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lllegals & Syrians — the Gift that Just Keeps on Taking

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lllegals & Syrians — the Gift that Just Keeps on Taking
Illegal Migrants Take a Toll on T.O. Shelters
by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
March 18, 2017

It seems Canada’s lax border policies toward illegal migrants are taking their toll on the city’s emergency shelter system.

Figures provided to the Toronto Sun from city shelter staff show that 810 refugees accessed the city’s shelter system in January, jumping to 882 up until March 13.

In fact, shelter, support and housing spokesman Pat Anderson says refugee clients are being referred from two non-city funded organizations that offer “temporary accommodation and services” to refugees but “are full.”

“The numbers we are providing are those who identify as refugees on intake,” she says.

Mario Calla, executive director of COSTI Immigrant Services, insists this increase is not from government-sponsored Syrian refugees but “asylum seekers.

“When they come over the border, they’re not sponsored by government or private groups and so they have nowhere to go…some of them have ended up in shelters,” he said this past week. “All government-sponsored (Syrian) refugees are in their own homes, not in city shelters.”

Sun columnist Anthony Furey recently revealed that a crisis is brewing with illegal migrants crossing the border in between official ports of entry and exploiting a loophole in our immigration laws that allows them to file a refugee claim once in Canada.

Anderson says the city has added 400 more shelter beds to meet the increased demand and they continue to look for “more motel beds for refugees.”

Although motel beds operate more cheaply per night, at a $74.81 average per diem, those 400 extra beds are costing taxpayers roughly $900,000 per month.

Asked whether any extra money has been diverted from other shelter programs to accommodate the extra beds, Anderson said: “Not so far.”

And the cost just keeps on soaring. Wading through a myriad of acronyms for various types of refugees, Sue Ann Levy of the Toronto Sun estimates that the Syrians alone will have cost the taxpayers over $1-billion. That’s federal, provincial and municipal money. The exact threadbare pocket doesn’t really matter. It’s the same taxpayer.

T.O. Struggles to Absorb Refugees
by Sue-Ann Levy, Toronto Sun
March 18, 2017

The 2,200 government-sponsored Syrian refugees who have arrived on Toronto’s doorstep since last February have permanent housing and are being integrated into the community.

Community service providers — contacted this past week — also say after the big influx of fully government-subsidized refugees of last February, the plan is to resettle just 700 this year.


“The program continues but not with the same intensity as last year,” says Mario Calla, executive director of COSTI Immigrant Services, the agency charged with resettling the 2,200 government-sponsored refugees (or GARs) who have arrived in Toronto since February 2016.

That’s the good news.

Another 2,295 privately sponsored refugees (PSRs) have also come to Toronto in the past year, along with 431 known as Blended Visa Office-Referred (BOVR) refugees, part privately and part government-sponsored.

Based on the numbers posted on the Immigration and Citizenship Canada website (now three months old), Toronto has by far absorbed the most refugees in Canada, 10% of the GARs alone.

Which brings me to the less than positive news.

Untold millions of dollars have been spent and a jaw-dropping myriad of helping agencies have been involved in getting them settled since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne greeted the first planeload in mid-December of 2015 with expensive winter coats.

The actual money the feds have turned over to the GARs themselves and to COSTI and other agencies to resettle them remains a mystery. I tried for two days to get a response from Immigration Canada only to be informed late Friday they were still working on my request.

However, based on news reports of one year ago, the Liberals could end up spending far more than $1 billion when all is said and done, more than $100-million of that to settle Toronto’s 2,200 GARs alone.

It doesn’t end there.

Manuel Alas-Sevillano of Ontario’s citizenship and immigration ministry says they’ve committed $15 million in new funding to “enhance settlement and integration services” for the 17,000 refugees (both GARs and PSRs) accepted in this province.

That does not include free dental and health care provided under the Interim Federal Health program and OHIP, he confirmed.

Once their first 12 months in Canada are up, the feds no longer provide income support to the GARs and they “either have a job or they go on social assistance until their English level gets better,” says Calla.

That’s precisely what is happening. Calla says only about two out of 10 of the GARs have come here able to speak English, compared to 80% of the PSRs.

But even if a refugee is privately sponsored — and can speak English — government money has gone into easing their integration into the community with a fresh layer of bureaucrats created to do so.

At City Hall, the Toronto Newcomer Office which has grown from three staff in 2015 to six staffers this year and from a budget of $361,000 to $785,000.

City spokesman Jennifer Wing said the Newcomer office — which works “strategically” to support the resettlement of refugees but does not help refugees directly — discovered early on that PSRs needed services too.

Wing says the office itself doles out money to agencies like Lifeline Syria, Catholic Crosscultural Services and COSTI to “help refugee families directly” while managing an Interagency task force “to facilitate coordination and information sharing,” and organizing information fairs for private sponsors.

COSTI got $92,000 from the city, over and above the undisclosed federal money, to help move refugees into permanent housing. Lifeline Syria, which received $65,000 from the city of Toronto this past year, also only works with privately sponsored cases.

Spokesman Krystal Thomson says they’ve completed 384 cases involving 1,076 refugees while another 202 cases with 575 refugees are still in the pipeline waiting to be processed by the government.

In fact, Mayor John Tory, his wife and his sister have spent $27,000 to sponsor a refugee family through Lifeline Syria that has yet to arrive.

According to Tory, the family is “waiting in a refugee camp inside Turkey.” He believes that the delay is because the feds are taking a pause to allow refugees already in Canada to be absorbed.


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The people of Rutland, Vermont, have gained a measure of revenge against former President Obama’s forced influx of Syrian refugees, voting out the five-term mayor who helped negotiate the controversial resettlements with a federal contractor.

Rutland is Vermont’s third-largest city but still very small, with a population of 16,500.

The candidacy of Mayor Christopher Louras went down in flames in Tuesday’s election as he was defeated by the refugee program’s most ardent opponent on the board of aldermen. David Allaire won with 52 percent of the vote to 34 percent for Louras.

“That’s not just a win, that’s a drubbing,” said Don Chioffi, an activist who supported the upstart candidate Allaire.

Rutland mayor Chris Louras

Louras came out last April and “announced,” much to the surprise of his residents, that the city would be taking in up to 100 Syrian refugees in fiscal 2017 along with others from Iraq. The announcement divided the city among those who wanted to welcome the refugees – no questions asked – and those who thought the refugee program was being dictated without any local input and with very little information. Protests and counter-protests were organized, attracting national media attention.

Unfazed by the division it caused in Rutland, a State Department contractor opened an office and started placing Syrians into the community.

More than 98 percent of Syrian refugees are Sunni Muslim while about 75 percent of Iraqi refugees are either Sunni or Shiite, and they’re just now starting to show up in a small town that doesn’t have a single mosque.

On Tuesday, Louras paid a price for his role in inviting the refugees to Rutland.

City Councilor David Allaire won a four-way race for mayor, stopping Louras from gaining a sixth term.

Both Rutland and Rutland County went for Clinton in the November presidential election, with Clinton winning in a landslide in the city but more narrowly in the county with 13,635 votes to Trump’s 12,479.

Local activist Don Chioffi, an ACT for America chapter leader in Rutland, said Allaire got no help from the local media. But supporters bypassed the newspapers and TV stations by using social media, meetings and a conservative radio host to get their message out.

“The people we talk to always react positively, but you would never know that from the media coverage we get,” Chioffi told WND.

“In their sacrilegious and diabolical effort to squelch the truth, they won’t put it out there, so it’s hard to emphasize how important this victory is because the leftist media just doesn’t give you a fair shake, and we went into it expecting that. We knew we wouldn’t get a fair shake.”

Mayor Louras had negotiated an unpopular refugee deal behind closed doors with the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants. USCRI is one of nine exclusive contractors that get paid by the U.S. State Department for every refugee they place into U.S. cities and towns.

USCRI’s budget is funded 97 percent by federal taxpayer dollars, according to its 2014 IRS form 990.

Watch local TV coverage of Rutland’s surprise election blow-back against refugee resettlement:

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/03/u-s-mayor-booted-from-office-over-support-for-obamas-refugees/#SXsvi3xzPq2tG1jq.99

Hungry Canadians move over! here come the Syrians looking for free food

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Hungry Canadians move over! here come the Syrians looking for free food

by Ann Corcoran

According to CBC Canada, almost 27,000 Syrians have arrived in Canada since November and already (in 6 months) their private sponsors are falling down on the job and even government-funded refugees are scurrying to local food banks because they have no jobs and no money.

trudeau-pink-coat.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterboxIn photo op, Canada’s boy wonder, Justin Trudeau, greets Syrians at the airport. But, has he invited any home for dinner or planned how to feed them all so they aren’t running to the media with tales of woe? Photo and sickening propaganda video:https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2015/12/11/syrian-refugees-arriving-at-pearson-tonight-but-well-wishers-asked-to-stay-home.html

CBC Canada (begins by describing the plight of one hungry family dependent on food banks for indigent Canadians), then this:

“When we come here, we didn’t expect we get any kind of help, and, unfortunately, that was the ugly truth,” she said. “So, we are alone, and we struggle still.”


Demand is growing for food banks and the organizations that supply them.

From February to March, Daily Bread, which supplies its own food bank and 200 other food programs in Toronto, including the Scott Mission, saw a 20 per cent jump in the number of clients using its services.


It was the largest increase in recent memory, said head of research Richard Matern, and most of it was because of the influx of Syrian refugees.

“We are being overwhelmed at the moment,” he said.

Across the country in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey, more than 700 government-sponsored refugees have used the local food bank since February. [of the 1,500 resettled there—ed]

Canada has a bifurcated system.  Some refugees are government-funded (like in the US) and some are privately sponsored. Clearly they didn’t screen the private sponsors very well!  But, as reported above, even the government-sponsored refugees are devouring the supplies at local and regional food banks.

Under federal guidelines, private sponsors are legally required to cover the cost of food, rent and other living expenses for up to a year, a minimum of roughly $27,000 for a family of four, according to government estimates.

But in Asoyan’s case, her family’s sponsor, Sarkis Shaninian, is unemployed.

He had a job when he signed up to sponsor the family but has been without work for three months.

“Money, I don’t have money to help them, no,” he said in an interview with CBC News.


At last count, 26,921 Syrian refugees had arrived in Canada since last November, and thousands more whose applications are still being processed are expected to arrive by the end of this year.

Can Canadians impeach prime ministers (just wondering)?

The Invasion Lobby Wins Again (Those Looking for Cheap Labour and the Replacement of Europeans)

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The Invasion Lobby Wins Again (Those Looking for Cheap Labour and the Replacement of Europeans)

The Canadian Press (March 8, 2016) reported: “Up to 305,000 new permanent residents could be admitted to Canada this year under the Liberal government’s 2016 immigration plan.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says it’s the highest number of projected admissions in decades.”
There is a breathless tone of self-congratulation, like Millennials boasting that they’d just, through struggle and discipline, exceeded their previous personal best in jogging time. However, there’s no struggle here — except for the huge pool of unemployed Canadians — just the flourish of the Minister’s pen.

A press release put out by the newly re-named  Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship boasted:  That this year there is “a special emphasis on family reunification.The Government of Canada has an ambitious plan to bring in between 280,000 and 305,000 new permanent residents in 2016. As we continue to show our global leadership, Canada will reunite families, offer a place of refuge to those fleeing persecution, and support Canada’s long-term economic prosperity.

The Liberals are paying off the selfish minority lobby — upping the number of people brought in through “family reunification.” These people need only a medical and criminal check to slide in — no necessity to speak one of our official languages or have any discernible job skill.

Showing our “global leadership”? No, Justin Trudeau gets to primp and impress internationalist admirers like mega billionaire George Soros at Davos. Soros strongly supports the Third World invasion of Europe.
Almost as an afterthought, the government announcement recycles the old lie that we need immigration to grow our economy or “support Canada’s long-term economic prosperity.” How?

Unemployment is high, job creation is stagnant, and many full-time jobs are becoming part-time. Just what jobs are this enhanced flood of immigrants going to do? The Globe and Mail (March 12, 2016) reported: “Canada’s jobless rate .. rose in February, reaching its highest level in three years.”

So, the Trust Fund Kid’s answer is to increase immigration.

The Globe’s report continues: “The country missed expectations for employment gains and lost 2,300 jobs with a steep decline in full-time positions. The unemployment rate edged up … to 7.3 per cent in February, the third consecutive monthly increase, according to Statistics Canada’s labour force survey.”

So, the Trust Fund Kid’s answer is to increase immigration.

Further, adds the Globe report: “Across the country full-time employment fell by 52,000, while part-time jobs rose by 49,500. … The unemployment rate in [Alberta] jumped to 7.9 per cent” surpassing traditionally high unemployment Quebec for the first time in decades!

So, the Trust Fund Kid’s answer is to increase immigration.

The GTA (or Greater Toronto Area — Toronto, Mississauga. Vaughan, Oshawa, Hamilton) annually receives over 125,000 immigrants. It is the major immigration destination along with Vancouver.

The Mississauga News (March 10, 2016) under the headline “Gloomy hiring prospects in Mississauga” notes: “It’s not good news for job seekers in the second quarter of 2016, according to the latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, ‘Survey data reveals zero per cent of employers plan to hire for the upcoming quarter (April to June), while 10 per cent anticipate cut-backs.” This area is one of the better off parts of Canada in terms of unemployment — 6.8 per cent a bit below the national average. Yet, even here employers are not hiring.

So, the Trust Fund Kid’s answer is to increase immigration.

The biggest winner from the latest immigration figures is the business lobby. It gets a growing pool of unemployed Canadians and that keeps wages low and stagnating.

The people who suffer are unemployed Canadians and recent school graduates looking for full-time work. The Trust Fund Kid’s response to them is not “sunny ways” but a big “Screw you!” To make their lot even worse, they will be competing with 305,000 newcomers generously ushered in by the Liberals.

This generosity will cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Never mind the $678-million and climbing bill for last year’s batch of 25,000 Syrians.  Economist and former MP Herb Grubel writing for the Fraser Institute in 2011, calculated that every year the poorly screened and under-performing  1985-2005 immigration cohort costs taxpayers $25-billion (taxes they pay less taxpayer-funded services they use)


Immigration Minister John McCallum says up to 305,000 new permanent residents could be admitted to Canada this year under the Liberal plan.

Immigration Minister John McCallum says up to 305,000 new permanent residents could be admitted to Canada this year under the Liberal plan.

How Many Syrians Should Canada Take? None, Says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

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How Many Syrians Should Canada Take? None, Says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Paul Fromm talks about Syrian migration to Canada and the media propaganda behind the invasion.Note to Justin Trudeau:  “it’s our country, not yours. It’s not yours to give away or endanger!”
Frederick Fromm's photo.

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Put Canada & Canadians First: No Syrian “Refugees” for Canada

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Put Canada & Canadians First: No Syrian “Refugees” for Canada
Frederick Fromm's photo.