is moved to ask some serious questions. Questions like:


Is this what a leader of a so called “Conservative” Party looks like?


Is this what a “Conservative” Party stands for?


In my estimation, a “conservative” should want to conserve our Western, European and Christian heritage—not the culture of Islam, a totalitarian blend of religion and politics, an ideology whose holy text prescribes “hijra”, conquest by immigration.  https://www.cspii.org/blog/immigration-islamic-doctrine-and-history


Islamophobia? A phobia is an irrational fear. Let’s not fool ourselves. A fear of this ideology is entirely rational, as 1400 years of history attests.  It should be pointed out, however, that there is a difference between attacking an ideology and maligning all of its adherents. Most adherents are ordinary law-abiding folk who, like all citizens, deserve full protection from harm or discrimination under the law. But while individuals deserve protection, ideas and ideologies don’t.  Belief systems are fair game. It took a long time for Western democracies to dispatch laws against blasphemy, but it seems that politicians and the lobbies they pander to are intent on resurrecting them. Ironically they are quick to warn us of the spectre of violent “white nationalist” extremism while simultaneously courting the votes of the apostles of violent extremism in mosques.


As an indefatigable  researcher noted several months ago, the “Conservative” Party has approved three current federal candidates with ties to Islamic extremism (and a sitting Conservative Senator as well). “The party has been well advised of the background of these individuals and yet, to date, have not taken action to remove them. The recent report of Andrew Scheer’s alignment with radical Imams is of growing concern.”




She further notes that “A Conservative Candidate, Ghada Melek, is a Coptic Christian currently being unfairly targeted by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) who are calling on Melek to drop out of the race “following reports about her past social media posts,” which the NCCM deems to be “Islamophobic.”   



The story by Christine Williams can be found here:



After reading this account one is moved to ask “What position will Andrew Scheer take?”  Now that is the $64,000 question, isn’t it?


The federal election is fast approaching and many longstanding Conservative members have been fearful of splitting the vote since Maxime Bernier decided to step away from the party a year ago, a decision that most pundits described as foolhardy and suicidal.  But as we bear witness to the shameless pandering, opportunism and corruption unfolding among the top echelons of the Conservative,  Mr. Bernier’s decision to form a party is looking more and more like a courageous demonstration of integrity and principle.  


Bernier’s conspicuous disregard for political correctness and clear articulation of what many ordinary Canadians believe has attracted supporters from across the political spectrum, but many traditional Conservative voters hesitate to make the leap because they hear the voice of the Conservative Party establishment whispering in their ears : “A vote for Bernier is  a vote for Trudeau”, or in the case of my own constituency, “A vote for the Peoples’ Party of Canada is a vote for the despicable NDP incumbent, Rachel Blainey.”


 The time-worn rationalization for strategic voting simply put is that we must not “split the vote” because dethroning (fill in the blank) is paramount. We must pinch our noses and choose the lesser of the evils.


 The problem with this conventional  view is two-fold. One is that when all is said and done, there is little to choose between the major parties. Upon closer examination, the Conservative Party looks like a Liberal Party that happens to believe in balanced budgets.  But life is not just about numbers.  It is, among other things, about the maintenance of our sovereignty, ethno-cultural heritage, family structure and most importantly, the freedom to speak our minds, including the right to criticize any religion.  In an authentic democracy, there can be no right “not to be offended.”



 Secondly, we must consider the broader moral question.  If we always choose the lesser of evils we will be guaranteeing the perpetual reign of evil. At some point, we must be prepared to say “None of the above”.  But it seems that whenever we consider voting for our principles, we are told that “this is not the time… our most urgent mission is to rid the country of Trudeau, and once that mission is accomplished, then we can do the fine tuning.”  But history suggests that the time for fine tuning never comes, because there is always a new devil on the scene that we must unite against.


We must bite the bullet. We must risk the re-election of Boy Wonder in order to establish a beach head for a party of principle that can keep building its base so that it can be in a position to form a government four years from now.  We must be patient. Growing a fledgling party takes time, and in less than a year, Maxime Bernier has made enormous strides—as have the passionately patriotic people who have made his cause their cause. Bernier leads, but he also listens. Bernier launched the People’s Party of Canada, but the  PPC is not a “top down” party, but a “bottom up” organization where members feel like participants rather simple foot soldiers.  It’s populism in action.


Meanwhile, we will continue to work tirelessly in our endeavour to do the homework and keep Canadians informed.  In return, our only request is that once apprised of the facts, each of us must find the courage to share them with all the people in our respective social networks. Our workmates, our neighbours, our friends and especially the members of our own families.   Surely that is the least we can do.


Knowledge is Power. You have it. Now share it!


Tim Murray


Additional information about Maxime Bernier