Noel Ignatiev, The Jewish Scholar Who Called For Abolishing Whiteness, Is Dead

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Noel Ignatiev, The Jewish Scholar Who Called For Abolishing Whiteness, Is Dead

Could this day get any better?

Charlie Kirk booed off the stage.

VOX surges in the Spanish election.

Tens of thousands of Based Poles march in Poland.

Now, the best news of all is that Noel Ignatiev is dead!

Los Angeles Times:

“Noel Ignatiev, a former steelworker who became a historian known for his work on race and class and his call to abolish “whiteness,” died at Banner-University Medical Center Tucson on Saturday. He was 78. The cause was an intestinal infarction, according to Kingsley Clarke, a longtime friend.

Ignatiev’s best-known book, “How the Irish Became White,” was immediately influential and controversial upon its publication in 1995. It touched off a firestorm of debate at the time at academic conferences and in the pages of newspapers. In time his view that whiteness is a social and political construction — and not a phenomenon with a biological basis — has become mainstream. The resurgence of white identity politics and white nationalism in recent years made Ignatiev’s arguments relevant to a new generation of readers who argued the notion that race is more about power and privilege rather than about ancestry, or even identity. …

Ignatiev urged white people: “Be reverse Oreos. Defy the rules of whiteness — flagrantly, publicly. When someone makes a racial slur in your presence, say, ‘You probably think I’m white because I look white.’ Challenge behaviors that reproduce race distinctions.”

The interviewer continued: “You’d do this in a bar full of rednecks?”
Ignatiev replied: “That depends a lot on the situation. Challenging people on their whiteness can lead to harsh confrontations, even blows. Sometimes that can’t be helped. But since we don’t accept labeling people, I’d ask you: What’s a redneck?” “

If you are not familiar with Noel Ignatiev, he is the Jew who started the abolish whiteness stuff which has become all the rage with the woke crowd.