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MASSIVE Groups of Military Age Males From Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and More Filmed Traveling Through Darién Gap in Panama to be Flown into US by Biden Regime

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MASSIVE Groups of Military Age Males From Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Nepal, and More Filmed Traveling Through Darién Gap in Panama to be Flown into US by Biden Regime (VIDEO)

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 One of many campsites with 60+ illegals in the Darién Gap headed for America

Jordan Conradson – The Gateway Pundit Feb 29, 2024

Real Americas Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam is currently in the Darién Gap between Colombia and Panama, reporting on the international human smuggling operation coordinated by the cartels, globalists, and the Biden Regime.

The Biden Regime is now granting asylum to illegal immigrants in South America and flying them by plane into the United States to arrive “as refugees who have already met the requirements and will be legally allowed to live and work in the U.S.,” according to the Associated Press.

Bergquam shared a photo of a group he discovered on Tuesday night showing “over 50 men from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, all being smuggled in the middle of the night.”

“Hold the United Nations, the NGOs, the Cartels and the Democrats accountable! #JoeBidenDidThis,” Bergquam said in a caption on X:

This morning, Bergquam shared footage of another group with “over 60 single males from Africa, India and Pakistan heading our way.”

“This is just one of the countless numbers of groups in a constant flow to the United States,” said Bergquam:

BERGQUAM: This is just one of the groups in the jungle right now. They split up into smaller groups, and they camp in different locations. So, imagine this in 100 different locations throughout the jungle right now. So, when the sun comes up, they get back in line, and they start making their way to their next overnight spot, all guided by the cartels.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Bergquam and his partner, Oscar Ramirez, discovered “15-acre facilities” that the United States is using to process and smuggle these illegals into the United States before they even reach the border.

WATCH: Ben Bergquam Reports from Darién Gap That US is Funding Processing Centers in South America and Flying Illegals into America BEFORE They Reach The Border


“The numbers at the border go down, but the numbers that are going into our country go up,” Bergquam said.

Bergquam also reported finding “UN condoms ” at the border of Colombia and Panama, likely used by cartel members to rape the small number of women and children who are traveling with the large groups of men. The Biden Regime and globalist organizations are helping these animals traffick and rape women on their journey into the US.


Bergquam and Oscar Ramirez encountered another group of illegals from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India, seemingly setting up camp for the night.

Ramirez explains that the illegals told him in Spanish that they paid $320 per person to get off the boat and be taken somewhere they could be smuggled into America, and it’s “all men!”

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, an illegal alien who traveled from Iran to Jacumba, California, recently warned Ben of the Islamic terrorism and other foreign adversaries that are coming through our southern border. “If I was governor here, I would be afraid,” the unidentified man said, noting that “all these people” coming across our borders are “military age.” The Iranian man added, “Islamists will come here, get the guns, get the C4 detonation, and kill people. They’re not good.”

As Bergquam notes in the video below, “The question isn’t if an attack is going to happen, it’s when an attack is going to happen.”

RAMIREZ: I was just having a conversation… and we started seeing a bunch of lights coming in from the east part, where we are going to go up tomorrow. More than 50 lights coming down, and we were like, that’s a big group. I decided to come down here to see what’s going on to see if there were families or whatever it was, and I bumped into migrants from Pakistan, migrants from Sri Lanka, migrants from India, and all men. This is the thing that worries me. It’s all men. All of them, they’re men. Clearly, they’re being smuggled by the [gangs] that operate in Colombia, and all of them are saying that they’re paying a package. I had an interview with a migrant from Venezuela saying that the packages where we were at: $320 per person to get them from the boat into a place that they can get smuggled.

BERGQUAM: Behind us, a massive group of men came in—huge national security threat. We went down there to investigate this, and I just want you to look at this video–all men from the Middle East, Pakistan, from Bangladesh, from Sri Lanka, from India, all men, all being smuggled by the cartel. And this is happening every single night in different parts across Central and South America. This is what Joe Biden did. Joe Biden invited this national security threat. The question isn’t if an attack is going to happen, it’s when an attack is going to happen.


If Mass Invasion is An Act of War, What Would You Call It’s Enablers and Collaborators (Biden & Trudeau)? Might the TermTraitors Fit?

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Migrants Displace U.S. Workers — Biden Paroles 540,000 Illegals!!

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 Migrants Displace U.S. Workers — Biden Paroles 540,000 Illegals!!
Staggering figures have revealed that over 1.2million US-born workers lost their jobs last month while the foreign-born workforce increased by nearly 700,000 – as migrants continue to flood across the border under the Biden administration.
CLAUDIA AORAHA | DAILYMAIL.COM | 9/4/2023 | Condensed ·
· Data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics show that between July and August, there was a staggering decrease of 1.223million native-born people in the workforce – which is a low not beaten since the jobs crash when Covid hit in April 2020. · In stark contrast almost 688,000 jobs were secured by foreign-born workers, underlining the difference in Joe Biden‘s pro-migration policies versus Donald Trump‘s tough border stance.
Employment for foreign workers has been expanding, rather than contracting [every year].
The increase in foreign-born people working in the US this summer, 668,000, is the highest July-to-August jump in the last 10 years. The only July-to-August period that has come close was during the height of the pandemic in 2020 – 605,000.
What the figures suggest is there has been nearly a net-zero increase in native-born jobs created since the Covid economic crash. The job market is only just about reaching the highs seen in October 2019, where employment was 131.72million.
Trends also seem to show that under Donald Trump, there were less foreign-born people working in the US month-on-month, the Bureau’s data shows.
Comparing figures from the first three years of each of their tenures, the Republican president’s foreign-born workforce expanded by 752,000 between August 2017 to 2019.
By contrast, Democrat Biden’s figure from August 2021 to 2023 was 3.943million
Recap of foreign workforce expansion in three-year period: Trump: + 752,000Biden: + 3,943,000 During Trump’s presidency, between July and August of 2017, foreign-born employment rose by just 82,000.
The 668,000 foreign workforce figure in 2023 is a staggering eight times more – set on the backdrop of the Biden administration’s control of the movement across the US-Mexico border since the end of pandemic-era Title 42 in May
 Biden’s Migrants are automatically granted temporary legal status, are handed a work visa, a bank account, welfare assistance, and travel expenses paid to the destination of their choice. These foreign workers will be in our system for as long as 4-10 years waiting for a court appearance, and meanwhile start families, have anchor babies, and make plans for family chain migration, despite over 90% entering on bogus asylum claims.   Note: 1/3 of all ICE arrests have criminal backgrounds and MANY of the illegals arriving from one of 150 nations come from countries where criminal records are inaccessible like ISIS trafficked countries of Syria, Uzbekistan, and more. 

This year alone, Biden has admitted 2,556,286 from October to July. That means 1,868,286 did not gain employment and are surviving solely on taxpayer subsidies that are nearly double the value of what average unskilled labor households earn each month.   Out of Biden’s 8 million illegals granted work visa’s, 51% or 4,057,000, are completely dependent on taxpayer subsidies and the rest have devoured desperately needed US jobs!   Black and Hispanic native-born citizens are suffering the greatest job losses and unfair job competition with limited unskilled work available to them!

Biden’s illegal migrants are immediately granted access to welfare benefits, with 51% demanding welfare compared to 33% of US citizens.   Biden’s open border policy has cost US taxpayers 960 billion dollars!
The emergency housing resources and tents popping up in sanctuary cities is only due to the OVERWHELMED NGO’s that can’t keep up with demand in terms of organizing their placement in coordination with city Mayors and local officials. Meanwhile, homeless vets and destitute citizens have no equal access to the benefits Congress has budgeted for ‘asylum’ seekers.   In case you missed it…Stop Taxpayer Funded Border Invasion-Government Hiding Spending Through Charities on Your Dime!
According to unpublished government data, the Biden administration has granted parole to more than 541,000 foreign nationals who do not have visas to enter the United States. The expansive use of parole is a key component of the administration’s policy of creating new “legal pathways” for migrants to enter the country.
There’s just one problem with this plan that the administration and nearly every journalist reporting on it conveniently overlook. This pathway is not legal. Through  Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 of the U.S. Constitution, the founders of our republic vested Congress with plenary authority to “establish an (sic) uniform Rule of Naturalization…throughout the United States.” That means that the Executive Branch of government has no authority to create sweeping new immigration programs.

Congress did grant the Executive Branch parole authority. But that authority is very limited, and the conditions for granting it are clearly defined. Section 212(d)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act states that parole may be granted “temporarily…only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit.” That is language that might apply to 541 foreign nationals, not 541,000. Moreover, we know that the parole being granted here is not of a temporary nature, as required by statute. The Administration’s own regulations governing these new parole programs outright admit that the purpose is to allow these aliens to live and work in the U.S. until they can find a way to convert to a legal status.

Allies of the administration, like Leon Rodriguez who served as President Obama’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services director, argue that the expansive use of parole authority is a “necessity,” because “the pressures are much greater now.” Of course, much of the pressure has been created by the administration’s signal that we would accommodate endless flows of migrants. And nowhere in the statute creating parole authority does it say anything about it being a mechanism to alleviate to pressure.

More alarming is that the Biden administration is only getting started on its abuse of parole to expand pathways for inadmissible aliens to enter the United States. Of the 541,000 who have already entered, 133,000 were people who used the CBP One app to schedule an appointment at a port of entry. That is a program that the administration began ramping up only in the past few months. The administration anticipates that as many as 529,250 migrants a year can be accommodated through the use of the app. That figure does not include the 360,000 a year that are allowed to enter under a special parole program for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans. Yet another parole program, Uniting for Ukraine, which has allowed 141,200 people to enter, has no numerical limit.

If the combined entries of people using the CBP One app and the country-specific programs are maxed out, those numbers would actually exceed the 740,000 green cards issued through our legal immigration admission process in 2021 – thereby making a mockery of not only of our legal immigration system, but our Constitution.

In sum the Future of our Nation is at stake!! —- – Contact your Representative and Senators NOW. Insist they commit to Opposing any Illegal Alien Amnesty and to providing any taxpayer-funded benefits to Illegals!!!!!   AND support a zero-Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration (which would still allow 150,000 settlers a year)  
And Most Important to Note: ONLY pushing CCN’s all-categories-included zero Net MORATORIUM on Legal Immigration MAXIMIZES the chances of stopping this Horrendous Mass Alien Amnesty Bill which would also double Legal Immigration. Pushing any less restrictive number, as the two National Mass Immigration Management Groups do, will likely result in a Compromise Bill reducing the numbers by just a few thousand at most….. a totally unacceptable result. 
Indeed, since those two National Mass Immigration Management groups refuse to support ANY Moratorium Bill (like Rep. Gosar’s e.g.) THEY ARE DE FACTO ENABLERS OF CONTINUING MASS IMMIGRATION!!
Note: CCN is anti-mass immigration but NOT anti-immigrant.
CCN’s Great Challenge to Mobilizing our Activists now is that CCN is de facto out of money:. mainly because many of our donors have been put out of business or are barely surviving due to intensifying Inflation and Economic slowdown!   Donations NOW!! to CCN are ESSENTIAL for CCN to stop these Bills and reverse these policies!!   Donations are Tax-Deductible. Help CCN intensify our efforts. Please DONATE NOW by Credit Card at carryingcapacity.org. or by Check via U.S. mail to:
Carrying Capacity Network
P.O.BOX 457
San Francisco, CA  94104


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Let’s Call It Treason  Ray DiLorenzo
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”Edmund Burke, 1729-1797 If you do nothing in a difficult time, your strength is limited. Proverbs 24 Millions of people around the world are beginning to figure out that there is a force—an evil cabal—trying to take over the entire planet.  This force has influenced leaders of every persuasion in every country and has been remarkably successful in putting a vast number of governmental, religious, educational, medical, corporate, and institutional leaders in a sort of trance… zombie-like, to do their will. 

This force has faces…Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Biden, Obama, Clinton, and hundreds of others—all doing the work of the World Economic Forum.  Archbishop Vigano has been stalwart in his opposition to what is called the New World Order or Great Reset and probably knows of it better than most, for it has invaded even his Church.  He calls it as it is:
“a dystopian society, without past and without future, without faith and without ideals, without culture and without art, without fathers and mothers, without family and spirituality, without teachers and spiritual guides, without either respect for the elderly or hopes for our children. 

The recent pandemic farce—conducted with criminal methods that I have not hesitated to denounce since the beginning of 2020—has been followed by new emergencies—including the Ukrainian crisis—deliberately provoked with the aim of destroying the social and economic fabric of nations, decimating the world population, and concentrating control in the hands of an oligarchy that no one has elected and that has perpetrated a real-world coup d’état, for which sooner or later it will be called to answer before the world.

…the electoral fraud of 2020 in the United States of America was also indispensable to prevent the confirmation of President Donald Trump, just as in 2013 the deep state and the deep church managed to get Pope Benedict XVI to resign and to elect a person pleasing to the New World Order.”

National leaders are going out of their way to destroy their collective countries.  These chief executives and oligarchs, feeling a New World Order is inevitable, are merely vying for a high position in what they think will be a new society.  It is not more evident than here in the United States. These leaders make decisions that no one understands…destroying the election system of the greatest democracy in the world, ignoring the needs of their citizenry, and destroying the military and police departments with no regard for national security, citizen safety, or law and order. Gone are energy independence, dozens of food processing plants (it’s become a global phenomenon), and hundreds of farms (meat and dairy are bad, but bugs are good). Millions of illegal migrants pour into our countries without vetting, background or medical checks. Victims of disasters are fending for themselves. They distribute vaccines that are ineffective and have killed as many people as the disease. They print trillions, affecting nothing while creating massive inflation. Whole cities have become lawless, forcing businesses and families to pack up and leave. Stores that remain are locking up items like toothpaste while the middle class tries to cope.  Billions are spent on migrants, while veterans are homeless.  And then along comes COVID 2.0 with more vaccines on the way.

Biden kicks back as America crumbles—our very own Nero, who fiddles while America burns.  Do we simply watch as they harass, assault, imprison, and kill innocents for insurrection while we observe theirs?  The Left seems unaffected by it all.  Are they that secure about the 2024 election results?  Is the fix already in? 

Is it treason to deny the people the right to freely choose the government they want? Is it treason to make the 1st Amendment ambiguous?  And when people question an election, is it treason to imprison them without trial? Could such extreme paranoia indicate guilt?  Do we call it treason when a president flagrantly ignores Supreme Court decisions? Is it treason to destroy all checks and balances within our federal government and establish a one-party system?  Is it treason to allow and possibly cause the destruction of whole towns, killing hundreds of men, women, and children?  Is it treason to cause false flags to hide ominous covert activity? Obama’s presidency was rife with crime and corruption.  Is it reasonable to assume that Obama knew nothing of Biden’s and Clinton’s marketplace of political influence?  Is it treason to purposely destroy what you have been entrusted with protecting?  

What is so bizarre is their denial of what is right in front of us. A good example is the Lahaina fire.  Why did the police block the exits so people could not find safety? Why was there no water or a warning of any kind?  Why have they placed a black curtain wall around the town so even the press can’t see what is going on? The Maui mayor’s press conference was pathetic. He spent more time throwing up his hands and raising his shoulders than answering questions from the press. You could feel the tension in the room.  Mayorkas watches while the border is like a subway at rush hour, and he insists everything is secure.  And the silence from the opposition about everything that is going on has been deafening. It’s a sort of fictional political novel, a tragedy, where an entire political party decides to dismantle a great nation, but the people wait for an answer from the opposition that never comes.  Their default is to sit back and test the wind or just freeze in disbelief, proving their dysfunction.  

So, the ‘opposition’ sits back and assures us that another election is coming, not comprehending the damage to the country and not having the foresight or the intelligence to understand that the next election will be a repeat of the last, if it even occurs. The RINOS sit even further in their seats, waiting for a political opportunity. They are worse than traitors.    

There is some good news we need to cheer about that you will not get in the mainstream press.  A collection of 1,609 scientists, including Nobel Prize winners from around the world, signed the World Climate Declaration in August, announcing that there is NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY.  They maintain that the climate has always changed and always will and that carbon dioxide is essential for life on this planet, not the villain they portend. They complain that politicians have weaponized it for their own purposes.   
And their purposes are power and money.  We have seen these things, but we were, for too long, a voice crying in the wilderness.  

There are still those who are planning a return of the USA.  They will destroy not  America but the deep state, the unelected bureaucrats that believe they are the real power in Washington and continue to abuse it. 

Like Trump or not, no one strikes fear into the hearts of the Left like Donald Trump.

People see, but they do not understand.  People hear, but they do not comprehend.  In the meantime, politicians both see and hear, but ignore. It is treason by omission.  To witness a house burning with people inside and watch apathetic firefighters loiter outside, or worse yet, prevent victims from escaping, is worse than criminal.  To hear children screaming from inside a school as they are being shot while police are gathered outside is beyond any reasonable limits.  

Those who have taken the oath of office have an obligation, a duty to preserve and protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic without regard to self, or was that only reserved for our founders?   

The United States has stage four cancer

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The United States has stage four cancer

Has the US lost its national soul through the unintended integration of its culture with more “barbaric cultures”?
“The United States has stage four cancer and it hopelessly and tragically morally and spiritually bankrupt.”

Beaver Cole ~ former owner & publisher of The American Observer Newspaper and The Oil Patch Newspaper

Over 100 Years Ago, a Fictional Book Predicted the Fall of America Through Weaponized Immigration | The Common Sense Show

Over 100 Years Ago, a Fictional Book Predicted the Fall of America Through Weaponized Immigration

Submitted by Dave Hodges on Wednesday, June 22, 2022 – 21:38.


The Chesterton Prophecies

 Over 80% of the country opposing amnesty, the bill is finally dead, once and for all.

I would not count on it.

You can bet that this attack on American sovereignty, culture and economics will culminate in the total loss of culture. It will ensure the Democratic Marxist Party will remain in charge in perpetuity.   

Despite being over a century old, G. K. Chesterton’s, The Flying Inn (1914), provides present day Americans with an opportunity to understand what is happening to their loss of culture and of national sovereignty. The book consists of a “fictional” account of how England had been stripped of its cultural identity. The book was written at the end of the British imperialistic period of dominance in which England had collapsed under the sheer weight of attempting to maintain its vast empire.

What is described in the book, is exactly what is happening today. In the book, Chesterton maintained that England lost far more than its preeminent position as the world’s sole super power. He postulated that England had lost its national soul through the unintended integration of its culture with more “barbaric cultures” that it had previously conquered.

The protagonist in The Flying Inn, Dalroy, proclaimed that great nations have frequently followed a similar paradigm of progressive self-destruction:

  1. The great nation declares victory over the barbarians.
  2. The great nation begins to enjoy the fruits of cheap labor by employing the barbarians that it had conquered.
  3. The barbarians become so enmeshed into the great nation, that an alliance with barbarians is formed (e.g., de facto amnesty).  
  4. Assimilation is followed with the barbarians becoming a privileged class. Thus, the great nation is conquered.

Near the end of the book, almost every virtuous cultural tradition, of the great nation, comes under sharp criticism, while every cultural tradition emanating from the barbarians’ place of origin became praiseworthy. See the list below, this is exactly what is happening today.  

Certainly the relationship between the United States and various countries south of our border; parallels Chesterton’s stunningly accurate prophecies by describing what has happened to present day America . Consider the following parallels which strikingly correspond to Dalroy’s view of how empires crumble:

  1. The United States fulfills its “Manifest Destiny” mandate by provoking and winning a war with Mexico in order to gain a southern railroad route to California in1848. 
    The great nation was victorious. Dalroy’s first principle is fulfilled.

The economies of the two countries bifurcate and the United States begins to enjoy the fruits of its imperialistic labors. The conquered people provides nearly 170 years of cheap labor which helps to fuel the economic growth of the United States . Guest workers and illegal immigrants trickle into the United States . Despite the comparatively low wages, more immigrants come north to experience the bountiful leftovers of their former conquerors. This trend continues to the point in which the original trickle of guest workers and illegal immigrants becomes a raging tsunami of humanity most of whom are seeking to experience the

American dream at the expense of their former conquerors. The great nation employed those that it had conquered. Dalroy’s second principle is fulfilled.

Average American citizens begin to note the loss of economic standing, culture and traditions. “Special privilege” programs, such as Totalization, free medical and free education, serve to fully integrate the former illegal aliens into the mainstream of American society. To frame the desired paradigm shift, legal terms such as “illegal alien” become likened to racial epitaphs uttered during the worst days of the old “Jim Crow” laws. The PC Police (i.e., the corporate media and
BigTech) label all Americans who desire to secure their borders, in this age of terrorism, as white nationalists, white supremacists, blatant Jim-Crow-supporting -racists and xenophobic. The alliance has been formed. In modern day America, the alliance is so complete that the borders have been collapsed by
Biden and and cartel drugs, on behalf of their CHICOM benefactors and child-sex-trafficking is proliferating on the southern border. I did not even
mention the newest version of the Hitler Youth Movement through the teaching of Critical Race Theory and everyone’s live matters except white
people, patriots and Christians.  
Dalroy’s third principle has been fulfilled.

Illegal immigrant subgroups (e.g., Reconquista de Atzalan, MECHA) begin to proclaim that the takeover of America is moving forward and if the present occupants of this country do not like it; then these “Euros” can “go back to Europe .” (In this scenario, it’s not certain where American citizens whose historical roots lie in Africa,
the Middle East, South America, Mexico, Panama, Canada, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Caribbean, and most of all, Native Americans, are supposed to return to).

The DemocraticParty Marxists have taken over the MECHA movement with a definitive move towards amnesty and special entitlement programs. While millions of
American citizens are being forced to vaccinate or lost their jobs, illegal aliens, many of whom are infected with covid, are crossing our border, settling in our cities
and remain untested and untreated for covid. This is the ultimate in entitlement and special treatment for illegal immigrants versus the treatment of the American public. 

At what point do we admit that the great nation of America has been conquered and is in the process of being successfully occupied? America is an
occupied country.

The United States has stage four cancer and it hopelessly and tragically morally and spiritually bankrupt.  .

The Canadian Left Apes the Americans Yet Again

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      Throne, Altar, Liberty

The Canadian Red Ensign

The Canadian Red Ensign

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Canadian Left Apes the Americans Yet Again

On Monday, the twenty-first of February, even though the border blockades had been removed – they were in the process of being removed at the very moment the Emergency Measures Acts was invoked the week prior – and the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa had been dispersed over the weekend through an ugly display of police state brutality that is utterly out of place in a Commonwealth Realm and has tarnished Canada’s reputation, Captain Airhead nevertheless managed to get enough votes in the House of Commons to confirm his use of the EMA.   Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, the Conservatives, voted against the confirmation, as did the Lower Canadian separatists, but the Liberals all voted for it as did Jimmy Dhaliwal’s socialists.  The latter compromised the historical principles of their party to do so.  In 1970 they had been the only party in Parliament to take a principled stand against the War Measures Act when Captain Airhead’s father had invoked it in an actual emergency (bombs, kidnapping, murder, that sort of thing).   In 2022 they propped up the government in using the Emergency Measures Act against a peaceful, working-class, protest, despite warnings from retired members of the NDP old guard, like Svend Robinson, that they were throwing their legacy away in doing so.   

In the debate leading up to the vote, Captain Airhead and the other ministers of the government were repeatedly asked why they were still taking this to a vote even though the protest was over.   No convincing answer was provided.  The House was told that there was still an emergency, that they would just have to trust the government, and that how they voted would reflect whether they did so trust the government or not.   This was how the Prime Minister and Mr. Dhaliwal cracked the whip on their caucuses to prevent members from breaking ranks.   The implication was that it was a confidence vote, which if the government lost would dissolve Parliament, leading to an immediate new Dominion election – less than half a year after the last one – in which the leaders could punish dissenters by not signing their candidacy papers.

Two days after having thus given us his rendition of the role of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the Prime Minister revoked the Emergency Measures Act.    There was, of course, no more of an emergency on Monday than there was on Wednesday, nor had there ever been an emergency of the type that would justify the invoking of the Emergency Measures Act.    While we cannot know for certain what was going on in the empty space between Captain Airhead’s ears, we can be sure that it was not a sudden epiphany about the importance of respecting constitutional limits on government powers – he would have resigned immediately had that been the case – and that three factors likely had a significant role to play in his turnaround.   One of these is that he had taken a severe beating in the international press.   The second is that the Big Five – Canada’s largest banks – would have explained to the government how that forcing financial institutions to act as the government’s thought police undermines those institutions’ credibility, both domestic and international, and threatens the entire financial superstructure of the country, already weakened by years of reckless government financial policy.   The last, but not least, factor was that the government was losing the debate in the Chamber of Sober Second Thought.   This is not like a bill of legislation which gets sent back to the House if the Senate does not approve.   A vote against confirming the use of the Emergency Measures Act in the Senate, and the indicators all suggested that the Senate would vote against confirmation, would immediately revoke the Act.   Which would make things far more difficult for the Prime Minister in the official inquiry into his actions that must necessarily follow the use of the EMA than a voluntary withdrawal of the power.

There is a lot that could be said about how this episode provides further demonstration of many of the truths that I have written about over the years.   It demonstrates that democracy is not the same thing as either constitutionally limited government or personal freedom.   The Prime Minister asked the elected House of Commons to approve his inappropriate use of an Act giving him sweeping powers to trample over our freedoms in order to crush a peaceful protest and they did so.   It demonstrates that the Westminster System of Parliament is much more than a democracy.  It is an institution that has proven itself over time to be effective at protecting personal freedom and checking the excesses of government, even democratic government, and its unelected components have as much to do with making it work as the elected House.   It demonstrates that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is absolutely useless as a safeguard of personal rights and freedoms.   The Grit government insisted that its actions under the EMA would be consistent with the Charter.   If allowing the government to freeze bank accounts, a) without a court order and b) without liability or any civil recourse for those whose accounts are so frozen is consistent with the Charter, then the Charter is empty and meaningless.   A government that can do that is a government that recognizes no constitutional limitations. It demonstrates that Liberal Prime Ministers, especially those with the last name Trudeau, see democracy in terms of elected dictatorship.  

It also demonstrates that the Canadian Left is incapable of independent thought and borrows all of its bad ideas from the United States.

This has always been the case.   The Liberal Party, which began as the centre-left party that developed out of the pre-Confederation Reform movement, was, before being captured by the harder New Left in the 1960s, the party that envisioned Canada’s destiny in American terms.   It was the party that advocated for North American free trade for a century before the Conservatives under Brian Mulroney sold out their own legacy and signed the US-Canada Free Trade Deal.   It was the party that wanted greater economic, cultural, and political alignment between Canada and the United States.   Liberal theorists such as Goldwin Smith were arguing for formal union between the two countries as early as the 1890s.   The Liberal interpretation of Canadian history retold it as if it were simply a re-run of American history with the same goals accomplished by compromise and negotiation rather than war and bloodshed.   John Wesley Dafoe, a prominent exponent of this interpretation as well as the Liberal propagandist who edited the Winnipeg Free Press for the first half of the twentieth century, entitled his fanciful view of our history Canada: An American Nation.

This looking to the United States for inspiration did not die out after the Liberal Party swung to the hard left.  When Pierre Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada in the late 1960s he exponentially expanded the welfare state.   His inspiration for this was Lyndon Johnson’s similar expansion of social programs in the United States.   LBJ had his “Great Society”, PET had his “Just Society”.   The Canadian social security net that  he so expanded had been similarly introduced in the late 1930s based on the model of FDR’s New Deal in the United States and given the same name.     In 1977, the Trudeau Liberals talked Parliament into passing the Canadian Human Rights Act.   This Act had nothing to do with human rights in the ordinary sense of basic rights belonging to all people that need protection against the power of the state.   It gave the state more power -power that government ought never to have – power to police the thoughts and motives of individual Canadians in their personal and business interactions with one another.   It declared “discrimination” to be against the law – not discrimination by the government but by private Canadians – made it a civilly liable offence with criminally punitive consequences, established an investigative body, the Canadian Human Rights Commission to investigate complaints at the public expense and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to hear such complaints.   It was a system stacked against the accused, in complete contradiction of the principles the Canadian system of law and justice are based upon, and it became the means whereby the oppressive atmosphere of restricting thought and censoring speech known as political correctness escaped the confines of left-liberal academe where it had developed into the general culture which in turn allowed political correctness in academe to evolve into the more warped version of itself that exists today, wokeness, characterized not so much by self-censorship of thought and speech but by the silencing and destruction of others.   Pierre Trudeau modelled the Canadian Human Rights Act on an American law passed thirteen years earlier – the US Civil Rights Act.  Canada’s constitution is a mixture of the written and unwritten.   In 1982, Pierre Trudeau oversaw the patriation of the principle document of the written part so as to make it amendable by the Canadian Parliament and in the process prefixed to it the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   The Charter, over the course of the last two years has been shown to be useless as a protection of Canadians’ basic rights and freedoms from governments, Dominion and provincial, determined not to let those rights and freedoms stand in the way of sweeping public health measures.   Over the past forty years, however, it has proven remarkably effecting at Americanizing our Supreme Court in the sense of empowering it to overturn local laws, customs, and traditions older than Confederation and to secularize public schools (In the last decade or so left-liberal commentators have taken to speaking without irony of Canada’s tradition of “separation of church and state” when we have no such tradition, separation of the two being a distinguishing trait of the American tradition).    The Charter, in other words, has all of the negatives and few if any of the positives, of the document Pierre Trudeau looked to for inspiration – the American Bill of Rights.

Now consider the response of the Canadian Left – the Prime Minister and the Liberal Party, Jimmy Dhaliwal and the socialist party, the legacy media public and private – to the Freedom Convoy.    From their initial response as the trucks were heading towards Ottawa, through their commentary on the weeks long demonstrations, and their claims as the Emergency Measures Act was invoked and an ugly, militarized, police force were sent in to trample elderly women with horses, arrest protestors at gun point, beat people with batons and otherwise behave like the lowlife criminal thugs from whose ranks modern police are sadly often recruited, they have regurgitated every bit of the craziness that began afflicting the American Left in the United States’ 2016 presidential election. 

In 2016, Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stuck her foot in her mouth and lost the election by accusing the populist, Middle American, supporters of her opponent, Republican candidate Donald the Orange of being a “basket of deplorables” and threw every imaginable pejorative “ist” and “phobe” at them.    You can hear the echo of that in Captain Airhead’s now infamous remarks about the “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views”,    When Clinton lost the election she then blamed her loss on Russian interference.

This is parenthetical but timely given the international events that have drawn everyone’s attention away from Captain Airhead’s vile actions, but notice how the same people who back in the Cold War used to accuse anyone who suggested that the Communist regime in the Soviet Union could not be trusted, was working to undermine constitutional government and freedom so as to enslave the world, and had spies everywhere of being paranoid “McCarthyites” started talking the exact same way themselves when the USSR was gone and Russia was Russia again.    Whatever one might think of Vladimir Putin, the present crisis is the result of a little over two decades worth of incredibly bad American policy towards post-Soviet Russia.    Their giving their support to every group wishing to secede from post-Soviet Russia and extending NATO membership to these countries in a period when NATO should have been contracting after the collapse of the Soviet regime and in a way that brought NATO ever closer to Russia’s doorstep – the expansion of NATO’s involvement in Ukraine and vice-versa is the immediate issue – was needlessly insulting and provocative to post-Soviet Russia. Nor was support for the coup about eight years ago in which a Russia-friendly elected Ukrainian government was overthrown in an armed coup that replaced it with a US-NATO puppet government in Kiev and placed de facto control of much of the country in the hands of Banderites (1) exactly helpful.   By doing these things, American governments, usually those led by left-liberal Democrats like Clinton, Obama and Biden, created the conditions that produced the present conflict.  

Just as Hillary Clinton blamed her loss on the Russians in 2016 – her claims have been long since thoroughly debunked – so a CBC commentator claimed with a straight face that the Russians were behind the Freedom Convoy.    The government in justifying its crackdown on the protesters maintained that the Freedom Convoy was backed by foreign funds, the implication being that a foreign government or some foreign organization hostile to the Canadian government was dumping huge amounts of money into it.   The further implication was that the money was coming from either Russia, some extremist group in the United States, or both.   FINTRAC has since demonstrated these claims to be nonsense.   The money supporting the protest came from good faith donors in Canada and abroad who supported the Convoy’s cause – the end of the public health restrictions and mandates that have severely curtailed basic personal rights and freedoms for the last two years.

The remainder of the insane and unsubstantiated allegations hurled against the truckers by the Liberal government, Jimmy Dhaliwal’s socialists, and the legacy media have been completely plagiarized from the American loony Left’s response to the incident that took place in Washington DC on the Feast of Epiphany last year.   As you might recall, that was the date on which Congress was scheduled to confirm the results of the previous year’s presidential election.   That morning, the incumbent president Donald the Orange, who was challenging the results, held a rally of his supporters.   A fraction of his supporters entered the Capitol building and it was treated as if it was an insurrection, an attempt to violently overthrow the American government and overturn the results of the election.   This was an extremely hyperbolic interpretation of what had actually happened – most of the participants, who rather atypical of insurrectionists were generally unarmed, seemed to be there to take selfies as if they were American versions of Captain Airhead.    It arose out of the paranoia about a supposed “far right” threat to American democracy which had been observably growing on the American left ever since the Charlottesville rally of three and a half years prior had drawn their attention to the fact that their ongoing campaign to tear down monuments, vilify admired historical figures, re-write the past in accordance with their present narrow obsessions about race, sex, and gender, and silence anyone who complains about all of this through the thuggish behaviour of Antifa thought enforcers was meeting with resistance and pushback.   As over-the-top as the American Left’s interpretation of the actual events of the sixth of January was, the Canadian Left’s attempt to impose this same interpretation on the Freedom Convoy is that much more removed from reality.   The Freedom Convoy protestors did not enter the Parliament buildings – they parked on the street in front and threw a block party – and clearly stated their intentions, which did not involve overthrowing the government, and they stuck to their single issue of personal, constitutionally protected, freedom.   Captain Airhead and the Canadian Left had far less on which to hang their accusations of insurrection, occupation, ideology-based extremism, and other such drivel against the truckers than Forgettable Joe Whatshisname and the American Left had for their identical charges against the Capitol Hill selfie-takers last year but they still tried to hammer that square peg into the round hole it so obviously did not fit.

There are many things that can be attributed to the Canadian Left.   Originality is not one of those things.   They should lay off imitating the Americans.   It never turns out well. 

(1)   Banderites take their name from Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist leader who collaborated with the Third Reich in the Second World War.   In other words, they are in actuality the sort of people Captain Airhead and his followers have been falsely accusing the truckers of being.  The Azov Regiment, a unit of the Ukrainian National Guard formed in the 2014 coup, proudly displays its National Socialist ideology in its emblem which prominently features imagery borrowed from the Third Reich.   It is part of the regime that Barack Obama installed in the Ukraine and which is supported today by the same Captain Airhead who thinks that the presence of a single Nazi flag, one almost certainly being used ironically – i.e., to attribute that which the flag symbolizes to Captain Airhead – in a protest is sufficient to condemn the entire protest of thousands as being somehow Nazi and justify his use of excessive government power to crush it.   Captain Airhead’s deputy prime minister, a woman with the ability to appear both vacuous and Machiavellian at the same time, the granddaughter of the editor-in-chief of the Krakivs’ki Visti, a Ukrainian language Nazi propaganda tabloid that ran from 1940 to 1945, and the same woman who about a week ago was giggling to herself in glee at a press conference when asked about the plight of the Canadian families whose bank accounts she had frozen because they supported the truckers protesting for freedom posted to social media the other day, a picture of herself holding a scarf with the colours of the Banderite movement at a demonstration in support of Ukraine.    — Gerry T. Neal

Drug Free One Year — Ain’t America great!

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Drug Free One Year — Ain’t America great!

After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, an ongoing cocaine & alcohol addiction, committing 2 violent home invasions, 3 armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl & Meth, passing counterfeit money, beating 4 victims senseless and being arrested 23 times since 1998, George Floyd hasn’t committed a crime in over one year now!As a reward, his family received $27 million from the City of Minneapolis and $20 million from a “Go Fund Me” account and a personal audience with President Joe Biden.Ain’t America great!

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No Biden Place -Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?

No Biden Place -Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?



  Are the Halcyon Days Over for Joe Biden?

By Patrick J. Buchanan
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Friday – May 14, 2021 “But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border… an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.”
On taking the oath of office, Jan. 20, Joe Biden may not have realized it, but history had dealt him a pair of aces.

The COVID-19 pandemic had reached its apex, infecting a quarter of a million Americans every day. Yet, due to the discovery and distribution of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the incidence of infections had crested and was about to turn sharply down.

By May, the infection rate had fallen 80%, as had the death toll.

Thanks to the Operation Warp Speed program driven by President Donald Trump, the country made amazing strides in Biden’s first 100 days toward solving the major crises he inherited: the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of 1918-1919 and the economic crash it had engendered.

But Biden’s pace car has hit the wall.

Where economists had predicted employment gains of a million new jobs in April, the jolting figure came in at about a fourth of that number.

One explanation: The $300-a-week in bonus unemployment checks the Biden recovery plan provides may have been a sufficient inducement for workers to stay home until their benefits ran out.

Workers might reasonably ask: Why go back to work when we can take the summer off, with full unemployment, plus $300 a week?

After the crushing jobs report came the inflation figure from April.

Consumer prices had risen 4.2%, the highest rate in a dozen years.

April’s combination of inflation and near-stagnant job growth recalls the “stagflation” of the Jimmy Carter years, which led to the Democratic rout of 1980 at the hands of Ronald Reagan.

And while we may not be suffering from stagflation just yet, the present symptoms in the U.S. economy are certainly consistent with it.

The bad news from the inflation front also sent the Dow and other markets plunging and raised fears of future Fed intervention to raise interest rates to choke off the inflation.

Moreover, rising prices, driven in part by our historic federal deficits, stiffened the spines of Republicans in their resistance to Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure and jobs program, his $1.8 trillion in added domestic spending and his $4 trillion in taxes to pay for it all.

Sen. Mitch McConnell came out of Wednesday’s White House meeting with Biden to say that any tampering with the Trump tax cuts crosses a “red line” for him and Senate Republicans.

The odds on Biden getting any of his taxes has just fallen dramatically. And he may be forced to come down closer to the GOP proposal if he hopes to get any of his infrastructure package through.

At present, Biden does not have a single sure Republican vote for his spending proposals — and even some Democrats in the evenly divided Senate oppose his plans for social spending and higher taxes.
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Added to this economic news was a stunning ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline, which feeds fuel to states from Texas to New Jersey.

Within days, the shutdown of the pipeline had induced panic buying of gas at the pumps, resulting in a sweeping closure of gas stations from Delaware to the Gulf Coast.

As alarming as the ransomware attack was, more alarming is what it portends if cybercriminals abroad can, with the flick of a switch, inflict such instant damage on the U.S. economy.

If cybercriminals can pull this off, what cannot our adversaries, with their sophisticated and superior weapons of cyberwarfare, not do to the United States?

But that was not the end of the bad news for Biden this week.

A shooting war erupted between Hamas and Israel after a dispute over ownership of homes in East Jerusalem led to clashes between Arab protesters and Israeli police at the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount.

The clashes brought barrages of over 1,000 rockets directed at Israeli towns and cities including Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The Ben Gurion International Airport was forced to shut down.

Those who believed Trump’s Abraham Accords, where Israel was recognized by the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco, had ensured a more tranquil future suddenly seemed to have been as wrong as previous generations of optimists.

Today, even inside Israel, Arabs and Jews, both Israeli citizens, are battling in the streets.

Meanwhile, in Kabul, three bombs outside a high school killed 50 people and wounded scores more, many of them teenage girls — a portent of what may be coming when the Americans and allied troops are gone from the country by the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

But the defining crisis of the Biden presidency may be the crisis on America’s southern border, where another 170,000 illegal immigrants entered the country in April after an equally high number in March.

That is an annual rate of 2 million people walking into our country uninvited, the advance guard of a Third World invasion that will change the character and composition of the United States.

The America we grew up in is disappearing — without our consent.

WATCH: ‘I Think This Is Intentional. I Think This Is Ideological’: DeSantis Denounces Biden On Immigration Policies

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WATCH: ‘I Think This Is Intentional. I Think This Is Ideological’: DeSantis Denounces Biden On Immigration Policies

Calls Covid relief bill “effectively a transfer of money” from states like FL and GA to NY and CAByHank Berrien•Mar 15, 2021   DailyWire.com•

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes his mask off as he prepares to speak during a press conference at the Hard Rock Stadium testing site on May 06, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Florida.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Sunday, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, widely considered a leading candidate for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, slammed the Biden administration for its policies regarding the southern border of the United States, where a surge of illegal immigrants has flooded the area and left border patrol sounding the alarm over the crisis. DeSantis fired that under former President Trump the border was under control, but that the Biden administration “created this crisis. … I think that this is intentional. I think this is ideological.”

DeSantis also noted that the recently-passed $1.9 COVID relief bill rewarded Democratic-run states that had damaged their economies with strict lockdowns rather than states like Florida, which had acted to make sure their economies stayed afloat, blasting, “It’s effectively a transfer of money from states like Florida and Georgia to states like New York, Illinois, and California. It stinks to high heaven.”

Additionally, DeSantis asserted that his state would not tolerate the kinds of rioting and looting that have plagued other states, pledging, “We’re targeting local governments. If they try to … indulge in these kinds of insane fantasies like defunding law enforcement, the state will take action and defund them as municipalities. … Anybody that wears a uniform, don’t have any doubt: the state of Florida stands with you.”

DeSantis made the comments during an appearance on Fox News with Judge Jeanine Pirro, who prompted his remarks by asserting that the crisis at the border amounted to more than just a simple change in policy.

DeSantis stated: “Well, it obviously is a disastrous change in policy, Judge. If you look, Donald Trump had obviously the wall, which we all supported, but also safe third-party agreements, as well as ‘Remain in Mexico.’ And guess what happened? The border was under control. So they’ve gone back on those policies, and they’ve created this crisis. But I think that this is intentional. I think this is ideological. I think that they’re getting bit by this, politically now. But I think that this was something that they absolutely anticipated.”

“So it’s a disastrous way to start an administration,” he continued. “I think most of the American people are going to be strongly opposed to this, and hopefully they’ll reverse course. You know, in Florida, though, we’re ready. When I became governor, we banned sanctuary cities, and we also did E-Verify. And so that’s not going to work in Florida, and hopefully we can do those policies nationwide at some point. But there, Biden is going in the absolute wrong direction. Trump had it right at the border; Biden’s got it wrong.”

Pirro compared DeSantis’ governance of Florida to Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s governance in New York, asking, “You got it right. How did you do it?”

“Well, Judge, we just tried to look at the whole society. We wanted to look out for everybody,” DeSantis replied. “We viewed this as a virus that was particularly dangerous for elderly people but not as dangerous for younger people, so we did the opposite on nursing homes: we banned hospitals from sending infected patients to nursing homes. We also did things like prioritize our seniors for vaccinations. But we had kids in school; it’s very important that they have the opportunity to go to school in person. We also saved the economy from collapse; our unemployment rate right now is 4.9 %. So we did all those things even with one of the most elderly populations in the country and our per capita COVID mortality is less than the national average and far less than lockdown states like New York, New Jersey, and Illinois.”https://ffe4faa473eef2934865ce66050cea91.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Pirro opined that the recently-passed $1.9 COVID relief bill rewarded Democratic-run states that had damaged their economies with strict lockdowns while punishing states like Florida, which had acted to make sure their economies stayed afloat.

DeSantis replied, “Exactly. We are getting penalized by about $2 billion because we have low unemployment, because we saved the economy, because also we have lower COVID mortality than a lot of these lockdown states. So what this bill does is say, ‘If you locked down, if you destroyed your state; if you destroyed your economy, and you failed to stop COVID as well, you’re going to get a windfall.’ Some of these lockdown states are getting an extra billion, two billion, three billion dollars, so it’s effectively a transfer of money from states like Florida and Georgia to states like New York, Illinois, and California. It stinks to high heaven.”

Pirro noted the rioting going on in Portland, then compared DeSantis’ no-nonsense approach to breaking the law in Florida.https://ffe4faa473eef2934865ce66050cea91.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

DeSantis responded: “Not only that Judge; we’re targeting local governments. If they try to … indulge in these kinds of insane fantasies like defunding law enforcement, the state will take action and defund them as municipalities. And also, if you’re involved in rioting or looting or any of this: you’re going to jail. You want to talk about bail? We’re obviously not going to eliminate bail like these crazy states will do, but if you’re involved in a violent assembly, you’re not getting bail. You gotta stay in bail until you go in front of a judge, and I think that that is going to be a good disincentive.”

He concluded, “But as we look forward, I think you’re going to see more of this around the country and we’re setting a marker down in Florida. We’re not tolerating it, and anybody that wears a uniform, don’t have any doubt: the state of Florida stands with you.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/GbawcW3KW2E

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America’s Founding/Settler People MUST NOW CONSIDER: Whose Democracy?

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America’s Founding/Settler People MUST NOW CONSIDER: Whose Democracy?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 12, 2021

(Credit Image: © Jack Kurtz/ZUMA Wire)

The Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Administration isn’t just another presidency. Well-meaning conservatives will have to realize that this regime does not represent them. Our nation is inseparable from race and culture, and the government on the Potomac is not our government. We can’t escape “American” politics, but we shouldn’t waste time thinking about Washington, DC. Instead, we must build something new.

The new administration has a foundational myth: that Donald Trump was uniquely dangerous to “Our Democracy,” an aspiring autocrat who tried to steal the election and then incited an “insurrection.” Journalists claim it was all based on a lie.

Countless articles use the same words, an obvious references to the “Big Lie” technique supposedly used by the Nazis. Joe Biden said this explicitly. Many people have claimed that Adolf Hitler and/or Joseph Goebbels said that the bigger the lie and the more you repeat it, the more people will believe it. Both men were talking about what they thought their enemies were doing, not what they would do. To quote the “Big Lie” this way is itself a big lie, and it’s effective. What Republican will explain that the Nazis are being misquoted?

I have no doubt that Mr. Trump sincerely believes the election was stolen, so he was not intentionally lying at all, but the “big lie” and the “insurrection” are now supposed to be reasons to impeach Mr. Trump for the second time.

Jamie Raskin during impeachment

Representative Jamie Raskin during the second impeachment trial of former US President Donald J. Trump. (Credit Image: © Us Senate TV Via CNP / CNP via ZUMA Wire)

President Trump did many good things. He may not get enough credit; he was constantly thwarted and reviled. However, his administration was hardly revolutionary. Aside from tweets and confrontation with the press, President Trump governed like a standard Republican. He never used his power to hurt the media or his political opponents. It was his own supporters who suffered most. His solution to the Big Tech censorship that silenced so much of his base was “just being good.” Now, he doesn’t have a Twitter or Facebook account. Passivity like that hardly sounds “authoritarian” or “fascist.”

At a deeper level, the election was rigged against him. Time has published a triumphant article about how a “well-funded cabal” “fortified democracy” by changing election laws and controlling speech. If the article had been about a Russian or Chinese election, we’d laugh at the idea that a cabal can “fortify democracy.” Whatever the vote totals were, it wasn’t a fair election.

Democrats charge that protesters thought they were “following orders” when they broke into the Capitol. Some of those arrested will make that claim to defend themselves. But what orders? President Trump told demonstrators to protest “peacefully and patriotically.” If this still counts as “inciting” violence, what are we to do about explicit calls by Democrats for radical protests? The Capitol takeover was not an “insurrection.” Was the Q-Anon Shaman supposed to become the new Speaker of the House?

The Shaman of QAnon

Credit Image: © Joel Marklund/Bildbyran via ZUMA Press

The main victims of the riot were Trump supporters. An officer shot Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman. Kevin Greeson, Benjamin Phillips, and Rosanne Boyland died from medical emergencies. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of an unknown cause; he may have had a fatal reaction to bear spray. Thus, there were four dead Trump supporters and one policeman. Officer Sicknick was certainly a victim, but the latest press reports say prosecutors are having a hard time charging anyone with homicide. Two other officers later killed themselves. We don’t really know why.

Ironically, both leftists and Q-Anon protesters believed there was a master plan. There was no plan. President Trump was talking big, but he didn’t intend a putsch. Has he ever followed up on his tough talk? His supporters were a leaderless rabble. Most came for a protest and nothing more. Indeed, video from the day shows some Trump supporters calmly walking through the Capitol, careful to stay within the velvet ropes for tourists. Representatives in Congress are a greater danger to those statues than any “insurrectionists.”

Donald Trump had no plan. He was an American version of General Boulanger, someone who had a mass following but lacked the will or vision to accomplish anything. The Capitol Farce is the Reichstag Fire for progressives, an excuse to consolidate power and crush opposition. This includes efforts to expel Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley for supposedly inciting insurrection. The new Administration has also begun a repressive campaign against white advocates.

Among Joe Biden’s first actions were to abolish the 1776 Commission and reimpose critical race theory on the federal government. Progressives are also teaching critical race theory in college and even in elementary school. This causes racial conflict by provoking and rewarding non-white resentment. The state is undermining the nation, whether by intent or ignorance.

Joe Biden executive orders

President Joe Biden signs an executive order. (Credit Image: © Al Drago – Pool Via Cnp/CNP via ZUMA Wire)

The state also can’t defend its own symbols. Progressives wail about the “desecration” of the “temple of democracy,” but the Biden White House is lukewarm on defending the national anthem. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said his team was not going to play the Star Spangled Banner before home games because members of the “community” felt the anthem “did not fully represent them.” He later backpedaled after the NBA said the anthem must be played. The White House waffled.

After saying that President Biden is proud to be American, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said:

[President Biden would] also say that, of course, that part of the pride in our country means recognizing moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals, which is often, and at times, when people are speaking to when they take action at sporting events.

And it means respecting the rights of people, granted to them the Constitution to peacefully protest.

I’m not sure about the President’s support for “peaceful protest;” the Department of Justice arrested “Ricky Vaughn” for posting memes and the FBI raided activists who held pro-Trump rallies.

Ricky Vaughn Election Interference Meme

The meme “Ricky Vaughn” posted that led to his arrest.

It is not yet a crime to belong to a “domestic terrorist group” or to hold certain opinions, but that could change. The federal government would have a hard time punishing white advocates and civic nationalists while ignoring antifa and BLM. Canada doesn’t have this problem. It declared the Proud Boys a “terrorist group.” Canada criminalizes membership and imposes penalties on anyone who does business with the group. The First Amendment theoretically prevents the American government from doing this, but I have faith in the creativity of lawyers and judges to work around that little problem, especially after President Biden replaces one or more Supreme Court justices.

One of President Biden’s other early decisions was to allow American embassies to fly the gay pride flag. Burning the American flag is free speech, but burning the gay flag can be a hate crime. It remains to be seen whether embassies will also display Black Lives Matter banners. The last Super Bowl began with the “Black National Anthem,” so white Americans should get used to blacks’ quasi-sovereign status.

While new symbols go up, others come down. The city of Charlottesville won’t just take down Robert E. Lee, but reportedly wants to ditch Lewis and Clark. San Jose will dump a statue of Thomas Fallon because he raised the American flag over the city. The Father of His Country isn’t safe either, but the country he fathered doesn’t exist anymore. Get ready for Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill instead of Andrew Jackson.

During the Civil War, both sides claimed to be fighting for the Founders’ vision. This new America is explicitly built on repudiation. Thomas Fallon raising the flag is no longer an American triumph, but a shameful affront to Mexicans and American Indians. The Founders enshrined white supremacy. The arrival of Christopher Columbus and whites to the New World isn’t a day of celebration, but a day of mourning. Thanksgiving is no longer about gratitude to God but apologies to American Indians. If there’s anything to be saved from the old America, it’s one silly phrase from the Declaration of Independence.

Many conservatives believe there is a limit to the destruction. There isn’t. America imports people like Ilhan Omar, gives them preferential treatment, and rewards them for hating the country. If you subsidize something, you get more of it. Conservatives understand this about economic policy.

Aside from a few tokens hired by the American conservative movement, non-whites have no reason to be patriotic or identify with the historic American nation. Why identify with people who aren’t of your race, especially when you are rewarded by every powerful institution if you claim you’re a victim?

Also, the media should never surprise us. We don’t have a state-run media; we have a media-run state. Media campaigns can determine who and what the state prosecutes. Media also determine who can do business or speak online. Men seek power. Why should we be surprised that journalists use power to shut down others? We should remember what John C. Calhoun taught us: “Power can only be resisted by power.”

For the last half century, the conservative movement has often taught its followers to avoid power. The result was that the Left captured the universities, the media, and the bureaucracy. Progressives even control Big Business. Now, every major institution in America opposes white interests. Therefore, what interest do we have in upholding such a society? It’s absurd to be conservative when there’s little worth conserving.

In an editorial two weeks ago, National Review said that the Capitol should not be a militarized zone but rather symbol of “a free people’s self-representation.” I disagree. The Capitol should remain as it is: the “Green Zone” of an occupying regime as foreign and hostile as anything in Iraq or Afghanistan. It should look the part. MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace implied that the government should consider military strikes against those who “incite terrorism,” meaning the Capitol protests. We aren’t a free people and should stop pretending we are. Conservatives need to grow up or admit they’re just collaborators and phony opposition.

National Guard in Washington DC

(Credit Image: © Europa Press/Contacto via ZUMA Press)

Where does that leave us? Whites are stateless, leaderless, and without representation in “our” government. There is not one figure who defends whites as whites. Every other group has leaders who explicitly defend interests. Like white South Africans in the 1980s and 1990s, we are trapped in an impossible dilemma. Are we part of a larger “American” country that is now at war with its own white past, or are we something different?

I’d say we are something different – but what? Southern nationalism is a dead end as states like Georgia turn brown. Claiming we are the “true” America makes it hard to forge a separate identity. What’s more, our struggle is worldwide. White Americans face the same opponents and the same challenges as white Canadians, French, Germans, British, Irish, and other members of the European brotherhood. I have far more in common with them than I do with someone like Rashida Tlaib. I don’t care what’s on our passports.

I don’t have the final answer or the ultimate path forward. Something will emerge depending on circumstances and the new challenges that will emerge. However, I do know we need at least to ask the right question before we get the right answer. “How do we save America?” is no longer the right question. “America” itself has become an almost meaningless word. “How do we save our people?” is where we need to start. A Western civilization-state is where we need to end.

What we do in between will be the story of the next few years, perhaps the next few decades. They may prove to be the most important in the entire history of our race. There can be no more illusions. The hour of decision is here. Western Civilization – white Civilization – yes or no? We must make our choice.