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Maybe Canadian Seniors Should Claim “Refugee” Status

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Maybe Canadian Seniors Should Claim “Refugee” Status

Mr. Prime Minister, honourable Minister and the Rt. Hon. Premier,
You can rest assured Mr. Prime Minister that you and your ilk will NOT be re-elected in the next election because by that time Canada will be BROKE handing out freebies to refugees who have contributed absolutely NOTHING to our economy and are not likely to.  We seniors who have worked all our bloody lives here, paid our fair share of taxes, obeyed our own laws are now relegated to third class citizens unworthy of the respect we so justly deserve from you and your government.  You have succeeded your father alright and just like all bloody socialists you are giving away the farm to undeserving people whose only aim is to obliterate our society and impose sharia law on us.  Well, you might as well have it come from me:  WE RESPONSIBLE CANADIAN CITIZENS WILL NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN!  And as long as this inequality continues you can bet your bottom dollar that more and more WORKING CANADIANS will cease working, cease filing income tax returns and cease paying taxes.  There aren’t enough jails to house all of those who will make this happen!

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